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by Skiffington on July 27, 2015 0

Who could have known how the last week of North American LCS would have played out. With so many teams tied, or close to tied, for the top of the pile, pretty much anyone aside from Team Dignitas still could have claimed a top two spot. And then there was the matter of Cloud9 and Team 8, both vying for that elusive seventh spot, giving them a free pass out of the promotion tournament.


In the end, Team Liquid would come out on top for the first time in the organization’s history. Not to be overshadowed, Counter Logic Gaming wound up second despite losing the tiebreaker. For CLG, this too is the best result of a regular season.


Gravity wasn’t so lucky. After losing to both Team Impulse and Team Dragon Knights, they dropped into a tiebreaker for third with TIP. And thanks to continued great play out of Rush and team, who only dropped a single game in the last half of the split (on Saturday to Liquid), GV fell all the way to fourth.


On Saturday we knew Team SoloMid looked weak. Their match against Enemy Esports, the ninth place team in the league, was all too close. There were too many mistakes on TSMs part and just a few different outcomes could have cost them the game.


Cloud9 had some of their hopes dashed on Saturday as well. Coming into the week one game behind Team 8, all they had to do was win one match more than T8. TDK was supposed to be that one easy game, but an all AD comp embarrassingly took down the former North American champions. After T8 lost to CLG, their last hope was upsetting Team SoloMid. As I said before, TSM has been shaky so it really comes as no surprise that C9 managed to win and force a tiebreaker. We’ve frequently heard the that the TSM coaching staff tells its players not to play over-aggressively, but even that should have its limits. At one point, Bjergsen died at a baron fight with both of his summoners and ultimate up when using both would probably have netted him three kills. It’s almost as if TSM is in its own head these days.


All of that considered Cloud9 rolled over Team 8 in the tiebreaker match which was crucial for Hai’s organization that netted 70 championship points last split. Had they gone to the promotion tournament, all points would have been forfeited along with their chances at worlds.


The heart wrenching story of Team Dragon Knights continued this weekend as they went undefeated, taking down both Cloud9 and Gravity. Effectively doubling their wins on the split, had they won just one more match over the course of the season, presumably NME, they would have been able to force a tiebreaker.


“TDK being autorelegated is a tragedy,” LemonNation commented shortly after the regular season officially ended. And that it is, who knows the split that could have been had ten matches not been given up due to visa issues.


Champion Breakdown


Tanks in the top lane returned with Maokai, Shen, and Gnar being the three most popular picks. By far, Gragas remains the most popular Jungler with Rek'Sai and Nidalee distantly following. Though Viktor took over the mid lane, Orianna made a surprising surge. As Kalista is still banned every match, Sivir keeps her crown of Summoner's Rift. We did see some experimentation however as Kog'Maw and Tristana both made four appearances. Janna managed to outmaneuver the cow for lone control of the Support role.


That said, we saw a lot of target bans this week with not a single champion breaking more than three aside from Ryze (10), Kalista (10), and Sivir (6).


Newly played this week:


  • TDK Seraph played Kha'Zix top.
  • NME Flaresz played Riven top.


Fantasy LCS Breakdown


  • Top - TIP Impact (74.51)
  • Jungler - TIP Rush (70.09)
  • Mid - TIP Gate (64.22)
  • ADC - TIP Apollo (69.60)
  • Support - TIP Adrian (64.66)
  • Flex - CLG Doublelift (64.50)
  • Team - Counter Logic Gaming (41.00)


Team Impulse probably would have scored better and had better results with XiaoWeiXiao in the mid lane. However, since he was suspended due to ELO boosting, Gate moved into his role with Adrian returning as Support. He managed to hold his own but certainly doesn't have the same presence that XWX has.


Doublelift completed his split with the most kills in the LCS, both NA and EU, and locked up that title this week as CLG finished second place.


NA vs. EU Standings


  • Week 1: NA LCS (418.77) > EU LCS (379.29)
  • Week 2: NA LCS (376.70) < EU LCS (454.94) 
  • Week 3: NA LCS (406.41) < EU LCS (423.06)
  • Week 4: NA LCS (431.64) > EU LCS (362.56)
  • Week 5: NA LCS (414.06) > EU LCS (347.87)
  • Week 6: NA LCS (332.44) < EU LCS (370.53)
  • Week 7: NA LCS (414.89) > EU LCS (399.82)
  • Week 8: NA LCS (376.28) > EU LCS (335.00)
  • Week 9: NA LCS (448.58) > EU LCS (319.45)


North America was the clear victor this year as EU undoubtedly had lower scoring games with only Fnatic, H2K, and Origen to rely upon for consistent wins. NA was much closer and as a result matches ran longer and often tallied up higher killcounts.




