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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner spells are pretty self-explanatory. 4.png is just a all around great summoner spell for offence and defense. 

14.png is a great spell for early lane pressure that you want to create if possible. 14.png is also great against champions with healing sustain like 50.png8.png and 106.png.

Take 3.png when either your ADC took a passive champion (not recommended) or you need to use it on late game carries such as 67.png

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries used are 0-12-18 with CotC. Fervor is the most used keystone for Camille but in the early game your trades are going to be short and most of the time more "hit and run" than a real fight. So Fervor would mostly not get enough stacks to be worth it. In the late game it's good and it is the best keystone for 1 on 1 fights but that is not usual.
Resolve tree is pretty standard. It gives you some extra tankiness and tenacity to survive trades and HP regeneration to heal up afterwards. Not to be forgotten is Courage of the Colossus (CotC) that is IMO the best keystone in this situation. CotC synergies well with your  E as it stuns the target and you want to start every trade with it. Your passives shield in addition to CotC gives you a lot of suvivability in trades and team fights later on.

"Why 12 in Cunning instead of ferocity?"
Ferocity tree is more offensive and is undoubtedly better in drawn-out fights. I still prefer the Cunning tree over Ferocity as Wanderer gives you movement speed out of combat that with the movements speed of Explorer reduces time wasted by a lot. Meditation is also good as you can spam your W for harass more often and not to run out of mana in the first few levels.

Bandit vs Dangerous Game
12th point in the Cunning tree is a weird one. Neither of them is particularly useful and the choice between is probably something everyone can make themselves whit out impacting the outcome of games too much. Dangerous Game can get you out from some close situations but most of you deaths will come from situations where 5% is not going to change anything. Bandit gives you a bit of gold every once in a while and while it does not matter that much it still feels good.

Runic Armor vs Veteran's Scars
Veteran's Scars is a good mastery to boost your early game health even further. There is no doubt that Runic Armor is better in the mid-late game as 50 HP is almost nothing in that point and 8% more healing on your W can be quite a lot. Still I prefer the early power of Veteran's Scars.

Abilities Back to Top

Here we go over the basics of every ability and what they are used for. Combos and other more advanced things are going to be in the Mechanics section.


Camilles passive Adaptive Defensescamillepassive.png is pretty straight forward. Upon attacking an enemy with and AA you get a shield of 20% of your maximum health against magic or physical damage depending on what kind of damage the enemy you attacked has dealt more during the game. So if that ADC Soraka build Infinity Edge you wont get a useless magic shield against her :)

As a support your main ability is Tactical Sweepcamillew.png (W).  It offers you a decent range cone-shaped AoE burst that also heals you and slows the enemies. This ability is going to be your main tool of harassment and healing during the late game. Tactical Sweep can be used in combination with E or without it.

The second most important ability for you is going to be Hookshotcamillee.png (E). Hookshot is your main engagement tool and your main escape tool. The first part (E1) shoots a string that collides with the first terrain in its path. Second part (E2) is when Camille leaps from the wall to target direction and collides with the first enemy hit, stunning them. Its important to note that E2 can go through walls and gains more range if done towards an enemy champion. Yasuos Windwall can stop E1 so keep that in mind.
Your third ability is Precision Protocolcamilleq.png (Q). This ability is the sole reason why even I run AD Marks with Support Camille. With support Canille this overall amazing ability is going to be a one point wonder as it is only needed for the AA reset in the early game. Precision Protocol is  two time use ability that can reset your AA on both times. Waiting atleast 3 seconds after the first use (Q1) your second activation (Q2) will deal more damage and a portion of it is converted to true damage. The first cast also gives you bonus movement speed for 1 second.

Finally your ultimate The Hextech Ultimatumcamiller.png (R). I believe this is the ability that will separate the Gods from the casuals. In itself the ability is not that complicated. It knocks out all other enemies than the one that you targeted and you deal % bonus damage of their current health with each basic attack. More of the possibilities of this ability in the Mechanics section. 


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard melee support start
    Don't forget your duty!

