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Summoner Spells Back to Top

I realize I'm off-meta until this point pretty heavily. And I'll go ahead and leave another blow...

I don't run Flash.

That's right. Actually Heal/Smite here when I play. Sure, it'll lose a smidge of its impulse utility, but it still gets enough to get what she needs done, plus some support to boot. Especially helpful at avoiding oaf-like toplanes from suiciding in order to assist in blood, or similar issues. Additionally, it gives the laner who leashes for you a small boost to get back to lane, and heal up if they do take damage, while also mitigating damage toward your full clear.

However, I hardly expect that to catch on, so I'll leave the general expectation on here. The Summoner Spell won't matter in your build as heavily as the rest.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Notes for the Ferocity tree:

- Fury: More attacks, more first clear damage, potentially more sustain in Spider Form.

- Expose Weakness: Your main offense in this build will be using Tiamat / Titanic Hydra to propegate Black Cleaver procs to as many enemies as possible (in BC build), while using high HP to deal proficient damage with fast attacks. The extra damage allies get just stacks right on top of Black Cleaver's procs, which is quite nice, particularly for your carry.

- Natural Talent: The build is heavily focused into HP and defense, so a little offense goes a long way. The AP is also some of the very little you will be getting, which makes the Spider Form sustain all the more appreciated. The heavier sustain in Vampirism is an option.

- Bounty Hunter: There is actually little reason for getting this. You will generally get enough kills to stack this up, but you also want to be more effective early, which Oppressor may be better at. This point is a tossup.

- Piercing Thoughts: I know you are focused in AD with your build. However, much of your kit still does heavy magic damage, particularly early game. Late game, you're already shredding 30% armor with the BC build, so the best bet is still to deny the magic resist.

-Warlord's Bloodlust: Decently powerful and reliable sustain (particularly against jungle), now that they removed Strength of the Ages. This is probably the best option, but honestly any of the Ferocity masteries could help in their own ways. I prefer the reliable sustain, myself, particularly for the early jungling impact.

The defensive parts of this build are in the Resolve Tree:

- Unyielding: Apart from having heavy HP in this build, there will be decent focus on Armor and MR, and both are also included in your Runes, as well. This helps get just a bit more out of all of that.

- Tough Skin: Mostly for the jungle. Do not face the chickens without this or Tiamat. Even your spiderlings won't save you.

- Runic Armor: This is a tossup. I pick Runic because you not only get more from your meager Spider Form sustain, but also from Warrior's Bloodlust.

- Fearless: I've recently switched to this. The damage mitigation is just too much to ignore, especially when the cooldown on it is small enough to use this in multiple hit-and-run attacks.

I used to run in the Resolve tree all the way, but I don't find Courage of the Colossus to be a worthwhile replacement to Strength of the Ages in this build.

Abilities Back to Top


First glance, you're probably asking, "What about Q?" Well, truth is, the ability is somewhat lackluster if you don't have AP. Aside from that, your burst should still be plentiful when you quickly rush a Tiamat for absurdly quick clears and plenty of burst in teamfights to instill fear in the enemy. This is AD Elise (ish). She very much prefers the absurd attack speed she gets from Skittering Frenzy.

I even get E before Q because she is heavily reliant on whatever utility she can get, and the stun duration is very helpful at getting the most out of her W, as well. This also is more befitting a true bruiser build which focuses the low HP carry with high base damage instead of high %HP damage, which is more beneficial for taking a stubborn tank down.

I have considered delaying her ultimate. Spiderlings mean almost nothing after Tiamat, and her damage gets quite decent without +10 magic damage (not to mention the not-so-shrimpy ranged autos which don't benefit). At the end of the day, it is damage, however, and even the pitiful sustain on it is worthwhile enough to get me to bite. If anyone is brave enough, keeping R non-specced might be a viable option on this build.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Current build. Helps expedite Tiamat.
    Also a decent option. I find the potions are not necessary, though, unless you get counter-jungled. Decent scouting can usually keep this from being a problem.

Core Items

    Rushed AD and speed. Few enemies can stand up to this combo early, despite Elise being a mostly magic damage champion. After these, Elise is also free to tank up dramatically, and has an even faster clear speed to boot.
    High spikes to defenses, regeneration, and speed. Very helpful to piece these into the build.
    Cooldown Reduction core. Still quite bursty with quickened Titanic Hydra procs, but with emphasis in mobility and utility. Probably best route against a CC-heavy team.
    Generally higher powered build. Only downside is lack of CDR. Often doesn't have the stickiness to utilize its high potential damage output. This is definitely the skirmisher route, akin to a Yi or Fiora build. Not as sticky as the other two, but with more initiation options.

