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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I take this in all of my games. If you just used your abilities, you are defenseless and quick repositioning e.g. over a wall is invaluable.

You will hardly miss a single wave if you use this correctly. Also very good for ganking side lanes and for counterganking (coordinated w/ your jungler). My preferred 2nd spell as a bruiser.

This is rarely used on the emperor bird for obvious reasons (4.png > 6.png). I like using this as 2nd spell sometimes when I don't play to buy a 3116.png and when the enemy team has champions that are easy to kite, like 77.png, 36.png, 48.png and such.

I take this against high-burst opponents I'm afraid to die against even when playing defensively (21.png can also work, but I don't like it).

Rarely picking this against high CC champions, like 127.png, 1.png, 90.png and the likes.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

My personal preference: 0/18/12 going for Thunderlord's Decree.
Since Fervor of Battle doesn't work out anymore, the only other option for damage is Deathfire Touch.

Cunning Tree

  • Wanderer: way better than Savagery. It's easy to lasthit with the bird.
  • Secret Stash: better sustain = healthier laning phase. If you want, pick Assassin (mid and top are both solo lanes), but you seek to scale into late game. This is where teamfights happen and Assassin tends to be useless.
  • Merciless / Meditation: both are good, but I tend to never run oom, so I opt for more damage.
  • Precision: the difference between 40% and 45% CDR isn't groundbreaking and (if I'm not playing support), my choice is Precision for higher damage output.
  • Thunderlord's Decree: best mastery atm, since Fervor of Battle doesn't work with your soldiers anymore.

Resolve Tree

  • Recovery: well, for recovery (stupid question).
  • Explorer: Tough Skin is complete garbage, so why not pick move speed in bush/river?
  • Veteran's Scars: you don't build spell vamp (generally), so having some more health is much appreciated.
  • Insight: one of the best masteries overall. Reduced cooldown for summoner spells is always strong.

Abilities Back to Top

268.png tend to start with W, but it's a weak start, don't do this. Ever. Haha

Maxing Q first is best in terms of damage and poking ability. You can easily drive opponents (especially melee) out of lane with some well aimed Q's.

W second for lower soldier CD and increased attack speed.

Update: (W) Solders deal less damage before lvl 16 since patch 6.14.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    normal start (preferred)
    mobility start (against long ranged skillshots)
    pu$$y start (i like)
    first back. if you don't have enough for the catalyst, buy a crystal. otherwise get a 2nd ring

Core Items

    my favourite build
    HP/AP with slow, good as last item
    attack speed options. rageblade doubles your soldiers' damage every 4th attack, when stacked
    I like 40% CDR, but it's up to you to pick sorc boots
    Very good replacement for roa. Has the same passive
    (pending for test)

Situational Items

    in need of armor?
    need magic resist?
    need the damages?
    sustain? take this
    when fully built


1056.png is the best starting item. Also okay to get a 2nd one on your first back; you won't have any mana problems.
Always get one or two 2003.png on every back until mid game.

Examplary Full Builds (aiming for 40% CDR)
  • 3158.png3030.png3065.png3115.png3143.png3116.png  My favourite against mixed damage. You have both armor and magic resist and the additional HP effectivly increases your survivability. With this build you gain on-hit slow, 1900 HP, 300 AP and 110% attack speed.
  • 3006.png3116.png3742.png3115.png3110.png3135.png against full AD teams. Exchange DMP with either Randuin's or Thornmail, as you deem necessary. The Frozen Heart is needed for the additional mana, since you don't have a RoA, and the 20% CDR. Replace Rylai's with RoA or GLP if you want.
  • 3020.png3027.png3065.png3115.png3001.png3089.png against full/mostly AP teams. Since patch 6.9, abyssal grants 10% CDR.
Those are just exemplary builds. Adapt to all situations.

Core Items

With the mage & item update in patch 6.9, this item will give you mana back depending on how much damage you take.

Very good item, stats are like from 3027.png, but almost fully stacked right off the bat. Both share the same passive, but the GLP has cone-formed active slow which deals mediocre damage. Helps while kiting and chasing as well.

This item is sooo good. Not only gives a good amount of AP and huge 50% attack speed but also 20% CDR and +15 (+15% AP) on-hit magic damage. You can spam soldiers all day and your attack speed will be godlike. Along with the permaslow from Rylai's, nothing will escape your grasp. (okay maybe 77.png or 36.png or 120.png.)

