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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This guide is meant for Jungle Aatrox. 4.png helps you to initiate from a long range combined with your aatroxQ.png.
11.png for obvious reasons. It helps you to secure jungle camps, Buffs, Dragons and Baron Nashor.

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Fury 5/5: As I mentioned earlier, we lack Attackspeed in our build and Fury helps with that problem. Proc your W even faster!

Fresh Blood: Lets say you gank an enemy at level three. You will deal 13 damage more with your first basic attack. This damage is guaranteed after you knock your enemy up with your Q. 13 damage does not seem a lot but it can decide if you get the kill or not.

Vampirism 5/5: 2.0% Lifesteal and Spell Vamp are nice and push your survivability even further but you can also take Natural Talent since your E and R scale with Ability Power.

Double Edged Sword: Bounty Hunter is inconsistent so we take Double Edged Sword. I never tested Battle Trance but it could work aswell.


Recovery 5/5: Just a nice bonus to your survivability

Tough Skin: 2 less damage from Jungle monsters is a lot and adds up quite fast. Imagine getting hit by 5 raptors at the same time. You take 10 less damage with helps with survivability.

Runic Armor 5/5: I take Runic Armor over Veteran's Scars because the 8% works with your W and Courage of the Colossus and also some items you might build.

Insight: Having 15% reduced CD on your Summoner Spells means more initiates with Flash+Q which we like.

Swiftness 5/5: I like the Tenacity and Slow Resist especially when ganking bot where a lot of supports have stuns and slows.

Courage of the Collossus: This is OP right now and gives you like a 2500HP shield once you initiate and hit someone with your Q. Helps a lot when you initiate and wait for your team to follow. You can tank a lot of hits with this mastery.

Abilities Back to Top

  • aatroxpassive.png: To be honest this passive is pretty bad. It also has a 3 minute cooldown. Your Q and E cost a percentage  of your Health and some of the consumed life is saved in your ''Blood Well'' which is like 870 Hp at lvl 18. After you die , Aatrox enters a stasis (kinda like Zilean ulti) and you revive after 3 seconds with a maximum of 1174 HP at level 18 depending on how much your Blood Well is filled.

  • aatroxW.png: When people think about Aatrox they think about this spell. Well it is two spells in one, a damage part and a survivability part which you can toggle on and off. If you toggle this spell off you get the Blood Thirst bonus. You will heal yourself on every third hit on champions and minions (Heal: 20 / 25 / 30 / 35 / 40)(+25% of your Bonus AD). If you are under 50% HP the heal is tripled. When toggled on, every third auto attack costs life and will deal bonus damage to your enemy(60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200)(+100% Bonus AD). Its purely based on the situation when to toggle it on and off and it comes with experience when to use which spell. A basic baseline I can give is that I use Blood Thirst to heal in the Jungle and when I am below 50% against enemies. Blood Prince is good when trading with your enemy and it helps you taking down Dragon and Baron faster. Remember though that it costs HP and with a lot of Attackspeed it can be pretty costly. We max this spell second after E.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Jungle start
    Buy one after your jungle item

Core Items

    Rush this
    Get one based on the situation
    If you want to go AP Aatrox

Situational Items

    Check Author's description
    Check Author's description
    Tank Example Mixed Team
    Tank against full AD
    Tank against full AP
    Need damage?
    AP Aatrox
    Support (pls do not)
Let's start with the basics: Decide what you are going to play before the game starts. If you have a tanky toplaner and support you can go with the damage variant which I will also cover. I like the tank variant more though and prefer it over the damage variant since you are not made out of paper and can actually initiate fights.

Tank variant:

I buy 1041.png and 2031.png do not upgrade the potion. After that I try to save 1200g and buy a 3077.png it helps a lot with jungle clear. If you cant afford it and have 700g for example just buy 2x 1036.png. How to jungle with Aatrox will be mentioned below. After 3077.png get your 1413.png . I go red smite 95% of all my games ,the dueling potential you get with this item is very good and if you play against champions with burst it is even better. After that I check if my enemy AP/AD threat is fed. Get 3190.png if your enemy AP is fed. The new lLocket shield is amazing and even if your support builds one it is worth it. If their AD is fed get a 3742.png or 3143.png . Get your 3748.png if you are fed and can snowball your lead. You can also get 3153.png if you are really fed. Get boots somewhere between your jungle item and Locket.

Damage variant:

Start with 1041.png and 2031.png. Like the tank variant you should try to rush your 3077.png. As your jungle item you should get 1419.png since we will build more attackspeed and the on-hit effect will help and deal even more damage. Get 3074.png3153.png3111.png3812.png3139.png and become a split push god who melts towers in 1s with your ultimate. Beware though you also die in 1s if hit with hard CC and a lot of damage (Hello134.png112.png67.png24.png23.png).

