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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

These are the only vaiable summoner spells for Ekko in my oppinion.

Flash 4.png :

 you have to take this a 100% of the time. It is used to engage/disengage and get out of sticky situations. No arguements are accepted for Ghost unless you plan on cosplaying Sonic the hedgehog then by all means take ghost.

What else?

Teleport 12.png : 

This summoner spell in my oppinion is the best spell to take on Ekko. I helps you roam and provides some global pressure for your team. It also helps you survive the early laning phase since you'll mostly lane vs ranged champions.

Ignite 14.png : 

This also a viable choice for Ekko. Although I only take it vs Vlad or Swain to help me in the 1v1. Also a viable option if you feel you can snowball your lane and carry with it.

Exhaust 3.png : 

Also another viable spell for Ekko, it gives you a big advanatge in the 1v1. However, I feel like it is lack lauster in lane unless you're vs Zed, Talon or Yasuo. I get it usually vs these 3 champions.

I feel like teleport is the best overall spell to take on Ekko since you have a really weak early game.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries are as above.

Ferocity Tree:

Sorcery is a no-brainer since most of your damage comes from spells.
Double Edge sword or Feast: I take feast in some hard match ups that I feel I need to survive the early game. (Refer to the match-up sections) Other than that I usually take double edged sword for a bit more damage.
Natural Talent: A little bit of AP and AD to help you last hit and trade effectively in the early stage. I don't feel Vaprism is really that effective on Ekko.
Opressor: Well Ekko's kit has a slow on Q, passive and W. I feel like having Opressor is more reliable than Bounty hunter unless you feel like your team will be a heavy teamfighting one.

Cunning Tree:
Savagery or Wanderer: It doesn't really matter. It's more of a choice if you ask me. Wanderer if you know that a side lane will be losing so you can roam from it and Savagery for some last hitting if you feel like you need the help.

Assassin or Secret Stash: I go assassins in some match ups were I feel I can get a solo kill early on. Other than that I feel secret stash is better since it'll help you survive the lanining phase.

Merciless: It's really good with the Passive of you W. It can help you excuete low health targets with ease.

Dangerous game: can help you survive the last tick of ignite when you win a 1v1 and badnit isn't reallt taht great since you can't abuse it that effectively.

Precision or Intelligence: I honestly prefer precision since the pen is really helpful. Although I feel the extra CDR scale a bit better into the late game. I have yet feel that much of a difference between 40% and 45% CDR in anything other than the ultimate. So I still prefer precision but you can go with intellignece if you like it more.

Ahh, the big question. It's a matter of prefernce but I found stormraider's surge to be a bit weak with all the nerfs to the base damages early game. Thunderlord's can compensate that to an extent and gives you a bit more kill pressure in lane compared to Stormraider's. Besides movement speed is not a problem for Ekko with his passive.

Resolve Tree:

You can go down this tree if you want and you are facing a really hard match up.
Go for Recovery, Tough Skin, Veteran Scar or Runic Armour along with Insight so you can get the lower CDs on you summoner spell

Abilities Back to Top


Max R > Q > E > W in this order sicne Q is the main wave clear.

You can take a point W at lvl 3 if you need to last hit or if the jungler is coming with a gank.

Passive: Z-Drive Resonance

This is Ekko's main damage source in the late game. With a whooping 80% AP ratio, this is the second highest AP ratio in Ekko's kit. Procing the passive also grants movespeed and slow the target which makes Ekko really hard to run form or catch. Basic combos will be discussed in a later in this guide.

Q: TimeWinder

Ekko's bread and butter ability, you used this as a waveclear ability and a way to quickly put stacks of your passive. It also has a slow that can make it easier to land abilities.

W: Parallel Convergence

This is one of the skills that makes Ekko hard to play. You need to set everything up a few second before to get the stun from the kit. Something to point out is that, even if your stun missed you can pick up the shield and force a trade with your E. Do this only if you are a 100% sure you can win the trade. Also, it has an excuete damage per auto on low health target which is nice.

