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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png FLASH

  1. Your standard escape pre-6 or when your ultimate is down. 
  2. Even with the jungle changes, junglers can still gank you early, and nothing beats this instant escape tool. When this is on CD in lane, play very safe and try not to shove your lane.
  3. Combined with your ultimate, this you have 4 total flashes which is by far the largest and fastest gap closer in the game. 
  4. Your ganks are virtually unwardable if you come through the lane. 

14.png IGNITE 

  1. Essential for finishing off enemy champions. Many times during the early stages of the game, you can burst someone with your combos, but they'll usually have that annoying sliver of health remaining. This basically seals the deal.
  2. Works well against other spell vamp/healing champions such as 50_icon_64.png8_icon_64.png76_icon_64.png etc.

12.png Teleport: Teleport allows you to apply pressure throughout the entire map. If you don't think you can beat your lane opponent in a 1v1 situation, get teleport as it is much stronger for roaming.

21.png Barrier: Hey this isn't bad, especially against teams with a lot of CC (still useable when stunned, etc.) or with huge burst potential. You can also shield bait people with this skill. Consider taking this when counterpicked.

6.png Ghost: Worth considering because the flash CD is tremendous, and you do cover much more distance with this ability over its duration than you would with flash. But nothing really beats that instant escape flash gives you early on, or a flash combo that takes the enemy champion completely off guard. You could take this over ignite, but you'd lose a lot of killing potential. 

1.png Cleanse: Not really needed, although you are very squishy so if the other team has a lot of CC, consider taking cleanse over ignite.

3.png A good spell against an AD bruiser or high burst type mage.

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Masteries Back to Top

For keystone masteries, 12-18-0 with thunderlord's decree provides the strongest burst on Ahri, and it is easily proc'ed with her abilities. Stormraider's surge is also a viable alternative, and enables you to be even more mobile. I don't really think 18-12-0 with deathfire's touch is very good on Ahri, even though it does slightly outscale thunderlord's late game. 

For the other masteries: Take Feast over double edge sword for hard matchups/against poke champions. Vampirism and Natural talent are personal preference as the sustain versus ap you gain is minuscule. I take Bounty hunter as it is stronger mid-late game, though Oppressor is stronger early game after landing charm/team cc. I usually take Savagery over Wanderer to help CS, though Wanderer is better if you roam often. Secret stash/Runic affinity/Assassin are mostly personal preference; Assassin is the strongest damage wise in lane, secret stash helps with your lane sustain, and runic affinity is strong with neutral monster buffs.

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Max order preference: ahritumble.png->ahriorbofdeception.png -> ahrifoxfire.png -> ahriseduce.png

ahripassive.png Essence Theft

Ahri gains a charge of Essence Theft with each enemy unit hit by any of her spells, with a cap of 3 charges gained per spell cast. Upon reaching 9 charges, Ahri's next spell will heal her for 2 (+1 per champion level) (+ 9% AP) for each enemy hit. 

A decent passive. It's terrible early on (level 1-6) but becomes noticeable once you have a good amount of AP. Mid-late game you can heal roughly 50% of your HP with a well placed Q over a minion waved when your passive is up.

ahriorbofdeception.png Q: Orb of Deception

RANGE: 880
COST: 55 / 60 / 65 / 70 / 75 MANA

  • MAGIC / TRUE DAMAGE: 40 / 65 / 90 / 115 / 140 (+ 35% AP)
  • MAX. DAMAGE VS SAME TARGET: 80 / 130 / 180 / 230 / 280 (+ 70% AP)
ACTIVE: Ahri sends an orb of arcane energy in the targeted direction, dealing magic damage to every enemy it passes through, then pulls it back to herself, dealing true damage on the way back. Ahri gains a massive movement speed boost while her orb is traveling that rapidly decays over time.

Your primary damaging/wave clearing tool. You fire an orb out in front of you and it returns dealing magic and true damage along the way, respectively. It's dodged relatively easily, and takes a LOT of practice to get the max range down perfectly such that both the magic/true damage execute simultaneously (at the peak of its range). Max this first as it provides the highest AoE damage output in teamfights and its true damage is especially strong against tanks/bruisers (not your primary targets, but useful anyway). At rank 5 with around 75-100 AP you should be able to clear caster minions one-shot no problem. 

The extra movement speed is very helpful in kiting or catching up to enemies. While there's no specific trick to orb curving, with the extra movement it becomes easier to curve the orb's return to proc the true damage. 

ahrifoxfire.png W: Fox-fire

RANGE: 800
COOLDOWN: 9 / 8 / 7 / 6 / 5
  • MAGIC DAMAGE PER FOX-FIRE: 50 / 80 / 110 / 140 / 170(+ 40% AP)
  • MAX. DAMAGE VS SAME TARGET: 80 / 128 / 176 / 224 / 272 (+ 64% AP)
ACTIVE: Ahri summons three spectral flames, which orbit her for up to 5 seconds. After a brief delay, each flame will target the closest visible enemy, prioritizing champions then the target of Ahri's last basic attack, dealing magic damage upon hit. Multiple flames can hit a single target, but each flame beyond the first will only deal 30% damage.

A skill that requires proper positioning to master, and also helps you to last hit. It prioritizes champions which is very nice for early lane-harass against melee opponents. After the first fox-fire, each consecutive 'fire' deals 30% damage. Note that you need to get relatively close to your target in order to land all 3, which is difficult without landing Charm first. The CD is very short at max, so try to keep this active as often as possible. Foxfire counts as a single target spell even though it may hit different targets, and if you have 3116_32.png, you will slow enemies hit by the full 35%.

ahriseduce.png E: Charm 

RANGE: 975
  • MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 95 / 130 / 165 / 200 (+ 50% AP)
  • DURATION: 1 / 1.25 / 1.5 / 1.75 / 2
ACTIVE: Ahri blows a kiss that travels in a line in front of her. The first enemy it hits takes magic damage and is charmed, forcing them to walk harmlessly towards Ahri while being slowed by 50% for the duration.

This is the skill that makes or breaks Ahri players, because the cc it provides will allow you to land the rest of your spells. This collides with the first target it hits and deals a small amount of magic damage, but it also causes the enemy to walk harmlessly toward you (kind of like a slow/stun). Your primary combo revolves around hitting charm, so don't use it foolishly as the CD is relatively long. Charm is primarily used to initiate team fights, instagib the squishies with your team behind you, as well as to peel bruisers off your ADC in teamfights. START THIS FIRST IF YOU ARE INVADING.

ahritumble.png R: Spirit Rush

Cooldown: 110 / 95 / 80 seconds
Magic Damage Per Bolt: 70 / 110 / 150 (+30% AP)
Maximum Damage to the Same Target: 210 / 330 / 450 (+90% AP)

Hands down, my favorite ultimate in the game. This is the skill that defines Ahri, and how you use it separates the good Ahri players from the try-hards. Ahri has 3 dashes that she can use to position herself during a fight that also deal relatively high damage to up to 3 targets (prioritizes champions), but vastly overshadowing its damage is its practical use. Your ultimate allows you to survive in team fights, chase down enemies who are low health, position your charm, kite, and gives you insane gank potential. It's useful to utilize your ult as a wall hop to gap close most effectively.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    easy lane

Core Items

Situational Items

Start With:

Very good for aggressive play. If you think you can go even/dominate your lane, do it. While you lose a little sustain, you gain quite a bit of additional damage with the AP. You also get a nice bit of mana regen, and coupled with your seals, you should be able to throw out your spell rotation frequently before running out of mana. 

Most cost efficient start over the course of the game, though you trade early game sustain for it. Glory stacks are a bonus if you snowball.

First Buy(s): 

  • 1058_32.png I aim to get this on my first back. With this item, you will be able to clear minion waves with ahriorbofdeception.png +ahrifoxfire.png easily, not to mention the added damage is pretty devastating when you go in for ganks. 
  • 1056_32.png1056_32.png  If behind: The mana regen, health, and AP are all really useful in laning/ganking. NOT cost effective mid-late game as you sell it for half its worth. 
  • 3191_32.pngSeeker's Armguard is a very strong early game item against AD bruisers/casters. It gets more powerful with farm, and builds into 3157_32.png which is a good item on Ahri come mid-late game.
  • 3136_32.png/3020_32.png Magic penetration is strong early-mid game because of your relatively high base damage. If you're looking to do some early roaming, this will help you get around faster. This won't really help with Q wave clearing though.
  • 3108_32.png  Get this if you don't have enough for 1058_32.png. This has many versatile build paths.
  • 1057_32.png Get this early if you're getting wrecked in lane or the enemy team is AP heavy. It will help negate a lot of harass in lane, but you will lose out on a lot of damage early. Well worth the trade-off if it means allowing you to lane/farm. 
The following items are viable, but generally not recommended as they will postpone stronger midgame alternatives.
  • 3070_32.png An OK item on other mages, but not really so on Ahri since she doesn't spam skills often enough for its upgrades to be worth it. A fully stacked 3003_32.png will give a nice shield and a LOT of free AP if you are building for very late game.
  • 3010_32.png  Helpful for the HP/mana/passive, but not worth upgrading since 3116_32.png is much better than 3027_32.png because of the slow. The additional mana you get from RoA isn't very necessary, but the HP is okay if you need to go tanky for some reason, in which case you might get both.
Don't forget to upgrade your boots into 3020_32.png or 3111_32.png/3047_32.png as you move into your core items. 
REMEMBER TO BUY 2044_32.png2043_32.png


3089_32.pngWhen you are snowballing (1-2 kills ahead of your lane opponent), rush deathcap first, as it will maximize your initial burst by a greater amount than any other AP item. 

