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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png Flash 

Flash is a must - No discussion there. It helps you get out of those narly situations anivia tends to get into due to her low mobility. Every once in a while you can even use it aggressive, but having flash as a defensive tool is essential.  

14.png Ignite

Ignite is more questionable. Other Anivia supports will recommend pairing flash with Exhaust. Ignite is taken to increase your damage. This helps you with 1v1 fights in lane, but can also secure kills in team fights. The healing reduction is very strong against champions that rely on spell vamp such as Swain or helps reduce the AD carries life steal such as Caitlyn. Don't be too afraid of using ignite as there's nothing worse than an enemy escaping with 50 hp because you didn't ignite them. It has a relatively low cooldown so even if it was "wasted" on a kill it will be back soon enough. If you're planning on all-ining someone you should ignite near the start of your combo. This is because you want to reduce their healing in half. That means the summoner spell heal, health pots and natural regeneration.

My believe is that, when you have Anivia support, you need to use her burst - especially in early game.
Often at level 2 to 4, one Q-E combo can be enough to burst someone from 100% to close to 0'ish. Adding ignite to the factor reduces the incoming summoner spell heal, and makes it easier for your ADC or yourself to pick up the kill.

If you really feel like you need exhaust, maybe Anivia support is not the right pick for you, however it is an alternative most support players feel comfortable with.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

I use a 12-18-0 Skilltree, again because of your killpressure. 

18-12 with deathfire touch can also be an option if you want to scale better into late game, but your laning phase is essential to your succes. 12-18 is usually better in the early game.

There are hardly any points to argue about except for choosing Merciless or Meditation
Anivia is incredibly mana hungry - especially in the early game. The % regen of Meditation helps you counter this.
You have a small mana pool during early game however, so the %regen of your missing mana will only do so much.
This will actually start to do more when you get RoA and at this point your mana problems aren't that bad anymore anyways. This is why I invest some points in Merciless. I advocate to do more burst damage as Anivia support which means that this follows the playstyle better. 

This is actually why I dont like CDR on Anivia either (in early, late game is sometimes needed). Adding CDR to your kit means you'll be casting more spells which cost more mana which means that you also need to pickup more mana regeneration, which costs you more money. I rather make my skills count. In some cases when you are prone to miss a lot of skills it might be more usefull to buy CDR, for example against a Yasuo or Kalista.
Make sure you hit your skills instead of spamming them all the time in the early game. 

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

R > E > Q > W

R 1st - Whenever you can invest a point in your ultimate, do it.
E 2nd - since its the main damage dealer . Got nerfed a bit in patch 6.19 :(
Q 3rd - your stun, stun length is now increased per level
W 4th - a great tool for zoning, picking up kills, closing of pathways - but only used once in a while

Your basic combo is Q-E, where e deals double damage after someone is "frozen" E hardly costs mana and does a lot of damage. Note that Q can proc 2 times for damage - When it passes someone and when it is activated. This can also be used to knock out Sivir' s spell shield

When you get your ultimate your combo's will become Q-E-R-W-E ,  W-R-E-Q-E, or R-E and Q-E to harass 

Q-E-R-W-E = You stun someone, E after for damage, You put down your ultimate and wall after someone. When you keep someone locked up long enough your e will come off cooldown.

W-Q-E R-E-= You use the wall to zone people out. This makes it easier to predict their pathway. You stun your opponent and E for damage. and you put down your ultimate.


A bit about skills which I copied from Aldwyn47 and Shuyu R- thanks a lot.
See Aldwyn47's guide for a different take on support, and Shuyu R for an awesome in-depth guide for Anivia.


-Your passive is basically just as good as having a third summoner spell and is what separates Anivia the most from other frail supports, letting her survive in a lot of situations in which others would die.

-Most bot lane compositions lack the firepower to kill both Anivia and her egg during early game. Provided your marksman properly covers you in case of need, this can make all-inning Anivia deceptively hard.

-Upon having your egg up in fights you can sometimes expose yourself on purpose in order to bait pivotal cooldowns and force the enemy to overkill in order to deal with you. On the other hand you're a lot more vulnerable to getting picked off and focused without your passive, similarly to when your summoner spells are on cooldown.

-During mid and late game having your egg up can make the difference between winning a fight and losing it. Always keep this in mind upon deciding whether it's better to force a fight or delay it.