E: Phase Dive

This is the ability to set everything up for Ekko. You can E to force trades or escape. Oh, did I mention it is an AA reset? Cause it is.

R: Chronobreak (AKA: Opps I fucked up)

This is one of the best in game ablities in my oppinion. Damage? Check. Healing? Check. Untargetable? Check. You can make alot of plays without much fear since it gives you a redo button. However, you can be really vulnerable whne it is on CD so use it wisely and NEVER overestimate how safety this ability gives you.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Regular starting items for mana regen and sustain in lane
    When you get 900g back and get these items them teleport or walk back to lane,

Core Items

    Main purchases I go for Ekko, You get the 30% CDR and good amout of damage while being somewhat tanky.
    Sample Final Build

Situational Items

    I usually go one of these two. However, if the enemy team have no tanks, I for go both of them and switch CDR boots to Merc/Pen boots
    It gives a good amount of CDR and AP with the grevious wound passive. I build vs Swain, Vladimir and Soraka.
    Build with Morello, you can remove the scaling CDR in this build and choose one of Abyssal and Hourglass.
As you can see, Rod of the Ages and Lich Bane are the core two items for me since the Catalyst sustain is really helpful in lane and it gives you some defensive stats and durability. Rush ROA first. Next CDR boots to decrease the CD of flash and teleport.

Small Note

I go for the corrupting potion and the 2nd Doron's Ring 99% of the time, it saves money you will be spending on potions and will give you some early game power.

From here you are free to build in whatever order you like:
AD? Get Hourglass
AP? Get Abyssal
Safe and confident? Get Negatron/Seeker's Armgaurd and then start working on a Lich Bane.
Snowballing? Get LichBane then Void Staff and DeathCap.
Behind? Abyssal and Hourglass then get Lich Bane.

ALWAYS GET THIS 3364.png at lvl 9!

This item is used to get rid of wards but here is the trick you are supposed to be using your W in the fog of war to increase your chances of landing the stun if there is vision your plan is not going to work probably. Another trick your ult will not be visible to enemys if you are not in vision. So kiting in and out of a bush can cause your opponent to lose track of the ghost. Well unless the bush is warded. See this item is much more important than it looks like.

Morellonomicon 3165.png ?

Although this item looks really good on Ekko I feel it more situational rather than a must buy. It limits the items you can get since you'll be overcapping yourself with CDR with all the items that give CDR.

Protobelt 3152.png ?

I don't like this item on Ekko. It works if you are ahead but in late game it feels lack lasture since it doesn't give you the same amount of AP as other items and you have to give up a CDR item for it. It's good for snowballing but nothing more in my oppinion.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Akali
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Aurelion Sol
  • Azir
  • Brand
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Corki
  • Diana
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Heimerdinger
  • Karthus
  • Kassadin
  • Katarina
  • Kayle




This is a really annoying match you are new to Ekko. The insane amount of mobility Ahri has with ahriorbofdeception.png and ahritumble.png makes it really hard to proc your passive unless you somehow get both of your ekkoQ.png to hit her then E.

Also, trying to force and enage on her by E-ing into her as ahriseduce.png makes it hard since you blink right to her making it an easy for her to land it.
She can also rush Morello with makesyour ult heal less effective so keep that in mind.

There is a bit of outplay potiential with your ekkoE.png if you can blink over her ahriseduce.png.
Rush ROA > Abyssal > Merc Treads if you feel uncomfortable in this matchup




This is a really fun skill match up. Pre 6 you have the advanatge since you can easily trade after she uses her  akalimota.png to get a minnion and you can land some easy poke with ekkoQ.png.

After 6, it becomes a battle of who fucks up/who is the better player. However, keep in mind she has better sustain that you do and also her akalishadowdance.png has a lower CD. Don't fight her without your ekkoR.png unless you feel like dying or you have a clear advantage. 
Use ekkoW.png under you when she jumps on you since her entire combo is in melee range.
You desperately need CDR to be able to trade effectively before she sustains some of the damage up.
Rush ROA > Sheen > CDR boots > Lich Bane/Abyssal. 




