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Blitzcrank Statistics for Worse Blitz NA

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

14.png I recommend taking ignite 80% of the time because Blitzcrank is one of the strongest early game supports pre 6.  Taking ignite will help you snowball your adc and win early trades in almost every 2v2 situations. 

3.png Exhaust is only good against enemy champs that rely heavily on auto attacks or threats that can one shot your adc (e.g. Rengar/ Yi/ Zed).  I will almost always go with ignite for early game advantage because i prefer playing aggressive and aim to snowball my adc. 

4.png Why wouldn't you get flash?  I used flash mainly for engages during team fights, 1 pick will allow my team to grab easy objectives. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Secret Stash - People tend to forget the instant +15 hp and mana on usage.  Great when you're ignited or you're missing the last few mana for a hook. 

Legendary Guardian / Swiftness - Personal preference.  I like to be tanky and soak up all the enemy dmg. 

Courage of the Colossus -  The strongest choice in the current meta. 

Abilities Back to Top

Q - Always max Q first.  Its your bread and butter.  

W - This is your second skill to max, it boosts your movement speed + aspeed for closing the gap against enemy champions.

E - This is your third skill to max.  This skill already has a low cooldown which means we shouldn't need to max this early.  

R - Always take R when you can. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    General starting build.

Core Items

    Main Core 5 Items
    Against AD heavy teams
    Against AP heavy teams.

Situational Items

    Not as good as Ruby sightstone due to the new passive, but its cost effective.
    Good for mixed damage and you need the wave clear.
    Not as good as it used to be, mainly for AP blitzcrank build
    Mainly useful for the active.

Note: The item build is tentative, i will update this section with a more definitive build once i have tested the new items.

Starting Build:


These are your starting items.  Biscuit > Rejuv pot due to early game sustain and instant +15 hp/mana regen. 
Relic shield is the best starting item for Blitzcrank because it provides +75 health which allows us to fight early or survive early ganks.

First Back:

Under 400 gold: 1029.png , You must really be having a tough time in lane if you're backing this early.  

Under 500 gold: 1028.png , 1-2x 2009.png, 1 2043.png

Over 500 gold:  3097.png, 1-2x 2010.png, 1 2043.png

Over 800 gold: 3097.png and 1001.png or 1028.png

You always want to grab 1 -2 2010.png  and 1 2043.png  if you have the extra cash.  I don't think rushing Sightstone first is a great option because it only provides +150 health, but if the enemy has an early game jungler that is consistently ganking, sightstone would be the first item to rush after targons. 

Priority: 3097.png > 1001.png > 2049.png     

This is the primary items i build because Targons brace provides great early game sustain if you're winning or losing lane. It helps CS minions when you're pushed to turret and the +175 health is great for 2v2 skirmishes.  If you consistently have river warded with a pink when you're pushing enemy lane, sightstone isn't a priority rush.  

Early Game:

At this point in time you would want to already have 3097.png3117.png2049.png  , if not, finish those items. 
This is where you look at the enemy team comp and decide how you want to proceed with your build.  Blitz is heavily reliant on his teammates, so you want to build to protect your teammates as well!  

If enemy has 2+ AP champs, i will always rush Locket.  It is one of the strongest support items available. If they have 1 AP champ that is insanely fed, than i would also rush locket. 

1028.png > 3801.png , 1033.png > 3105.png  > 1028.png > 3067.png > 3190.png  
You can rush kindlegem first instead of Aegis if they only have 1 AP champ that isn't fed. 

If the enemy team has no AP champions or little to no magic damage, than you would want to rush Randuin's Omen/Frozen Heart.   I personally prefer Randuin's as of the recent meta because i think health is more important than early game armor.  

1028.png > 1011.png,  1029.png1029.png3082.png > 3143.png 

Aim to get giant belt first instead of wardens mail for the extra health. Ruby Crystal first buy because you get the extra health and option to switch to locket build or other builds. 

Mid Game: 

At this point, you should have 2049.png3097.png3117.png     3190.png or 3143.png.
Finish up 2303.png , this only costs you 550g, in return you gain 4 ward charges and extra health.

