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2 years ago

Alistar Statistics for a very bad kayn

Author's performance with Alistar compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

There's not really a substitute for either of these spells, in my opinion. Certainly not on this build, but on any support.

I understand why people think that 14.png can work when you are playing offensively but the reality of it is that 3.png provides much more offensive benefits than ignite does from this role on top of the obvious defensive benefits (Ignite provides no defensive benefits). There are many ways to play the support role, it's very flexible but none of these deviate from controlling the game, denying opponents controlling the game and supporting your team.

16.png Sometimes forces out the ignites and I get that, I really do. But as Alistar one potential Scenario is to pulverize.png her and exhaust her carry (If they're bursty). Or you could exhaust her and burst her thanks to the shreds on resistances. Or you could Pulverise her and headbutt.png her carry away. The possibilities are endless. If you have a Mage on your team who can spread around magic damage, then they can build 3165.png and that should keep Soraka under more control than you running Ignite can. In other words, don't be that guy who runs Ignite on Support.

Due to the extra utility granted by this setup, Alistar loses a fair bit of beef in levels 1-5 (Before he has his ult, in other words) and exhaust can also save his ass when he's a little squishier.

Shuts down champs like 23.png114.png11.png a fair notch too and they're kinda frequent, particularly in low MMR.

Oh, and there's no real substitute for the massive utility and possibilities that 4.png has to offer any champion, and Alistar gains a lot from that too. His 4.pngpulverize.png makes him among the strongest Level 1 characters in the game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Intelligence provides the second part of this build by bringing my CDR up to 20% and more importantly, upping the cap to 45% The reason we have Windspeaker's Blessing is because Intelligence is amazing, and that Thunderlord's or Stormraider's don't really offer anything to this build. I know Thunderlord's is cool but Alistar doesn't really get numbers from it. Windspeakers buffs his recently nerfed heal up a wee bit and allows him to spread resists to his team. The value is unreal. Welcome to the Support role.

The only interchangeable mastery here IMO is Tier2 on the Resolve tree. Tough skin gives you bulk to compensate for the bulk you have traded for utility and Explorer makes your bush game a bit scarier and it allows you to juke certain pokes/auto attack/targetted attempts which translates to bulk/sustain via prevention of the damage ever happening. Choice based on preference.

Abilities Back to Top



I left out a cheat sheet here because lots of different things happen but that priority is usually always followed.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Your starting items every game. You've traded some bulk for utility and you can't afford to give up any more by building into the Coin or Frost. While Frost Queens would be a laugh on Alistar and mana regen would be handy, it just won't translate well.

Core Items

    Your core items. You will have these every single game without fail or exception.
    Almost a core item, but I placed it here because it's pretty much the perfect item for this build. Health which we scale from with Ult, mana which we like because more CDR = more mana costs and an initiation active as an initiator.

Situational Items

    I don't really build this item on Melee supports but there is always a time and a place for it. Due to the severe mana issues I keep finding myself with, I haven't ruled this out. Only when the time is right though. Supporting my team comes before supporting myself. It's worth noting that this item combined with an ADC with Steraks can keep them alive from some bursts.
    You'll certainly have a pair of boots every single game, but which ones you will have is up to preference, choice and the situation(s) at hand.
    Choice/Preference/Situation based tings. Much like the description of the Mikael's, Face of the Mountain and ADC with Sterak's is pretty strong. So is Ruby Sightstone and Locket. However, Eye of the Equinox is incredibly convenient and gives you an extra slot to work with.
    The item scales very well with the champ. More CDR is amazing and the mana helps previously mentioned issues. Obviously there is a time and a place for the passive, such as increasingly popular multiple Marksmen comps. Jungle Graves, Solo lane Vayne/Quinn etc.
    I really like this item if I haven't built Boots of Mobility. Gives me a little burst after a combo on a squishy too, I suppose. It also gives a lot of bulk.
    Great MR item of choice with a passive that speaks for itself. Due to the Ulti, we scale well with health and this is the best item to go for MR if we need more. Blocking a spell when we charge in is great, negate that counterplay.

