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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Obvious must-have for almost any Champion out there. Free "Out-Of-Jail"-Card if you mess up or a gap closer if you want to flash->auto attack (aa) someone for the last hit.

7.png - Geting instantly health back? Check. Movementspeed for 1 second? Check. Also helps out an ally? Check.

21.png - Can be used as an alternative for Heal but keep in mind that it will only help you (but it comes with higher "HP" value and the value can't be affected by 14.png.

1.png - Not worth picking at the moment simply because 3140.png does its job even better with a lower cooldown.

New Runes Back to Top

Marksman should prefer "Precision" tree with Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=64 as the key stone. Additional sustain makes lane a lot easier and the movement speed is a nice addition when you want to stick to a target or try to escape.

Overheal.png?width=64 is a good addition to Fleet%20Footwork.png?width=32 but also works fine with any form of life steal. The key of this pickup is to provide additional safety (especially in the later stages).

Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=64 For every takedown Life Steal is increased by 0.8% (stacking up to 10 times for 8% Life Steal). Once again the synergy with the other runes is comfortable and also enables you to not be reliant on 3072.png (there are item builds for other marksman that neglect Life Steal completly).

Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=64 Increased damage against low HP targets is always nice to have. Alternatively you can go with Cut%20Down.png?width=32 if you need to shred through some tanks.

My second tree is the "Sorcery" tree for additional scaling and utility.

Gathering%20Storm.png?width=64 Marksman always used to be late game oriented and this rune gets stronger the longer the game goes.

Celerity.png?width=64 Additional Movement Speed is good for kiting and additional damage for increased Movement Speed is
                nice to have. Since 51.png builds at least two 3086.png items and 3006.png the amount of increased movement
                speed is quite severe.

Abilities Back to Top


Long story short: W->Q->E->R (ult whenever you can)

You want to always start with Q because of the extra pressure this spell provides early on (base damage is also good when a champion is the first target hit. On level 2 you normally want to go with your traps for the additional zoning/ all-in when you hit level 2 before the opponent does. In rare ocassions where the enemy botlane hits level 2 first and wants to all-in you better go with E. Take a second point into your Peacemaker at level 4 and go for W straight after.

The reason for maxing traps is a change made in the middle of season 6. Traps used to do nothing before the 5.23 patch but after it allowed you to headshot the victim for additional damage of your normal damage (10-50% more damage than usual). Later into season 6 this value got changed into a flat damage + scaling value (up to 190 base damage) which made her laning even stronger if the opponent didn't respect the traps at all. Additionally you get more traps when the level of the skill increases and the time for getting another trap reduces heavily.
Maxing Q second should be obvious because it increases your wave clear potential in Mid-game when you are forced to not auto attack or you are still lacking Runnaan's Hurrican. Maxing Caliber .90 Net means that your only disengage tool will stay on a mediocre high cooldown for most part of the game and basically means that you must take care of your positioning.
Upgrading ultimate whenever you can is obvious and your ultimate is a nice tool for execution, poking in a no-sustain lane or even just spending vision on your prey to allow your team mates to follow her path.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Classic start for every marksman
    dream first back buy

Core Items

    This is your core. Since Statikk Shiv got nerfed I prefer Runaans or Phantom Dancer more (by no means Statikk+RFC is worthless).

Situational Items

    One of these, Explanation below
    One last defensive item or armor penetration (depending on your needs).

Dorans + potion is the best start in the game

First back

2400g+ : Go for the dream buy as listet above. Spend your last money on consumables such as 2003.png and 2055.png

1300g+ : Get  1038.png and some consumables

875g+ : Get 1037.png and some consumables and farm up

500g+ : Get 1083.png if the time isn't past 8:30, else go with 1001.png and consumables.


Your first item is 3094.png or 3031.png depending on your needs followed by the other option left. If there is no fed assasin, burst mage or tank you can proceed as above and get the other attack speed item do finish your core. If any of the cases named in the sentence before occur you have to wait with 3085.png and get some safety first.

Threat pickups

Big fed tank: Go and get 3035.png and upgrade it as soon as possible. If the tank has a lot of sustain you want to go 3123.png before you buy the Last Whisper and upgrade to 3033.png. If sustain isn't part of his kit you can just go for 3036.png to deal even more damage.

Fed assasin: There is not much you can do but you can prevent him from going rampage by buying 3026.png. Assasins with reset won't be able to get a quick reset on spells (maybe no reset) and your teams gets important time to kill him off.