3157_32.png Rush this first if against Zed. Otherwise this should be your second or third item. The passive is extremely disruptive for the enemy team. If you dash into a fight, unleash your combo on the carries, activate this, then dash out, you'll take very minimal damage. If you bait the enemy team really hard and activate when they turn their focus onto you, they'll waste their CDs trying to attack you while you're invulnerable. This can easily turn the tides of a mid-late game fight.

3165_32.png Get this first if you are even with your lane opponent. A nice mix of AP, CDR, and mana for a decent cost. This will help with your mana sustain in lane, and the CDR allows you to roam more often with your ult. If you need additional magic resist or mana sustain I would rather build Athene's. 

3001_32.png Situational buy if you're taking a lot of AP damage or their team is just AP heavy in general. The Aura effect is nice, but you have to get pretty close range to completely benefit (approximately the range of a fox-fire/ult charge). I would get this as my second item midgame if the enemy has an AP top as well; or if their AP mid is fed.

3116_32.png Beginning Ahri players should get this item every game. The health allows you to stay alive in team fights easily, and the ability power is nice...but the slow is simply amazing. You will be able to kite like a monster with this item, and chase anyone down when you go for lane ganks. If you get caught, your ahrifoxfire.png will proc the 35% slow which should allow you to escape with ease. In teamfights, this makes it so hard for the bruiser to approach you or your ADC. The slow also really helps landing ahriseduce.png.

3151_32.pngThe passive isn't exactly stellar on burst mages, but this item works on Ahri because of how well it synergizes with Rylais which is another core item on her. This item will allow you to % burn high-hp tanks and annihilate squishy targets with the additional magic penetration. The HP is also great for additional survivability.

3135_32.png A very strong item mid-late game. Should be your 3rd or 4th item, or as soon as you observe the other team stacking MR. I would recommend this item if the enemy team has anything more than 85 MR on average, even though only ~70 is the threshold for this item to outdamage a deathcap on Ahri. Squishy targets generally have 30-70 depending on their items.

3152.png This basically functions as an additional spirit rush dash. It also provides tremendous burst if you pop this while directly on top of someone such that multiple rockets hit them. The main downside is that it can't traverse terrain. 

3100_32.png Lich bane is secretly OP for Ahri in my opinion, and is a strong choice for mid-late game which overall increases your sustained damage in team fights tremendously (if you remember to auto attack) AND allows you to take down towers/objectives much more quickly. Try to proc the passive between every ahritumble.png dash, or after each ahrifoxfire.png which has a short CD. Note the 2 second cooldown, so give yourself an extra second to re-position before using  ahriorbofdeception.png or ahriseduce.png again. If you can afford to build glass, I would strongly recommend building this because your skill rotation allows almost continuous procs of its passive. 

3285_32.png Preliminary note: this item is vastly outscaled by Lich bane. Good source of AP, move speed, waveclear ability, and additional burst. However this item has been nerfed pretty hard and I no longer consider it stronger than deathcap early on. Feel free to get this if it works for you, but right now I think there are better AP alternatives for Ahri. 

3040_32.png + 3027_32.png + 3030.png + 3165.png If you are going this route, always buy these items together to make use of the mana passive from archangel's seraphs. Personally, I seldom buy these items on Ahri as they negate her early-mid game power spike. However, this would be the strongest build late game because of the % AP/mana passive, so if you are engaged in a farm fest for 20 minutes or need sustain from tear or catalyst then feel free to proceed along this build path. The mana shield from Seraph's and the health from ROA health will enable you to stay alive during teamfights. GLP 800 also provides a lot of AoE damage.

3041_32.png Build this if you are snowballing hard and try not to die. Not really recommended as it is typically better on artillery mages such as Lux or Xerath.

3026_32.png Last item if absolutely necessary. Good for tankiness, but I wouldn't fully recommend this on Ahri. If your team needs you so desperately that they'll laughably lose if you die, get this. Otherwise this isn't the best item on an AP as the health will still cause you to evaporate in an instant. Save it for the ADC or even bruiser, and get Zonyas instead.

3140_32.png No AP-friendly build routes so I never get this, although theoretically it can work against teams with heavy cc or champs with suppress if you remember to use it. 

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Abuse the fact that she's melee. Your harass is much greater than hers, but don't push the lane since she snowballs really hard if she gets first blood from jungle gank. The best time to gank her is before she gets her bubble, because good Akalis are proficient at escaping ganks very easily due to the cloak. Throwing a pink ward in the middle of the lane may help against this, but not extremely necessary.

At 6, her burst is greater than yours, but if you harass her down to around 70% health, try to start a fight as you'll be able to kill her unless she builds MR.




You can't really kill her by yourself with her passive up, but try to harass her every chance you get as she is probably one of the more squishy AP champs in the game. Dodge her skill shots and she can't do anything to you pre-6. Post 6 just keep your distance, don't stand in her ult. She's better at pushing the lane than you are, but you're still a much better roamer, so use that to your advantage.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times with a gank, otherwise just farm and out roam her.




I particularly dislike this matchup in that she can zone you out really hard with her harass. I will typically take MR glyphs and possibly even early buy MR (merc/negatron) to protect myself from her burst potential at 6 with tibbers. Let her push the lane, try to farm closer to tower and call for a gank if possible. You outrange her, so if you see her advancing simply just charm her, throw out a Q/W, then move away. Don't ever fight her with her tibbers up (unless she's really low), as that bear deceptively does a lot of damage.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times. Call for gank if needed. Consider early rushing3001_32.pngor3111_32.png







All I can really say about this matchup is that it's pretty easy if you don't get into the range of e and dodge his w. If you see him walking up to you to use E, charm/Q his face and back off since he's stronger than you pre-6. Try to keep minions between yourself and him so he can't q/stun you. Gank him before 6 if possible as he'll most likely push the lane.

At 6, his combo hurts a lot more than yours does, but you have the advantage in that you can simply ult away to dodge q/w very easily. You also outroam him, but he contributes more in small skirmishes/dragon fights. Ganking him with your jungler can be a little risky as his ult may bounce back and forth between the two of you for a LOT of damage, so converge from opposite sides or surround yourself with minions if possible. In a 1v1 fight with3128_32.pngyou vastly overpower him; try to assassinate him before team fights start so he can't get in a good position to use his ult.




Similar to the Brand matchup in that you want to dodge her skill shots as they open up combos that will result in you taking heavy damage. Mainly her poison/fang combo, as that can kill you really easily from levels 2-5. Once you have your ult, you should win this lane easily as dodging her skill shots is extremely easy. Her ult is annoying if you're facing her, but you should be able to ult away with ease of you're ever caught in it.

Bottom line: killable lane at all times. Dodge her skill shots, play cautiously till ~5. She's a good pusher, but you're by far a better roamer, so take advantage of that when necessary.




Hard matchup because of his tankiness and his sustain. His burst is pretty high if he catches you with rupture, and you are most likely dead if you're ganked simultaneously. His sustain is pretty outrageous as well. To win this matchup you need to outroam him, because he beats you in lane if built right. An early gank REALLY helps you win this matchup.

Bottom line: Killable early on with gank, once he stacks his ultimate he becomes incredibly tanky. Dodge skillshots, farm passively, and out roam him.

Consider buying3116_32.pngfirst.




Start cloth + 5 pots (red/blue) with armor seals and this matchup is cake if you can kite. As long as you keep your distance with auto attacks, charms, Q/W, he'll have to back so often that you'll eventually establish a large lead over him, and he is easily killable after 6. But remember that his close range damage + ultimate HURTS a lot, so if he manages to grab you, ult out immediately. You win this lane by out sustaining him and kiting him.

Consider rushing3157_32.png(from seeker's armguard) or3116_32.png(directly counters him in team fights).




