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4 days ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells


As Aatrox is a top laner, you should take 4.png Flash and 12.png Teleport in most cases. However, in some matchups, you may want to take 14.png Ignite or even 3.png Exhaust.

4.png Flash is the best Summoner Spell in the game because it can be used in a variety of ways. Unlike some spells, you can always count on Flash to help you escape or engage. This means that this Summoner spell is perfect on Aatrox.

12.png Teleport is a good Summoner Spell on Top laners because it can allow them to get back to lane quickly and also allow them to help other lanes out. As the side lanes are much longer compared to the mid lane, taking Teleport will allow you to get to lane quickly without missing much CS or XP. 

14.png Ignite should only be taken if you're comfortable in winning and dominating the lane.

3.png Exhaust is good if you do not need Teleport to help your team. It would be beneficial to take Exhaust if you're against a fighter who can kill you early.


New Runes Back to Top



As Aatrox is a fighting champion with lots of damage through auto attacks, the best rune page for him includes 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32  Conqueror as his main keystone. 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 Conqueror works great on champions who auto attack frequently such as Aatrox. It will also help him out when using his aatroxq.png Q and his other abilities. For the next rune in this tree, you want to take Triumph.png?width=32 Triumph as this restores health whenever you get a kill and assist. Thanks to the regeneration it gives and the items you will be buying, you will be able to sustain and stay alive for a long time in team fights. The next rune in this page is Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 Legend: Alacrity. This rune will give Aatrox more attack speed if he gets kills and assists. This is helpful when you’re trying to kill people in team fights. The bonus attack speed is small, but good when stacked. Alternativly, you can take Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 Legend: Tenacity instead which will help you from beind CC chained. The final rune in his core rune page is going to be Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32 Coup De Grace. This rune goes hand in hand with your kit because you can deal extra damage to enemies whilst auto attacking them. This will also allow your Triumph.png?width=32 Triumph rune to reset and give you health to allow you to continue fighting.

For the secondary rune tree, I recommend that you take the resolve tree. The two runes you should take are Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Bone Plating and Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Second Wind. These two runes are good and give you lots of sustain in lane. These are beneficial to take on fighters such as Aatrox because they allow him to fight constantly.


Abilities Back to Top


Ability Rundown


Aatrox's Passive is Deathbringer Stance

Aatrox's next basic attack gains range and deals bonus damage to the enemy. If Aatrox hits an enemy champion with it, they become Mutilated for 3 seconds where their healing and shielding is decreased by 40%.

For every ability Aatrox uses, the cooldown of his Passive will be reduced by 2 seconds. It can also be reduced if he hits an enemy champion with his aatroxq.png Q.



Aatrox's Q is The Darkin Blade

Aatrox can activate his aatroxq.png Q three times.

Aatrox swings his sword in a target direction and strikes all the enemies in a line. The second cast strikes enemies in a cone and the third in the target area.

His aatroxq.png  Q can be activated twice after the initial use within 4-seconds. The second cast also refreshes the 4-second timer.

Each of the three casts deals physical damage which is increased by 25% each time. Hitting an enemy at the far end of the first two casts and the centre of the third will deal bonus damage and knock up the enemy. Using your abilities on minions will knock them up instead.


Tips and Tricks

This ability has 3 skill shots that need you to be precise and have good positioning and timing to pefect.You need to watch your positioning when casting each one of the three forms of his Q because each has a different AOE and cast length.

To deal the most damage to the enemy, there is a sweet spot on each cast that deals 50% bonus damage. The first two casts sweet spot is at the end of the ability- the tip of it furthest away and on the third cast, right in the middle circle. Aim to hit the enemy in these positions to do increased damage.


Aatrox's W is Infernal Chains

Aatrox smashes the ground in a target direction creating a chain that stops on the first enemy hit by it. Enemies who are hit by the chain are slowed briefly. If the chain hits an enemy champion (or large monster) they are chained to that area and after a 1.5-second delay they are dragged back to the centre and take more damage.


Tips and Tricks

 If you hit an enemy with this ability, you will tether them to the impact point and if they do not leave the AOE, they will be pulled back to the initial hit after 1.5 seconds. If they leave the zone, they will not be pulled back.

Upon cast, Aatrox will dash a very small distance and gain bonus attack damage for a brief period of time. During this time is the best chance of using your abilities as you will do increased damage- which comes in handy. You can also use this ability while you’re using your other abilities.


Aatrox's E is Umbral Dash

Passive: Aatrox 7.png heals for a percentage of the damage he deals. Periodically, he will also store an aatroxe.png Umbral Dash charge which can stack up to two at any given time.

