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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

This is what I go with 99% of my games. With my style of playing, there's no point picking anything besides this as you don't have to worry about your opponent but rather be ready to utilize these 2 summoners when the occasion shows. 

Flash is a nobrainer. You simply need this when you reach a certain ELO, as it will be the difference of getting that FB or avoiding getting stomped by a gank yourself. 
Teleport is crucial for you to move around the map. Especially when you will focus taking advantage of any free turret, you will want to be able to teleport. 

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Absolutely crucial masteries: 6114.png + 6134.png + 6142.png + 6312.png  These masteries are neccesary to execute the 2 Q's minion clear. 

Whether you want to go with 6331.png or 6332.png is up to you. After the update with Doran's rings not being able to stack with eachother, I have found 6332.png useful to keep up my mana when laning. 

6362.png is a no-brainer as it will contribute greatly to your overall burst potential.  

Abilities Back to Top


You always want to maximize ekkoq.png for waveclearing and harassing. 

Afterwards you max ekkoe.png to get lower cooldown. This will also be your gapcloser/escape spell as it has the ability to jump past certain terrain. Most importantly, this will be your main tool when splitpushing. It is absolutely redicilous how much you can burst objectives down with this spell. A full build ekko can 2 shot turrets using only 2 E's. The reason for this is that this spell applies on-hit effects so this along with a 3100.png will do some real damage to turrets. 

ekkow.png You will always maximise this last. The reason for this is that you get almost all of its benifits by just leveling it once. By upgrading this spell, your shield will only get stronger, but that's not a reason to max this before any of your other spells. Especially playing with this playstyle, this won't be neccesary. 

Lastly you will always upgrade ekkor.png whenever you can. It's a spell that can work as your escape-route, way to heal-up or simply dealing massive damage. Utilizing this spell along with ekkow.png can be gamechangers. It's something you will experience as you play Ekko more. Ekko has the most redicilous potential to wipe out entire teams if played right and these spells are absolutely crucial to master in order to obtain that. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I will always start with these items to be able to do the 2 Q's on the first minion wave.
    You always want a dark seal on your first back. It will greatly help on your ability to sustain and also provide you with AP to keep up with clearing waves fast. If you have the gold, get both tome and boots or either of them. This is where you can start to harass and roam.
    You want to start getting your Lichbane ASAP. This is your absolute core for anything you do in this game. It will give you the ability to 1v1 most people and the ability to get that first turret fast.
    You want to finish boots before finishing Lichbane. Whether you go with Sorceress or Mercury's is up to you. They each have their own benifits. Personally I start to use Mercury's more in diamond ELO, because of the CC-reduction. For an ekko with my build, it will often be the difference between being alive or dead.

Core Items

    These are my core items I will always buy. Obviously not in the same order each game. It depends on what my enemies are building but always get Lichbane first.

Situational Items

    If their team has champs like Yasuo/Syndra or just any hard burst that can be anticipated I will go with a Zhonya after Lichbane. I will also get Zhonya in a full ad compostion. Otherwise I will always get a banshee before zhonya. The reason for this is that you can burst people down much safer knowing you will block the first enemy spell. Banshee has really become one of my favorite items due to the synergy it has with an ekko that wants to burst down squishy champs.
    If you do end up snowballing, then upgrade to Mejai's. Will help you greatly utilizing your lead. Otherwise I usually end up selling my Dark seal in order to make room for another item.
    It is rare that I get any of these items, but in situations where you might need the grievious wound or extra movementspeed along with higher burst, you can buy one of these. It's only in a situation where I just find one of these items more important than a Zhonya. Also if you reach hard-late game you can swap sorceress with a luden's. You will have 2 movementspeed items on you along with the lichbane and also more burst.

There's lots of ways I build depending on the situation I'm in, but these will always be my core items. Only the order of the items will vary each game. If you're snowballing and have picked up some kills in lane, then rush your Rabadon's. If you're vs a tryndamere then rush a Zhonya. Generally like on any champ, you want to watch what your enemies are getting and simply build accordingly. 

