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4 months ago

Ashe Statistics for Frostova67

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Heal and Flash are one of the most useful spells.flash to escape and heal to survive22.pngExhaust is good for slowing down but heal provides more longer stability.

New Runes Back to Top

Sorcery as it gets good attack damage.Press the attack,bloodline and coup de grace for attack damage and also triumph.Alacrity is good, but bloodline is a bit better as it helps to replenish health quickly due to the extra lifesteal boost.Domination is the second one as it helps toget more damage.Cheap shot to do more damage with ashe's slows and impaired movement enemy effects with herenchantedcrystalarrow.png(the ultimate attack,enchanted crystal arrow).Eyeball collection to enable more AD(to get more poke with w)and more AD(for more raw attack damage).these runes help ashe immensely.

Abilities Back to Top


quick summary:

for q, use it for 2 causes.
1.wave clear
2.raw damage in late game when items and AD(Attack Damage)ramps up fast and quickly goes up
for w, ue it for poke(1), or wave clear(2).(mainly for poke as wave clear auto-attacks is easy, waste of mana, especially when statik shiv or hurricane is up
for e:use it frequently if you sense opponents jungler is coming.good for scouting as it reveals whole area
for r:use it mainly for nailing kills.use it for defence only when summoner spell flash is burned out already.other than that,use it when opponent's adc is low or vulnerable.
Before using R,think:
1.Can i kill enemy struck in time?
2.Can i land it properly?(Wasting it is no use at all)
3.Is enemy jngler coming?
4.Will i have enough mana to cast future abilities like my W?
All in all, though, ashe is still a very atrong laner with her nice poke and good damage output and range for cs collection.Playing her needs precision and carefulness to be executed properly.If you can use her R and poke well,scout for enemies with E,you will make really good use of her.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    starting items.potions needed for health survivability.long sword for building to qss(quicksilver sash)or vampiric scepter(leading up to mercurrial scimitar r the bloodthirster)potion choice depends on players' likings.

Core Items

    Items to build in mid-game when gold is earned.useful to you in-game and helps adc.berserker's greaver helps for attack speed,guardian's angel provides the revival.(grants armor and damage but more importantly provides more life)infinity edge needed for damage and cri chance bonus addition,bloodthirster good for lifesteal,dominic's good for lethality.hurricane good for wave clear and crit well with infinity edge.remember to buy zeal and b.f. sword first

Situational Items

    situational items.use scimitar when your opponent has a lot of cc(crowd control)available.staatik shiv can be used to replace hurricane.(depending on preference,both items have relatively same purpose and stats buffs).Mallet an maw can be used if opponent has a lot of damage output and your health is not sufficient enough to survive.(Maw of Malmortius for opponents with magic damage output,mallet for both.)Mortal reminder if u prefer lethality more than crit or lifesteal.Same for ghostblade.

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