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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png4.png - Standard Setup

If I feel like I'm having a bad day, or that I'm not totally confident in who I'm going up against or win against; Teleport & Flash are the immediate spells I go for.

Teleport allows you to have full rotation in your lane, and allows you to shake off Diana's poor early-game quicker by building items faster. If you've survived a gank with little health or generally don't feel comfortable pushing the lane, teleport gives you that time to return and upgrade without any punishment.

14.png4.png - Offensive Setup

If I'm going against a champion that I feel is easy to win against, Teleport & Ignite allows me to push for kills sooner than later.

This will help secure early trades during Diana's pre-6. I also get this if I know my jungler will focus top during early game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

131_64.png - Standard Masteries

I am confident in Diana's natural tanky state, which is why I lean more towards the Ferocity/Cunning tree and treat her like the typical mid-laner masteries. Her Cunning tree is really strong on her right now, since Thunderlord's Decree syncs so well on her kit. I really recommend grabbing a blue buff or two during the game if you can. 

Abilities Back to Top

131_64.png - Q: Crescent Strike

Your Q is the main source of damage for Diana. It is also the move that makes Diana so effective for the top lane. it's a great poking source and it's curvage when launched is really deceptive to the opponent. There is also a few small facts as to why this is more powerful than a 'curved skillshot'.

- The animation plays faster the closer you cast the Q to yourself, this is great for counter-duping skilled players. If they are very mobile and are alert to attacks, falsify your intents to poke and as they sidestep towards you to dodge, throw the Q at their new position to ensure they cannot attempt to sidestep once more.

- Watch for opponents auto-attacking! Their momentary lack of movement is ENOUGH for you to throw a Q to deal damage. Since the enemy does not know curved you've projected the Q, it's very rare for them to cancel their auto and move out of the way.

- The hitbox is incredibly deceptive. It's much wider than what your GUI says, and the explosion at the end is roughly 10% bigger also. Use this to your advantage!

131_64.png - W: Pale Cascade

Your W is a great defensive ability and allows you to either jump in to farm with no health cost or sustain more during trades. The ability makes Diana the deceptive tanky bruiser she really is. You can also use this if you want to avoid damage while escaping ganks or clean up minions effectively.

- The shields created from this ability, stack! Not many players understand this, so they really underestimate this move during lane games. I've seen this give me a whooping 500HP+ of shield during late games. This is a secondary must-have ability for Diana.

- The balls formed rotate around Diana, so you have to take that into account when you're moving these around minions. The hitbox is really precise, so you have to make sure the ball will rotate into a minion!

131_64.png - E: Moonfall

Your E is a utility spell, which means you'll be upgrading this last. I usually get this at level 4 rather than level 3, because I usually don't feel confident going for trades at such a low level, plus you get a large damage spike in your Q at it's second upgrade. If you feel like you're going to be ganked early, get this at level 3 instead, as the slow is quite effective, despite it drawing them into you. Don't underestimate the 2 second slow and the momentary knockup!

- The slow is really effective against late game ADC's, as the knockup messes up their kiting and prevents them from attacking for just a moment. That moment should be used for you to set up your combo!

- Although the GUI does not say 'knocked airborne', Yasuo can ult during their time off the ground. He has to have his timing pin-point however. If played out correctly, an E on a group of enemy team players can form a disgustingly strong combo between Diana and Yasuo. Be sure to remind your teammate of this if he decides to go as the late game king that is, Yasuo.

- Fun Fact: This animation design was originally going to be Diana's ult. Who knows what it would have done!

131_64.png - R: Lunar Rush

Your R is what I believe sets you out to be stronger than any of the major gap closers in League of Legends. I'm confident that this move alone makes you more scarier than say, an Akali. If you land your Q, executing an R on that enemy leaves your ult on no cooldown, this gives Diana more burst than most mid-laners. However, the catch is that the combo can be very hard to execute when the Q can be quite tricky to land.

- Only use your R without a landed Q if you HAVE YOU. The cooldown on your ultimate can be quite punishing, so really evaluate if you are able to land Q before it comes off cooldown.

