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Replays Match Replays FAQ

Match Replays FAQ

  • What divisions do you track?
    We track Diamond IV+ players and record most of the ranked games they are in. For example, if you're a low platinum player and you duo with your Diamond I friend, your game may be recorded and show up in our replay portal.
  • Why do you not track tiers below Diamond?
    Storing and parsing replays is expensive and also requires significant development time. We chose to launch our replay portal with a limited pool of top players to make sure it stays stable and reliable so that we can give you the best experience possible. In the future we may start to include more replays for even more players.
  • What is this .bat file I downloaded?
    When you download a replay, it comes in the format of a .bat file. When you run this file, it will launch League of Legends and start playing the replay you downloaded. If you do not have League of Legends installed, Windows might be suspicious of it but we promise, it's harmless. Remember, if you do not want to download the replay, you can always review the game on the replay detail page.
  • How long do you store replays?
    We keep replays as long as they are still viewable in the League of Legends game client. When Riot patches the game, older replays can become unplayable because of the changes made to the game. To stay in line with Riot\'s patching schedule, we will typically keep it for up to 3 weeks after it is recorded and analyzed.
  • I have more questions!
    If you have more questions, head over to our Contact Us Page and send us your question.
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