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Summoner Spells Back to Top

When playing Anivia, I usually run one of the combinations above.

  • 4.png - Offers various offensive and defensive options. There is no equivalent replacement for it, so always take it.
  • 14.png - The most common secondary spell I use. Although Anivia has a weak early. She has alot of kill potential with her stunning ice ball Q (Flash Frost) and her Wall W (Crystallize).
  • 12.png - Consider this if you get alot of non-avoidable harassment like 38_64.png - Q. It is very effective, if combined with 2033.png. It also enables teleport ganks on other lanes. However, most often you will just use it to get back to lane quickly. It has fallen out of flavour with the new season, since it has a longer cooldown now.
  • 3.png - A viable option if you have to withstand heavy burst passages like 238_64.png's level 6 powerspike.
  • 1.png -  Sometimes it is crucial to break CC immediatly. 45_64.png and 9_64.png are the most common examples.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the Mastery page I usually run on Anivia. I like to take 18 points in the "Cunning" tree. The individual points are explained as follows:

  • Sorcery - Since most of Anivia's damage comes from spells, it is worth to take 5 points here.
  • Feast - Greatly improves your sustain in lane and helps to even out your weak early game.
  • Vampirism - Adds a nice portion of sustain throughout the entire game.
  • Oppressor - Since all your damaging spell are movement impairing this is a good skill to take.

  • Savagery - You obviously want to do everything you can to lasthit minions and since you do not want to roam excessively I take this skill over Wanderer.
  • Secret Stash - The cookies are just too good to not take them, although you are a solo laner and could technically benefit from Assassin, the additional 1.5% damage are not worth sacrificing the additional sustain. You might consider Runic Affinity as well, but the time you have a buff is relatively short, so in my opinion not recommended.
  • Meditation - As the biggest mana hole in the game you greatly benefit from this skill.
  • Dangerous Game - Nice to have and definetly better than the competing skill on the same level (unless you are support Anivia)
  • Precision - For an AP champion this Mastery is much worse than for an AD based one. Yet since we are not planning to reach the CDR cap most of the time I think it is still worth to take.
  • Thunderlord's Decree - I consider this to be the best keystone mastery on Anivia. This was the reason Anivia got a nerf in the Pre-Season, so it must be good, right? Most of your spell rotations will easily apply 3 individual hits and trigger this effect very often.

Abilities Back to Top


In this section I will give you a quick overview of Anivia's kit:


Anivia's passive: Rebirth

If Anivia dies, she is healed to full health and reverts to an egg. While Anivia is in her egg she can neither move nor attack nor use any of her abilities. Furthermore she has 40 less armor and magic resist during that time. If the egg survives for 6 seconds, Anivia is reborn. Rebirth has a cooldown of 4 minutes.

After my experiences in League of Legends this passive is one of the strongest abilities in the entire game. It will let you win every 14.png - duel and unlike other "rise from the dead"-mechanics which can be found on  266_64.png154_64.png3026_32.png Anivia's passive returns you to battlefield with at most 100% HP. In a typical endgame teamfight it is very common that the enemy team just doesn't have the ressources to kill you twice in time (atleast if your ADC is still alive). Always make sure your passive is up before you force an important fight.


Anivia's Q: Flash Frost

A massive chunk of ice flies toward target location, dealing magic damage and chilling targets for 3 seconds, slowing their movement speed by 20%. At the end of its range or if Anivia activates the spell again, the missile detonates, doing magic damage in a small area and stunning units for 1 second + 0.1 seond for each rank spend on Flash Frost.

During laning phase, especially pre level 6 this is always your opener for trades. You never want to use your E-spell (Frostbite) unless the target has been slowed by Flash Frost. This spell is a slow moving skillshot, so it will require a lot of practice until you feel safe in hitting those. In most cases hitting this spell comes down to predicting to which location your opponent will move. Normally this spell comes with an AP-ratio of 0.4, which is as a matter of raw facts incredibly bad. However, the key in mastering this spell is to detonate the orb right ontop of your target. If done so, the target will not only be stunned, but also take 2 times the damage of this spell (1 time for touching the ball and 1 time for facing the detonation).
Conclusion: If executed properly this spell hits quite hard with an AP-ratio of 0.8=0.4+0.4.

Notes on the rework: This spell lost 0.1 ability power ratio in addition with a base damage nerf. In exchange this spell got additional stun duration depending on rank. Conclusion: The spell has more utility, especially late game, but lost power during the laning phase. Still I consider this to be a buff overall.


Anivia's W: Crystallize

Anivia summons an impassable wall of ice, blocking all movement. The wall lasts for 5 seconds before it melts.

