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The Pro Player Perspective - Recent ADC Changes

By Darius Matuschak


The AD Carry role has seen a lot of changes in a short period of time, from Vayne and Twitch in Preseason, to complete domination from Lethality AD Carries such as Jhin and Varus to where we are now.


The nerfs to Varus, Jhin, Deathfire Touch and even their Armor Penetration oriented builds have blown the meta wide open, while Blade of the Ruined King changes reinforced Ashe’s position, contributed to a stronger Ezreal and might even be bringing in other auto based carries back into the meta, such as Tristana.


With a revamped Blade of the Ruined King, changes to Warlord’s Bloodlust, small but noticeable buffs to Fervor of Battle and even the Last Whisper changes, AD Carries have more options and can adapt their setups to better suit the opponents they are facing


We caught up with 3 EU LCS AD Carries about their experiences with the patch so far and what they think of the current variety in the ADC role.




1. What do you think of the Fervor of Battle buffs and the Warlord’s Bloodlust rework? Do you you like them or not?


Steeelback: I think the fervor buff is pretty good and it will be the best mastery for ADCs to use now. I think Warlord’s Bloodlust is the better keystone in lane, but Fervor is the best keystone mastery for ADCs overall.


Hjarnan: I love them! I love the new Warlord's on Jhin, it’s so funny. Like, in the late game you crit for 1200 and then get back something like 600 HP, it’s just so orgasmic, such a good feeling. I love it. The Fervor buffs are good, but they’re not as significant as the Warlord's changes.


Samux: I think Warlord's is a lot better now for champions that build Runaan’s Hurricane and Attack Speed, such as Caitlyn. I like it a lot more now. The Fervor buffs are good as well of course.


2. What do you think of the Blade of the Ruined King changes?


Steeelback: The Blade of the Ruined King buffs synergize really well with the Fervor buffs.  Champions like Lucian or Ashe, champions that use Blade of the Ruined King regularly are really strong now because of theses two buffs.


Hjarnan: Hmm… They’re whatever. I will still go Varus with a Poke build, I think it’s still the best way to play him. I’m not too sure that the BotRK buffs will impact the meta game massively.


Samux: I think that BotRK got a lot better than before as well. More Attack Damage is better than having more Attack Speed and the active is still good, especially because it also helps dealing with tanks to kite them. I think the changes also really helped Kalista and that’s why she is seeing more play at the moment.



3. With Jhin and Varus getting hit hard in 7.5, do you think we'll see more ADC variety soon? If so, which picks do you think are really strong due to the 7.5 changes?


Steeelback: I think the best ADCs after those nerfs are Lucian, Kalista and even Tristana. Basically all champions that utilize Blade of the Ruined King are good now, so it feels better to play ADC. Us ADC players are finally freed from the Varus/Jhin prison and I hope the meta continues to develop in this more diverse direction.


Hjarnan: I think we’re going to see way more AD Carries for sure. Ashe is still a very viable pick, Ezreal is a really solid first pick since he doesn’t have a lot of weaknesses.

Obviously if you’re going to play against a Caitlyn/Lulu, you’re going to have a hard time. But the first time you base and buy items is pretty decent, you can then look for a level 6 gank and even roam a lot. As long as you get your tear on your first back, you should be fine.

I also think that Varus is still going to be viable. If you face a lot of tanks you can still go with a DPS build and if they pick squishies like Rengar or Rumble, you can still go with the Poke build as well. So I don’t think he will fall out of meta anytime soon.

Samux: We will definitely see a lot more AD Carries in competitive play. I think that Varus is still viable, but you will need to go with a crit build. I think players are going to start playing him in combination with Lulu, which I consider very good. Other than that, we’re going to see Ezreal and Caitlyn a lot more as well.

Photo Credit: Riot Esports Flickr



Interviews conducted by Darius Matuschak

You can follow him on Twitter by clicking here

Pro Tier: Vladimir's Resurgence

Vladimir has been a season 6 staple pick ever since the mid season update and after a short hiatus, he’s coming back in full force and has solidified his position as one of the most contested mid lane picks around the world.