Deeper look into items:

1413.pngCinderhulk: I love playing Aatrox as a full tank and Cinderhulk provides you with a lot of bonus HP. You should go Cinderhulk when you go tank Aatrox, it is a lot of fun and good aswell.

3077.pngTiamat: I rush this item in 95% of my games. The clear speed it provides is really really good and you can cast it while you are mid-air during your Q for more bonus damage aswell. The only core item.

3190.pngLocket: Super good item even on jungler. The amount of MR and shield it provides for the gold is just to good to miss out on. If the enemy has 1 AoE AP threat you should get this. For example 134.png13.png112.png.

3143.png Randuin's Omen: My go to item if the enemy ADC will stack crit (most of them do now even Lucian and Jhin) or they have a Tryndamere and/or Yasuo on their team. The passive- and active is pretty nice and helps with survivability. The stats are also nice.

3742.pngDead Man's Plate: Also a very nice armor item even after the nerfs. The Movementspeed it provides helps a lot when you chase, gank and escape. I usually build this if I do not need the Randuin's passive.

3748.pngTitanic Hydra: Since I build full tank a lot I prefer Titanic Hydra over 3074.png. The active on Titanic Hydra also helps to burst squishys pretty fast if you combine it with 3742.png passive.

3022.pngFrozen Mallet: I am not a fan of this item but if your enemies have a lot of escapes and haste buffs this is a pretty solid choice.

3026.pngGuardian's Angel: Pretty solid pickup against mixed teams. You have 3 lifes with this item. It is also fairly cheap.

3053.pngSterak's Cage: This item helps to survive high burst from your enemy. Its good but I prefer other items over this. You can still build it if the enemy mid champ focuses you a lot.

3065.pngSpirit Visage: Gives you more survivability with your W and your passive also scales with it. One of the stronger items on Aatrox.

3072.pngBloodthirster: Get this if you are super ahead and your enemy does not build 3165.png or 3033.png. Your lifesteal will be insane.

3075.pngThornmail: Helps against annoying Auto attack champs. Get this if your enemy has a 23.png39.png24.png top and a 29.png67.png etc., botlane.

3083.png Warmog's: It is actually a nice pick against 2 or more AP threats. The Bonus life helps against burst damage and the life regeneration scales with Spirit Visage and Runic Armor.

3124.png Rageblade: Procs your W every two hits and also gives us Attackspeed which helps. I rarely build this but it is strong on Aatrox combined with 1419.png3153.png and youraatroxW.png

3139.pngScimitar: Good if you build damage and need to cleanse hard CC which stops you from killing your enemy.

3153.pngBotrK: Its a solid pick when you are ahead or build damage. The recent buffs made it even better and the active helps chasing enemies.

3156.pngMaw: Solid pick if you face scary AP champs such as 134.png13.png112.png. You have to sacrifice 3190.png or 3065.png for it though if you face a mixed team.

3512.pngZZ Rot: Cool item if you have a hard time sieging or split pushing. Also good against mixed teams since it offers Armor and Magic Resist.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Elise
  • Evelynn
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Ivern
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee
  • Olaf
  • Rengar
  • Shyvana
  • Zac



Elise is super strong. She can 1v1 you early on and will most likely win a 2v2 aswell. Do not try to invade her jungle. She falls off in the late game though even if she builds full tank. Try to ward a lot and read her Jungle path. She will start at her blue most of the time and can do a full clear with full life at the end so be aware.



Evelynn can be an easy matchup but also a very hard one. A good Evelynn is a nightmare to play against and bad players do not know how to play against her. You can beat her if your aatroxR.png is up. Try to ward her camps so you can see her early and react accordingly. She will most likely start at her blue and will have a lot of life even if she decides to full clear.



Also very good at the moment but he also need to snowball. Strong dueler and super fast clears. Will pretty much be at 100% life even when he full clears. You can duel him if you build full damage but be aware that his burst is pretty high. Do not invade his jungle since his gravesclustershot.png is very strong in close areas.



One of the best junglers at the moment. His ganks and duels are very strong, you can beat him though if his hecarimw.png and  hecarimramp.png are on cooldown since the cd is pretty high. He needs to snowball though otherwise he will fall off. You will shred him alive when you build full damage Aatrox.



Highest winrate in the jungle at the moment. He is annoying to play against and is super strong during early and mid game. He falls of late game though as you can see by his winrate (46% after 40+ minutes). He kinda is a stronger 20.png. Later he will most likely be a 2nd support. He cannot stop you from splitpushing if you decide to go full damage. You can beat him early on if he misses his ivernQ.pngwhich is his only damage spell and stun beside ivernR.png.



Strong dueler who needs to snowball otherwise he will be dead weight. Cannot do much against you once you get tanky though. Try not to get caught in the jungle, his khazixQ.png is strong and hurts especially when you are Isolated. If you go full dmg you can kill him you just have to survive the initial burst. If he is fed and jumps on your carries use your aatroxQ.png to knock him up as soon as he lands.