- During the game, you'll be low on mana, yet you'll see that your R is available while you do not have enough mana for a Q. This is because Diana's upscaling on mana usage is absurd and very harsh. However, be aware that your R will do more damage than the Q. So if you think you can kill an opponent with the gap closer and cannot wait for the mana on your Q, do so!

- Your R is also a great escape mechanic! Your Q grants vision on enemies/monsters that are hit, allowing you to R through the wall to create a gap by jumping straight to them.

- Experienced players can Q and R straight to an enemy before the Q even finishes it's animation or hits. This still accounts as a no-cooldown bonus on your R. Timing and accuracy is key. However, the Q actually had to hit before Diana reaches her new location.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Sustained start: Select this if you feel unconfident during early game.
    Offensive start: Select this if you feel like you can win the matchup!

Core Items

    Rushing Tooth: If you are ahead during your laning phase, rush Diana's staple item which is the 'Nashor's Tooth'.
    Rushing AD Defense: If you are behind or are not able to secure enough farm, this build allows more breathing room.
    Rushing AP Offense: If you feel like you are getting more damage out of your abilities than your passive. Rushing AP stats.
    Rushing Cooldown: Split building into your two main items, this will give you the sustain and cooldown.
    Mid-Game Offensive: I usually have this built while I'm ahead of the mid or early-late game.
    Mid-Game Defensive: Needing to focus on farm since the enemy team is ahead.
    Full Build Offensive: This grants me the full AP damage and sustain needed!
    Full Build Defensive: Need the AP damage but also the protection from fed enemies.

Situational Items

    Why: Not as effective in mana sustain as Rod of Ages, but gives more power to your passive and auto-attacks. Great for 1v1!
    Why: If you don't want to build Rod of Ages and need the mana sustain/Magic Resist right away. Deals less damage.
    Why: Solves all of Diana's mana issues as well as giving her large AP damage and health for her deceptive tankyness!
    Why: Staple in every build. Syncs with passive amazingly well. Makes her a 1v1 god and split pushing machine!
    Why: Gives Diana the armor she needs for really offensive AD damage deals in the top lane. Active helps with her cooldowns.
    Why: Gives Diana the Magic Resist against AP counters in the top lane. Gives her more power down the line with it's passive.
    Why: It's gives Diana a crazy spike increase in AP damage for her late game. A must for any build! Build later than sooner.
    Why: An alternative to Rod of Ages if you are incredibly ahead and you feel that it is going to be an easy win.
    Why: Since the removal of DFG. Void staff replaces the 20% buff with a heavy chunk of Magic Pen. Very cost efficient!
    Why: This is a really OP item atm. It's very cheap for the CDR and 80 AP. If no one is building MR, buy this instead of Void Staff!
    Why: Standard build for Dominion and Twisted Treeline. Very nice item for Diana, syncs very well!

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Ryze
  • Shyvana
  • Singed
  • Sion
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  • Wukong
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yasuo
  • Yorick
  • Zac
  • Zed




122_64.png - Difficulty: 7/10

The thing with Darius, is that he has a incredible early game, yet falls off in the late game (Without saying he gets fed in the early game). His killing potential peaks at level 6/7 (Even more so if he has ignite) & then it begins to scale down from there. If they have an AD jungler followed with Darius top, I recommend building Hourglass first & then Rod of Ages. If you're behind & it's taken awhile to finish Hourglass, buy Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead for a quick boost in Health & Ability Power, it's not as strong yet it gives you a damage spike immediately.

If they're lacking AD, I recommend sticking with the normal build. Accept that he'll stop you from farming & you'll have to rely on your Q to farm for awhile. It's just too dangerous to stay in his range. He will out damage you up until level 12-16 depending on the situation.

If he is a lower elo, he might fail to sidestep your Q's, use this to your advantage. If you're level 6+ & he has around 1/3 of his health remaining, you're looking at some high kill potential on your side.

Overall, I'd take teleport & flash for full rotation & ask for your jungler for help, or delay him from taking the tower as long as you can. He is really weak in the late game, so keep that in mind!



