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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Flash: Flash is the best option for camille, can be used to escape, get over walls, or flashy plays with your E and/or W.

Teleport: Best option for split pushing champions, being able to join teamfights at a moments notice is key. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

6111.pngFury: A lot of your damage is based off of auto attacks, so more attack speed is nice.

6122.pngFeast: Some lane sustain is always good especially if you're laning in a bad matchup.

6131.png6134.png Vampirism(1/5) Natural Talent (4/5): One point in vampirism gives the full 1% lifesteal/spell vamp since it rounds up. This gives you basically "3" points in vampirism for the price of 1.

6143.pngBattle Trance: Most consistent option of the 3 in the line, great for fervor champions with good synergy.

6151.pngBattering Blows: Armor pen is the way to go, magic pen wont help any skills of yours.

6162.pngFervor of Battle: Great skill for auto based characters such as YA GIRL CAMILLE.

6211.pngRecovery: Extra regen early to help you get through the early game, and you won't be stacking resistances so the other option is pretty worthless.

6221.pngExplorer: Being able to roam quicker and chase through jungle faster makes this worth it for Huni's playstyle of always split pushing.

6231.pngRunic Armor: Extra shield for your passive and you will be going for ravenous hydra which will help your sustain as well. 

6241.pngInsight: Lower flash and TP cooldown is great especially if you think you're gonna be focused as Huni does.

Abilities Back to Top


Adaptive Defenses(Passive): This shield is fantastic and will always give you the best shield possible for the enemy you autoed. Great to make short trades always go your way!

Precision Protocol: Two part skill both parts are auto resetters. Once you use it once try to wait out the 1.5 second window so your second Q will be true damage. Has great synergy with Trinity Force, if you proc Trinity with your first Q it will come up at the same time as the Second Q for massive damage.

Tactical Sweep: Was nerfed pretty heavily so Huni doesn't max this anymore. Used primarily for an extra slow and a bit of sustain in teamfights. You can use this while using your E to shoot it out while flying into or away from combat.

Hookshot: Camille's most important skill in my eye. Your escape/chase/scouting tool all rolled up into one. Good vision of the fights will lead to understanding of how to use this skill. Can be used to bait out enemy skills since they have to respect you jumping in on them. Double's the second dash range if you're aiming at an enemy champion, but doesn't guarantee you hitting them.
The Hextech Ultimatum: Great ultimate for locking down enemy backline. You become untargettable during the initial jump in, which you can use to dodge big ultimates. Can be combo-ed well with big AOE ultimates like Galio Ult for sick combos. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    standard starting item for survivability

Core Items

    options for hydra item
    boot options

Situational Items

    in case of suppression on enemy team
    damage items
    defensive items
    tanky items
    Great item for later game if going titanic

Starting items should always be a doran's shield and a health potion. This start gives you the best sustain for early game. Living is the main priority early game, Camille isn't the strongest character early and can be ganked fairly easily. You may get ganked frequently depending on the lane matchup so sustain is the name of the game. 

Once you pass the early game your main focus is getting to your Trinity Force as soon as possible. This is the single biggest power spike Camille will have in the game. The only time you should not get your Trinity Force first is when their laner is clearing the creep wave and roaming early. In this situation you can consider getting a tiamat before finishing Trinity Force but you're giving up a big mid game spike. 

Once you have your Trinity Force you can focus on the rest of your build. If you're going to be splitpushing like Huni, the obvious choice is to get a Ravenous Hydra. This item will allow you to have the elongated fights and trades and stay in lane after. Titanic Hydra is a decent option(though it doesn't have an auto reset functionality like Ravenous does) if you need to be a more upfront playstyle on your team. 

Boot options are purely defensive choices. If you're laning vs a hyper carry such as Tryndamere or Jax I would opt for the Ninja Tabis. Huni played against a Gnar and chose the Merc Treads since he needed it vs their team comp overall. You can make similar choices when playing, look at the enemy comp and figure out what you'll be up against and whose strong. 

After the core items your main focus is deciding what your role is going to be forward. If you can still out 1v1 anyone in the game and split push you can opt for more damage in a Death's Dance or a Bloodthirster. Otherwise generally I would opt for a semi tanky item such as Guardian Angel so you can continue to build damage but also survive at the same time. 

If you had chosen to go Titanic Hydra, Sterak's Gage is an amazing item that will synergize with your build! Sterak's Gage is a bit overtuned atm and underappreciated. Pick this amazing item up while you can. 

