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Shen was recently reworked and unleashed onto Summoner's Rift. Here's our in-depth video guide to the new ninja.
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by comely on February 7, 2016 0

Sometimes I'm in the mood to focus on a certain thing, like topping the gold charts or making clutch saves, so let's take a look at guides for five different champions that are both powerhouses on the charts and great for a particular goal.



If you're ready to go toe to toe and settle it with a duel, look no further than the Grand Duelist herself Fiora. Surprisingly durable with modern item builds, but still able to put out a ton of damage, Fiora is great for split pushing and daring the enemy to deal with you.


There is is no better champion when you're feeling like Scrooge McDuck than Gangplank. It's pretty satisfying to fill up your vault up with gold using his parley and barrels and showing it off in the post game screen. If you feel like joining the 1% this is the champion for you.


Winning one lane not cutting it anymore? Right now Udyr is the gank master, with Runic Echoes giving him even more move speed and faster clears, you have plenty of time to move around the map and hunt down easy kills. If you manage to get rolling turrets become more of a mild inconvenience than a real deterrent, and the ganks can just continue to roll over all the lanes.


Tired of being late to team fights? Get in the mood for some speed with Quinn. Once the usual free homeguards kick in at 20 minutes, you can combined it with the insane move speed on her ult, suddenly any place on the map is just a short flight away. If imagining the breeze through your hair as you soar isn't enough, the confused reaction of the enemy team who could have sworn they just saw you bot lane will really tie the experience together.


When you want to blow through team fights saving your entire team, Janna is the queen. You might not get a pentakill but you sure can make it easier for someone on your team to, and sometimes that feels just as good. All of her skills can help your team kite, chase, and sustain through a fight, and using them just right can be incredibly satisfying.
by Shakarez on February 6, 2016 3

Season 6 has brought the introduction of a new mastery system with Keystone Masteries and during pre-season we witnessed the League of Thunderlords, with Thunderlord’s Decree being so strong that it was picked by almost everyone, but as the season progressed and with masteries being fine tuned more alternatives have shown up.


Today we look into two more underrated Keystones that you might think aren’t that good, but definitely have a lot of hidden value in them and might start showing up more in the near future.


Stormraider’s Surge

It’s not easy sharing the mastery tree with the most popular Keystone Mastery in the game and while Stormraider’s is a more utility oriented Keystone, it can be situationally very strong.


How does it work?


If you deal 30% of a target’s maximum health in damage in a window of 2.5 seconds you will gain 40% movement speed and 75% slow resistance for 3 seconds. This has a cooldown of 10 seconds so essentially you could be getting the equivalent of a Ghost summoner spell very often.


Just to clarify on how Slow Resistance works, it doesn’t reduce duration of slows, instead it reduces the strength of a slow. If you’re slowed for 60%, with Stormraider’s you’ll only be slowed for 15% for example.


Who to pick it on?


Mainly you want this on less mobile Mages that are able to activate the mastery easily and benefit a lot from the movement speed in teamfights.


The best examples of this are Ryze, Viktor, Zilean, Twisted Fate and Cassiopeia who want to be able to go in and out unscathed and become harder to catch if they have the extra burst of movement speed. Viktor can easily proc this by mid game with Death Ray + Siphon power for example


The extra movement speed and slow resistance make it really easy for these to follow up on more spell rotations, reposition or dodge incoming skillshots.


Other than the three mentioned it can also work on other burst champions like Ekko and Anivia. The main decision you’ll be making in game is if you want the extra burst (Thunderlord’s) or the extra utility to move in fights (Stormraider’s).


If you want to know more about Stormraider’s, Quickshot did a quick segment during an LCS broadcast explaining why it’s good.





Strength of the Ages


When the Keystones came out, Strength of the Ages was quickly disregarded and considered the worst mastery in the game, but with time and some changes, it started getting picked up more often when people realized its’ value.



How does it work?


Strength of Ages grants you up to 300 maximum health, it’s basically like a Rod of Ages, scaling up and giving you health.


By killing or being nearby when an allied champion kills a large monster or siege minion you will gain 10 or 20 health respectively. When you reach maximum stacks and get the 300 health, every siege minion or large monster that dies is going to heal you for 6% of your maximum health.



Who to pick it on?


If you’ve been keeping up with competitive League of Legends around the world you’ll notice that all the junglers have been picking this up, even more aggressive picks like Nidalee or Graves will pick this up, mainly due to the amount of free stats it gives you for little effort.