The correct use of Anivia's wall separates the good Anivia players from exceptionally good ones. It can either prevent enemies from moving closer to you and your team or it can block their escape paths. This wall can also be used as artificial terrain to set up a Condemn from 67_64.png or stop and Unstoppable Onslaught from 14_64.png (which makes the name of his ultimate actually misleading since it can be stopped ;] ). There will be a "Advanced Walling Strategies" section at the bottom of this guide.


Anivia's E: Frostbite

Anivia blasts her target with a freezing wind, dealing magic damage. If the target is chilled, they take double damage.

This is your main source of burst damage.  It is a point and click mechanic, so there is no chance you can miss this spell. I recommend that you smartcast this, since it massively quickens your rotation of spells. Frostbite has only a 0.5 AP-ratio. The only way this spell becomes viable in combat is to chill your target (either with Flash Frost(Q) or with Glacial Storm(R)) before using Frostbite on them. The double damage they take raises the true AP-ratio of this spell to 1.00=0.5+0.5.

Notes on the rework: This spell got straight up buffed. Effectively it has more range than before and also the missile speed was increased.


Anivia's R: Glacial Storm

Toggle: Anivia calls forth a driving rain of ice and hail, dealing magic damage per second and chilling targets, slowing their attack and movement speed by 20/30/40% for 1 second. Glacial Storm will grow in size over the duration of 3 seconds. Upon reaching its maximum size damage, chilling and slow effects of Glacial Storm are increased by 50%.

Once you reach level 6 and get access to this ability, your damage-trading potential is significantly increased. This spell makes it much easier to chill targets, on which you can apply your Frostbite then.
 his spell has also massive waveclearing capacity: Push the enemy minion wave into the turret and prevent your lane opponent from roaming or clear waves really quickly if the enemy team tries to raid your turrets.
In teamfights this spell will sometimes be rather used  as zoning ability, than as pure DPS-source. Still: If you manage to put this under the enemy ADC he will have reduced attack speed and hence reduced damage during the time.
Keep in mind that this spell has a toggle cooldown, so you need to place it strategically. It also drains a huge amount of your mana.

Notes on the rework: This spell got changed the most during the Mid Season Mage Update. Playing Anivia will now feel slightly different. It requires more precision than before to chill enemy targets. But the range buff of this spell now significantly adds more potential to this spell. I like it the way it is now.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    cookie cutter start
    when alot of movement is required (e.g. dodging skill shots)
    against non avoidable harassment
    safe start against ad

Core Items

    First Base (~1200 gold)
    Second Base (~1200 gold)
    First core item
    Second Core item
    Buy one of those as your third item (see below for details)
    Standard Endgame Build #1
    Possible Endgame Build #2
    possible endgame build #3
    possible endgame build #4

Situational Items

    Buy this on your first trip to base, when facing a heavy AD midlaner
    Buy this against a heavy AP damage bully
    All viable, i prefer swiftness
    Buy this only if you need to emphasize your first burst in a fight
In this section I give a short overview of the items you can build on Anivia

Start With...

  • 1056_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png - Should be the best start in most matchups
  • 1001_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003.png - There are matchups where dodging skillshots is more important than trading back damage. Examples are: 115_64.png101_64.png99_64.png69_64.png134_64.png. This is not a must. If you feel confident you can go with the cookie-cutter start vs. these opponents aswell
  • 2033.png - There is harassment out there, which can't be avoided, no matter how good you are. (Yes I am looking at you :38_64.png). In these scenario the flask can help alot
  • 1029_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png2003_32.png - Still an option vs AD-opponent, but I actually never start with that

Spend your first money on...

After you collected about 1200 gold, you should be level 5 or 6 and almost out of mana or health. This is a good time for you to base. You have now several build path options:

  • 1001_32.png3070_32.png - I buy this most of the time. After my experiences it suits my playstyle the most, if I go for the Archangel's Staff

  • 3191_32.png - Buy this if you were struggeling against an AD
  • 3010_32.png - You can go straight for this.I usually get this on my 2nd trip back

No matter which items you buy, you never ever leave the base with 2043_32.png and a good amount of 2003_32.png. Even if that means you can't finish your other items.

After this you should aim to finish your 3027_32.png. Therefore you should always start with 3010_32.png.

After you finished your both core items 3027_32.png3003_32.png, you will get a huge powerspike as they begin to stack up. I recommend to get 3089_32.png after that. If they have a 238_64.png or their AD carry is fed, it could be better to go for 3157_32.png first.

Playing with only one Mana Item

Unlike other Mages Anivia traditionally will build the two mana items 3027.png3070.png. Where cutting 3027.png is never an option due to his insane cost efficiency, some Anivia players will not build 3070.png and will go straight for another core item like 3001.png3157.png after finishing 3027.png. I have tried this several times. Even after the mana costs of her spells were reduced I did not feel comfortable. Anivia is still mana-hungry and will greatly suffer from a small mana pool. You have no chance to sustain a longer fight, you have to base more often and eventually will lose control over objectives. This is why I do not recommend to skip the second mana item.

