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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Main :

4.png  - Flash, Recommended (can be changed)

The reason behind Flash is mainly because it provides good escape, catch-up (to teamfights) and is ussualy used by most champions !

11.png - Smite, MANDATORY

Smite is an obvious choice since every Jungler needs it, since Season 6 it provides you with 3 different smites (Normal, Chilling, Challenging), witch all provide you with so much use as your teams "Buff Provider" (Drake, Rift Herald, Baron, Blue & Red Buffs), of course if enemys are trying to take a Buff (mainly Drake,  Rift Herald or Baron) you can easly steal it by either using your Spider Form E or Flashing and quickly smiting it ! (More about that in the Stealing section !)

Other choices :

12.png - Teleport

Teleport is a good option that I do sometimes take instead of Flash if I feel like I really know how to escape, it provides you with faster help in Teamfights if you are far away, and in general it is an aceptable option !

6.png  - Ghost

Ghost can be used as a replace of Flash if you want more Mobility in Early Game , of course this will be preety useless in Late Game so I tipically do not take it, but it's here as an option for you !

14.png - Ignite

I very rarely use this on Elise (mostly for fun), since it does not help much with Mobility (like Flash, Ghost, Teleport) but if you have an enemy that will probbably be invading your Jungle a lot this could be usefull since it does provide you with a fair ammount of True Dammage !

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Here we are with the good old 6/18/6  (VERY WIERD) Mastery setup, in the Early Game it lacks some power but as Middle Game comes (and Late Game), you will get really powerfull !

These Masterys I made myself =) !

Ferocity (6) :

This is mainly for the 2nd Row Mastery.

1st Row:

We are an AP Champion and all of our Spells gain Atributes from Ability Power, we mostly rely on our Ability's, however when Farming in the Jungle some Attack Speed is very nice so I put 3 points in to Sorcery and 2 in to Fury !

2nd Row:

Now, this was a hell of a hard to choose choice since all 3 work really well with Elise, but I went with the Double Edged Sword since we are both a Melee (Spider Form) and Ranged (Human Form). However, Feast or Expose Weakness is not a bad choice either !

Cunning (18) :

This is our main choice, obviously because of our Keystone (Thunderlord's Decree) !

1st Row:

First few levels are preety though for Elise when it comes to Jungle Farming so Savagery is a good choice but it is usefull mostly only in Early Game, however it does help quite a lot at thoose Begginer Levels. Movement Speed (MS) is usefull through the whole game so we put 3 points in Savagery and 2 in Wanderer !

2nd Row:

This one was a hard choice between Runic Affinity and Secret Stash, since Elise does have some Health (HP) problems in the Early Game, we start with a Hunter Talisman and 3 Health Potions so Secret Stash would not be a bad idea to get some more Health Regen (HPR) from thoose 3 Potions, however that will be usefull only in Early Game and a bit in Middle Game phases, however Runic Affinity will be usefull through the whole game since we allways need buffs , mainly Blue Buff for our Mana Regen (MPR) but it works on Baron Buff, Drake Buff and others !
Asassin would be a terrible idea since it would be useless in Ganks, Teamfights, Groups, and other witch kinda limitates its ability since we are a preety "Mobile" (In this case scenario means to "move a lot" to be active a lot, not just sit and farm.) Jungler.

3rd Row:

Elise does not have a direct "Finisher" (Finisher - a spell that "finishes" the enemy when it is low HP.) so Merciless is obviously a usefull choice, however Elise is Mana hungry (Mana hungry - Needs a lot of mana.) through the most of the game, so some extra Mana Regen (MPR) is allways usefull. That is why we put 3 points in Merciless and 2 in Meditation !

4th Row:

This one is an obvious choice, Bandit is useless since we are alone in the Jungle, there is no1 with use that we could benefit that extra Gold from ! So Dangerous Game is an obvious choice, even through may not that usefull it is better then Bandit !

