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5 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

The 1st summoner spell you will run will likely change every match, depending on what champions you are playing against. 

1.png  Clenese - Run against enemy Mid laners/Jungler/Top lane/Support have threatening CC (60.png412.png99.png) Clense also gets rid of slows, which can help you run down enemies when you have the upper hand.
21.png  Barrier is a personal shield, so is best to block undodgeable damage such as (134.pngsyndrar.png Syndra ULT) (1.pngdisintegrate.png Annie Q)
6.png When running ghost you have to think about if the enemy Mid laner will have a combat summoner and if you can / want to play the lane with that mismatch of summoner spells. Running Ghost lets you run into fights from far away quicker since you gain and maintain an boost of movement speed for a long time, and the cooldown is relatively low.
7.png Heal, recovers you and 1 allies health, and gives both a small speed boost, so really helps in 2v2’s early game Mid lane, and during the late game can heal you and another carry during high damage team fights.
3.png Exhaust is a single target damage reduction, good against champions with high amounts of burst that can avoid Cassiopeia’s CC (55.png238.png157.png)

If you can’t decide which 1st summoner spell to run, just try running Heal 7.png 

4.png You will always run Flash, Flash gives you offensive and defensive capabilities.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top


6114.png5/5 Sorcery - More damage on abilities, Cassiopeia is all abilities, and cast E cassiopeiae.png thousands of times a game, making the bonus more impactful
6121.png1/1 Fresh Blood - Cassiopeia heals off cassiopeiaq.pngcassiopeiae.png so running Feast isn’t required but can be run into heavier damage laners (134.png7.png) , Fresh Blood gives you better early trades since you can get auto attacks in every 30 seconds or so, and during all ins gives you more damage than if you didn’t run it.
6134.png5/5 Natural Talent - Same reason as not running feast, you already heal, Cassiopeia also builds a lot of mana items early, so getting some AP early helps even out the AP discrepancy against the enemy Mid laner.
6143.png1/1 Battle Trance - Any time Cassiopeia fights a champion, it’s usually a 4-10 second engagement, not in burst, so it’s fine not to run double-edged sword.


6312.png5/5 Savagery - Auto attacks and E cassiopeiae.png are mostly what you have early to farm and push waves and Poison ticks count as single target damage,
6322.png1/1 Secret Stash - Cassiopeia will always start with 2033.png having it last longer will give you more health and mana.
6331.png3/5 Merciless - 3 points will still give you a meaningful bonus damage against lower health targets
6332.png2/5 Mediation - 2 points give you some mana regen early, but really comes into effect later in the match since Cassiopeia’s Mana pool gets so big.
6343.png1/1 Dangerous Game - Cassiopeia has very close fights, this will let you get out alive, or continue to fight during team fights.
6351.png5/5 Precision - Mixed Armor & Magic Pen, basically more damage early
6361.png1/1 Stormraider’s Surge - Cassiopeia can’t buy boots, and even running ghost won’t give you this immediate boost of movement speed, that can be used to chase down targets and continue to damage them.

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order

cassiopeiar.png dot-pattern.png cassiopeiae.png dot-pattern.png cassiopeiaq.png dot-pattern.png cassiopeiaw.png 

cassiopeiapassive.png Passive

Cassiopeia can’t buy boot and gains movementspeed based on level

cassiopeiaq.png  Noxious Blast

Cassiopeia channels a short range blast that explodes in a small circle, poisoning all enemies hit, and gives Cassiopeia a small movement speed boost towards them

cassiopeiaw.png  Miasma 

Shoots poison in a fixed distance  slowing and poisoning all targets in it, enemy champions standing in it cannot use Flash or dashing abilities. 

cassiopeiae.png Twin Fang 

Single target ability on short cooldown, dealing magic damage to enemies hit, deals bonus damage to poisoned enemies. 

cassiopeiar.png Petrifying Gaze 

Cassiopeia shouts in a direction turning all enemies facing her to stone, and slowing all others and deals magic damage.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

2033.png3340.png Starting with only Corrupting Potion is different than most Mid laners, you have to use the active part to get any value out of it, and knowning when to use it comes into play. Corrupting Potion Restores Health, Mana, and 
Damages the enemy over 3 seconds, the potion last 12 seconds, so you can proc it multiple times. But you have to be mindful in using it as you go for a trade. You also get to keep Corrupting Potion and it refills every recall so later into the game it becomes kind of like a mana potion.

