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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Teleport is the summoner you will take 90% of the time it allows you to lane vs any champion and never get poked out and allows you to roam without losing out on too much cs or tower damage.


really almost never take this summoner anymore can take it but teleport really unlocks 245.png potential so much more than ignite does

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Masteries Back to Top

pretty standard assassin page

Abilities Back to Top


Skill Order can change order putting a point at level 3 into Parallel Convergence instead of time winder it can save you from early level 2-3 enemy jungler ganks IE 64.png60.png28.png

Or help your jungle if hes planning to early invade or if hes planning a early Gank.

Ekkos Passive Z Drive Resonance 

Ties his whole kit together and is one of your biggest sources of damage in lane you want to constantly try and apply 3 stacks of your passive then use the bonus move speed to disengage until you can get there near execute range.

Time Winder
Your Main Poke and damage ability it can take a while to get used to the slow speed to get double hits but if your used to playing Ahri your be quite used to re-positioning yourself to get the double hit with Max CDR you can proc Ekkos passive with this ability alone 

Parallel Convergence 
A extremely tricky ability to land due to the 3-second delay on activation but with max cdr this skill has a 8-second cool down and can completely turn around a team fight with smart usage I will go over ways to land this consistently in lane phase and team fight section. the execute damage on it can easily turn close duels in your favor

Phase Dive
A very simple straight forward dash ability a blink at the end 

his most powerful ability though it can make you feel invincible all hard cc can disable your from using it and cut your rampage short this is the reason I consider hourglass a core item because of the 4 second delay on your ghost it can be hard to set up but hourglass buys you 2.5 seconds of time for your ghost to reach you and to place your exploding ghost in the optimal spot.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Standard start that I run 90% of the time
    a defensive start vs poke lanes like viktor/xerath

Core Items

    your 3 item core rush protobelt and then finish boots and then lichbane

Situational Items

    a good defensive item that has good synergy with his kit normally my 3rd item on ekko
    vs heavy CC comps or mid matchups like Annie/Syndra
    these are your goto just damage items after your proto/lichbane core
    if you're running really low on cdr though I find with my core + blue im running at 40% already. Tabis if Facing super ad heavy auto attack reliant comps.
    dont build this item very much anymore but has its uses vs heavy sustain/healing comps like vlad/mundo/soraka
    dont really reccomend this item due to being melee and will have a hard time keeping the Banshee shield up but in the rare case your playing vs 3 or 4 magic threats then this isn't a bad replacement for hourglass

Season 7 patch 6.24
time to explain to you how this item build works

Proto Belt is your go to first item on Ekko
this item will allow you to engage at almost any time of your choosing and the extra from the active and the cdr are also great stats for ekko the health it gives doesn't hurt either the best way ive found to use the active is after the first  dash Part of ekkoe.png 


Not much to explain here this item help you with everything that ekko wants to do from trading to taking towers to 1 shotting all the stats are great on ekko


I personally prefer these boots with aegis gone these boots give you a nice edge for 1 shotting low mmr targets early game late game can always sell these for merc or lucidity boots


Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Diana
  • Fizz
  • Jayce
  • Kassadin
  • Kog'Maw
  • LeBlanc
  • Lulu
  • Lux
  • Morgana
  • Talon
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Vladimir
  • Yasuo



1_64.png Rundown
This little girl makes your life Hell all game this is one of the rare matchups I would recommend 3111_32.png early in the lanephase so you have a chance to use ekkor.png.
it is possible to kill her in lane if she over-extends or foolishly uses her spells on creeps she can and will harass you hard for cs I recommend Early merc treads and or 1057.png rush if you can survive the initiable burst of her tibbers combo you can kill her I would not reccomend picking Ekko vs her not because of lane but because mid/late game her click and point stun can make it incredibly hard to dive or outplay.

Quick Tips
  • Need either health or mr early to survive her burst either 3111.png or 3001_32.png
  • She's immobile so she can be easy to set up for a gank from your jungle WARNING she will dump all her spells instantly trying to trade kills so don't go to ham if below 70% hp even with jungler help
  • She doesn't have any sustain and will probably start 1076_32.png can poke her out with a few well aimed Time Winders.



