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by Summer on March 9, 2015 3

Week 7 for the NA LCS has been quite the shake up with several roster changes from teams hoping to move further up the standings. We've also seen some surprising outcomes in this weeks matches as players really step up their game to get into the play-offs. Winterfox announced that support Hyeonsu "Imagine" Jang is benched, with AD Carry Johnny "Altec" Ru moving to support and coach Hyun-Il "Paragon" Choi taking over the role of AD Carry. For Team Liquid AD Carry Yuri "Keith" Jew swapped for Chae Gwang "Piglet" Jin this week after reports that Piglets' attitude has dramatically improved along with this communication. This weeks games for Team Coast were absolutely critical as Coast attempted to avoid being locked into automatic relegation. Top fantasy LCS performers were Team SoloMid's Bjergsen with a fantasy score of 60.93, Team Impulse Apollo with 56.88 points and Team Impulse Rush with 54.61 points.

Day One

http://i.imgur.com/YszHM6t.jpgA crucial match for Team Coast to avoid relegation resulted in a win for Team Dignitas after a strong start for Dignitas, securing 2 kills in the first 5 minutes in both the top and the bot lane. Dignitas were 8 kills to 1 by the 16th minute however Coast fought a great fight, with Impaler stealing a Baron at 40 minutes and Coast drawing even in Dragons, taking the game to just over 50 minutes total. Dignitas eventually took victory after Shiphtur's Ahri caught mancloud's Le Blanc before a fight in the Baron pit, resulting in Dignitas gaining the buff and taking the game. Notable KDA's came from Shiphtur with a score of 6-1-5 and Coast's Mash on Corki with a score of 3-0-4.

All eyes were on Gravity to see if they can still perform as their coach Last Shadow is now coaching remotely from Korea, with David Barbosa filling in the coach position on site this week. CLG managed to take the win from Gravity in 35 minutes after a relatively even start, having taken 11 turrets to Gravity's 2 and all three of Gravity's inhibitors. We didn't see first blood until the 22nd minute with SaintVicious getting caught by an infamous Aphromoo hook on Thresh. CLG's ZionSpartan managed a perfect KDA on Hecarim this game with a score of 2-0-5, along with team mate Link's Lulu with a score of 3-0-7. Gravity's Cop also took home a perfect KDA but with a less impactful 1-0-2 on Graves.

A long game for the two teams with Team SoloMid taking the win at just over 45 minutes, with both teams achieving an even kill score of 20. Winterfox did manage an early lead from TSM after killing two members of TSM in an excellently executed level 1 invade into TSM's bot jungle. Winterfox looked like they could take the game after a series of strong team fights gave them the kill lead at 19 kills to TSM's 10 by 37 minutes, but TSM proved themselves as one of the best teams in NA yet again and pulled it back in the late game, It was eventually a Baron fight that lost the game for WFX, iwth TSM totally cleaning up with an Ace and then the game.

TiP v C9 - TiP
http://i.imgur.com/J39Yxb4.jpgA victory for Team Impulse meant pushing Cloud 9 closer down to the middle of the table with Impact trying to climb their way into the top three. The game resulted in a shocking stomp for Cloud 9 who had until now shown domination in almost all of their games this split, with Impulse being a massive 19 kills to Cloud 9's 3. Cloud 9 did remind us of their good objective control having taken 3 drakes throughout the game and 8 of Impulses' turrets but it was not enough and the titans fell in the 39th minute, handing Impulse their 7th win of the split. C9 did look like they could claw back the game after a Baron steal by Sneaky in the 29th minute, with a well timed tp to bot lane by Balls to push the inhib with Hai, but C9 eventually fell to the sheer size of a fed TiP. XiaoWeiXiao managed massive cs on Karthus, breaking the split record with 300 cs before the 24th minute and 487 cs at the end of the game (39 mins) absolutely dwarfing the farm score of anyone else in the game. He also managed a perfect KDA with a score of 7-0-4, along with Apollo who also had a perfect KDA with a score of 6-0-6 on Graves, reminding us why the champion is a top pick this patch.

