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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Bard is one of the best early game supports. He has a lot of kill potential so i recommend taking 14.png.
You only want to run 14.png if you are going to look for kills early and have possible early game trades.
If you are unsure if you are going to win your lane and you have a more passive style i would not take 14.png.

If you are not going to take 14.png then i highly recommend taking 3.png. This summoner spell is really effective against bursty like champions or assassins.
It reduces a lot of their damage and once they have used their combo they are really weak in team fights.
For example: 107.pngRengar, 238.pngZed, 84.pngAkali, 85.pngKennen, 7.pngLeblanc.
(Basically any assassin)

Exhaust is also good against hyper-carries or high attack speed building ad carries.
For example: 96.pngKog'Maw, 18.pngTristana, 429.pngKalista, 222.pngJinx.
(You can run this vs many ad carries but these in particular work best.

By far 4.png should always be taken. It provides a great escape tool and a good gap closer to chase enemies.
It also can give you lots of high mechanical tricks you can combo with certain abilities.

These are the best summoner spells to be taking when playing Bard.
You can experiment with other summoner spells , but i highly recommend taking the ones listed above.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

This is the standard 18 (Cunning) 12 (Resolve).

I tend to run this mastery page 95% of the time.
432.pngBard needs Tunderlords Decree since it procs off 1 basic attack with a bardpassive.pngmeep and a bardQ.pngcosmic binding.
It is the best option and gives a lot of early game damage in trades and overall scaling.
Thundlerlords Decree does fall off into the late game, but 432.pngBard's passive scales super well into the late game which meaning the Thunderlords Decree wouldn't be ineffective by any means.

The Mastery Page~

5 Points in Wanderer- This provides out of combat movement speed which works well with 432.pngBard's kit since he is made to roam and help the jungler and other lanes.

1 Point in Secret Stash- This provides extra healing from health potions and gives 432.pngBard more sustain in lane.

5 Points in Meditation- This provides extra mana regen and gives more sustain to 432.pngBard in lane and into the late game. This allows 432.pngBard to trade more effectively and be able to use his bardQ.pngCosmic Binding more.

1 Point in Bandit- This provides extra gold in the lanning phase and helps 432.pngBard hit his mid game power spike.

5 Points in Intelligence- This provides 5% cooldown reduction and makes 432.pngBard's abilities or a shorter cooldown to use.

1 Point in Thunderlords Decree- This provides more damage in the early game when trading and skirmishes.
432.pngBard is super effective with this keystone and by far excels over other supports with it.

5 Points in Unyielding- This provides more resistance and scales well into the late game. 432.pngBard has low base resistance stats and could use the extra amor and magic resist.

1 Point in Explorer- This provides more out of combat movement speed in the river and brushes which works well with 432.pngBard's since he is made to raom and help the jungler and other lanes. As well as getting picks.

5 Points in Veterans Scar- This provides extra health in the early game and gives 432.pngBard the ability to trade more freely without getting chunked to half health in a few auto attacks from the enemy ad carry.

1 Point in Insight- This provides reduced summoner spells. This gives 432.pngBard the potiental to make high mechanical plays and combos with certain abilities like bardQ.pngCosmic Binding and bardR.pngTempered Fate.

The only other keystone i would possibly take is Windspeaker's Blessing. This is only taken when you are looking to play super passive and sustain in lane.

Abilities Back to Top


This is the normal 432.pngBard skilling order. 432.pngBard does not have a set skilling order because each match-up or game is different and it is preference on what ability to take at what level.
Personally this is my favorite and the most common, but i do change it up depending on the game.

Level 1 bardQ.pngCosmic Binding: Some Bard players prefer starting this level 1 because it adds more lane pressure than three shrines. If you do  bardQ.png Cosmic Binding first you can consistently collect all three chimes that spawn before you go to lane and hit level 2 sooner with one less minion death (8). I personally feel the cosmic binding is more for an aggressive lane.

On the other hand the shrines are more flexible and reliable since if you do not get an advantage in the level 1 with bardQ.pngCosmic Binding you are making disadvantaged as a team, but starting bardQ.pngCosmic Binding is probably the best most of the time.

