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Warwick's Rework: The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

Riot has revealed their newest champion rework today: Warwick, The Uncaged Wrath of Zaun

The chains are broken! The beast is free!

With feet pounding down Zaun’s stone streets, Warwick’s prey flees in desperation. The scent of blood hangs in the air, guiding the beast to his quarry. All efforts to escape are in vain. In a flash of gore-soaked fur, Warwick strikes—and his target is dead in an instant. One vermin down, many more to go. 

Warwick is one of League's oldest champions and was always looked at as the go-to champion for jungling, given his relatively fast and healthy clear, with a mechanically simple kit.

With the update, Riot look to give the werewolf a few new tricks while keeping most of his identity intact. He will still be relatively easy to play but will have an easier time not getting kited and actually reaching his target without his ultimate.

Let's take a look at his kit and how he will play out.


Class-wise, Warwick is a fighter, and similarly to champions like Vi or Hecarim, he's a Diver, a subclass of fighters, here is the original definition from the subclass post:

Divers are the more mobile portion of the Fighter class. Divers excel at singling out high-priority targets to blitz toward, immediately forcing those targets (and their teammates) to deal with the diver’s presence. Divers are not as durable as the tanks or juggernauts of the world, but Divers can take their fair share of punishment while bringing enough damage to be a real kill threat if left unchecked.

Read on to check our analysis from our team here at LolKing as well as see his skins and abilities.


LolKing Analyzes

Warwick is a hunter that excels at chasing down injured targets. With 'Blood Hunt' he is able to speed up and catch to his targets and then stick onto them with 'Jaws of the Beast' and 'Infinite Duress'

Looking closer at Warwick's new ultimate, it's important to note two new features of the ability:

  • The leap scales with movement speed, so using Ghost on Warwick seems more attractive than it ever was.
  • Infinite Duress can be dodged and body-blocked, which means the ultimate is best used when you know that Flash or a champion's movement ability is on Cooldown and when a target is isolated so you can lunge toward the correct target. Surpressing that 3000 health tank won't do much for your team.

Finally, there's 'Primal Howl', giving Warwick extra lockdown once he's finally closed in on a target and is in melee range. Activation of the ability will allow Warwick to soak up more damage, a very much needed tool when diving turrets or through multiple enemies. Reactivation of the ability fears nearby enemies, allowing you to get some extra seconds of lockdown on preferred targets while also getting whoever is peeling for them out of the way.

Itemization wise, it's likely that Warwick will still build very similarly, focusing on on-hit damage items to complement his kit as his Passive gives his basic attacks bonus magic damage, attack speed against Blood Hunted targets and obviously his supression ultimate, that still fully applies on-hit effects during its duration.

With that in mind, expect him to still pick up Bloodrazor as his Jungle Enchantment as well as other items such as Blade of the Ruined King or Wit's End to amplify his kit's synergy with on-hit.

After that, it's likely that Warwick players will look to itemize for defensive stats that give extra passives to further amplify the strengths in his kit; Dead Man's Plate will grant a ton of Armor and Health while granting him extra Movement Speed to chase down targets while Spirit Visage will amplify the healing from Eternal Thirst and Infinite Duress while giving Cooldown Reduction, Magic Resistance and Health.

Finally, since Warwick's damage is still entirely single-target based, it's possible that players might pick up Tiamat, later upgrading it into Titanic Hydra for a good mix of damage and tank stats.





Abilities Preview

Passive: Eternal Thirst

Warwick’s basic attacks deal bonus magic damage. If Warwick is below half health, the bonus damage heals him for the same amount.


Q: Jaws of the Beast

Warwick lunges forward and bites his target, healing for some of the damage dealt. Holding down the key locks onto the target, causing Warwick to leap behind them.

W: Blood Hunt

Passive: Enemy champions with less than half health leave behind a global blood trail leading to them and are Blood Hunted. Warwick has increased attack speed against Blood Hunted targets and massively increased out-of-combat movement speed when moving toward them. These bonuses are tripled against enemies with very low health. 

Active: Briefly reveal blood trails leading to all champions in a large radius, even if they have full health. The nearest champion is then Blood Hunted. Blood Hunt’s active has a long cooldown, but cools down twice as fast while no enemies are being hunted.


E: Primal Howl

Warwick takes reduced damage for a short duration. At the end of the duration—or if activated again—Warwick howls, causing nearby enemies to flee in fear.


R: Infinite Duress

Warwick leaps in a direction and suppresses the first champion he collides with, dealing damage and applying on-hit effects throughout the duration. The leap's distance increases based on Warwick’s movement speed, and he heals for all damage he deals during Infinite Duress. Warwick is immune to crowd control effects during the leap.





Skin Previews








For more information, including video previews of Warwick's abilities, make sure to check out the Champion Update!


Last Modified On: January 18, 2017
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