TL v T8 - T8
The long game trend continued with this 45 minute match from Team Liquid and Team 8, with Team 8 taking victory. The game started relatively even with both teams on 1 kill each and just one Dragon to Team 8 until the 18th minute, when Team 8 started to further their lead with Slooshi on Le Blanc taking out Quas in a tower dive. T8 took a 3 man sneak Baron at 35 minutes using the buff to push mid and secure their fourth drake. Team Liquid looked like they could make a comeback towards the end of the game after a great team fight that left Piglet free to lay down a lot of damage on Kalista and allowing Team Liquid to take Baron, however it wasn't enough. Team 8 showed really strong objective control taking the game with Aspect of the Dragon and an Ace on Team Liquid, helping the team to push their way up the standings. Notable scores from Team 8 were on Slooshi with a score of 6-1-7 and Maplestreet on another strong Graves with a score of 4-0-6.

Day Two

C9 v DIG - C9
http://i.imgur.com/I6aHYYm.jpgAfter Cloud 9's failed game verses Team Impulse fans were waiting for their performance with baited breath, but Cloud 9 showed spectators they had found their feet again with a win against Team Dignitas in 45 minutes. Interestingly Hai loaded into the game with the wrong masteries which was determined to be a bug and the game was remade (when Azingy loaded in with the wrong masteries last week the game was not remade, forcing him into AP Vi). Cloud 9 took the game with a massive 14k gold lead and 17 kills to 11, having taken all three of Dignitas' inhibitors. The game started relatively evenly, with the two teams staying equal in kills, with Dignitas even taking a slight lead in the mid game, but Cloud 9 eventually found their pace and snowballed with two very fed carries. Hai finished the game on an impressive Kennen score of 9-3-7, and Sneaky on Graves finished on 6-0-8, proving just too much damage for a defeated Dignitas.

TSM v T8 - TSM
TSM took the win at 36 minutes, completely overpowering Team 8 in the late game having taken 2 inhibitors and 9 turrets, whilst T8 only managed to take 2 turrets throughout the game. TSM started pulling forward in the mid game and although T8 managed to stay in the game until relatively late with some good trades and strong damage, the TSM snowball proved too much. T8 lost the game in a pressured team fight in their base after a failed shockwave from Slooshi allowed TSM to force their way into the battered base and take the nexus. Good objective control from TSM again who took 4 drakes and a Baron to close out the game. Lustboy played a particularly impressive Annie with a score of 2-1-12 and putting in some great engages for the team.

TL v TiP - TiP
A very quick win for TiP and an absolutely crushing victory for the team as they finished with a huge 21 kills to Team Liquids 3, and all 3 inhibitors. Fans were watching the newly reinstated Piglet this game to see if he could make the damage difference to turn the game however Impulse snowballed too hard and too fast for the AD Carry to lay down effective damage, with all 5 members of Team Liquid taking a beating. XiaoWeiXiao got his hands on Karthus again in what proved to be a huge oversight as he farmed his way to victory with 306 cs in just 28 minutes, and gained a perfect KDA of 4-0-11 alongside that. Apollo also claimed his seat as one of NA's top AD Carries with another perfect KDA and a massive Graves score of 9-0-8 making him virtually unstoppable. Team Impulse also took the only Baron of the game and all 3 drakes showing they can hold down a kill lead and effectively claim objectives.

http://i.imgur.com/gJIPXOu.jpgPressure was on Gravity to perform today after their loss yesterday and the team sure showed a real improvement with this convincing 43 minute win over Winterfox. Gravity's bot lane particularly shone this game, with Bunny FuFu on Thresh taking home a huge 1-0-15 score, with his AD Carry Cop on Graves earning a perfect KDA and a score of 7-0-7. The game started with the kills relatively even whilst Gravity farmed their way to an advantage after shoving all 3 lanes, and with all players earning a cs advantage in the mid game. Much improved Dragon control from Gravity meant they managed to take 5 Drakes and the Baron, finishing the game with the Aspect of the Dragon buff. The win means Gravity do not move position this week, staying firmly in the middle of the table at 5th place.