268_64.png Rundown 
LANE FROM HELL well now downgraded to easy since all his nerfs,
he doesnt have any sustain and you should rush your  3152.png so you can force trades on him whenever you have a opening lategame azir is a threat but early midgame you can easily force him out of lane with quick trades and with teleport can take this lane pretty easily

Quick Tips
  • Look to pressure and kill pre 6 while he's weakest
  • If he pushes hard call for jungle pressure his 2v2 early game isnt that strong he has decently long CD's
  • Look to roam and snowball map before he gets farmed
  • Look for quick trades whenever he uses his Q to farm it has a decent CD early game



69_64.png Rundown
An incredibly difficult matchup she can easily land poison on you and spam Poison Fang to harass you out of lane.
to roam and to make plays across the map your more mobile than she is. 
If she is super aggressive let her push and call for jungle to gank
if she is careless and ever misses or uses both her Q and W use Phase Dive on her Asap before they come back up.  

Quick Tips
  • make sure not to get caught by her ultimate 
  • Push and Roam to take advantage of her immobility
  • if she pushes lane to tower ask for jungler gank
  • if she misses her w go aggressive



31_64.png Rundown 
This Giant Lobster can be a very hit or miss matchup his spells have very long cooldowns and he can be punished very hard if he misses incredible easy to set up for ganks from your jungle constantly force trades on him just make sure to phase dive or use speed from passive to dodge his rupture and his level 6 burst can 100-0 so dont be afraid to ulti out if u think hes going to Feast you
if you see him feast creeps you have a 25sec window to go all out without worried about being 1 shot. 
3165_32.png is a good item vs this match up to slow down his sustain from his passive  once you get him low.
he eventually will get out of control and to tanky if you let stack his passive so don't play passive

Quick Tips
  • Abyssal is a decent 2nd item vs this matchup
  • Go aggressive when he misses his Rupture
  • Easy to set up for ganks 



131_64.png Rundown 
Is an annoying match up the one I have played against the most >_> she can tank your burst and do more burst than you and keep up in sustain damage she's a tankier version of you in a way you can possibly beat her pre 6 if you can bait out her shield and manage to land your full combo on her with her shield post 6 the matchup gets pretty hard if you don't manage to get a pre 6 lead.
I would defiantly ask for jungle help if unable try and bait out her Q then all in if you land a stun bubble can win, 3001.png is a must buy vs this matchup as she will probably also be rushing one. 

Quick Tips
  • Abuse her pre 6 when her W is on CD
  • Abyssal can be a good 2nd or even first item vs this match up
  • She beats you straight up 1v1 post 6 so do not fight 1v1 unless she has most of her skills on Cool down or you have a significant advantage in items.



105_64.png  Rundown
A 60-40 match up in fizz favor a very volatile lane you can both counter the others ultimate.
Early-game Fizz troll pole has a very long CD 13-9 seconds during lane phase once fizz uses it don't be afraid to go aggressive his level 4 is stronger than yours so be careful this is when most fizz players go for kills. 
at 6 whoever uses ulti first probably loses as the other can counter unless Fizz troll pole is on CD do not ulti aggressively on him.
1056_32.png  a 2nd doran ring is a good first buy
look to land some Q poke and try to quickly proc your ekkopassive.png without letting fizz Proc his fully charged W mark
Quick Tips
  • Whoever has to use ultimate first probably loses duel
  • Abuse the long Cool Down on his Playful Trickster
  • both of you should be looking to roam try and beat him to roaming first or following if he does.



126_64.png Rundown
This is a fairly easy matchup, Jayce can hurt a bit but if you can dodge his E+Q combo he's quite easy to deal with I recommend building 3191_32.png first if you're having trouble vs him if not just rush Morello, Constantly look for trades when he uses his E+Q  ranged form combo which gives you a good 10second window,
And if you're able to land a Convergence on him he's an easy kill.
Jayce is incredibly easy to set up for ganks because he's fairly immobile. 
His mana pool is also incredibly small so lots of early trades can quickly make him run OOM and if he's playing passive just push in and look to roam.
You out scale him in team fights so even if you go even you should be able to do more than him if you don't let him poke your team down before team fight.

