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    Delaying your Jungle Enchantments

    Jungle Enchantments have been a part of League of Legends since pre-season 5 and for the jungler.

    For a jungler, the enchant defines what type of jungler they are and what role they’ll fit in a team as some junglers are viable with more than one enchant.

    Most junglers get their enchants right away, as a first item, but what about delaying the purchase? How viable is this?


    Patch 6.9 - Changes to jungle experience


    Prior to patch 6.9, both Hunter’s Machete and Hunter’s Talisman gave bonus 15 experience per each large monster killed. With this in mind, most junglers picked up both jungle items early on to get the maximum experience out of the jungle and keep up with the solo lanes.

    With 6.9 came the changes to jungle experience.


    Patch 6.9 changes:

    • Hunter’s Machete and Hunter’s Talisman grant 15 50 bonus experience on large monster kill
    • Stalker’s Blade, Skirmisher’s Sabre, and Tracker’s Knife grant 30 50 bonus experience on large monster kill


    With these changes in mind, you no longer need both items to get extra experience off of camps.


    In the LCS and all other leagues around the world, this small change quickly showed adaptation from players, grabbing their Bami’s Cinders and Caulfield's Warhammers before grabbing their second jungle item component.

    But what about going one step further and skipping the jungle enchant entire, even if temporarily?


    This is exactly what Reignover did on Gragas in Immortals’ match against Echo Fox.

    Reignover rushed a Rod of Ages and only after that did he finish his Tracker’s Knife and his Cinderhulk Enchantment.

    The idea here is simple. Rod of Ages is a fantastic item on Gragas as he gets to itemize for health and simultaneously grab ability power for his four skills that all have relatively good ratios. This means he can effectively build a mixed item that gives him some defensive stats and also bolsters his damage and clearing.


    Gragas isn’t a jungler that relies on auto attacks to clear, he can clear extremely fast if he can use spells often. With Rod of Ages, he gets exactly this. The flat mana makes quite the difference and using spells means he can heal back up, so he can sustain himself even better inside the jungle.

    Picking up the Rod of Ages early on means it can start stacking immediately, whereas picking it up second would mean much later scaling, which is often not an option in professional play. Most players would never grab a Rod of Ages second because it’s so late into the match and 10 full minutes are needed to stack it up.

    Aside from this, we can even compare Bami’s Cinder and Catalyst of Aeons as they even have the same cost.



    Bami's Cinder Cost: 1100
    +280 Health

    Unique – Immolate: Deals 6-23 (based on level) magic damage per second to nearby enemies. Deals 50% bonus damage to minions and monsters (400 range).

    Total Gold Value = 746.66 gold
    Gold Efficiency = 67.88%  



    Catalyst of Aeons Cost: 1100
    +225 Health
    +300 Mana
      Unique – Eternity: 15% of damage taken from champions is gained as mana. Spending mana restores 20% of mana spent as health, up to 15 per cast (toggle spells heal for up to 15 per second).
      Total Gold Value = 1020 gold
    Gold Efficiency = 92.73%  



    As you can see, Catalyst gives slightly less Health, but grants the much needed 300 Mana from Gragas, not to mention the Eternity passive, constantly fueling Gragas’ sustain in health while he jungles and mana pool when in combat.

    One can argue that Bami’s Cinder has strong AoE damage to help clear jungle monsters, but as mentioned before, Gragas doesn’t really need it, he already clears very fast if he can keep using spells.


    The advantages of delaying an enchantment


    There are two other advantages behind delaying an enchantment:

    First off and for Cinderhulk users, delaying the enchantment means you’ll get more out of the purchase later on. Cinderhulk is a bit like Deathcap, the more HP you have, the more efficient it is, so rushing it early won’t give you as much of a benefit as it would to purchase it as a second or third item.


    Secondly, delaying your enchantment lets you chose. If you are playing a jungler who can use more than one enchantmentthen delaying it just means you will have a better idea of which to pick up when you decide to do it.


    Who can do this?


    It’s important to preface this by saying that this is mostly applicable for Cinderhulk junglers than anyone else as Warrior is an extremely strong purchase and most Runic Echoes users buy the item to enhance clearing and damage without running out of mana.

    That said, let’s have a look at some junglers who could delay their enchantments until later into the game.


    AP Tanky junglers - Sejuani, Gragas, Amumu



    These subset of champions usually chooses between going for Cinderhulk and Runic Echoes, depending on playstyle and the role they want to have in a team.

    For all of these, grabbing a Rod of Ages can mean a healthy balance between offensive stats and defensive stats. Alternatively, rushing defensive items such as Locket of the Iron Solari can also work. For the Sad Mummy, an early Rylai’s Crystal Scepter could also be an option.


    Other Tank Junglers - Volibear, Olaf, Rek’sai



    Other tank junglers have a lot of defensive options they can pick up instead of getting the enchantment. These three junglers all have very good clears with abilities and don’t need to rely on the AoE from Bami’s Cinder to clear camps.


