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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Azir is great at map control and fights around objectives. That's why i like 12.png so much,it makes you rule the entire summoners rift map.

14.png is useful as well as it helps you secure kills.

7.png 21.png 1.pngSometimes you just need to survive.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Azir deals constant damage. That's why i prefer the death fire touch on the ferocity tree.

The reason i go on resolve tree is because of Insight. This mastery can reduces the cooldown from all summoners, meaning we can flash more or cleanse more  through all stages of the game for example.

Abilities Back to Top


Shurima's Legacy

Disc of the Sun: Azir places a marker above the ruins of destroyed turrets. Once near the ruins, Azir can click on the marker to conjure a Sun Disc, which functions like a standard turret but grants Azir any gold it earns. A Sun Disc's health decays over 1 minute and will lose its armor if Azir dies or moves too far away. Azir cannot conjure Sun Discs within the enemy base.

Disc of the sun is the strategic portion of Azir's passive . When surrounding enemy inhibitor turrets, you may use it to protect from flank attacks. When your inhibitor is under a siege use it to protect your base.

Conquering Sands(Q)

Active: Azir orders all Sand Soldiers to rush toward the target location, dealingmagic damage and slowing all enemies they pass through by 25% for 1 second. Enemies can be hit by multiple soldiers, but each soldier beyond the first will deal only 25% damage. The slow stacks additively.

It's used to reposition your soldier through the battlefield. hitting a enemy directly may allow you hit 2 or 3 more Auto attacks. 

Tip: -You may order your soldiers to go to anywhere on the map but they will travel only 800 units away from you
So use it when you are close enough of the target location or it will be a waste of one important spell.


Passive: Gains 20/30/40/50/60% attack speed.

Active: Azir summons an untargetable Sand Soldier for 9 seconds. When Azir attacks an enemy in a soldier's range, the soldier attacks instead of Azir - dealingmagic damage to all enemies in a line. If multiple soldiers strike the same target, each soldier after the first deals 25% damage, and the soldiers can't attack structures. 

Azir can store up to 2 Sand Soldiers at a time, but there is no hard limit on the number of Sand Soldiers that can be active on the field at once. Sand Soldiers expire twice as fast while within range of an enemy turret, and will expire instantly if Azir moves too far away. 

If Azir summons a Sand Soldier directly on top of an enemy turret, the soldier will sacrifice itself to deal magic damage to the turret.

This is the base of all your base spells. It's used to summon a soldier at the target location within 450 units.

Tip -If you summon a soldier in between enemy fighter and caster minions you can clear the wave without needing to reposition your soldiers. 
-The soldiers works like wards.They grant vision in a 400 units radius and if the range pass through half of the wall the soldier will be summoned on the other side of the wall.
-You don't need to face check, use Arise(W)+Conquering sands(Q) to check bushes. 

Shifting Sands(E)

Active: Azir dashes to one of his Sand Soldiers, damaging enemies he passes through and knocking them up for 0.5 seconds. If Azir hits an enemy champion, he will stop and gain a shield for 4 seconds.

Use this to reposition yourself to run or chase your enemies.

Tips: -Some people fail to dash to one of your soldiers because they don't select the soldier. To properly dash put your mouse pointer over one of your soldiers and then press E. It will never fail i Garentee it.

-Don't underestimate the shield you gain from hitting a champion it may be a life saver. 
-You may cast conquering sands during shifting sands dash to  extend the dash distance.

Emperor's Divide(R)

Azir calls forth a phalanx of shield-wielding soldiers who press forward, knocking back and damaging enemies. 

When the soldiers finish their charge, they stand as a wall for a duration, blocking enemy champion movement and dashes. Allies can pass through the wall and gain 20% bonus movement speed when they do. These soldiers cannot be ordered to move or attack.

This skill is what makes you good at Azir. A well positioned ultimate can turn fights around. 
Emperor's divide prevents any enemy dash(except the unstoppable ones) but not blinks.

Tip: -This skill does damage and can be used to add some burst damage to your all-in, but it's base damage(300 at lv 16) and ap ratios(0.6) aren't great.
-If the enemy has a dash , and they use their flash to pass through the wall of soldiers. Walk through the wall again and make them cry. Remember you and your allies can pass freely . 
-Enemies with CC immunity spells like morgana's black shield are able to dash through the wall

Note: The skill description was taken from Azir's champion page at

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard mage start

Core Items

    It's what you need to get your soldiers rolling. Always pick stinger as first item
    Your soldiers will hurt a lot with these itens.