Quick Tips
  • Squishy and you have kill potential on him at all stages of game
  • His E+Q shockwave combo has a decent Cooldown abuse it
  • He has a small mana pool early game can out last his mana pool in lane
  • Easy to set up for ganks abuse his fairly immobile kit




A hard matchup if you fall behind vs Kassidan then rip in for a rough ride Kassian is one of the hardest scaling assassins in the game
I recommend 3146.png vs this matchup the sustain will help you deal with kassidan when your split pushing mid game
pre 6 you can out rade Kassidan just make sure his Q is on CD so his AP shield doesn't absorb some of your burst look to punish him and call for jungle pressure the longer you can delay his Rod of ages the better.
post 6 he can start to turn into an annoying mosquito who progressively stings harder and harder I recommend forcing constant trades whenever his AP shield is down the trick to winning this lane is baiting him into rift walking into the area of your Chronobreak if you're unable to make him over commit can make use of Kassidan's weaker wave clear and look to roam after shoving him in and try and snowball map while kassidan has to deal with losing cs to follow or slowly pushing wave back.
  • Look to make trades when kassidan Q shield is down 
  • Try and bait him into riftwalking onto your ghost
  • make use of his weaker wave clear and push him into tower and roam 



96_64.png Rundown
This little vomit machine is a ticking time bomb, 
His power spike with 2 complete items is huge! but he is incredibly weak in lane phase and doesn't have any innate escapes so don't be afraid to trade summoners with him.
When he uses void ooze you have a 12 second window to Engage on him with only taking minimal damage, As long as you play this lane aggressively and don't let him free farm this lane should be a cake walk.
If he plays too far back for you to reach push into his tower and roam if Kog follows he's an easy kill because of his immobility and heavy reliance on skill shots.

Quick Tips
  • Extremely Squishy don't be afraid to engage on him especially when his Void Ooze is on CD 12seconds
  • Can be a terror late game don't let the game reach this far or if it does make sure to have team engage fast before he can poke you down
  • If he plays too far back in lane to harass, roam Kog can not safely follow most of the time
  • you have kill pressure on him during all stages of lane phase exploit this!



7_64.png Rundown
pretty hard matchup expect to go down in CS early if she is able to land her chains on you
Extended trades post 6 can also force her out of lane,
You can use your ultimate to completely dodge her damage combo with her new slower distortion it is much easier to pull off a well-timed Chrono Break  or Phase Dive to juke her spells.

Quick Tips
  • Abuse her lack of sustain
  • Careful to not let her detonate her proc her passive
  • Her distortion has a long Cooldown early don't be afraid to trade with her whenever it's on CD
  • A well Timed Phase Dive can follow her distortion when she try's to retreat after her combo



117_64.png Rundown
Lulu can kill you if you get over aggressive otherwise a pretty simple farm lane she can be very annoying to deal with in team fights so I recommend 3027_32.png  and just farm and look to make plays across the map if she over-extends pushing can maybe punish and kill.
She also doesn't have any sustain so possible to out sustain her health otherwise if = skill don't expect much besides farm lane. 
In team fights remember she can make killing enemy adc hard so careful with hardcore diving 

Quick Tips
  • She doesn't have any kill pressure on you if you don't go over aggressive 
  • She can make diving and killing carries difficult
  • She Doesn't have any sustain possible to poke her out of lane



Rundown  Lux  is an immobile control mage pretty easy matchup you can outpush her easily and if she trys to counter the push she will run oom very fast.
3111.png are a super good buy vs her so you dont Die if you get hit by her Root otherwise pretty simple matchup

Quick Tips
  • She has expensive mana cost can out sustain her mana pool
  • Roam if Lux plays to safe
  • Has long Cooldowns can abuse her if she misses her spells or uses them to farm



25_64.png Rundown 
Morgana can make your life hell with her innate sustain and strong pushing power and extreme safety from black shield. 
Its possible to kill her pre 6 if she misses binding but after 6 if you ever engage she can easily hit you with binding or ulti forcing you to have to try and escape she also tends to build3157_32.png  early making your job even harder and if you roam she can quickly push minion wave and take your tower the only way I see to win this lane is just mechanically outplay she can negate your bubble of doom easily so it is not very helpful in this matchup.
Do fast quick trades whenever her Dark Binding is on CD it has a roughly at least 6 second CD.
3027_32.png is a good choice here it will help you match her innate sustain and will mainly just be farming waiting for mid game to make a bigger impact then her.

Quick Tips
  • Her Q Dark Binding has a long Cooldown
  • Her Root and Stuns from her ultimate can stop you from escaping with Chrono break
  • Post 6 a passive farm lane just try not to let her push you in or she may roam to your side lanes
  • Rod of Ages is a good pickup in this lane for sustain





Talon simply harass and burst you faster then you can to him and his ultimate Cooldown is the same if not lower then yours the trick to this matchup is baiting him to use his blink early on you then laying a Bubble of Doom at your feet when your trading forcing him to either use ultimate to escape or eat the stun.
If Talon foolishly castes his W to farm creeps and fails to harass you with it at the same time you have a 6-7 second window to force a trade with phase dive though if he has ultimate up he will probably still be able to escape your full combo.
 Beware if you ever underestimate talons burst potential he can quickly snowball off you I recommend early doran rings on first back and build into 3191_32.png then 3165_32.png once you reach hourglass he is a lot easier to handle but can be quite hard to hold down long enough to land full combo.