 3070.png is the best way to sate her hunger for mana. Yet there are rare situations, where you should not tear. These will be discussed in the next section.

Alternatives for "Tear of the Goddess"

Once there were 3 possible choices for saturating Anivia's Mana household: 3070.png 3027.png 3174.png 3165.png. With the rework from Patch 6.9 Athene's Unholy Grail is out of the mix and Since you will always go for Rod of Ages the only viable alternative left is Morellonomicon. After my experience 3003.png / 3040.png is definetly the stronger item later on. Though you can and should replace  3003.png / 3040.png for 3165.png in one of the following situations:

  • You have fallen extremely far behind and can't afford to wait for 3003.png to scale. You need combat stats right here, right now. In this case you go for 3001.png or 3157.png (depending on the case of emergency) after you finshed 3027.png. As a third item you will go for 3165.png to saturate your need for mana.
  • The enemy team has champions like  8.png or 50.png or both and your team is missing 14.png or other healing reducing effects. Before these champs become an unstoppable problem you should consider 3165.png
  • Your team is forced to play a heavy kite-oriented style with a lot of positional changes. In this case you need all the cooldown reduction you can get in order to apply your Flash Frost (Q) and reposition your Glacial Storm (R) as often as possible. While  3040.png  gives raw power, it does not provide any CDR.

Endgame Builds

  • 3009.png3027_32.png3048_32.png3089_32.png3157_32.png3135_32.png - I consider this to be the most efficient endgame build for most situations

Depending on certain situations you can swap actually every single one of these items for one of the following: 
  • 3151_32.png - Synergizes really well with Anivia's spells. (Reminder: The burn damage from Liandry's Torment is doubled if the target is movement impaired - which Anivia does with her Q and her R). It is also very good, if the opponents are stacking purely health. However, replacing 3135_32.png for this item will result in a damage loss, if the enemies build more than 1 MR item. In the current meta this item is great to shred tanks. I recently have much success building this item. In my opinion it is only useful in its complete form, since Haunting Guise is overprized.
  • 3001_32.png - Offers great offensive and defensive stats. Even adds Cooldown reduction now. You should build this item if you fight against a 2 AP composition or if you have massive problems against the enemy AP-Carry. Replacing 3135_32.png for this will weaken the damage against targets with much MR.
  • 3165_32.png - This will provide 20% CDR and some additional mana. However, as discussed above  3040.png is better most of the time.
  • 3102_32.png - If crucial spells such as 9_64.png -fear need to be blocked.
  • 3111_32.png - against a CC heavy team, these boots are totally viable.
  • 3110_32.png -  A great item in general. This item comes with alot of good stats for little money.

As said above: Replacing any of the items suggested in the build above will either cut your damage or your survivability. I found out the above build suits my playstyle the most. After all these item-builds are only suggestions for you. Anivia is a champ, who requires alot of practice, and as you begin to master her, you will surely find the itembuild that suits your style the most.

Purchase Order

For those, who are unsure about the purchase order of the items, I will give you one example of how I do it very often:

1056_32.png -> 3073_32.png1001_32.png -> 3010_32.png -> 3027_32.png -> 3009.png/3158.png/3020.png/3111.png -> 3003_32.png -> 3089_32.png -> 3135_32.png -> 3157_32.png

This is by no means the solution to everything. But for your first games it should be just sufficient to do it that way, until you got a feeling for it.

3003_32.png / 3089_32.png : What to buy first

I have been asked, which of those items should be bought first. Here are some thoughts about it:

  • 3089_32.png is more expensive and only a improvement if bought comepletly, the single parts are each weaker than 3003_32.png.
  • If you go for 3089_32.png first the purchase of 3003_32.png will be delayed so far that you have to sit on the fully stacked tear for a long time, which means you have no access to the active of 3040_32.png which you aim for
  • 3089_32.png is more efficient if you have already completed other AP items before, since it gives you bonus AP dependant on how many AP you already have. Therefore going 3003_32.png first will setup a nice boost once you buy 3089_32.png

Conclusion: Unless you get incredibly fed and having 3800 gold on the bank before having based once I recommend you to go for 3003_32.png first.

A general remark on basing for items

A common error seen among newer or inexperienced players is unnecessary basing. Every trip back to base is a investment of ressources. You will lose presence on the map and you might lose objectives through this. The cost is even higher if you consider Anivia's low movement speed. This is why you have to make every shopping tour as efficient as possible. That means

  • Base after you reach certain thresholds of gold for the items you want to buy. For example: If you aim for 3089_32.png it would be unwise to base if you have 1000 gold, since you would need 250 more to get 1058_32.png. So the threshhold of a good base timing would be 1250 here.