Core Items

    Must have items for support Camille. Offers some HP and a Sightstone. Boots of Swiftness are good for roaming and saves time when warding.
    Most cases Glacial Shroud is better for the defensive stats. If far ahead you can snowball with Sheen
    Your first four items in almost every game.
    Could replace Iceborn Gauntlet if it seems like your team needs help in teamfights early on. Otherwise can be built later.

Situational Items

    Black cleaver is the best damage item for this build. Would not recommend Maw if not necessary for the Magic resist
    Pick one depending on what you need.

"Why Glacial Shroud before Sheen"

The answer is again, bot lane. Trades in the bot lane are going to involve more abilities and less AAs. If you are not insanely ahead it is worth more to buy the armor to soak up some extra damage than to get one sheen proc. Your damage will be enough to kill the enemy bot lane without sheen. Sheen is good if you are insanely ahead and have no chance to lose a fight even if the enemy jungler surprises you.

"Why Iceborn Gauntlet over Trinity Force"
Obviously you are going to be behind in gold compared to a Camille top. We still want to utilize Sheen as it synergies well with your Q1 and Q2. Trinity Force costs 3733 and Iceborn Gauntlet costs 2700 so you save around 1000 gold for your beloved Control Wards. Iceborn Gauntlet gives you 65 armor so you don't need another armor item in your core build.

"Why Black Cleaver"
IMO as we are not building to deal a ton of damage but still want to have the potential to kill enemy ADC Black Cleaver is the perfect item. Not only does it give a bit of damage it completes your 40% CDR and gives you 300 HP and reduces you opponents armor. The armor reduction is good in team fights as it helps your team to shred trough tanks or blow up carries.

Matchups Back to Top

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Low mobility and limited range. Be careful past level 6 if the enemies try to combo you. 




Annoying but not too hard. Go on after he uses Cosmic Binding and be careful of ganks with his Magical Journey




Dodge his abilities with E1 and engage with E2. It gets easier after few tries




She can play really far in the lane. Try to not get poked down and wait for her to make a mistake. After level 6 try to lock him down outside of her turrets range.




Easier version of Caitlyn. Wait until he makes a mistake and Arcane Shifts forward or try to blow him after level 6 as he can no Arcane Shift out of your ultimate.




Go all in after his 4th shot and try to avoid his stun. 




Dodge her Inner Flame with your E1 and either go in or re-position with E2. Her root can lock you down so look out for that.




Probably the worst mach-up. Try to avoid his Dredge Line and when escaping use your E1 after hes passive has been used as it can stop you.

Gameplay Back to Top

Laning Phase

From level one you will have 773 HP and +-40 Armor and MR. If you leash your jungler tank 2-3 hits from the buff and then use your W to heal back up. Before trading you want to have level 2 so that you can utilize CotC and engage from longer range and different angles. While trading against aggressive opponents it is best to try to trick them to use their CC ability and dodge it with E1 and engage straing after with E2.

Poking is mostly done with your W while also healing yourself. The slow makes it hard for the enemies to engage on you you always have your E to escape with if they still decide to come on you.

It is important to remember that when your passive and CotC is off-cooldown you can engage even with low HP. CotC in addition to your 20% maximum HP shield makes it possible for you to heal with your W before dying while dealing a lot of damage in the meantime. 

After trading for w while the enemy may sit on low HP in far back. At this point you want to use your main lane combo. E1 immediately followed by W and E2. This will start your W animation while in the air and give you extra distance on your engagement as the slow hits the enemy and you can just walk up to them and AA-Q1-AA-Q2 + Ignite if needed. In most games this is a guaranteed kill on the enemy ADC or support. After that they will be scared of you and you can zone them off and get your ADC ahead in farm.

Mid Game

At this point you star to be a big threat to the opposing team. After finishing Iceborn Gauntlet you can lock almost anyone down and kill most of AD characters. Your main goal is to try to get other lanes ahead (mainly mid lane) while still helping your ADC.

If your ADC is ahead this is the point when you want to really start roaming. Bonus out of combat movement speed combined with Boots of Swiftness makes roaming to mid lane and the enemy jungle extremely easy. Ward the enemy botside jungle and look for a opportunity to gank mid.

If your ADC is struggling then stay with them as much as possible. Even a fed ADC is not going to survive a bot + jungle focus and you should ward more passively towards your lane. Only leave to gank if it is more than 90% kill. Getting a flash is not worth the risk of your ADC dying.