  1. Team Liquid (14-5)
  2. Counter Logic Gaming (13-6)
  3. Team Impulse (13-6)
  4. Gravity (12-7)
  5. Team SoloMid (11-7)
  6. Team Dignitas (10-8)
  7. Cloud9 (7-12)
  8. Team 8 (6-13)
  9. Enemy Esports (4-14)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (3-15)


In the first round of playoffs, Team Impulse will battle against Team Dignitas in a best of five series to see who moves on to take on Counter Logic Gaming. Team Liquid will await the winner of the Gravity versus Team SoloMid matchup.


Cloud9 narrowly avoided relegations and in doing so, kept their 70 world championship points meaning they'll still have a shot at representing NA at worlds.


Team 8 and Enemy Esports make their first appearences in the promotion tournament while TDK is autorelegated to the Challenger Series.


As a reminder, first place in the Summer Split automatically goes to worlds. The second spot goes to the highest point scorer overall, or second highest if the highest (in this case Fnatic) wins the split. The second to fifth place teams then have a Regional tournament to determine the last seed.





by Skiffington on July 25, 2015 1

The perfect season has been achieved. A first in LCS history, it’s a staggering thought that this time last year we believed Fnatic was done for. Rekkles had left for Alliance, xPeke went on to form his own team, Cyanide retired, and sOAZ decided to follow his former captain. YellOwStaR was left behind to build the team from the ground up, and I still remember countless reactions saying Fnatic would be terrible once the Spring Split started. They impressively still maintained first place but weren’t happy with just that. Rekkles was brought back on as a high skillcap ADC and his return was a big part of what allowed FNC to go undefeated this split. How far the organization has come.


But Fnatic wasn’t the only team competing this week with with something at stake. The Wolves came in, hoping to ride a three game winstreak that would see them tied with SK Gaming for the last spot in the LCS. They had hoped to force a tiebreaker in doing so, but en route to securing their playoff berth, Giants Gaming took them down. It ended up not mattering anyways as SK completely routed Elements, leaving the former Alliance squad on the outside looking in for yet another split.


Forg1ven was suspended by Riot due to toxicity and it severely hampered Gambit Gaming’s chances at the post season. Though they looked good against Elements, H2K was another story and both times the team was unable to seal up a win and as such lost the tiebreaker to EL, leaving them with the eighth and last spot in the promotion tournament (alongside SK).


Origen beat H2K in one of this week’s show matches but then lost to a surging ROCCAT who then proceeded to beat up Giants in the tiebreaker for fifth/sixth place.



Most Picked Champions


Champion Breakdown


Both Alistar and Gragas returned as kings of their respective roles with no other champion close to eclipsing them. Rek'Sai is still clearly the second best Jungler with only Nidalee (2), Elise, and Rengar picked this week.


Surprisingly, Kalista might not be on the same tier as Sivir anymore. Rather, Corki was much more highly prioritized.


Top and Mid were very close as Fizz and Rumble both took over the island in the north while Varus, Twisted Fate, and Viktor frequently found themselves in the solo lane.


Many still fear Ryze, Shen, and Jayce with all other bans being pretty sporadic and targeted.



Fantasy LCS Breakdown


It was basically Fnatic or bust this week. Huni specifically racked up a large number of points thanks to his Ryze play against Unicorns of Love where he went 12/3/1.


CandyPanda remains a surprise as he repeatedly makes an appearance despite being on the ninth place team going to the promotion tournament.




  1. Fnatic (18-0)
  2. Origen (12-6)
  3. H2K Gaming (11-5)
  4. Unicorns of Love (9-9)
  5. Team ROCCAT (9-10)
  6. Giants Gaming (8-11)
  7. Elements (7-11)
  8. Gambit Gaming (7-11)
  9. SK Gaming (6-12)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (4-14)


In the first round Unicorns of Love and Team ROCCAT will play a best of five series, the winner will go on to face Fnatic. On the other side of the bracket, H2K and Giants Gaming will face off with the winner then playing Origen.


Elements has yet another seventh place split, leaving them waiting for next year.


Gambit and SK will be in the promotion tournament against either the second or third place Challenger Series team. The Wolves have been autorelegated and will be replaced by the first place CS team.


Though with last split's finish, SK should technically have a chance at making worlds, because they finished eighth or lower they forfeited those points.