5th Row:

Elise does need some CDR (Cooldown Reduction) witch we allready saw in the Runes setup ( :P ) but your AP and CDR will not matter if an enemy has a lot of Magic Resist (MR) and Armor (Ar) so some Armor Penetration (APen) and Magic Penetration (MP) is obviously usefull through the whole game. That is why we put 3 points in Inteligence and 2 in Precision !

6th Row (Keystone):

Now, Windspeaker's Blessing is completly useless on Elise since she does not have a shield. So the deal here is between Thunderlord's Decree and Stormraider's Surge. Elise does have a lot of Burst potentional so Stormraider's Surge would be a good idea, however Thunderlord's Decree is more usefull since Elise does not allways have the full potentional to Burst so even if u dont burst with 7  (3 Human + 3 Spider + Human-Spider Switch) Spells , hiting 3 spells on the enemy (Maximum 5, 3 Human + Q,W Spider Form) will deal some extra Dammage witch is perfect for both Bursts and those moments when u don't have the full potentional to Burst !

Resolve (6):

This is to get some Defensive Atributes and for the 2nd Row Mastery !

1st Row:

Ar and MR are very usefull through the whole game but in Early Game we lack a lot of Health (and Mana) so it's good to have atleast some Health Regen (HPR) so we put 3 points in Unyielding and 2 in Recovery !

2nd Row:

Though Skin is usefull , but only in Early Game , since later that 2 Dammage will not make a difference.
However, when ganking we obviously go throught the River and probbably stay in a Bush (Riot call's them Brushes) for a few secounds, so Explorer is preety usefull !

Abilities Back to Top


Main spell order:

That is the one u see on the Graph !

This is preety straight forward:

Max: Q , W, E !

Here is the explanation:

We take out W on 1st Level because in Spider Form it provides us with Attack Speed aswell as Life Steal, witch is preety usefull !
However, our Q does a much bigger Dammage in both Spider and Human Form so that is the reason we max it 1st !
Our E is usefull a lot in both S & H Form (Spider and Human Form) but maxing it does not change it a whole lot else then giving it a longer stun (HF) and bigger Radius (SF), so it's kinda useless to max it 1st !

Our ultimate ability (Also known as the HS Switch) we get for Free at Level 1 so you can immidietly switch between Human and Spider Form but we upgrade it when ever possible (1(AUTO), 6, 11, 16) because upgrading it makes our Spiderlings be stronger and summons more Spiderlings (Level 1, 2 Spiderlings, Level 6, 3 Spiderlings, Level 11, 4 Spiderlings and finnaly Level 16, 5 Spiderlings) !

Secoundary spell order:

This one is preety simple and could be usefull in certain games !
I mostly use this one if my score and game are terrible so I need to be a bit more deffensive !

Max: W, Q, E !

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    More HPR Option

Core Items


Situational Items

    Last Items (Choice)

Starting Items:

1st Group (Recommended):

1039.png - Hunter's Talisman - Recommended

We do have both Health and Mana problems in the start !
However with a bit of practice you can handle the Health problems very well.
Mana is through Early and Middle Game a problem , mostly through Early Game so I ussualy take this as my start !

2003.png - Health Potion, 3x - MANDATORY

There is basically no other choice and as I said with a bit of practice (timing of Health Potions) you can really manage your Health well in the Early Game stage !

2nd Group:

1041.png - Hunter's Machette

If you did not yet learn how to time your HPot's and cant manage your HP in the Early Game then go for Machette it will help you manage your Health a lot more, however your mana will be a bit of a problem for u !

Core Items:

1402.png - Stalker's Blade - Runic Echoes - MANDATORY

As AP Elise this Item is mandatory since it provides you with a lot of AP and with an Integrated 3285.png (Luden's Echo) , you should Rush (really fast) this Item 1st !

3020.png - Sorcer's Shoes, Later Enchantment: Captain !