A 30 minute win for CLG over Team Coast. Team Coast are now locked into the automatic relegation spot, meaning they will be demoted into the Challenger Series, making way for the number one team from the Challenger Series to enter the LCS. CLG finished the game with 11 kills to 4 and having taken 11 turrets to Coast's 1, showing real mid game domination. CLG also took 3 drakes and Baron throughout the game, finishing with the Baron buff helping to take down Coast's turrets and secure the win. The win also kept CLG in second place this split, with the team seeming incredibly strong looking forward. Notable scores from the match were from ZionSpartan who put in an impressive top lane Kennen performance with a perfect end game score of 3-0-4, and Xsmithie on Vi taking home another CLG perfect KDA with 3-0-3.


Week 8 Summary

The week ends with Team Coast firmly in last position with a score of 1 win to 13 losses this split, securing their place in automatic demotion and promising the team a much rougher ride this year. The pressure is now really on for all teams in the middle of the table to keep their spot in the LCS as the season progresses, as only the top 7 teams at the end of this split will have their LCS spot secured. 8th and 9th place this split will be forced into play-offs in a promotional tournament with the 2nd and 3rd place Challenger Series teams for their spots in the LCS. With Gravity, Team 8 and Team Liquid all sitting on a 7-7 record, and Team Dignitas sitting on 5-9 alongside Winterfox the end of this split promises some exciting games as the teams battle it out for the top table positions.


by Summer on March 7, 2015 0

Week 7 in the EU LCS was a definitive week for the teams and for the scoreboards as Europe battle it out for their final positions this split. With only two weeks of the split left the games matter more than ever, with the teams lagging behind in points trying to scramble free of the relegation zone. Team Elements had another roster change this week with previous top laner Mike "Wickd" Peterson in the starting line up again replacing the trialled top laner Kev1n. For Meet Your Makers Lewis "NoXiAK" Felix will be starting as support to replace Nisbeth. Top three performers this week in Fantasy LCS were SK Gaming's Fox with a total of 54.39 points, Roccat's Nukeduck with 54 points and finally Roccat's Woolite sitting pretty with 50.86 fantasy points.

Day One

A huge week for MYM as they try and claw their way out of the bottom position and automatic relegation. They managed to take a win from GIA with an impressive Leona performance from new support NoXiAK, aiding ADC Mr Rallez to a huge score of 8-1-12. MYM looked far more comfortable this week and won the game having taken 10 turrets to Giants' 3. MYM also managed to take 4 drakes in this game, perhaps a sign of better objective control to come.

http://i.imgur.com/Ocj0xnW.jpgH2K v GMB - H2K
With Gambit being on a 7-0 win streak this game was a crucial win if they wanted to beat Fnatic's record of 9-0. Unfortunately for Gambit H2K took the win from them in 38 minutes,  with a massive 13k gold lead and having taken 11 turrets to Gambit's 3. H2K Gaming showed impressive Dragon control having taken all 5 of the game and denying Gambit from gaining even the initial 1 drake buff. Gambit's P1noy used Tristana's rocket jump to leap into some sticky situations earning himself the new moniker "P1noy Jenkins".

CW v EL - CW
The longest game of the split so far, reaching 67:08 minutes before CW took the win from a disappointed Elements. Elements showed weaker early and mid game as we are seeing more and more frequently, but after some strong team fights brought themselves back into the game and even looked in a position to win but were overpowered by the Copenhagen Wolves with 5 drakes. An incredible performance from Freeze on Kalista who accumulated 712 cs during the game, taking him just 10 cs away from the LCS most CS record.

SK Gaming are known as the "Kings of Europe" of this split and proved it again having beaten one of the top 3 teams yet again. They're also the best team in Europe for Dragon control and exhibited this again having taken 4 drakes to none almost totally uncontested. FNC contested the 5th drake and were crushed in the team fight by a fed Fox on Le Blanc, handing SK Gaming their 5th drake and 2nd Baron to close out the game. Fox finished this game on a massive score of 9-1-3, also finishing the week as the top Fantasy LCS performer.