Situational Items

    Don't need MagicPen, or use MR glyphs
    It's other options for CDR. Morello is great against hard healers like swain and mundo.
    The shield from your "E" scales with health so It's a nice combo for azir, for a more Health focused build. I don't recomend it if there are lots of % damage on the enemy team
    Want to split push? With only one wave you can take ANY turret down when using this item,seriously.
    If you are focused too much by the enemy team or need the extra life go for this item.
    It gives some extra sustain through all stages of the game but it's very situational
    MR,HP and a passive that can potentially nullify one important CC. This item is great against champions like VI and Malphite.

Matchups Back to Top

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This will take some skill. Your emperor divide stops her spirit rush but not her's projectiles Be aware of the charm and avoid it at any cost. 




In lane you'll have complete control . She will mostly try to farm as she can't really engage on you by herself.  Try to poke her as much as possible without losing minions.  

Post six , both ultimates will be available . Here you must be aware. Your ultimate blocks hers, but yours have a much longer cooldown. She can abuse this window and take you down. 

In team fights you have a better presence than her. 







you have more range than her and can bully her out of lane. but a jungle gank or  a surprise flash tibers can make the lane go her way.

item choices that may help:3027_32.png3116_32.png3111_32.png







This matchup can go either way. His poke with Pillar of flames+burn from his passive deals a significant amount of damage, but before lv 6 most of his damage comes from skill-shots. 










You have the advantage early on,but after lv 3 you can't really duel him.Here you'll really need help from your jungler. Ask him if he can camp your lane. If not possible , save your E for when he all-in you and play safe through the entire early game.

Post  lv 6, never duel him. You can't win.  He can go through your ult and his burst will kill you before you can deal your constant damage.

Try to be a presence in teamfights.

Items options against fizz :3102_32.png 3001_32.png3157_32.png










If you don't all-in him, he can't all-in you.  This a surely a farm lane but the advantage goes your way.

Your soldiers can attack his turrets from a safe distance and you can poke him when he doesn't have any turrets in lane.




Jayce is strong right now. He has 6 abilities at lv 3 that does a lot of damage.In addition to that, i think his poke is stronger than Azir's poke early on. On the other hand , He has some mana problems before 3070_32.png and no escape besides his tiny speed boost when he changes his stance.

Items: 3191_32.png>3157_32.png
if the enemy team is full AD, consider buying a3143_32.png







The shield from his Q helps him against your poke early on . But hell starts at lv 6




Katarina  is a high risk high reward type of champion and struggles against most mid-laners  because she can be zoned out of her minions easily . Pressure her early on, poke her  and you will win the lane phase. 

On team fights she will wait for you to use your emperor divide and shifting sands, so she can pass through your defenses and burst you down. Be aware.




Lissandra has the tools to pass through your defenses and blow you up




Her binding is dangerous and she has a lot of shields , but her skills costs a lot of mana, dodge her skills and you will win the lane.




Malzahar is a great duelist. He can farm pretty easily and harass with his Q and E. The good news is that he has no escape, call your jungle early on and you'll win. 

Don't duel him post lv 6.




Swain need to stay close to do damage. and you have the tools to stay far away from him. Build morello to shut down his HP regen.



Syndra is a rough matchup. Her Q+E+W combo followed by another Q hurts as hell.  She can burst you down with only one combo post six and your ultimate will not help. Try to avoid her Qs and make sure you don't die 1v1 as she can snowball pretty hard with 1 or 2 kills.

I recommend start with flask+ 3 pots for more sustain in lane. 
Some defensive items that may help against her. 3111_32.png   3027_32.png 3102_32.png

If possible , don't pick azir against syndra.




Don't let him farm. You have more range and poke potential than him







Rush 3157_32.png  and avoid his poke. He can beat you 1v1 in lane before zhonya's , his shadows can juke your static soldiers positioning while your Q is in cooldown.

Pros and Cons. Back to Top

The Pros.

-High Damage output
-Medium mobility
-Strong zone control.
-Lane bully.
-High push and split-push potential.
-Lots of  builds
-Builds a turret.

The Cons.

-Hard to learn.
-No damage if the enemy is away from his soldier's range.
-Weak against hard engage.
-Needs time to setup his soldiers.
-Weak against water.

Laning Back to Top

Notes: First time with the champion may be weird.
Don't sacrifice CS for harass on the enemy and don't go for CS if you will take a lot of damage in return

At lv 1 you want to position one soldier in the middle of the minion wave and farm. There is not much more you can do.