Active: Aatrox dashes towards a target direction and gains bonus AD.

His aatroxe.png E will also reset his basic attack time and he can also cast it during his other spells without interference. 


Tips and Tricks

You gain a lot of movement speed and a large AOE fear including bonus damage when you cast your Ultimate. If you’re about to die or think you’re going to, use this ability and start auto attacking until you die. With your Bloodwell stacking, for the 12 seconds that World Ender is activate you will be revived.


Aatrox's Ultimate is World Ender 

Aatrox unleashes his true demonis for 12 seconds which fears nearby enemy minions away from him for 3 seconds. Whilst transformed, Aatrox gains increased size and is granted bonus AD and bonus movement speed when hes out of combat.

Aatrox generates Blood Well for the first 10 seconds of his aatroxr.png Ultimate. Taking lethal damage during the time while his Ultimate is active will allow him to revive. During which time, he is untargetable, pacified and slowed before reviving to the amount of Blood Well he has stacked.


Tips and Tricks


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Corrupting Potion is very good if you are in a tough matchup.
    You can take Doran's Blade if you're in a good matchup.
    If you're not in the greatest of matchups, take Doran's Shield.

Core Items

    Your first item should be The Black Cleaver on Aatrox.
    After you've picked up your first item, you need to buy Boots and Upgrade them.
    Titanic Hydra is the third item you should pick up on Aatrox as it gives you pushing power.
    For your fourth item, you should pick up Sterak's Gage. This item is perfect for Aatrox because it gives him a huge shield which makes him much more of a pain to play against, and gives him a better chance of surviving in team fights so he gets burst down.
    With your 5th item, you have some choice on what you wish to take. The choices are Dead Mans Plate (which I would choose) or Randuin's Omen. Each is good on him, so try both of them out and see what you prefer.
    As Aatrox is a damage dealer and somebody who can quite easily be burst down, for your final item you need to have Guardians Angel. This item will provide you with protection and will allow you to not get burst down by the enemy and killed insantly.

Situational Items

    Pick Merc's if you're against heavy CC/AP enemies. Pick Ninja Tabi if you're against AD heavy teams or an AD fighter in lane.
    Death's Dance is an okay item as it gives you sustain and allows you to be a real pain in the early game. Buy this first if you want to choose it.

Item Suggestions


There are 3 different starting items that you can take on Aatrox. Each starting item has its pros and cons but for the most part, I recommend that you take 1055.png Doran's Blade in the majority of matchups. If you're against a fighter or a tank, you should take this. If you are in a horrible lane where the enemy has the range advantage and lots of poke, you should take 1054.png Doran's Shield. Additionally, if the enemy has lots of sustain in the early game, you should take 2033.png Corrupting Potion.


The first item you want to take on Aatrox is 3071.png The Black Cleaver. This item is very good against tanks and all champions in general. If the enemy has multiple tanks, then this item is for you. We're recommending this item first on Aatrox because it gives you damage, cooldown reduction which will allow you to use your aatroxq.png Q and other abilities more often. and sustain in lane. This is a very good item to pick and you should pick it up first the majority of the time. However, in some matchups, you may need to buy 1001.png Boots and upgrade them before you finish 3071.png The Black Cleaver. This is true if you're against AD fighters or enemies with lots of damage in the early laning phase. For your second item, I recommend that you take 3047.png Ninja Tabi's or 3111.png Mercury's Treads. For most matchups, you will be taking 3047.png Ninja Tabi, however, 3111.pngMercury's is good if you're against an AP champion or against a team that has lots of hard crowd control. Because 3111.png Mercury's reduces damage and the length of CC, you should pick them when it's viable. Your third item is going to be 3748.png Titanic Hydra. Aatrox is predominantly a split pusher and fighter- so picking up 3748.png Titanic Hydra is a must. Not only will it allow you to split push quicker, it will also allow you to get another auto attack on the enemy thanks to the abilities reset. To do this, AA the enemy and then use your 3748.png Hydra. 3748.png Hydra will also give you sustain in team fights thanks to the health regeneration the item gives.


Aatrox's fourth item of choice should be 3053.png Sterak's Gage. This is a fantastic item on Aatrox because of it's Passive. While it may not completely benefit him, the bonus shield it provides him is very helpful- especially in team fights. For your 5th item, you should go for a defensive item. The item of choice should give you armor and health. The only two real options are 3742.png Dead Man's Plate or 3143.png Randuin's Omen. For your final item, you should pick up a 3026.png Guardians Angel. This is a very good item on him and gives him a second resurection. If he dies and becomes reserected through his kit, you will still have your 3026.png GA and it will allow you to die and come alive once again. This is very frustrating to play against, but great for you.