Matchups Back to Top

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About me: Back to Top

I've been playing Ekko since season 6. I've been a diamond player since season 5 on EUNE on my account "draysel1". So I've overall been playing at this elo for some time. I used to be a Talon OTP which led me to diamond, but after his "rework", it was no longer a champion that suited my style, hence why I started playing Ekko. 

I've been playing ekko both mid and top going through all sorts of builds. I have never really made it to diamond playing mostly Ekko so that's what I wanted to achieve this season where I began playing on EUW on a new account where I started in silver 1. I went from silver 1 to diamond in 2-3 months playing 160 games. Whenever I got to play Ekko it was only on top lane. 

Here's a link to my profile:

What I utilize when playing Ekko is his ability to splitpush and his ability to 3-shot enemy carries. I do not use my time to roam if it means losing too many cs. If possible my contribution will mostly be coming from the turrets I destroy. This is also why I average around 2.5 turrets killed per. game.
This is also why my assist-count may seem low. However this is how I've learnt to play Ekko and it is getting me the results I want. 
I Hope you find inspiration in this guide. 

Laning phase: Back to Top

When laning you ALWAYS want to be pressuring. Ofcourse it won't always be possible when laning vs a hard ranged harass-champ like Kayle etc. But then you will just try to work up your cs. 

8/10 times you will be the one being able to pressure the most. 

What I like to do, is test my opponents knowledge of Ekko. Once you hit lv 2, you will E on your opponent and use a Q, and AA to proc your passive. If possible run in a route to also hit him with the returning bounce of your Q. Once you hit your passive, you will gain movement speed and avoid too much harass. It is therefore crucial being able to execute this combo fast to gain the most out of the trade. 
You will by now know how he's moving once you go aggro on him. If he's trying to avoid your passive at all costs (will be obvious) then you should probably not try to do trades again (unless you're the one winning in the trades). 

At level 4, this is where it gets really interesting and it's something I don't see many Ekko top laners utilize. 

While your enemy is farming under turret (Since you're permapushing), it is possible to do some real damage. 
You simply stand in the closest bush to your enemy turret. You then throw your W, wait 1-2 secs and then go to poke him down. Don't be afraid to take turret damage. You want to proc your passive while he's stunned in your W. If you can do this quickly enough it is possible to do this trade without losing any hp. I do this all the time and pick up some easy kills (Even in high elo). But it is something you want to practice. Timing is crucial cause you dont wan't to get stunned under turret. If you master this, you can force your opponent to atleast recall with no TP, and then you can get an easy turret (With sheen or Lichbane it will only take moments). 

If you've managed to farm well, you can at lv 7 use one single Q to kill the ranged minions. (Proc the passive on the melee). This will grant you alot of time to roam around map or farm a nearby camp. You definitely want to utilize this to get something out of it. 

Midgame: You want to have your tp up at all times to help your team. But this is also a point where you want to consider whether to keep on splitpushing or whether you should tp to your team. If you have your lichbane and another 1-2 finished items, you can melt turrets really fast. I often let my team know this in advance (to avoid tilt etc.) lol.
But for Infernal/barons you want to help your team. Ekko's abilities are just made to start a fight around enemies who started either of these objectives so you definitely want to help them. 

Lategame: Splitpushing will still be crucial, but this is also a point of the game where it will get harder to splitpush since there won't be that many close turrets left. With this build, you want to utilize your ability to do pickoffs. You have insane dmg, so picking off just 1 of their carries at this point can be decisive to winning the game. 

Generally playing ekko like this requires ALOT of map awareness! You always want to know where the enemy jungler is due to the aggressive laning style. You always want to know where the entire enemy team is in order to splitpush. Most importantly you also want to help out your team with INFO cause you're not gonna be around them for most of the game. What I experience when playing ekko with my build, is that even when I split, I can 1v1 most champs. This gives my team an edge since the enemy absolutely needs more than 1 person to fend me off. 

Your stats might not look that pretty (mine doesn't), but it has been a winning recipe for me and I hope you will find my guide helpful as well. 

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