78_64.png - Difficulty: 6/10

Satan's wife herself, in all her glory. Poppy now has a really strong early game thanks to her passive against you. Her Q allows for stronger wave clear and the E can secure a well made trade for herself if you allow yourself to be backed against a wall. She falls of late game and becomes and tank. She can however cancel your movement mid-alt as well. :(

Stick with the usual plan with Poppy, focus on your CS for the first 12-16 minutes and then start being aggressive when you have your ROA! Take teleport for this matchup as Poppy will only be using a Warmogs for healing.



133_64.png - Difficulty: 6/10

I'm a huge fan of Quinn as an ADC, but I never really play her in the top lane. Her blind allows her to be like a Teemo, expect with more dexterity and potential to play some interesting moves on you.

Unfortunately, her Q blind is a good counter against you when you have burned your abilities and relying on your passive to do extra damage. The Q WILL negate your magic damage on the third hit.

She has great mobility to break your gap closer and push herself away from you, but if you are an amazing Diana; I would hit your Q, wait for three seconds; ult in on her, and get ready for another Q > R > R combo on her when she tries to escape with her E and then her R.

If timing or mana is an issue, you're gunna have to try and stay out of her 525 range while also farming and damaging with your Q.



58_64.png - Difficulty: 5/10

Renekton used to be the top lane bully back in early 2014, but he has dropped a fair bit and much like Shyvana; he just isn't popular anymore (with good reason).

Renekton is quite like Rengar in a way, for me anyway! Expect his kit is more built for the top lane than jungle. He can bully you here and there, but that can only work if you are generally in his cap closing and when he has at least half fury.

Careful for when he does have full fury though, he can close the gap and stun you with his 'Slice n' Dice' and then deal some decent damage to you. Even worse if you are getting ganked or pushing him too far down the lane.

Other than that, he will keep you from farming with your passive, so stick with your Q's until you hit that golden Level 6. However, his ult is pretty strong; so your best bet is to hopefully wait for him to burn it, heal up and then go in for the finish.



107_64.png - Difficulty: 3/10

Just generally not a good champion to pick for the top lane in my opinion. His kit doesn't really work with trades during the laning phase and his ult can be rendered useless unless coming to burst you down when he returns to lane. (Something you might want to be careful off, because you have no mobility to escape).

His mid game can be fairly strong, as it works well with his passive. But he is near on useless in his early game. You should take advantage of that.

By the time you hit level 6 and you both have your ults. That is probably the time where you have the most killing potential on him. From there onwards, it will begin to drop has he does become fairly powerful later on in the end of mid game to late game.

Be sure to warn others if he roams. He gets the most from his ult by roaming to mid lane. So be careful.



92_64.png - Difficulty: 9/10

God damn, this girl is really powerful at the moment. She has a ton of mobility, a really strong stun and knockup as well as a projectile and incredibly strong AD stats.

Her early game is actually just as strong as her late game in my experience, she'll get her Q immediately and use that knockup to get free damage on you, making the trade-off really unfair.

You really do need to keep your distance, and if she uses her Q combo on minions, use that cooldown time to be more confident in farming with your Q and W, since you will clear minions slightly faster than her.
The moment she has her Q up again, you need to keep the distance, as she will close that gap disgustingly fast.

She will spike once she gets her Hydra and you probably will struggle to win the lane. She'll easily dodge your Q's with her W movements too. The shield is far more stronger than yours also, so she basically beats  you in all aspects of your kit. That being said, you will be able to handle lane easier than most top laners.

I really recommend getting your jungler to help you on this one!



13_64.png - Difficulty: 4/10

I know a ton of people who hate Ryze at top, and he has been a really popular/safe pick for top lane. He tanks up with Mana and Health and becomes quite dangerous throughout his mid-late game.

He practically is useless during his early game, so if you have your E setup, try and get your jungler to stun him down and you follow up with your slow to secure the early kill. Other than that, do your usual by landing the Q's when he is churning out spells on minions.

During the late-game, he will most likely out damage you if you are both on par with items. But he is incredibly immobile, so your teammates are most likely to lock him up and you can then jump in to help take him down.