All boots mostly work well with elise, 3158.png (Ionian boots of Ludicity) give some CDR, 3117.png (Boots of Mobility) make you much more Mobile, 3111.png (Mercury's Treads) provide her with some adittional MR, 3047.png (Ninja Tabi) provides Elise with some adittional Ar, but 3020.png (Sorcer's Shoes) are probabbly the best because the MPen helps you Burst enemys with MR ! Other  boots that I didnt mention here are preety useless on Elise !

3116.png - Rylai's Crystal Scepter - MANDATORY

When Bursting your Enemys it is usefull to slow them so u can hit your skillshot's easier and catch up to them, that is why this item is so usefull, it also provides you with a nice ammount of AP and other Atributes !

Last Items (Situational):

1312.png - Sorcer's Shoes with Enchantment: Captain

On any of the mentioned boots, only 1312.png (Captain) works quite well, but 1311.png (Alcarity) can be preety usefull too, if u want some extra pure MS, however 1313.png (Distortion) is preety useless since u got only Flash from the spell's it buffs, 1310.png (Furor) is preety useless too since ur not ranged and u do not Auto Attack (AA) as much ! 1312.png (Captain) helps your teammates in Teamfights witch is usefull for your whole team !

3001.png - Abysall Scepter

This is ussualy the one I take most of the time since it provides me with quite some MR and it helps me Burst others with MR much easier since it reduces their MR when I am near them !

3089.png - Rabadon's Deathcap

Even tho' not recommended by Riot, still works very well with bumping up your Ability Power and generally making you stronger in any aspect !

3135.png - Void Staff

If you need some extra MPen and some more AP with it, this item is the obvious choice since it will help you Burst people much more by reducing their MR, also if they got a Mastery to block your MPen, it will not work against this since this calculates before MPen !

3165.png - Morellonomicon

If you have mana problems in the late game aswell, or maybe want more CDR and a better Finisher, then this will work perfect , will help your Mana a lot, give u some AP and CDR, and when an enemy is Low HP it will inflict them with Gravious Wounds witch will reduce all healing towards them ! However this effect can be negated with Quicksilver witch higher Division players will know, so be carefull ! Player discretion is advised !

3174.png - Athene's Unholy Grail

I ussualy do not take this on Elise, but it is here as an option it provides you with a lot of Mana Regen in many ways, Killing Enemys, base Mana Regen, and many more, and some CDR and AP and MR !


3340.png - Warding totem

I preffer this the most since u can't take 3341.png (Sweeping Lens) since u got no other way to ward. Wards are specific to them selves and I hope you all know how to use them (Check out my Warding section !) !
3363.png (Farsight Alteration) can be usefull but I tipically do not take it on Elise.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Anivia
  • Brand
  • Kha'Zix
  • Lee Sin
  • Maokai
  • Nocturne
  • Vi
  • Xin Zhao
  • Yorick




Anivia Jungle is a hard topic to talk about, but if you can manage to dodge her flashfrost.png and hit your eliseE.pngit should be a GG for you, also remember that her Passive can revive her, position your self as much as possible to dodge her glacialstorm.png and allways be in her Melee so she canno't crystallize.png !




If they'r Jungler is Brand, hell you can rekt him, you can out Burst him if you propperly dodge his spells ! This is a preety easy matchup if you can dodge his spells and Burst as fast as possible !




You can out dammage him without a dout, also your spiderling's make it so that you are not isolated to his khazixQ.png and it should be a preety easy matchup, just make sure you Burst him really fast and he wont be able to touch you ! Feel free to Invade his Jungle when you are ready cause he cannot do much against you !


Lee Sin


Lee sin can easly dodge your eliseE.png with his blindmonkqone.png or blindmonkwone.png if he does the 3340.png then blindmonkwone.png combo ! Also if he decides to go more tanky, and to get more MR you will probbably get rekt !




He can easly dodge your eliseQ.png and eliseE.png and deny your Burst with his maokaidrain3.png !