This match up can go either way. You can juke her flashfrost.png with your ekkoE.png pre 6. She has mana issues early on but it is kinda hard to abuse it since she can still wave clear at the same speed as you do pre 6 with her flashfrost.png. However is she lvled frostbite.png first. Push her in with ekkoQ.png and laugh as she tries to CS under tower.

DO NOT fight her at lvl 2 unless she used her Q. You'll just get stunned with flashfrost.png then frostbite.png and will lose the trade.
Never commit to a dive unless she doesn't have her passive or you have some back up while you know where the enemy jungler is.
Post 6, get ready to eat a frostbite.png and glacialstorm.png combo every few seconds. I start roaming cause anivia is not that good at it and make sure that the wave isn't in position to seige on my tower.
Late Game, you get outscaled by her but you can make more plays with ekkoW.png and ekkoR.png.
If she takes teleport, try to force her to use it before you roam. If she has exhaust just roam around the map and help your team

Rush ROA > CDR boots > Lich Bane




I really hate this match up, she has a better laning phase. A better all in at lvl 6. Teleport is need 100% in the match up or you will lose hard. She pokes you with disintegrate.png since your ekkoQ.png has really low base damages (thanks Tank Ekko). moltenshield.png negates more damage than you think. New infernalguardian.png is a pain to deal with. Her zoning power is insane with her stun and she outranges you. Hell she outranges some ADCs in the game. Not a fun match up.

We're done with the negatives, let's talk about the positives of this match up.
You have better wave clear with your ekkoQ.png at early lvls since most 1.png players hold on to their incinerate.png to proc thunderlord's with  disintegrate.png (stun) > incinerate.png > AA. She is still immobile so setting up your ekkoW.png is much easier and finally she doesn't have easy access to the back lone without flaning or 4.png. So as long as you surive the laning phase, you can make more plays arounf the map.

Rush ROA > Negatron > Merc treads > Lich Bane. 
In this match up, my usual final is ROA, Abyssal, Merc Treads, Hourglass, Lich Bane, Deathcap/Void Staff.


Aurelion Sol


He is much stronger at lvl 2. You can dodge most of his skills with your ekkoE.png. Better wave clear with ekkoQ.png at early lvls. Also, you can use your ekkoE.png to get into his danger zone once he uses his aurelionsolQ.png to try and counter your push. He can outroam you with his aurelionsolE.png but if you can push him in you can prevent him from roaming. Immobile > Easy stuns with ekkoW.png. Even if you miss the stun don't be afraid to force a fight with your shield on if you know are confident in dodging his stun.

Once he gets Rylai's it can get a little tricky but as long as you don't get cheesed at lvl 2, I feel you should be fine in this laning phase.




This is a really fun match up in my opinnion. He is stonger at early stages but you can kind of trade with him at lvl 3.

At lvl 2 expect to eat a azirW.png > azirQ.png, everytime you walk up to get some minnions. At this stage you'll probably be pushed in so take the beating and wait for lvl 3. At lvl 3, if you can dodge his azirQ.png with ekkoE.png, jump on him and preform you regular combo. AVOID running into soldiers while you are retreating or he'll end up evening the trade.

LvL 6 is where the real mind games begin. You can outplay him by using the blinking part of your ekkoE.png to dode his ult. If you do this, you are a 100% going to win the trade unless you miss all your abilities. Also, if he manages to push you back with azirR.png and he doesn't back you a little you can ekkoR.png back on him. Watch for your CDs, you don't want to ekkoR.png when you still have 3 sec CDs on your spells.

Rush ROA > Negatron clock (if you feel you need it) > CDR boots > Lich Bane.




I never had any troubles vs 63.png you just need to play around his spells. Don't fight at lvl 2 or you will lose the trade since you usually will get stunned brandconflagration.png > brandblaze.png. However, if he started with brandfissure.png, you can fight him at lvl 2 when he uses it to push you in.