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Camille
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Heimerdinger
  • Jax
  • Karma
  • Kled
  • Malphite
  • Morgana
  • Olaf
  • Ornn
  • Riven
  • Ryze
  • Shen
  • Singed
  • Sion
  • Urgot
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo



The first order of business for snowballing against Camille is to be able to play around her passive, Adaptive Defenses. It gives her a shield when she auto attacks you, but has a 20 second cooldown in the early game. Take one auto-attack and run to bait out her passive. Then you can play more aggressively while it's on cooldown.

Camille seems scary with her burst, and she definitely is, but in lane she has very long cooldowns (9/15/16 seconds respectively on Q-W-E at level one). Don't shy away after she's done using her abilities for a trade, because it's your time to punish her cooldowns!

As long as you don't get stunned, Camille will have a hard time killing you. At rank 1 it has a 16 second cooldown - while it's down, it's your time to fight back.

Avoid getting hit by the outer end of her W because it does more damage and can chip you down into all-in range. To avoid it, either step into her to trade so only the inner portion lands, or take steps back (you'll have 15 seconds to farm safely until it's back up).



When fighting Darius, the key to winning is to not get hit by the edge of his Q because it will give him a Bleed stack, extra damage, and a large heal. Either stay out of his range or get into Darius's face because the hilt portion of the Q does very little damage and does not apply a bleed or heal.

Darius's damage is based on him getting bleed stacks (5 max). Once he does, he gains massive AD, a chance to reset, and massive ult damage. Keep trades with him short and watch your spacing or else his damage will creep up on you.

Don't trade with him when behind and look to focus on farm. One bad trade against a Darius could mean your death - it's better to avoid the risk altogether and farm.

When all-inning him, keep track of two things: not getting hit by the edge of his Q to deny him the healing, and respecting his damage once he gets 5 stacks. Deny both of these things and you are good to go.


Dr. Mundo

Dodging cleavers is imperative in the early game against Mundo. For every missed cleaver, Mundo loses a sizable chunk of health. In the early game, if Mundo misses too many cleavers, he opens himself to getting all-inned at a stage where he's not quite that tanky. A lot of the lane comes down to your ability to dodge Mundo's Q.

Buying an Item that causes healing reduction can be an easy way to punish Mundo because without the regeneration from his ult, he's quite squishy early game.

Mundo will be looking to poke you down with cleavers followed by diving you with his ult. Stop him from landing them by hiding in the minion wave and keep track of his ult timer, which is 100 seconds at rank 1, to know when he is capable of diving.

Extended trades vs Mundo can go very poorly due to his consistent damage and ability to run you down with cleavers. Don't engage in them without having healing reduction on your side.



Make sure to clear his turrets as fast possible. If you let him creep them forward, he'll have too much pressure on the lane and could potentially 1v2 gank attempts.

Heimer is very reliant on his turrets to do damage. As long as his Hextech Micro-Rockets or CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade do not hit you, the turrets won't be as effective. Stay in your minion wave to help dodge the Micro-Rockets.

CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade is his best form of defensive against players trying to play aggressively on him. If he misses it, or you have a wave to dodge it, look to all-in him. But be warned...his UPGRADE!!!, which has a 100 second CD at rank 1, with his H-28G Evolution Turret, can do some really significant damage.

He will be looking to shove you in and take your tower whenever he gets a lead. Stay ahead of the game and take down his turrets ASAP to deny him the chance to siege you down.



When Jax has access to his ultimate, your best bet is to zone him before he starts ramping stacks on minions. Once Jax stacks his attack speed and ultimate, he's much harder to engage on.

Counter Strike is his main defensive ability (12 second CD at rank 1). Try to bait it out with an initial trade and once it's down, re-engage since he isn’t very tanky yet - you can look to score the kill on him during this window.

Do not fight him when you're behind. Instead, look to keep your tower up by concentrating on waveclear and delay him from split pushing and impacting the rest of the map.

Pay attention to the stacking of his passive and avoid trading with him while it is up. Due to his low waveclear and range, he can't stop you from farming.



Karma is incredibly strong in the first few levels. Consider playing patiently for your first back before going in for hard aggression.

Avoid her Mantra Q poke by using the minions to block it's path (watch out for splash damage). Emphasize maintaining good mid ward coverage to discourage her from roaming.

