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Precision Keystone Analysis in 7.24

Analysis of the Precision keystone changes in Patch 7.24

7.24 introduced a myriad of changes, but most importantly it included a rebalancing of the Precision tree keystones. Fleet Footwork recieved a sustain and AD/AP buffs, Lethal Tempo recieved a cooldown reduction, and Press the Attack got hit slightly with the nerf bat. Check below for who benfitted the most from the changes! 

Fleet Footwork

What Changes Mattered?
  • Both the AD and AP ratios got buffed by 20%.
  • Fleet Footwork procs on critical strikes increase the healing by 40% of your critical damage.
  • A viable sustain option in the attack speed tree, early game heals will still be small but scales much better.
Who Benefits?
  • Caitlyn finally has a good keystone option, maybe she'll rise back up from 47%....
  • Jhin gains another option to his keystone choices, since the heal has an AD ratio it synergizes extremely well his kit.
  • Corki can now choose between the extra damage from Electrocute or the sustain from Fleet Footwork.
Lethal Tempo

What Changes Mattered?
  • From a 10 second cooldown reduced to a 6 second cooldown.
  • This change means the uptime(assuming you attack champions to increase duration) is now the same as the cooldown.
Who Benefits?
  • Kog'Maw is the immediate first in line. Kog'Maw W has a downtime of 9 seconds, which matches up well with the 7.5(6s cd + 1.5s charge up) Lethal Tempo downtime.
  • Once lethality goes out of favor, champs like Varus will come to use Lethal Tempo to go with the Guinsoo's Rageblade build.
Press the Attack

What Changes Mattered?
  • Damage amp is now added to targets after the applying auto attack hits.
Who could switch Keystones?
  • Without the synergy between Press the Attack and Silver Bolts, Vayne may stop getting PTA in favor of sustain.
  • Draven and other champions who took Press the Attack because the two other options being lackluster should switch.
Last Modified On: December 6, 2017
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