At lv 2 and 3 you can reposition your soldiers and yourself, allowing you to harass your opponents down. The basic harass tip is to use you Q and right after hit one Auto Attack

With a couple AS on the build, your harass starts to hurt a lot so, you can easily take them out of the lane. 

Post lv 6 you'll be pretty safe in lane. This allows you to be more aggressive with your soldiers. Try to force the enemy out of lane.

If you do it successfully , you have 2 option, roam or pressure their turret. I prefer the second option because it makes the mid game start sooner and gives global gold,but if one of the side lanes needs help there's no reason you cannot go there and make your advantage go through your entire team.

Some general tips.

Try to buy a 2043_32.png or 2044_32.png on your first back. this, in addition to your trinket, allows you to maintain both river sides warded through most part of early game.  You can put your 2043_32.png in the banana bush near blue buff so it can last longer and give a good vision of the river. The bush in the middle of the river  is a option as well but people are looking inside it more often.



 And of course, pay attention to your opponent's behavior. If he changes from passive to an over-aggressive style, he probably has someone as backup.

Mid Game Back to Top

The mid game is the phase of the game where champions starts to roam after the first turret goes down. Azir is great at mid game as the team starts to fight for turrets and dragons. Azir is a god when fighting around objectives.

Fights for the dragon.

When your team started the dragon.

When your team is doing dragon you as Azir want to do 1 thing primarily : Isolate the dragon pit by creating danger zones in the enemies way.

Position your soldiers correctly and attack  every time one enemy is in the soldiers range.  If the enemy pass through, you can use Emperor's divide to knock them back. 

When the enemy team started the dragon.

In this case, you want to poke them while they are focusing the dragon if you can lock them inside the pit with Emperor's divide, do it. It will create a great moment for your team unleash all their AOE spells (including yours) and your Tanks go there and do his work. if they pull back from the pit and start a fight you should use emperor divide to block them and protect your back line.

When none of the team started the dragon. 

Here your focus is to poke the enemy team down.

Fights for turrets.

When sieging a turret you should poke. Never try to summon a soldier in the turret for the extra damage if the enemy is near the turret. It has such a low range , that it does not worth the risk. Instead, summon a soldier and put them inside the turret range, so you  create some seconds of danger zone, allowing your marksman to hit the turret 2 or 3 times.

if a team fight starts, you should focus in 2 things.

1-Protect you and your backline with your ultimate.
2-Deal tons of damage.

Late Game Back to Top

Azir has one of the strongest late games. His soldiers will crush the enemies health bars if he is left alone. This makes him a priority target to the enemy team and for your team as well. Some team protection and zhonya's would be nice.  Also, pay attention to the map positioning of your allies and enemies so you don't get picked off. In Team fight,use your 1200 AA range into your advantage and buy a guardian angel if needed.

Baron fights.

In a baron fight you should proceed as in a dragon fight.  But be aware of the above notes. Poke the enemy team as much as possible, and if a fight starts focus on protection for you and your team's backline.

Managing the CDR Back to Top

Here i'll help you stack up 40% CDR ,exactly. So you don't waste any effective gold. 

So before the game starts choose if you want stack up the CDR through items in game like the combo3174_32.png+3115_32.png 
use runes and masteries to open item slots for no cdr items like 3151_32.png,3048_32.png,3089_32.png,3116_32.png.

Through only in game Items

If you want to build your 40% CDR through items, you don't need the sorcery mastery so switch it for the fury mastery. Yes sorcery gives more AS early on due to Azir's passive but, after you finish your 40% combo, it will be wasted. The AS difference between Fury and Sorcery is 1.25% it's not game changing early on, definitely. 


Sorcery mastery but no CDR on runes.

Here the fastest combo possible to close out the 40% CDR is by using3158_32.png+any 20% CDR item.
Example of build:3115_32.png+3158_32.png+3157_32.png+3089_32.png+3026_32.png+3040_32.png

Sorcery mastery plus 5% cdr on runes.

As you have 10% CDR already . The proper way to get 40% without wasting any extra CDR is through 10% CDR + 20% cdr Item. The combos i would recommend are:

3115_32.png+3152_32.png or  3023_32.png+3115_32.png 

Example of build 3115_32.png+3020_32.png+3023_32.png+3157_32.png+3040_32.png+3089_32.png

*This build is great for split pushing.

Sorcery mastery plus 10% CDR on runes.

I really don't recommend this one. There's no way to make it out without sacrificing every 20% cdr item or wasting extra CDR  .
but if you insist on this one the combination is 3158_32.png+ any 10% CDR item.
Example of build : +3023_32.png+3158_32.png+3089_32.png+3157_32.png+3151_32.png+3116_32.png .