After getting a kill it is important to get a bigger objective. If you ganked mid with your jungler it is a good idea to push the turret as your Q can AA reset so you deal a good bit of damage to turrets. If taking a turret is not possible try to take dragon or clear the enemy jungle so that you can get a small lead over the enemy team. 

Late game

Ideally you want to end the game as soon as possible. Your damage starts to fall off in late game so you become a damage soaking tank with CC. You will still deal a good amount to ADC but not enough to kill them during a team fight so your role is to simply lock them down so your team can focus them down. Later on when enemy team is getting tankier your W becomes a miracle maker. Dealing 10% of their max HP as damage and healing for the same amount is equal to getting 3rd of your HP back. At this point the game is mostly our of your hands and you require your teammates to help you although you can make a great impact by tanking damage and locking down enemy carries one by one.

Combos & Mechanics Back to Top

Basic Combos  camilleq.png  -  camillew.png  -  camillee.png  -  camiller.png

Your bread and butter combo in lane is going to be E1-E2-AA-Q1-Q2-E. This combo goes in and utilizes your passive and CotC. While baking off use W to slow enemies from counter engaging and to heal back the damage you took. This combo is best used when you can dodge an enemy ability with E1 to minimize the damage you will take when disengaging.

The long range finishing combo will be E1-W-E2-AA-Q1-Q2 + Ignite (if needed). Being abile to cast W while using E gives you exrtra range on your W slow. This should only be used when you do not have range to use the first combo or you need the health immediately when going in. Timing for the heal is a bit tricky but it will come with practice.

It is important to know that if you think you do not have time to get Q2 used you can use Q1 to a minion just before going in so that your Q2 will be up when you are in melee range.

In most cases waiting for the empowered Q2 is not worth it so if you need the true damage proc your Q1 to a minion before going in.

Team Fight Combos

For maximum damage output in team fights we will start with the basic combo but throw our ultimate and an extra AA in there. The combo is going to be E1-E2-R-AA-Q1-AA-Q2-E. Try to lock down an enemy carry and burst them down with this combo. Use Q1 as an AA reset and time the Q2 so that it will be empowered. After that use your E to the enemy carry if in need of a bit of extra damage or to group of enemies if you need health.

In the extreme late game when your job is just to lock the enemy carry down use the 2nd variation this combo. Throwing an extra E1-E2 will grant you 1 more stun E1-E2-R-AA-Q1-Q2-E1-E2-W. This will give your team 1 more second to focus down the target.

Mechanics & Tricks

For a bit of extra mobility you can Flash during the animation. The E2 stun is a small AoE so this will make the stun and damage to take place in the are of the flash. This can be useful if a tank is between your E1 and the carry. 

As mentioned above you can use your W at any point during E1. This will make your instant engagement range longer. The timing with W is a bit tricky but training will get you used to it.

Casting R will make you invulnerable for a brief moment. This can be useful for dodging fast bursts like Syndras ultimate or to dodge skills like Ashes ultimate.

Your E2 has a small knock-back effect and can be used to interrupt movement abilities such as dashes.

If you cast E1 and then get rooted or stunned you will get pulled to the terrain your E1 hits once the animation finishes. This is good to be used if you do not have time to dodge a root from Lux or another champ but are close enough to a wall to dodge the full combo if positioning a bit further away.

All the S+ grades so far Back to Top



Patches Back to Top

7.1 Not much changed for supp Camille. Biggest change was the duration of the shield change and that did not change Camilles early game at all so you can still go all in just like before. In the lategame our items cover for the tankiness and sustain so the shield was a nice "+" but not necessary. Also the shield was usually gone before 2.5 sec so it will do its purpose anyways.

7.2 CotC nerf has made a slight difference. CotC is still the best keystone for Camille supp. 

7.3 Nerf to Q does not affect support role. The W slow decaying to 0% made a slight difference but not enough to impact viability. E manacost is not that big of an issue after Glacial Shroud should be more thoughtful of mana usage in early game. Stun makes a slight difference but overall is not that big nerf. Hopefully she will be banned less in the future.

7.4 Nothing

7.5 Nothing

7.6 Nice QoL update with magic damage shield color change.

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