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New Skin Charts: Holiday Skin Popularity

Happy holidays everyone!
For this week's post, we have some more exclusive charts! We have a breakdown of just how popular this year's available Snowdown Showdown skins were for the holiday season. Just for kicks, we've also compared their win rate to their default skins so you can see if skins truly do win games or not.

Holiday Skin Popularity (12/16 - 12/26)

Holiday Giveaway Winners

We hosted a huge giveaway of so many awesome buttons thanks to Uguubear this holiday season. We've got the winners below!
If you're sad you didn't win, you can always head over to Uguubear's Cave where you can buy your own. For a limited time, anyone who purchases $15 worth of merchandise from her site will receive five free pins: three of their choice and two special LolKing pins! Be sure to like Uguubear on Facebook and follow her on Twitter as well!
  • MikaBunnie won the grand prize
  • Seischthon and Killer Bunnies won first prize
  • T0rm3ent, EmilyStrider, OctagonalOstrich, Phantomjacob, Sabnitron, Auggie, and lastly Nyskall all won holiday buttons sets!
Last Modified On: February 1, 2013
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