Quick Tips
  • Rush  3191_32.png In this matchup asap
  • Can be killed pre 6 
  • Punish when he misses or uses W on minions
  • Can outburst you 1v1 and a lower Cooldown on his ultimate then yours 
  • Careful of him Roaming the map to get ahead of you make sure to fallow if you can


Twisted Fate

4_64.png Rundown
This matchup is surprisingly very difficult vs an experienced Twisted Fate. 
He can actually bully you pre 6 quite hard and since most twisted fates take ghost or cleanse he can counter your bubble of doom or easily gold card you to stop you from all inning him.
He can punish the fact your melee very hard with constant red/gold card harass this matchup turns strongly in your favour midgame where you can straight up just phase dive him directly and 100 to 0 him also if you get a good jungle gank or 2 matchup will snowball in your favour very hard.
Just be warned card master is not to be taken lightly in lane phase.

Quick Tips
  • Pre 6 Tf is stronger then you dont under estimate him
  • Post 6 play aggressive your stronger but keep up pressure as tf will try and port to other lanes
  • Abuse him whenever his Pick a Card is on Cooldown 



112_64.png Rundown
Viktors a really hit or miss lane whoever snowballs first will crush the other hard
he doesn't have any built-in sustain so good trades can force him out of lane.
as soon as you reach 3152.png will easily win lane.
Look to farm and for him to overextend if you can get your combo off first your win without getting poked down before land it if u can't then Viktor will eat you :(

Quick Tips
  • you can easily set up ganks for your jungler on Viktor if he pushes to hard since he's incredibly immobile
  • your ultimate can easily allow you to juke his spells
  • Constantly look to engage on him he has no sustain



Vlad is great counter to Ekko post level 9 he can abuse and push you out of lane with his sustain and dps the best chance of winning this matchup is rushing 3165_32.png asap!! or just take 14.png and playing super aggressive early have to kill or severely out farm him to win this lane if he is even or ahead by level 9 lane is dunzo.

Quick Tips
  • Play aggressive as early possible pre level 8 have to win this lane early or lose is over
  • Hourglass is a great 2nd item to counter his ultimate along with Chrono Break
  • if you are unable to kill him early push lane as hard as possible and Roam vlad doesn't bring any cc really so your roaming is a lot more powerful than his



157_64.png  Rundown
He's stronger level 1-3 then you and his wind wall can be tricky because even if he fails to block first portion of time winder he can block the return damage easily,
 If you're able to kill him early I recommend an early  3057_32.png this will help negate some of the annoyance of losing damage to wind wall and help you win all in trades.
Yasuo wants short little trades where he can get in and out force him into long fights and you will out dps him be extremely careful of him blocking your Q with wind wall if you get ahead should be able to snowball hard on him though.

Quick Tips
  • After level 3 play aggressive can be tricky to lock down with his Dash 
  • His Wind Wall Ability can ruin your combos so try to force trades when it's down has a long Cooldown around 20seconds
  • Don't let him poke you with short trades and careful of his passive

Introduction to me and Ekko in 7 season Back to Top



Strong mid/late game


High-outplay potential


High skill cap

High-risk Melee champion

I have been playing League of Legends since Season 1 and have more than a 100k mastery with Ekko. Having played over 10k games, I have been a Middle Main since Season 2. This guide is from my observations from Solo Q/Ranked 5’s.
I offer a coaching services that can be ordered at:
I also now Stream at Come Adventure with me through Plat
or through my Email at
As patches are released, I will continue to update this guide.


Lane Phase and Teamfighting Back to Top


Lane phase 

Goal to Reach 800-875 Gold then back and teleport back to lane 
Level 1: with only 1 point in ekkoq.png you won't do much damage to enemy champions instead just try and push the wave with ekkoq.png

Level 2: with a point in Phase Dive you can now play a little aggressive if you're able to land both parts of Time Winder Phase dive into proc passive and use the move speed to disengage after trade,
 otherwise continue to push the wave

Level 3-5: with 2 points in your Time Winder and a point in your Parallel Convergence you can now do some serious damage in trades. 

First Buy  with your 1082.png and 1056.png you will now have plenty of mana you should look to constantly shove the lane with ekkoq.png and look to trade aggressively or roam whenever your lane is pushed into their tower.