I didn't want to make this section too detailed, but for those looking for an Alistar cheat sheet and build explanation: I did.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Teemo




It's really hard to talk about initial matchups from the Support perspective. We have to manage the opposing Support, ADC, Jungler and synergise with our own ADC and Jungler. Lane combinations and synergy matter a lot. If you have any questions, I am more than happy to discuss this topic though.

20% CDR. What and why. Back to Top


I've recently been playing about with the idea of an Alistar that can perform rotations of headbutt.pngpulverize.png more often than a regular Alistar right from the get go. I've made a Rune/Mastery page that allows me to start a game off with 20% CDR (and increase the CDR cap to 45%) and pretty much bringing URF to the regular summoner's rift. I believe there are a handful of scenarios in which this could be hugely beneficial and that the bulk traded for this doesn't matter too much due to 3.pngferocioushowl.png making us near un-killable anyway. The sad part is that the main time I feel this setup is notable is also the main time where the loss of bulk is notable: Levels 1-5.

As far as I'm aware your average Alistar will run 0/12/18 masteries (Bond of Stone) and enter a game with 0-5% CDR at level 1 (They might have 5% CDR flat from glyphs x6 and 3 scaling MR). Another potential glyph setup they might run is scaling CDR. So I will compare values against all these scenarios, even adding certain logical item paths to the fray. Alistar A will be referring to 0% CDR, Alistar B will be referring to 5% flat, Alistar C will be referring to scaling CDR and Alistar D will be referring to this build.

Number crunch: Cooldown on Abilities on regular builds vs my build. Back to Top

The Crunch

in the previous section I listed possible builds that other Alistars will likely run. As my build is all about initial CDR I will compare the cooldowns on abilties of those builds without items compared to my build without items.

To refresh your memory: Alistar A is a raw tank build with 0% CDR from natural causes, Alista B is either Windspeaker's Alistar or a 5% Glyph build (The prototype for this idea), Alistar C is what I think is the standard (or even optimal build) for him which is scaling CDR glyph x6 scaling MR glyph x3. Alistar D is the build of this guide.

Alistar A

Alistar A has the easiest numbers to calculate because he is the one that is starting the game with 0% CDR from the get-go. So his numbers will just be base values. In mid game calcs he will have some CDR due to item path, especially that 3190.png rush.



16 always


Alistar B

Alistar B is either 0/12/18 with flat CDR or 0/18/12 and Intelligence mastery in place of CDR runes. The former scenario is more likely to happen but someone might want to use Windspeaker's Alistar. Compared to Alistar A, the rotational abilities are shortened by nearly a full secondandthis is only a quarter of the benefit granted by the main build (Alistar D) that this guide highlights. Oh my.





Alistar C

I felt like Alistar C was a bit too excessive to calculate properly, like there's a vast majority of scenarios possible. Maybe I'll take the time to make an extensive calculation on what his cooldowns would be for anyone wanting to track this as I firmly believe standard Alistar should run scaling CDR, although I think he should run scaling CDRx9,rather than 6 which is what Alistar C is. I might even have to make an Alistar E!

It's pretty evident that this setup can allow Ali to ramp up nicely into the later game, and the meta currently is full of champions with the intent or ability to scale very well. As a standard Ali setup this is fantastic as you can focus more on Bulk which is obviously very useful. My page however, has more cooldown at level 1 than Alistar C when fully ramped up. Scary.

0.09% per level,per rune.
0.54% per level

0.54/1.08/1.62/2.16/2.7/3.24 (Levels 1-6)

(Numbers rounded and shortened)
(Levels 1-6, early lane)
(Levels 6/11/16)

12.png Alistar D 12.png

The star of the show and the build that this guide is about. I've demonstrated that 5% flat CDR can give a huge benefit and that scaling CDR runes can ramp up into something scary. Now let's talk about what it looks like when you get 4 times the initial benefit of Alistar A and a bigger benefit than a ramp up build from level 1.