Not the hardest matchup, I think you both kind of counter each other. Early on she's really weak; dodge her q, don't fight her with her w, and abuse the fact that she's a melee with your auto attacks. At 6, dodge her q at all costs; her kit revolves around hitting this, so after a miss try to harass her and she can't do much about it. If she does land a q, expect her to ult to you, and escape with flash or your own ult. From here, play extremely passively as you're most likely dead if she lands another Q/ult combo on you without an escape.

Most Diana players will ult you whenever they land a Q. You can abuse this by baiting her really hard if your jungler is nearby. Simply let yourself get hit by a Q and have her ult to you, forcing her to your side of the lane. Spirit rush back, throw out a charm, and dish out as much damage as possible with your jungler. She'll probably moonfall/flash away, in which case follow up with your ult for the kill.

Mid/Late game, do NOT let her get to you or your carry. Focus your charm specifically for her. She's tanky for a mage/assassin, but still squishy nonetheless, and any cc will evaporate her with proper followup.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, in her favor post 6. Call for gank as she has no innate escape. Consider rushing3001_32.png




Personally, I don't think this matchup is very hard. She can't do much to you in lane, but her burst is very high and if you get ganked you'll either die or barely escape with a sliver of health. Auto attack her as much as possible since she's melee, but be careful not to push the lane. Her roaming abilities are better than yours, and this is primarily the reason this matchup can get difficult if she gets fed. A properly placed pink ward in tribush/river counters her roaming abilities, so buy/tell your teammates to buy them if she gets out of control. Post 6, she beats you in a 1v1 burst, but you have more utility/escape so make use of that.

Bottom line: A killable lane at all times. Care for her roam, call mias, pink ward if necessary. She may rush DFG so consider rushing3001_32.pngor3116_32.png. The slow from rylais imbued foxfire really helps negate her quickness.







If he's good, I don't like this matchup for a number of reasons. His troll jump is by far the most annoying skill in the game (besides maybe vlad's troll pool), and it really makes it difficult to land your skillshots. His single target burst is a lot greater than yours, and he can wreck you in lane if given the opportunity to snowball. You basically need to land charms at opportune moments in order to take him down, and this is by no means an easy feat. I sometimes follow an unorthodox build in that I will get a couple of early points in foxfire to attempt to deny him early since he's melee. Doing anything you can to whittle away at his health overtime will be rewarding, as he'll be forced to play more cautiously making the lane overall safer for you. If you're losing, don't try to fight him as he can kill you easily with his ult, besides his troll jump makes it simply too hard to burst him down.

Bottom line: Play aggressively at first (pre-6), then cautiously after. Consider getting a few points in foxfire first, and AA him as much as possible. Dodge his fish (or ult away if it hits you). You roam harder than he does, so as usual in matchups that are difficult to win, try your hardest to take advantage of this.




Galio isn't a very difficult matchup in lane. He's heavily reliant on skill shots and exceptionally vulnerable to AA harass. He counters most mids due to the fact that he can simply build MR and still do damage given his passive; however, your Q still procs heavy true damage on him, and with an early jungle gank he gets shut down really easily. His pushing ability is very powerful, but his roaming ability isn't. If things aren't going your way and he's too tanky to take down, don't waste mana trying to harass him; instead, look to gank other lanes. Don't team fight against him in the jungle, as his ultimate will screw over you guys if you lack the mechanisms to interrupt it. If you're outside of its range, simply charm his channel and it should be GG.

Protecting your ADC in late game team fights is pretty essential to taking him down.




He's tanky and has mana sustain, but other than that you counter him pretty hard. Dodge his barrels early game, AA/harass him as often as possible. If he tries to CS, deny him with your charm/combo. His body slam hurts, and slows you, so don't get too close too him. At 6 if he explodes his barrel on you, just ult away. Don't get caught in lane at low health, as his burst is pretty high. You outroam him really hard, but he's also a strong pusher and his ult can screw your teammates over pretty hard if used right, so be wary of that. But in general, this is a really simple matchup that you should win.

Bottom line: Not really killable without gank. Dodge his skillshots, don't get too close, ult away from his. Consider rushing3128_32.pngas the damage amplification will really help bursting him down.




As a Heimer player, this lane can get tricky for Ahri. In fact, it's relatively easy for heim to deny/harass you HARD early with his QQ rockets that you can't dodge unless you stand really far back (losing cs/exp). Don't play foolishly hungry for heimer cheese, because he's actually tough to kill with ghost/flash (typical heimer summoner's), and will win most exchanges if he lands grenade in range of his turrets. I'd say just play cautiously till 6, let him push the lane, and call for a gank as he is the squishiest champ in the game. Post 6, your burst should burst him down to 0 from ~75% health. His turrets do a deceptive amount of damage over time, so try not to fight while in range of them unless you can instagib him.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, but you'll probably take a lot of harass from rockets in laning phase. Ganks counter him really hard, as once he blows summoners, his waddle won't be enough to escape. Jump on him at 6 and you should get a kill if you land your charm combo. He will probably push your turret down to the ground if you roam, so just be aware of that/roam when he goes back to base.


Jarvan IV





Stay on your toes and dodge her poke harass. Slightly harder than a Nidalee lane because her spells travel faster with a larger hit box and she has an annoying movement speed buff; however she doesn't have as much sustain, and take advantage when she misses her q/ult. She'll harass you down quickly if you let your guard down, but she can't kill you unless you're low. Landing charm is generally hard when she casts her movespeed buff, but you can kill her at all times.




You want this matchup. He really can't do anything against you since he's skillshot based as long as you stay out of his aura. His slow is pretty annoying if the enemy jungler has strong ganks, so even though you'll win every trade, try not to push the lane. He's extremely squishy and very vulnerable to ganks--if you land charm, it's almost a guaranteed kill. When you hit 6, it's even easier to kill him. Try to roam as much as possible due to his global map presence with his ult, and if you ever see him channeling, charm him immediately.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times. Be sure to stay out of his aura.




Kassadin is a tough pick to lane against because his point-click silence really messes up your combo. Abuse the fact that he's weak early on and melee, so harass him with auto attacks/Q without pushing the lane too much. Gank him before 6 preferably because once he has his ult, he's pretty much unkillable in lane. He can harass you easily at 6 with his ult-combo, and his burst is deceptively high. He's a strong roamer like you, but not a strong pusher, so use this to your advantage and shove the lane if you see an opportunity to gank.

Bottom line: Killable lane pre-6. You scale better than he does mid-late game, so simply staying alive and farming passively will win the lane. Consider rushing3001_32.png




Not the hardest matchup, although it can be tricky because shunpo allows her to dodge most of your skillshots. Her Q is annoying but not too painful; however you definitely want to avoid triggering its passive by getting hit again by her attacks. She's melee, so AA her as often as you can.

At 6, save your charm for when she ults. You have 3 flashes anyway so get out ASAP if you happen to get caught in it. You need to out roam her/follow wherever she goes, because she blows up squishies and can make a mess if she triggers her passive CD reset. This is tough since she's innately faster than you are, but warding the river against her ganks will help, as she can't gank through the lane as well as you can.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, although difficult with her shunpo. Save charm for when she ults. Care for her roam, WARD wraith camp/river.




Tough matchup; you'll probably be forced to farm under tower unless you get an early gank. Get MR glyphs because her Q harass hurts. Try to keep your distance, back off if she crosses into your side of the lane as she'll easily out sustains you in a 1v1 fight before/after 6. Harass her whenever possible with Q, but remember to conserve your mana in case your jungler comes to gank. At 6, this lane becomes easier and you can kill her/out push her at level 9 because your abilities scale better than hers.

Bottom line: Kiting her is key to winning this lane. MR glyphs so you don't take as much damage from her Q harass. Keep your distance, let her push the lane and try to get an early gank.




None of his abilities really hurt that much till 6, but care for his stun as it can screw you over if he gets a gank. Back off if you acquire mark of storms, and dodge his Q. Post 6 his damage increases dramatically, so don't fight in his ult/flash away with yours. You're a better roamer than he is, but he controls taemfights with his ultimate and has a larger AoE burst. The key to winning is focusing him before he has zonyas and bursting him down as soon as possible.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, may be hard because of his E. Dodge his skill shots, don't accumulate too many marks, and stay out of his ult during a fight. Consider rushing3128_32.pngas he will explode.




Khazix is tough to lane against because of his ranged harass and his burst damage potential when he jumps on you. Consider starting with cloth/5 and armor runes. Play this lane cautiously and keep your distance while harassing him with AA/W/Q from afar. Don't engage him early on because his burst and tankiness are both greater than yours. He's difficult to kite because of that jump, and if this ever happens to you then charm his face and retreat. Don't fight him while isolated because his passive is strong. His roaming ability is strong, so call MIAs and don't let him snowball. In teamfights, his missles do high poke damage but most of his burst is melee, so treat him like any other melee assassin.Don't get baited by his cloaking ability, but instead wait for him to reveal himself and CC him with your team ASAP. He builds mostly AD glass, so he should go down quickly, although his jump allows him to escape rather easily.