The only way I feel he can kill you is pre 6 if you get stunned with 14.png and his passive  or if his brandwildfire.pngbounces between you and minnions.
This lane, in my oppinion, is much easier since they reworked him in the mid season patch. He got some early game shifted to get 3 stacks of his passive so as long as he doesn't proc it, he should be doing less damage.

Once again: Immobile > Easy ekkoW.png stuns. ekkoE.png to dodge his brandfissure.png or brandblaze.png.
Merc Treads is really good buy vs this match up and a negatron clock after ROA.
If you somehow manage to survive his entire combo, you have around 3-4 seconds before his spells are up again during the laning phase.




Same thing with Brand, if you manage to dodge her cassiopeianoxiousblast.png you will avoid alot of damage. You can also use the speed from your ekkopassive.png to run circles around her and dodge her cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png. However, she does outscale you. Once she gets Rylais and Abyssal, it will be hard to killer in a 1v1 without help.

Also, this cassiopeiamiasma.png.... This shit is unbearble, It stops your ekkoE.png and ekkoR.png. So basically fuck this cassiopeiamiasma.png. This cassiopeiamiasma.png is the only reason why I rate this as a medium lane for Ekko.




This match up is really a pain in the ass. He has so much CC and damage in the early game. Insane sustain from his chogathpassive.png

His all-in at lvl 6 is really scary with his AP ratios and feast.png. He gets free stats that makes him hard to kill from his feast.png.
Your trading windows are when his spells are on CD. DO NOT E to him if his feralscream.png up, he is going to silence you and you won't be able to ekkoQ.png which leaves you vulnerable to rupture.png.
He is still immobile so ekkoW.png is easier to land. ekkoE.png into him when you tag him twice with ekkoQ.png and put your dance shows to dodge his shit.
This is a melee match up so refer to Denying with Ekko in How to play Ekko section.




Corki is annoying at the early stages with all of his spells that are tricky to dodge at lvl 1  (phosphorusbomb.png) and the range advanatge. Once you get some CDR you can forces trades with him and dodge some of his spells.

Be careful of his ggun.png at lvl 2, it's basically a free thunderlord's proc and could force you to use some potions if you are not careful.

ekkoW.png isn't as easy to land since he can carpetbomb.png away. However, this isn't a blink and it is much slower than an Ahri ahritumble.png so you can still stun him mid animation if you play it right.
Keep an ear out for his package, if you hear him pick it up. SPAM ping the laners to back until he is in vision once again. Becareful too since he could be on his way with his junger mid to gangbang you.
Be a bit more careful when he gets Tri Force. It's a huge power spike and can lay down some serious damage with that item.
At the end of the day, Corki is an ADC. That means he is really squishy. So you can poke him down with you abilities before commiting with kill and he can only carpetbomb.png away.




Diana and Ekko are really similar. I played Diana before Ekko and it really helped me transition into a decent Ekko player. However, this is a really hard matchup for Ekko. She is usually my go to pick after Ekko if he is picked or banned by any other player.

You need to play everything perfectly to get out with an advanatge in this lane. Her pushing power is almost as good as Ekko as you two get some lvls.

Early on, her dianaW.png is a free thunderlord's proc if you try and cs. If she rushes Abyssal, it is going to be really difficult to kill her with how naturally tanky she gets with her dianaW.png.

Her dianaE.png is a great way to stop you from running away after procing your ekkopassive.png.
DO NOT engage in long trades with her since her dianapassive.png has no CD and has an equal amount of AP ratio as yours. You basically need to embrace Ekko's hit and run style.

DO NOT fight her when you don't have your ekkoR.png since her dianaR.png has a lower CD.
Your window to fight her is when she uses her dianaQ.png to clear the wave or if she misses you with it since it is an integral part of her kit.
With experience this match up's difficulty will fall to medium, but to be safe I will rate it as hard.




Skill match-up. Hold on to your ekkoE.png when he fizzjump.png to dodge the damage. Don't get cheesed at lvl 3 since his damage is much higher with  fizzseastonepassive.png than you when he gets to that point.