Got a rework in patch 6.9: grants AD, AP, a stacking passive with additional attack speed, AD and AP. Grants 15 magical on-hit damage once it's fully stacked and the old Sated Devourer's passive. Every 4th attack, your soldiers will deal double damage (attack twice).

The permaslow this item gives is super strong. Combined with the high range and attack speed, this is a really dangerous toy in the hands of an experienced Azir player. Helps peeling for yourself as well as for others.

Good chunck of HP, magic resist and 10% CDR. Overall good and solid item to mitigate magic damage.
Not grants 25% increased healing since patch 6.9.

The armor items momentarily have quite similar stats, but this is slightly superior as it grants a lot of move speed. The move speed passive will NOT be consumed by your soldier's attacks!

Situational Items

This is strong against crit-heavy champions like most AD carries and the likes of 157.png and 202.png. Has a neat passive and active slow which helps peeling.

Good for lowering the damage output of champions with high attack speed. Grants an aura that slows enemy attack speed. Gives huge 20% CDR and 500 mana, but no health.

Very situational. Only good against AD champions with high attack speed and combined with at least 1 other armor item. Reflects 15% of the unmitigated damage dealt back to the attacker. Grants no health but has the highest amount of armor in game.

Good mix of offense and defense, but its passive's range doesn't quite match your auto hit range. Consider this before buying. Gives 10% CDR since patch 6.9.

Viable alternative to 3065.png, which grants a spell shield every 45 seconds but has no CDR.

Grants 60 AP, 20 magic resist, 200 HP, 10% CDR, +100% HP regen, a magic resist aura and the active promotion of an allied minion. Very versatile and strong item for splitpushing, but not that useful in actual fights. You could replace this in late late game with another magic resist item.

3089.png / 3135.png
Raw damage, nothing more, nothing less. If enemies have 60+ magic resist, 3135.png is stronger, otherwise pick 3089.png.

Good to counter certain abilities, like 238.png ult. Gives less AP but 10% CDR since patch 6.9.

Since WotA got removed in 6.9, this is the only option for mages and mage-like champions to get health back by dealing damage. The 40 AD are a bit useless, but 80 AP, 15% healing and the useful (now instant since patch 6.9) active are really neat. Works well on a tanky build in order to sustain against tanks.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Fizz
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karma
  • Kassadin
  • Kennen
  • LeBlanc
  • Lux
  • Malzahar
  • Yasuo
  • Zed




Difficulty: 5/10 -7/10

She is so slippery, has sustain, high burst w/ true damage and strong CC.
If you don't juke her ahriseduce.png, consider yourself an endangered species.
Besides that, don't push your lane too hard post-6, because she can set up nice ganks.




Difficulty: 5/10 - 9/10

Can be a really tough matchup. He is slippery (well, he is a walking fishstick) and can easily avoid your spells. When he goes all-in w/ ult, wait until he used fizzjump.png, then you can ult yourself to peel. If you manage to do that, you win the fight.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 5/10

One of the easier matchups. Avoid his hextechmicrorockets.png and ch1concussiongrenade.png by juking. You can safely farm with your soldier w/o getting hit by his turrets.
Remember, your ult also displaces his turrets, so don't ult his upgraded turret into your team.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 10/10

One of your hardest matchups. Her improved karmaheavenlywave.png deals so much damage, especially at lower levels. Post-6 it becomes a little easier since she doesn't get a new spell.
Don't get rooted by karmaspiritbond.png or you will probably die. Her low CD shield is not only strong but also grants a move speed boost.
The shield/move speed affects all nearby allies of her if she uses karmachakra.png beforehand!




Difficulty: 4/10 - 7/10

Pre-6 it's easy. Poke whenever he goes for a lasthit and farm up. Post-6, he can unload his combo at will and has a 6-2 sec cooldown 4.png-like blink.

In a 1v1, he will use it to get over your wall, so better save it when he actually dives you.
In team fights, use it against other opponent rather than the void walker.

His burst becomes really high in late game, beware!




Difficulty: 4/10 - 6/10

As long as you stay behind minions, he istn't overly dangerous. Whenever he auto hits your, punish him




Difficulty: 3/10 - 8/10

She can be very dangerous if played correctly. Prevent to get bound by leblancsoulshackle.png at all cost. Post-6, w/o any defense, you're pretty much dead, but if you have at least 2 items, you can easily fight her.
Coming late game, she becomes a little useless unlike you.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 5/10

Her poke in the laning phase is slightly superior to yours, since it has a big areal effect. As long as you don't get hit by luxlightbinding.png, you'll be fine. This is neither a dangerous nor an interesting matchup.
If you don't have a soldier up and don't plan to call one in the next few seconds, stay far behind your minions in order to not get poked for free.