  • Don't leave the base with low money on the bank. For example : If you buy an item and you have 200 gold left. Since you can't use the 200 gold directly for another stat item you should always buy 2043_32.png2003_32.png until you are comepletly out of money. This will greatly increase the duration of time you can spend on lane and hence will minimize the chance of losing objectives.

  • Base if you are out of mana (OOM) and you have no Blue Buff: Anivia is pretty much worthless without mana. So it wouldn't matter anyway if you were here to defend a turret or Dragon in this case.

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ahri
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She has high mobility and high damage. Stay defensive, farm up and wait for openings. Watch out for the level 6 powerspike. After you reach level 6 it will be easier for you to trade with frostbite.png(E)+glacialstorm.png(R) combo. Since you outscale her it is enough to keep the lane 0-0.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




She has enough burst to oneshot you, but she needs to get close, this is where you can land your combo. If you don't find any openings to trade, just farm defensively. You outscale her eventually.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




Azir can poke you hard, so you have to eventually all in him or force a heavy trade. Once you do, it should be clearly going in your favour, I consider Anivia to have the edge in this matchup.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




He has very high damage early on. You need to dodge his W, before you try to trade back. Since you outscale him it is sufficient to keep the lane 0-0.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




I have not played this matchup after the rework. It should not be as hard as before.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




Truely a pain. Pre 6 you don't have the damage to kill him. Since he will always heal himself up again. His rupture and his scream will both interrupt your ultimate. The latter is really easy to hit, so be careful. Focus on farming pre 6 and give him every (E)frostbite.png+(R)glacialstorm.png combo past 6.




Pre level 6 you should be pretty safe. You have to harass her as much as possible during that time. Once she hits 6 it becomes dangerous. She has the tools to kill you. Her (E)dianaE.png will interrupt your ultimate. However, it should be easy to (E)frostbite.png+(R)glacialstorm.png combo her and using (Q)flashfrost.png and (W)crystallize.png for a follow up or for defensive purpose.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




Not as hard as many think. Harass him with AA as much as possible and keep your (Q)flashfrost.png until he jumps (fizzjump.png) on you. You need to be very careful past level 6 becasue of his (R) fizzmarinerdoom.png. Make sure you are in a safe spot before initiating any trades.

However, after my experience this champion is usually gets fed anyway in Solo-Queue. It seems to be the nature of this champion to be a Noob-Slayer. If that happens you should avoid fighting him in 1v1 situations and only encounter him with backup. 

I finally want to thank Riot for creating a champion with a 0-counterplay mechanic. A "good"(*)  Fizz can always (E)fizzjump.png away from any damage he would take. You have to wait for him outplaying himself and carefully engage between his cooldowns.

(*) - There are no real good Fizz players. Good players do not play a champion that would destroy the essential spirit of E-Sports: The fair competition. The word "good" is just used as a short-hand notation for "less terrible than average".

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




He has not much to offer against you. Avoid his bombslaywaste.png and trade back.




One of the hardest matchups. His (nulllance.pngQ)-harass is a pain and it even interrupts your ultimate. You can't avoid it. Start with 2033.png and harass him with AA as much as possible and try to land your flashfrost.png(Q)+frostbite.png(E) combo after his shield has depleted. Past level 6 keep your flashfrost.png(Q) until he used his jump on you. Start to trade with frostbite.png(E)+glacialstorm.png(R) combos. To prevent him from roaming you should keep the wave pushed with your ultimate.




Her bouncingblades.png(Q)-harass can't be avoided and is really annoying. Her Shunpo makes it hard for you to land your flashfrost.png(Q). Past level 6 keep your flashfrost.png(Q) until she jumps to you and used her ult. Start the trade with frostbite.png(E)+glacialstorm.png(R) combos. Push the lane with your ultimate to prevent her roaming.




She has only a very low range. In order to deal damage she has to move close to you. This is your chance to land your combo. Since Kayle heavily relies on AS, your ultimate weakens her damage significantly. Keep in mind that her spells cost less mana than yours. So you need to be very efficient with your mana management.




Very hard matchup! You will get outtraded early on. Don't try to force any trades. Farm safely and keep your flashfrost.png(Q) until she jumps on you. Past level 6 keep the wave pushed. This forces her to use her spells on minions, if she wants the CS and also prevents her roaming. If you manage to hold 0-0 you win, since you outscale her by a large margin.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.




Fairly even matchup. She needs to get close in order to deal damage. Keep your flashfrost.png(Q) and wait for her mistakes. Past level 6 push the waves with your ultimate to prevent her from roaming.




Her spells do hurt alot in the early game. But this lane is definetly winnable. Play reactively and wait until she misses her spells before trading back.




Skill matchup. Dodge her skillshots and hit your own ones.




Despite Malzahar being a strong champ overall his kit is not designed to damage an Anivia if she is careful. You have the range advantage once you can evade his alzaharcallofthevoid.png (Q). Just be careful for his Voidlings and pull back, if he has more than 1.