102_64.png - Difficulty: 5/10

Shyvana used to be really popular at the beginning of Season 4 for her mobility, damage over time and poke. In a way, she has the same approach to laning. Carefully farm and poke with her ranged.

Thankfully, her ranged attacks are nowhere near as powerful as champions such as Jayce and Pantheon, so use that to your advantage! The moment you see her come in for the poke, poke back! You will out-damage her in that small trade!

Her ult does change things up, but it isn't really massively in her favour. She will most likely save her ult for a finish or her jungler coming to gank, but as long as you're near your turret, that jump she makes as she transforms will contribute nothing to hindering your escape. Alongside this, she's quite similar to Darius as in she is a hybrid tank and bruiser, but she doesn't really do either one well. But it doesn't make her the easiest matchups, she is still quite hard to take down and will drain out your mana poking her. I recommend keeping to your teleport on this one, it's gunna be a long lane.



27_64.png - Difficulty: 7/10

Singed forces their player to be as obnoxious as possible. He will taunt, he will proxy your minions and he will just focus on avoiding your poke and trying to make you walk through his toxic poison. (Also, if he makes you rage at some point, it means he's doing his job well, don't let it get to you).

Singed is incredibly weak during early game, despite his base stats. He won't have his grab and only rely on his toxins deal the damage to minions. Read his movement patterns and identify where he is moving toward. The closer he is to you, the harder it is for him to avoid your Q poke, so do take that in mind.

If you can secure a lucky kill in before you hit your level 6, it will allow you to sustain against him for a bit longer. He will avoid all 1v1 trades with you if possible and he will try to rush in, throw you over himself and run away. If you see he is coming for you and you can't get away in time, use your W immediately to avoid the initial damage and give you enough time to get out with your shield, if it explodes on minions and you refresh your shield, even better.

Ask your jungler to come and help later down the line and if you see him proxying your lane, punish him by trying to push the minions you have left to his lane and let minions slowly erode his turret. He is useless in damage dealing and relies on being smarter than you, don't let him outplay you mentally.



14_64.png - Difficulty: ?/??

His VU and Gameplay Updates are coming soon, completely changing this champ, and I don't think he's going to get any easier. I think the moment he changes, you'll have a hard time since his range is fairly high and his shield allows him to be as obnoxious as you were when you were stealing 3rd graders yoghurt lids and licking them clean.

I did that.



17_64.png - Difficulty: 3/10

Teemo usually goes top to counter typical top laners. Re-counter this counter to show him exactly how it feels. Nothing feels greater than seeing top counters get salty because you've apprehended their intentions.

Teemo is harder to land Q's on, and his blind is still effective on you, but your 3rd strike will deal the magic damage! Which is the damage you really only want. He is incredibly squishy and will go down in seconds if he is on half-health.

Once he his Level 6, nothing will really change. The moment you hit one of his bombs, simply hit W and it will negate any damage. Ezpz.



412_64.png - Difficulty: 1/10

You will counter. Avoid his grabs and prevent him from getting that single auto-attack on you, and you will straight up win. He isn't an issue whatsoever with absolutely no mobility. Landing Q's will be a breeze.



48_64.png - Difficulty: 5/10

You easily counter. His early game is actually alright, and he has enough health and sustain to keep farming and ignore your damage. However, by level 3-4 he will begin to struggle. I've countered many Trundles at top and read them like a 3rd grade textbook. Do your usual gradual poke to slowly win the lane and force him to recall.

His pillar is actually quite annoying, and will use it as a setup for his damage combo, so just be sure you have enough health to survive the trade. Do not 1v1 this guy however, because he will win the trades, even if you are a kill up on him. Keep your distance and poke.

His ult is actually really strong and will reduce all armor and magic resist you currently have, meaning he will deal mega damage for a duration. If he activates his ult, keep your distance so it renders effectively useless. Note that his ult will be less efficient if you are building health instead of armor/magic resist.

His team fight presence will serve as an issue, since you cannot straight up fight this guy. Be sure to have your teammates zone him off you once their damage dealers are taken care off. E him if you are in his W zone to make his speed buff useless for a few moments.