Leblanc is probably the hardest matchup you'll have to face (if she's good), but she fizzles out very quickly. Try to charm her right after she casts distortion and unleash your combo. You hurt more than she does pre-6, but distortion allows her easy harass while making it difficult for you to land any of your spells. If this proves too difficult then farm passively and stay as far back as you can. She'll deny you really hard this way, but it's still better than dying unnecessarily. Heal as soon as you get low, as she's really good at bursting you to 0 even if you're under your tower. At 6, her burst is much greater than yours and you simply can't fight her in lane, so try to shove it as often as possible and roam. She roams pretty well so call MIAs.

Bottom line: She's very squishy but hard to kill with distortion. Play passively, back when you get low, rush3001_32.pngor3111_32.png. Shove the lane at 6 and look to gank other lanes. You scale MUCH better than she does, so simply staying alive/farming will win you the lane.


Lee Sin


Skill dependent lane. In general you want to keep minions between him and yourself, and dodge his Q. As soon as he misses it, close in to harass, then back away once its CD refreshes. If he lands Q, charm him and get back. It's typically hard to get a full combo on Lee because he'll W escape behind his minions. At 6, his burst increases dramatically with his ultimate, and also opens up a lot of combos for him. Typically just keep your distance, keep dodging Q's, and ult away if he ever kicks you. Good Lees are proficient at ward hopping to a spot behind you, so if you see this happening ult away as soon as possible. His pushing ability isn't very strong, but his ganking ability is very strong, so after 6 try to keep the lane pushed to keep him from roaming. I still think your ganks have more potential, but he's more mobile than you are without your ult allowing him to gank pretty much at any time.




This is probably one of the more annoying matchups you'll have to face. Pre 6 you can kill her, but after that she has too much utility/shield/health to get bursted down. Watch out for her glitterlance poke, and she can outtrade you if she transmogulates you and gets in a few autos. I'd say play agressive early on pre 6, then passive after because she's too hard to burst down with her ultimate up. Don't get baited into diving her either..




This isn't as much a hard lane as it is an annoying one. All of her skills have a longer range than yours, and her passive hurts too (her auto also has a longer range). Your burst is about equal pre-6 if she procs her passive, but her skills are also easier to land due to the range/AoE radius. Other than that, she's extremely squishy, lacks an escape, and builds mostly glass, so try to call for gank if possible. You counter most of her abilities after 6 and should be able to kill her with ease assuming you dodge her binding (she can't land anything on you without it). If she lands binding, immediately charm combo her and back away, preventing her from following up with AAs. You out roam her but her ganks are strong nevertheless, especially if she packs teleport.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, very susceptible to ganks. Dodge binding and you pretty much win the lane. Skill dependent matchup (better player will win, most likely).




A bad matchup for you in my opinion. I often feel helpless in this lane as his shield absorbs most of your harass, allowing free exchange in his favor. You have to either gank him early on, incessantly auto attack him to death so that he plays cautiously, or play extremely passively and keep your health up at all times since his burst at 6 + that knockup really screw you over. Don't try to kill him...push your lane and roam. His ganks are pretty BS with his ult, but so are yours in a way...

Bottom line: Not very killable post ~4, would recommend calling for early gank. Abuse the fact that he's melee. Roam hard as you won't be able to win this lane directly.




It's a pretty simple matchup. Avoid getting tagged by his visions, dodge his silence, don't stand in his void circle. The reason this might be a harder lane is because his visions pushes the lane so hard such that you'll be forced to farm at your tower constantly, thus losing cs. You can use this to your advantage and gank him early on, as he's especially prone to them at all stages of laning. His ult is annoying, so at 6 play cautiously unless you are 100% sure you can kill him. You roam much better than he does, although his clear speed leaves your tower pretty vulnerable. In team fights, don't let yourself get caught by his ult and you should be okay. Charm him if he uses his ult on someone else.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, call for gank if he pushes the lane. Ult away if he advances on you as his combo can almost instagib you if he lands every spell.


Master Yi


His alpha strike hurts a lot, but that's his only real source of damage. It hits up to 4 enemies, so try to keep your distance from your creeps if there are 3 or less remaining. It should push the lane towards your tower, making him very susceptible to ganks. Harass him as he moves to CS, and save your charm to interrupt his meditate ability, although this is difficult when he goes back to his tower. Ganking him can be frustrating because of how quickly he moves, and you can't charm him back to you without the possibility of wasting it and allowing him to meditate as you/your jungle takes tower shots. Counter it with14.pngand you should be fine, though.

The key to beating Yi mid/late game is focusing him early in teamfights and treating him very much like55_icon_64.png. You don't want him to get his CD refresh. Put an hard CC on him and he'll evaporate, but at the same time, make sure you completely kill him as he can take heavy damage, run away and meditate to recover full health.




Really straight forward matchup. He's relatively tanky, but if you slowly chip away at his health he goes down rather fast. AA are your best friend against him, as you really want to keep his shield from regenerating to the max. Don't get too close to him as his abilities hurt, but since he has no CC and is a slow melee, he can't play very aggressively against you. He pushes the lane really hard, leaving him susceptible to ganks so take advantage of this. He can't really roam anywhere near as well as you can, but like90_icon_64.pnghe clears the lane really quickly.In teamfights his damage output is greater than yours, especially if he ghosts your ADC. Try to instagib him with3128_32.pngor kite with3116_32.png.




Morgana really doesn't do anything in lane so long as you dodge her binding. Once she misses this, harass her to death with your AA or EQW combo. Her shield is annoying and counters your charm, in which case you may want to change your combo to W->Q->E (W-Q should break it) when your jungler comes to gank. Other than that, stay out of her tormented soil ability and it should be a relatively passive lane until 6. At 6, if she happens to bind you she'll probably swoop in to ult, in which case just use yours to quickly get away from her. You're both about equal in pushing ability, but you're a much better roamer. Team fighting against her can be a pain, I'd advise to rush3128_32.pngto get rid of her quickly, as she is a very high priority target with her ult up.

Bottom line: Killable lane most of the time, ganking her may be difficult with her shield up. Dodge her binding, stay out of soil/her ult radius.




A pretty common matchup nowadays. This is a pretty skill dependent lane that is slightly in your favor. A Nid who hits spear can be a pain in the ass to deal with, especially with the added sustain from her heal which grants her attack speed for added harass. On the other hand, bad Nids are trash. Regardless, she's a poke champ that can never really kill you unless you make a stupid mistake such as trying to back at low health when you're still in range of her spear. Her cougar form does a lot of damage as well, but is extremely prone to kiting (which you're pro at). She's difficult to gank if she sets traps everywhere. She requires cougar form to push the lane, which allows you to land a few easy Q's. When she's at around 60% health, bait her jump then follow up with an ult/charm and she should be dead. You outpush/outroam her, but in teamfights her spear can do tremendous amounts of damage so try your best to dodge it.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times. She's a very polar champ in that at long (human) or very short (cougar) range she can be pretty devastating, but is relatively weak if you keep her within range of your own skills (your combo outtrades her). Don't be stupid and B within range of her spear.




This matchup can be difficult as good Oriannas can make your life hell with that OP ball which allows her to farm and harass at the same time. You have to be constantly moving to dodge it as its movement is pretty unpredictable. You might also want to try bait her often as she'll run out of mana quickly, but in general you want to play this lane passively and conserve your own mana. When you reach 6 she becomes very killable as you can ult away from her ball/flash out of her ult, and your burst is greater than hers. I find controlling blue buff is critical to winning this lane. You're going to want to roam whenever possible as Ori scales better than you do, and is a champ that can build tanky yet contribute more to a teamfight than you can.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times. Keep moving while you farm to dodge her skillshots. Don't understimate her utility in teamfights, and try to outroam her to build up an advantage.




Easy to hard matchup. You must have armor to survive this matchup early, so consider getting cloth/5 pots with armor runes. Basically to win this matchup, you have to stay alive and not feed him. You scale better than he does, and have greater AoE burst potential with your kiting ability. It's annoying how powerful he gets with black cleaver, so be very careful and call for a gank as he lacks any form of escape if he jumps you. He's not very tanky, so you should burst him down pretty quickly. The lane will snowball for whoever gets the first kill. Consider rushing3157_32.png. He roams well with his ultimate and can push the lane, but your ganks are stronger, so if you see him leaving the lane, follow up and you should win the skirmish.