Roccat are the team most "hyped" by the pro scene, with many pro players applauding the team in scrimmages and voting Roccat as the team to watch. However, we hadn't seen that much convincing play from the team on the LCS stage until this game - Roccat stomped the Unicorns in just 30 minutes with a massive 15.7k gold lead and 17 kills to the Unicorns 4. Objectively Roccat only secured 2 drakes but took down 9 turrets in the 30 minutes, proving that they may in fact be a team to watch as the split draws to a close.

Day Two

SK Gaming take yet another win and secure themselves at the top of the table for another week running after a close game with Roccat, however SK's unbelievable dragon control earned them 5 drakes, a team fight, Baron and ultimately the win. It was mentioned that when SK Gaming have an underperforming player someone else on the team will carry them, but Roccat are yet to find this team synergy. This win takes SK Gaming to a massive 11 wins to 3 losses this split as they pull further away from the pack in first position.

http://i.imgur.com/nmNKaye.jpgEL v UoL - UoL
After a good performance from Elements yesterday fans were hoping for a win, however the Unicorns ran away with victory after a particularly bad performance from top laner Wickd. Wickd was the only member of Elements to die until minute 29, with his 1-9-6 Lulu game leaving much to be desired. Hylissang put in a great Annie performance for the Unicorns of Love with a score of 1-2-16, and the Unicorns had fantastic objective control gaining all 5 drakes for Aspect of the Dragon after a lack lustre 4v5 team fight from Elements in the top lane whilst Vardags solo'd the 5th drake for Unicorns. Vizicsacsi also put in a brilliant Maokai game with a score of 5-1-10.

An important game for MYM after their recent wins, taking on one of the split titans Fnatic to see if they can challenge the teams at the top of the table - and continue climbing away from the 10th spot position in NoXiAK's second start for the team. Fnatic took the game in a crushing defeat for MYM in a 26 minute win with a massive 14 kills to 2, having taken 11 turrets and 2 inhibitors from MYM. Febiven and Steeelback both secured great scores for their team, with Febiven's Le Blanc finishing on a score of 5-0-4 and Steeelback taking a score of 6-0-1, showing fans that both carries are able to carry their team to victory.

H2K v CW - H2K
H2K Gaming have been putting in great performances every week and this week is no difference with them taking the game from Copenhagen Wolves in the fastest win from this split so far. H2K are yet to lose a game after taking on new support KaSing who put in another strong Annie performance today and showed more great synergy with Hjarnan who earned a score of 3-0-8 this game. The sheer speed on this win meant there wasn't much in the way of Baron and Drake contests however H2K did take all 3 drakes of the game and the Baron.
An interesting game between the two teams, with Gambit taking a clear victory from the Spanish side. After a failed lane swap from Giants left P1noy to free farm on Kalista in the bot lane Werlyb on Gnar was left with an almost impossible game, getting to lane at level 3 with just 3 cs against P1noy at level 5 sitting on 35 farm. Another notable play came from Cabochard in the top lane, who after being caught in Fr3deric's Jarvan cataclysm managed a successful 1v2 against the J4 and Gnar (although was caught shortly after by Giants mid laner PePiiNeRo after a short overstay. Gambit dominated the game, although a contested Baron almost turned the game around for Giants - until an unsuccessful Valkyrie from Adryh into Gambit cost them the Baron and the game. Gambit finished the game on an impressive 21 kills to 9 having taken 10 turrets to Giants 3, reminding spectators that after yesterdays loss Gambit are still a team to be reckoned with.