As a reminder, first place in the Summer Split automatically goes to worlds. The second spot goes to the highest point scorer overall, or second highest if the highest (in this case Fnatic) wins the split. The second to fifth place teams then have a Regional tournament to determine the last seed.


via Esportspedia

by Skiffington on July 23, 2015 3

Patch 5.14 just hit the servers and brought with it the start of the Bilgewater event. Miss Fortune and Gangplank champion updates have launched and Zeke's Harbinger looks to revolutionize the support role. Luckily we've got the latest breakdown from our friends at LolClass where they talk to pros Hai, Incarnati0n, and Lustboy about the most significant parts of the patch!


Important Changes


Enchantment - Runeglaive

  • Runeglaive no longer turns your basic attacks into magic damage. Instead, it only does so to monsters but deals double on the first monster hit each time it procs.
  • Therefore it should perform better in the Jungle and worse in lanes.

Zeke's Harbinger

  • Zeke's Herald has been reworked into Zeke's Harbinger. It now gives mana, ability power, armor, cooldown reduction, and a unique passive.
  • By leashing yourself to an ally, while within 1000 units, you'll generate Charges, stacking to 100. When you reach that point, all are consumed and you are both rewarded with 20% more Ability Power and 50% Critical Chance for six seconds.
  • Hai says it's mainly built for supports but theoretically it has good enough stats for junglers to consider it.
  • Lustboy believes that it's affordable for the stats it gives and the build path is good. He says the passive is huge and that Harbinger will likely be a popular item.
  • Though he admits that the stats aren't ideal for all supports, he thinks it will be essential for all supports even if they don't use mana.

Champion Changes


Below are the champion changes summarized from the video. The Gangplank and Miss Fortune champion updates are covered as well as a pretty big buff to Elise and some nerfs to both Ryze and Azir.


  • Gangplank's Parrrley (Q) and Remove Scurvy (W) remain unchanged.
  • His new E, Powder Keg, allows him to place explosive barrels on the ground. After taking some time to arm, they can be shot, exploding in an AoE, and are able to crit.
  • You can chain up to three together if the AoEs intersect one another. Enemies can defuse them by hitting them, granting them 10 gold for doing so.
  • His passive has it's own cooldown and gives him bonus true damage over time plus a burst of movement speed. It can be reset by setting off a Powder Keg.
  • Cannon Barrage (R) can now be upgraded for increased damage, fire rate, or movement speed buff for allies.
  • Hai says the increased damage is the best of the three.
  • MF's Q, Double Up, now deals 150% damage if the first shot kills an enemy unit, but the bounce radius has been narrowed.
  • Impure Shots (W) no longer activates Grievous Wounds, but does grant Strut's movement speed bonus on activate.
  • Make It Rain (E) slows more early game but less during the late game.
  • Hai says these are pretty good buffs that will make her more fun to play.
  • Azir no longer gains attack speed based on Cooldown Reduction.
  • Instead, his Arise (W) now passively gains 20-60% attack speed.
  • The biggest change according to Incarnati0n is that his Shifting Sands (E) no longer knocks up the first enemy hit.
  • Makes him weaker in duels.
  • Ekko got some buffs in the form of a reduced mana cost on his Timewinder (Q) and a shorter cooldown on his Phase Dive (E).
  • This is good news for Jungle Ekko says Hai, though both him an Incarnati0n don't think it affects lane Ekko nearly as much.
  • The stun duration on Elise's Cocoon (E) has been increased throughout the early-mid game.
  • Spiderlings now do magic damage on hit instead of physical on top of moving faster and having their ratio increased.
  • Hai says she should be a lot stronger in the mid game as a result with AP Elise being much more viable.
  • Eve doesn't put quite as much animosity into her Hate Spikes (Q) so they do less damage overall.
  • Her Agony's Embrace (R) however now slows by 10% more at all ranks.
  • This should help her secure ganks when her ult is up but make it harder for her to chase you down otherwise.
  • Ryze continues to get toned down this patch. His passive stacks only last six seconds instead of ten, his Overload (Q) damage has been nerfed, and his Spell Flux (E) has lost some damage and scaling.
  • Incarnati0n says it will make him weaker in the early game which was much needed.
  • Our chop licking friend now does more damage with his Tongue Lash (Q).
  • His Abyssal Voyage (R) bonus damage ratio has been increased and is now on a shorter cooldown.
  • Lustboy believes that this still isn't enough to make up for his weak early game however.


by Ashelia on July 21, 2015 1984

We've teamed up with Razer to get feedback from League of Legends' players on their LoL scouter. This means this week is not only easier to enter, but it has more prizes as well! Simply check out Razer Comms and leave a reply in this post with your feedback to be entered to win--it's that easy.


To enter this week's challenge:

  • Leave a comment on this news post telling us what you think about Razer's LoL scouter.
  • That's it!