You have no kill potential on her, but neither she has on you. Just make it a farm lane.




Dodge her spears and trade back. It is easier if you stay behind minions.




Orianna counters every aspect of Anivia's early game: More damage, more survivability, more mobility, better wave clear. Farm safely and stay away from the ball. If you see her misplacing her ball you have a window of about 3 seconds to damage her safely. Past level 6 you need to keep in mind that her ultimate will cancel your ultimate. You will not comepletly outscale her, but you will at least even up to her as the game progresses.




Ryze has also aweak early game and you outrange him. Use this to your advantage.




The recnt Patch brought Swain on top of the Tier list and he is indeed really strong. You should take 14.png to enhance your kill potential, but avoid trading him before level 6. Since he is a DoT-caster you have your passive working for you, which will eventually give you the edge in lane past levle 6.




Hard matchup. She has more range, more damage and more mobility. Start 1001_32.png and dodge her spells. You have no kill pressure in this matchup. Farm safely and wait for openings. If you can hold 0-0, you win.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3001.png.


Twisted Fate


You can kill him, but he has better waveclear pre level 6. Call your jungler and use your CC in order to kill him before he can gank other lanes.




Skill matchup. His spells hurt, but so do yours. Since he has no escape or gapcloser you can defeinetly kill him. I recommend you wait until his laser is on cooldown.

if he comes to viktorpowertransfer.png(Q) you trade him back with your own flashfrost.png(Q) or even stun him before he gets his shield. 

If he ueses ult, pull back and block him with your wall. His death cloud is moving slower if Viktor as Viktor is gaining distance to it.

The recent mage rework put the edge in Viktor's favour. Be careful!




This is actually no problem for Anivia. Vladimir has only a short range and a weak early game. In order to damage you, he has to move very close to you and will always take return damage. Especially in the early stages before finishing his 3145.png the trades will usually go in your favour. Past level 6 you can keep him at range with your glacialstorm.png(R).

If you are not familiar with this matchup it can be a pain. Try to farm at max range and keep your spells until he moves close (which he will eventually do).

It is also important not to get pushed under your turret since he will get free harass of while you are busy farming minions under the turret. Keep the lane neutral pre 6 and always shove it in completly past 6 with your ultimate.

Also consider that you have an additional ressource - Mana - to manage. Plan your trips home carefully once you are out of mana.




He will abuse your low mobility and harass you with his spells. You might consider starting 1001_32.png. Since Xerath has also very low health values and no escape you can kill him, if you manage to lock him down.




Normally a hard matchup. But considering this Champion got nerfed and the fact that 99% of all Yasuo players are terrible, I am confident that you can win it. Just keep you flashfrost.png(Q) until he jumps on you. Don't get cheesed by his windwall though - it will block your spells.




Hard lane. You might consider taking 3.png. Watch out for his level 6 powerspike. He will most often immediatly use ultimate and 14.png on you. Don't hesistate and use 3.png in this case. Watch out for sneaky shadow swaps, if you plan to harass him with your flashfrost.png(Q).

There is a general trick to throw your flashfrost.png(Q) right behind you after he uses his zedR.png(R) on you, since he spawns directly nehind you.

Stick to the traditional build order. If you fall behind early, skip 3070.png for an earlier 3157.png.




He will outdamage you early. Farm up and dodge his spells. 1001_32.png are very useful.

General Playstyle Back to Top

Anivia: Pros and Cons

Let's talk about Anivia's properties, as I see them:


  • strong burst and sustained damage
  • strong waveclear
  • great zoning/peeling potential
  • teamfight deciding wall
  • great passive
  • high AA-range, safe farming is possible

  • very weak early game
  • very mana hungry (-> blue buff dependant)
  • squishy
  • slow movement speed, poor roaming potential
  • no gap closers
  • very reliant on hitting every part of her combo, her damage is significantly crippled if you miss even one spell
  • lazy attack animation with a slow moving projectile (got improved during the rework, still feels slow), CSing can be hard

With that said the remainder of this section is dedicated to the different stages of the game and how Anivia should be played during any of them

Early Game

First of all take a look at the following list: League's Champions base health values. As you can see Anivia has the lowest base health of all champions. This means without any items or enough abilities Anivia is incredibly weak. If you truely want to learn Anivia you have to understand and accept a certain mindset during the laning phase. It often forces you to be extremely patient and passive and avoid trades at any cost.

If your lane opponent has equal skill and plays a champion like 103_64.png7_64.png or 238_64.png, it is nearly impossible to win any trades unless they fuck up. Your mandatory goal during the early stages of the game is to survive, killing your opponent is of secondary importance. 