Fed Burst Mage: Against a fed mage there are 2/3 good item choices to make your life easier. You can aim for 3155.png and upgrade it into 3156.png for more magic resistance and a magic damage shield when falling below 30% HP + lifegrip effect (20AD, 10% spell vamp/life steal) to fight against fate. Your second option is 3140.png for the magic resistance and the opportunity to flee death by cleansing major crowd control. Build it into 3139.png to get 60AD and some lifesteal. Option three would be (once again) Guardian Angel but I personally feel like a burst mage doesn't care about it und mostly you will die to him being out of position so this item will most likely not help you at all.


If you can build your core without worrying about any of the above called cases you have two item slots left. One of these should be a lifesteal item. If you went for Quicksilver Sash you already go for 3139.png and can skip this item slot. When you feel save and you are not in need for %-danage or the cleanse you head straight for 3072.png. If you need more tank shredding you should go with 3153.png. There is also  3812.png which isn't as bad as it seems but for Caitlyn it doesn't fit very well. But maybe you should consider it as an second semi-defensive item.

If you have now one item slot left you should check out your opponents. Do they stack armor? Go with 3035.png and upgrade it to counter their item build/kit preferences. If you don't need it you may even go for a second lifesteal item or pick something like 3156.png.

Matchups Back to Top

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You have a smal range advantage which you should use to your best. Stay behind a few minions to avoid getting poked by volley.png and care her all-in potential after level 6 because the stun on enchantedcrystalarrow.png can be deadly, when followed by other kinds of crowd control.




You have the range advantage and should make use of it but care his trade potential in longer fights because of his nature as burst carry. Also ggun.png will shred your armor and make you even more vulnearable. Don't forget his passive converts 50% of his auto attack damage into magic damage and we don't run any magic resistance. After his first back he most likely got 3057.png which empowers his next attack after using a spell.




Your range may be higher and you can harass him quite easliy with it but keep in mind that he can fight back with the empowered damage of dravenspinning.png and the movement and attackspeed steroids on dravenfury.png. You can place Traps below the landing space of his axes and force him to either drop the axe (which decreases his DPS) or to take the trap and eat free headshots. If you need to disengage with caitlynentrapment.png beware his dravendoubleshot.png. It can interupt your charge backwards and will displace you for some time.




You can abuse your longer range but avoid getting poked by ezrealmysticshot.png. If he spams ezrealessenceflux.png or ezrealarcaneshift.png he will be out of mana soon and you can frezze the lane and force him back. Beware his all-in because with proper support you may die (ezrealarcaneshift.png deals magic damage and is auto targetting on the nearest target). Also it may give away a potential jungler gank so stay sharp.




This lane is pretty easy. You can abuse your long range and don't force any longer trades. You may want avoid getting hit by his fourth shot and jhinq.png because its damage potential is quite high. Avoid getting hit from jhinw.png when you got a mark on your champion. When getting hit with mark on you, you'll be rooted for up to 1,75 seconds (depending on rank of jhinw.png). After 6 he will many times follow up a successful root with jhinr.png which almost guarantees his first shot to hit you, slowing you for 80% over 0,75 seconds. If you feel to dodge with caitlynentrapment.png always dodge do the side in a big angle to avoid getting hit by another shot.




The lane is a piece of cake. Her all-in is weaker as yours, her range smaller until level 7 but beware her snowballing potential when the jungler comes by. If she should be allowed to farm freely or even grab a few kills you gonna have a bad time. An item advantage in lane might screw you over.




Playing against Kalista is simple. Avoid longer trades and force her out of lane or getting harassed while creeping. Her kalistaexpungewrapper.png will deal more damage the more spears you ate. Also don't get hit by both supporter and Kalista because the passive of kalistaw.png is quite powerful. After 6 you should dodge kalistarx.png simply because it'll deliver the opponent support straight into your face, displace you for some time and guarantee a melee support to suppress any action of yours for even longer.




This lane feels like taking candy from a baby. His low range makes him extremly vulnearable to your superior attacks and he must work a lot to stay in this lane. His all-in is quite potent meaning that he can outdamage you in smaller skirmishes (thanks to his passive and base damage on lucianq.png). But to dish out this power he must luciane.png in front of you leaving him open to your support or your caitlynentrapment.png->caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png->Headshot combo. Is your support able to land a snare, root or anything euqal you can place caitlynyordletrap.png directly behind him. This means he either walks in and gets even more damage to his face or he must walk a longer way till safety (or even burn flash).