Build Path

Cassiopeia stacks up mana early and later gets CDR and Magic Pen to dominate late game teamfights.

2033.png > 3070.png ( Early back for a Tear to start stacking it up) > 3010.png > 1026.png > 3027.png > 3108.png > 3802.png > 3165.png > 3003.png 

Items after Archangel's Staff can be either Defensive in (3157.png3102.png) or Offensive (3135.png3151.png) Depending on the utility / offensive capability you need at that stage of the match.

Mana items allow Cassiopeia to be able to cast E cassiopeiae.png over and over and over again, it's Cassiopeia's primary source of damage, so having mana items is required.

3027.png First main item, gives you Health,Mana,and AP that also builds up over time, perfect item to scale with Cassiopeia through the Mid - Late Game.
3165.png AP, Mana, and Cooldown Reduction that you can buy right after ROA is against everything a Cassiopeia wants at that stage of the game.
3003.png Built after 3027.png3165.png gives you more AP based on mana, and a shield when Tear is fully stacked.
3135.png Cheapest 4th item and most offensive capability, by the time you get Void staff odds are the enemy champions have a Magic Resist item, which Void Staff reduces.

3157.png Active of Zhonays enables you to bait the enemies CC or position, or let you stall out when mispositioned and your team can come help, also gives AP, Armor, and Cooldown Reduction
3102.png A Spellshield, AP, CDR, and a large amount of Magic Resist. Good against enemy AP champions with undodgeable damage ( 42.png13.png8.png)

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Lucian
  • Malzahar
  • Ryze
  • Veigar
  • Viktor
  • Xerath




Lucian bullies most Mid laners, but Cassiopeia can easily punish him any time he dashes in with a cassiopeiaq.png and block his escape path backwards with cassiopeiaw.png. Come mid game you easily match his 3144.png with 3010.png easily letting you tank a basic combo while dishing out your own, and having cassiopeiar.png ULT makes dashing in even harder for the Lucian.




Cassiopeia has a good levels 1-5 against Malzahar if you can control him and avoid getting the wave afk’d pushed in.

After level 6 it’s so SO easy for Malzahar to setup a gank withhis malzaharr.png ULT and really messed up Cassiopeia’s DPS with his  malzaharq.png Silence.




Ryze has a very weak early game so landing a q cassiopeiaq.png and running him down with es will chunk or kill him. Having no dashes makes cassiopeiaw.pngeven more effective against him as well.

While he is casting spells he has to face you setting up for the easiest cassiopeiar.png ULTs possible.




Veigar has long ranges on his abilities making it easy to farm, and presents a huge risk and even trying to trade with him with his box  veigareventhorizon.png Making the risk of ganks even scarier. Winning a trade early levels 2-4 and then killing around level 5-6 can turn this matchups on its head rather than it being a farm fest in which he enters the mid game being able to press R on all your carries to kill them.




Viktor has strong combos but Cassiopeia wins all ins against him since he has long cool downs early. His short range also puts him at risk to hit cassiopeiaq.png while he is casting his spells.




Xerath out ranged Cassiopeia and can abuse her weakest points in Early - Mid game, getting hit by 1 abilitiy can mean you loss 5-10 CS and is very very brutal.

Buy an early 1033.png and sit on it for a majority of the early game and build it into Banshee’s  3102.png Later

Early Game Back to Top

Early game during the laneing phase you want to farm safely, but punish the enemy with cassiopeiaq.pngcassiopeiae.png, especially level 3 you can point an extra point in E cassiopeiae.png instead of W cassiopeiaw.png, and can get a really strong trade in chunk the enemy freeing up a lot in the laneing phase.

Ideally you can back as early as you can for 3070.png Tear, then your next ideal buy is 3010.png. If you die before you get 750g for Tear you can buy 1082.png Dark Seal gives you a small boost of stats to deal with a 1 kill advantage enemy laner.

If you aren’t mechanically good enough or the match doesn’t allow for you to trade and try your hand at fighting the enemy laner, than let the waves come into you, Cassiopeia scales so well into the late game, and if the enemy laner can’t punish you and you don’t go out of your way to die than you are set.