23_64.png - Difficulty: 2/10 [AD]

Your typical counter. His early game is fairly weak and his sustain isn't amazing until he has leveled it up 2 more points. Careful for his level 2 all-ins. Because he is hoping for a crit to win the trade. If he doesn't land a single crit, you'll win the trade as he escapes. Should be an easy lane for you, but the moment he hits level 6, he is going to be more aggressive. Even more so when he grabs his Statik shiv. But you should be fine during this laning phase.

His late game is mega deadly however, so the moment he procs his ultimate, get out of there until it's down and R into him to finish the kill. If you can't risk jumping back in. Ignite him 1.5 seconds after he's ulted for it to clean him up.

23_64.png - Difficulty: 4/10 [AP]

Yeah, about this. I actually dabble in AP Trynda, and he's not pretty if he builds AP. He will want to rush his Nashor's Tooth the same as you. So be sure to beat him to it. He as a 1.0 AP Ratio and will out sustain and maneuver your skillshots with high CDR (He relies on his E to do primary damage). Late game will become difficult, as he can heal up to 1,500HP in one full Q and shrug of any poke. Although his late game is not there with AP Trynda, his early game is far stronger and harder to deal with. As soon as late game appears, you can win trades with him.



67_64.png - Difficulty: 6/10

Vayne usually goes top to counter typical top laners. Unfortunately, her range is just enough for her to auto attack you when you Q. It's dangerous to go into bushes to Q as she might catch wind of it and condemn you into the wall with her E.

If this Vayne knows her mechanics inside and out also, she's probably going to avoid all your damage and then come in to do damage to keep you away from farm. A good Vayne will Tumble with Q to avoid your Q. Nothing you can really do.

If this Vayne isn't as skilled, you should be able to poke her down easy and secure the kill. E her if she tries to tumble her way out after ulter her. Just don't straight up trade if you are equal health, she will win. She wins 1v1's with pretty much all champions.

Just prevent her from farming if possible by freezing the lane to your tower and keep your jungler camping. If your jungler isn't focusing a Vayne top, then you have trouble, because her late game is deadly. Remember, 15 minions = 1 kill. So please remind your teammates that she WILL become an issue.



45_64.png - Difficulty: 8/10

Yeah, I've seen this guy go top to counter a ton of top laners. What's even worse is that he counters you to. You'll most likely see this guy alot in solo-queue as he doesn't really need to rely on syncing his champion picks with his teammates.

Don't be fooled by his early game, he is incredibly weak in terms of defense and damage during levels 1-5. As soon as he hits his level 3, he will have his stun ready to cause some major damage. This allows him to help his jungler come in for a gank with just one click. It is incredibly strong and if you're too far into his lane, you won't be surviving the travel back.

He is incredibly weak however, so if you close the gap with him, you will win the trade. As soon as you hit your level six, you need to have some sort of Magic Resist to survive his mega combo, this means you can jump on him and exhaust his stuns, as he needs those for setups.

This isn't exactly easy, because the moment you get your gap-closer, he spikes in damage, so it is a real risk. Reduce that risk by asking for your jungler to come in and shut him down, because he WILL carry the game if he feeds up his Q.



254_64.png - Difficulty: 2/10

Whoever is playing this character is most likely new to Vi, or maybe a bit of an idiot! Since she can be countered very easily, even if she's baiting the jungle pick during drafts.

She'll be forced to dodge your Q's all the way through levels 1-6 and will have a hard time farming. If your jungler wants to come in and help, even better. If you both secure the kill or you secure a kill against her early, there is no coming back for her.

She does quite alot of damage during her mid game of level 6-13. But you can probably win trades with her if you have a kill on her. If she jumps in with a charged Q to close the gap on you, and you don't want to trade, E her and walk off. Unless she has her ult, you'll be fine.



8_64.png - Difficulty: 4/10

Vlad usually goes top to counter typical top laners. Re-counter this counter to show him exactly how it feels. Nothing feels greater than seeing top counters get salty because you've apprehended their intentions.