If you started the Locket build path, grab 3143.png or 3110.png or 3512.png next.  Zz'rot is situational and is only necessary if the enemy's burst damage is minimal.  Otherwise, i recommend choosing Randuin's (my personal preference) or Frozen Heart (if enemy team is heavily reliant on AA dmg). 

If you started on the Randuin's Omen build path, grab 3190.png next, the shield active is amazing if you time it during enemy damage.  At this point in time, the enemy mid laner should be strong enough so your locket will actually be worth getting for the team.

End Game:

As a support, a majority of the time, you will never reach full build. But if you do, here are some final build options after mid game.

2303.png3117.png3190.png3143.png3110.png3512.png  - Get Zz'rot before Frozen Heart if you need a lane pushed.

2045.png3117.png3401.png3190.png3110.png3143.png - If you prefer having the extra shield from face.  

Things I Rarely/Never Buy:

3050.png / 3222.png / 3070.png / 3069.png

I choose not to buy these items because my job is to be a tank for my team.  I want to be the initiator and someone that soaks up all the damage and ultimate while my teammates do the damage.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Bard
  • Brand
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Leona
  • Lux
  • Morgana
  • Nami
  • Nautilus
  • Sona
  • Soraka
  • Tahm Kench
  • Taric
  • Thresh
  • Vel'Koz
  • Zilean
  • Zyra




Matchup depends solely on how good your Adc is.  

Avoid hooking Alistar near his turret, he will pulverize.png you and headbutt.png you into his turret. 
Everytime you hook Alistar, you must peel back.  Never fully engage because he will always headbutt.png you towards his side of the lane.  

Some tips for this matchup is to walk up and powerfist.png him, than walk back.  Don't ever let him headbutt.png you to his turret, that is his one goal during laning phase. 




This is an easy matchup if the Bard is running 3.png.   

Blitz is stronger and you would want to force early hooks on the Bard because he has a low health pool.  

Be careful for Bard players that run 14.png and thunderlords decree.  If you miss your Hook, they will bardQ.png and will win a 2v2 trade. 




Brand is squishy early game but he can do a lot of damage with Thunderlords.

Avoid getting hit by brandblaze.png. Brand can only stun you after brandconflagration.png or brandfissure.png.  If you see him miss brandfissure.png, you can aim for an all in engage. This matchup is highly dependent on your ADC's positioning.  If you can land an early hook on Brand pre level 3, and your adc can avoid Brand's skillshot, you will draw first blood.  This matchup is only tough if your adc gets hit by all of Brands skillshot after you hook him.   




Very boring lane.  

He will braumW.png and braumE.png his Adc every time you land a hook. 
Do not force 2v2 fights because his passive will win.  You need to slowly poke him down. 

 When you hook Braum, make sure your adc isn't close to AA range.  This forces Braum to braumW.png back to his adc.  Blitz should win this matchup if you consistently hook Braum or his adc while peeling back.  Never fully engage a 2v2. 




Hard to get kills after 6. She has a great disengage with howlinggale.png and reapthewhirlwind.png, your best bet to getting ahead is to initiate early fights pre 6.  Don't be afraid to 2v2 her early on, she doesn't have much damage.  In a 2v2 with ignite, you wont lose.

Be weary of eyeofthestorm.png , it is usually overlooked by people but it can put out quite a lot of damage.  Don't initiate when Eye of The Storm is on her ADC, wait out the shield. 




Not much you can do in this matchup, Karma has strong poke and good sustain in lane.  

Focus on early game hooks and avoid walking into Mantra Bonusedkarmaheavenlywave.png.  
Try to go for an all in if Karma misses her karmaheavenlywave.png.  




This matchup is dependent on your adc.  Almost all Leonas will leonazenithblade.png your adc.  If your adc can dodge leona, try and all in her.  Avoid rocketgrab.png Leo because it will bring her closer to your adc.  Try to rush level 2 before she does, if she hits 2 first, back off until you hit 2.  

Leona isn't strong until she has more points into her leonasolarbarrier.png.  Focus her or the enemy adc early once Leo misses leonazenithblade.png




Just hook and ignite.  Easy lane. She is forced to play safe, just walk behind her minions and force her to lose CS. 

Avoid luxlightbinding.png.  




