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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png This is your best mobility summoner for Aatrox. You can use flash as an emergency escape or an extra gap closer to go along with Dark Flight aatroxq.png.  For example, you can flash over a wall to smite a neutral objective or finish off a champion, and then jump back over the wall with your aatroxq.png.  It is also important as an escape for a jungle Aatrox if you get invaded at some point inside your jungle. Aatrox's Dark Flight aatroxq.png can be cancelled easily in mid jump, but flash is quick enough to not be so easily cancelled.

6.png is an okay summoner on Aatrox but it isn't as useful as the one above. With ghost, you can get more autoattacks in on fleeing targets.  It is generally a good summoner spell on melee -  dps champions that rely on autoattacking a single target to death. However, it isn't as good as a gap closer as flash, and it cannot get you through walls for quick escapes.

11.png is necessary for any jungler.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

With these masteries you will be able to come out of the jungle at full health before backing after clearing your second buff. You will also be able to return to farming after a gank to restore your health. 

War.  Fury, Vampirism, Battle Trance, and Warlord's bloodlust will greatly increase the amount of damage you deal and can sustain in fights.   

Abilities Back to Top


Generally, its better to max BloodPriceaatroxw.png on Aatrox so that you farm quickly and have more  DPS for fights.  aatroxq.png, and aatroxe.png should be leveled up equally. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    This is start is optimal for Aatrox.

Core Items

    You will definately need the bloodrazor, an you will usually need the other three as well.

Situational Items

    These items synergize well with Aatrox but are situational.

The most important thing to keep in mind when you're building is that you're not a tank nor an assassin.  Aatrox's job in fights is to apply as much damage per second as possible while also staying alive for as long as possible.  

By staying alive longer, you will be able to apply more damage.  Most of your damage will come from your auto-attacks.

3065.png Will allow you to heal more from each proc of  aatroxw.png blood thirst, and it will allow you to heal more during your stasis if you take fatal damage while you are hellbentaatroxpassive.png.

3812.png Will give you great survivability while having more damage.  You should buy this item if you are snowballing.

3153.png Will not give you as much dps nor as much sustain as the item above you will. However, it's attackspeed will allow you to become hellbent in less time, and it will give you better dps and sustain than the item above while you are hellbent.  

3026.png The passive on this item will take priority over the stasis of from youraatroxpassive.png. This means that after you take fatal damage while your bloodwell is full, you will revive using the passive from this item and spare  the cooldown from your own aatroxpassive.png.  However it's still usefuel, especially late game to essentially have 2 revives. This will allow you to become an initiator for your team without having to build full tank. 

3742.png Will give you more effective health overall against most forms of physical damage except for critical hits.  Deadman's plate is more useful than 3143.png on most games.  The passive from 3742.png will give you more map mobility while giving you the same amount of armor and health as 3068.png.  The damage effect of 3068.png is mostly irrelevant against champions.

The rest of the items are self explanatory, but if you want to read more about any items regardless of the champion that you plan on playing then you should check out the wiki.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Xin Zhao


Xin Zhao


This champion will likely be able to out duel you at any stage of the game even if he is up to two levels behind.

How to clear the jungle as Aatrox Back to Top

Farming while Aatrox is fairly easy. This allows you to pay more attention to the map since you won't have to watch your health bar as closely as you would on other junglers.

You want to start with either your red our blue buff as you would on most other jungle champions.  A leash will help you, but it isn't absolutely necessary. 

Here are some tips:

1. While farming, toggle your aatroxw.png (W) to BloodPrice.  This will give you a stack in your bloodwell every third autoattack. Once your bloodwell is full, you will become Hellbent. As soon as this happens you should toggle your (W)aatroxw.png back to Bloodthrist, and it will heal you every third autoattack.

2. Since Aatrox isn't really a meta jungler you need to be aware of invade attempts.  If you start the blue sentinel as your first camp, place a ward on the other side of the wall at 30 seconds into the game during your first clear.   For your later clears of that particular camp, always look for the position of the enemy jungler or midlaner.  

3.  When farming either the red bramble-back or the blue sentinel (red or blue buff) as Aatrox, you want to use your aatroxe.png(E) to aggro the creature and draw it into the nearest bush. Inside the bush you won't be seen unless it is warded, and you will be able to see your opponent ahead of time, should he decide to counter jungle.  

4.  You should be able to clear the entire jungle without going back if you want to. Of course you should still be ganking lanes when there is an opportunity, but know that you can clear it.  

5. With your ultimate you can easily take dragon as soon as you hit level 6. If the enemy jungler happens to be on the opposite side of the map, or they enemy team has no vision over dragon, then this means you will likely have a free dragon.

How do I gank lanes as Aatrox? Back to Top

On Aatrox, you generally want your laners to initiate for you, but you can still pull off a successful gank if they do not.  What is important is that you must predict your chances of being counter ganked and whether you laner will alteast try to followup on your gank, because Aatrox isn't tanky nor is he a strong duelist early game.

You should always have your aatroxw.png toggled to blood price just before you start your gank.  When ganking you wan't to save your aatroxq.png  (Q), so that you can use it for  it's knockup effect rather than using it as just a gap closer. The knockup effect will only happen to targets in the epicenter of the ability, but the outer circle will still apply the damage.  Keep in mind that this ability only has 650 range. However if you 4.png + aatroxq.png you can catch opponents off guard and land your  knockup easier. 

Whether you land your knockup or not, you should use your aatroxe.png (E) on your target right after jumping most of the time. 

When approaching a lane from the river, you don't want to run directly toward the opponent you are ganking. Instead you want to move to move to their nearest escape route, which in most cases would be toward your target's  lane tower.   If you happen to have a 2055.png in your inventory then you can drop one in the river bush right before you enter it.  If an enemy ward is in the bush, then do NOT attack it! Continue to walk straight through the bush. In most cases, you will only be visible on the mini-map for 1-2 seconds before you are seen in their lane.  

Another goodway to gank as Aatrox is to sneak into the side-lane-bush on top or bottom lane. Often, one of these bushes are not warded especially if the enemy support doesn't have their sightstone yet.   You can do this while your laners are pushed, and just right before the lane resets.  That way you will not be spotted by enemy creeps.  

When ganking midlane, you can easily be evaded by your opponent unless they are atleast halfway across the lane.  In most cases you don't want to gank the lane from the river, but from either one of the ramps at the edge of the lane.  

Watch this amazing video on jungling as Aatrox. Back to Top

Just watch it, you'll like it. 

If you have enemy more questions about this guide, then just ask in the comments section below. 

The Author Back to Top

I go by the name of AssauIto in game, and Malevolent on this site.  AssauIto is spelled with an i instead of an L, as in Assauito.  I average a 69% winrate on Aatrox and a 3.01 average KDA.

You can find me posting regularly on the League of Legends Boards or you may come across in the game if you play on the North America server.

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