Week 7 Summary


The biggest battles in the upcoming weeks are towards the bottom of the table, with SK Gaming, H2K Gaming and Fnatic all being fairly secure in the top spots, the teams at the middle to bottom end of the table find themselves after some surprising results trying to battle their way out of the relegation zone and away from the play-off spots. All eyes are on the Pr0lly coached H2K as we now wait to see if they can beat the Fnatic 9-0 record. Fnatic and H2K Gaming both sit 1 game away from taking the top spot from current "Kings" SK Gaming who seem to be back on form. Team Elements sit tied with Roccat for 7th place, with both perhaps over hyped teams now nervously awaiting their chance to play again and work their way out of the play-off zone.

by Ashelia on March 6, 2015 24

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Last Week's Winners

Last week's contest had 3,980 entries. The following people won prizes:

by Summer on March 4, 2015 2

Week 6 in the NA LCS has been an interesting week all round, with league titans TSM losing to middle of the board team, Team Impulse, and all eyes on Gravity and their performance under new coach Nick “imls” De Cesare. Cloud 9 picked up another 2 wins this week making them real contenders for the top spot, along with Doublelift’s team CLG. Team Coast took another two losses this week, making it hard work for them to battle their way out of the auto-relegation zone. Top fantasy LCS performers this week were Porpoise8 from Team 8 who earned 56.94 points, Team Liquid’s Quas with 56.57 points and Doublelift from CLG with 55.12 points to round off the week.

Game Summaries

Day One

TC v C9 - C9
Cloud 9 took their game from Team Coast this week in just 33 minutes in a convincing victory after having only suffered 3 deaths throughout the game. They did however lose 2 drakes to Team Coast, but traded the second drake loss for a total of three turrets. Balls and Sneaky escaped the game with perfect KDA’s and Hai’s performance on Zed proved to fans he is truly back in the game.

T8 v TiP - T8
An intense game for both teams, T8 and TiP seemed to shuffle the advantage between themselves. It looked like TiP were going to claim victory towards the end of the game after taking two of T8’s inhibitors and their fourth drake but lost the game after T8 confronted them in the baron pit, with T8 taking 3 kills and losing none, then pushing into TiP’s base for the win at 48 minutes.

TL v GV - TL
All eyes were on Nick De Cesare’s home team to see whether his renowned coaching had made a difference to the team, who are sat firmly in the middle of the board. Gravity came out of champ select with a strong composition and the out of meta mid pick with Viktor however Team Liquid ran away with the win after just 28 minutes, after having taken all 3 drakes, 10 turrets (to GV’s 0) and both of their carries walking away with perfect KDA’s, with the team taking a massive 13 kills to GV’s 3. The outstanding player from this game was Quas on Kennen, with his score of 8-2-2 absolutely dwarfing every other player in the game and leading to him being heiled as Team Liquids “centrepiece”.

Team SoloMid versus Dignitas games are always intense for both teams, this week particularly for Dignitas who debuted new jungler Azingy into the team. Unfortunately for Azingy he started the game with the wrong runes, being forced into AP Vi which wasn’t exactly a success for the team. TSM found victory after just 32 minutes with a massive 20 kills to DIG’s 6, leaving both Dignitas fans and their team wondering what could have been, and eagerly awaiting Azingy’s second day on the LCS stage.

Another fast game in this weeks NA LCS and yet another convincing victory for CLG, who absolutely wowed fans and spectators with a strong performance over Winterfox. CLG won in the 28th minute but their scores really stood out, with nobody on the team walking away with a KDA of less than 10. CLG are currently tied with C9 for second position on the table and both teams are looking incredibly strong after this sixth week.

Day Two

GV v TC - GV
We finally got to see a win from Gravity this week over Team Coast, this time with Gravity showing far improved objective control and map control, ending the game with two of Team Coast’s inhibitors down and a third exposed. Cop scored an impressive 6-0-6 on Graves, with Keane scoring 5-0-8 on the pre-nerf Kassadin. Concerns are now really rising for Team Coast, with many believing the team has simply given up as we wait for their performances in the rest of the split.

C9 v WFX - C9
A second loss for Winterfox this week as C9 takes another win keeping to the weeks trend of pre-30 minute games by ending the game at 29 minutes, having taken all 4 drakes from WFX. LemonNation was particularly spectacular on Morgana, ending the game on a score of 3-0-12 and showing the LCS that he is truly a force to be reckoned with. Winterfox fans were disappointed with the week and the pressure is now on to keep themselves above the other teams in the middle of the league table.

