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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I don't see exhaust as an option for 432.png in solo Q, because it takes a lot of pressure from him.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is pretty much standard Bard masteries. Newcomers to bard make the mistake of taking Windspeaker's over Thunderlord because of the Heal.. Yeah don't do that, you will lose too much damage and losing too much damage means that you will lose some pressure in the laning phase

Abilities Back to Top


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Only way to start on Bard

Core Items

    This is my standard build
    Final build

Situational Items

The build order is 2049.png>3098.png>3009.png>3190.png>3092.png>3025.png>3094.png>2045.png

Remember to buy  2009.png if you are still in a laning phase, let's say you have 800g and you are backing instead of buying 2049.png and no 2009.png, you would be better off with 3098.png and 3x2009.png and a 2043.png, Because the 2009.png allows you to still keep up the pressure and staying healthy.

Now you might think. WTF 3094.png and 3025.png?  these two items are extremely good on Bard, so before you judge it try it out.

What RFC gives you: RFC for bard is the ultimate Solo Q item, It gives you damage, potential to get a pick off in the late game, and allows you to siege better with Iceborn. It's an item of distrust, I don't trust my teammates to do anything so I will initiate the fights, and RFC helps me doing that with the range increase and meep slow. combined with the sheen proc you deal load of dmg, that can force a Carry to use their Dash. which opens you up to ulting him, if he dodges the ult with flash, you back off and have an advantage in the next fight. It's also a really good item, because sometimes your teammates are going to be scared to hit the tower, so the range helps with sieging!

When to buy 3110.png over  3025.png?  If they have 3 attack speed dependent champions on the enemy team, I would go 3110.png over 3025.png otherwise 3025.png is the way to go.

Buy 3512.png when you're ahead. Buy it before 3025.png but after 3190.png. 3512.png replaces  3094.png Note: I would only buy3512.png if I am far ahead.

Buy 3060.png if your jungler buys 3190.png

Buy3075.png if they are full AD. buy it after 3025.png. 3075.png replaces 3094.png

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  • Tahm Kench
  • Thresh




Zone him out level 1 because he can't use his combo yet. when he hits level 2 be careful not to stack with your ADC because he is just going to headbutt.pngpulverize.png you and that might result in you losing the lane.

When pushing the lane to their tower make sure there are minions tanking the tower. because a Good alistar will see the opportunity to 4.pngpulverize.pngheadbutt.png you in the tower, and that will almost guaranteed give them a kill.




I hate laning against a good blitz, most of time they will just pressure the lane by their positioning, and threatening with rocketgrab.png. Without actually using it.

In this matchup, if you have balls of steel and pretty good prediction skills on when he is going torocketgrab.png , by all means stay in front of your ADC and bait therocketgrab.png from there you have until level 4 12 seconds where the hook is down, in these seconds you can play HARD, and poke their ADC. This might be more difficult against high pressure lanes like 202.png53.png or 222.png53.png pretty much those lanes where you are forced to flash if you get rocketgrab.png




Fuck this kid, Why did he have to pick Brand.

If you have a high damage early game ADC, then you have 2 options.

1. Get level 2 before them and all in with your ADC
2. Get fucked because you and your ADC didn't get level 2 first. If they get level 2 first the brand will start to assert his dominance and reminding you that he has his brandblaze.png up. in this situation you can't do much if you are on blue side, you just have to wait till you can get a 2 man stun on brand and his adc, Or get a stun on brand and go on their adc.

If you are purple side you are in luck. play defensively. yes you are going to lose some farm early. but that is alright. when you get level 3 immediately start pinging their jungle and tell the jungler to come because "Ez kills" and it is, since you let them push you to your tower you get to use your bardE.png at tri bush, if they react after the portal is down, atleast one of them is going to die anyways, mostly brand because he has no escapes. from this gank he will most likely have used 4.png so just tell your jungler to camp your lane and keep coming over and over, over the course of 5 mins.

Note: Brand is like most of the carry supports, if they don't get ahead they fall behind a lot




One of the easiest lane for Bard, poke him down level one and force him to use Pot, since the only thing he can do is braumQ.png if you dodge that you are good.
You should always get level 2 before Braum and then ADC, because you should be zoning them level 1, however if you get hit bybraumQ.png just pull back and when the debuff is gone go in again.




Poke her level 1. When she hits level 2 stand on the side where your ADC is closest to the wall. because if she engages on you with leonazenithblade.png you can stun her before she get's her leonashieldofdaybreak.png off

if you are going to ward the lane brush make sure that leona is not in melee range of that ward because she can use an AA leonashieldofdaybreak.png AA and you just wasted your ward.




I hate playing against this champ, but luckily she is rarely picked. because she is boring.

In any kind of soraka lane, you need to poke her and focus her. because of her heal.