The instances where it is more valuable to go Q level 1 are when:

  • Your team wants to move aggressively before minions spawns.If a fight/skirmish does happen, Bard's bardQ.pngQ is top tier as a single spell.
  • Certain match ups that have an abusable level 1. This is more clear cut.
  • Some melee supports like 12.pngAlistar and 89.pngLeona don't get power until level 2, thus early bullying can dissuade their aggression. 37.pngSona is also a good match up to start Q since her base stats are terrible and it forces her to expend mana healing herself after level 1 due to trading pressure.
  • You expect an aggressive start before minions spawn from your opposing team. If you feel there is a  possibility to invade, ward or disrupt your jungler's first camp, start Q to zone them away.

Level 3 bardE.pngMagical Journey: In almost all games people tend to take this in a standard 2v2 level 3 fight. It's better to hold your third point until you need to Q again. However there are circumstances where level 3 E is fine;

  • If your jungler comes level 3 to gank for you. While it is suspicious, using your E to teleport your jungler closer to the enemy can snag a kill over the wall close to the jungle.
  •  If you are confident the opposing ganking jungler started on the opposite side jungle. After a full clear the enemy jungle can gank you when you and your lane partner are still level 3. If you have shoved the wave to tower hang back and respect your opponents. Remember to hug the wall in case you do need to E.

Skill Ordering-
Levels 1-6 (Normal)
This is the normal or most used skill ordering.
It provides a lot of damage in the early game with trades,but lacks the little amount of healing if you were to take more points into Bard's bardW.pngCaretaker's Shrine.

Skill Ordering-
Level 1-6 (Situational)
This is one of the many situational skill ordering.
It provides a decent amount more healing in the early game, but lacks the damage Bard would do if you were to take the points into Bard's bardQ.pngCosmic Binding.

Skill Ordering-
Level 1-6 (Situational)
This is another situational skill ordering.
It provides the level 1 invade on Blue side where you take Magical Journey Level 1 and portal your teammates to the enemy's bot side tri brush. This is a cheesy way to invade your opponents, but sometimes works. The only downside about this is if your invade fails then you are left in lane with your portal and it's pretty useless.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard Start (Aggressive)
    Situational Start (Passive) If you plan on maxing w

Core Items

    First Back Under 800 Gold
    First Back Over 1200 Gold
    Your Mid Game Items
    If Ahead
    If Behind
    Final Build
    Standard Final Boots
    If you don't have max cdr you can chose one of these

Situational Items

    Vs Attack Damage (AD)
    VS Ability Power (AP)
    Situational Damage Items

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Blitzcrank
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  • Braum
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  • Zyra




Alistar's natural tankiness and sustain can make him feel oppressive in lane, however can kite Alistair when he expends his cool downs. Alistair has a weak level 1 so be aggressive early and hit level 2 first. Pay attention when he levels his heal because if you levels it before his pulverize.pngheadbutt.png then you can continue to be aggressive. Your auto range is the same as his pulverize.png4.png range so be careful where, in the lane, you harass.

In team fights his strong front line presence can absorb a lot of damage. Rule 2 is more frequent with your bardR.png and kite this damage sponge. If he does wombo your team be very vigilant with your bardR.png to block an inevitable follow up.




In lane, she has similar ranges whilst offering no lane sustain. She deals greater burst than the enemy AD and, if running Flat AD reds, will out damage the enemy AD in skirmishes so consider focusing. If she starts incinerate.png at level 1 she will have her stun so be wary.She is weaker in extended skirmishes since her strength only comes from initial targeted stun and burst and has paper thin defenses compared to Bard. Be wary of her level 6 burst and ability to set up ganks, otherwise the lane should be a breeze.

Out of lane she becomes an easy pick target. Both of you want to pick each other is be mindful of vision and face checking. Remember bardW.pngcan scout bushes.




Blitzcrank's match ups with supports which don't want to be in melee range are, by default, bad, I guess? There's not much to offer against such a binary champion. Don't let your self get hooked! The lane will most likely push towards Blitzcrank so show a lot of respect to him and the enemy jungler/teleport. Blitzcrank's roam game is best in the business so keep the lane pressure up, ward the river or enemy entrances and ping accordingly.

Late game Blitzcrank scales quite poorly as his peel is some of the worst for a support. If his roams are negated you should be confident in the late game.




This lane is inherently similar to Annie. He has no sustain and will overextend more often than other supports. In extended skirmishes try fight in the minion wave or orb walk erratically to dodge brandblaze.png as his stun duration is a very high two seconds and focus him. This lane in some ways is reliant upon your AD not being rekd by brandfissure.pngover and over again. Get ready to cancel your auto attacks to avoid brandfissure.png since if he hits it he will out damage you with his passive and it's synergy with Spell Thief's Edge.