TiP v TSM - TiP
A somewhat shocking outcome to this game with Team Impulse absolutely dominating Team SoloMid in a 41 minute game. TiP had taken 8 turrets to TSM’s 4 and 3 drakes to 1, leaving TSM fans scratching their heads wondering what happened to TSM’s high standard objective control, especially when fans had been expecting an easy victory from the team at the head of the table. Impact playing Morgana showed the champions worth in the top lane too with an impressive score of 2-1-16 at the end of the game with another Kassadin/Graves combination from XiaoWeiXiao and Apollo also putting in great performances.

Team Liquid took their 7th win of the split against CLG in the longest game of the week with a 54 minute victory. CLG put up a good fight but pressure from Team Liquid became all too much with a double phantom dancer Keith on Jinx having a huge impact on the game with a score of 14-4-2 and almost 500cs within the time frame. Quas also put on an impressive top laner Morgana performance with a KDA of 17 and Xpecial proved his worth on Janna supporting the team to a score of 1-2-18.

T8 v DIG - T8
A disappointing loss for Team Dignitas as Team8 absolutely stomped the team in an impressive show of force. Team8 took the game in 37 minutes, and although some drakes had been contested Team 8 finished having taken 10 turrets to Dignitas’ 3, Team 8 clearly showing superior objective control. Notable scores were Porpoise8 on Rek’Sai with a score of 8-0-8 and Dodo8 playing support Morgana with a score of 1-0-11.




Battles rage at both the top and bottom ends of the table, as those at the top fight for first position and those at the bottom try and get clear of the relegation spot. Gravity, Team Impulse and Team 8 are all now sat at 6 wins and 6 losses after this week with the competition intensifying as all three teams took some fantastic games this week. Team Dignitas are now only three wins above the trailing Team Coast and will need to really put out some great performances to avoid that relegation zone. With only three weeks left of the LCS the games are sure to become more intense and we have now reached a point in the split where the teams are finding their identities after some roster changes and coach changes, promising and exciting end to LCS Spring.

by Ashelia on March 3, 2015 12

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Champion Pick Rates

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Champion Win Rates

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Top Five Biggest Decreases


Champion Ban Rates

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Top Five Biggest Decreases

by Fishsticks on March 2, 2015 3
Week six in the EU LCS yielded some surprising results - from the highs of UoL beating then table leaders SK Gaming, despite their somewhat dubious starting headwear, swiftly followed by UoL’s loss to MYM on day 2, giving MYM their second win of the split. As for the league standings - Fnatic finished the week knocking table leaders SK Gaming from the first place spot with the teams now tied at 9-3, with H2K Gaming ending week 2 sitting just behind after claiming two wins over Roccat and Giants Gaming. Week 6 also saw more roster changes for Elements with Mitch “Krepo” Voorspiels taking the place of Patrick “Nyph” Funke as support. Konstantinos “FORG1VENGRE” Tzortziou-Napoleon still claims the crown for top KDA with a KDA of 13.6, trailed by Fnatic’s Pierre “Steeelback” Medjaldi on 9.1.
This week's top 3 fantasy LCS performers from EU all came from the Pr0lly coached H2K Gaming, with Odoamne finishing on 65.65 points, Hjarnan finishing on 63.99 points and Loulex rounding off the trio with a finishing score of 60.26 points.