-Among Anivia's skills, Q is the only hard CC she has. This makes it her most crucial tool (both for defense and engage). Its pass-through nature also makes it extremely effective as a follow up to other forms of hard CC coming from your team.

-It is your most important skill during laning's early levels and it's also extremely strong in level 1 teamfights: always unlock it at level 1.

-Much like Morgana, you'll find yourself exposed a lot if you miss one while laning. Hitting Q+E on the other hand can easily chunk 35% of your target's HP.

-In order to pressure your opponents without making yourself predictable by using it too often you can exploit Anivia's long autoattack range and her E to harass during early levels. Q becomes more effective if used to close pathways once you figure an enemy's movement pattern.

-Investing points in it will improve both the stun duration and the cooldown, thus it's sometimes good to max it second (starting from level ten onwards), expecially if the enemy champions are very mobile.


-Anivia's wall is probably the skill with the highest playmaking potential, thus you should always unlock it at level 4.

-Since casting it too often is very taxing on your mana pool and since it also has the longest cooldown among Anivia's skills, you should use it very sparingly (especially in the early game).

-The most important use of W is to place it behind an opponent to cut their main escape route and make landing stuns easier. This is basically how you all-in someone as Anivia, usually as a follow up to a successfull E+R harass. The combo becomes even more accurate when used on opponents that are close to a natural wall (since at that point they'll only have one way out, which you can easily cover with Q).

-Other uses of the wall include setting picks in the jungle by closing pathways, scouting blind spots with it (instead of facechecking yourself) and if you're skilled with its timing even using the knockup effect to stop dashes.

-Two points in the wall are usually enough to close most jungle paths. Since the cooldown isn't lowered upon leveling it, think carefully on whether it's worth putting more points in W from level ten onwards. Personally, I love doing so regardless because the bigger the wall is the more game breaking its impact becomes in case of successful plays.

In these videos I demonstrate how to pin down an enemy along the terrain. This works well as long the terrain is straight. This can occur in several places on the map with straight flat edges.

Trick #3: You can cancel jumps and dashes with your wall (W). If you place your wall in the path of the dash/jump after the enemy has initiated their dash/jump, then you will cancel their dash/jump instantly. This is really hard to pull off because you have to predict when they are going to initiate their dash/jump. You are most likely to be successful when you know for certain that they will dash/jump, e.g. when they are approaching a wall to dash/jump over. Place your wall (W) between the enemy champion and the wall (terrain) when he arrives to the wall (terrain).

Trick #4: Use the wall to interrupt recalls. Placing a wall on top of a player causes a displacement of the champion model which interrupts its recall.


-You want to max E first because it's your most consistent and reliable damage tool, both for harassing and for all-ins. Not doing so will cause lane opponents to abuse you because you lack the damage to trade back.

-Your burst will progressively fall off as the game keeps going but will remain deceptively effective against targets that don't build HP or Magic Resist (even without offensive items).

-In lane you ideally want to use it as a follow up to Q or to harass with E+R. Before level six, if you want to harass without using your Q you can do a quick AA + E + AA combo to trigger Thunderlord's Decree.


-Among Anivia's CC skills, R is the one with the lowest cooldown but also the one with the highest mana cost: attempting to use it too often or keeping it up for too long before you have Tear will deplete your mana pool insanely fast.

-While laning, you generally only wanna use it to trigger E's double damage upon harassing someone. The most effective way to do this is to only cast R when the E cast is already complete and to immediatly deactivate it afterwards. Only keep it active if you plan to follow up with an all-in.

-If someone is trying to catch up to you or your team, R is the most reliable way to deny them due to its big size and low cooldown. If needed, you can also progressively add W and Q to extend the size of the disrupted area (or even counter engage depending on the situation).

-As you level up the skill, its potential to catch people off and initiate fights increases dramatically because the slow gets stronger. During team fights it's usually good to keep it active (unless your initial placement of it was really badly aimed) as once it reaches full size, R's slowing effect creates an extremely dangerous zone for your opponents to walk on.

