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1 year ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Please read the whole guide, Sections 7-11 (How to clear as Eve - Late Game) are really in depth and you'll learn a lot from reading them. 

11.png + 4.png Flash is the most consistent summoner and what I personally use, often times flash + auto + Q will finish someone in an early gank.

11.png + 14.png Ignite is high risk high reward, better in lower elo to surprise people with a burst of damage in ganks/1vs1. Good combo'd with red smite

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

12/18/0 is a must on Eve, some people will run fervor 18/12/0 on AD eve but I don't like it. You can swap Opressor, Savagery, and Runic Affinity, those 3 masteries come down to preference, but this is what I'm currently running

Abilities Back to Top

R>Q>E>W is the standard skill order for Eve

Putting a few extra points in E instead of Q early is good if it's hard to land multiple q's when you gank. (Yasuo,Fizz,Leblanc,Vayne etc) 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    always start these items, regular potions are too much of a gold sink throughout the game

Core Items

    My standard 6 item eve build, Runic echos->Boots->Protobelt
    My standard 6 item ad eve build Warrior->boots->Tri force
    If your team needs a tank

Situational Items

Eve is a really unique champion and you can build pretty much anything on her, so here I'll explain all the items and the situations I buy them


3158.png - CDR is an amazing stat on her and these boots are really cheap, I buy these boots the most

3020.png - Good pickup if you're snowballing and you want to burst people, I only ever get this item if I'm going an item that gives me another magic damage source (Protobelt/Revolver, Lichbane) also strong if you get a rift herald

3047.png - If you need to be a little tankier and they have a lot of AD

3111.png - These boots are a must if they have a bunch of hard CC (Stuns, not slows)

3117.png - Mobies are good when you're able to get kills in every lane, and the extra movement speed can help you snowball.


3706.png - Best when your laners don't have much CC/Setup for you when you gank 

3715.png - Best if their lanes are already really easy to gank or they have an aggressive jungler who wants to 1vs1 you

3711.png - I never go this

Jungle Items

1402.png (Runic Echos) - You'll find yourself building this item most games, it completely fixes your mana problems and gives you fast jungling + nice burst

1400.png (Warrior) - Only if I have a team with a majority of magic damage, AD eve feels a lot worse than AP Eve to me, but if you go AP they'll just stack MR and you'll be useless.

1401.png (Cinderhulk) - never

AP Items

1082.png - Good investment if you have an extra 350 gold when you recall and you're doing well early, you can upgrade it to a mejais if you're good and know you won't die

3041.png - Only buy this if you already have a dark seal and have a decent amount of stacks on it already (5+)

3152.png - Really good to rush right after your jungle item, it's really cheap + has a really good build path so it's best to build early, buying 3145.png gives you a huge damage spike.

3001.png - A must build vs double AP or burst champs (134.png90.png85.pngetc) so you don't get one shot when you engage

3157.png - Really good as a 4th/5th item if they have a lot of physical damage but you still want to go AP. Try to flank with it and distract them with ult slow + zhonyas when they finally catch up to you, normally your W is back up from a reset and you can W out afterwads

3135.png -  Necessary in some games as a 5th or 6th item if they're all stacking mr, if you need to build this item earlier you probably should have gone AD instead

3151.png - A must buy late game if they have 3 or more champions with a lot of Health (Tank Top/Jungle/Support)

3100.png - Good if they have a lot of squishies and you're confident with a squishier one shot build, you need to play really well with getting picks/flanks to pull it off. Also a really good snowball item

3116.png - Makes your catch really strong since you can perma slow people with Q spam, in lower elos this item will get you a lot of elo, I build this item in a majority of my games

3089.png - If you have 25 mejai stacks and you're full build :)

3146.png - Really expensive and the build path sucks, but once you finish the item it feels good. I would never build this item over a 3152.png

3165.png - If you're snowballing really hard and want to do a 40% cdr build, or they have a shit ton of healing (Soraka, Vlad, etc)

AD Items

There's less variety for damage in AD Eve, most of the items you build are going to be in the tank section

3155.png - Gives you everything you need, a really strong early game purchase if they have a lot of magic damage

3156.png - ^ Upgrade it later in the game

3078.png - Everything you need in one item including 20% CDR, definitely buy this item if you're going damage

3153.png - Only build this if you're gonna be split pushing and assassinating people 1v1, but I think this item's awful

Tank items

3025.png - Perma slow + CDR + armor/mana, this is the tank version of 3116.png and is really strong on eve. Don't build this item if you have 3116.png or 3078.png already

3053.png - Really strong on AD Eve if you already have a few tank items (3047.png,1412.png,3025.png,3102.png-->3053.png) and want a little bit of extra damage + shielding. DON'T BUY WITH 3155.png / 3156.png THE PASSIVES DON'T WORK TOGETHER

3742.png - If they have a lot of physical damage but no crit this is better than randuins, also gives a nice initial burst and a slow to help your team catch up

3143.png - Good if they have a heavy crit/attack speed reliant AD (22.png222.png51.png) or if they have a lot of immobile champions that you can catch with the active's slow

3102.png - The only pure tank MR item you can get on Eve, I buy this a lot.