Level 6: Now that you have a point in your ultimate look to make incredible aggressive trades 
start trying to catch them ekkow.png in by casting it from blindspots/side of lane a full combo from you can burn or kill them if they get caught ,
You can use your ultimate Chrono Break to get out most Bad trades or Ganks and it has a much lower CD than Summoner Spells so don't be afraid to trade your ultimate for summoner spells.

Level 7-9
you should be permanently pushing lane with ekkoq.png and looking to affect side lanes or jungle by roaming, With your ultimate you can get out of most sticky situations and outplay/out duel most champions 

5 Team fight tips

1. Upgraded Red trinket is key it allows you to cast  ekko-parallel-convergence.png without enemy team having vision of you allowing you to start fights
2. You are an incredibly squishy champion and cc can and will stop you from using ekko-phase-dive.png.
So like you would with any other melee assassins try and flank or engage after some major cc is blown unless you have hourglass already you will be very vulnerable in the middle of the enemy team

3. Until you have 3 items you won't have the damage to straight up insta kill a carry in one combo without landing your ultimate Chrono break try and poke as much as possible with Q before engaging, With max CDR your ekko-timewinder.png has an incredible low 4 second CD.

4. Ekko has amazing Synergy with other hard cc champs like 12_64.png 150_64.png 113_64.png 201_64.png 89_64.png 254_64.png 421_64.png 111_64.png 57_64.png 59_64.png48.png  these champs allow him to easily set him up in team fights or help him dive I recommend picking Ekko with some of these champs on your team will make your a job a lot easier in team fights

5. Ekko is incredible good at split pushing once you have 3100_32.png you can destroy towers and be able to duel anyone who comes to stop you, if the enemy team is incredibly 245_64.png unfriendly in team fights IE SUPER HARD CC I recommend splitting and forcing them to send 1 or 2 to come stop you instead of forcing team fights where you will have negligible effect in team fights.

Ekko tricks and Combos Back to Top


 Parallel_Convergence.png First how to land Bubble of time!! the most effective way to consistently land this in lane is cast it FROM BLIND spots if you cast the ability where they can see you the enemy will have an easy time of escape so If you cast it from these locations then Phase driving to gap close your enemy will have a much harder time reacting and escaping this video is a great tutorial on blind spots for mid lane full credit to ScrapComputer for this excellent guide

Chronobreak.png Chrono Break a neat trick I call ghetto Hecarim recalling to base then ulting back to your location now I do not recommend doing this during lane phase but mid/late game if you ever get poked out of a fight you can use this combined with home guards to come back instantly to a fight and surprise enemy team and with max CDR your ulti only has a 40second Cooldown

Parallel_Convergence.png Convergence Bait: A simple but effective trick that will buy you almost 5 seconds of invulnerability  
Place W where you intend to fight then hourglass when hourglass ends your W will activate stunning everyone inside for 1.75 seconds and giving you a massive shield at this point your ultimate will have caught up to your position allowing you to hit Chrono break on all enemies nearby like so

Phase_Dive.png Twisted Advance level Dive: Like 57_64.png Ekkos Phase Dive can actually follow targets incredible far with good timing your phase dive blink will follow your target IE if 81_64.png uses arcane shift to escape if you time your phase Dive correctly you will blink with and follow him.
this works vs any champ with jumps/dashes/blinks. 

Chronobreak.png Chrono 1 shot!: if you have 2 stacks of Z drive activating Chrono Break on them can activate the 3rd hit turning your ulti into a 2.0 ap ratio burst nuke surprising your opponents and even 1 shotting almost full health opponents before they can use their defensive skills or summoners 


E>Q Aggressive for engage or trade combo E>Q this trade combo can be risky because if you miss the Q trade can go very poorly

Q>E>auto A much safer combo with guaranteed damage if you can hit both ends of Q Phase Diving in to activate combo is the safest damage combo the move speed from passive allows you to disengage or continue forcing fight

W>E>Q Throw W  at enemy champion then gap close with phase dive and cast Q.
this combo is best performed by casting W outside of vision range so the enemy won't be alerted to you about to engage and making it much reliable to land, see the blind spots guide above 

E>3152.png>E  Activate the first part of Ekkos Phase Dive dash toured your target then cast Protobelt and then use the 2nd half of your E to blink onto your target

W>R A harder combo to pull off cast W behind you then try and time your ghost to be in the area when it goes off ulti back into Parallel_Convergence.png  surprising and stunning all enemies inside it.

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