-You can use its strong waveclearing effect to delay an enemy push, take farm under turret if your marksman dies or untap a pressured sidelane during late game. Keep in mind that consistently using Glacial Storm to clear waves is very taxing for your mana pool and you're usually better off letting your team mates take the waves anyway. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting items #1
    Starting items #2
    1st back
    Usual situation after a few backs

Core Items

    CORE - I rarely deviate from these items
    CORE - situational
    Mana reg pickup

Situational Items

    Even more situational


3303.png 3098.png 3092.png  Spellthief - Frostqueen 

Spellthief is essential since you need a different source of income than a mid Anivia.
Frostfang and Frostqueen really deliver a lot of money so make sure to pick up a frostfang as soon as possible.
At the end of the game i usually collect 1.2 - 1.5 k from Frostqueen. 
You don't have to always upgrade it fully, but I like doing so - Especially v.s. champs like Rengar, Shaco, Twitch, Akali, Fiddlesticks. You probably get the picture. Getting this item gives you important information that you otherwise might not have. It also slows champions which makes it easier to wall them off when they are running.

2049.png  Sightstone

Sightstone is also crucial since you are still a support (even though you might be carrying). Dont upgrade this unless you have nothing else to invest your money in. Dont forget to swap to red trinket when you have this, and upgrade your trinket at lvl 9.

3027.png  Rod of Ages

RoA is expensive, but it adds so much sustain to your lane and late game. It can be tedious to pick it up but I definently think its worth it. 
When you're having a REALLY good lane - pick it up before sightstone to snowball.
In other cases, sightstone first + health crystal. For next back you can then decide to go for Liandry or for a RoA afterall.

3151.png  Liandry

Liandry is a good pickup vs tanks with a lot of HP,  and when you're behind. If the game results in your team turtling, Liandry can help you clear the waves and stop enemy pushes. It also does a lot of damage against Dragons and Barons.

3003.png  Archangels

Archangels / Seraphs is a godly item on Anivia, but on support Anivia it's expensive, really slow scaling and it requires you to invest money in it in early game (tear). Getting your core ASAP is most important so I don't take it that often as I would on mid. (If you can get this, you should get RoA instead. RoA scales you better into mid-game)

Tear gives a lot of mana regen though! think about getting it after you get RoA. You dont really have to do an upgrade untill very late game but the tear helps a lot with keeping your ult up, which increases your damage output and zoning potential (especially with Liandry)

3001.png  Abyssal

Abyssal can be good when you're facing multiple AP's and assasins (like LB, Fizz). I usually get it mainly for defensive MR, but it can do a lot of damage when people come close to you.

3135.png  Void staff

Void staff because its cheap, with good damage output against MR heavy teams.


Morello's is quite a good item by itself, and is essential vs heavy healing teams. It doesn't give you any HP or defensive stats though, and thats why its not core for me. If you need this, pick it up in the late game

If you're not doing that well but your ADC is, zekes might be the way to go - even though its hard to proc it at the right time.  Anivia likes prolonged fights which increases the chance of getting that 100 stacks.
The extra AP, armor, mana and cooldown reduction are a nice bonus to your kit and the item isn't that expensive.

Zhonya vs AD heavy teams might work. You can now use your ultimate while invulnerable (*FINALLY!). When your ultimate is max size, it will do a lot of damage when you bait people in there. Get this when you get focused by a Rengar or a Zed.

Locket vs AP heavy teams and if you want to defend the rest of your team (but not really the way to go on Aniv Sup). This can be an option when you're not doing that well and took Liandry as your main damage item.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Bard
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Jhin
  • Jinx
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lucian
  • Lulu
  • Miss Fortune
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Sion
  • Sivir
  • Soraka
  • Thresh
  • Urgot
  • Vayne
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Pretty hard matchup. His stun can completely make you useless during a fight. His heal gives the matchup sustain, but since he is melee you can harass a lot with AA

Never stand next to your ADC and watch out for being close to a minion wave as well. Make sure he has to pick a target. If you both get stunned you will probably lose the fight. If just one of you gets stunned, you can trade




Annie is free gold early game, but even if you win hard vs her she will still always have her Flash + R infernalguardian.png combo. not much you can do against this to be honest.

Make sure you get kills vs her in early game, and watch out past 6. Don't trade with her after 6 because it will make you vulnerable. Burst her down, or dont fight her.




Easy peasy, after 6, dodge the stun, win fight




Bard is pretty easy on lane since he is quishy. Explode that guy with all you got - win lane. Late game he has a strong engage so he' ll still be usefull




Blitz hooks are annoying, but you can match the burst potential easily. for Aniv sup = DO NOT GET HOOKED. when your adc gets hooked - No problemo. Stun the enemy ADC (which is predictable since he wants to harass your ADC) and win the trade. miss your Q = lose your ADC ^^




Hard since he can block all your damage output. His slow and stuns are also quite annoying. Just wait out his shield before you commit all your spells

Watch out for minion waves since he can jump to them and braumQ.png you. This makes you vulnerable to enemy adc. Keep some distance from minions when you can and expect it.




