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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Exhaust 3.png

I almost always take exhaust when I play Aurelion Sol.

Exhaust is useful because it:

  1. Reduces incoming damage by the enemy you use it on by 40%

  2. Reduces their movespeed by 30% (IMPORTANT)
  3. Reduces their resistances

Possibly the most important stat here is the movespeed reduction on the enemy. Movespeed is one of the most important stats on Aurelion Sol as you want to be hitting the enemies with as many stars as possible and movespeed will help you keep up to them. Exhaust also serves as a cushion since Aurelion Sols early game is not the most powerful and he is vulnerable to ganks throughout laning phase.


Flash is a necessity on almost every champion if you are playing them seriously.

"Flash is the most offensive and defensive summoner spell in the game. 

Flash is great for every champion defensively if they use it to jump over a wall to get out of danger, flash away from a skill shot that you couldn't dodge with their own skills / movement, and of course, the "Panic Flash" where you flash away from someone threat. (An example of this may be an enemy Syndra with ultimate that is about to press the button) I believe that a "Panic Flash" is a bad position to be in at all, probably due to ill-warding, overextending, and just overall being unaware.

Please do not be afraid to use flash offensively!!! If flash helps you get a kill - It is always worth. These are the best times to Flash my friends. Don't you see!? In the worst case scenario, the enemy will have to use flash defensively and survive. (Sweet, they can't flash on me now) However, when your flash enables you to kill your opponent even when they have flash, that's when it really shines."

- The D Range (#1 Ekko NA)


I hardly use barrier but it is still good vs the champs that burst you so fast that you can't exhaust them in time. Some champions that come to mind include: Talon, Leblanc, Shaco, Veigar (probably buy zhonyas for his ult), Fizz, and Rengar.

Barrier is also useful vs champions with long range executes such as: Ziggs, Lux, Xerath, or Nidalee

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Stormraider's Surge???

If you're looking at the Stormraiders and thinking WTF then you haven't understood just how important movespeed is on this champ yet.

We don't take Wanderer because the movespeed is out of combat.
We don't take Secret Stash because we are buying corrupting potion as our starting item and dark seal increases healing from corrupting potion.
We take Natural Talent because it scales better than Vampirism and will give us some ad to help with cs earlier on.

Abilities Back to Top


Fairly straight forward. When I first started on Aurelion Sol I was maxing Q but W max is a lot better.

PASSIVE: CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE aurelionsolpassive.png

Three stars constantly orbit Aurelion Sol, dealing magic damage and applying spell effects to enemies they strike.

Pretty basic passive, it'll last hit minions for you and is part of what makes Aurelion Sol unique.

Q: STARSURGE aurelionsolQ.png

Aurelion Sol fires the core of a newborn star in a target direction that explodes—dealing damage and stunning all nearby enemies—upon reactivation or once it travels beyond his stars’ maximum orbital range. Aurelion Sol can travel alongside Starsurge, and by keeping it close he’ll nurture it, growing it in size so that it damages and stuns a wider area when it explodes.

This is one of your utility spells. During the early game this is your only CC ability so be careful when using it as you will be vulnerable when it is on cooldown. Something to note is that you can't stun someone at pointblank range. I use it to harass when I have an idea of where their jungler is or to escape ganks. It is also helpful for setting up roams which is important on Aurelion and something you should actively be looking to do throughout laning phase.

Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to his outer ring, significantly increasing their power. Celestial Expansion costs mana to cast and drains mana every second the ability is toggled on. Once he toggles the ability off or runs out of mana, Aurelion Sol pulls his stars back.

This is the majority of your damage and once you get Rylais it allows you to stick to your enemies very easily. Be sure to maintain maximum distance to damage your enemy right on your outer ring because if they step into you inner ring it becomes very awkward and your stun is unreliable in close range.

E: COMET OF LEGEND  aurelionsolE.png
Passive: Aurelion Sol builds up increasing movement speed as he travels continuously in the same direction, and loses speed on sharp turns. Some of this speed is stored away as Escape Velocity stacks, which are lost entirely whenever he takes damage from an enemy.
Active: Once Aurelion Sol maxes his Escape Velocity stacks, he can activate Comet of Legend to pull in his orbiting stars and take flight, traversing over terrain for a long distance. He cannot turn once his course is set, and enemy damage will bring Aurelion Sol back to earth, restoring his orbiting stars.

This is the ability that makes roaming easy. After doing my harass early game until level 3-4 and then pushing, I can back and then use this ability to get back to lane maybe losing 1 or 2 minions. I don't recommend using your E and Q together since if you miss the stun its on a long cooldown. Throughout laning phase it is important to look for roams (especially botlane) since this will put your team ahead. Make sure to push the lane before roaming. You don't have to use E to get back to lane because the passive is usually good enough but if you will miss cs it is worth it to use E.

R: VOICE OF LIGHT aurelionsolR.png
Aurelion Sol shoots out a long wave of starfire in a target direction that damages and slows all struck enemies. Nearby enemies caught in the blast are also knocked back to Aurelion Sol’s outer ring.

This is ability has many uses:
  • initiating a fight
  • self-peel (or teammate)
  • executing the enemy
Your ult is an aoe long range beam that knocks enemies back to your outer ring and slows everyone hit for a massive amount. Until you get a few items it won't do very much damage so keep that in mind.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    First Buy. This is to provide you with enough sustain to push and poke for the first 3-4 levels. Ideally you back with enough gold for Dark Seal and a Vision Ward (pink)
    Gives you the early AP you need to do better in lane phase fighting while you build towards catalyst
    Build into Hextech GLP-800

Core Items

    GLP for a slow active and a nice hp/mana pool, rylais for more slows, swifties for more speed, void for penetration. After 2 items you do enough damage to warrant the pen.
    When they have a lot of cc
    if they have 4 ad champs

Situational Items

    If there is something you need to block or get into a bad situation with your team around.
    For when they have at least 2 champs with big healing abilities
    For more movespeed/aoe
    recently reworked to be an ap item with a spellshield very effective vs many champions as well as cheap
    Great for when they have tanks


The core of this build is Rylais, Swifties and either Rod of Ages or Hextech GLP-800. I recommend GLP because it is a sooner spike with a nice active and the build path is better.

Matchups Back to Top

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Playstyle Back to Top

So the player I learned how to do this from is the Korean mid main r2ve who is  in Master Division. From watching replays I learned his style.


Start corrupting pot, harass with autos and w, then pop corrupting pot when they try to retaliate to your trade. at level 2 try to hit them with a Q and more harass. At level 3 or 4 push the wave in and buy a Dark Seal and pink ward if you can afford it. Use E to get back to lane and farm/trade as usual while looking for roams.

Mid Game

Look for picks near objectives with your Q or Hextech GLP-800 since you may not have Rylais yet.

Late Game

Your goal late game is NOT to initiate unless your team is with you and the enemy is retreating and you can hit some carries with an ult for the slow. Sit in the backline and wait for an engage and pop W and R on as many people as you can while also peeling for yourself with the knockback and stun from Q.


  • moving in a clockwise motion will increase the dps of your stars since they spin counter-clockwise
  • If someone is on you after level 6 do not throw your stun at them right away. Ult them to your outer range and then get a guaranteed stun
  • when pushing the wave position slightly to the side and let your stars hit all of the wave with w on

If you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will try to address them as best I can.

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