Miss Fortune


Miss Fortune may be a lane bully but you have the longer range. Abuse it to your best but avoid getting hit by missfortunericochetshot.png. This ability deals potent damage on the first hit and heavy damage on the 2nd hit so avoid staying behind minions and always move around to make it harder for her to bully you down. If she uses Thunderlord's Decree you will most likely get missfortunescattershot.png in your face as this spell activates Thunderlord's almost instantly leaving you with a junk of your HP gone (counterplay yeeeeh). Her all-in after 6 is pretty good especially when you get hit by crowd control as her ult deals heavy damage and can even crit for more. Miss Fortune is fast in lane due to the passive of missfortuneviciousstrikes.png. Hitting her frequently with attacks will supress the passive from working.




You won't see her on bottom lane except for a few cases (Quinn Mains autofilled as ADC). She can't auto attack trade you because she only has 500 range. Fear her all-in because of the potent damage and reset potential of her passive, the vision loss of direct hits from quinnq.png and the small displacement of quinne.png (hint: both abilities will mark you with her passive if directly hit).
Always make sure to tell your team if she is missing in lane after 6 because her roaming potential is heavy with quinnr.png




Simply bully her with auto attacks and avoid using spells as her sivire.png will negate every single one of it and grant her mana to spam more of those sivirq.png and sivirw.png. Force the usage of sivire.png if you want to kill her with or without the intervention of your jungler because she will only be left with 4.png or sivirr.png after level 6. If Sivir can play without fear you should avoid sticking with your minions due to the bouncing nature of sivirw.png. Also direct hits from sivirq.png will hurt a lot but burn her mana pool heavily.




Her laning is pretty weak and her range early on smaller than yours. Try to force her into trades where she can't make proper use of tristanae.png. If she gets four hits onto you or even jumps onto you with tristanaw.png while being hit by tristanae.png a huge junk of your HP will be gone in no time. When four auto attacks get through before time would let tristanae.png explode, it will explode anyway and grant a reset on tristanaw.png. On level 6 make sure you don't get all-in'ed like that because tristanar.png will be used as a finisher and deals potent magic damage.




Pre level 6 this lane is pretty easy for you. Just make sure you don't stay in the poision field of twitchvenomcask.png or get into his range because his passive deals (1-5) true damage per stack and every stack will increase the damage of twitchexpunge.png. After level 6 we most likely wants to all-in you popping out of stealth with twitchhideinshadows.png (additional attackspeed for 5seconds after leaving stealth), placing twitchvenomcask.png below you and try to kill you with the additional AD and range from twitchfullautomatic.png. In mid game you should always stay with your support because he will try to ambush you with this combination and alone you will stand no chance against him.
Hint: You can unstealth him with Vision Wards to destroy the surprise effect and you can see him while being in twitchhideinshadows.png when you are near him (no sneaky escape).




His all-in is incredibly strong. Avoid his attack range because varusw.png increases his attacks with additional magic damage onhit and mark your for a few seconds. When marked varusq.png and varuse.png can use this stacks (they vanish after being hit) and take % magic damage per stack up to 3 stacks at the same target. After level 6 he will most likely try to root you with varusr.png and try to finish you off. Being hit from this spell you will automatically gain 3 stacks of varusw.png's passive an lose a chunk of your HP after that (his ultimate will spread to targets around).




Dealing with her pre level 6 is pretty easy. You should just avoid being hit three times else you will receive a bigger blow to your HP bar thanks to vaynesilveredbolts.png. Avoid staying near walls and objective because vaynecondemn.png will push you on them and stun you for 1,5 seconds. Her all-in after 6 is pretty strong because of her ultimate vayneinquisition.png granting additional AD, more movementspeed from her passive and 1 second stealth after using vaynetumble.png (hint: you can't uncloack her when she is in stealth which makes her fighting pretty strong).

General Information Back to Top

Rating [8.9]: I personally rate her pretty highly (around S-/A+ Tier) because her laning and late game are both incredibly reliable. As long as you can turtle through mid game you'll be a strong pillar of your team. 18.png498.png and 145.png are still stronger than her.

Hello and welcome to my Caitlyn season 7 guide. If any questions or feedback occur, please leave them in the comments below. I will try to answer them all and improve the quality of this and other guides. When there are specific question you can also come over to my stream and ask me there (mostly german stream but I can also help you out in english).

If the need for video footage is there I can add it later.

Note: This guide is now marked with the "Approved" tag which is a big step for me. Thank you for all the readers and people that made this possible. ♥

Update section Back to Top

Patch 8.9: caitlynpassive.png can't crit anymore and its damage against non-champions got changed to +100% (modified by
                         critical strike) total attack damage. Damage against champions is still unchanged.

