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Lucian The Purifier

At a glance:


    The Added Importance of Dragon

    The new Dragons have been out for two patches now and after rebalancing we thought it was due time to revisit the changes and take a look at the strongest and weakest dragons and how hard you should be prioritizing each one.

    If you're not aware about how the system works, the dragon spawn system is completely random, but you can only have three types of spawns in one game.


    Before each spawn you will be able to know what dragon is spawning by checking the wall inside the pit.


    Earth, Water, Fire and Air Dragon icons, from left to right



    Strongest and Weakest Dragons?

    Obviously and as with everything in the game, there are always stronger and weaker options, for champions, builds, runes. It's no different with Dragons either.

    While all the buffs given can be situationally strong, some are just straight up better for all situations, whereas others are only good in very specific scenarios.



    Always Good - Infernal Drake


    Mark of the Infernal Drake:

    +(8 /16 / 24)% (based on stacks) increased Ability Power and Attack Damage.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.


    While 8% extra AP and AD isn't noticeable early on, this is a dragon that scales very well, especially if you manage to get a double or triple infernal drake. It's not a noticeable buff early on, but from mid game onwards it definitely starts making a difference.

    This is the Drake you always want to secure whenever possible, it's definitely worth fighting for as you don't want to let your opponent grab it for themselves.

    Think of it as a mini Rabadon's Deathcap for your AP or AD damage, who doesn't like extra damage, right?

    Mountain Drake - Underrated


    Mark of the Mountain Drake:

    +(10/20/30)% (based on stacks) additional damage as True Damage to Epic Monsters and Turrets.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    The Mountain Drake might be the most underrated buff right now and it's especially strong when you start stacking it up.

    It's not a direct combat buff, but it is insane when used to take down Turrets, Baron and other Dragons.

    The Mountain Drake buff gives you more options as a team when ahead. If you control vision and deny it from your opponents, you can take the objective out before they even have a chance to check it out.

    The added damage also reduces the need for a tank when doing baron and even allows you to easily kill the objective with two or three players. If some of your players are in vision of the enemy on another point of the map, they will be thrown off and won't be expecting the Baron to be done.

    Overall, good for any composition, but teams with a split pusher will enjoy this a lot as they become even stronger when taking down these turrets.

    Sieging compositions will become even stronger, so look out for those Tristana or Jinx players taking down your turret in a blink of an eye.


    Ocean Drake - Strongest in the Early Stages

    Mark of the Ocean Drake:

    Restores (4/8/12)% of missing health and missing mana every 8 seconds if not damaged by a champion or tower in the last 5 seconds.

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    The Ocean Drake was definitely the strongest on Patch 6.9, but with the nerfs to it on 6.10, it's no longer as good as it used to be.

    It's probably the best buff a team can pick up early as dragons like Infernal and Mountain Drake only start stacking up by mid game.


    The fact that the regeneration only applies when out of combat with champions makes it situationally good, it's fantastic for junglers as they can get stats back while roaming or clearing camps and even in early laning stages as you can just back off and avoid trading to get some extra regen.


    However, come mid and late game, you will start to notice that the buff isn't as impactful as fights become more and more frequent and after fights regen will either not matter, or you will simply be back in base healing up for the next. However, if you win a fight and want to translate it into an objective, the regen will come in handy.

    In extended baron and dragon "dances", where both teams are contesting the objective, it will be very rare to get that regen as you need to be a total of 13 seconds without entering combat (5 to enter 'out of combat' status + 8 extra seconds)


    Ultimately, this buff shines most when playing siege comps, you take down a turret and regen back as you rotate to another, making it hard for the opponent to push you out of grabbing objectives.

    When playing disengage, ocean drake is also extremely strong provided you can stay out of combat.

    Cloud Drake - Weakest

    Mark of the Cloud Drake:

    +15/30/45 (based on stacks) additional Out of Combat Movement Speed

    Effect is Amplified by 50% with Mark of the Elder Dragon.

    Movement Speed is always nice, but there are two things to take into account that make this Dragon less desireable when compared to his counterparts.


    First off, the movement speed given is only out of combat, basically it works the same way as Boots of Mobility, meaning you lose the buff upon entering combat.