Situational Items

    High armor and HP, and great against a heavily crit-based team.
    This is about all we've got left for magic resist/health items. Honorable mention to Maw of Malmortius/Edge of Night, but those have more damage focus than should be in this tanky spider build. You go for damage, the last two are better options.
    Yes, this is an AP item. But, if the enemy team is wrecking your allies faster than you can bear, this may be your only hope for survival. The speed on this thing along with the damage proc will often stomp enemy assassins before they can react, or it at least should give you extra focus while your allies stay generally safer. Pretty much last-ditch effort on a squishy team you can't protect.
    Good swap item for Luden's Echo + Black Cleaver, if you can find the funds. Not suggested to rush. You need tankiness. It also only has pieces of the two that you need (most of the mobility, similar burst, same CDR), but you do drop a heavy amount of AP, AD, some HP, and even some utility from the BC passive.

Matchups Back to Top

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WHAT? THIS GUIDE IS SO TROLL... (An Introduction) Back to Top

Yes, I know it looks bad. It is basically designed to not only take Elise in a very non-meta direction, but further utilizes a number of outdated mechanics which have either left the scene, or never been part of the scene. Here I will shortly address some of those things briefly, but leave the stronger advice in more appropriate sections.

1. AD Elise? Why?

Briefly, because she has some of the game's strongest dive and pick-out potential, but lacks too many stats to make a reliable teammate for long. The build is also primarily HP instead of AD, and this helps to bridge a competent all-around bruiser build on a champion with the mobility and evasion you'd expect from an assassin.

2. Okay, but Elise doesn't tank, either.

Not necessarily true. Tanking is about taking damage, but some champions can use alternate ways of tanking. Fizz, for instance, is highly mobile, but not probably a real tank threat (with bruiser build) if he didn't have a terrifying combo.

1. high damage
2. high mobility
3. decent dodge

That third aspect is huge. If he were a Yasuo without knockup or projectile protection, he'd be absolutely useless. However, Fizz has a method of synthetic tankiness which makes him even more annoying than normal. It's the same effect that makes someone like Tryndamere or Vladimir synthetically tanky. If you can't be hit (or damaged, anyway), you have the potential of dodging some heavy damage.

This is the type of tankiness Elise naturally has.

3. But Elise is already AP bruiser! [3116.png3151.png3027.png1402.png]

This is no real bruiser build on anybody, but especially Elise. She has some of the lowest Armor/MR values in the game, particularly for someone who requires melee damage in their kit. A true bruiser isn't going to have just enough HP to kill an enemy 2v1 and limp out. The complete lack of damage mitigation leaves this build to be a solid flop in the bruiser category. With any enemy coordination, this spider will fade away come lategame.

Most of the reason I go AD bruiser on Elise is that two items are obscenely well suited for the bruiser scene, giving her the damage she needs on top of utility and tankiness.3748.png will deal increased damage based on her inflated HP values, plus give plentiful stats otherwise, and 3071.png gives AD on top of team Armor Pen on top of movement, HP, and cooldowns. It's basically a bruiser's dream... and not far from other roles' dreams, as well. Her inherent attack speed is another major factor that makes this build gel so well.

Note that unlike AP Bruiser Elise, AD Bruiser gets generally stronger utility out of 2 items, plus all the damage she really needs, leaving space to rack up the defenses far quicker in the game.

4. What is this jungle start? Hunter's Machete? And no finished jungle item?

First off, I find Talisman extremely underwhelming. Sej, Amumu, and Shyvana are some of the main ones I imagine can make it work, and Shyv I'm on the fence about since she gets extra procs of Machete. Thing is, Machete is far better at making light work of the heavy camp member, whereas Talisman more specializes at picking the little guys off. The jungle rebalance threw a little more support toward the Talisman, but Tiamat quickly makes that a non-issue. The somewhat smaller regeneration is easily made up for by faster clears, especially since Elise gets a natural AS boost. Add to that the increased early AS in runes/masteries, and there's little reason not to.

As far as the finished jungle item goes, I find those to be a bit underwhelming, as well. It heavily delays your early damage, first off. But on top of that, it delays some of the utility that you'd like to use in making early plays. For instance, you can get your Machete for clear EXP, Tiamat for heavy clear speed and gank burst, and Boots of Swiftness, and all of that costs 2450g, 175g less than a finished jungle item alone. Sure, it's less AD than Warrior's, but I'm well on my way toward getting some items with real synergistic impact. If you don't need the clear speed, a jungle item is probably going to delay your build more than help it.