On Patch 6.9 and with subsequent buffs on 6.10, Vladimir gained more healing through his empowered Transfusion and Hemoplague but also a new skill giving him AoE damage for added waveclear and an extra slow.


From then on, the Crimson Reaper was hit with several nerfs, mostly targeting his damage, and reverting his passive towards the old numbers so he wouldn’t do so much damage while building for resistances and health items such as Spirit Visage, Protobelt or even Warmog’s.


These nerfs made him drop in popularity but never really pushed him away as he was picked over a dozen of times at the World Championship.

Fast forward to pre-season and Vladimir was completely forgotten with the assassin update and the resurgence of LeBlanc.


Why is he showing up now?


Vladimir got buffs recently, but part of why he’s showing up now is because other meta mids have been toned down. Ryze and LeBlanc have been getting successive nerfs that have heavily reduced their priority in matches, which in turn opens up space for Vladimir to be played more.


An AP centric Hemomancer


Vladimir got buffs recently on Patch 7.3, but it’s important to look further back to understand his resurgence alongside his more AP centric build.


Patch 6.13


Passive: Crimson Pact

  • Bonus AP reduced to 2.5% bonus health from 4%.
  • Bonus health increased to 140% AP from 100% AP.

Q: Transfusion

  • Damage reduced to 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 / 135 from 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160.
  • Damage AP ratio increased to 55% AP from 45% AP.


Back when Transfusion was nerfed, Vladimir's passive was also reverted back to how it was before his midseason update. These changes mean he no longer gets so much AP from stacking Health, but he gets more Health from stacking AP.


Patch 6.20


Q: Transfusion

  • Heal AP ratio increased to 35% AP from 15% AP.
  • Crimson Rush bonus heal against minion reduced to 35% from 50%.

E: Tides of Blood

  • Maximum magic damage AP ratio increased to 100% AP from 70% AP.
  • Maximum magic damage health ratio reduced to 6% maximum health from 8% maximum health.
  • Missile width increased to 60 from 40.
  • Missiles spawned reduced to 15 from 20.


Alongside the 6.13 changes incentivizing AP over health, Transfusion’s heal AP ratio was buffed, as was the AP scaling on Tides of Blood damage, this removes the need to go for Spirit Visage to increase his healing and instead go for more offensive itemization such as Abyssal Scepter, that will provide the AP to bolster Transfusion's heal while also granting defensive stats.


Patch 7.3



  • Base attack damage increased to 55 from 52.
  • Basic attack projectile speed increased to 1600 from 1400.

Q: Transfusion

  • AP ratio increased to 60% AP from 55% AP.
  • Base damage increased to 80 / 100 / 120 / 140 / 160 from 75 / 90 / 105 / 120 / 135.
  • Crimson Rush's bonus damage reduced to 85% from 100%.


Despite a weaker empowered Transfusion, the spell's base damage was buffed back to 6.13 values, and the AP ratio is even slightly stronger

With his more AP centric build, Vladimir became a bigger threat in 1v1 duels while still maintaining his status as a powerful team fighting mage.


After completing his first item, Vlad is now probably stronger than most of his mid lane counterparts and unlike the old midseason 6 version, he can easily all in opponents. The added damage to Transfusion and Tides of Blood really pack a punch, especially when augmented by Hemoplague’s Damage Amplification.




A Mage in the Side Lane



If you watch LCS you’ve probably heard the sentence 1-3-1 over and over again. In very simple terms, A 1-3-1 is when a team splits up and has 1 champion in each side lane with the main force holding the midlane. Usually, the mid laner and top laner are the ones playing in the long lanes where they can use their kit to its full extent and put pressure in more than one lane.

Here's a video explaining it in more detail.


Vladimir is one of these champions. He doesn’t really want to sit mid because his waveclear is rather poor and requires him to expose himself to damage due to his short spell range. Instead and given his fantastic scaling, he’s better suited to sitting in a side lane and pressuring his opponent in a 1v1. If a kill isn’t possible, then roaming and collapsing in the mid lane is always an option.


Against most meta mids, Vladimir has this advantage. He can put pressure in a side lane where champions such as Orianna or Syndra don’t want to be. During the mid game they can’t respond to Vladimir and are forced to stay back to catch the wave after he pushes it in, as attempting a 1v1 is a certain loss.


