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Over the past several months, we've been evaluating and reworking several of our services to adhere to Riot's new stance on user data. After a lot of thought and internal discussion, we decided that LolKing Now could really use some love.

With season four coming to a close, we decided this was a perfect time time to take LolKing Now down into our secret labs for a much needed facelift. This means effective immediately, we are putting LolKing Now on an extended hiatus.

Of course, it's always hard to say farewell to a feature. Luckily, it won't be gone for long. We have a lot of awesome ideas up our sleeves and tons of exciting plans for 2015--including bringing back a sleeker LolKing Now just in time for the start of next season's ranked grind! Thanks for understanding, guys, and we hope you're as thrilled as we are to see what we can come up with.