3026.png - The more fed you are the stronger this item becomes, it puts a huge threat on your back and makes you really hard to deal with. Don't buy if you're behind or your team is losing.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Elise
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Lee Sin
  • Nidalee
  • Rek'Sai




You need to play really careful in this matchup, Elise can kill you if you facecheck her even if you flash away since she can repel back onto you. Don't go into river blind if you don't see Elise on the map and try to do more lane ganks.




Gragas is really easy, you can pretty much do whatever you want vs a gragas since his early game is insanely weak. Late game when he engages use it as an opportunity to get a flank/quick assassination onto their back line




This matchup is good and bad for you, Graves can't gank very well and is mainly focused on farming + pressuring/counterganking. You'll lose all 2v2/3v3's vs a graves since he's so much stronger than you, but if you pull off successful ganks he won't be able to do much in response. If you see graves you generally just want to hide / run away, his skirmishing is really strong.

Late game the matchup gets really hard because Graves will be really hard to kill and will out lifesteal your damage to him if you aren't super fed.




Hecarim's are really easy to cheese early since they take ghost, this matchup is really easy if you can kill him level 2 (Read the cheese section). Be really careful since his counterganks are really good and generally when you gank somewhere you can expect him to be coming with ghost + e in a few seconds if he's in the area. When Hecarim ults in for early ganks/teamfights try to burst him down since he has no way of getting out.




Kha'zix is a snowball champion and he wins 1v1 vs you after lvl 4~5, if you die to him once you can expect to lose the game, your ganks are much better than his and your champion spikes a lot sooner (KZ needs level 11 and a few items)

Make sure to carry pinks around once you get to mid/late game for him since your team won't




Kindred is really easy, her early game is weak and most kindreds will tunnel on getting stacks from crabs. Don't go out of your way to contest her on the stacks, just gank while she's farming and get yourself/your team ahead. Late game this matchup can be really hard since when you go to flank kindred can ult on top of herself/her team and focus you down. I recommend Zhonyas in this matchup late game


Lee Sin


You beat him really hard pre 6, try to snowball lanes with your early freedom and try to find lee in his jungle/in river and fight him PRE 6, after level 6 he can pretty much one shot you if he ever finds you. If you're playing a game and the lee is getting really fed just wait for him to throw since every lee does :}




This matchup is really easy, you win 1v1 vs nidalee the entire game and have much more gank pressure than her. The most important thing is that you clear your full jungle before ganking, since nidalee farms faster and has more mobility than you she can punish easily. Be careful for level 2 invades




Reksai's tremor sense completely counters Eve, it makes it really easy for her to countergank, invade, see when you're trying to get picks, and stop your flanks late game. Try to be on the other side of the map as reksai and lane gank more. Late game don't even try to flank, just stay behind your team as a followup engage/counter engage.

How to clear as Evelynn Back to Top

The thing people struggle with the most on Eve is clearing the jungle with her. Below I have a bunch of routes you can + a trick on how to clear to stay full HP in the jungle.

Please keep in mind these videos are leashless since I was doing it myself in a custom game, it will be much faster/healthier in a real game if your team leashes you.

How to do 3 camps and be 100% full hp without using a single potion 

(Golem start)

Gromp Start (With leash you won't get this low)

Q'ing wraiths and wolves when you walk past them gives you a ton of health back because of talisman's passive. (Damaging a monster with a spell or attack steals 25 health over 5 seconds) Just make sure you don't kill the small wraiths, it's better to leave them up so you get more health back.

This trick allows you to pull off a really early gank (around 2:50 in game) while still being really healthy, and not committing yourself to anything. The route is below, 4 is crab / gank.