Riven is pretty scary when she goes mid. Start cloth/5 pots and armor runes. Her burst AND her sustained damage is greater than yours, so your only chance of winning this lane is to kite her. Simply surviving the lane isn't exactly in your favor either, as she scales extremely well into late game. Stay as far away from her as possible early on, as you can become level 2 cheese for her easily. At around 4, kiting her with q/w/AA is pretty effective at whittling away her health, but be always try to keep your health high. At 6, her burst is ridiculous, so don't try to fight her with help of you jungle. Good Rivens will flash-w you when you least expect it, so if this happens, flash/ult away immediately. Don't let her kill you or else she'll snowball. You out roam her, but she does more damage at all stages of the game. Kiting ability is your only advantage over her, so build3116_32.pngor3157_32.png..

To reiterate, it's difficult to win this lane. Generally, you want to let her push and get ganks if possible, as she isn't very tanky. Kite her down to low health, and do NOT engage her unless you are certain you can kill her (~50% or lower, and you're 70% or higher).




I don't understand it when people say Ryze counters Ahri, but I can see how this could be a tricky lane. All of his abilities are point/click based, which means that he can simply walk up to you at any given time and throw out a few low-cost mana skills with 100% efficacy, whereas you're extremely reliant on landing your skillshots to harass. At the same time, all of your abilities have greater range than his, and if you ever see him approaching you, simply charm his face, activate W, throw out a Q, and you'll win the trade. His sustained damage is greater than yours, so retreat immediately after your burst. At 6 your burst is much greater than his, although his Q cooldown is very low, so don't engage unless you are certain you can kill him quickly (~60-70% health with ignite). He doesn't push the lane very well unless he wastes his ult, and you roam much better than he does, so take advantage of this as usual. Late game he becomes a real terror once he builds tanky due to his passives, so try to shut him down early and he'll become a no factor mid-game.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all time. Charm if he approaches you, back off after your burst as his sustained damage is pretty high. Shut him down early/roam for optimal results.




I win this lane primarily through kiting and keeping my distance, but in general Sion is a pubstomber midlane for several reasons. 1) His shield absorbs a lot of damage, and if he stands between you and minions while activating it, without charm it can be difficult to break, and 2) he'll simply point-click stun you through creep wave and explode his shield for high damage. Try your best to avoid/break his shield, but AAing him is a risky strategy because it requires getting close to him, and you won't be able to break it without landing at least both procs of Q and 2 foxfires. I think to easily win this matchup, you have to get ahead early and ask for an early gank as he is extremely vulnerable. Once he gets tanky there's really not much you can do against him in a 1v1 situation. At 6 he pushes a lot harder than you do, so call MIAs if he starts to roam. Your ganks are much more potent than his so long as you don't clump next to your teammates during fights.

Bottom line: Call for early gank/when he pushes lane. Avoid shield/stun. Not the easiest champ to kill because of his tankiness.




Annoying lane. She can outsustain any poke you put on her, and is also adept at shoving the lane with starcall. Stay out of range of her starcall and farm passively at your tower. She can't really kill you unless you make a mistake/get too low. Call for jungler help as she has no innate escapes and pushes the lane with her farming abilities. Be wary of going all in on her by yourself as she'll probably silence/heal bait you.




Yeah okay I hate going against Swain, but aside from his laning, my opinion of him is pretty low so staying alive/farming passively constitutes as a win for you. His point and click harass is pretty brutal, but pre-6 play like a Ryze lane and charm combo him whenever he advances on you and you should win the exchange. If he plays really aggressively there's not much you can do and you'll probably lose some CS, but he'll leave himself open to ganks. At 6 he's really hard to kill due to his sustain, and you generally want to keep your distance because his ult does a ton of damage, especially if he lands his snare. You can't really kill him 1v1 without a gank or unless he's low (unlikely due to ult vamp), and try not to engage without your14.png. He's a strong pusher with his ult, but overall his ganks are weak without landing his snare. In teamfights, he's very susceptible to kiting, which is your forte, so charm combo his face and ignite his ass; with your team behind you, he should go down very quickly.

Bottom line: Killable pre-6, call for early gank as it helps you win lane, keep your distance post-6, dodge his snare. Consider rushing3128_32.png(quick burst to 0)or3116_32.png(kiting).




Mostly a skill matchup. Stay away from her spheres because you don't want to get stunned, and her harass is stronger than yours from lv3 up. A good Syndra can be devastating with blue/chalice, so play passively and just farm without taking too much damage. Her full burst is greater than yours with her ultimate, so use your ult to dodge her abilities. I don't think she roams very well, but her push is strong due to her fast clear speed. Don't get careless as her burst is greater than your assuming she lands everything.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, play passively, ask for gank. Dodge her stun, avoid her Q, and ult away if she ults you.




Talon can be tricky to deal with, but in my opinion shouldn't be that difficult of a matchup. The most important thing is to keep out his e's range, as it sets up his entire combo. Note that when he dashes to you, he lands BEHIND you, so immediate charm backwards to interrupt his combo. Keep the lane on your side, harassing him may be difficult because your Q/W put you in range of his silence. Your bursts are about equal, but his is much easier to land--at the same time, it also leaves him vulnerable to ganks since it shoves him to your side of the lane, so take advantage of this if your jungler is nearby. Because Talon is a melee assassin, simply not dying wins you the lane as you outscale him into midgame. He can be difficult to kill because of his dart/ult, and if you need to, oracles/throwing a pink counters him hard. Don't let him roam past 6, or follow him wherever he goes. I still think your ganks are stronger, and you contribute more to teamfights as long as you stay alive.




His sustained harass is annoying due to his poison, but your burst is greater than his at all times. He'll occasionally disappear mid lane and try to bait you, so just throw a Q to where you think he is and he'll damage unnecessarily. The easiest way to dominate this lane is to call for an early gank, as he lacks an escape and is extremely squishy. Post 6, it is important to watch out for the areas he plants his shrooms, as they start to hurt a lot over time, especially with liandry's torment. Avoid these areas and you should win every exchange easily. You should be able to kill him really easily with your ultimate. It is generally advisable to get an early oracles to deal with his shrooms (without them, his damage is reduced heavily.)

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, early gank suggested, oracles advisable to dodge shrooms.


Twisted Fate


Very easy matchup so long as you avoid his stun (yellow card) and dodge his wild cards. You out burst him during all stages of laning, and at 6 you can gib him from ~75% health or lower. He's very susceptible to ganks. Post 6 can become problematic due to the fact that he can snowball off of other lanes through ganking. You can't really ward against this either, so simply keep your lane pushed if you see him roaming to other lanes. You can also counter his roam, but this can be risky if you end up all by yourself by the time you get there. Charm him if you ever see him channeling his ult.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, dodge his wild cards/Q. He's extremely susceptible to ganks during laning phase. Care for his roam, push to tower frequently.




This tiny master of evil isn't a real threat until 6. He's really squishy and can only accurately harass you with his Q, since his dark matter is easily dodgeable and his E requires him to get pretty close to you, in which case you should charm/combo him for a trade much in your favor. I would typically try to land as many Q's as possible (it's longer range than any of his spells) till he's about 60% health, hit 6 before him by pushing the lane, then finish him with my ult. He can't roam very well, but in teamfights that AoE stun can be pretty devastating, so be sure to ult over the walls/dodge it. He will guaranteed target you with his ultimate which deals a ton of damage, so try to keep your distance and if he ever gets too close, charm him then ult away immediately unless you're immensely fed.

Bottom line: Killable lane at all times, try to hit 6 before him, dodge dark matter/stun. Rushing3001_32.pngor3116_32.pngwill help you survive, consider also buying3111_32.png




Focus mostly on dodging his spells. His mana costs are low so expect to constantly stay on your toes dodging his abilities, but mainly his knockup. Generally you can evade his ult with yours, but don't underestimate his damage as he can one combo you from full health if he lands everything. You can interrupt his ult with your charm, and shouldn't be too hard to land since he basically roots himself.




I rarely play viktor, so my experience with this matchup is pretty limited. He has a lot of utility with his shield/ultimate, but his primary source of damage is his laser which is relatively easy to dodge (care for it's range, however). Also be sure to dodge his gravity field, as it slows/stuns you. Your burst is greater than his at all phases of laning, so if you see an opportunity to charm combo him, take it. At 6, he's very killable, but care for his ultimate which does damage and silences you for a long period of time.




Vlad is tough to play against because of his troll pool and his sustain. He can't really kill you in lane, but he can harass you incessantly with his abilities. You can't really gank a good vlad once he has pool, so play this lane passively and farm until 6. Keep your distance until then--although you outtrade him, his abilities are manaless and his sustain allows him to recover some of the damage you inflict upon him. At 6, if you have an opportunity to kill, (~50% health or lower), bait his troll pool and follow up with your ult. If not, push the lane and gank other lanes/jungle. He becomes pretty tanky late game, but his damage/burst isn't as great as yours (although his single target sustained damage is greater, so don't ever 1v1 him). Try to kill him before he troll pools.