I would mainly recommend this on Cinderhulk junglers, anyone from Rek’sai to Elise or Dr. Mundo. These champions even get more out of this Keystone simply because the health given gets amplified from the Cinderhulk enchantment, so instead of 300 health they actually get 345!



Other than in the jungle, I think it’s a very good option for some tanky supports like Braum or Thresh. Usually you’ll see them run Bond of Stone, but with the nerfs to this Mastery we might be seeing these champions shift to Strength of the Ages instead, especially considering that you get 20 extra health per siege minion and don’t need to be the one killing it to get the bonus.








Overall, while these two masteries are more niche and situational it doesn’t mean they’re bad. Whenever you’re playing one of the champions I mentioned, try running these keystones, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!


by Shakarez on February 4, 2016 0

With Shen's recent remake hitting live, we decided to make this week's pick of the week a briefing on the his new abilities as well as how to play him. In the past weeks, we covered jungle Graves and support Poppy.

Shen is a very strong flex pick that can be played in Top Lane, Support and even in the Jungle. His new skill, Spirit's Refuge, allows him to trade very well versus other auto-attackers as it will block basic attacks for a short duration in a small area around Shen's Spirit Blade.

He's also a fantastic scaling tank as by late game his shield passive can potentially be activated every 2.5 seconds. He also does percentage maximum health damage so he's also a great Tank Killer.

Watch the video below to learn more about Shen's new playstyle then read our guide to refresh on item paths and more!




Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos and other League of Legends coverage!


To recap, here's the biggest changes about Shen:

  • Spirit's Refuge (W) makes him very strong in a duo lane where he can place his barrier on top of his AD Carry while he goes in with a taunt to force a trade. Of course, the fact that he can use it by himself means he still retains viability in the top lane.

  • He no longer has ranged harass or the possibility to farm from afar since he no longer has his old Q (Vorpal Blade), instead he now has Twilight Assault that does massive damage for your three next auto-attacks!

  • The addition of Spirit Blade makes him a bigger threat in skirmishes or teamfights, despite increasing his skillcap. A possible combo will now be Shadow Dash into Twilight Assault. The Spirit Blade will go through the taunted enemies and if they’re looking to go for the backline while Shen is behind them, they’ll have a hard time doing so due to his slow.

  • He needs to manage his Energy better. Using Shadow Dash (E) and Twilight Assault (Q)  without hitting enemies will deplete his energy VERY fast so be sure to not spam these abilities too much. You get up to 40 energy back per Shadow Dash hit and per Twilight Assault empowered auto attack used.


Learning with LolKing

We've thrown together a quick LolKing guide to Shen with our item
path and other base information. In addition:
by comely on February 4, 2016 0

A set of new Beast Master skins was just released for Sejuani, Draven, and Tryndamere. Take a look at their new Beast Master skins in our 3D model viewer: Beast Hunter Sejuani Beast Hunter Draven and  Beast Hunter Tryndamere

Get ready to hunt your prey for 750RP each.



by Shakarez on February 2, 2016 1

Another week gone by and tons of interesting games with some unique picks have started to show up in the main regions. However, for the average player, there's a little too much content to watch--and that's where we come in! Here are LolKing's top games to catch up on from the third week of the season, including highlights of some plays from each game.

Korea: The Worlds Rematch everyone was waiting for


Link to the match


The ROX Tigers have been showing us very dominant performances in the LCK, and after 3 months they finally had the chance for some sweet revenge against the team that won the Season 5 World Championship against them, SK Telecom, who haven’t been looking as good, after a tough loss against Jin Air in the opening week of the competition.


In champion select we saw a lot of ROX Tigers favorite picks. PraY on Kalista, GorillA on Alistar and Smeb on a carry like Quinn that he has been playing frequently recently.



On the side of SKT, Bang on his infamous Ezreal, Bengi on a top jungle pick and one of his best. The game was promising from champion select as we saw two very skirmish and teamfight oriented compositions.

The game started well for the Tigers, but the game was far from over as SK Telecom would win a teamfight at dragon making the gold bang even.



Eventually ROX Tigers started to pull ahead once more but teamfights were still extremely close with multiple flashing health bars in every single encounter.



The game seemed over for SKT when all their 3 inhibitors went down but they still had some fight left in them for one last teamfight.



Overall it was a very close series, I would recommend watching Games 1 and 2 as both were phenomenal. If you’d like to see other sets from last in Korea I would recommend:

China: The return of Uzi?


