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News Contest, Week 54: Legendary

by Ashelia on August 29, 2013
This week is going to be legen...wait for it...dary!
To enter this contest, we're asking you to play as champions that have legendary or ultimate skins. Don't worry, you don't have to actually play using the skin. To make this contest have a bigger champion pool, we're including champions that used to have legendaries--like Red Baron Corki or Astronaut Teemo. They're still legendary to us!


To enter this week's challenge:
  • Play 5 of your last 10 games with a champion that has or had a legendary or ultimate skin (remember bot games and custom games do not count)--see rules.
  • Enter the contest here once your match history is ready.
  • That's it! Winners will be announced next Thursday like usual!
3 Prizes

Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 20,484 entries to our giveaway! The following people won prizes:
Additionally, we had 20 winners from our giveaway with G2A. Since not everyone had verified summoners for the comment to win post, here are their LolKing usernames: CJ, Gigidie, Moroipaul, Morriok, Kamiru0, Buddysleeker, Valorform, ExceptionThrower, Fyrn, Dorrai, Ghost594, Treiger, Vaidzx12, Way of Darkness, Mooyal, Mo0nLigh7, AstralAbyss, Gideondude, Belbezzab, and Browbot.
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