He can use his nocturneshroudofdarkness.png when u try to eliseE.png he sholud be invading you and atleast trying to trade with you since it will be much more worth for him then you !




Elise is simply Vi's biggest counter, if she starts to charge her Q use your HF eliseE.png and if she trys to Ult just use your SF eliseE.png on the ground ! In your Human Form you out range her so you should be able to easly get rid of her !


Xin Zhao


When he has 3 xenzhaocombotarget.png use your SF eliseE.png on the ground so that he cannot knock you, then proceed to burst him but watch out for his xenzhaoparry.png since that can pull you off, if you need to catch up to him you can SF eliseQ.png and SF eliseE.png on him !




Yorick is a hard topic to talk about since he summons Ghouls and you summon Spiderlings, try to make your spiderlings tank the Ghouls, and deffinetly make sure his yorickravenous.png Ghoul does not attack you since that way he can get HP back, also watch out for his yorickreviveally.png !

Introduction & Shortcuts Back to Top

Hello everyone, my name is Doba (obviously I am the cute Poro that you feed with your Poro Snax on the Howling Abyss , dont feed me the Dietal ones i hate them -.- ) and I am really pasionate on playing Elise 60.png, she is my hero most of the time and I made this guide to share my knowledge, and to help others to see how powerfull she can be when propperly played !

In my Author Notes (witch took me a lot of time to write) i used some Shortcuts so here are the explanations to them:

AD - Attack Dammage
AP - Ability Power
HP - Health (Health Points)
MP - Mana (Mana Points)
HPR - Health Regen
MPR - Mana Regen (Base Mana Regen)
Ar - Armor
MR - Magic Resist
ArPen - Armor Penetration
MRPen,MP,MPen - Magic Penetration
"Finisher" - A spell or an Effect that helps you finish a low HP enemy
H & S Form - Human and Spider Form
S & H Form - Spider and Human Form :P
SF - Spider Form
HF - Human Form
EG - Early Game
MG - Middle Game
LG - Late Game
"Squishy" - Easy to kill or Hard to maintain Health
"to get Gangbanged" - If a lot of Enemys attack and focus you at the same time
AA - Auto Attack
BF - Both Forms
LS = Life Steal
SV = Spell Vamp
AS = Attack Speed
HS Switch = Human - Spider Switch
Anyway I hope you will enjoy this guide and learn something, if you do I would appriciate if you would leave a nice rating and a good comment.
Thank you a lot =) !

Pros & Cons Back to Top

Pros (Good Sides):

- Good Mobility and Escape's

- Very high Burst Power

- Good CC (Her cocon is quite easy to land since it has a long range and its preety long.)

Cons (Bad Sides):

- Squishy in Early Game

- If Gangbanged, dies very easly , basically she is not tanky

- Early Game she has a hard time Jungling 

Jungle Path Back to Top

Since does not allow me to upload pictures (from PC or URL) ill have to type it out :/( !

I also uploaded the Image here: Jungle Path !

Jungle Path:

Blue side:

1st = Gromp , Get a good leash from your Top Laner !
2nd = Blue Buff, Kite it around a bit to dodge some dmg while u poke it with AA, your Q and W (BF) !
3rd (If you got enough HP) = Wolve's
4th = Red Buff
5th (Your choice) = Krug's or Skutler
6th = After 5th (any) go to the river and gank Mid or Bot, if they don't need a gank just try to kill Raptors (if u got enough HP) and then Recall (B) also if u got enough HP u can go ahead and clear other respawned Jungle Camps)

Maintain your Blue Buff constantly through Early Game and Middle Game !

Red side:

1st = Gromp , Get a medium to small sized leash from your Bot Lane (ADC + Support)
2nd = Blue Buff, same as on Blue side
3rd (If you got enough HP) = Wolve's
4th = Red buff
5th (Your choice) = Krug's or Skutler
6th = After 5th (any) go to the river and gank Mid or Top, if they don't need a gank just try to kill Raptors (if u got enough HP) and then Recall (B) also if u got enough HP u can go ahead and clear other respawned Jungle Camps)

Burst Back to Top

When bursting with Elise, this is your main combo !