This gives Vladimir’s team the advantage to make the macro decisions and map movements to get or extend leads, which can be achieved through using side lane pressure to collapse mid and force a teamfight or instead call the jungler to help Vladimir dive in a 2v1 for an easy kill.





So, how exactly do you stop a tanky blood wielding mage running at you and going untargetable when you try to fight back?  

Buying healing reduction items such as Morellonomicon or Executioner’s Calling as well as bringing Ignite are usually good options, but there are other ways to deal with Vladimir.


Early Pressure


Option one is not letting him get to that stage. As mentioned above, Vladimir’s laning is not that strong and against Orianna, Syndra, Viktor and many others he will simply get pushed in and be stuck under turret in the early stages of the game.

In professional matches, Vladimir only has a 33% win rate against Syndra and Orianna. While these two champions usually won’t be able to kill him (and 2v2 skirmishes after level 6 are also ill-advised), they can easily push him under turret with superior wave clear.


Good teams use these advantages to have their mid laners roam to the side lanes or instead invade with their junglers, hunting for their opponent or simply warding up the enemy jungle and stealing camps to start building a lead. Keeping him down and gaining substantial leads before he’s relevant can be a good answer.


(Out)match his Late Game


While not used as frequently, some teams have opted to picking other scaling picks to match Vladimir’s scaling and them beat him in later stages.


Fnatic’s mid laner Caps counter picked Vladimir with Kayle. Kayle is usually not seen in the mid lane because she just gets poked down heavily against most meta picks, but against Vladimir the range disparity is no longer there and Kayle can even push Vladimir in.


In the mid game, you want to put Kayle in a side lane as she’s a terrific splitpusher with fantastic tools to fight 1v1 duels. She scales phenomenally and spikes hard once she finishes her Nashor’s Tooth and Guinsoo’s Rageblade core items. Intervention can block Hemoplague’s pop damage and the consistent damage from Kayle is usually enough to bring down Vladimir before he can heal back up.



Similarly and also in the EU LCS, Sencux picked Kassadin as a response to Nukeduck’s Vladimir. Kassadin is seldom picked and reserved to counter pick scenarios, as he can be heavily punished by most control mages in early levels, but Vlad can’t and the Void Walker gets to freely scale and grab his Rod of Ages without much trouble.

Kassadin is then much more suited towards a side lane, where he can chase or flee with Rift Walk and start farming up to grab more items as he scales towards the late game.

Stoneborn Pact Mastery: Best Champions and Special Interactions

The introduction of Courage of the Colossus brought excitement amongst tank and bruiser players as they were gaining access to extra survivability in form of a gigantic shield. But for those without Hard Crowd Control or a reliable means of proccing were losing a viable keystone in Strength of the Ages.


Champions like Olaf and Nunu were in a weird spot after 6.22. Olaf was forced to go into a more aggressive route with Fervor, which wasn’t bad but made him easier to take down. Nunu on the other hand completely lost his only good keystone and was forced into running Grasp of the Undying or Bond of Stone, which were suboptimal options for a jungler.


Patch 7.5 brought a new Keystone to replace the very underused Bond of Stone and while there aren’t many champions using it currently, it definitely helped a small niche.


Stoneborn Pact

  • Gain 5% maximum health
  • Your movement impairing effects effects mark enemy champions with an earthen rune that heals other allied champions who basic-attack them for 5 (+2.5% of your maximum health) (Halved for ranged champions) over 2 seconds. The mark lasts 4 seconds.

How it works

After you crowd control an opponent, they will be marked and basic attacks from your allies (doesn’t work on the keystone wielder) will heal them for 2 seconds. 40 of the value is instant (so 2 + 1% of your max health) and the other 60% is over the course of the two seconds (the remaining 3 + 1.5% of your max health).

The on-hit component stacks and the heal over time duration refresh on-hit.

What this means is if you re-apply a slow multiple times for example your allies will gain those initial 40% over and over, once per CC application.



Who are the best users?




Beware, because the Yeti has a Keystone once again.