                         Less damage against minions results in less Life Steal (and push power of course). The change isn't
                         as tough as it seems.

Patch 7.22 - 8.8 : No additions to this guide since I have been quite inactive. 

Patch 7.20/7.21: No direct nerfs to 51.png or anything she is currently using. In 7.21 there was a nerf to 3504.png
which now has reduced on-hit damage and Attack Speed but this item won't touch her core.

Patch 7.19: Following nerfs from earlier patches got reverted 1) Attack Speed + Attack Speed growth, caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png
passthrough damage, additional Attack Speed at lvl 1.

                   Base HP down from 524,4 to 475 and HP per level up from 80 to 85. These two changes were made to
                   make 51.png less "tanky" early on but a little bit tankier in the late game.
                   caitlynpassive.png now works on tower. This is great when you play the objective game. Shredding towers is now
                  easier than ever and make 3006.png even more desirable as a first buy. This change comes with a trade-off
                  in damage trading with champions. Since you were able to hold the headshot and throw it onto an
                  opponent of choice you had some good burst with headshot->caitlynentrapment.png->caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png->headshot. This combo is
                 still possible but now you have to decide between tower damage and champion damage.

                 caitlynyordletrap.png Duration lowered from 90 seconds to 30/35/40/45/50; Trap recovery rate down from 45/32,5
                 /20/12,5/10 seconds
to 30/24/19/15/12 seconds; Reveal duration lowered from 8 seconds to 3 seconds;
                 Damage changed from
10/55/100/145/190 (+0.6 total attack damage) to 40/90/140/190/240 (+0.4/0.55
                 /0.7/0.85/1.0 bonus attack damage). These changes allow more counter play for your opponent but, in
                 return, grant you more damage output when opposing champions step on those booby traps.

Patch 7.18: Worlds patch is here and there are neither buffs or nerfs. There are a lot of tentative changes on the
                   PBE which might be shipped in the next patch but we'll find out soon.

                  Worlds Prediction added which talks about the stand of 51.png and her probability to get picked.

Patch 7.17: Looks like the latest nerfs in 7.16 trashed her win rate more than anticipated resulting in no further
                   adjustments to 51.png or anything she is using.

Patch 7.16: caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png The damage reduction after every hit beyond the first incresed from -33% to -50%. This one is
                   especially hitting her wave clear since this is what this skill was made for. The damage in trades should
                   stay the same especially when using the caitlynentrapment.png --> caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png combination. caitlynentrapment.png is improving our chances of
                   hitting a point blanc caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png which was untouched in this patch.

                   caitlynyordletrap.png Base damage got reduced at earlier levels from 30/70/110/150/190 to 10/55/100/145/190 and
                   the AD Ratio got reduced from 70% to 60%. This nerf is adressing the late game power of 51.png which
                   was, even after the several nerfs, incredibly strong. You'll feel the changes (both early and late) but
                   they won't push her into the "trash" tier. 51.png is going to be one of the strongest marksman especially
                   in soloQ because of the interaction between 3094.png3087.png and caitlynpassive.png.

Patch 7.15: No changes happened to 51.png or any items she is using. Stay tuned for 7.16 since Riot is testing out
                   nerfs on caitlynyordletrap.png (mostly nerfs to flat and AD scaling damage) but they also play with the damage of caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png
                  (less damage for every target hit after the first.

Patch 7.14: Attack Speed growth reduced from 4 to 2%. This change is noticable in the mid to late game but less in
                   the early levels. Still the caitlynpassive.png+3094.png+3087.png combination is intact which (right now) is her strong point.

2017-07-17: Explanation in the mastery section now fits the mastery selection. Thanks to @Rosencrantze for
                     contacting me that explanation and selection aren't in sync.

Patch 7.12/
Patch 7.13:
No changes happened to 51.png or anything that she builds.

Patch 7.11:  caitlynpassive.png The bolts from 3085.png won't stack your passive anymore. This change is huge since we were able
                    to spam a headshot with around every 3rd auto attack. That means a huge loss of DPS in late game
                    team fights and your mid game will be a lot weaker than before. Therefore we are going to replace
                    this item with 3087.png

                   Attack Speed down from 0.568 to 0.543 but level 1 speed boost up from 10 to 15% (total attack speed
                   at level 1 unchanged). This change is hurting her laning a bit but is negligible in the later stages of the
                   game since we stack a lot of speed anyway.