2 Prizes

  • One winner will receive a Razer Kraken 7.1 Chroma and a $20 RP code
  • Two additional winners will receive a $20 RP code 

Previous Winners


This Week Comment to Win Razer Gear!

Tell us what you think of Razer's League of Legends scouting tool in the comments for a chance to win!
We'll pick three lucky winners and announce them during next week's contest on Wednesday, July 29th. Any region is eligible to enter. All you have to do is try out Razer's League of Legends chat client and reply to this post with your feedback (good or bad, we want to hear it!). 
by Skiffington on July 20, 2015 0

For most of the North American teams, this was the week to make or break playoffs. And that certainly came true. We now know that the top six: Gravity, Counter Logic Gaming, Team Impulse, Team Liquid, Team SoloMid, and Team Dignitas will all be going on to the postseason. Team 8 and Cloud9 are left to do battle over who gets the one spot that avoids the promotion tournament with Enemy Esports. Team Dragon Knights have already been locked into autorelegation.


We still maintain that it’s a shame that TDK didn’t have its full roster all split. Though it again lost both games this week (to T8 and TIP), it appeared as if they had a solid shot at winning both. Dragon Knights have the longest games on average in the NA LCS and that means that given the proper fight, they can technically win most matches. With the first ten matches in the split together, they could easily be sitting on some more wins and contending for a higher spot.


Cloud9 also looked vastly improved. Hai has began to find his identity as a jungler that carries and shotcalls. A clean and concise win over NME gave C9 its first back to back wins of a split we’re nine weeks into. That’s pretty unbelievable for long time LCS fans. Even better was that C9 really gave CLG a run for their money, only going down after almost an hour in a match that had over 40 kills.


Unfortunately for them, Team 8 also went 1-1 on the week so no ground was made up. As C9 holds a 1-1 record against all of the bottom teams, they need to win one more game than T8 next week for a shot at seventh. This looks entirely plausible considering Cloud 9 faces TDK and TSM while Team 8 has to deal with both Liquid and CLG. Who knows, maybe TDK will play the spoiler again?


Team SoloMid started the week with another loss, this time against Impulse. Their fourth loss in a row marked the first time the team had done so (in the regular season) since the 2013 Summer Split. Though Dignitas beat Gravity the day before, TSM rebounded with a strong win over them on Sunday.



Most Picked Champions


Champion Breakdown


Mid probably saw more variety this week than ever before. Though Orianna narrowly edged out the rest of the field as the most picked, right behind her were the likes of Kog'Maw, Ahri, Azir, Twisted Fate, and Viktor.


Thanks to a single ban, Tristana beat out Corki as the most picked/highly prioritized ADC. With Kalista and Sivir banned seven and six times, respectively, it's no surprise we saw some different picks this week.


Janna is perhaps the most surprising appearance. Though she has been gaining popularity in recent weeks, she finally beat out Alistar thanks to repeated bans. Braum actually managed to tie the cow with four picks as well.


And then there was the plethora of first picks:



Fantasy LCS Breakdown


Team 8 was had the players to invest in this week. Thanks to an all out brawl against Team Dragon Knights which saw them come out on top, they started off strong. Gravity, who lost their game one, did rebound against T8, but surrendered a lead straight through the mid game, allowing Team 8 to rack up some points first.


Shiphtur's 12/1/12 Ahri against Gravity was enough to earn him the majority of his points this week. Consider he went 0/2/1 in DIG's defeat by TSM and you can bet that his pentakill earlier certainly helped him break into the flex position.


  • Top - TIP Impact
  • Jungle - T8 Porpoise8
  • Mid - T8 Goldenglue
  • ADC - T8 Nien
  • Support - T8 Dodo8
  • Flex - DIG Shiphtur
  • Team - Gravity


NA vs. EU Standings


  • Week 1: NA LCS (418.77) > EU LCS (379.29)
  • Week 2: NA LCS (376.70) < EU LCS (454.94) 
  • Week 3: NA LCS (406.41) < EU LCS (423.06)
  • Week 4: NA LCS (431.64) > EU LCS (362.56)
  • Week 5: NA LCS (414.06) > EU LCS (347.87)
  • Week 6: NA LCS (332.44) < EU LCS (370.53)
  • Week 7: NA LCS (414.89) > EU LCS (399.82)
  • Week 8: NA LCS (376.28) > EU LCS (335.00)


With that win, North America locks up the title of highest scoring region overall, having more weeks with a higher score. (5-3)




  1. Gravity (12-4)
  2. Counter Logic Gaming (11-5)
  3. Team Impulse (11-5)
  4. Team Liquid (11-5)
  5. Team SoloMid (10-6)
  6. Team Dignitas (9-7)
  7. Team 8 (6-10)
  8. Cloud9 (5-11)
  9. Enemy Esports (4-12)
  10. Team Dragon Knights (1-15)


The next week alone will basically determine all of the playoff seeding. No one has a guaranteed bye yet though we know it's impossible for Team Dignitas to steal it away and almost impossible for Team SoloMid to do so.