Ugh, these traps. and the dash makes it hard to kill a cait caitlynyordletrap.png caitlynyordletrap.pngcaitlynyordletrap.png

If she does waste her caitlynentrapment.png to harass, punish her for not having it




Beware of his damage, other than that he is easy to pick as anivia



Try to go hyper-agressive at level 1, when he doesn't have dash.

Farms from a distance 24/7 - Annoying as anivia because its hard to reach him and he will scale. Try to make him dash and engage again. 
If you do manage to get a full combo on him while his dash is on cooldown he is easy to burst.




Also pretty easy matchup. Try to bait out her shield and harass afterwards so you make the most of your mana.




Count Jhin's attacks so you dont catch all of his grenades or 4th attack. Low mobility so you can pick him quite easily, but its hard to trade with him since he got almost as much burst damage as you do.

When he gets 6 you should be extra carefull, since you arent really mobile yourself and he can engage on you with his ult quite easily.
Interrupt his ult with crystallize.png when you are close enough




Yaay jinx. best matchup ever




Haven't seen this in a while. The constant dash makes it both hard and easy to hit her. You know when she's gonna dash, so this might make her path predictable. Use that.




easy peasy




Make sure you dont get chain CC'd by Leona. If someone has to, let it be your adc. Leona herself does not do THAT much damage. You can outtrade by returning damage to the enemy adc instead.

After 6 its the same deal, but even more dangerous.




Make sure he uses his dash before you engage.




Her protective ult makes it really hard to burst someone down.


Miss Fortune


Miss fortune isn't that hard to win against.

Make sure you don't get poked too much by her Q missfortunericochetshot.png
She isn't that mobile so W crystallize.png is very effective.
If she uses R  missfortunebullettime.png while you're in range. Stop her from doing this by placing a W crystallize.png
This means you pretty much have to keep it to stop her from ulting after 6, or make sure you catch her without flash so you can interrupt her ult with Q flashfrost.png




Her shield and harass are pretty annoying but these are things you can work arround. Her shield isnt even that strong so you can probably break it, but try to fight when her shield is down




Easy matchup. DONT trade with her, just burst her. Once you are ahead she can barely escape




Ugh this guy is tanky. Harass a lot, do not get grabbed. Trade damage to their ADC if you do. see blitzcrank tab




A pretty easy matchup if you dont let him snowball. He is low range so you can harass a lot. I usually get a lot of kills in this lane.

Watch out for walking in lane brush as Sion can Q there without you seeing it. crypticgaze.png At level 1 this results in you dieing.

Watch out for his passive and ultimate. Try to save crystallize.png , because it blocks his ultimate, or wall him off when he dies and turns into passive or he might still pick up a kill against you or your ADC even though you "won"




Sivir has a spellshield for 1(!!!) spell. Q can actually hit twice. Make sure it does so she gets stunned and you hit your double damage with Efrostbite.png

Other than that, she has low mobility without her ult which is nice.

Usually sivir's tend to push REALLY hard which makes your window to harass / burst really small.




Annoying as hell! - but squishy as well. just explode her when you get the chance and make sure you and your adc commit to the fight. If you cant burst her (mana problems) just protect your adc and farm

If you failed to kill soraka, the lane is likely going to be about farming, since you probably wasted a lot of mana going all-in vs Soraka.




I dont mind playing vs thresh too much.

Good thresh players will use E threshE.png aggressively when you try to harass them, and this will make you prone for getting hit by his Q threshQ.png

Watch out for casting your Q when he can do this, since it might interupt you from detionating it flashfrost.png




Pretty easy at early game, but it gets way harder once he scales. Its the least likely  "ADC" to burst later on.

Watch out for his R urgotswap2.png at 6, because when he does it when you cast your Qflashfrost.png, you might lose the trade and you will miss your stun.




Squishy, low range with limited mobility.

She can quite easily dodge your Q flashfrost.png with her Q vaynetumble.png so try to make use of the window that she doesn't have it. 

Other than that. Use your range to harass her.




Again, really squishy. you can probably kill him once or twice before level 6 - then fights get harder. Beware of his ultimate because it can turn fights into their favor. If you dont have the mana and burst to kill the enemy adc again it will be hard




A lot of Harass, but squishy. Burst her down. 