Minions are your best friend in this match-up - use them to avoid Inner Flame / Soul Flare (Q). Without Karma's Q, much of her damage goes down the drain.

Karma will mostly look to shove you in with Inner Flame (Q) in order to go roaming using increased speed from Inspire (E) if she falls behind. If she uses an empowered Q on the wave, immediately look to fight her before she leaves the lane - she won't be able to fight back without the damage boost from her ult.



When dueling Kled, pay close attention to his Courage meter after he dismounts. Even if it's a close fight, if the meter is almost at 100%, you have to walk away because Skarl will return and he'll gain a lot of health and mobility back. Do not get baited by this or you may throw your lead.

Kled's scariest tool is his ultimate - it has a 160 second cooldown early, and auto-attaches to the first champion in its path. It cannot be canceled, meaning if you can sidestep its path, he will continue to run by you.

His abilities early on all have 10 second CDs or more. If you trade with him and then re-engage, you'll be able to out trade him in the extended fight.

Kled's ability to tower dive is quite high, so do not let yourself get stuck under tower against him at low HP. It's best to simply leave and come back to farm.



The key to getting around his early game durability is to play around his passive. It only regenerates after not taking damage for 8~10 seconds in the early game, so tag him with auto-attacks or spells periodically. He won't be able to mitigate as much damage which will allow you to farm more safely due to the lesser threat of an all-in.

Avoid extended trades with Malphite if his Ground Slam hits you because it greatly decreases your attack speed. Instead, back off for the 3 second duration before continuing your trades.

Unstoppable Force (R) has a 130 second CD at rank one, and is his only form of a potential escape. When it's down, he's a sitting duck and has almost no burst damage, so don't be afraid of him.

Malphite has his highest kill potential when he has Unstoppable Force (R) off CD. The enemy Jungler will know this as well, and will likely come to your lane for an easy gank. Be ready to Flash it - if your Flash is down, be sure to ward well to respect the possible ganks coming,



If you see her cast Black Shield, which has a 23 second CD at rank 1 with a 5 second duration, look to all-in her as it expires - it's her main source of defense pre-6. Alternatively, if you have multiple magic damage abilities, look to use those to break it during a fight and then land your CC for an easy kill.

Morgana has almost zero pressure if her binding misses. If it does, go fully aggressive on her for the next 11 seconds, even to the point of walking past the wave since she has no way of stopping you.

Whenever she has Flash + ult and you don't have Flash, she'll attempt to Flash onto you and use Soul Shackles (R). Stay on your side of the map whenever this timing happens to avoid the heavy burst of this combo and its 4.5 second CC chain.

She has low threat outside of her bindings, so put the minion wave between you and her while farming to avoid your chances of being hit.



It's a great idea to keep the lane near your tower versus Olaf. It will give you many more opportunities to trade with him because it denies him the ability to chase down and reset his axe.

Olaf doesn't usually take Flash, but when he does, his ability to fight or escape is based on whether or not he has his ult up. Without it, he loses the ability to run away from a losing fight, so look to kill him while it is down.

Do not be fooled when Olaf tries to fight you and he doesn't have full HP. Due to his W and passive, he can quickly turn around what looked like a winning fight by bursting you down.

When attempting to farm out against Olaf, your main focus is to dodge all axes possible. A single landed axe can often lead to him running you down the lane for a kill. The easiest way to dodge one is to stand away from the minion wave so he is forced to choose to aim for you or to waveclear.




Ornn's W is a 12s CD at rank 1 and is his main source of DMG for trading. Avoid tanking its full duration (2.5 seconds), or at least the last portion, to avoid the brittle debuff. If this is done, Ornn's trading potential is very low and you can bully him.

You're going to have to play around Ornn's charge (E), which has a 16s CD at rank 1.

When looking to all-in Ornn this is the big threat as it's both his escape, and source of burst dmg. If he turns to fight you, be ready to dodge it, and if he uses it to escape he cannot turn on you for large amounts of dmg. This ability also cannot be body blocked.

Ornn's ult has an incredibly large range and will be used to engage a fight. Don't get caught too far down the lane when this ability is off CD (130s rank 1) or he will be able to chase you down. Instead, look to freeze near your tower while on the lookout for any opportunities for Ornn to use his E to dive.

Ornn's poke is almost nonexistent, so avoid standing near the terrain he makes, or walls, to avoid being knocked up by his charge and you'll have no problem!



Riven must use all of her abilities to escape if she is weaker. Be aggressive and leap on opportunities if she plays too far forward, just don't blow your lead by tower diving her recklessly. She has two forms of CC and a ranged execute, making it easy for her to kite around tower.