    Secondly, there are movement speed caps, meaning the value stated might not always be what you get. If you reach over 415 movement speed, you'll only get 80% of the bonus given

    If you go over 490, bonuses over that number are multiplied by 50%.


    Only really go for this dragon if there's absolutely no contest for it and you can get it without losing out on anything. If your opponent is getting a Tower or Rift Herald for your Cloud Drake, you're losing out on the trade.


    Overall, this Drake is mainly good for Junglers and roaming support and mid laners but outside of that, you won't see it being that useful. With two or three stacks it can be strong for flank engages from someone like a Malphite or a Maokai, but it's definitely the weakest Drake buff out of all four.

    It's worth mentioning that if you're dominating the map, you should clear this whenever possible so you can get the next spawn and keep stacking up those buffs



    A Look at Europe's New Korean Imports


    Korean Imports are a staple in League of Legends. Known as the most competitive and strongest region, everyone else wants a piece of them to replicate success.

    While regions such as NA and China already had a high amount of Korean Imports, it’s definitely a new trend coming to Europe.


    For the upcoming season of EU LCS, there are 7 new Korean Imports distributed between 4 different teams, let’s get to know them a bit better.


    Team Roccat



    Roccat is bringing rather unproven talent to Europe. Both Parang and Raise only have one split of competitive play, where they played in Challengers Korea for Stardust.

    Stardust finished third in the regular split with some strong performances, including a 2-0 win over Ever during the regular split. The team ended up failing to make it past the first round of playoffs, losing in a close Best of 5 match against Ever8 Winners.


    Top Lane - Parang

    Favorite Champions:
    KDA: 3.75
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive: 19/14


    Parang had a decent showing in his debut split for Stardust, in Challengers Korea 2016 Spring.

    He showed a lot versatility, being able to pick up tanks such as Maokai and Poppy, utility picks such as Lulu and even played carry top laners such as Jayce, Ryze and Kayle.

    He’s known for his Jayce play, quite unusual in the current meta, but he states that his favorite champion is Ryze, followed by Jayce and Poppy.


    Fun Fact:
    Parang is a football (soccer) and Chelsea fan.



    Support - Raise

    Favorite Champions:
    KDA: 3.51
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive: 19/14


    Raise is known for his strong initiation champions. During Challengers Korea he played mostly Alistar, playing a total of 15 games out of his 33 professional matches. He has mainly shown a lot of prowess on engage champions.

    On Stardust, Raise was the shot caller for the team.


    Fun Fact:
    He hasn’t played any games on mage supports competitively yet, but he stated that he enjoys playing Lux and Karma.




    If You want to learn more about how Raise and Parang chose their names we'd recommend watching this video from Team Roccat





    Vitality is also bringing a pair of koreans to replace Shook and Hjarnan, in the Jungle and AD Carry positions respectively.

    Jungle - Mightybear


    Favorite Champions:
    KDA: -
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive: -


    Mightybear, previously  known as Moon and PandaBears is the new Jungler for Vitality. He’s been under chinese organizations since late 2014, from being acquired by Positive Energy, a team formed under the WE Organization, to joining Newbee in the LSPL. He hasn’t played competitively in 2016, as he was a sub for Qiao Gu’s Swift.

    Fun Fact:
    During season 3 and 4, he was known as a Shaco one trick pony and got to Challenger playing mostly with 'The Demon Jester'.



    AD Carry - Police


    Favorite Champions:      
    KDA (Apex + Ever): 5.38
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive (Apex + Ever): 18/9


    This might be a more familiar name for those watching secondary leagues around the world. Police has played for three different challenger teams in three different regions.

    In 2015 and in China, Police played for Energy Pacemaker Carries in the LSPL. The team ended in the relegation zone but managed to requalify for the 2016 LSPL.

    Police then went back to Korea where he played for Ever, sharing the spot with LokeN. The team played the Spring 2016 Promotion Tournament against SBENU Sonicboom, where they lost 3-1. After that, Police remained with the team, but never played as a starter again, covered by star carry LokeN in the 2016 KeSPA Cup and IEM Cologne.