Usually easy to kill once you get lvl 4, with a well placed W crystallize.png
She tends to be too agressive and will make mistakes.
You only need one good Q - E - ignite combo with follow up to kill her

Synergies Back to Top


In general you want strong early game champions when you play Anivia as support so you can use her burst. In my experience these are the champions that work best.   

great          - 119.png202.png236.png429.png

good           - 222.png18.png29.png42.png81.png67.png

moderate   - 22.png51.png

bad            - 15.png96.png21.png110.png81.png67.png


Details (alphabetical)

22.png Ashe - moderate

Ashe has some quite good base damage for sustained fights but not that much burst damage. Her lvl 6 has good synergies with Anivia though, making it an Ok pick for an Anivia support, but not great. 

51.png Caitlyn - moderate

Caitlyn has good burst damage but she tends to fall of because she needs some real peel at higher levels. Anivia doesn't really provide this. She also does not like to play agressive in early game.

42.png Corki - good

Playing with Corki is nice. He has high mobility and great burst damage to go along with yours.
When you hit your Q-E combo and corki follows up with his Q-E the only thing the enemy really can do is back of.

119.png Draven - great

Highest early game damage there is, so this is a great pick. Dravens like to play agressive so you're sure that you will get follow up when you land your stun. Try to always grant Draven the kills because of his passive and You will snowball hard.

81.png Ezreal - bad / good

Ezreal's are hard to judge. Usually they tend to play safe at early game which is not what an Anivia support wants. 
Good Ezreals can actually do a lot of damage in a short time. It really depends on how good an ezreal is and what build he is taking. Blue build isn't that good with Anivia but this does make sure that he has his own peel.

202.png Jhin - great

Jhin is really strong with Anivia. Doing damage against an enemy sets him up for his snare, which in turn sets you up for your stun. His ultimate allows him to pick up kills or slow down enemies that you can then catch because of him. Top that with some great burst damage and you got yourself an A++ ADC to pair with Anivia.

222.png Jinx - good

Jinx is a decent ADC with Anivia. Works pretty much the same as Ashe except jinx has a little bit more versatile skillset. Her traps can work the same as a wall and will force the enemy to flash. Her ultimate picks up kills otherwise wouldve not been picked up, and her Jinx getting excited makes your All-in's more prone to work.

429.png Kalista - great

It's sad that Kalista isn't played often anymore. Maybe after the Koreans played her again people will start picking her up. Kalista is a great ADC with Anivia but not in meta at the moment. 
Her passive increases your burst potential which is great. Her ultimate is very versatile since it can let you make really agressive plays OR she can save you when you are out of position - Even as an Egg!. This gives you extra space to play agressive and make mistakes. Add to that her potential for objective control, where Anivia is also good at, and you got yourself a great botlane.

96.png Kog maw - bad

Kog maw has one goal - making it to late game. this does not pair up well with Anivia. In the late game there are also way better peelers than Anivia. All you can do is try to let him keep scaling and protect him as well as possible. 

236.png Lucian - great

Lucian's peak is at level 2 when he has great burst potential. Anivia has this as well which makes it easy to pick up early kills. One of the best ADC's to go along with Anivia. Make sure to farm the lane quickly at level 1 so you'll be the first to reach level 2 - and then be agressive. After this peak you should still be able to trade well - Even if you would get egg'ed, Lucian should still be able to outtrade the enemy.

21.png Miss Fortune - bad

I haven't played with Miss Fortune in ages. Miss Fortune is really only good at big teamfights where she is in the backline doing surprising amounts of damage with her ult. I wouldn't recommend playing with her because you want to get kills earlier in the laning phase.

15.png Sivir - bad

Sivir's job is to farm the wave as soon as possible. Anivia is good at agression, but not that good when she has to stay under enemy tower all the time. Not that good combination. Even though sivir is meta and might be doing well, you - as Anivia support - will be kind of useless in the late game.

18.png Tristana - good

Tristana has decent follow up and can do some decent damage in a short time while still having a good late game. Her reset with a kill also makes going all-in a little bit less risky. She also picks towers up quite easily.
When you're facing a really strong aggressive enemy bot lane it will be hard to make use of her tower pushing abilities. 

29.png Twitch - good

Twitch is pretty decent with anivia. He packs decent damage when he gets some auto attacks off, which he can do when you stun your enemy. He has a great late game as well, when anivia support kind of falls off.

