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LoLKing was founded by Fishsticks and Ignis in January 2012. The idea for the site was born when they found themselves looking for more information on their opponents on the Fields of Justice. Since they happened to be developers in addition to huge League of Legends fans, they created the summoner database themselves for personal use. Eventually they decided to release their project to the public eye as LoLKing!

Thanks to the support of many League of Legends players, LoLKing was able to get outside resources to help keep up with its growth. The ZAM Network picked up LoLKing in May 2012 where it joined their growing roster of sites that includes Wowhead and D3DB.

Tom "Fishsticks"Co-Founder

Tom co-founded LoLKing with Jerod. He's involved in every process of the site--from its current layout which he designed to deciding LoLKing's overall direction.

Tom has been a gamer for a long time, spending a lot of his time on Counter-strike and Starcraft before succumbing to League of Legends. Tom first met Jerod at UCSD where they ended up taking computer science classes together and becoming friends.

Favorite Pro: Froggen
Favorite Skin: Blood Lord Vladimir
Favorite Beer: Stone IPA

Jerod "Ignis"Co-Founder

Jerod co-founded LoLKing with Tom. His work on the site is best seen in the various charts throughout the site as well as the summoner search which he worked heavily on.

Jerod can usually be found in the jungle, but lately can be found top lane with Darius where he saves his ultimate until the last possible second just to steal your pentakill.

Favorite TV Show: Dexter
Favorite Champion: Darius
Favorite Food: Chipotle

Rhea "Ashelia"Community Lead

Rhea is the site director for Wowhead and the community lead here at LoLKing. She's joined Jerod and Tom to to do stuff they don't want to do, like write things and talk to people.

Rhea has been a gamer ever since she was young and got her hands on Super Street Fighter II Turbo. She spends her free time taking photographs, watching League of Legends tournaments, and browsing Reddit.

Favorite Role: AD Carry
Favorite Weekend Activity: Following LoL Tournaments!!
Biggest Fear: Shaco "Free Week"

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