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Highest Win Rate

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Picking like the Pros - Best Bot Lane Combinations

Currently in all professional competitions around the world, most bans are targeted at the mid and jungle position, meaning this leaves the AD + Support Pool fairly untouched, meaning we get to see a bunch of different bot lane pairings.

Amongst all those possible combinations, there are some that have obviously been doing better than others. Today we look at some bot lane combinations that have been doing well in pro play, in case you want to try them out yourself.





Sivir + Karma

Bot lane isn’t all about damage. In fact, this split, 2 of the 3 most popular AD Carry picks have a heavy utility aspect to them, as it opens up more options in top, mid and jungle to have carry roles.

Sivir is one of these two AD picks. She’s known mostly as an enabler, but don’t let this fool you, her mid to late game damage is still extremely strong.


Sivir and Karma is one of the most popular bot lane pairings in the game currently, featuring in over 80 games this split in all 5 major regions.

What is impressive is that even after so many games, this duo has a win rate of 60%.

In lane, they aren’t the strongest in terms of damage. Sivir only really gets going after stacking up Critical Strike Chance with Essence Reaver, Infinity Edge and a Zeal upgrade but Karma’s early game poke is good enough to make up for it and make this lane a threat.

In a straight up 2v2, you might not be winning often early, but it’s a safe enough lane that is extremely hard to gank. Besides the usual summoner spells, Karma has a powerful shield that speeds allies up in Inspire and Sivir's spell shield to block incoming Crowd Control.

This pairing is all about scaling and teamfighting. After laning, it’s important to start grouping up with your team. With Defiance and on the Hunt, you can turn almost any champion into a strong engager and force fights or picks left and right.

Alternatively, playing a 1-3-1 style of play with two splitpushers and letting Sivir and Karma clearing wave after wave also works well.

Sivir has probably the best wave clear with Ricochet, so she can hold lanes for a long time without ever being in trouble.


Ashe + Thresh / Ashe + Alistar


While not nearly as popular as duo lanes as Sivir and Karma, Ashe is the other utility based carry that has shown up very frequently this in Summer 2016.


Ashe has the second highest auto attack range, sitting at 600 units and with superior range to most AD Carries barring Caitlyn, she can consistently go for favorable trades with auto attacks and long range volleys that slow. Furthermore, Focus is a fantastic damage ability that can be set up in lane by hitting a few minions before forcing a trade.

Stacking up the ability and then throwing a volley to close the gap and hit the opponent with a flurry of arrows is simple and effective.


Now, the two combinations that have done the best with Ashe so far have been Thresh (81.3% Win Rate) and Alistar (62.5%) and in a sense they both complement well with Ashe for one simple reason. Layering or stacking Crowd Control.

Traditionally, we would often see teams like the ROX Tigers heavily rely on picks such as Alistar to make sure they had strong engage and crowd control that would otherwise be lacking from their other positions and even PraY’s most played champion this split has been Ashe. That’s the big selling point of these two duo lanes with Ashe, they grant enough Crowd Control to make sure that the other three positions have more liberty in picking their champions.


In lane, Thresh and Ashe are extremely hard to gank. Ashe can consistently throw Hawkshot into the enemy jungle to figure out where the jungler is and if worse comes to worst, she can always take Dark Passage from Thresh to escape, granting her the mobility she lacks.

After level 6 and with good vision control both these iterations of bot lane become incredibly deadly. The Frost Archer is the Queen of pick off and a good Enchanted Crystallized Arrow can easily lead into a Thresh Death Sentence or an Alistar Headbutt + Pulverize combination.

Virtually any mid lane and jungle picks work to complement, either by bringing more CC or damage to the table (Elise and LeBlanc being good examples).


Lucian + Bard


Bard is usually seen as this strong laner with high burst damage early on, and what better pairing than Lucian to guarantee 2v2 dominance?

This season we have only seen it 31 times in Professional matches, but this duo lane is rocking a 64.5% win rate in professional matches. It’s quite likely that we haven’t seen this pairing together more due to the prevalence of lane swaps, but with the turret changes on 6.15, it’s likely that this may change and we’ll see more 2v2 lanes and thus, more bot lanes looking for the superior 2v2 matchup.


Cosmic Binding and Thunderlord’s procs from Bard alongside the Lightslinger passive being frequently used by Lucian after his skills make this bot lane very heavy on the damage aspect of things.

The biggest strength of this lane can also be a problem though, their dominance in lane means that a good jungler will likely realize that quickly and proceed to focus that lane and while Magical Journey can be a good way out of a gank, it’s not always possible to use it if Bard isn’t close to a wall to cast the spell.


Last Modified On: August 3, 2016
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