    Instead, going for items to cover their weaknesses in ganking and skirmishing could be more helpful. Dead Man’s Plate can help them close the gap, Sterak’s Gage or Titanic Hydra are good offensive options with the health component from Jaurim's Fist and even Righteous Glory has a strong active that can be terrifying on Olaf or Volibear.


    Bloodrazor Junglers - Kindred, Warwick, Master Yi



    Currently, the standout Bloodrazor jungler in competitive is Kindred, but many other options such as Master Yi, Warwirck, Xin Zhao and Jax also build Bloodrazor in ranked games across all divisions.

    While attack speed is a key factor for these champions to both clear camps and fight, the percentage maximum health physical damage component only really kicks in from mid game onwards, when champions have finally itemized for health items and naturally have more health from levels they have acquired.

    That said, while it might seem that Bloodrazor is just a 50% attack speed item and other stats are more important, the extra damage also applies to monsters, making it extremely strong for clearing.


    Overall and especially for Cinderhulk Junglers it can be worth to delay the jungle enchantment purchase in favor of a stronger early game item, either to bolster defensive stats or grab an item that shores up a champion's weakness.

    As mentioned before, Cinderhulk is a more efficient buy later on, when the bonus health given is more relevant.

    Top 5 Problematic Champions

    Some champions have kits or designs that make them incredibly difficult to balance while still having healthy gameplay. Let's take a look at 5 of the worst offenders:

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    Rare League Skins: Collector's Pack

    Even today you can hop into the League of Legends shop and pick up the Collector's Pack. You'll get the Goth Annie skin with your purchase, but if you had picked up a physical copy or pre-ordered the pack, there were alternative skins to get your hands on. Now these skins are unacquirable, and are incredibly rare sights to see in game.


    Black Alistar

    This is definitely one of the rarest skins in the game, requiring players to pre-order the Digital Collector's Pack. It's easy to see what a huge game League is now, but back in the day it was much smaller, and dropping money on a pre-order of content in a free to play game would have seemed like a gamble.

    Check out Black Alistar in our model viewer.


    Human Ryze

    If Black Alistar doesn't seem rare enough, Human Ryze was acquired in a similar way but the preorder was instead for the physical retail copy of the Collector's Pack. Not only did you have to have the faith to pre-order content, but you had to dedicate to a physical boxed copy as well.

    Check out Human Ryze in our model viewer.


    Silver Kayle

    Even if you didn't pre-order the physical copy, it included a copy of Silver Kayle. This meant that if you were able to track down a physical copy of the game, you were able to acquire this one for quite a bit longer, although that was no easy task. Once Riot disabled old skin codes, any hope of finding some lost unused copy of this skin went away.

    Check out Silver Kayle in our model viewer.

    Unconventional Playstyles - Catching your opponent off guard

    With 131 champions in League of Legends, there is no shortage of different champions to try out, either to have fun or to climb the ladder. The point is, everyone does it differently. There’s no real secret trick or formula to be successful in ranked games and get to higher tiers of play.

    Some players prefer to do it with unconventional builds or with champions that are usually played elsewhere. The element of surprise is something that can catch opponents off-guard, giving them a tough time to figure out what to do against such a weird pick.

    Today we are looking into 5 different champions that can be played in different ways or different positions, that you can then try to replicate in your own games



    If you want to try any of these picks out, we recommend you test these out in normals first, instead of jumping straight into ranked!



    Top Lane


    Full AD Sion



    Sion’s place is traditionally in the top lane, nothing new here. But he’s often played as this beefy tank that is in your face before and even after dying, with his passive.

    However, the Undead Juggernaut has two extremely strong AD ratios, making it possible to play him with a more aggressive build. His Q, Decimating Strike, can be hard to land, but it goes up to an 195% AD ratio against champion, effectively doubling the AD you purchase for that skill’s damage.

    Unstoppable Onslaught’s AD ratio is also 80% provided you hit the enemy champion, so Sion has two abilities that hit extremely hard, provided you can successfully land them.

    Building Youmuu's also means you can activate it when you're dead, making you every deadly as you enter your second, short, life.


    For TheBausffs it doesn’t seem to be a problem as he holds a Challenger account on EUNE and another in Master Tier on EUW.


    Cheat Sheet

    Core Items:

    Masteries: 12-18-0 (Thunderlord's Decree)


    • Armor Penetration Marks
    • Armor Seals
    • 6 Flat Cooldown and 3 Cooldown per level Glyphs
    • Armor Penetration Quintessences





    AP Tank Karma



    Karma is seeing a lot of play recently, in both ranked games and even in competitive matches, but she’s usually down in the bot lane being played as a support, or played mid lane where she can become a powerful poke mage with tons of utility.

    The idea is simple, to max out on 45% Cooldown Reduction while building somewhat tanky. Tank Karma uses R+W, also known as Renewal, as her main Mantra spell. While underrated and underused this spell is extremely strong.

    It heals Karma for 20% of her missing health on cast and then another 20% if the tether stays active until the end. The root on Renewal is also stronger than the one on Focused Resolve and with 4 ranks in Mantra and 5 in Focused Resolve you can root people for 3.25 seconds, the second highest duration crowd control ability in the game, only bested by a cross map Enchanted Crystallized Arrow.