Riven is extremely reliant on levels and cooldowns. Her CDs are long in the early game without CDR so look to bait her shield with autos and feints - look to go hard when it goes down.

Riven has incredible punish power when ahead. She can cover 700 range very quickly and if you're not at full health, you can be very vulnerable to a dive. Stay healthy and close to your turret to minimize her threat of trades or dives.

Unless you have ways to threaten from range, you have to let Riven push closer to your turret if you want to farm out. Otherwise, she can engage on you and force a trade easily.



Do not stand next to low health minions or else Ryze's E will spread to you and will result in receiving major poke damage. If his E lands, Ryze can easily use his Q to chain the damage.

Ryze will try to Recall at the level three siege minion wave to buy his Tear. Either out shove him, or deny his Recall by walking past the wave when he tries to use this timing. This really screws up his plans since he'll have no form of mana regeneration at that point and will have spent most of his mana to shove.

In duels, Ryze heavily relies on his Overload (Q) to deal damage. Save your movement spells to dodge it or hide in minions to decrease his 1v1 fighting potential.

Do not allow him to Spell Flux (E) into Rune Prison (W) because will mean either losing a huge chunk of HP or death if the enemy Jungler is around. The range for this combo is 615 - if you avoid it, you can mostly farm safely as long as you dodge his skillshot.




Shen has great early game damage and pressure. He becomes weaker to you when he hits level 6 because he gains access to an ability that he can only use on his allies, whereas most champions get a combat ability for 1v1. If you're using one of these champs, use your level 6 as a power spike to gain an advantage on Shen but try not to give up too much before then.

Snowballing against Shen is difficult due to his access to many defensive tools. Since Shen can't fight back with his dash when he's behind, feel free to play and push aggressively until he's forced to back from harass or stay and get dove. Be patient and whittle him down, being over aggressive and diving too soon can swing the match-up back in his favor.

Shen isn't as scary as champs like Riven and Renekton. If you respect his short dash range, he has nothing else to threaten you with. Be wary of getting pushed under your turret if you think their Jungler is around because Shen has an easy time diving with his tankiness and ultimate to protect his ally.

In order to out-farm Shen, play close to your tower so that he cannot taunt you without pulling tower aggro and completely negating his pressure.



Singed players often like to proxy the first wave. If this happens, ping your team or go by yourself and wait in a bush nearby for him to come in between your tower. If you catch him face-checking, it should be an easy kill or chunk but do not chase him.

When Singed doesn't have his ult, Insanity Potion (120 second CD at rank 1 with no CDR), he is much easier to kill because he'll be missing an incredible amount of stats. If you notice him use it and you aren't sure you have the damage to kill him, wait it out then look to kill him while it's on CD.

He will be looking to proxy your wave while looking for poke damage so that he can dive you. Farm safely under tower while avoiding being flipped and you should be okay. Champions that can go Doran's Shield or Adaptive Helm usually do well against him.

Do not chase Singed. It's usually a waste of time due to his speed, tankiness, and slows. Instead, look to out-farm and out-perform him in team fights.



Sion is incredibly slow but he packs a real punch. Avoid allowing him line up a minion with you or else he can easily land his Roar (E) into a free Decimating Smash (Q). Continually readjust your position with Sion throughout the laning phase to prevent this (which should be easy enough due to his low mobility).

All of Sion abilities at rank 1 have CDs of 10 seconds or longer. This means that he can trade in bursts but when it comes to sustained fights, he is terrible. When you notice him miss his poke, go in for extended trades.

Sion doesn't have many tools to stop you from farming. The things you should watch out for are him camping brushes with Decimating Smash (Q), or using his ult to lane gank your team.

Here are some small micro tips for dueling Sion: Decimating Smash (Q) can be interrupted so that the knock-up doesn't go off. If you break his shield from Soul Furnace (W), it will not do damage. Step in front of where Sion will want to escape with Unstoppable Onslaught (R) you can try to block it.



Echoing Flames (passive) has a 30 second CD pre-level 6 and is a large part of Urgot's damage output early on. He is forced to use it to last-hit so try to approach him to trade from the side that has its legs already used to avoid potential burst damage.

Urgot's main damage tool and best defensive tool is Purge (W), which has a 13 second CD at rank one. Look to bait this ability out by starting a trade then backing off - once it's on CD, all-in him right away since he won't be able to fight back without it.