3camp2.jpg                    3camp1.jpg

If your lanes are pushing and you don't think you can get a successful gank off, instead of going into river for 4 just keep farming your jungle. Don't waste your time trying to pressure for no reason, you can path like this and do the rest of your camps and recall at 7 on the map. (Same beginning to the route as the maps above, just go to Gromp/Golems level 3 instead of crab, then do the rest of your camps)
7camp1.jpg                    7camp2.jpg

The maps above are the most consistent path you can take since it allows you to do multiple things (You can pressure early or farm then recall if lanes aren't gankable) but there are other routes, most of which involve recalling early. Here are some of the other routes you can do, I won't explain them much though as they're pretty basic and easy to understand.


blue123b.jpg                    red123b.jpg
      Best route if you're having trouble clearing and you want to focus on ganking top/mid early.
Buy 2032.png1041.png, or 1082.png

blue1234b.jpg                    red1234b.jpg
Best route if you're having trouble clearing and you want to focus on ganking bottom. 
Buy 2032.png1041.png1082.png + 2043.png or 1052.png 
You can also do a really early level 6 with this route, after you finish your 2nd buff repeat 1->2->3 and then do the last camp (Gromp/Golems)

Best level 2 cheese Back to Top

This is my favorite cheese, it works probably 90% of the time, resulting in an early kill, securing 3 buffs, and tilting the shit out of their jungler

You want to start the game playing safe (make sure you stay invis and don't show yourself), stay at the 1 point on the maps below. Around 1:20 into the game, start walking into their jungle and place your trinket ward on their buff before taking their small camp (If you're blue side, start their wolves, Purple side start their wraiths) Take this camp WITHOUT using smite, then go invis and ambush them doing their buff when it's low. (Try to wait till it's around 200hp, they won't have smite so make them take as much damage as possible) Smite it from them while being invisible, then go in for the kill.

          Blue Side                                                        Purple Side         

invadewtimer1.jpg                                               invadewtimer2.jpg 

Here's a short (~30s) video explaining the invade and showing what the looks like when you do it.

Here's another short example from the other side of the jungle, also showing what the enemy sees when you do this cheese. (I didn't think I would be able to kill him because Elise shouldn't take much damage clearing, but he didn't clear properly and didn't use his potion)

After you kill them and take their buff, you just want to go back into your jungle and jungle for a little bit, do as many camps as you can before you need to recall from low HP, then base and spend your first blood gold on some fancy items. Their jungler will be really far behind from dying and won't be able to punish your teammates while you farm 

Early Game Back to Top


Evelynn's a really unique and different champion that can take a while to get used to learn how to play early game. You want to make the most use of your passive by always putting yourself in advantageous situations (2vs1,3vs2,4vs3, etc) and want to play away from their jungler to do this.

It's really important to try and gank when you have either Red buff, Upgraded smite, or Ult. If you don't have any of these up your ganks are really weak.

Try to identify the easiest lane to gank, here's a few things to look for
  • They have to play aggressively to win lane (23.png92.png91.png58.png157.png )
  • They have no mobility (1.png4.png13.png68.png126.png)
  • Your team has easy to land CC (127.png90.png54.png89.png85.png
Once you identify the easiest lane to gank, that's where you're going to want to put your focus. Communicate with your laners, "Hey Liss, don't push mid, I'm gonna level 3 gank Talon."  and stay away from ganking your laners that don't have any CC (16.png+81.png) no matter how hard they're begging for your help.

There's some games where all 3 lanes will be free kills, and there's some games where none of your lanes are easy to gank. You need to be able to identify which ones are the best to spend your time in, which comes through game knowledge and experience, it's not really something I can teach in a guide.


|    Always pinked    |    Common Pinks    |      Deep Pinks      |

                               ENEMY BLUE SIDE PINKS                                                       ENEMY RED SIDE PINKS
pinkmap2.jpg     darkpinkk1.pngdarkpink1.pnglightpink1.png   pinkmap1.jpg
YOU'RE PLAYING EVE ON RED SIDE ^^^                                  YOU'RE PLAYING EVE ON BLUE SIDE ^^^
The bushes with darkpinkk1.png in it is most likely going to be pinked in every game, use that knowledge to path around it or start pinging your laners that you're coming before you walk near the bush.

The bushes with darkpink1.png in it are the river pinks, these are also very common but they can be placed anywhere in the bushes in river. Make sure you walk into these bushes to check if they're pinked or not every time you go into river.

The bushes with lightpink1.png  in it are deep pinks in your own jungle. You need to be on top of checking these bushes if their jungler has been invading you a lot, if one or both of these bushes are pinked without you knowing you won't be able to get many ganks off and you won't know why.