Tahm Kench


Easy matchup, no real need to explain how this works out. Just poke him and don't let him use tahmkenchW.png on you or your adc, which is pretty achievable because of your Q and meep slow




This is a skill match up

when walking in to lane, click onthe thresh and see which Skill he started with. you can see it by looking at what buff he has if you see the threshE.png icon you know he started E, if you don't see it, you know he started threshQ.png if he took threshQ.png first then you just need to dodge it and you have 17-20 seconds to poke and zone out, if he started threshE.png you have to be careful not to get caught in it, if their lane has a lot of kill potential early on like a 236.png412.png lane. he usesthreshE.png and constantly attacks you while their adc is on you aswell. it can force you to use 4.png.

If he misses it, you will be fine. and have the upper hand.

Important: You absolutely need level 2 before them in a thresh lane, because a good thresh will all-in you at level 2

Notes Back to Top

I have no experience in Team ranked. so I will classify this Guide only towards solo/Dynamic queues

This guide is for players that already are Bard players, but having a hard time climbing.

The only thing you can take from this guide as a new player is Runes masteries and Item build.

Roaming Back to Top

When to roam as 432.png. as Bard you can't just leave the lane and never come back, like my father did. you have to know when to roam. it can be hard to tell but I'm going to give you a general rule of thumb

1. You pushed out your lane and your ADC is recalling, the first thing to do is to check whether or not you can afford some items when coming back into the lane. 1001.png and 2010.png does not count. You need to get either3098.png and 2010.png or 2049.png and 2009.png.  if you come to lane without 2009.png you are going to be at a disadvantage, because when the cookie is gone you are just getting poked and is forced to recall anyways. So when you can not afford to get either those 2 items, you roam. even if you know it's not going to get you a kill or a summoner you roam, because it can relieve the pressure on your midlane. If you get kills then GJ!

if this condition is met you can roam. however you can roam even if you can afford items. if their midlaner is immobile. following this  general rule of thumb, you will star to develop your own sense of timing.

Important chimes Back to Top

Pre laning: try to get 3 chimes before going into lane, if you can't get it, then 2 is fine. You don't want to be late for the lane.

During laning, Get 5 chimes ASAP, BUT DO NOT GO TO PICK UP CHIMES THAT ARE TOO FAR AWAY FROM YOUR ADC, meaning that if you are pushing the lane as blue side, you don't want to go back to your own tribush to get a chime. and the same thing on purple side, Why?  Because you are giving up your pressure for chimes, that is never a good thing to do. after you get 5 chimes it's all good, let the chimes build  path towards midlane, and when you see an opportunity to roam, use the chime path,

Note: NEVER EVER PICK UP CHIMES WHEN YOU HAVE FULL MANA BECAUSE THEY GIVE 12% OF YOUR MAXIMUM MANA BACK. even when roaming or when picking them up in the jungle NEVER FULL MANA. Use your W either to speed you up or just place them in the jungle. so your jungler will pick them up from time to time

Get 45 chimes before 26 minutes and you should be fine.

Get 55 chimes before 30 minutes.

get 65 before 35-37 mintues,

after this it's all good baby.

Who am I? Back to Top

Just a Bard OTP, that is tired of people saying bard is a bad pick

Strategy Back to Top

Early game is laning and raoming. But as a general thing in lane is to get level 2 make sure you have more 2010.png than your opponent and it's fine. If you manage to get a kill bot lane. Get a 2049.png immediately and of course remember to buy 2010.pngand2043.png, with these items you can ward off their jungler  by warding all 3 access points from their jungle if you are blue side. Place a pink ward in your tri brush, a sighstone ward in the river, and another ward in their tribrush. BAM you now have 3 minutes of free play bot. By putting those wards it allows you to push out the wave and roam other lanes, or play agressive around the minion wave, while trying to let it slowly push towards them. You want to push out the wave if you want to roam and know that it can be benificial like a kill or so. You want to play around the minion wave, if their adc doesn't have heal

Note: this is just general. there are many ways to play out the early game. You will find your own way of doing it.

Mid game:
When transitioning into mid game, you want to take out the Bot tower and take towers mid. It is the winning lane that decides how early they want to go into the mid game.

Mid game just consists of Deep warding and taking objectives (Map on where to ward at which time will be on here later)

Late game: Ohh baby, late game as Bard is fun as hell with your full build and meep damage, Late game is like mid game but less room for mistakes,

General thing to do is catch someone off and stay grouped.

Getting a pick off late game can result in Baron or other objectives,

Note: in the late game you will most likely have 45% cdr so don't be shy to just throw your ult, if they have an immobile carry use it on them when they are retreating, because most of the time it will result in a flash, and since Your Ult has a low cooldown of around 60 seconds it will be up before their flash, this gives you a HUGE advantage in teamfights.

Teamfighting Back to Top

What to do in teamfights as Bard?

I'm too lazy to write it down in a detailed matter so I'm going to give you to general

You need to do everything,

Peel for your ADC if they deal more damage than you,

CC the enemy team members that is threatening to your team,

Ult the low threat target and take out the high threat target

Note: if your ADC deal tons of damage, you should only peel for them and when they are somewhat safe you can try to do other stuff,

Sorry for these vague tips, but you will know what they mean eventually :)

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