Urgot's ult has an incredibly long range and is able to take you out even after you have "safely" Flashed away, so use your fancy footwork to dodge it. If one of your teammate gets the drill, try to kill Urgot to release them.
Urgot is a short-ranged champion with pretty good waveclear in Top lane. Avoid his Corrosive Charge (Q) 12 second CD rank 1 to deny him poke damage and his Purge proc so that he doesn't have an opening to all in you, by doing this you can farm safely versus him.



Vlad's W, Sanguine Pool, has an extremely long cooldown at 28 seconds at rank one and also costs 20% of his current health. Force him to use this as much as possible since it will not only hurt his health pool, but will also give you a chance to kill him is when it's on cooldown.

Most of Vladimir's sustain and early poke comes from Transfusion (Q). Avoid getting hit by his empowered Q's at all costs or he will sustain and poke you down, even at the cost of you missing some CS.

If you know Vlad has his ult (150 second CD rank 1) and Flash up, be careful when you see him at full Crimson Rush stacks while charging his Tides of Blood (E). He will be looking to Flash on top of you and do his full rotation of abilities which will likely 1 shot someone when he is ahead. To avoid this, walk very far back until you notice Crimson Rush and Tides of Blood are finished charging.

When farming out versus Vladimir, don't bother wasting your abilities on him. Instead, look to push him under tower. The early ranks of Tides of Blood (E) aren't good enough to clear a wave yet so he won't be able to contest your waveclear or at the very least, he'll be forced to spend a lot of HP and time doing so (which is time spent not harassing you).



If you're reliant on projectiles, play around Yasuo's Windwall, which has a 26 second cooldown. As long as you're not using your ultimate, you can safely use your projectile to bait out Windwall without committing. When your abilities come back up, abuse this window timing. You can also keep the wave close to your turret which will inhibit Yasuo's ability to use his dash for mobility and allow you to trade more aggressively.

Yasuo is like a gnat when he's behind. He may be mobile and annoying but at the end of the day he can't actually fight back and escape. If he overextends and you want to fight, make sure to focus and step forward past the wave so to cut off his escape route.

Play cautiously and let Yasuo push the wave to just in front of your tower but not under it. Yasuo will have a hard time using minions for mobility and trading which will give you breathing room to farm and harass safely.

Keep Yasuo under tower or stay close to your tower when trying to just farm out, it will greatly limit his ability to use minions for mobility. Be wary of taking the option to push into his turret because it will often open you up to ganks.

Early Game Back to Top

Early Game


The early game is quite good because he is a duelling champion who benefits from early trades. During the early game, however, he is not going to be at his strongest point so keep that in mind when you’re dueling the enemy. You want to keep the lane in a position where you can continue to farm safely, be able to trade with the enemy and also be a threat. As Aatrox relies heavily on getting his items as quickly as possible, you need to always be in a position where you can farm.

Because of this, you want to keep the wave either in the middle of the lane, or frozen outside of your tower. Having the wave here will allow you to farm and easily set up ganks for your Jungler with your aatroxw.png W and your aatroxe.png E.

Don’t forget, you have Teleport which you can use to help your allies out if they’re struggling to survive and are getting pressured by the enemy.


Mid Game Back to Top

Mid Game


During the mid game, you will need to keep applying pressure and being a nuisance to the enemy. As Aatrox is a very good fighter, you want to be constantly applying pressure and forcing the enemy to come and fight you. This is why during the mid game you need to be split pushing or forcing team fights.

When split pushing, make sure that you have sufficient warding and that you do not get caught out. If you die, your split may have been wasted and you will be put behind because you will be missing out on gold and experience. So always keep an eye on the map.

In some cases, you will be unable to split push so you should try to group with your team and force team fights.

Don’t forget, you have Teleport which you can use to help your allies out if they’re struggling to survive and are getting pressured by the enemy.


Late Game Back to Top

Late Game


At the end of the game, you will have a lot of items and damage which you can use to your advantage. It is wise to continue applying pressure to the enemy by pressuring the objectives such as inhibitor towers and the Dragon/Baron. Remember to keep an eye out on what your team is doing and who on the enemies team is missing. If you’re unsure if they’re coming for you, back off and group with your team.

Death times are quite long during the finishing stages of a game, which means you need to not get caught out by the enemy nor should you be giving up objectives to the enemy team.