At lvl 6, you have to time your ekkoR.png to dodge the damage of his fizzmarinerdoom.png.
You have the superior wave clear with ekkoQ.png since his fizzjump.png can only hit a small circle and costs much more than your ekkoQ.png. So don't be afraid to push him in.
landing ekkoW.png will be hard since he can always fizzjump.png or fizzpiercingstrike.png to a nearby minnion. Whenever you see him use fizzjump.png, don't be afraid to force a trade since he loses most of his damage. This is a melee match up so refer to Denying with Ekko in How to play Ekko section.




This lane is hard for any AP champion and Ekko is no exception. He'll just build MR and be unkillable. Your role is to try and ekkoW.png before he can galioidolofdurand.png you. You get the shield to block the damage galioidolofdurand.png and stop the channel. He struggles with csing under tower and suffers from high mana costs so try and push him.

This is a melee match up so refer to Denying with Ekko in How to play Ekko section.
You can ekkoE.png his galioresolutesmite.png but he has more teamfight pressure.
His early game damage with galioresolutesmite.png > galiorighteousgust.png > AA(Thunderlord's) is insane so try and avoid his galioresolutesmite.png and you'll be good to go.




Gangplank is a bit of a tricky match up. You can easily juke around his raisemorale.png with your ekkoE.png but he can nullify your ekkoW.png stun by his removescurvy.png. Roaming also becomes harder since his cannonbarrage.png is global and can cock-block your entire team if placed correctly.

What I usually do is try to go aggressive as soon as he uses his passive on minnions and noraisemorale.png set up since it gives him a good amount of movespeed and damage. In that case, he'll only parley.png and/or AA you in response. You're entire combo should do more (Combo: ekkoE.png > ekkoQ.png > AA then run as your ekkoQ.png comes back.)

Early on, try and eat less poke from his parley.png. Although, it's damage is low in the early stages it will eventually add up.
When he gets Sheen/Tri Force, his parley.png will start to hurt. What I usually do is try and push him in so he is forced to use parley.png and raisemorale.png to farm instead of harrasing me down.

DO NOT try and dive him unless he is extremely low or you have a buddy trying to help. His cannonbarrage.png and removescurvy.png makes it super hard to dive him since he'll just keep slowing you down.




Not much to say in this match up. You're meele so you'll automtically be harrassed by his h28gevolutionturret.png. This leads to getting pushed under your turret and recieving extra harrass from hextechmicrorockets.png. Dodging it by ekkoE.png is pretty easy so that's not the problem.

Heimerdinger has a really potent 2v1 so unless he overextends you might have to forfiet your turret and look to roam after it falls since he isn't that great at roaming as his h28gevolutionturret.png needs set up before he can do something.
You shouldn't get stunned with his ch1concussiongrenade.png since your ekkoE.png can be used to dodge that with ease.
On the bright side, you can easily stun him with your ekkoW.png. Gotta look at the positive man.
One last thing, if he backs and you have 12.png12.png into lane and clear his turrets and you can have a good window of oppurtinuty to trade with him since he'll take some time to set them up again.




An immobile champion with a weak early game? 245.png is having an orgasm.

Jokes aside, Ekko has everything to make Karthus hate his life.
Stay within your minnions so he doesn't get the isolation damage from his laywaste.png. Play passive at lvl 1. You can then do your regular combo after that and watch him scramble trying to hit you as you run away. (Tip: Run between your minnions).
Landing ekkoW.png is less challenging sinc he just stands in roughly the same place and keeps on using his laywaste.png to push.
Same as 41.png, he a global so be careful when roaming and warn your team if you feel like his looking for an ult.
Karthus will usually go 3.png, to try and survive. You can bait it out by an All-in then ulting back to safety.
Keep in mind that he does outscale you, so be careful when if fight around his corpse in late game teamfights.




For me, Kassadin is an easymatch up. You're early game is stronger than his and you have insane spike at lvl 2-5 compated to him. At lvl 6, is where the real match up begins once both of you get the first point in riftwalk.png and ekkoR.png.