    But why build tanky? Mainly to be able to endure all incoming damage while your R+W (Renewal) is active so you can get both procs and root your enemy, while healing back up.


    Cheat Sheet


    Core Items:

    Masteries: 0-18-12 (Windspeaker's Blessing)


    • Magic Penetration or Attack Speed Marks
    • Health per Level Seals
    • Magic Resistance per Level Glyphs
    • Ability Power Quintessences









    Karthus is usually seen in the mid lane and while he hasn’t been meta for a while, the item changes did help him out.

    He clears exceptionally fast with Lay Waste and Defile and while his ganks aren’t the strongest, Wall of Pain is a very potent slow if used correctly.

    Jungle Karthus also has the advantage of being able to gank while still being in the jungle. All he needs is good map awareness. If there’s a close 1v1 or 2v2 going on somewhere in the map Jungle Karthus can just go ahead and cast Requiem to turn the tide.

    Being in the jungle also allows him to freely gain levels and stack up his items without lane pressure.


    EUNE Player Kàrthus usually plays him in the jungle and is currently in Master Tier

    Cheat Sheet

    Core Items:

    Masteries: 18-0-12 (Deathfire Touch)


    • Magic Penetration Marks
    • Armor Seals
    • Cooldown Reduction per level Glyphs
    • Ability Power Quintessences




    Mid Lane





    Nocturne is an assassin jungler that can quickly dispatch unsuspecting foes and gank from quite a high distance, but he becomes a real nightmare if he has access to more gold. The idea of running him mid lane is that you have access to more gold from farming minions whilst not sacrificing the roaming potential that Nocturne has, as he can simply shove the wave and roam to bot or top lane.


    With strong AD ratios on Duskbringer, Paranoia and even Umbra Blades, Nocturne can delete a squishy’s health bar in under a second, giving their opponent little to no time to react.


    In Europe West, Degrapher is currently in Diamond 3 with Nocturne as his most played champion, boasting a 60% Win Rate with the Eternal Nightmare


    Cheat Sheet

    Core Items:

    Masteries: 12-18-0 (Thunderlord’s Decree)


    • Attack Damage Marks
    • Armor Seals
    • Magic Resistance Glyphs
    • Attack Damage Quintessences





    Twisted Fate



    The Card Master is infamous for being an extremely weak laning champion in the mid lane, but one of the best at impacting the map, with Destiny, his semi-global ultimate that allows him to teleport to anywhere within 5500 units of his current position.

    This makes up for strong bot or top lane ganks, being able to quickly shove a wave and appear in another, with a gold card locked and thus, a targeted stun to his closest enemies.


    The idea of playing him down on the support position is more or less the same. Having access to a low cooldown targeted stun makes it easy for junglers to show up and follow up on ganks and sharing the lane with an AD Carry means you’ll have more damage whenever you land a Gold Card.

    Global presence here isn’t as versatile as in the mid lane, but whenever he sees an opportunity, a support TF can easily Teleport to mid and help his laner grab a kill.


    Raigarak frequently does it in the North American server, where he is a master tier player.


    Cheat Sheet


    Core Items: or

    Masteries: 12-18-0 (Thunderlord’s Decree)


    • Attack Speed Marks
    • 5 Health and 4 Armor Seals
    • Magic Resistance per level Glyphs
    • Attack Speed Quintessences



    Overall, remember that as long as the build path or playstyle makes sense and the strengths of the champion are used fully, it's likely that you can climb with it, no matter how unconventional it may seem.

    Guide Spotlight: Old School

    Some champions have been around for a long time, we are talking 7 years, since the closed beta. Let's celebrate their longivity by highlighting some guides that show how they are still kickin'.



    Kayle has gone through a long path to get where she is, so much so we covered it in this article. Regardless of meta or item changes she always seems to find a way to come back into play and have a strong impact on the game.Check out this incredible and in-depth guide by our boy Shakarez. If there is anyone who knows the ups and downs of Kayle it's him.  


    Warwick is the original predator, coming long before Rengar and Kha'Zix. The trigger of Blood Scent telling you he is coming has been striking fear in low HP targets for a very long time, and the ultimate has haunted ADCs for as long as they've been around.
    Check out this guide by user Sinickle, it'll get the old school blood pumping so you can hunt down your targets in style.


    Twisted Fate

    The Card Master is another champion who has gone through a huge amount of changes, and we have another article breaking it down. He's always had that huge global pressure and trusted in the heart of his cards.Check out this amazing guide by Hexadecimal, it'll have you slinging cards like an expert in no time.  


    Sivir is an old, old school ADC, and while she has recieved some changes, her core theme of throwing some bouncing blades around has remained. The utility of speeding up her allies has kept her around through many different meta and itemization changes.
    Check out this guide by user killua54 and get to bouncing some blades on your enemies.  


    When support Morgana first busted on the scene, she would plop a black shield on Katarina and let her go insane in team fights, protecting her ultimate from being interrupted. Ever since then she has been a staple pick to varying degrees in the bot lane.If you want to protect your allies from themselves by making them immune to CC, check out this guide by our very own Ashelia.  

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