Suggest building3116_32.pngor3128_32.pngfirst.




Xerath is generally an easy lane, just dodge his Q/stay out of range of his E and you win. His AoE burst is greater than yours post 6, but until then you vastly outtrade him, not to mention his skillshots are easily dodged by moving sideways. At 6, his burst is greater than yours with his ult, so don't get caught at lower than ~70% health. With that said, all of his abilities become extremely easy to dodge with your ultimate so long as you don't get stunned. Killable lane at all times. With W, he roots himself so charm him if you manage to get in range. He can push pretty well, but his roaming isn't as great so long as your team wards the map.




This lane is decided by whoever gets ahead early. You can harass him with Q throughout laning phase, but when his OP shield procs back away. Good yasuo's will block your charms with windwall unless you conceal it, so the best way to win this matchup is to either call for ganks early or wait it out until lv 6. At 6, you can reposition yourself with your ultimate to avoid his wall fairly easily, and a single charm combo should burst him down assuming his stupid shield doesn't activate.




Mostly a skill matchup. Start with cloth/5 pots or crystalline flask.. He's melee, so you can harass him easily when he goes in to CS. Care for his shadow as it mimics any of his abilities and he can change position with it. He has potent waveclear and harass since he runs on energy. Don't be too trigger friendly with your charm, as he can easily outburst you when its on cool down. Post 6, save charm for after he ults, as he can't kill you if you land it. Note that he lands BEHIND YOU so you're going to have to either cast the spell backwards OR immediately spirit rush away from him as he appears from his ultimate. 




Easy-medium lane. A good Ziggs will auto attack you whenever his passive is up, which could add up to a lot of damage over time. I find that moving sideways makes his bombs easily dodgeable and negates most of his harass. You outtrade him at all stages of laning, so if you see an opportunity to charm, take it. At 6, if you get low, don't B near your tower as his ultimate has extremely long range. His roaming ability with just his ult makes him pretty strong, so treat it kind of like a karthus ult and warn your teammates if he is missing mid.

Again, dodge his bombs and at 6 you should have no problem killing him.




Okay, Zilean is also a pain to deal with because of his bombs and his speed. A good Zil can get in range to double bomb you for a lot of harass and run away. Make sure you always allow a clear path between you and him so that you can charm his advance.If you're taking too much harass, just farm passively and wait for a gank.At 6, your burst is much greater than his, but he has a safety veil with his ult, and try not to proc it if he gets to low health. In team fights, watch out for his ultimate, and wait for it to expire before attacking the enemy he casted it on again. Zilean is mostly poke harass, so taking the fight to his face really negates a lot of his damage.




Zyra is easy to hard, depending on howaggressiveshe plays and how strong the enemy jungler is. Basically, stay out of her plant's range, as their DoT is very high. Dodge her snare as it sets up her entire combo, which does more damage than yours assuming she spawns her plants. It's hard to gank her if she uses her seeds to ward, and don't put yourself in danger by stepping on them. At 6, she can kill you pretty easily if you get caught in her snare--however, with your ult you can avoid the knockup pretty easily and escape. Always look for opportunities to hit q/charm, because she is extremely squishy and is very killable once you hit 6. She pushes the lane pretty well, and her ult knockup makes her ganks a terror, but you still out roam her, so use that to your advantage as usual.

Ahri's Theme Song Back to Top

Play this before you start reading this guide and/or playing a game as should serve as nice pump-up music:

Ylvis - The Fox

About... Back to Top

Hi, I'm a diamond elo player who mains AP carries. At the moment, my favorite AP champions are Ahri, Zyra, Lux, Diana, and Heimerdinger. However, I've played Ahri so much that I feel as though I am able to play her specifically at a much higher ELO bracket. By no means am I a great player mechanically, but I do believe that I can provide insight for potential Ahri-players in the sub 2000 ELO range. 

Ahri was my favorite champion from the day she came out. Honestly, if not for this initially incredibly broken and powerful firefox, I wouldn't be playing this game right now. She is my go-to carry in solo queue, where she absolutely dominates. Ahri specializes in being a RANGED MOBILE AOE BURST MAGE ASSASSIN...Quite simply, there are many viable ways to build her given her versatile kit. She is extremely fun, relatively easy to learn, and overall a very rewarding champion to master. Her greatest strength is her roaming ability: Ahri provides an enormous amount of lane support for top/bot due to her almost inescapable triple flash ultimate. Determining the most opportune moments to gank will enable your team to pull ahead to victory. 

Ahri is very dynamic and fits into almost any team composition, but she probably works the best in dive comps or AoE comps. As far as laning goes, because she's all skillshots, winning the lane is mostly dependent on the players, not the champions. In general, Ahri is a very safe pick and, if played right, is able to work through most of her counters. Leblanc, for example, is most commonly regarded as her biggest counterpick in lane, but because Ahri scales so much better than her, simply surviving the laning phase constitutes as a win for her.

Some things I will be going over in the upcoming sections are her laning/ganking abilities, skill rotations, and overall gameplay throughout the course of the game. 

Itemization Routes Back to Top

3089_32.png Build this if you need more damage and/or are snowballing. This increases your burst greater than any other item, though it is a bit more expensive. 

3165_32.png/3174_32.png Build this if you need CDR for more ultimates/roaming, mana regeneration, magic resistance or the healing debuff.  

3157_32.png Build this if you need a protective stasis to survive burst damage, allowing you to ult in and ult of fights while negating damage with a well timed active. Also useful if you are against a heavy-AD team composition.
3135_32.png Build this if the enemy team is stacking MR (>70, or >1 completed magic resist items on average).

3116_32.png Build this for INSANE kiting potential as all of your abilities trigger the 40% slow. The health is also extremely useful in staying alive during teamfights.

3285_32.png Build this for additional burst, move speed, and wave clear. However after the recent changes I feel as though there are strong AP alternatives for Ahri.

3151_32.png Build this in conjunction with Rylai's if you are against a kiteable enemy front line which is stacking HP. The health helps with your sustain, and the magic penetration is very useful against squishy targets.

3001_32.png Build this if you need MR or have an AP heavy team. With other magic penetration items this will also drop enemy carries to below 0 MR.

3100_32.png Build this for additional DPS or to split push turrets. Your sustained damage in prolonged fights is the greatest with this item assuming you kite to stay alive.

3111_32.png Build this if the enemy team has a copious amount of CC abilities.

3027_32.png3040_32.png Build this if your lane is a farm fest and you are opting for the highest late game damage build. Typically build tear, then complete rod of ages, then finish archangel's staff. Late game this has the highest potential AP because of the Mana + % Mana -> AP passive. However this sacrifices your early-mid game power spike as these items are weak early and take time to complete.

Laning and Gameplay Back to Top

Key reminders: Use (ahritumble.png) or 4.png for positioning to land ahriseduce.png. Your abilities should be as close to simultaneous as possible. ahrifoxfire.png has a short delay before firing, therefore it should be casted alongside your ultimate. You may sometimes find it easier to ahriorbofdeception.png first for the additional movespeed to help you land ahriseduce.png.

Mid-Late Game Teamfights: Poke/Harass with 
ahriorbofdeception.png, Initiate with ahriseduce.png, Kite with ahritumble.png
Use 4.png + ahritumble.png for maximum gap closing ability (instantaneous), especially useful for roaming or setting up your other combos.

Fundamentals of Laning/Early Game:

Contrary to popular belief, Ahri is not a strong laner. Try to keep your mana at >50% in case your jungler comes to gank or needs immediate assistance. Basic guidelines to laning:
  1. Leash/damage for your jungler, always. Helping them out is more rewarding than losing one CS.
  2. Start with ahriseduce.png if planning a jungle invade.
  3. AA the enemy champion when you can while evading unnecessary harass.
  4. Focus primarily on last hitting. Use your abilities if you have to, but be careful not to push the lane such that you become an easy gank. 
  5. Don't play overly aggressive, as you'll lose a lot of exchanges early on. Try to keep the minion wave on your side, just outside the range of your tower if possible. In fact, losing a few CS is better than taking unnecessary harass or getting ganked and dying.
  6. If you see an opportunity, throw out your ahriseduce.png and once it hits, unleash your ahriorbofdeception.png + ahrifoxfire.png + AA for a big burst. Otherwise conserve your mana.
  7. If the enemy jungler comes in to gank you, ahriseduce.png the target with the most reliable CC. Then ahriorbofdeception.png for the additional movespeed to run away. 4.png if you need to. 
  8. Once you have 9 stacks on your passive ahripassive.png, try to line up the enemy minions so that your ahriorbofdeception.png hits all of them. Don't do this too much pre-6, though, as it pushes the lane.
  9. As you become better with Ahri, at level 5 or so, try to harass with ahriorbofdeception.png by judging where your opponent will move to last hit. If you whittle them down to around 60% health by level 6, you can go for the kill with your combo.
  10. At 6 when you have your ult, it's okay to push your lane as you pretty much become ungankable, especially if you ward one side of the river and stay on that side. You now want to start looking for opportunities to roam.
When a jungler comes to gank your lane, there are several things you can do. Strong gankers such as 57_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png59_icon_64.png with gap closers typically will initiate, then throw out your combo as your lane opponent attempts to escape. With weaker gankers such as 19_icon_64.png72_icon_64.png, you'll most likely need to initiate with  ahriseduce.png before anything can happen. Post 6, as your jungler comes, ahritumble.png or 4.png to gap close to the enemy champion then ahriseduce.png them from up close, then unleash your combo.