    He then joined Apex Gaming, where he played the whole regular season and playoffs and helped the team reach the NA LCS, qualifying after sweeping Team Dragon Knights 3-0.


    Fun Fact:
    When playing in China, Police was known as Fruit.



    Giants! Gaming

    Giants! Gaming started importing late into last season, bringing in Wisdom (former Incredible Miracle and KOO Tigers jungler) and S0NSTAR (former Incredible Miracle AD Carry).

    After playing the last games of the LCS split and making it through relegation matches, Giants! said goodbye to Wisdom, now on Misfits (EU Challenger Series Qualifiers team) but retained S0NSTAR.

    Joining him this split and replacing xPePii will be NighT.

    Mid Lane - NighT


    Favorite Champions:
    KDA: 3.96
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive: 22/20


    NighT is Giants! New Mid Laner. Competitively he has only played for Winners, who renamed to Ever8 Winners in 2016 after grabbing a sponsorship.

    In the regular split of Challengers Korea 2016 Spring, NighT’s team Winners managed to place 4th and clinch playoffs.

    In playoffs they met Stardust, Parang and Raise’s team in round 1. After being 2-0 down, Ever8 Winners reverse swept Stardust. In the second round the team matched up against Ever, where they lost 3-1, putting an end to their run and hopes to reach the LCK promotion series.


    NighT has a very unique champion pool, with Zilean and Cassiopeia being his two most played champions. NighT is currently undefeated on Zilean, with an 8-0 record.


    Fun Fact:
    Coincidentally and just like Vitality’s Mightybear, NighT also used to be known as Moon.




    Unicorns of Love:

    Just like all the other three teams we talked about, Unicorns of Love also imported a pair of Koreans. Both Move and Veritas played competitively in North America prior to coming to Europe.


    Jungle - Move


    Favorite Champion:  
    KDA (NA LCS): 2.67
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive (NA LCS): 15/13


    Move started his professional career in China representing Edward Gaming Future (then renamed to AD Gaming) where he played a couple of games in the LSPL qualifier and then in the league. He eventually was moved to a sub position when AD Gaming had two korean starters in two other positions and couldn’t field Move.


    He really left his mark in the NA LCS. Joining Gravity for the 2015 Summer Split, replacing Saintvicious, Move quickly became known for his heavy vision oriented game, where he would often buy a sightstone in the jungle and heavily ward up the map.

    Gravity started strong and even held sole position of first place for two weeks, but ended up faltering in playoffs to TSM and then getting reverse swept by Cloud9 in the first round of the gauntlet leading up to worlds.


    Aside from his Nidalee play, Move showed a lot of games on Gragas, two champions we might see for him as he represents the Unicorns.


    Fun Fact:
    While the team didn’t do so hot in playoffs, Move won Outstanding Rookie of the 2015 Season NA LCS Summer Split for his Regular Split performance.


    AD Carry - Veritas



    Favorite Champion:  
    KDA: 3.75
    Win/Loss Ratio In Competitive: 19/14


    Curiously, Veritas first left his mark as a strong AD Carry in Avant Garde, in the Oceanic Pro League, where he lead his team to a first place finish in playoffs.

    Shortly after winning the OPL, Veritas trialed and joined Final Five in the NA Challenger. The team placed 4th during the 2015 North American Challenger Series Spring Season, clinching playoffs. In Playoffs they lost to Enemy and then Team Fusion, ending their promotion dreams but retaining a spot for next split in NACS.

    Veritas then played for Team Vortex in the following challenger split, where the team performed poorly, finishing 5th out of 6 teams, with a 2-8 record.


    Fun Fact:
    Veritas played a jungle game versus Renegades in the NACS Summer Split, as the team was out of playoff contention and results wouldn’t matter for the team.


    Photo Credits: LoL Esports and Team ROCCAT
    KDA and Win Loss Stats from: Esportspedia

    Special Thanks to:


    • Vitality, Giants and Team ROCCAT for info on fav champions.
    • Kelsey Moser, KefkaLoL and LeagueESAN for historical background and extra info on players


    LolKing's League Tips - Episode 4 - Ganking Top Lane

    Welcome to LolKing's League Tips!