Blitzcrank is stronger than Morgana pre 6.  Once Morgana hits 6, she can all in you with her blackshield.png and soulshackles.png.  

Once Morgana blackshield.png, focus the other target.  A good Morgana will hold blackshield.png until after you shoot out your hook.  In this matchup, i would save rocketgrab.png and walk up to Morg/Adc and use E.  Save rocketgrab.png for last.  

A Morgana will rarely ever get Spell shield as her first skill, at level 1 is a great opportunity to hook and engage. 




Nami is very squishy, she should be your primary focus.

Avoid namiQ.png.  If she is running ignite and thunderlords, play safer because she will win if you miss your hook.  This matchup is ADC dependent, if your adc can dodge namiQ.png , you guys win in a 2v2 trade.  Don't underestimate namiE.png .

If she exhausts your adc and buff hers adc with namiE.png, you guys will lose in a 2v2 trade. 
You should always be the one to initiate, landing the hook is very critical to winning this exchange. 




Nautilus is a very tough matchup, his passive can stun both you and your adc.  He is tanky and deals a good amount of damage.  

Avoid fighting 2v2s.  The best way to win this matchup is to focus enemy adc or consistently hook nautilus while your adc kites backwards poking him down.  




Run flat glyphs of magic resist because she has a strong poke early game, especially if she has Thunderlords. 

As long as you get a hook pre level 3, you can win the 2v2.  

At level 6, just watch out for her ultimate and ganks.  Avoid getting engaged on, try to initiate first before she ult engages. 




Avoid starcall.pnginfuse.png, and it should be an easy lane.  Very easy to get first blood with ignite due to the reduced healing from ignite.  Focus on getting hooks on Soraka and her Adc pre level 3, combo with an ignite and they will be forced to hug turret. 


Tahm Kench


There is really no kill potential in this lane.  I would run 3.png if im not confident in getting early kills.  

This is a farming lane, but if you can consistently land hooks on Tahm or his Adc, you will be able to push them out of lane.  Avoid taking too many stacks from Tahm,  he will aim to 3 stack you when his jungler is near.

This is a skills matchup. 




Taric is incredibly weak early game.  Avoid his dazzle.png by sidestepping it.  He is a melee champ so every time he walks up to engage on you with dazzle.png, use powerfist.png, while you and your adc kite him backwards.  Once you have dropped half his hp down from kiting, unleash your rocketgrab.png.  He will be forced to flash. 




Thresh is weaker than Blitz during the laning phase because his hooks are easier to dodge.  Run Armor quints during this matchup.  If you're ahead, let thresh hook you on purpose so you can hook him back right after.  This guarantees that you won't miss your hook on Thresh.  Works great when you're sitting under turret.

Focus the adc down first because thresh is slightly tanky.  Be cautious of threshW.png, it is usually underestimated.  You can also save rocketgrab.png for when thresh tries to Lantern his adc to safety.  




Vel'koz is an easy matchup for Blitz.  He is incredibly squishy and if you get an early hook, he is forced to burn flash.  You must play incredibly aggressive early or you will have trouble once he hits level 6.  

This matchup requires your adc to avoid taking too much poke damage and you should rush for early level 2.  A Vel'koz with thunderlords and ignite will push your adc out of lane if you fail to get early hooks in.   

A good way to engage is to overdrive.png , and powerfist.png Vel'koz.  




I haven't seen much zileans supports in game, the ones i have played against weren't doing well.  Run flat MR glyphs, focus zilean early due to his low hp. 

A late game zilean is scary because his timewarp.png will get his team easy picks.  
Aim for early game and his late game will be useless. 




Zyra is a very tough matchup because her plants deal a ton of damage.

Most Zyra players will be running thunderlords and ignite, they can easily one shot your adc if they land their snare zyraE.png.  

Always try to step on zyraW.png every time you see it.  Only step on her seeds when she is out of range from casting spells.  

This matchup requires you to land your hook pre 6 and focus her down.  She is incredibly squishy so if you can land a hook early on, she won't be useful til late game.

Playstyles / Tips and Tricks Back to Top

There are different ways to play Blitzcrank early, but the most successful for me has been an aggressive approach.