It's pretty clear that this has already got crazy benefits. Especially the 24 second reduction on rank 1 ultimate.

Sample Scenarios and Comparisons Back to Top

I'm going to list a couple of common early to mid game scenarios and then list the cooldowns of the abilities at the time that they happen so that we can compare our benefit in actual scenarios instead of how great they look in paper without substance.

Level 1 in the jungle.
I'm gonna stick out a limb here and say that I think Alistar is the strongest character in the game at level 1. Without actual items, damage, base values, combined utility and such it can be very hard to make an impact at level 1. Level 1 is a very important part of the game and it can really put your team ahead or behind. A good invade can snowball a game, and therefore preventing a good invade can stop a game from snowballing. Alistar can make huge impacts in either invading or preventing invasion, which is why I feel he is the strongest at level 1.

Pulverise Cooldown
Alistar A: 17 seconds. 
Alistar B: 16.15 seconds.
Alistar C: 16.90 seconds.
Alistar D: 13.6 seconds.

If we consider walking away after a pulv, dancing and the fact that pulv has a 1.5 second disable - It's possible that Alistar D could get 2 pulvs out in a level 1 scenario much more likely than the other builds. 

Bot Lane Level 2 "Powerspike"
The classic level 2 bot lane scenario is one we're all aware of. At all levels of play this can be a very dangerous time as the couple to hit level 2 first can rotate on a pour soul and trade heavily, potentially getting kills or forcing them into a really bad scenario. Alistar is no stranger to this scenario, as well as thinking he is the strongest level 1 character I think he is one of the strongest level 2 characters too both offensively and defensively.

Headbutt Cooldown
Alistar A: 14 seconds
Alistar B: 13.3 seconds
Alistar C: 13.84 seconds
(Alistar C pulverise down to 16.81 seconds from 16.90)
Alstar D: 11.2 seconds

Level 6, we have ultis and it's time to fight!
For this example we have a rank 2 Pulverise and Heal, a rank 1 headbutt and a rank 1 ultimate. We have no CDR items because if we had any items at this point it would most likely be a sightstone is anything.

Pulverise Cooldown
Alistar A: 16 seconds
Alistar B: 15.2 seconds
Alistar C: 15.48 seconds
Alistar D: 12.8 seconds

Utimate Cooldown:
Alistar A: 120 seconds
Alistar B: 114 seconds
Alistar C: 116.11 seconds
Alistar D: 96 seconds

The first thing I noticed was that Alistar C was catching up to Ali B and pulling a little ahead of Ali A at this point, at 1.3 of scaling glyphs potential and only running 6/9 glyphs. So I've taken that to note, haha. I also noticed the stupid numbers on Alistar D. These are definitely impressive. By the time a fight has ended, people have gone their seperate ways and shown up again, the Ult is guaranteed while other builds will still have to wait for it.

Conclusions. Back to Top

All in all, I could talk about this build and it's utility all day. This is already a hefty guide so I'm going to let how the build plays speak for itself. I don't think I have quite broken the meta but I may have come up with a new way to play Alistar in the current meta or at the very least come up with a beneficial way to play Windspeaker Alistar.

As a tank, it seems pretty apparent that Bond of Stone is good. With Alistar it most certainly is, a constant 4% damage reduction is amazing in itself and absorbing damage from nearby champs is great. It's not even redirected damage in Alistar's case because he doesn't even take damage. How good Bond of Stone is, is why I don't think this is the new Alistar Meta or whatever, though I still think there's a time and place for Windspeaker Ali and that it's strong.

If you don't quite get it, I'll explain.


You've just initiated a fight via gapcloser potentially breaking attempts to kite you doing so, CC'd a priority target, healed some of the damage you took coming in,spread a lot of gold's worth of resists to your team and then shielded everyone (And the resists give the shield the same value)

And because of the CDR in this build, your rotation will be up again shortly.

Another thing that I have to say is that in general, CDR is very, very good on this champion and while we trade a bit of initial bulk to get this, it is very easy and cheap to build bulk on Alistar.

Happy pulverising, summoners.

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