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Tips and Tricks


  1. If you're against a ranged champion, freeze the lane just outside your tower to prevent yourself from being tower dived and exploited.
  2. Aatrox is strong in the laning phase thanks to his dueling ability, however, he is even stronger in the mid-game. Keep that in mind when playing him.
  3. Your Q timers reset, so don't feel too pressured to use all 3 Qs quickly.
  4. Your W will pull enemies attached to it back into the centre if they do not leave the area.
  5. If you land your W, you can almost always hit your Q's and predict where the enemy will land thanks to the pullback.
  6. Do not chase the enemy with your Q as you will lose distance thanks to the cast time.
  7. Avoid using your E on the first cast of your Q, and instead- use it on the second or third.
  8. You can use your E to get over small walls including the ones around the Dragon and Baron pit.
  9. Unlike Riven, you CANNOT use your Q to get over walls.
  10. Always pop your ult and just keep auto attacking before you die.
  11. If you're unsure of the sweet spot on Aatrox's Q's, you can check them out by having indicators on.
  12. The sweet spots on Aatrox's Q's are right at the tip for cast 1 and 2, on the 3rd cast its right in the middle. You need to position in this area to get the most damage down on the enemy.


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Compared to some other champions in League of Legends, Aatrox is not all about flashy mechanics and insane outplays. His combos focus more on timing, spacing and accuracy thanks to his Q hitbox. With that said, let's get into the example combos.

  • W + Q + Q - Remember to predict the enemies pull back to hit the rest of your Q's (the centre of the box.)
  • Q + Q + E + Q - Avoid using your E on the first cast of Q. It's much better on the second or third cast.
  • Q + Q + Q + E - Avoid using your E on the first cast of Q. It's much better on the second or third cast.
  • E + Q + Q + E + Q - Example long combo. Benefitted for using it as your E gives you bonus damage.
  • E + F - You can close the distance with your Flash.
  • R + W + Q + Q + Q - Example team fight combo.
  • R + W + E + Q + Q + E + Q - Example full combo.
  • R + W + Q + Q + E + Q + E - Example full team fighting combo.


Pros and Cons of Reworked Aatrox Back to Top

Pros and Cons of the new Aatrox


Aatrox has already seen some changes since hitting the live servers. The community was not best pleased with his release, but like every champion in League of Legends- they're not really bad. Here are the Pros and Cons of Aatrox.


  • Great dueler. Like many fighters, Aatrox is good in a 1v1 setting.
  • No mana cost to worry about as he doesn't use mana.
  • Good Split pusher. His kit is ideal for split pushing and the items you purchase will also benefit you when split pushing.
  • Good at skirmishing with the enemy. His kit is really good at fighting the enemy and will only be stronger as the games goes on.
  • Great sustain with your built-in abilities. You will gain increased sustain with the items you purchase.
  • Can be reborn in team fights. His kit allows him to come back alive in team fights, which is undervalued by players. As we will also be picking up 3026.png Guardian's Angel, you will be very frustrating to play against.


  • Your aatroxq.png Q combos are quite slow. Unlike Riven, there's not much you can do while casting your aatroxq.png Q which leaves your 3 stacks quite slow to activate.
  • Aatrox is very immobile and not a fast champion. This can leave him struggling against champions who can chase him down.
  • He is melee. This is not nessacirly a bad thing, but he will find himself struggling against ranged champions.
  • His abilities are hard to hit. Aatrox has many skill shots now, and it can be quite difficult to hit them all.
  • His aatroxq.png Q can be difficult to land and knock up enemies. For your aatroxq.png Q to knock up the enemies and be worth using, you need to hit the enemies in specific places which can make it hard for you to land your aatroxq.png Q properly.


How to lane against a Ranged Champion Back to Top

How to lane Melee vs Ranged


In League of Legends, there are a plethora of champions with different shapes, sizes and abilities. Many champions are melee and are recognizable by their point blank basic attacks. If you’ve ever played a game of League and if you’re reading this, you would know how unfortunate and painful it is to play as a melee champion against a ranged one.

Many players seem to give up the laning phase when they see that they’re against a ranged champion. Fear not! We will discuss some things you can do in these matchups to help improve your laning experience. Using the information presented will allow you to be more active in lane rather than giving it over to the enemy.

Starting Items

If you are a champion that doesn’t have the best early game, then I recommend starting with Doran’s Shield. This item is good as it gives you some early defensive stats that will benefit you in the early levels and help you sustain. Realistically, you will be unable to always trade exclusively against ranged champions. Taking early defensive stats will allow you to survive for longer during the early stages of the game.

Dorans Shield is a great starting item.

The item itself gives 80 health and flat health regeneration every 5 seconds. This is good because it will heal you back quicker when you are attacked. It will also restore health when taking damage from enemies. I do not recommend taking harass for free, but in some situations you will have to take damage to farm. This is overall a really good item to start with because it will allow you to survive in lane for longer against the enemy's harassment.