Blitzcrank from level 1-3 is a scary an all-in support that can easily sway early laning phase.   There are very few support champs that can 2v2 pre level 3 with Blitzcrank and a burst adc. 

Best ADCs To Pair Up With:

51.png222.png202.png119.png 236.png

If you have an Ezreal ADC, i recommend playing safer.  Ezreal in my honest opinion has a terrible pairing with Blitzcrank.  Because Ezreals buildpath starts with 3070.png, you will have a tough time early game til he has completed an item.  81.png also lacks strong burst damage because his kit requires a good amount of mechanics. 


1. The basic combo for Blitzcrank is Q-AA-E-AA .  By Auto attacking and then using E, you are able to reset your autoattack.  This trick enables you to get two AA in.

2. You don't always have to engage with a hook.  You can walk up, use "E" and then hook.  Blitz is very tanky early especially with his passive. 

3. If you're winning lane, stand behind enemy minion creeps to zone them from exp/gold.  They should always respect your hook and wont take the risk for that 1 extra cs.

4. If you dont have to hook, don't waste it (e.g. When they have escape/flash, save hook for after they use it) 

5. If you know you can win a 2v2, miss your hook on purpose to bait them in. Also works when your jungler is nearby and enemy team is playing passive.   

6. When doing Dragon/Baron, you should always hook enemies into the pit (unless its their jungler and dragon is 1 smite away ).  It is a guarantee flash/kill. 

7. Dont ever stop moving while in lane, this forces enemy adc/supp to reposition constantly. 

8. Use relic shield proc to your advantange.  If a minion creep is low, relic proc, than hook instantly.  

9. Against enemies with escapes (e.g. ezreal/liss), use your ultimate, than hook, than e.  The short silence from your ultimate will stop them from using their escapes. 

Warding 101 Back to Top

Laning Phase:


Red: Vision Ward
Pink: Control Ward 

Point A - This spot should always be warded for river ganks.  If you're red, you can stand at Point D and ward the Point A bush 

Point B - If you're Blue side, this is a great spot to ward to spot enemy jungler.  This gives you enough time to know if you should continue pushing lane or back off.  

Point C - Ward this bush for lane vision or Teleport ganks.  Vice versa if you're red side , ward the bottom bush. 

Point D - Great spot to ward if enemy team has a Bard, Lee sin, Reksai.  Most of the time, they will cross through the wall from Point D to lane, you can spot them early with a ward there.

Point E - Control ward this bush if you're blue side, vision ward this bush if you're red side.  Grants vision on ganks.

Point F - Good spot to ward if you're Red side and pushing Blue.  Catches enemy jungler/adc farming krugs. 

Mid/Late Game Blue Side:


These are some of the spots that you should ward if you're blue side.  
You should always have a ward at/near Dragon during midgame.  After 20mins, make sure Baron is closely warded.  
Note: if you're being pushed, ward your jungle entrances. 

Mid/Late Game Red Side:


These are just possible spots that i usually keep warded, change them according to the matchup and playstyle. 

About Me / My Stream Back to Top

Thanks for reading my Blitzcrank support guide!  

I started playing LoL at the end of Season 3 and only reached Silver 2.
I originally had the mindset that it was impossible to carry as a support so i would only play Jungle/Mid, the two easiest roles to carry with.  At the end of Season 4, i peaked at G1 and was unable to reach my goal of Platinum. During the preseason, i played with a bunch of my friends and since none of them wanted to play support, i had to take the mantle.  I didn't really enjoy taking the support role seriously so i picked Blitzcrank and trolled around by going full AP.  After playing a few games as AP blitz, i noticed that i was consistently winning lane and helping my adc buddy get fed.  During the start of Season 5, i decided to see if AP blitzcrank was viable or not in ranked.  I placed Gold 4 and spammed Blitzcrank in rank queue.  I was able to reach Plat 4 with AP blitzcrank and than switched to a more supportive style that eventually helped me reach Diamond 3 in Season 5.  

I believe that Blitzcrank is one of the strongest solo queue support champs based on historical data (consistently topping 50% winrate for a support champ) and is a great champ to one trick.

I don't have a set schedule for streaming yet.

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