Sorcery Mastery plus 15% CDR on runes.

Here you already have 20% cdr on runes and masteries , buy a 20% cdr item for the fastest way.

Example of build: 3115_32.png+3020_32.png+3089_32.png+3157_32.png+3151_32.png+3116_32.png

Notes:1- The recommended items are for the fastest way to get 40% without wasting any.But There are a lot of other options.
2-The CDR on runes could be flat or scaling.
3-There is not only one way to build a champion, choose what you like the most.

Videos Back to Top

Azir's Champion spotlight.

Azir is a problem  to any melee champion with no blink ability.  Even with yasuo starting the fight with the advantage, Azir is able to take the advantage back.
As yasuo uses his blink to pass through Azir's wall, he Blinks back to the other side of the wall forcing yasuo to walk through the side taking a lot of damage during that. A well timed zhonya's allows azir to build up time to his E go off cooldown and take the kill.

As katarina headed to the blue side golem buff she passes through a pink ward and alerts Azir and his team. Azir uses his abilities to harass katarina down as she goes towards Master Yi. She kills master but Azir is able to take the kill back with a finishing Conquering sands. As the fight goes on , Azir is able to block yasuo's dash with Emperor's divide, building up time to Garen finish the kill with Demacian justice + ignite

Azir's lategame is so powerful, never underestimate him

About me. Back to Top

Hi i'm lMisteryl the intention was to write "Mister Y" but i forgot to press shift when i typed the "y" and now my nickname is a mistyped version of Mystery.The "l"s was just a garnish .  I'm Silver II currently and i like to learn the history, strategies and curiosities about league.

I started to play Azir mainly because he builds turrets and summons soldiers.For me this could lead to different strategies and i wanted to test it. i thought  the soldiers could benefit from banner of command's passive and it was so exciting to me! Unfortunately, it cannot but it's still an strategically interesting item on Azir though.  i still hope this item will become a must have in certain champion or strategy. 

I hope you guys have learned something new with this guide. If you have any question, leave it as a comment and i'll do my best to answer. 

and good luck in summoners rift.

Patch History Back to Top

Patch 5.5

-Base attack speed increased from 0.600 to 0.625
-Soldier attack range increased from 325 to 375 
-Spear passthrough range decreased from 100 to 50

Patch 5.3

-Basic Attack damage increased to 52 from 49.7
-Conquering Sands(Q): Base damage decreased to 65/85/105/125/145 from 75/105/135/165/195
-Arise(W) : Soldier's attack range changed from 400 to 325 
                  Damage on towers decreased from 90+(15*lvl)+(0.7 AP) to 50+(10*lvl)+(0.4 AP)

Patch 5.2 

Conquering sands(Q)- Range indicator increased to 875 to display the skill actual range.
-When there's more than one soldier in the battlefield, conquering sands(Q) now moves the closest soldier to the target location.

Patch 4.21

Arise(W)-Fixed a bug where the soldier's deals no damage if the target goes out of range during the AA animation.

Shifting Sands(E)- Fixed a bug where using Shifting Sands outside it's range would cause Azir to walk into range
- Fixed a bug where Shifting Sands would not be queued during the cast of Arise(W).

Emperor's Divide(R)- The move speed bonus now grants assists.

Patch 4.20

Conquering Sands(Q)- Base damage increased to 75/105/135/165/195 from 60/90/120/150/180

Arise(W)- Ratio decreased from 0.7 to 0.6 AP 

Shifting Sands(E)- Base shield amount increased to 80/120/160/200/240 from 60/100/140/180/220

Patch 4.18

-Base attack damage changed from 43 to 47.

-Base Attack speed buff from 0.556 to 0.6

-Many bugfixes to Azir's passive and skills. (Oh, yeah!)

Patch 4.16


Change log. Back to Top

Here i'll be posting the changes,fixes and updates that i made to this guide after his public launch. 

09/28/2014 - fix some grammatical errors

09/29/2014 - Added videos section. 

09/30/2014 - Added Laning fase section 
- Added Mid game section
-Added Late Game section 

10/01/2014- added Pros and Cons section.
-Item section updated

10/02/2014 - Added the Azir's champion spotlight to the videos section.

10/03/2014 - fixed some grammatical mistakes.
-updated the matchups section.
-added new items to item section.
-added managing CDR section.

10/06/2014- matchups updated.
10/08/2014 - Patch History added.
10/13/2014- added new VOD
10/18/2014-Skills description updated.

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