Lee Sin

Strong dueler, fast clears and strong ganks but he falls off. Try not to get caught and cheesed in your jungle. Try to countergank him and do not let him snowball. You can knock him up when he tries to ''Insec'' your carries but you have to be super fast. Full damage Aatrox can beat Lee Sin later on but you are squishy aswell and you have to be careful. His blindmonkqone.pngblindmonkrkick.pngblindmonkqone.png combo deals a lot of damage even with 1-2 damage items.



Weaker in S7 compared to S6 but still pretty good. Has fast clears and good ganks but she is weaker now. She also falls off if she does not manage to snowball or finish the game fast enough. Nidalee also has a lot of mobility so be careful with your aatroxQ.png and do not waste it otherwise she will just aspectofthecougar.pngbushwhack.png away. You can beat her at level 6 with a quick combo of  aatroxQ.png3077.pngaatroxR.pngaatroxW.pngaatroxE.png




Super strong early to mid game but he falls off later on and your Adc+Support can deal with him even in olafragnarok.png. Full damage Aatrox can outsustain Olaf easily in a 1v1 later aswell. Try to countergank him and do not underestimate his damage from olafaxethrowcast.pngandolafrecklessstrike.png. His chase potential is also pretty good with olafaxethrowcast.pngand6.png.



Good assassin jungler at the moment and strong in 1v1. Can make your Q and E useless wth his empowered rengarW.png. He also can snowball pretty hard. Will most likely not focus you in teamfights especially if you build tank. Use aatroxQ.png on him when he jumps on your carries. Can leap over walls if he has vision on active jungle camps. High mobility and utility and fast clear. Dead weight if he does not snowball and his ganks are weaker now.



Strong again with her recent buffs. Super strong dueler and she has a fast jungler clear. Her ganks are pretty weak though if her teammates have no CC so do not let her snowball. Most Shyvanas will farm like crazy though so you have to gank because you cannot outfarm her. If she does not snowball she will be pretty weak and can be kited easily. You can never win a 1v1 later on against her.




One of the stronger junglers at the moment. Has a high sustain clear and super strong ganks. Collossus also benefits him a lot. One tip I can give you is to initiate in his team so yours can focus him down once he initiatet on you. If he does not hit his zacE.png he can be kited by your team. You both have a revive passive but yours is consistent and his is not.

How to Jungle with Aatrox Back to Top

You always want to start Red Buff and Golems afterwards. If you get a nice leash at red, you will hit- and reach Botlane level 3 with the recent changes to Jungle exp. If you are on red side, you will be Top level 3 while they are level 2. I always do Red and Golems and follow with a gank. Most of the time you can get summoners wasted or even a kill with supports like 12.png53.png89.png111.png412.png427.png or toplaners like 157.png62.png23.png92.png39.png etc. Try to not use your aatroxQ.png for initiation and wait for the enemies flash. You can use your Q if your laner/s have follow up CC and you can chain stun your enemy. Depending on the situation I do Crab or my Raptors and look for an opportunity to gank mid. You can also gank top or bot again if you wasted summoners and did not get the kill. If you want, passing your first blue is an option. Only do that if you are premade with your mid though. Otherwise he can feed it to the enemy mid and the game will snowball in your enemies favor. I try to save 1200g for my 3077.png. The dream start would be a kill with your first gank. Most players expect a gank around 3:30min and will not ward early on. If they spot you with a ward early on though just continue with your jungle clear. You can full clear easily or try to look for other lanes to gank as I mentioned before. Aatrox is a strong ganker after level 3 because he provides a hard CC, a 40% slow and damage. Good luck snowballing the game after you got FB for your team. Of course it can happen that you get cheesed aswell and get behind but dont be frustrated. It is SoloQ and a lot of people make mistakes and do not coordinate correctly with their team. If you see a good opportunity to initiate with aatroxQ.png you should go for it. You get a ton of shield from Collossus and still have your Passive if things go not as planned. Feel free to pop your aatroxR.png at level 6 and do Dragon with it. Do not forget to buy a 2055.png though. You can also pop it to get towers very fast early on. I have listed some pros and cons on why you should or should not play Aatrox;


  • Flexible: Can play full Tank (most fun), full AD or AP
  • Good ganks
  • Can get objectives pretty fast
  • Only some champions can 1v1 you if you decide to build full damage and split push.
  • Can Solo Baron with 3 items 1419.png3153.png3124.png and aatroxR.png
  • Collossus benefit you and help with survivability.
  • Non-meta
  • Cool theme


  • You have to hit aatroxQ.png otherwise you will be useless
  • Full AD is made out of paper
  • Prone to burst damage
  • Cheesy
  • Weak in early jungle duels, especially vs most of the meta junglers
  • Silly passive
  • No love from Riot
  • You will get flamed when you lock Aatrox in


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