Past the laning phase he is a great bardR.png target and fundamentally DO NOT BUNCH! Make sure you don't let him kite you once he hits his Rylais.




In lane, this match up is tough as your bardQ.png will not pass through his shield, hence, it cannot stun and his tankiness. Focus on Auto Trading utilizing spell thief's edge and your passive. Proccing  Thunderlord's Decree with a second auto is easier if he has his braumE.png up as he is willingly taking damage in a sense. Do not risk getting hit  by his braumQ.png to attempt to land your bardQ.png unless to proc Thunderlord's Decree and avoid long skirmishes because of his strong passive.

His braumE.png does not block the full effect of bardR.png so he can't hamper your engage.




Her early is exploitable but she scales really well.  eyeofthestorm.png is rather efficient by having a low mana cost and a high base value. Baiting the eyeofthestorm.png is relatively easy since Janna mains use it at any sign of aggression. Consider rushing an early 3098.png since one empowered auto will cancel out her eyeofthestorm.png in the lane.  If that fails, try force her to shield herself by focusing her. Back off whilst her shield is up. Whilst her shield is down, try to land your bardQ.png to consistently win trades.  howlinggale.pngsowthewind.png are mana drains in lane and consider it a victory if she BLOWS them due to your pressure.

Mid-Late game is VERY vulnerable when she uses her reapthewhirlwind.png so if you are not intiating with your bardR.png consider saving it to pick her when she uses her R.




At level 1 she will always karmachakra.pngkarmaheavenlywave.png if you give her the opportunity. Her spells have low mana costs and herkarmasoulshield.pngkarmaheavenlywave.png combo can feel oppressive. Avoid extended trades since every proc of ability and auto damage she outputs decreases the cooldown of her karmachakra.png.

However mid game is terrible and you can out team fight and out roam her at this point until she gathers enough AP. Her karmasoulshield.png has no cast time so she can bail her teammates and her self from your bardR.png. Once she hits level 16 karmachakra.pngkarmaheavenlywave.png can chunk hard if the slow field damages you as well and will force a back.







Lulu has an advantage in lane. Lulu is inherently similar to Bard when it comes to lane harrass and will also abuse Thunderlords with her passive to be mindful of that. Don't let her get herlulue.png on you otherwise you take a severely bad trade. Focus on dodging luluq.png more than hitting bardQ.png unless you can stun. She has low base stats and requires more mana to trade.  Hence, trade as frequently as possible with your free cost meeps. Outlast her but taking bad trades can be common if you're inexperienced.  Her peel at 6 is immense and she can setup ganks well so it is easy to overextend. 

When she gathers more and more AP her speed boost scales in power and can be used to dodge bardR.png.




 Yes her blackshield.png completely stops your bardR.png , however,this specific interaction doesn't mean she is a counter! Morgana's base shield values have been nerfed in the past, which is a huge deal. It means that one meep can break it. If you aren't comfortable with bardR.png or bardQ.png after breaking the shield, just auto with another meep for the slow. Your multiple sources of CC should prove too overwhelming for Morg.

Your bardE.png gives a lot of counterplay to her soulshackles.png. Her darkbindingmissile.png  still has great pick potential due to it's sheer duration so consider buying 3222.png




 She is paper thin with VERY high mana costs. Trade with her frequently to expend her mana pool. When she casts namiE.png avoid trading and let it time out since it can setup namiQ.png along strong base damage. But be careful she out sustains you and can zone you off in lane. This is mainly a skill matchup.





Her sonahymnofvalor.png+sonaariaofperseverance.png spam can feel overwhelming. Wearing her down level 1 is your key to winning this lane. 

 Heavy level 1 trading will  cause her to lick her wounds, spamming sonaariaofperseverance.png once she  has levelled it. It costs a lot of mana and she will sonahymnofvalor.png less because of this. Sona's sonahymnofvalor.png is a significantly larger range than your auto attack range and she will use it at any sign of over extension, therefore you must try bardQ.png first before trying to trade with her. Any stun on her can result in a pretty easy kill. Any sort of early lead makes her a really easy pick target. Her lane will most likely push and she is a free kill every gank.