    Each week we’ll be giving you a tip that you can use in your games to have an edge over your opponent.


    Last week we looked at using the Rift Herald Buff and the week before we looked at how you can deal with jungle invades

    Today we are looking at 5 different things to take into account when ganking top lane. This lane is heavily affected by jungle pressure so getting an advantage to your laner can be huge.

    If you can snowball your toplaner he can become an unkillable machine, a split push threat, especially with the Rift Herald Buff or an extremely strong teamfighter.

    Watch the video below to learn more about what you can do to ensure your top lane ganks are successful



     Be sure to subscribe to LolKing's YouTube channel for upcoming stat videos, and other League of Legends coverage!


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    Black Cleaver Lucian: How 6.9 Gave Lucian a New Core Build

    Patch 6.9 brought a ton of changes to the league, with mage reworks, changes to items and even completely new items like the Hextech Protobelt-01.


    But one of the biggest changes of the patch were to The Black Cleaver. The item lost 5 AD but also became much cheaper, now at 3100 gold



    The Black Cleaver (Pre 6.9) Cost: 3500
    +300 Health
    +55 Attack Damage

    +20% Cooldown Reduction

    Total Gold Value = 3325 gold
    Gold Efficiency = 95%  



    The Black Cleaver (Post 6.9) Cost: 3100
    +300 Health
    +50 Attack Damage
    +20% Cooldown Reduction

    Total Gold Value = 3150 gold
    Gold Efficiency = 101.61%  



    The Black Cleaver is usually seen on bruisers. It’s mostly an offensive item but also has the health component making it perfect for that class type.


    The movement speed given from using damaging abilities allows these bruisers to close the gap faster and most of them have AoE abilities, meaning they can shred armor on multiple champions.








    So for all these champions, this change was a straight up buff, in fact and currently, the 10 most popular users of Black Cleaver all have a positive winrate, some use it as a core item, others as a luxury, but the win rate is there.


    But one of these is not like the other, let’s address the elephant in the room and talk about Lucian.


    Black Cleaver Lucian


    You may have heard of this new build that has been showing up, you have probably even seen it in your own games. It’s been wreaking havoc across all levels of play.


    The core of this new Build is Youmuu’s Ghostblade into Black Cleaver. After that, there are a ton of available options, but what makes this unique are these two core items.


    The build showed up mainly due to the price reduction on The Black Cleaver. With 400 less gold, Lucian’s 2 item build with Cleaver and Youmuu’s is very similar in terms of pricing compared to the Essence Reaver + Zeal item one.


    As opposed to most AD Carries, Lucian can stack up Black Cleaver stacks extremely fast. A simple combination of:

    Piercing Light + Lightslinger + Relentless Pursuit + Lightslinger + Basic Attack will reach max stacks on a target in a short window of time.



    Stronger Early Power Spikes:


    This build is all about the early and mid game power spikes. In the early laning stages of the game, you’re building Youmuu’s Ghostblade, that builds off of 4 Long Swords.


    With no B.F sword in the build, it’s easier to back and always have enough gold to buy components leading up to Ghostblade.


    At 1 Item:



    Youmuu's Ghostblade Cost: 3200
    +65 Attack Damage
    +10% Cooldown Reduction

    +20 Armor Penetration   UNIQUE - Active: Gain 40% Attack Speed and 20% Movement Speed for 6 seconds. 45 second cooldown



    Essence Reaver Cost: 3600
    +65 Attack Damage
    +10% Cooldown Reduction
    +20% Critical Strike Chance

    UNIQUE - Passive: Gain additional Cooldown Reduction depending on Critical Strike Chance from other sources (up to +20% CDR)  



    As you can see, Ghostblade has the same Attack Damage and Cooldown Reduction as Essence Reaver but has a lower cost.


    The difference here is that while Essence Reaver has Critical Strike, Ghostblade has the flat armor penetration, which can completely shred down carries, that typically don’t itemize for defensive stats early on. Critical Strike is good, but 20% is not that much, meaning you won’t be hitting those crits so often.


    Essence Reaver will be giving you a bigger mana pool, allowing you to stay away from base for longer, but the one item power spike from Youmuu’s is huge, especially when you consider its active.


