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Throwback Thursday - The Most Broken S#!T

A serene look back at the most painfully broken champions ever released in League of Legends

Today we're taking a nostalgic look back upon...the dark days of League of Legends. Those days where a champion was released every 2 weeks without fail and usually had less than the needed time to properly test them! We've gathered some of the prime examples of monstrosities that were unleashed upon the rift below, but feel free to leave a comment or video on which champions YOU thought were super broken! 


Though he was released with the initial game launch (Jax is one of the earliest champions...ever), he still had his dodge mechanic which was....hilarious. He could dodge towers and even the fountain laser.


Warning: This was the age of LOUD DUBSTEP OVER EVERYTHING. Turn your volume down beforehand!!

Xin Zhao

A tanky bruiser than could 1v5...I don't see a problem here! 

Last Modified On: November 30, 2017
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