Fundamentals of Roaming Early-Mid Game:

Ahri's power comes not from laning, but from her roaming ability during mid-game. Her skill rotation, coupled with the element of surprise, will almost guarantee a kill or two even if enemy flashes are up.
  1. Shove your lane to minimize CS loss when you roam.
  2. Figure out the areas which are warded and work your way around them. This is the hardest part and the #1 reason why most ganks fail. 
  3. Wall hopping with ahritumble.png (such as through baron/dragon) when ganking helps you avoid the most commonly warded areas.
  4. Look for lanes that are pushed by the other team, and gank through the lane coming from behind your team's tower. It's extremely difficult for the enemy team to ward against this. Ganking through the lane is Ahri's specialty, and she is probably one of the only champs who can pull it off consistently. 
  5. Don't be afraid to burn 4.png for that immediate gap close.
  6. Don't charm prematurely. Bait their 4.pngahritumble.png in closer, then ahriseduce.png when they are right in front of you. 

Fights in the Jungle or Unwarded Areas:

Ahri is pretty strong when fighting in the jungle. Basic guidelines:
  1. Never face check. When scoping out a bush, throw a ward down into it or ahriorbofdeception.png/ahriseduce.png it. These abilities will make a specific sound when it hits something, and you can also check by looking at your passive ahripassive.png charges and seeing if the number increases.
  2. Stay with your team, look to ahriseduce.png enemies caught off guard. ahriseduce.png goes through walls so try to anticipate where they'll be if they are hidden through fog of war.
  3. Fighting in the jungle is nice for Ahri because a properly lined up ahriorbofdeception.png will hit everyone. Conserve charges of your ahritumble.png, keeping at least 1 charge at the end of a fight for chasing/escaping.
  4. Use your ahritumble.png as a wall hop. This will allow you to flank your enemies; however, do not get caught alone.
  5. You can escape pretty easily through wall hopping if you get caught.

Late Game:

Ahri does not fade out late game like many other AP carries. Her kiting ability allows her stay alive long enough to get multiple skill rotations off in team fights.
  1. Initiate with ahritumble.png when your team is ready to fight. If it lands on a squishy and your team is with you, they'll die instantly after unleashing your combo.
  2. If your teammates have a stronger initiate than ahriseduce.png (sona/j4/wukong ult, etc.), wait for the initiate then re-position yourself so that you can charm high priority enemy targets and assassinate them. Make sure to position your ahriorbofdeception.png so that it hits the most possible targets as well.
  3. ahriseduce.png the enemy initiator and back away if your team is not ready to fight. 
  4. Understand that you are no longer the #1 source of damage (most likely). Just as important as going for the enemy carries is protecting your own ADC. Kite the tanks with 3116_32.png proc, preventing bruisers from converging onto your ADC is a must considering he/she scales a lot better than you late game.
  5. Save at least 1 charge of your ahritumble.png or the end of the fight to either clean up or escape. 

General Combos and Strategies Back to Top

General Combos: 

  1. (ahritumble.pngahriseduce.png ahriorbofdeception.png ahrifoxfire.png-> ahritumble.png -> 14.png [General Rotation Post 6]
  2. (ahritumble.pngahriseduce.png ahriorbofdeception.png ahrifoxfire.png  ->3100_32.png ->ahritumble.png ->3100_32.png -> ahrifoxfire.png -> 3100_32.png -> ahritumble.png [Lich Bane]
  3. (ahritumble.pngahriseduce.png ahriorbofdeception.png ahrifoxfire.png  -> 3157_32.png -> ahritumble.png to safety [Zhonya's]
( ) = use as necessary for positioning

***Consider ahriorbofdeception.png then immediately 4.png  to change the direction of your charm making it much more difficult to dodge. 

In depth info about skill rotations 

  1. As of Season 5, your new combo isn't especially reliant on landingahriseduce.png first anymore, though the CC will help you land your other abilities thus greatly increasing your burst. I sometimes throw ahriorbofdeception.png intially for the additional movespeed, then ahriseduce.png once I'm closer to them so that it is more difficult to dodge and ensuring ahriorbofdeception.png true damage hits them. Your ahrifoxfire.png  and ahritumble.png will automatically hone in on the charmed target.
  2. Don't be afraid to ahritumble.png  closer to your target to land a point blank ahriseduce.png. At the same time, don't put yourself in danger to do so.
  3. Do not underestimate your gap closing ability with the 4.png + ahritumble.png . Use it as often as possible for successful ganks and/or to set up your other combos.
  4. Use ahritumble.png to curve your ahriorbofdeception.png true damage return flight. This is a very difficult skill to master, and requires you to react to your opponent's movement.
  5. You may want to chase with ahritumble.png which is okay, but don't consume too many charges such that you're far away from the fight when your team needs you. 
  6. You need vision of the enemy for ahritumble.png /ahrifoxfire.png to lock onto them once in range; it is typically a bad idea to use ahritumble.png /ahrifoxfire.png when the enemy is hidden by brush.
  7. If you are ever caught out of position, ahritumble.png  allows you to escape with ease. I tend to prioritize 4.png to escape, as you are so much stronger in teamfights with ahritumble.png,  but most importantly just do whatever you can to stay alive.
  8.  ahrifoxfire.png has a slight delay, so you may want to activate it while you ult just after you land ahriseduce.png.
  9. While ahriseduce.png  sets up your combo really nicely, ahriorbofdeception.png and ahrifoxfire.png have shorter cooldowns so use them as often as you can until ahriseduce.png is up again. 
  10. DO NOT dive into the center of fights thinking that ahritumble.png deals a lot of damage. You will die unless you have 3157_32.png.  Your primary damage comes from your combo rotation and surviving to repeat this rotation multiple times in a prolonged team fight.  
  11. STAY ALIVE. Ahri's AoE burst is lower than other mages such as 1_icon_64.png, but where she makes up for it is in her kiting ability. In a huge team fight, squishy mages are lucky to get off one skill rotation before they run away or die, but Ahri is able to escape focus with ahritumble.png and continue rotating her skills multiple times before escaping or finally going out. With 3116_32.png, which procs 35% with her ahrifoxfire.png, her kiting ability is unparalleled.
  12. If you see the enemy lining up in a straight line (such as pre-baron engagements of when they are chasing you or a team member), do not hesitate to position yourself with ahritumble.png and throw out ahriorbofdeception.png to hit all of them for devastating damage.

Situational Gameplay/Item Chronology Back to Top

If you have a bad start (0-2, -30 CS, 1-2 levels behind):
  • If your lane opponent has total control of the lane and is denying you/can 1v1 you easily, I suggest roaming to other lanes to assist them. Staying in lane will accomplish nothing except further the gap in CS or get yourself killed.
  • If you do stay in lane, try to farm your lane passively to catch up in CS, call MIAs, ward both sides of the river and DO NOT let your opponent roam continuously to snowball.
  • WARD. This is extremely important to catch the enemy team out of position, which is probably your only chance to come back into the game.
  • Secure objectives, constantly scale the map for teammates in need of assistance.
  • Protecting your carry in teamfights is your #1 priority. Charm enemy carries. Position yourself to kite.
  • Basically winning the game depends on your ability to land charm in teamfights and hopefully the rest of your team is at least even with their respective opponents.
If you are ahead/snowballing (2-0, +30 CS, 1+ level ahead):
  • Push your lane, deny lane opponent CS or take the tower and roam. If your other lanes are doing well, deny your lane opponent by forcing them to farm under tower or assassinate them over and over again if you catch them out of position. They may try to roam so call MIA's if applicable. If your other lanes are doing poorly, roam to assist them. 
  • Objectives win games. Secure an early dragon or mid tower.
  • Rush your core items as soon as possible. 
  • Assassin path: First buy 1058_32.png ---> 3285_32.png/3089_32.png/3157_32.png ---> 3135_32.png/3100_32.png/3151_32.png/3116_32.png
  • Don't underestimate distortion boots; it reduces the CD of flash immensely, which allows you to execute the enemy carries in one swift flash-dfg combo.
  • Rylais/guise will help you stay alive. If you're the fed carry, you want to stay alive to deal high sustained damage. 
  • Seek out and destroy enemy carries. 
  • Winning the game depends on how much assistance you provide to your teammates during mid game. If other lanes are losing, try your best to get them back on track with your ganks/lane pressure. You want to generally stay alive as long as possible in teamfights, as your AoE damage is probably the highest on your team. 