Engage on him once he uses his nulllance.png and the shield runs out. Bide your time. Don't jump on him unless you are a 100% sure that you can win the trade. Getting an Negatron will make you tankier than what Kassadin would like. I still believe Ekko holds the advantage in the 1v1 until Kassadin hits lvl 11 and gets 2nd rank of his riftwalk.png after that it becomes trickier.
Post 6 landing the ekkoW.png will be difficult since he can easily riftwalk.png away from it.
Kassadin is known to be a late game split pushing monster. Ekko can hold him and stop him from doing as he pleases in that aspect. However, killing each other can become a bit difficult since both of you have alot of mobility to jump around and I still believe in a 1v1 fight Kassadin will beat Ekko unless you outplay him.




One main thing you have to keep in mind when playing vs Katarina is that she is a resourceless champion. At lvl 1 try and not get hit by alot of bouncingblades.png thrown at the minnion wave. At lvl 2, if she lvls killerinstinct.png just ekkoE.png > ekkoQ.png her when she uses her bouncingblades.png and the mark wears off and she won't have any window to fight back.

When she gets shadowstep.png, it becomes tricky to proc your passive since she can just shadowstep.png when you jump on her with ekkoE.png.
I usually put extra effort on hit her with both parts of my ekkoQ.png before going for the passive proc.
You basically can all in her at lvl 6-9 while staying safe because of your ekkoR.png. However, don't under estimate her damage when she gets her first few items.
One last thing, her deathlotus.png has a healing reduction which affects your ekkoR.png so keep that in mind.




This match up is probably one of my least favourites for Ekko.

She has the push advantage with her kayleE.png early one. She has some movespeed with her kayleW.png to get away from you when you ekkoE.png > ekkoQ.png or when you go for a stun with ekkoW.png.
Also fuck her kayleR.png. If she casts it perfectly, she will block alot of your burst. Make sure to stun her first before all-in ing her or she will just block all your damage.

You won't 1v1 her late game unless you bait her kayleR.png first then you can ult back and burst her.
My regular trading pattern if I feel I am confident in killing her is : ekkoE.png > ekkoQ.png > AA then run away. If she is low she will pop her kayleR.png to try and survive. If I see that I usually place my ekkoW.png in the place I was when I last AA her. If she stays near your ghost(by then her ult should run out), ekkoR.png back into the stun and go for your regular combo to kill her with damage. You can outplay this lane but for new Ekko players, this match up can be harder than what you would like. 

About Me Back to Top

Hello, I'm BMperor. This should be a small introduction about myself.

Anyways, as I said my in game name is BMperor and I started playing Ekko around patch 5.12 after they added mana costs to his ult and it was one of the best decisions of my life. When Ekko was first released, I actually hated the champion. I used to play alot of  Veigar back then and a new assassin champion didn't sound to fun for me. My friends encouraged me to try him and I finally did after he got a few other nerfs. I got a Penta on my first game on him. I started ranked games by the end of season 5. I started the game when Yasuo was released but ranked wasn't that appealing to me so I stuck to normals for a couple of years. By the end of season 5, I decided to grind some ranked game to try and get the victorious skin for Sivir as she was my favourite adc. I ended the season in Gold 3 and managed to climb to Plat 5 by the end of preseason 6. In season 6, the highest I was able to get was Plat 2 promos.

How to play Ekko? Back to Top

Small Tip: Your E counts as two abilities for Thunderlords so that means 1 auto + E procs thunderlord's which is kinda stupid the more I think about it.

Basic Lane/Non-laning Combos (probably forgot to add a few will review every once in a while):

  • Q through minnions and it tags your enemy twice. E and proc the passive then put on your dance shoes as your run away trying to dodge all the shit they are trying to throw back at you.
  • Q through minnions and it tags your enemy once. E to the side they are running towards and closer to the enemy to try and let the back half hit and be in range to proc the passive with E. What I mean: Eing with an angle to try and get close to the enemy and let the 2nd half of the Q move through the enemy.
  • After you push your lane. Move into the fog of war and cast you W a little bit behind the enemy. Don't immediatly E instead walk normaly so he thinks you were warding then try to catch him by surprise when the W animation is visble to them by Eing into them.
  • E > Q > AA then run as their Q returns back and hits the enmy one more time. When to do this combo: After an enemy used one of main damaging non-ultimate ability or just for the lolz. (Can be used to test damage to try to force someone out of lane. After this if you have your ult, you can run to an unwarded Bush and wait till the ghost catchs up to the enemy and ult back since they can't see it if you are out of vision.
  • Hourglass into W procs the stun so you can tosss you W out in the middle of a teamfight and use hourglass a few seconds before it hits the ground. This also gives time for your shadow to catch up so you can ult fot TONS of damage.