Nunu was thrown into obscurity with the patch 6.22 changes and removal of Strength of the Ages. Now he has a keystone to fulfill his role once again and on Patch 7.5 his win rate in higher brackets spiked up to around 53%.

An added 5% health increase on top of the 15% from Cinderhulk and up to 10% from 'Consume' stacks mean he can easily reach 4000, 5000 health by late game.

Nunu has always been about buffing his carries while debuffing opponents. 'Blood Boil' provides the attack speed and movement speed and 'Ice Blast' will slow enemies, reduce their attack speed and make them prime targets for allied vamping. He works best with auto based carries such as Kog’maw, Jinx or Caitlyn.



Tahm Kench

Was one of the only Bond of Stone users



Tahm Kench does have ways of proccing Courage of the Colossus, either by throwing out a 'Tongue Lash' on a target with 3 stacks of his passive or by devouring them. Requiring these 3 stacks of An Acquired Taste is rather unreliable however, so he benefits much more from the extra maximum health.

While not nearly as easy to apply as Nunu, any 'Tongue Lash' that hits will proc Stoneborn.



Doesn't always need the Shield from Courage of the Colossus


Similarly to Nunu, Braum’s win rate also rocketed this patch, across all levels of play. Most players have been playing him with Stoneborn Pact. While Courage of the Colossus can be activated reliably through his passive stacks or with his ultimate, he already has sufficient tank stats with Armor and Magic Resist from ‘Stand Behind Me’ and Damage Reduction from 'Unbreakable'.

Stoneborn is rather easy to apply with 'Winter’s Bite' and re-apply with 'Concussive Blows' and the first one allows him to proc it from ranged, which is important in trades so his lane partner can start healing up.




An alternative, more defensive option


While it likely will never be his main keystone, Stoneborn Pact is a viable alternative for Olaf players looking to build more tanky and be more durable with the talents from the Resolve Tree. He can constantly re-apply the keystone with consecutive 'Undertows', but it doesn’t really fit the play pattern of a raging berserker running in to maul enemy carries. If only the mark healed him…



Interesting Interactions


The addition of the new keystone brought new interactions with other items in the game.

Champions that purchase Rylai’s Crystal Scepter or Frozen Mallet can use the slow present in those items to activate the mark.

  • For Rylai’s, Brand comes to mind as his passive 'Blaze' constantly re-applies Rylai’s, thus refreshing the keystone multiple times for added healing.
  • For Mallet, Gnar is the one user that springs to everyone’s mind, but it’s unlikely players will ever consider giving up Fervor or Grasp for extra damage in lane.


Ardent Censer is an item that is mainly seen on enchanter type supports such as Lulu, Janna or Soraka, who can heal or shield allies to activate its passive for their allies.

Stoneborn Pact also procs Ardent Censer because it’s a heal, so if your allies attack an enemy target marked by the rune, they will gain the benefits of the item.

  • This would work with Brand, as mentioned above, especially if he has a Rylai’s Crystal Scepter. Other players have been experimenting with other champions.
  • With 'Blood Boil' and a rune marked enemy from Ice Blast, Nunu can grant his teammates up to 80% Attack Speed and 40 on hit health (+ 2.5% of Nunu’s Maximum Health) becoming the ultimate ADC buffer.
  • Ashe Support might sound like a troll pick, but it might be in a similar spot as Miss Fortune, where the utility provided is enough for the Frost Archer to be drafted into the support role.


With 'Frost Shot' and 'Volley', Ashe can constantly apply slows on targets for allies to heal off of it. Her healing numbers with the keystone are halved, but she can apply slows multiple times in a short span of time, which most champions aren’t able to. Adding an Ardent Censer to her build can then increase her healing with Stoneborn even further.

Aside from that, Ashe retains her utility skills that are useful in the Support role: long range initiation with Enchanted Crystallized Arrow and constant scouting with Hawkshot.

Still not convinced? Well challenger player Naeun (Also known as Chorong, who played in the NA Challenger Series) has been doing quite well with it!



Skin Preview: God Fist Lee Sin and Dreadnova Darius

New legendary skin God Fist Lee Sin is up on PBE along with Dreadnova Darius.