2017-06-01: Minor tweaks to itemisation

2017-05-14: Minor tweaks for masteries, Update section 7.9 patch included.

Patch 7.9:     3026.png - Build component and stats got changed. Armor/MR --> AD/Armor is a nice pickup for a 
                                defensive item of that caliber that now also grants 40 AD.
                     3035.png - With the tank update this item dropped armor penetration from 45% --> 35%. Still your only 
                                viable option against big tanks.
                     3036.png - Additional damage depending on HP discrepancy up from 15% --> 20%. Compensation buff for 
                                 the Last Whisper nerf.
                    3812.png - Damage received transfered into 3 second DoT increased from 15% --> 30%. Huge change
                               making it more popular.

Patch 7.7:      No changes were made that affected direct gameplay of this champion.

Patch 7.6:       Warlord's Bloodlust got its values adjusted from 1-50% to 3-40% making it stronger early on but
                       weaker later on. Additionally critical strikes with this keystone will have their healing power
                       amplified by 3031.png to make those heals even stronger. That means:

                                        Warlord's Bloodlust > Fervor of Battle

Patch 7.5:   3153.pngAttack Damage up from 25 to 40, Attack Speed down from 40 to 25%, Life Steal up from 10 to 15%,
                            active damage down from 10% of the target's max health as physical damage to 100 magic damage,
                            on-hit damage up from 10 to 15. Those changes make the item more attractive to Auto Attack
                            Marksman and should be considered a pickup when against tanks with a lot of HP. In combination
                            with 3036.png you can shred through tanks way better than before.

                  Warlord's Bloodlust got changed. It now works like the passive effects from 3087.png and 3094.png. By attacking
                  and moving the user gets stacks. When the capacity of 100 is reached the next attack becomes
                  energized. Those attacks have Life Steal and grant 30% Movement Speed for 0.75 seconds.
                  These changes make it a lot weaker in the early game but alot stronger in mid-to-late game especially
                  for kiting opponents. You can use this one when excessive kiting is needed but can be replaced by
                  Fervor of Battle if you don't have to kite a lot since it provides up to 64 AD when fully stacked at Lv 18.

Patch 7.4 :
  3071.png This item got its build path changed + it lost some AD (50->40) and an HP boost (300->400). It's                                       simply not wort building on Jhin since the armor penetration must be stacked first to be                                           impactful.

                   3035.png AD from 25->10 and Armor Penetration from 30%->45% make this item even more desirable against                                 heavy tanks. You may to want to build it earlier in the game and stick with it until you finished                                     other important items.

                  3034.png The nerf on this item is pretty harsh since your opponent now needs up to 1000 HP more than                                      you to fully utilize this item. Worse against bruiser but still the same against full tanks.

                   3036.png Stayed the same with only the component effects changed. Therefore: See above.

                  Fervor of Battle duration up from 6 to 8 seconds. Nice QoL change and could be a pickup for Caitlyn                         depending on the lane matchup since Life Steal is pretty nice to have. Your mid-to-late game damage                       will be higher with it and holding the stacks is easier than before but going with Fervor may needs                           some adaptations in our build path because we'll lack Life Steal.

                  Warlord's Bloodlust bonus down from 20% to 15% is a good chunk. You are going to feel the reduction                         since you need to attack a lot more than before to sustain the same amount of HP. Still, Warlord's is                         going to be your priority Keystone.

Worlds prediction (S7 Worlds) Back to Top

This small section was created with the intention of talking about how likely 51.png is going to get picked at Worlds.

After all the cuts till Patch 7.16 we saw that her play rate in competitive dropped almost instantly. With only a very few games in Korea there was no 51.png in sight. Simply because 429.png, 18.png and 498.png took over her "S Tier" rank there was no place for a gutted champion like her.

 Luckily for all of us 51.png players the amount of bans against marksman went up quite a bit in the last competitive patch (7.16 if I recall correctly) resulting in those "S Tier" carries to get banned away mostly. With the Top Tier gone the "A Tier" and "B Tier" went up in priority resulting in picks such as 22.png, 110.png, 202.png, 96.png, 15.png and lastly 51.png. Combine this way of Pick & Ban with the latest nerfs to 429.png, 18.png the trend of eleminating "S Tier" and reducing players to the lower Tiers will keep going which could net us some games with 51.png but she won't be highly contested.

Tl;dr: The way P&B (Pick & Ban) approaches the Tier List of Marksman and the recent nerfs to certain "S Tier" marksman A and B Tier will be more interesting which could make her a pick in a few games but don't expect too much.

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