On top of all of that, bruisers get the worst end of it. None of the jungle items have a bit of damage mitigation, which Elise particularly needs to work toward. Only Warrior's has any CDR. Only Runic has any movement speed. These are things that your build needs to get in order to be flowing. Elise needs to gather her speed and mitigation quickly so that she can start picking off enemies early on.

5. Okay really... Ohmwrecker? Core?

Yes, I put it as core. Maybe you can get away without it. I'd say, though, it's got everything this build needs, even if it is a bit light in those areas: high (conditional) MS, decent armor, decent health, regen to boot, some CDR, and it even has some active utility which can give her pieces of the map that normally she had to be very weary on. Sometimes, this is what is needed to complete the chase and keep the pressure on the enemy.

Her damage woes (the few she had) should be long taken care of by the time Ohmwrecker comes in, which makes it timed perfectly in her build.

And, that's as far as I'm going into that. I'm sure there are other thoughts about this guide, but I'll leave it up to you to decide whether to seek those answers out. I will now dive into her playstyle, starting with the jungle clear.

Jungling Back to Top

Now, most guides to clears are patterned to take your red/blue buffs as quickly as possible, as those are your keys to ganks and clear speed, but we will be far more focused on that sweeping clear. A full clear will get you to level 4, but it's not a cakewalk doing so. Even with the defense from the Spiderlings, you must have the appropriate methods to take everything with as little damage taken as possible. My preference is starting Blue, and fanning through the entire jungle in a quick sweep.

1. Blue Buff

After the changes, this fight is kinda straight-forward. I used to cheese the main monster's damage on my spiderlings, but that's not hard to do efficiently anymore. Grab your W first, and use W - R - AA - W to get strong damage on the monster fast, and try to save your spiderlings as long as you can. They do add some DPS, plus you get some sustain from Warrior's Bloodlust if you lose your HP earlier in the fight. Hopefully an ally will aid you here to make this painless, anyway.

2. Gromp

Generally the same as Blue Buff. Grab Q, and use W - Q - R - Q - AA - W into the fight to get the most out of it. Note that your Spider W is an autoattack reset, which means you get some DPS if you time it right after an autoattack. Smite is possible here, but likely best saved, as using it only saves you from taking damage when he's least powerful.

3. Wolves

The Wolves are hard to control, but the optimal way to do this is to chomp down on the big guy as he's focusing the spiderlings, and meanwhile have the little wolves chomping away at Elise, as she blocks more of their damage. Worst case scenario, if you are losing too much HP, finish the main guy with a Smite as you pelt the other two with ease. Be sure to have a Smite ready for Raptors, though.

4. Raptors (Chickens)

I grab lvl 2 W in order to keep enough power to manage these chickens. Run in until you see them, Auto - Q main Raptor, run in and W when all will be hit by Volatile Spiderling, and then Smite - R - Q - Auto - W in order to wipe the main Raptor fast. Finish the li'l guys one at a time, and as quickly as possible. They can pelt you pretty hard if you let them linger too long, despite having decent defenses. They also don't like focusing Spiderlings, so fade back occasionally to get them off of ya momentarily.

5. Red Buff

Basically the same strategy as Blue Buff. Main difference is that you will notice a large increase in his movement speed to make kiting difficult. However, most of the rest of the advice is identical. you should probably Smite this guy if it is available.

6. Krugs

Unlike Raptors, these little guys don't tank as well, but this camp takes longer anyways. Do the regular combo right away, focusing down the little medium krug, then pelt papa krug as fast as you can. While papa is splitting, take out the two little krugs before melting the medium krugs one at a time, and using Volatile Spiderling to one-shot little Krugs when available.

And finally you will hit level 4, and get your Cocoon / Rappel, assuming nothing was taken. If it was, back and get a longsword/boots before Gromp comes back and finish up (hopefully). Red buff is your best friend in ganks, and you want it more than most of the team. One of Elise's strong advantages is her capability of getting a low, long-ranged slow fed into a higher melee one, on top of the much easier cocoons available to you. Steal all the red buffs you can, they're pure gold on Elise, and she has plenty of power to make some strong counter-jungle turnarounds that devastate the enemy team.

More to come... Back to Top

So be prepared...

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