Solo Queue and Ranked Team Back to Top

Solo Queue

Depending on your ELO, there are different strategies involved in maximizing Ahri's potential in a ranked solo queue game.  

General advice: 
  • Don't worry about team composition too much; I believe that in solo queue, skill and ability trumps team composition most of the time.
  • Don't force someone to play a champion they don't play well just because you think it would be beneficial for your team, but rather, encourage them to play their best champ that they are most comfortable with.
  • Don't aggravate trolls who call 'mid or feed'--if someone wants to play a certain champ, it's generally best to let them.
  • Don't get mad at someone for feeding--that just makes the situation worse.
In game:
  • Warding your lane is the most important aspect of solo queue. Not everyone calls MIAs or wards their lane, so warding yours allows you to quickly respond to ganks as well as prevents your opponent from roaming without getting caught. 
  • In ~1200 ELO, the most aggressive laner will become the most fed. The team that does more damage will typically win the game, as no one can really dodge or kite very well. Players don't ward many of the gank routes you partake in, hence giving you free kills whenever you roam.  
  • Around ~1400 ELO, you need to find a balance between aggression and farming passively. Most routes are warded, so if you leave lane too often for a futile gank, you'll only lose EXP/CS. Players still over extend very frequently, so most of your ganks should be successful. 
  • Around 1700 ELO, farming passively dominates early game, and most gank routes are warded. Your best bet is to find a lane that is pushed and gank the lane from behind your own tower. If counter picked, it's possible to get shut down by your laning opponent, in which case play passively and let them push until your jungle comes to gank.

Ranked Team

In ranked team, team composition and synergy are key to winning games. In this respect,  Ahri is a "Jack of all trades, master of none," meaning that she fits into almost any team comp, but in many cases isn't the absolute best choice. 

Key things to note:

1) Ahri works extremely well AGAINST full AoE teams. Pick Ahri if you see the opposing team selecting 63_icon_64.png32_icon_64.png9_icon_64.png143_icon_64.png20_icon_64.png29_icon_64.png55_icon_64.png85_icon_64.png25_icon_64.png81_icon_64.png115_icon_64.png59_icon_64.png68_icon_64.png119_icon_64.png21_icon_64.png30_icon_64.png99_icon_64.pngetc. With her ultimate, Ahri can distance herself and evade most AoE damage if timed well. Many AoE champs require channeling, in which case Ahri's charm can interrupt them. Furthermore, Ahri does well in lane against most of the AoE comp mid champions. I suggest building 3001_32.png3157_32.png3111_32.png as you do not want to get caught in the wake of their AoE damage.

**On the other hand, Ahri herself fits nicely into most AoE comps due to all of her abilities having some type of AoE/multi targeting component, and is proficient at chasing down those escaping at low health/cleaning up fights.

2) Assassin comp. Ahri fits nicely into teams with high single target follow-up burst with relatively short CDs. The idea is to land charm on an enemy carry, with your team immediately converging on them to get the quick kill. Rinse and repeat to quickly turn a 5v5 engagement into a more preferable 5v3. Also during mid game, if you ever catch an enemy wandering alone, they are most likely dead with one of these guys with you.
Ex: 5_icon_64.png92_icon_64.png24_icon_64.png84_icon_64.png131_icon_64.png121_icon_64.png107_icon_64.png80_icon_64.png64_icon_64.png31_icon_64.png104_icon_64.png

3) Protect comp. Basically in these compositions, you want to protect your ADC. Ahri is pretty good at this in that she has charm which can serve as an ANTI-initiate as well as her 35% slow-imbued foxfires with 3116_32.png. If your ADC is ever caught out of position or is the enemy team is converging on him/her, you can use your ultimate to quickly disrupt their advance. Other champs that synergize nicely are: 117_icon_64.png98_icon_64.png40_icon_64.png26_icon_64.png412_icon_64.png5_icon_64.pngetc.

4) Dive/initiate comp. Most champs here have strong initiating capabilities, respond strongly to initiates, or have some strong AoE CC that locks the enemy team in place. Ahri is one of the strongest tower diving mids in the game due to her mobility, and is proficient and cleaning up a tower seige after poking the enemy team. 

Ahri Top? Back to Top

This next section will cover top-lane matchups that I feel Ahri handles exceptionally well. While team composition may be questionable especially if another AP carry is picked on your team for mid-lane, there are certain cases where going Ahri top is extremely viable and can positively impact the outcome of the game. For example, if Ahri is hard countered mid by a champ such as 7_icon_64.png, putting her top against a more favorable matchup will be beneficial to the team. However, because top lane conditions are generally unfavorable towards squishy AP champions, make sure you have a firm grasp of how to kite, conserve mana (especially if purple side), and ward properly. 

First of all, why Ahri top? The lane is long, plus she is squishy, making her an easy target for ganks. Also, isn't she a champion designed to gank other lanes with her ultimate? Putting Ahri top removes the option of ganking bottom for the potential double kill. WTF man...

Because the above statements are all generally true, Ahri top should only be used in select cases where the matchups are favorable for her.  The purpose of Ahri top is to get fed off her own lane by providing her with a matchup that she wins extremely easily due to her kiting ability. Melee champions without gap closers or form of ranged harass will have to get close and personal in order to farm, giving her free Q/W hits. This is not always the case in ranged mid lane matchups, where landing Q can be rather difficult. The length of top lane helps Ahri, because if she successfully chips away at the enemy top's health to around 50% or so, with her ultimate, she can easily out chase them for the kill. This is key because top laners generally win against you in a straight up fight, so you have to keep kiting them over time in order to establish any form of advantage before you fully engage them.  If they try to engage on you, simply charm their face and back off. Remember to keep your lane warded at all times, because an early death can easily snowball the lane against you.

Consider using movespeed quints rather than ability power, but it depends on the matchup/enemy jungler.

Favorable matchups:

  • Kiteable
  • Melee farming mechanism allows easy Q/W
  • Can halt their advance with charm
  • Non-ranged or mana based harass
  • Primarily lack sustain

Summoner's Rift Back to Top

Arrows indicate gank routes for blue or purple side.
Stars indicate where to ward to protect from ganks/counter jungling/enemy mid roaming.
Yellow lines indicate which walls you can hop with your ultimate (almost all of them).
*I forgot to include the walls surrounding the base.
**Due to some glitches, during a wall hop you'll occasionally ult directly into the wall/not move any distance. This makes me sad and I feel like a total noob when this happens. To minimize the chances of this occuring, try to hug the wall before you activate your ultimate.

Misc Info Back to Top

Orb of Deception (Q) range is slightly longer than indicated.

Each foxfire has its own range, and may therefore prioritize different targets based on your positioning. If you land charm, all three foxfires will typically lock onto the same target moving towards you. 

Ahri's foxfires and spirit rush do NOT target enemies that you cannot see. Therefore, enemies lurking in bushes/hidden by fog of war tend to be problematic as you miss out on over half your damage unless you:
a) throw a ward down into the bush to grant you vision on their location. Foxfires/spirit rush will then automatically target them if they are in range.
b) charm them out of the bush to grant you vision and unleash your combo.
c) if chasing, follow them into bush then activate foxfires/spirit rush once you have a visual on their location.This can be risky*
d) Pretend to afk/back then they'll come to you instead...(lol no, but really)

Final Thoughts/Special Thanks Back to Top

That's pretty much everything I can think of right now. Don't give up even if at first you have difficulty learning Ahri; over time as you become more familiar with her skill set, you'll eventually begin to dominate games. I definitely have lost or done poorly in all of my early Ahri games, even to the point where I became frustrated and claimed that "Ahri can get kills but can't win games." Sticking to the grind, however, I eventually proved myself wrong and have come to thoroughly enjoy this champion that I happily call my main.

Please comment if you have any differing opinions that you would like to share. I'm also open to new ideas and am willing to try out new builds if they sound reasonable. If you have any questions, post here and I'll try to be responsible about replying. You can also try to add me in game and talk to me on 

Special thanks to Lolking for hosting this guide and providing an extremely useful database of LoL resources, champion information, and statistics. Thanks to the players I've played against in solo q for giving me the experience of learning each matchup, hence making this guide possible. Thanks for the upvotes, downvotes, comments, etc.; feel free to share this guide or take any information for reference. And lastly, thanks to you for stopping by to read it--I hope I was able to shed some light on how I play Ahri. Good luck!

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