Main combo:

Starting = Human Form
1st = E ( eliseE.png, stun)
2nd = W ( eliseW.png, skillshot)
3rd = Q ( eliseQ.png )
4th  = R ( eliseR.png, switch to Spider)
Lolking did not update the Elise Spell Images for her SF so yea, bear with me !
5th = Q ( eliseQ.png, jump on them)
6th = W ( eliseW.png, get some LS and AS)
7th = AA
8th = If u can't catch them = E ( eliseE.png, on them, so u fastly land on them) then Q ( eliseQ.png, to jump on them)


Starting = Human Form
1st = E ( eliseE.png, stun)
2nd = W ( eliseW.png, skillshot)
3rd = Q ( eliseQ.png )

Running away:

1st = Flash ( 4.png )
2nd = R ( eliseR.png, switch to Spider)
Again, Lolking did not update the Elise SF Images !
3rd = When ur in your turret range or near an ally champion that can save u, quickly use your E on the Ground so you stay longer in the Air !

Quickcast Back to Top

This is a very hard thing to talk about, but here is my opinon and setup that I recommend and use !

Q = Quickcast

W = Quickcast

E = Normalcast, so u can hit your stun propperly

R = Doesn't matter, it is all the same !

1-3, 5-7 = Normal cast, doesn't really affect you on Elise

4 (Your ward) = Quickcast

D (lets say ur Flash,TP,Ghost,...) = Quickcast

D, you choose, really !

F (Smite) = Quickcast - MANDATORY (for Stealing) !

This is what I use on Elise, but feel free to use how ever you like too !

Warding Back to Top

If you decided to acept my recommendation and took Warding Totem as your Trinket then theese are the targets you want to keep Warded !

This is mostly the same for all Jungler's but this is how I do it with Elise !

1 - 15 Minutes:

1st = The small River Bush near your Blue Buff

2nd = The Bush near your Red Buff (incase of Enemy Invade)

The 1st two are only at the begining

3rd = Dragon

15 - 20 Minutes:

1st = Dragon

2nd = Rift Herald

3rd = Any active bush (That enemys seem to use quite some !)

20 - 30 Minutes:

1st = Dragon

2nd = Baron

3rd = Any active bush

After 30 Minutes:

1st = Baron

2nd = Active Bushes 

3rd = Dragon

Keep in mind that this is just a small plan, this is not a 100% safe guarantee !

Stealing Back to Top

So you want to be a small pwny Goblin and steal their Baron, Dragon or some other precious Buff !

Well, keepin mind u small pwny Goblin, ugh, I mean Spider, that u may lose your life !


1st = Make sure u ward the Buff and that you are atleast somewhat standing in the Black Spot were they cannot see you !

2nd = Check your smite Dammage !

3rd = When the Buff is about 150-200 HP less then your smite Flash in or if an enemy is close to the edge use E in your Spider Form on him !

4th = Smited it when it gets to right about your Smite Dammage,prefferably around 10-15 HP less then your Smite !

Keep in mind that for this your smite MUST be on Quickcast in order to suceed !

Final Notes Back to Top

Thank you for reading my guide ^_^ !

Feel free to leave a Rating and/or a Comment about it !

If you got something you would like me to change or have a suggestion, leave it down in the comments I will apriciatte !

Upcoming changes:
-More Matchups 
-Grammar (Yes, I am terrible at Grammar :P !)
-Gameplay Videos
-Pictures (About a lot of stuff.)
-Much more !

v.  = 1.0
v. made = 22.25 (GMT +1 , 12.3.2016)
v. released  = 11.15 (GMT +1, 13.3.2016)

Made by: Doba the Poro !


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