Game Summaries

Day 1

Fnatic took a convincing win from Giants Gaming this week, after a relatively equal start, with Steeelback’s Kalista and YellOwStaR’s Alistar particularly shining with scores of 7-2-5 and 0-1-13 respectively. The win helped equalise Fnatic with SK Gaming and the teams are now tied for first position.
UoL v SK - UoL
UoL took a somewhat surprising but well deserved victory over SK Gaming - a 21 minute baron call fell in their favour with SK Gamings third inhibitor falling by 26 minutes, giving UoL a convincing win over one of the splits strongest teams.
ROC v H2K - H2K
H2K Gaming took the game at 34 minutes with a massive 13k gold lead at 15 kills to Roccat’s 6. H2K’s objective control seems stronger than ever with the team taking all 4 drakes, 9 turrets and the baron buff from Roccat. Odoamne particularly shone this game with 100% kill participation. Pr0lly has been hailed as the cause for the teams turnaround and fans and hoping for more definitive wins over the next 3 weeks.
Elements v MYM - EL
The Elements versus MYM game gave us our first surrender of the split, with MYM choosing to surrender at 35 minutes to Elements. Krepo’s debut saw the team take 4 drakes to none and 7 turrets to MYM’s zero, proving the team are capable of decent objective control. We also heard post match commentary from Martin “Rekkles” Larsson on how he feels their new bot lane is now stronger and more synergised thanks to Krepo’s play making support playstyle.
Copenhagen Wolves originally took the lead with First Blood on Cabochard and an initial gold lead plus the first drake, collapsing into mid lane at just 12 minutes to take their first turret. However CW fell off during the mid game and Gambit turned the game around to take yet another victory. Betsy gave Gambit fans yet another impressive mid lane performance with a score of 5-1-7, proving his value as he tries to fill the shoes of Gambits main mid laner Niq, who is currently on sick leave. Diamond also put on an impressive jungle performance with a finishing score of 2-0-12.

Day 2

H2K v GIA - H2K
H2K gained yet another victory making their record 6-0 since taking on support KaSing. Bot and mid lanes for H2K really shone with Ryu on a pre-nerf Kassadin finding a huge 13 kills in the first game of the day. Again H2K Gaming’s team fighting was incredibly strong and their snowball proved just too much for Giants Gaming to handle, pushing Giants Gaming into 8th place in the split.
Fnatic took a win from CHW just in time after CHW managed to obtain 4 drakes. With this win Fnatic also managed to avoid auto-relegation and now cannot finish below 9th place this split. The news is huge for Fnatic considering their massive roster changes in the pre-season with 4 out of 5 players being replaced. New blood Huni put on yet another strong Rumble performance and Febiven proved Ezreal’s worth as a mid laner with a finishing score of 7-1-6.
SK v Elements - SK
SK Gaming also secured their place in the auto relegation free zone after winning versus the new Elements line up and ending their 3 game lose streak. SK were back to their strong form around objectives securing all three drakes of the game and taking a massive 11-2 kills. SK also destroyed 8 turrets whilst Elements only managed to take 1 in what turned into a crushing defeat for the team. FORG1VENGRE seems back to his usual “immortal” form taking home a score of 3-0-6, much to the approval of FORG1VENGRE fantasy LCS fans!
After a close game Gambit took victory, much attributed to jungler Diamond making intelligent engages and preventing Roccat from gaining their fifth drake and the “Aspect of the Dragon” buff. Gambits ADC P1noy proved Tristana’s worth with a score of 5-1-7 with his support Edward picking up an impressive score of 0-1-12 on Janna. Gambit are now on a 7-0 streak and fans are beginning to question - can the team beat the standing Fnatic record of 9 wins in a row?
The final game of the week shattered all estimations with MYM taking their second win of the split. Fans were certain UoL would take the win thanks to their victory over SK Gaming the day before and with MYM’s lacklustre record this split so far. MYM top laner Jwaow and MYM ADC MrRallez both put in fantastic performances with scores of 8-3-8 and 7-2-7 respectively helping to carry their team to their second victory of the split. The question that now stands is whether MYM can battle their way out of the auto relegation zone and secure their LCS spot at the end of this split.


In conclusion this week has been exciting and quite the shake up, we enter week 7 eagerly awaiting performances from Elements to see how new top laner Kev1n and support Krepo are fitting into the team. The battle between SK Gaming and Fnatic continues to rage for first place in the split and all eyes are looking at MYM to see whether the team can pull it together after the morale boost of their victory over UoL and begin climbing their way back up the ladder and out of the relegation zone before the split draws to a close.
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