Link to the match



Snake Esports and Qiao Gu Reapers have given us entertaining matches in the past and last week's Bo3 set between two of the best teams in LPL's Group A was no different.


The second game of the series between the two teams marked the return of 2 times vice champion, Uzi. While Peco hasn't been having poor performances (on the contrary) it was pretty obvious that sooner or later QG would start to integrate their star signing.


From a strategic point of view it was very interesting to watch this series. It's obvious that Snake understands lane swaps much better than Qiao Gu and knew how to get advantages from it in both games. In the clip below we see ZZR's warm welcome to Uzi's return



However, if Qiao Gu has taught us anything it's that they're quite amazing at team fighting. Whether from a gold deficit or superavit they always manage to perform and impress, but how long will they get away with being a very good teamfighting team? Time will tell



I didn't get to watch much China this week, but I found the set between RNG and iG to be very entertaining, especially game 2:


North America: Tick tock, tick tock.


Link to the match


A lot of interesting games coming out from North America this last week, but the one that really caught my eye was the match between NRG and TSM.


The draft seemed pretty normal, nothing out of the ordinary despite the interesting Graves top pick (he’s been mostly seen in the jungle). Out of nowhere, NRG finish up their draft with Zilean and Janna.


Despite not being unheard of, Zilean was probably not expected by TSM. Despite being extremely fragile and hard to play, Zilean is extremely rewarding when played correctly and when the skills connect. His base damage on time bomb is extremely high and hitting a double bomb can be devastating in a teamfight.


Added to this, teammates can pick up bombs that Zilean throws out, and with champions like Rek’sai and Poppy, they can easily pick up bombs before closing the gap to use their crowd control in a fight.



The game started slow and TSM easily pulled ahead with CS advantages across the board and it looked seemingly bad for NRG, this was until they started grouping up and fighting.


The sheer utility of the Zilean pick allowed NRG to constantly force dives and take down TSM’s members one by one, forcing them to back. Between slows, stuns, haste effects and surprisingly a lot of burst damage NRG never slowed down and kept sieging and cementing a very large gold lead. If a target ever was in risk of dying, Chronoshift and Janna’s shields and Monsoon would be sure to keep them alive.



If you would like to see other games from last week's NA LCS I would recommend:


Europe: Corki is here to stay


Link to the match



One of the hottest picks right now in competitive play is Corki. Not only is he a flex pick (can be played in both mid and adc) but he’s an extremely strong champion as he power spikes relatively early and plays extremely well as a siege pick and as a team fighter. He’s a jack of all trades that really has close to no weaknesses, his damage is also mixed so it’s very hard to itemize against him.



G2 set up a very poke/siege heavy composition with the Corki and Nidalee picks alongside the Lucian to take down fast turrets with Fiora split pushing on a side lane. On Fnatic’s side we see a ton of engage from Lissandra and Malphite and in the backline a double marksman composition with Graves and Ezreal.


In game, G2 pulled ahead by getting a gold advantage from turrets and after a great play by PerkZ on Corki, they started to siege in order to amplify their lead.



In teamfights Fnatic tried their best to use their hard engage to burst down the back line, but overall this meant they would split off from the back line and not allow them to follow up.



Hybrid’s Braum was an instrumental pick as it worked very well as G2’s main counter engage tool and as protection to keep the backline alive for enough time in order for them to finish off targets and still stay alive.

If you’d like to watch other games from EU in this past week I would recommend:

by Ashelia on February 1, 2016 0

Jhin is now available for all to play! 


It's been a couple weeks since Jhin's reveal and public preview on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for League of Legends.  He's just gone live in the main game, and is available to every player.


You can purchase him for 1350RP or pick him up in his launch bundle for 1837RP. The bundle is available from now until 23:59PT on February 8 and includes the High Noon skin, so be sure to grab him while he's hot! 

In case you're still unfamiliar with him, Jhin is a marksman who specializes in slow, high-damage attacks that relies heavily on his skills to deal massive damage on his opponents. 


Be sure to check out Jhin in all of his glory in our 3D modelviewer, where you can rotate him and examine each of his poses and even preview his cowboy-themed High Noon skin. 





If you missed it, here's Jhin's public reveal, which details everything the new champion has to offer--ranging from his skills to a close-up look at the gun he wields. Like most new Champions, Jhin offers special interactions with some of the Champions he faces out on the field. We've showcased them right here.


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