His heals are no comparison to your Q damage, and he'll be forced to farm, causing the lane to be pushed and be susceptible to ganks from your jungler. Once this is done, freeze the lane so he is hopeless. This is where you poke continuously and he has to recall or die. This is where you begin to snowball the lane. An ignite on this guy is even better as it will reduce his heals and allow you to win the trades with no sweat.

Don't be too scared from this guy, he may be ranged, but you'll eventually win and outscale him. You will do more damage than him in trades at level 6.



106_64.png - Difficulty: 8/10

I hate this guy. I really do. He is like a really offensive Braum who gains damage by stacking armor and magic resist, allowing him to be an unkillable tank and massive damage dealer.

Thankfully you can keep your distance with Q's. But the moment you get too close, he will most likely charge at you and throw you over with his Q, completely disorienting you and repositioning you to his advantage. Even when you poke him down, his passive will eventually pop and all your hard work is completely healed up. There is very little counterplay with Volibear unless you are a 100% tank yourself.

If he suddenly starts charging at you mid-farm, it probably means you are getting ganked. Immediately E him when he is in range of it to prevent him from catching up with you.

You will not win trades with this guy.

Ask for your jungler for an early gank and shutdown to get the most out of your lane.



19_64.png - Difficulty: 8/10

Not a champion to shrug off. Warwick can be tanky and incredibly strong at the same time, especially if he picks up a 'Wit's End'. He'll be able to shred your magic resist down during 1v1's with that item and easily win trades against you. His heal/sustain is fairly powerful too, maybe enough to constantly maintain himself even if he runs into every single Q you fire. Even more so if he picks up a 'Spirit Visage'.

His ult is perfect for his teammates who want to gank for him, and it will ensure you will not get out alive. If you survive the ult, you need to E > W immediately and try your best to get out of there.

He scales better than you throughout the game as well, unless you are really ahead, don't expect to win against him at all. I recommend asking your jungler for an early shut-down to get the most out of your lane.



62_64.png - Difficulty: 2/10

Maybe it is me. But I never lane against an incredibly strong Wukong. He has the damage, the mobility and the dukes. But never have I seen someone use him in that way that is so effective. His ult can be deadly when used at the right time however. Just be sure to keep your distance when he uses it, and the moment he starts pulling back, chase and Q. Then R to him when his ult is over to punish him back.

You are able to R to Wukong's fakes, which doesn't sound like a good thing, but if you're chasing him, it allows to you cover more ground. Again; later in the game, grab a lens so you can prevent his dukes. (Reasons as to why are shown below)

You should be able to counter his main source of damage with your W and then return the trade with a Q > R > E then auto attacks from there on.

3364_32.png - This item will reveal his location when he creates a fake. Use that to your advantage.


Xin Zhao

5_64.png - Difficulty: 4/10

Xin isn't too much of a threat. His lack of mobility is too much of a problem for him, to the point that even his healing/sustain doesn't match up with the damage he will be taking from your Q. Poke him down to 2/3 of his health and then become more aggressive.

You should be fairly fine during the early game, but if he gets an early kill on you; it no longer becomes an easy lane, because Xin scales really quickly. Just be sure to proc your W before he knocks you airborne, so you can avoid any more incoming damage from him.

I would just recommend poking him down with Q's until he is unable to farm anymore, from there you will be able to take the advantage or even secure the kill.



157_64.png - Difficulty: 7/10

Yasuo has a ton of ways to avoid damage that will really annoy you. Thankfully your Q has an arc, allowing you to dupe him out of his windwall. If this does happen, you are able to R through the wall and go straight to dealing damage to him. His shield can be really annoying also, but a good Diana will dupe him out of it by using her area of effect damage from her passive. These are good counters to Yasuo, but unfortunately it isn't always enough.

Poking him isn't going to be that easy, he has many mechanics to avoid it, and you can't guarantee that you will win the trade face-to-face. But once those abilities and passive are down, you should be really aggressive until they are up again, just don't get too close. His other melee-based attacks are also fairly easy to avoid! Just make sure you stay away if you are missing a chunk of health and he isn't. His Fiora-like gapcloser is quite scary.

As soon as he get his static shiv, things just get more difficult until you're unable to trade with him no more. Be sure to get your jungler to help!