Denying with Ekko (After you get ROA):

Ekko is actually pretty good in denying CS from the enemy opponents. If you push them in, put the W on the minnions to force melee champions to back away or take damage while they are stunned. For ranged, it is a little bit tricky but try putting it under them. Don't commit for a dive unless you are a 100% sure you can get the kill or there is some kind of back up. 

Mid Game Teamfights:

When you get enough experience with Ekko, you can easily control the teamfights. Usage of W and positioning becomes key in these type of fights. You can set W in small jungle entries. You can use W and Q as a zoning tool to keep the enemy team away from objectives that your team in contesting. Keep doing what you usually do in lane after during mid game teamfights. Just remember, if you want to engage, do it out of vision. It becomes much easier to dodge if the enemy sees it coming. Other than that, you are a secondary engaging tool.

Late Game Teamfights:

Unless you have zero engaging tool, DO NOT engage on the enemy team you might have 2000+ HP but you have a small amout of resistance so if you get cc'ed when you intiate you either die or ult back and force your team into a 4v5 while you back and heal. At this point. you have to embrace the assassin's life style. You have to kill the enemy back line and you can use your ult in case something goes bad. However, you can also act as a peeler if need with all the slows that is intergrated into your kit (I only recommend this if you know you can rely on a hyper late game champion to carry.)

Champion that I like to see in my team when I play Ekko. Back to Top

I feel like Ekko synergies really well with a specific number of champions in every role. I'll point out two of the best champions that I feel makes life for Ekko much easier from Dive Buddies to enablers. Remember Ekko loves having a dive buddy.

This is a list that is soley based on my oppinion and the simplicity of the synergy with Ekko. Example: 64.png can have a good synergy with Ekko if he kicks someone into a ekkoW.png but this is not really that simple to do so I will not be adding him to the list.

Top Lane (Tanks):

Shen 98.png:

Nothing is more satisfying than getting shields over your W shields when engaging. Shen makes it less risky for Ekko to engage since the enemy team has to make sure to keep their disance from you when to avoid getting taunted. Also since I usually take teleport, you can tell your Shen to come with you and say hi to the enemy bot lane.  Shen is probably my favourite toplaner at the moment with Ekko since you can provide so much global pressure together.

Sion 14.png:

Long ranged enage that can be easily paired up with your W to start a teamfight is really great for Ekko. I mean if Sion charges in with his ult and then fully charges his Q, You are porbably gauranteed to stun a couple of people with your W. Also, Sion (like Shen) makes a great diving buddy with Ekko as you try and kill the backline.

Top Lane (Bruisers):

Hecarim 120.png:

Good damage and tankiness which can help Ekko excuete low health target as they try and kite him away. Also, his teleport synergy with Ekko is really great since if both of you and hecarim teleport flank an ADC or a mid laner he will die unless you fuck up. Pair all of this with good roaming cabilities and you have a deadly duo.

Gnar 150.png:

Incredible 2v2 and skrmishes with Ekko and provides a good intiation tool for Ekko to set up W and hit multiple people with both parts of his Q if he landes his gnarR.png and W in Mega-form. He might not be the best dive buddy with Ekko in mini form but his CC in Mega form more than makes up for that. Also, if you flank the enemy top laner when he is in his mini form. Yoy get a free kill since you can't escape from all the slows and damage that he and Ekko offers in a 2v2. I put him in second place since his engage is unreliable and hard to pull of since his jump in Mega form isn't that big.