As you start learning Cassiopeia it’s important to practice last hitting with just her E cassiopeiae.png it’s required in so many matchups to be able to weave in an out of the enemies threat range, and you can walk up to Auto attack minions since it’s much shorter range, Last hitting minions with E doesn’t cost mana either 

Mid Game Back to Top

Into the Mid Game you should have ROA 3027.png finished around 12-13 minutes ideally. But are still in the process of powering up, you can take and have more control over fights with the higher health,mana,and AP you get from ROA, but have to respect the raw damage from a standard opposing mid laner if the match is even. Still want to focus on gettting farm for yourself. And not putting yourself in dangerous positions for little gain, you can make aggressive plays with your position if you are also playing around your team’s movement around you. 

If you simply want at the enemy because they are in front of you without putting any though into it you will die to a gank like a fool. If the enemy laner takes big trades onto you, they are likely setting you up to be yanked as well. So really consider why and when to take trades against the enemy laner based on jungler and support positions on the map as well.

When the first tower is lost expect that lane to move to another lane (top lane tower taken, top will go bot and the bot lane will go top) (bot lane takes tower, bot can go mid or top lane and swap with the respective laner). So once the first tower is taken you can expect that lane to recall and move towards another lane, and you have to play around those rotations and play accordingly. 

EX: Enemy bot lane takes tower and looks to rotate mid, time their recall and time it takes them to walk from base to mid and play back around the time they should show up mid, because if they gank you and kill you on that rotation the entire game can be blow wide open. 

EX2: Your bot lane takes tower bot and wants to come mid, take a wave and recall and move bot. 

Many situations like this will arise during matches and simply afking in your lane until other champions show up in it then reacting is a HUGE waste of time.

Late Game Back to Top

Late Game is when Cassiopeia comes online with all completed mana items 3048.png3027.png3165.png it is your job to take over teamfights with a massive amount of control with cassiopeiaw.pngcassiopeiar.png and your raw damage even tanks can’t deal with Cassiopeia when she lands a cassiopeiaq.png. Ideally every fight you get a 5 man cassiopeiar.png ULT and easily wipe the enemies, but this is harder said than done. 

It’s easier to take fights against enemies that are doing Objectives (Baron - Elder Dragon), seiging against your team, or ambushed by your team sitting in a 2055.png‘d bush. If they have to kite into you they are facing you for an easy ULT cassiopeiar.png setup, but are also easier to hit with cassiopeiaq.pngcassiopeiaw.png.

If not fights are happening Cassiopeia is does Baron and Dragons very very quickly.

If you miss a Q cassiopeiaq.png late game you need to kite away, E’s cassiopeiae.png without the damage boost in the late game not only do barely any damage, but will put you in a terriable position against the enemies.

Rather you take fights front to back or try to run past tanks and get on the back line should depend on how fed you are and based on which targets you hit with cassiopeiar.png .

It’s fine to wait for your team to CC targets before trying to land abilities on them, Cassiopeia is all about control so yu need to be able to play flights slowly and quickly depending and adapting to the current situation.

And don’t be scared to Flash 4.png > ULT cassiopeiar.png

Teamfighting Back to Top

Teamfighting with Cassiopeia should pretty much always be done front to back (damaging targets in front of you). If you run past huge tanks you don’t have tools to deal with multiple CC abilities and champions on top of you. 

Also how much damage you can do is based on your current mana, and mana items. Especially early you only have so many E’s to cast, later into the game you don’t have to really worry about it, but Early - Mid game you do have a finite amount of damage you can possible do based on your currently mana pool. 

When enemies are quickly approaching you during fights you have to have the reaction time to ULT cassiopeiar.png them as they are approaching and quickly chunk even the tankiest of tanks with a full rotation of damage, your ULT cassiopeiar.png can also be used to freeze enemies in place and simply run away to get to safety.

So managing mana is a huge part of properly fighting on Cassiopeia early and you have to choose 1 target to focus down or you will simply run out of mana and be left to only auto attack.

Later into the game when you have multiple mana items and CDR it’s more important to be landing your Qs cassiopeiaq.png and able to keep up with your CDR to cast as many empowered E’s cassiopeiae.png at positioned enemies as possible. Any time you miss an E cassiopeiae.png ( not casting E fast enough) than you lose that current and future damage onto the target. So spam it like nobodies business. Make your neighbors know how good you are at Cassiopeia’s based on how loud you are spamming E on your keyboard.

Sawyer Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

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