Most often it is just sufficient to follow this priority list :

safety > farm = objective control > killing your lane opponent >= roaming for kills

"objective control" is basically one of the following: protecting allied turrets, destroying enemy turrets, securing neutral objectives (dragon), securing neutral monster buffs.
All this means that you will almost never roam as Anivia, even if your lane opponent is roaming. The reason for this is quickly explained:
Look at the following article: League's Champions base movement speed. You can verify that Anivia is among the champions with the slowest movement speed. In most cases it is just a strategically bad decision to roam as Anivia or follow your lane opponent, as one of the following is most likely going to happen:
  • Since Anivia is moving slow, she can't keep up with the mobility of Champions like  38_64.png 103_64.png7_64.png238_64.png, who all have additional movement enhancing gap closers. Even if you follow you will arrive too late and the battle is often already over.
  • If your opponent leaves the lane and is  heading to a side lane, they often decide to wait in a brush and try to ambush you, if you decide to follow. Against the most assassins this will mean certain death for Anivia, since she just does not have the combat strength at this point.
  • If your sidelaners are aware of the danger of roaming opponents (this is also your responsibility since you have to ward your lane), they can fall back and your team will lose a side-lane turret in a worst case scenario while you will definetly will get the mid lane turret in return - A trade I'd take any day #worth.

However, there are situations where you have to roam, but it is difficult to give explicit conditions for it in a theoretical guide. As you become more experienced  you will eventually know when you have to leave your lane.

One of the hardest parts, when playing Anivia for the first time is to lasthit minions with basic attacks. Her AA-animation is really clumsy. Still it is very important that you learn how to get a proper amount of CS. If you feel unsafe, just do a couple of bot games and focus on getting every lasthit.

I will now present the basic damage trading mechanics depending on your level

Note: Despite Anivia's rework all spell combos can still be fully carried out as before. Some even became easier. The only new difficulty is to be more precise when placing your ultimate. This will come in time and with practice. Until you have adapted you can change the (E)+(R) combo back to (R)+(E) combo (this combo is easier). 

Level 1-5

  • Auto attacks - As mentioned above Anivia has an AA-range of 600, which is enough to outrange most of the other AP-carries. Keep in mind that enemy minions will immediatly switch target towards you, if you attack an enemy champion within their range.

  •  flashfrost.png(Q) + frostbite.png(E) : Your "bread and butter" trading combo pre level 6. This is only viable if the spells are used in combination. This means if you fail your (Q), should should pull back immediatly.

  • crystallize.png(W) + flashfrost.png(Q) +frostbite.png(E) : Sometimes a well placed wall will block escape paths of your opponent and makes it easier to hit the other parts of your combo.

Level 6 and above

After reaching level 6 you get access to following additional combo prototypes:

  • frostbite.png(E) + glacialstorm.png(R) : The other option to chill your enemy in order to double Frostbite's(E) damage is by using your Glacial Storm(R) against him or her. Keep in mind that your Frostbite(E) has a travel animation. This means that you should launch your Frostbite at your target and immediatly after that apply your Glacial Storm. This way they arrive simultaneously and the execution is more surprising and smoother than casting the two spells in reverse order. Smartcasting Frostbite is recommended in this case.

  • frostbite.png(E) +glacialstorm.png(R) +crystallize.png(W)  +flashfrost.png(Q)+ frostbite.png(E) : This is your kill-combo. You can follow up with an 14.png. The execution is explained as follows: Start the sequence with Frostbite(E). Since it has a relatively low cooldown you will cast it again within the same rotation. Use the Glacial Storm(R) to slow your target. This makes it easier to place the wall(W) just behind it (always do it in this order).  Your target generally wants to move out of the storm now, but since the wall is blocking the direct escape, the target has to move either towards you, or escape through the side. In any case it should be easier to stun your target with Flash Frost now and let it suffer for another second in your ultimate. By the time the stun wears off, your Frostbite should be ready again and should be recasted again, while the target is still chilled. This combo requires a little bit of practice but it hits the enemy like a truck. 

These are only prototypes, you can combo up even more spells or cut certain elements (e.g only using (R)+(W)). I encourage you to experiment on how complex your rotation can become.

Mid game

Eventually the laning phase will end and the teams will start grouping on the map. By now you should have these core items 3020_32.png3027_32.png3070_32.png completed. A typical scenario will be the enemy team gather at your mid turret. ( Usually you can manage to keep it alive this long). If your bot- or toplane didnt manage to take down the outer turrets on their lane yet, they should do it by now, since the wave clearing power of Glacial Storm(R) will buy them the time they need. In general it is really easy for Anivia to defend the allied turrets even with less people defending it, as long as she has mana to waveclear. Therefore it is mandatory that you get every blue buff from now on (If you didn't get them before). Keep in mind:  You are not at the peak of your power yet. Your 3027_32.png and 3070_32.png still need to stack up. Stick with your team and don't go alone.

The most important things during this stage is to take objectives like dragon and turrets. If your team has the position on an objective, you should use you wall the enemies from getting there in time. Maybe you can even split the enemy team in two parts.