    At 2 Items:


    This is when things start to be completely different.

    Usually, the typical Lucian build will add a Zeal item, with Phantom Dancer, Statikk Shiv or Rapid Firecannon. This will put him at 50% Critical Strike total, give you some attack speed and the Cooldown Reduction on Essence Reaver caps out at 30%.

    With The Black Cleaver, you get a ton of attack damage, a total of 30% Cooldown Reduction with two items and more importantly, the ability to shred armor and be more mobile, due to the phage passive.


    Two completely different builds, that excel at different things.


    With your normal Lucian build you’re mainly looking to use your Lightslinger passive as your main source of damage, to land double crits on an opponent after using an ability.


    With this new build, you’re mainly looking to hit your opponents with abilities. You’ll obviously still be auto attacking, but Piercing Light will be dealing much more damage, and so will The Culling. Each hit will reduce a target’s armor by 5%, so you’ll quickly shred their armor with the ability while each bullet hurts more and more.


    Late Game:

    By late game is when your traditional Lucian build starts to edge out in relation to this new one.

    In this iteration, you’re usually grabbing Infinity Edge third. By now you have 70% Critical Strike, with the added bonus from Infinity Edge, meaning they do 250% damage.

    As for the Black Cleaver build, most players buy Phantom Dancer third. The build has comparable Attack Speed to the other build, but much less crit.

    So if this build, on paper, starts losing strength to the traditional one at 3 items and onwards, why is it so popular?

    Meta Game:

    Right now, we see games ending somewhat sooner than they did before. There’s more emphasis in laning and the current changes to Dragon from Patch 6.9 onwards essentially mean that there are more early game skirmishes and teamfights around these objectives, so, the ability to be stronger earlier is important.


    On the other hand, by no means is this build a bad build late game. With 70% Critical Strike you might be able to destroy carries after two Lightslinger passives, but the sheer Attack Damage on this build means that your abilities and even auto attacks really pack a punch, even without much Critical Strike to the mix.


    The other advantage that is meta game related is that the Black Cleaver build is a much stronger build versus bruisers and tanks. Let’s have a look.

    Black Cleaver - Tank Shredder or just overall strong?

    When mentioning this build, what most people will tell you is that it’s an extremely good tank shredding build. But is it still good at taking down the squishier carries? Let’s have a look.


    Before we start however, it’s important to take two aspects of this item into account.


    1. Black Cleaver’s Armor Reduction applies for your whole team.

    As opposed to Last Whisper or any of its upgrades, Black Cleaver has Armor Reduction and not penetration, meaning all your teammates doing physical damage will benefit from the armor shred you provide.


    2. Black Cleaver’s Armor Reduction is based on total armor.

    While Last Whisper and its upgrades only penetrate through bonus armor, the Black Cleaver’s armor reduction is based on total armor.

    So while Mortal Reminder or Lord Dominick’s Regards are essentially tailored towards killing tanks, The Black Cleaver, while doing more work against heavy armor, will still do short work of squishier targets.


    We’ll look at four subsets of enemy champions, an opposing AD Carry, AP Mage, a Bruiser and a Tank.


    We’ll also be assuming all of these champions are level 16 and that Lucian has no other sources of Armor Penetration or reduction

    • In one build, Lucian has Black Cleaver and Youmuu's Ghostblade.
    • In the second build, Lucian picked up a late Lord Dominik's Regards to deal with Tanks


    As you can see, Lucian can get through a big chunk of an enemy's armor with the Youmuu's + Black Cleaver Combination,  regardless of how much armor they are up against.


    Against super tanks with 3 Armor Items, it's likely that Lord Dominik's will start outperforming the Black Cleaver and Youmuu's combination of items, especially since it does % bonus damage against tankier enemies, but against most enemies, which will have 2 items or less, the Black Cleaver really packs a punch, especially considering you stack it up extremely fast.


    Simply put, the day League of Legends shifts towards a more late game oriented game again is when the Critical Strike build will regain strength as opposed to this new build. Until then, it’s likely that we’ll be seeing this new build more and more.


    Video Guide:

    If you want to learn more about the full build and see it in action, I recommend watching this video about Black Cleaver Lucian:

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