Honourable Mention:

 Riven 92.png :

Although she is the opposite of whatever was mentioned above I always find a 2v2 with Riven and Ekko so opressive. Both of them have a good amount of CC and are so mobile that if you try and roam top it will almost a gaurnteed kill. She is also a good backline threat with amount of damage she can dish out that could kill or leave people low for Ekko to clean up. However, running Ekko and Riven means that your support and jungler needs to go a bit more tanky or your late game will suffer from being squishy and lack of engage.


VI 254.png:

Zaun buddies are also Dive Buddies! Jokes aside. Remeber when I said Ekko likes having a dive buddy as he jumps to kill a target?
Well Vi offers that with her viR.png and the CC she brings with it along with viQ.png. With all this CC, it helps you set up ekkoW.png and stack the CC. Incredible 2v2 along along with the fact that she can go damage or tanky makes her my FAVOURITE champion to play with Ekko. If she was a top laner, She would take the number 1 spot from Hecarim under the bruisers.

Sejauni 113.png :

The amount of CC that she offers in a teamfight is insane. Not only does she take the burder of intiation from Ekko, but she is god damn good at it with sejuaniglacialprisonstart.png. Pair that with a knock up from sejuaniarcticassault.png and slows and you are giving Ekko the time of his life as he sets up his secondary intiation and getting to the back line.

Honourable Mention:

Rammus 33.png :

OK. Rammus might not have the greatest damage until he gets some item but I like to call him a roaming buddy. His powerball.png makes it really easy to gank along with a spammable hard CC spell in puncturingtaunt.png. He can set you up for alot of kills. In Late game, he can get so tanky that the enemy team will have alot of trouble trying to stop him from running over the back line with his CC. This is were Ekko comes in from behind and oneshot whatever target was unlucky to get taunted.

Marksmen/ ADCs:

Sivir 15.png :

It's hard to fail an engage when there is a champion with a GO button. Sivir has that with her onthehunt.png. Pair that was insane late game damage with ricochet.png crit and survivablity with spellshield.png. She can handle herself while boosting Ekko into the backline. Also, roaming towards bot lane is easy kills since her onthehunt.png can allow you to set your ekkoW.png a bit farther than you usually would do and still be fast enought to catch someone in it. Her waveclear is also very important to stop pushes from happening when you are splitting with teleport.

Ashe 22.png :

Ashe makes it really easy for anyone to gank her lane at lvl 6. With a long range asheR.png into a ekkoW.png, you are gaurnteed to blow some summoner spells and might even get the kill regardless. Also, she has constant slows with her autos which makes it easy for Ekko to chase down people as they are trying to run. However, she can't handle herself without some peel so always keep a look out for flankers that are trying to kill her.

Supports (Tanky ones):

Alistar 12.png :

Sets up dives with his combos like a god. Whenever you roam bot lane, get to the bush behind the enemy tower and set the ekkoW.png right under them. He completly removes the burden of setting up as he can just 4.png > pulverize.png and keep them in place for the ekkoW.png to land when you E towards them. Having him relegates you to the third engaging tool since he can serve the enemy squishes to you without even putting himself in danger thanks to ferocioushowl.png. A sold support to have at all stages in the game and is prob the number 1 support with Ekko.

Leona  89.png : 

Another engage tool, what a surprise!
Leona (like Alistar) sets up everything for Ekko when diving and is good at roaming. For me she is another version of alistar but less reliable in the late game since she doesn't have the safety of ferocioushowl.png. I have no more to say on her since her synergy with Ekko is the same as Alistar's.

Supports (Utility Supports):

There aren't much utility supports that I like with Ekko but this is an exception.

Bard 432.png :

If the Bard know what he is doing he could set everything up for Ekko from distance which is why I like him. With his bardR.png he can make so many game chnaging plays and set ups so many good things for Ekko. His bardR.png can be used as an engage. However, recently I like how you he can ult whoever is on you when your are in hourglass, which gives you around 2 seconds once the hourglass stasis is gone to get in position for you ekkoR.png or ekkoW.png.

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