110.png Varus - bad

Baaad lane. Varus doesnt like agression in the early game and cant really follow up that much. His low mobility makes him prone to be ing ganked. His ultimate is good for setting up easy stuns though. 

67.png Vayne - bad / good

Vayne really depends on the lane you have and how good your vayne is. Her condemn synergises with your wall. If you feel confident enough to place your wall and expect a vayne to condemn, this might mean you have an extra stun. This lane can either be goodor a disaster. Vayne's early game is still not that strong though, so this will never be a great lane. She is also quite prone to being countered or to get harassed on lane.

Playstyle throughout the game Back to Top

Knowing when your power-spikes are and where and when to use them is extremely important on Anivia.

I will make some examples on how you should play throughout the game, emphasising the early game. 


Anivia's level 1 is actually quite strong. If you're not facing a lane who heavily outsustains you - try to harass and getting people low so you get all in potential at later levels. If the enemy outheals or pokes you - lets say facing Nami or Sona - its often better to wait for level 2 and 3

LEVEL 2 - 4
This is where the real fun starts. After getting your E you gain a lot more burst, especially at level 3.
When you managed to get the enemy a bit lower. Try to go for that all-in when you see one. Q-E-Ignite-AA is easily enough to get someone killed when the enemyteam is about half hp. Make sure to use ignite early so you counter the enemy's heal.
If you didn't manage to harass at level 1, start now. You can outtrade most lanes easily. At level 4 you gain your wall which makes playmaking easier, but your burst lower..

LEVEL 4 & 5
Upon gaining level 4 you'll notice you will usually lose some lane pressure. Your enemies got more skills now which most of the time makes them either stronger or more mobile, and makes it hard to hit your Q or to trade. 
If you're winning the lane - Still try to pick up that kill.
If you're losing the lane - Wait untill you get your level 6

This is where you gain another powerspike and - if you did well on lane - are usually able to absolutely faceroll the enemy team. Make sure to pick up a pink ward upon backing and ward that TRI-bush / Jarvan bush depending on which side you are. More vision allows you to push the lane and try to pick up that tower. 
If you are not able to faceroll, no worries - fall back under your tower and use it to make plays when the enemy is overstepping by agressing too much. Anivia is really strong when the enemy is moving towards you. Your egg can also keep you alive when under tower, and even turn the fight if they aren't expecting it (Yes, this happens even in high ELO games)

Also; when you backed to base and your ADC can safely farm - Try to look at Mid & Top lane. How are they doing? Does the enemy laner have flash or a dash? Ofter ganking the mid/top lane can result in a kill and put your Mid laner ahead. Even walking through lane and placing a good Wall when the enemy doesn't have a flash or dash can completely turn a fight. Realise that a lot of people do not expect Anivia wall.

That being said; Its usually not worth for Anivia to roam from bot to mid. She is just too slow. Try to only do this when you just destroyed enemy tower and you're healthy/mana, or if you really really don't have anything better to do.


At this point you probably destroyed the enemy bot tower or yours got destroyed.  Start going mid and pick up objectives. Anivia is actually really weak at taking towers in the late game so if you can open up the map before your burst falls of, this means a lot for going towards a victory. The enemy jungle is Anivia's favourite place to fight and you can only really venture here when you destroyed all outer turrets.

When you and your team are winning, try to push that mid tower. Make sure to ward raptors and the opposite side of the enemy jungle to stop the enemy team from flanking - Anivia does not like flank.
If you succeeded in warding, its actually pretty easy to pin someone to the terrain with your wall at these spots, and this will almost surely result in a kill. If you're doing well you are at the frontline, seperating the enemy team with your wall and zoning tools. 

Note that Anivia usually stops from being a frontliner when you are losing.
When your team is losing, Anivia can help clear the waves with her R and Q, and thus stopping the enemy from pushing your tower. If someone doesnt expect the wave to vanish while you farm it - Wall them off and keep them under your tower. This can turn the odds. Try to scale and keep those towers up as long as possible. This is important because:
1) Anivia is good at protecting towers.
2) Anivia needs tower safety


By this time you are probably pretty strong even though your burst fell off a bit. Your W and R become your greatest weapon here. This is usually when you stop being a frontliner. 
Anivia is really fast at taking Barons and Dragons since E now also does double damage to them. When you are going for either one of them, make sure to ward the enemy jungle. You can never ward the entire enemy jungle so focus on one side and play around vision. 
When you are doing Baron or Dragon and you see the enemy team coming towards you through jungle - wall them off. This makes the enemy either commit by wasting cooldowns or gives you a safe objective. 