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Gnar
  • Maokai




Gnar's a lane bully and can play the lane as such. Focus on farming up and surviving any ganks that happen. Once you hit your core you can trade with him fairly well but note that if he gets help you'll most likely be a sitting duck. Late game teamfights make sure not to clump with your team and focus their backline. 




Would be an easy lane since it's a farm fest. But Maokai+jungler ganks can be devastating. Pay attention to jungler's pathing and this matchup becomes easy.

Introduction Back to Top

SKT Huni picked Camille in two games last night vs RNG. Both games he got a lot of attention thrown his way and lived through almost all of it. Effectively being a sponge for his team, allowing the rest to play with more freedom. Post early game he had an easy time playing on the side lane and tp-ing in for plays or continuing to split push. He was an integral part of not only in these games but in all of the games in allowing his team to prosper even if it costed him some lane pressure. 

Early Game Back to Top

This is the most boring time of the game for a Camille. Your laning phase focus has to be on surviving the lane at all costs. As an insane scaler you don't want to attempt anything too risky. Huni respects his lane opponents greatly in the Camille games since he knows the enemy jungler could be right around the corner. 

The only time you should be using your Hookshot(E) is when your jungler is around and you can initiate or you know that your enemy laner is alone. Camille is a fairly squishy character early on so using your sole escape ability is a great gamble. 

Trading early game can go heavily in your favor if you utilize your passive well. Try to walk up to the enemy while they CS and use your Q, if you can stick onto them for the second part of Q go for it. Either way once you start backing off use your W towards them and try to hit them in the outer ring. That's an optimal trading pattern when you aren't all-inning. 

Mid Game Back to Top

By this time you should hopefully have your Trinity Force finished. Tri is a huge spike for your split pushing and your teamfighting. The phage passive will help you have the sticking power or ability to space well. 

If you decide to keep split pushing, make use of your Q on turrets. The normal pattern that you'll use the most will be auto->Q->auto->second Q once it's stacked up. This will have sheen proc's on both parts of Q and all the damage will hit the turret. Camille's one of the fastest turret killers in the game, so if you can play around that you can force the enemy to respond. If you're a split pusher remember to ward paths to you from the other lanes. If you can get deep vision you'll always be safe from an enemy flank.

If you want to teamfight in the middle game make sure you're aware of the enemy carry's items. If you're even with their carry you can dive them easily. Generally wait off in the wing and wait for the fight to initiate. Once they use their big ultimate abilities and CC you're free to dive into their backline. Try to E onto them to start your combo. Once you hit your first Q and the enemy seems to want to run away, you can use your Ultimate to keep them locked down for the rest of your damage. Be very wary of knockbacks when in your ultimate since they will stop your ult completely once you leave the circle. 

Late Game Back to Top

At this stage of the game your main focus should be on objectives. You have a lot of mobility at this stage of the game, from low CD E to just a high movement speed build with the Trinity Force. If you're still split pushing at this point always keep on eye on your team. If a fight breaks out they can't disengage from you may need to teleport in. 

The way you decide whether you need to teleport in or not as a carry toplaner is as follows: Teleport takes 4.5 seconds to get there if you can safely teleport. If your team is a tanky brawly team with CC you can Teleport in even if the fight is looking not too great since they should be able to live. If your carry happens to get caught, TP-ing in is generally a bad idea since you won't have your carry's damage to help you out. If your team is ahead and you're at the enemy's turrets I would focus on staying in the lane and pushing as hard as you can. If Camille gets alone time with structures you can demolish them.

When you're split pushing and there's low vision around the map generally hide in bushes between waves. While hiding in the bush always start recalls. This way if you see the enemy come to collapse on you, you can get away safely. If you have deep vision and you can see multiple come to you, you can teleport to Baron or a high priority Dragon if your team is around it. Your damage onto Baron and Dragons are also insane so making use of it when you can is a great thing to be aware of. 

Camille Tip Back to Top

Hookshot can be utilized in many ways, from chasing enemies to running away. One thing a lot of people don't know is you can use it to scout for enemy champions.  

In the above clip you can see me using my Hookshot with no vision of the enemy. You still get the indicator on the ground and the increased length of your Hookshot regardless of vision or not. So when you're leading the charge for your team or trying to see if there's any enemies lurking(like an invisible twitch) you can use your E to check! 

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