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Highest Win Rate

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Introducing LolKing Now

Today the LolKing team is excited to announce the open beta of LolKing Now! Our newest feature allows you to live search your active game and everybody in it, giving you detailed stats on your opponents as well as teammates. In particular, LolKing Now shows you:
LoLKing Now game detailsLoLKing Now game details
  • Two unique ways to browse: table view and interactive view. While interactive view mimics the loading screen with tons of additional data, table view shows statistics in a highly informational way.
  • Detailed information on each summoner in the game such as current runes and masteries; league and division; who they are queued with; and even their current win or lose streak!
  • In-depth ranked stats including win percentages and KDAs for each summoner.
  • Additional information like champion skins, champion bans, ranked team names as well as the team's division and league.
  • In addition, we've also streamlined the way searching a summoner works on LolKing in general. You'll now be able to pick a region and search specifically from that region.
As a side note, we’re aware that many people feel tools like LolKing Now cause toxic behavior and we don’t disagree. We feel however that it’s up to Riot to determine if these resources have a place in our community.  
We’ve put up a survey to get feedback on how you feel about LolKing Now.
Do you feel they put everyone on the same playing field or do you feel they give people an unfair advantage? We'll pick five people who respond to this survey to win a $10 RP code and we'll announce the winners during next week's contest. Thanks!
Last Modified On: November 21, 2013
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