In teamfights your R is the biggest weapon. I can't stress enough how important it is now that you place your R right, but I'll try anyway;


Keeping the fight inside your R wins the teamfight. It will do heaps of damage but most of all; It will slow the enemy drastically when your ultimate is at max size. 
When using Q - Try to let it pass the front line and hit the backline with your stun. If you manage to stun the enemy carry its your job to execute. You can usually still one-combo the enemy adc (or with a little bit of help)

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Hi guys. Thank you for viewing my very first guide. I'm Schp, a Dutch Anivia player.

I have been an Anivia player since S1 and have played only Anivia since S4. I love the bird and even though I do play some other champs if i have to, Anivia never gets old for me. She is just really versatile.
I pretty much play Anivia anywhere - Mid - Sup - Top ..and even Jungle if I have to.
Honestly though; Top laners are really strong at the moment and having Anivia top puts your team in a disadvantage. She is best played on Mid and Sup in my opinion.

During season 4 and 5 I became Master on my account on EUNE and during season 5 I created an account on EUW where I am Diamond II at the moment, playing 72% Anivia sup.


Since the matchmaking system changed in Season 6 you are forced to pick 2 roles. I play Mid and Sup nowadays. This results in me being support 90% of the time. I don't mind since I think its a lot of fun and you have more interaction with your teammates as a support than as a mid laner. Because I play Anivia only i pick it in any matchup, and I know the champ well enough to make it work, usually.


I always pick Anivia, but for you it may be different ^^. Here are some reasons why you would play her as sup;

- Anivia support can be a great option when your team doesn't really have an AP carry. Combining her with ad midlaners and junglers make sure you still have AP damage output (and because nobody builds MR this packs a wallop)
- She has a supportive skillset while still being able to deal lots of damage. 
- Anivia is at her best when playing against low mobility champions.
- Anivia can completely turn the odds in a teamfight with her wall.


Anivia has great burst damage and relies on it heavily. If there is no follow up from your ADC you usually lack the damage to completely kill someone and this can turn the tides in a fight. This usually happens when someone fills the role of ADC, or your ADC does not want to fight because they are aiming for late game.

- Don't pick Anivia when your ADC is not experienced.
- Don't pick Anivia with late game champions unless they are really good with them.

In these cases you' ll want to pick a tanky champion since you will have more impact.


The reason that i created this guide was to let people know Anivia sup can be a viable option, if you truly know the champ. At the point that you're reading this guide and actually want to play Anivia as support i expect you to know the champ already. I will however make it an in-depth guide over time.
I will be updating the guide in the near future. If you have any comments, please let me know!

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Please enjoy my awesome photoshop skills below - A neat little graph i took from LoL Profiler. 
In yellow - My scores (72% support, 24%mid, 4%top anivia)
In grey    - Average master tier support/carry with 60 % winrate  



Versatility              - Means that i basicly play 1 champ, Anivia. The reason its not 0 is because i also play her in other roles, and I have to occasionally play other champs when she is banned or picked.

Action score           - Pretty much tells in how many fights i'm in, what my KDA is, and how agressive I'm playing. Just a little bit higher than an average master player.

Objectives control  - The amount of objectives i contribute in or capture with Anivia.

Farming                 - As Anivia you basicly shove waves when you can, resulting in more farm than an average support, but a lower farm than an average carry.

Warding                 - The amount of vision control. Placing wards, killing wards, vision wards per game.

Now obviously the charts are a bit misleading because I also play mid or top 25% of the time, but it gives you a great general view of how support Anivia is played in contrast to other supports.
The thing that really stands out for me is that even when not 100% playing support, i still have far superior vision. Anivia thrives on this. Having vision is essential to make plays.
Make sure to get better at this!

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Special thanks 

Specials thanks go out to:


Another Anivia support player with a different take on how to play it. Interesting to read.

Shuyu R 

Great in-depth Anivia guide. If you're beginning to learn the champ - start here.


  This guide was always a backup for me when i wasn't sure about itemisation or runes. Still a great guide

Also thanks for  letting me "borrow" some of your sections info. I'm lazy as hell, so this made it a bit easier to make the guide a bit more in-depth while adding info to it gradually.

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