Click the previews below to check out the skins in full 3D!


God Fist Lee Sin


Dreadnova Darius




Patch 7.6 Rundown: Warlord's Bloodlust Buffed

Smaller Patch this time around. After the heavy nerfs to Lethality ADC's in 7.5, some are getting some love this patch to make up them more healthy with other buffs. Riot continues to try to put Aatrox in a healthier spot and Warlord's got a very substantial buff, especially for Crit ADCs!


Check out the full changes below to get ready for the patch to hit live:



Galio, the Colossus, will be updated with the launch of patch 7.6! If you're not familiar with the rework, you can check out our post!



Buffs to Blood Well

What's New:

Blood Well (Passive)

  • Aatrox’s full Blood Well buff is now “Hellbent”, not “Blood Rush”.
  • On reviving from his passive, Aatrox now has a full Blood Well.
  • Aatrox now no longer loses his third hit from Blood Price/Thirst after reviving.



Buffs to Feast

What's New:

Feast (R)

  • Bonus Health increased from 80/110/140 per stack to 80/120/160 per stack.
  • Cap on minions and small monsters increased from 5 to 6 stacks.


Buffs to Terrify and Drain

What's New:

Terrify (Q)

  • Cast range increased from 525 to 575.

Drain (W)

  • If Drain’s target dies before the channel completes, the remaining duration is applied as cooldown reduction.



Health regeneration changed to be matched in both mini and mega forms

What's New:

Base Stats

Mini Gnar

  • Health Regen increased from 2.5 to 4.5 health per 5 seconds.
  • Health Regen growth increased from 0.5 to 1.75 health per 5 seconds.

Mega Gnar

  • Health Regen decreased from 6.5 to 4.5 health per 5 seconds.
  • Health Regen growth deccreased from 3 to 1.75 health per 5 seconds.

Miss Fortune

Buffs to Double Up, smoother animations for Double Up and Make It Rain

What's New:

Double Up (Q):

  • Damage increased from 20/35/50/65/80 to 20/40/60/80/100.
  • AD Ratio increased from 85% Total Attack Damage to 100% Total Attack Damage.
  • Cast range now adjusts based on Miss Fortune’s attack range (ex. Rapidfire Cannon.
  • Miss Fortune no longer briefly pauses after casting Double Up.

Double Up (Q):

  • Miss Fortune no longer briefly pauses after casting Make it Rain.



Orianna's Ball no longer returns to Orianna if the target dies

What's New:

Command: Protect (E)

  • If an ally dies while holding the Ball, it now drops in place rather than returning to Orianna.


Buff to Heightened Senses Attack Speed on Harrier proc, Damage from Behind Enemy Lines nerfed.

What's New:

Heightened Senses (W)

  • Bonus Attack Speed increased from 20/25/30/35/40% on Harrier proc to 20/35/50/65/80% on Harrier proc.

Behind Enemy Lines (R)

  • AD Ratio on Skystrike reduced from 100% Total Attack Damage to 85% Total Attack Damage.
  • After putting at least one point in Behind Enemy Lines, Quinn respawns as Valor after deaths for the rest of the game.



Piercing Arrow buffed, no longer reduced by Cooldown Reduction

What's New:

Piercing Arrow (Q)

  • Cooldown refund on Blight procs changed from 4 seconds, scaling down with cooldown reduction to 4 seconds.





Warlord's Bloodlust

  Now restores health based on attack damage rather than granting lifesteal.
  • Grants 1-50% lifesteal (at levels 1-18) changed to: Restores health equal to 3-40% total attack damage (at levels 1-18).
  • If the attack that procs Warlord’s Bloodlust critically strikes, the heal crits as well (further increased by crit damage modifiers, ex. Infinity Edge).


Summoner's Rift: Jungle

Red Brambleback


Magic Resist down.

  • Magic resistance reduced from 15/20/26/29/30 (at levels 1/4/8/9/10) to 10/15/18/19/20 (at levels 1/3/5/7/8), matching Blue Sentinel’s armor



If you'd like to check the full changes, make sure to click here for the official Patch Notes

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