83_64.png - Difficulty: 5/10

Yoricks Minions are not that frightening or threatening, so don't be afraid of their damage. However, you do need to prioritise destroying them before resuming farm, so they can certainly be of annoyance.
You shouldn't have much of a problem dishing out damage to him during pre-6 and after hitting level 6. It's a fairly easy matchup from there.

However, as soon as Yorick hits his Manamune, you really need to be careful, as that is when he hits his massive damage spike. But hopefully by then you will have won your lane. If not, I recommend requesting your jungler to come help out at top! 



154_64.png - Difficulty: 3/10

After his nerfs ages ago, Zac hasn't exactly made it back to the rift with much dominance. He deals fairly low damage and loses health for it to boot, his CC is hardly impressive and his only benefit is his mobility on his E.

That being said, if he were to build straight AP, then you need to be more careful, his AP ratios are something to be aware of. Other than that, he will probably build against you and grab a Banshee's Vale or Spirit Visage. If you are unable to kill him prior to that, you should passively farm until you're able to build a void staff or Sorcerer Shoes. However, if he is really far behind on farm and or kills and no one else is tanking. Don't bother, he isn't exactly a fret.

Poking with Q shouldn't be too much of a problem with this champion. So be sure to be as offensive as you like. Just be aware of ganks, as Zac is decent at making sure you don't get out alive.



238_64.png - Difficulty: 6/10

There are two types of Zed, amazing Zeds that are completely untouchable and average Zeds that will make a handful of mistakes which you can capitalise on.

Let's hope they are not the former.

Zed players are hard to analyse; because of the high skill cap it's not exactly easy to tell you exactly what you need to do against them. A good Zed will utilise his shadows effectively, meaning you won't be able to land a Q at all. A great Zed will duke you out of your mana and jump in when you're unable to fight back. However, if the Zed is incompetent/moronic, you should be able to poke him here and there. Zed isn't at all tanky which makes up for his mobility. However, he will jump to a shadow the moment you land your R on him, so be sure you have (moonlight/Q's passive) on him before he jumps, and then use your R once more when he's moved location.

His poke can be quite predictable however, watch where his shadows are and move away from them to avoid the slow, and then keep moving erratically to avoid his next couple of ranged movesets.

If you manage to corner him with no energy, you'll most likely win the trade. However, if his has his ult up, he'll fight with you until your low enough to ult and escape from battle to leave you to die. Fair warning.

Season 5 Back to Top

//---New Season---//

I like to keep this guide simple; but since Season 6 was introduced on the 20th of November; there is a few things to keep a note of in the top lane.

If your top laner is a hard carry (IE: Trynda, Fiora, Nasus, Jax, Riven), then you need to be more wary if you are in the purple side. Reasons are explained below.

131_64.png - Purple Side
If you are on the purple side. You might expect ganks roughly after their second blue is up. The scuttle crab allows even more security for the opponent because it gives them even extra vision on the river lane because their jungler probably will take the crab after the blue buff. Since there is no tri-bush for them to worry about, it leaves them in an incredibly stronger place for you. I would advise your jungler to keep an eye on the scuttle crab near top lane around the 7 minute mark. But don't get frustrated if your jungler favours the bottom lane crab instead, since control over the dragon is what seems to be the constant meta at the moment, despite the introduction to the Rift Herald.

131_64.png - Blue Side
The blue side gives you all of the positives that were mentioned as negatives for you in the purple side. You no longer have to worry of a tri-bush. Your jungler will rotate to your blue camp every now and then to pass the buff to the mid-laner and if your jungler is organised, you'll have control over the scuttle crab. This means you'll have a ton of vision looking out for you when it comes to ganks. However, access to the Rift Herald is limited, as distance to a safer region near your turret is further away, as you don't have any tri-bush to run to.

//---Rift Herald---//

131_64.png - Rift Herald?
Herald has yet to prove a massive usefulness to the game. It's considered a 'weak baron' and although the increased damage to your minions is nice; they are still easy to kill, meaning the losing top laner can farm under tower safely if they have strong wave clear. Otherwise it could prove to be a problem for them. Herald also does far too much damage for what it's worth and will leave you or your jungler in a position where they have to recall to collect their health back. Thankfully Diana's W provides a shield that makes taking this monster down a little bit easier, but it's nothing compared to the damage Herald deals. Not worth your time unless you or the jungler are very ahead.