Her sonacrescendo.png is very predictable so prepare to 4.png




 I hate her so much. It's virtually a traded lane at best. However, you can out-roam her. Rush tier 2 boots early and attempt to create advantages in other lanes. It's often the case you should focus her in skirmishes and she can be caught with bardR.png just as long as her passive isn't active.


Tahm Kench


His base damages are really high so your main priority is to avoid his abilities. His laning is rather oppressive and roaming can prove costly as he a potent tower diver. Keeping a distance between him and you is the main method to winning skirmishes. When he does consume his ADC try line up your bardQ.pngto hit both of them once the ADC is spat out. Another method is also just bardR.pnghim when he consumes his ADC since the ADC will be isolated once spat out mid stasis.

Kench can't consume stasis-ed targets so his peel does get mitigated.

On the positive side, the good thing about Kench is that people will often misplay with him.







 A skill match up of course that slightly favors Thresh in lane then Bard out of lane. Consider taking bardQ.png level 1. The strength of the laning phase of a Thresh is almost entirely dependent on the player. Pay attention to what he skills at level 1. If it's threshQ.png be careful when locking your self into position to auto attack. If it's threshE.png then you out range him. Once he hits level 2 he is a lot stronger in skirmishes and once he hits level 3 it's a greater disparity. This disparity eases up since you get more leveling your main ability than Thresh does. However Thresh's base stats are deceptively low so you can be very aggressive in this lane as long as you don't get hooked overextending to trade. Your trades are a lot stronger, it's just Thresh's ability to force a skirmish if you let him hit threshQ.png or threshE.png without a minion wave that creates an advantage for him. This is why you should perceive this match up as a skill one.

Both kits have cute interactions with each other. When  he threshW.png it lines up your bardQ.png bardR.pngwhile his threshQ.png threshE.png can interrupt your bardE.png.







This is just a really high skill match up. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR MINION WAVE! Otherwise he will just timebomb.pngrewind.pngtimebomb.pngthe wave. His timewarp.png is very potent so be careful when going close to trade. Use your bardR.pngbardQ.png is disrupt his chronoshift.png since you know he will only use it just as soon as an ally gets really low to avoid the counter play of switching targets to let it time out.

Your bardE.png can counter timewarp.png spam on on ally while his timewarp.png can counter your skillshots.




Pros and Cons Back to Top



  • Jack of all Trades
  • High Kit Potential
  • Strong Roam Pressure
  • Viable Initiator
  • Viable Peeler
  • Very High Base Damage Scaling
  • Very Potent CC Chain
  • High Zone Control
  • Strong Disruptor
  • High Support Carry Potential
  • Game changing Ultimate
  • Rewarding to Play
  • Always Fun
  • In Meta


  • Only proficient at any support aspect.
  • Unreliable Hard CC
  • Poor Peeling Against Certain Comps
  • Poor Initiation Against Certain Comps
  • Oppressed Against High Mobility
  • Bad 1st Pick
  • Exploitable Early Game
  • Unrewarding to New Players
  • Can Lose Games With Failed Ultimate
  • Hard to Master
  • Skill Ordering is Not A Certain Order

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

Champion Mastery & Ranked Experience Back to Top

I am currently Platinum 4.
On my main account i have Level 7 205.1k Mastery Points.
The name is GDC Conviction.
I am Gold 5 on my smurf.
On my smurf account i have Level 5 188.1k Mastery Points.
The name is DeletedPrecision.
I have 231 ranked games on my main account(58.3 win rate) and 165 games on my smurf(58.1 win rate).
(This all being with 432.pngBard)

Here are my profiles:


In total that makes 350.0k Total Mastery Points.
I love Bard and will never stop playing him.
Thanks for looking at this guide and hope you learn something!

A Little Extra You Might Chime Cool Back to Top

Bard has two amazing skins with cool animations.
I own both skins including the chroma pack.
I recommend using a skin on Bard either Elderwood or Snow Day just because it makes the champion animations and abilities a lot smother and nice looking.
I preferably like to use Snow Day Bard because it makes me feel like I'm playing a different champion.
Skins typically change sizes of hit-boxes and ranges of the actual ability rather than on the default version.
That being said can get you a small advantage in games.
On as serious note, this is just preference and the advantage is so small you wouldn't notice.
Here are the two skins:

Recently Riot has created another Bard skin! It goes by Bard Bard with only one animation on Bard's passive.
Here it is:

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