If for whatever reason the other team is buying a ton of pinks to shut you down, try to lane gank more. Lane ganks work really well for eve in all 3 lanes and can't be countered by pinks.

Mid Game Back to Top


Mid game is when teamfights over objectives are going to start happening. Hopefully by now you've gotten some kills and you are able to carry fights. identify the next easiest objective you can take, you want to change your kill advantage into getting first blood tower. Think about the lane you've mainly been camping and start to set up a play on that lane (Most of the time top is the easiest, if you kill their top laner you can take the tower really easily since nobody else is there to defend)

Once you start taking more towers the game will eventually turn into a bunch of people grouping at mid. This is where a lot of people will struggle playing Eve, so here's a few tips on how to teamfight in mid-game as Eve

  • Avoid fighting without your ult if you can, Eve is pretty much useless without having ult up.
  • Try to flank, it can be hard this early on to the game but if you can pull off a good flank when they're pushing mid or going for dragon it can win you the game.
  • In a 5v5, try and save your ult until you can hit at least 3 people with it, if the fight's already started, you don't need to use your ult right away on 1 or 2 people. Wait and see how the fight plays out and use it to swing the fight or continue chasing in an already won fight.
  • Don't be afraid to peel, ulting their front line and damaging them before they're supertanks can often help your team more than you trying to assassinate. 
If for whatever reason you don't think you can win teamfights, you can try to look for picks in side lanes when people over extend for farm, or go behind your top laner and 2v1 theirs from stealth. Once you get a few kills doing that you should be able to win fights.

Here's a few examples of flanking mid

Here's a few examples of catching people in side lanes

Late Game Back to Top


Eve falls off really hard late game if you aren't snowballing, you don't do enough damage to one shot anyone and you kind of just become a slow bot with Ult + Rylais. This point of the game is pretty much all going to be 5v5 teamfights around mid/baron, so for this section I'm mainly going to focus on how to start off teamfights and catching the other team off guard with passive, since it will win you pretty much every game if you get good at it.


As Eve you don't want to think/play like a normal champion, the map above shows how you should be thinking as Eve. 

Always look for flank opportunities to catch the other team off guard, mid lane is your best friend for catching people off as I'll show in the video example below. Use your blue trinket to scout common pink bushes to make sure you aren't being spotted while going for a flank, and start pinging your team when you're ready to go. Pulling off a successful flank catches the other team completely off guard and causes panic, Eve is deceptively tanky because of her ult shield, and often times you can soak a lot of damage + CC before running away with W + kiting with Q which will guarantee a teamfight win. 

Here's some examples on how to play late game teamfights as Eve

Full Eve games with commentary Back to Top

I tried my hardest to explain my thought process during these 2 games on stream, and I think I did a pretty good job. You'll learn a lot from watching both of these videos, it's worth the time.



If you liked this style of commentary, feel free to follow me on twitch or subscribe to my youtube for more content like this.

My recent competitive Eve games Back to Top

Here are a few of my recent competitive VODs where I played Eve in NACS, these vods are from the last split and are very recent.

I'm not going to explain these games much since they're competitive games and everyone reading this guide is reading it for solo queue, just thought it'd be cool to include them.

NACS Summer split TLA vs APP - Win 3/0/8

This game I went Sorc boots because I picked up an early rift herald (Rift initial damage is magic dmg) and did by far the most damage in the game

NACS Summer Split TLA vs NVA - Win 2/0/7

Kindred wasted a lot of time this game, and let me get a huge advantage early on just through outpathing.

NACS Summer Playoffs TLA vs C9C - Win 6/1/10

This game we pretty much just stomped, notice how I constantly looked for flanks mid/late game

About me + Social Media! Back to Top

I'm Moon, a professional League of Legends Jungler who started his career Season 5 Summer split on Team Imagine. I've played on 3 teams professionally, Team Imagine -> Team NRG -> Team Liquid Academy.

I've been maining Evelynn since late season 2 when she got reworked into the champion she is today, I watched a lot of a streamer named dYe44 (He had an Evelynn only account "BeliEVE OR AFK") and I got really inspired to learn the champion from him. I mained her since then, getting Plat s2/Diamond s3/Master s4 with her. I started taking ranked seriously late season 4 / early season 5 and quickly climbed to having 3 top challenger accounts, Eve being my most comfortable/confident on all 3 accounts. 

I try to stream as often as possible (I'm streaming most days of the week in off season) and do a teaching/commentary style stream - Check it out if you want to learn more about Evelynn or the game in general 

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