While they battle over that, Cloud9 and Team 8 will be figuring out who gets to go to the promotion tournament. In case of tiebreakers: Cloud9 is 1-1 against T8 and Enemy and Team 8 holds a winning record over NME. Therefore NME will be in the promotion tournament, the question for them is whether they have a choice of opponent (and lets be real, no one wants to face Renegades).

by Skiffington on July 18, 2015 1

Okay, so Fnatic isn’t really rising. They’re still undefeated at 16-0 and two games away from having a perfect split. Crazy to think that’s even possible. But while they aren’t pulling away, everyone else is falling behind. It’s becoming more and more clear exactly how astounding this split has been for them.


Origen and H2K Gaming trailed them closely for quite some time. But over the past few weeks, both have been hit or miss, being upset by those below them on top of losing to Fnatic itself. Because of this, FNC now has a huge five game lead over OG and a six game lead over H2K. For the longest time we thought the two were close, but clearly behind the likes of FNC. It’s now clear however, that no team in the West comes even close to comparing.


Every single team this week went 1-1 aside from the unblemished Fnatic and the slumping Giants Gaming who failed to win.


Many thought the standings to tighten up after these ten matches, but rather all it did was send Giants further into the pack.


Key upsets this week include the Copenhagen Wolves taking down H2K, which was probably this week’s marquee match, and Gambit beating Origen. Because of the tightness in the standings, nothing else can really be considered an upset, but there were a lot of close games and even more inconsistency.



Most Picked Champions


Champion Breakdown


The meta seems to have actually calmed down a bit lately. Corki and Alistar were disproportionally popular this week, played nine and seven times, respectively. The ADC role has been taken over by our plane piloting friend with Sivir banned in every single match. 


There was also a ton of Varus and Viktor played as one seemed to make an appearence in every match. As always, Jungle was dominated by Gragas and Rek'Sai with very little varience to be seen, though Nidalee and Lee Sin remain in the background. Top was mostly just Shen and Rumble thanks to their large impact and strong teleports.


New picks in EU this week:



Want to see variety at its finest? Check out this Unicorns of Love vs. Gambit Gaming match that concluded the week. In it, we saw Smite/Runeglaive Gangplank try to get rolling (they lost too quickly) but even crazier was PowerOfEvil's Runeglaive on-hit Orianna. He went 15/3/3, it was pretty terrifying.



Fantasy LCS Breakdown


As we just said, PowerOfEvil's Orianna was pretty nuts and his match against Gambit even netted him a pentakill. The Wolves' scores were inflated thanks to a long match against Elements and a brawl with H2K that ultimately saw them come out on top despite some of their best attempts to come back.


Though SK went 1-1, a bloody match with Origen and an absolute stomp of Unicorns of Love gave them many points. Jungle was pretty abysmal in Europe this week as Diamond didn't even particularly wow anyone with only 37 points.


Most surprising perhaps is that not a single member of Fnatic was your best choice this week even though the team was the only one to go undefeated. Go figure.


The best possible all European team would have scored you only 335 points this week. If North America beats that, it will have already won the split with more weeks with a higher score total.




  1. Fnatic (16-0)
  2. Origen (11-5)
  3. H2K Gaming (10-6)
  4. Unicorns of Love (8-8)
  5. Gambit Gaming (7-9)
  6. Giants Gaming (7-9)
  7. ROCCAT (7-9)
  8. Elements (6-10)
  9. SK Gaming (5-11)
  10. Copenhagen Wolves (3-13)


The end of the season is only one week away. Two matches remain for each team and that means that every single game could be the different between playoffs or the relegation tournament.


Looking at it, it's kind of sad for Europe as a region has only three teams have a winning record.


The Wolves have a very slim chance of avoiding autorelegation. They would have to win both of their matches (against ROCCAT and Giants) while SK loses to both Fnatic and Elements. One of those is very likely to happen, but CW would have to almost double their wins during this entire split to do so.


Meanwhile, it's theoretically possible for any team in the top nine to still make playoffs and many of those could also fall into the relegation tournament. The top three will breathe easy for now with the rest of the league struggling to close the season out in a good spot.

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