In fights you should aim for the enemy AD-carry. If he isn't overfed you outlevel him and kill him quickly by comboing up with your wall and prevent the enemy suport from peeling him/her. 

Late game

This is where Anivia really shines. As soon as your items are fully stacked and your reached level at least 16 you are ready to unleash the eternal winter upon your enemies. During this stage it is all about teamfighting correctly. Anivia is very strong in teamfights, so you should stick with your team.  Altough Anivia has less damage than other hypercarries such as 101_64.png268_64.png or 61_64.png, she has an incredibly high amount of utility, which is often just more important

Try out the following strategies, while teamfighting with Anivia:

  • If possible try to fight in narrow passages (e.g in the jungle) where your wall can split the enemy team in two parts.

  • Try to aim your Flash Frost at clumped up targets in order to stun more than one

  • Anivia has no jump or gap closer. Hence you can't dive for the enemy carries. In general it is best to stay close to your ADC and try to peel for him: Stun & burst assassins that dive through. Wall off tanky toplaners that charge into the backline. If your carries aren't in danger try to place your Glacial Storm(R) in a way that will support your frontline tanks, e.g directly into a 59_64.png ultimate. Your ultimate has a toggle on/toggle off cooldown. So it requires some strategical thinking where to place it best.

  • If you see your team losing the teamfight, try to secure the retreat with Glacial Storm(R) and wall(W). Try to stay alive at any cost. Your waveclear might still be enough to stop the enemy from pushing a turret

  • If you see your team winning the fight, use your wall to stop enemies from retreating.

  • If the enemy jungler/toplaner managed to dive into your team's backline, prevent the rest of the enemy team to back them up by placing a path-blocking wall.

Advanced Walling Strategies Back to Top


As menioned above, the correct use of your wall decides whether if you are an average Anivia player or a good one.

Note: The rework did not affect the utility of the wall. You should be able to carry out all these tricks just as before the rework.

For a good start try the following walling strategies:

Strategy 1: Basic Passage Block

basic passageblocknew.png

This is the easiest usage of the wall. You just place it directly on the path you want to block. Simple as that. You should only ensure that your wall is already big enough to block the passage comepletly, otherwise opponents will just move around.

Strategy 2: Glacial Storm Prison


The idea behind the Glacial Storm prison is to use the wall in order to prevent the enemy to get out of your Glacial Storm. Since you have to trap a moving target this is more difficult than the first strategy. I recommend that you use Glacial Storm in the first place to slow the target. Then it is easier to place the wall correctly.

Strategy 3: The Complete Lane Block


This move will theoretically completly block a lane for 5 seconds, since no enemy would willingly move through the Glacial Storm. In Order to perform this you wall has to be at least level 3

Strategy 4: The Triangle Of Doom


This technique is incredibly hard to execute. It requires the help of an additional line of terrain such as shown in the picture. If you have a target standing roughly at the location of the yellow circle, you can try to cast your wall in a relatively narrow angle at the position where you target it located. It appears that sometimes their models get completly stuck between the wall and the terrain, which is basically a root for the entire duration of 5 seconds. I only managed to achieve this for a very few times and I don't know whether this is a bug or glitch. Everytime I managed to perform this move, the person said something like "buggy wall" in the chat. If you also manage to get in this situation you can let me know.

Strategy 5: The Denier

The idea behind this technique is too place a well times wall, just when you opponent is using a jump mechanic to escape from you. The wall has to be placed during a very narrow timing window, when the enemy is already considered as "traveling object", but has not traveled any notable distance( else they will just "jump" over the wall). The montage video shown above frequently shows the use of the "Denier" against multiple jump-champions such as 121_64.png or 18_64.png. Extensive study of the video and personal training are key to master this high-level technique.

Friends and Foes Back to Top

In this section I will give both some examples of champions and champion compositions, which synergize well with Anivia, and some which do not. Furthermore special foes, who comepletly counter Anivia's kit and hence have to encountered with extreme caution are presented.

Good & Bad Synergies

First of all we have to recall which role Anivia has to play in teamfights or in the game in general: Anivia is an immobile mage, with both high burst and sustained damage. She has zoning potential and offers utility for engage and disengage. Yet she has no gapclosers and heavily relies on hitting her skillshots or find a suitable place to place her ultimate.
Starting with this knowledge we are now ready to give a list of suitable team compositions sorted lane by lane.


The Top laner is the backbone of the team. He or she has to engage the fight onto the enemy or follow an engage  done by your jungler. 
To synergize well with Anivia the toplaner has to be tanky enough to give Anivia time to get into position and offer some soft or hard crowd control effects in order to make it easier for Anivia to hit the spells and protect her from enemy interrupts. Since Anivia has a solid damage output by herself, your toplaner does not need to be that damage oriented and shouldn't sacrifice too much tankiness for damage.