Difficulty: 6/10 - 9/10

His space aids is so strong, the silence is the longest in the game and his ult is a 2.5 sec suppression. I would recommend taking 1.png if you want to opt for safety.

Normally, he will push the lane all day long and farm for mid/late game - the same thing you want to do.
If however he decides to showcase an aggressive playstyle - juke his alzaharcallofthevoid.png and avoid standing near low ally minions with space aids, so it won't jump over to you.




Difficulty: 3/10 - 8/10

You are considered to be a hard counter to League's samurai. However the difficulty of this matchup strongly depends on your and even more on your opponent's level of skill. This can be easy-peasy but also hard as fukk.

Dodge his 3rd  every time he casts it. Remember, your soldiers and azirR.png don't disappear when touching yasuoW.png but they will stop (much like 105.png ult).




Difficulty: 8/10 - 11/10

Easily your hardest matchup. He deals insane amounts on damage and his mobility and playmaking potential is second to none.
Juke zedQ.png as well as you can and always stay close to your turret, especially post-6.

If you want, get a 3157.png, but with his basic abilities he will have enough damage to kill you if you don't buy some more resistances.

Why play Bruiser Azir? Pros & Cons Back to Top

First of all, you main damage source, namely your sand soldiers, have a 60% AP scaling.  If you replace 2-3 damage items with tank items, you have half the damage but 3-4 times the tankiness as well as 40% (or 45%) CDR.

(These builds can be considered duel builds.)

Besides, your E's shield scales with bonus HP, which means it will become quite large:

Let's say you get 2000 HP from items. The shield at rank 5 has 240 base strength (and a duration of 4 sec).
2000*0.15+240 = 540 shield strength. Considering you have quite some armor and magic resist, this is a huge shield!

Your ability cooldowns with 40% CDR look like this (at max rank):
Q: 3.6 sec
W: 4.8 sec (recharge time)
E: 9 sec
R: 60 sec


  • you easily get 40% (or 45%) CDR
  • tanky, can absorb quite some damage
  • can engage quite well
  • works as a disruptor in teamfights
  • can peel well for other carries
  • huge shield
  • still decent damage over time
  • strong late game


  • not the highest damage
  • mediocre laning phase

Playstyle Back to Top

Early Game

Farm, poke, farm. This is what you do early. 268.png strongly depends on his (core) items, so don't play overly aggressive until you get some items. Everytime you want to poke, spawn a soldier (W), auto hit (if possible), Q, auto hit. W/o some additional attack speed, it might be difficult to proc Thunderlord's, but don't give up. Farming becomes much easier when your drove your opponent out of lane.

Try keeping the side entrances to the enemy jungle warded at all times. This way, 90% of ganks can be prevented or, correctly coordinated with your jungler, turned into your favor.

Mid Game

Farming is of course still very important, but at this point you should work together with your team to secure dragons and push lanes to take turrets down. Use your passive to start sieging a lane/turret while 1 or 2 team members start splitpushing heavily, favorably champions with a lot of wave clear and/or dueling potential.

When building the Bruiser Bird, you can force teamfights and skirmishes by using the famous "inSec" move. In short: shove enemies into your team with your ult. You are able to do this in full-blown team fights, since you are able to absorb quite some damage and survive this.

Late Game

Like in mid game, you can engage for your team, but consider letting someone else from your team engage on an important target and then follow with your combo immediately.

The death timers are really long at this point, so consider carefully which engage you might and might not dare.

Changelog Back to Top

May 11th 2016

  • Rephrased some item explanations

May 10th 2016

  • Updated "Pros & Cons" section
  • Updated item section & matchup section for patch 6.9

May 3rd 2016

  • Added first matchups (more coming soon)
  • Improved item explanations
  • Added text to section "Why play Bruiser Azir? Pros & Cons".

April 28th 2016

  • Guide created

About the Author Back to Top

Hey there, this is Chrymbor from EU West.
I really enjoy playing unusual picks, as you probably already guessed.
My guide does not contain real troll builds, you can carry with every build.

If you have any questions or remarks to make about my guide, please leave a comment. :)

Also check out my other guides.

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