Level 1/2

In Melee versus Ranged matchups, the lane is quickly dictated by who hits level 2 first. In the all matchups, you will want to hit level 2 first but especially in melee versus ranged. If you do not get the level 2 first, then you will be denied minions and farm. While you may not be able to do anything against Ranged champions early, it is important to hit the level 2 to stay up in CS. Being an equal level will prevent the enemy going for extremely trades in the early levels. This will also prevent you from being poked out and losing minions and the experience. Farming is something you need to do and you must make sure to keep the wave in a reasonable position so you can farm easier.


Going for early trades against champions with ranged can be one way of swinging the lane into your advantage. If you can get the level 2 advantage, then you can go for a trade if the enemy is still level 1.

You can try to fight them if you have ranged abilities such as Akali Q, Zed Q and Talon W. However, this is very situational and depends on the champion you’re playing and who you’re against. It is recommended to look up your champion's power spikes. Most Assassins have the opportunity for an early level trade such as Zed’s W+Q combo. Champions who deal damage will benefit more from these early level trades compared to tanks.

Ability Farming

Most champions in League of Legends have at least 1 damaging ability. Some of them cost mana, some cost health and others cost energy. If you're in a matchup where you are being heavily denied CS from a champion with range, then I recommend trying to farm with your abilities.

If your ability doesn't cost any mana, then it is possible that you can farm with that ability. Dr. Mundo, The Madman of Zaun, has his Q ability that doesn't cost any mana but instead health. This ability will refund the cost if you kill the enemy hit. This can be a good way of farming because you are able to regenerate and get the cost back immediately or over time.

There are some other champions that can benefit from using their abilities to farm with such as Zed. While this sounds good on paper, it is highly situational. You should not, and I do not recommend using your abilities to only farm with. You need to poke and last hit. If you are only farming with your abilities, then you lose all your poke potential. You should not use your abilities to farm if they have high mana costs.


Sacrifice CS for Experience

Getting farm is incredibly important. In lanes where you will be poked when going to take farm, it is best to sacrifice some of them for the experience. While you do need gold and minions to buy items, experience and staying alive is more important. You need to stay up in CS and levels to still be hazardous to the enemy. While high elo players suggest getting a high amount of CS at 10 minutes, in lanes like this you will have to take what you can get. I recommend always trying to get Cannon minions, but be prepared to sacrifice some. Is that minion gold worth the amount of harassment from the enemy? Keep that in mind when farming.


Depending on your champion, you may need to pick up more defensive items early. If you’re a tank and playing against someone with range such as a Kayle or Swain. I recommend buying early armor or magic resist before getting your first core item.


In Season 7, Bramble Vest was introduced and it is an amazing item. It’s a mini Thornmail with the same “Thorns” passive. It will deal damage back to enemies when you’re being attacked from basic attacks. This is good as it will allow you to deal damage to them when they attack you. At 1000 gold, the item grants 35 armor which will also help you when trading and farming.

There are many other defensive items out there. Some may be more viable then others and you should build what you need right now to survive the laning phase. Ninja Tabi is another good example of an early defensive item. However, you should only get this item if you will directly benefit from it.

Minion Wave

In every laning phase, you should play around with minion waves to get the most out of your lane. This depends on your champion, but you should try to have it in a more defensive position outside of your tower. You do not want to push the wave because the enemy will easily freeze the wave in a position much further up in the lane and deny you CS. This is something you do not want to happen. When backing or roaming, push the wave as far as you can so they cannot take your tower. Minions will act on instinct and if you’re being attacked by autos from the enemy champion, they will switch targets. This means the wave may mess up - keep that in mind when playing around with minions.


If you’ve messed up the minion wave and are being heavily denied, then you should roam. If you are a champion with any potential CC, then you can look to roam and rotate with or without your jungler. Before roaming, make sure that it will be worth it. Push the wave so the enemy cannot take your tower. Look for potential opening in the game where you can gank your middle or bot. Wait for the enemy to use a core ability before going ham.

You must remember that you will be in a disadvantaged position at the start of the game. It is important to farm up and play safe especially early. You should try to position the wave in a favourable position to sustain a high level of creeps while also staying healthy and not being poked easily by enemies. It is better to stay a few CS behind early rather than having to back because you took too much aggro. Practise makes perfect when playing melee versus ranged. Every lane is different so keep an eye on what you can do to have the best possible outcome to this laning phase. In many cases, experience matters as League of Legends is a very, very situational game.



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