Diana Buffs (Patch 5.3) Back to Top

131_64.png - Diana buffs (What do they do, and what does it mean?)

Diana got some attention this patch due to the changes on Ahri's W speed. Because Diana and Ahri share similar style W abilities, Diana managed to get some attention from Riot, and Riot decided to give Diana some love to catch up in win-rate and early game laning.

The buffs are as followed:

Diana_Passive_LunarBlade.pngPassive - Moonsilver Blade

CLARITY! Now displays number of stacks and remaining duration.

DianaOrbs.pngW - Pale Cascade

ORB ORBIT Pale Cascade's spheres now rotate at roughly double the speed

So what does this mean? The clarity on Diana's passive will certainly help lower elo players understand the timing on her passive, meaning you're no longer hesitating and going out of your way to try and land your passive third hit early game. Diana mains will see this as a nice addition, but nothing to celebrate about. This quality of life change was certainly needed for Diana, since many other champs had indications for their timed abilities.

Now onto the good stuff. Diana's W; there has been no damage increase or mana reduction but the speed they travel is MUCH faster (You're talking about 200% faster). So why is this so good? It's because you're able to dish out the damage so much faster on the W when trading in a 1v1 or in a team fight. Your W no longer takes 2 full sections to burst every orb on one champion, it now takes roughly under a second and that is a lot of damage to push onto the enemy in that short amount of time. Not only this, but the shield refreshes so much faster for Diana, now making it much better than Riven's shield. Remember that the shield/damage absorbing values stack if you burst all the orbs in time. Meaning if you hit W and gain a 100HP shield, bursting all the orbs won't reset it, it will stack another 100HP onto it. This is mega for Diana; and now makes her MUCH more dangerous to 1v1 with.

This patch now leaves Diana on an average of a 50%-52% winrate in mid and top lane (patch 5.3) compared to her 47%-48% winrate (patch 4.2), making her certainly more balanced and is now a viable pick. Let's hope she doesn't see another crack on her damage values in future patches.

Changelog Back to Top

20/11/2014 - Season 5 overview added to give more indepth details to the scuttle crab strengths and how the purple and blue side becoming more unbalanced due to the newer features. New item explanations added also.

27/12/2014 - More matchups for the season 5 overview; as the one part this guide is lacking, is more matchups. Takes awhile to review all of them, but I plan to cover the majority if not all of the popular and unpopular top lane picks. If there is any requests for a champ, let me know. Will be introducing videos/gifs of ways to make some cool Diana chains/combos!
Birthday tomorrow. I'm honestly not ready to adjust my life to the age of 22. :|

30/1/2015 - Updated the items section with the removal of DFG. DFG was a decent item for Diana, but it wasn't the best. Replaced it with Void Staff and an explanation as to why this is favoured instead of some other AP items.

15/2/2015 - So Diana has had some changes to her W and her passive, now making her much more viable and helps her deal out a really nice amount of damage. I've made a full description on the matter under the Season 5 section notes. I have also added some new descriptions to items I have missed out. Morellonomicon is an incredible item at the moment, and I should have mentioned it.

02/3/2015 - Thank you a ton for the support with the guide and making it the top non-featured Diana guide at Lolking. It means a huge amount to me. This is the only guide I might make, so expect this to continue getting love every so often. I've added some new match ups and updated some where I've had more games against them. I've also cleaned up some of the layouts in change-log and other segments!

18/12/2015 - Fixed the guide to work with Season 6. Some updates to the matchups and my thoughts and opinions regarding the Rift Herald and changes to the meta. Some interesting stuff! Builds have been updated as well but do relatively remain the same.

12/02/2016 - Some spelling mistakes fixed up. Diana hasn't changed much during the meta, but has become stronger. Let's hope it stays this way!

16/04/2016 - Keeping the guide up to date. Diana is really strong right now! Play her!

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