In my opinion these Top lane champions work great with Anivia:

36_64.png 31_64.png57_64.png14_64.png
Full Tanks : These guys are very durable to sustain long fights and give Anivia enough time to do her damage. Their crowd control effects make it easier for Anivia to set up combos. Their huge ingame models will also make it harder for your opponents to dive into your backline.

Tanky Mages or Durable Bruisers : They do not provide the same defensive values as full tanks, but they are still durable enough to stay long enough in the fight. Their higher damage output compared to tanks can be comboed up with Anivia's burst potential to take out sqishy targets quickly.

Anivia has little synergy with the following Top lane champions:

Assassins and squishy Bruisers : These champions deal alot of damage themselves, but have almost no defensive values. They dive into the enemy backline to assassinate the enemies carries. Since Anivia has no possiblities to follow them it often happens that they die before you can gain any use out of that.


Just like a Top laner the Jungler will most often initiage a fight. The properties of a Jungler are similar to those of a Top laner and hence the discussion of Junlger synergy with Anivia is almost the same as already done above:

Anivia has good synergy with the following Jungle champions:

Full Tanks : Read in the description about Top lane.

Tanky Bruisers : Read in the description about Top lane.

Anivia has little synergy with the following Jungle champions:

Assassins : Read in the description about Top lane.

Champions that contest your Blue Buff: There are Junlgers out there who really think they have a higher need on the Blue Buff than Anivia does. Typically these champions will not give your any Blue Buffs during the laning phase, which will significantly weaken your already bad early game even further.

AD Carry

The AD Carry is the second big damage source of your team and needs to be protected. In order to do this efficiently it greatly helps if the AD Carry is able to stay close to Anivia while still dealing damage.

These AD Carries synergize well with Anivia:

Long Ranged Hyper Carries : These carries have long range and deal "tons of damage"™. This also reduces the pressure on Anivia of being the only damage source in the team.Many of these AD Carries do not have an escape skill, so keep them close to you and use your Wall and stun to protect them from enemy assassins.

These AD Carries "can" synergize well with Anivia (if executed properly)

Kite Potent Caster AD Carries : These guys are mobile and often use spells to deal damage. A good strategy for these carries is to use Anivia as an anchor point and kite the enemy team around Anivia's spells like Glacial Storm or the wall. If executed properly this will result into a "Cat and Mouse" play, where your AD Carry is constantly moving backwards with you while kiting and poking the chasing enemies. However, this requires your AD Carry to be capable of performing this technique. You can't be sure about this if you are playing soloQ.


The Choice of a support should be mainly aimed to synergize well with your AD Carry rather than to synergize with your Midlaner. Yet there are still choices that combo up well with Anivia.

I consider these Support champions as a good synergy with Anivia:

Straight forward Stun : They use their stun, you follow up with your own. Simple as that.

Disengage and Protective Nature: Shields, tornados, speed boosts. All these things greatly increase your survivability and reduce the chances that your ultimate will be interrupted.

Blitzcrank : Hook someone in, stun him, block his escape with the wall ( requires a good Blitzcrank, who can land his hooks).

Be Careful with Those...

One of Anivia's key properties is the ability to kite and block enemies from getting close to her and two of her biggest problems are enemies who are very mobile or can interrupt her ultimate. For these reasons the following champions (aside from her lane counters) should be encountered with extreme caution:

Hecarim : He can dive through anything and is both mobile and tanky. His fear will interrupt your ultimate and makes you useless for quite a while. Once he charged into your backline you are in trouble.

Zac : Although Anivia can cast her spells from  a relatively far disatance, she isn't safe from this guy. His jump range is ridiculously high and his ultimate will knock you up and interrupt your own ultimate.

Malphite: His Ultimate can fuck you up from a far distance. However it can be flashed.

Blitzcrank : Due to her slow movement speed Anivia can become an endangered species when facing a decent Blitzcrank. Once Anivia gets hooked she will get silenced immediatly, which will be in most cases her death sentence.

Thresh : Causes nearly the same problems as Blitzcrank does.

Kallista : Jump, Jump, Jump ... even through Anivia's wall. The way she is constantly kiting and attacking you makes it incredibly hard to lock her down. I'd rather choose not to play against Kallista if it is avoidable.

This list is not completed. I will try to update it from time to time.

Final Words and Changelog Back to Top

I hope you enjoyed reading this small guide about Anivia. I actually planned to make it short and not that indepth, but I am not sure if I succeeded in this. 

This guide can only improve with your help!!!
I am happy about any kind of feedback I get. If you have any questions or want me to speak about something specifically, don't hesitate  to comment on this guide.

Kind Regards
Game of Thr0ws

02/18/2015 : V 1.0 is released
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04/02/2015 : Added the section "Friends and Foes". This can now be officially seen as V 1.1

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