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All Guides Evelynn Guides [Season 7] Eve Jungle/Mid/Top Guide covering AD/AP/Tank
1 year ago

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Smite 11.png for the obvious reasons on a Jungler.

The only debate is between Ignite 14.png or Flash 4.png. I personally run Flash 99.9% of games and the 0.1% of games I’m not running Flash I’m just messing around in a normal and getting hit with a strong reminder as to why I only run Flash. With champions in the game like Fiora 114.png, Ekko 245.png and Fizz 105.png and the game seemingly leaning towards absurd high mobility I highly prefer Flash to make up for Evelynn’s 28.png lack of a gap closer.

A gap closer to kill a carry quickly, or escape from a fight over a wall is better to me than 70 damage early game, or 400 damage late game. Very rarely do I find myself in a situation where I needed slightly more damage to kill a carry late game, and if I did have Ignite for it I probably would’ve died shortly after anyways. In the small circumstances where I’m fighting Dr. Mundo 36.png, ADC, Soraka 16.png, and Swain 50.png for some reason I could maybe kind of argue Ignite would be better, but still wouldn’t take it.

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Masteries Back to Top

The Ferocity tree is pretty self-explanatory, I’m just maximizing damage to help my early game ganks with Sorcery 6114.png, Fresh Blood 6121.png, Natural Talent 6134.png, and Double Edged Sword 6142.png. Some run one point in Vampirism 6131.png and four points in Natural Talent to help with clear, but it only gives you 0.4% lifesteal and spell vamp so I don’t feel it’s that helpful.

            The Cunning tree I use is slightly different than what’s more commonly used. I prefer to run Wanderer 6311.png over Savagery 6312.png because I prefer to move around the map more than hitting my camps slightly harder. I also prefer Runic Affinity 6321.png over any other mastery in that line because I like keeping my buffs on me (mainly Red Buff) longer so I can stay and affect the map more. It also works for Baron buff which can be useful. Merciless 6331.png, Precision 6351.png , and Thunderlords 6362.png are also self-explanatory, but for the choice between Greenfather’s Gift 6341.png and Dangerous Game 6343.png I take Dangerous Game solely because of how many times I’ve lived because of it.

Some people run Fervor 6162.png instead of Thunderlords.

I personally don’t prefer to run Fervor over Thunderlords, even on AD Evelynn. I just notice I’m missing out on the burst from the Thunderlords procs at all points in the game. However, your Q and E both do scale with physical damage from it, and you can get max stacks with auto>E (E is an auto attack reset)>auto which is decent. But being a melee champ with no gap closer is the concern thrown around since you’re easily kited if you play it poorly.

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This is how I max Eve every game, regardless of AP or AD. Some people max E evelynne.png instead of Q evelynnq.png first, and the argument being the base damage is higher since your E strikes twice, which is true. However, your scaling on your Q is higher after two points in Q, and scales 20% higher total at max rank.

That being said, I’ve tried both and just prefer Q max. The E max will give you 120% attack speed to kill your camps quicker, I guess, but the Q poke is just better in many scenarios that E doesn’t give you so that’s what I stick with. 

            Warwick 19.png is a good example since your Q cancels his passive movement speed warwickw.png since he needs to be out of combat to use it. He can chase all he wants but you just kite him with Q and just go in for the E to finish him off and he’ll never hurt you. Whereas if you had E max your Q just wouldn’t hurt him at all and you’re definitely not going to outduel him attacking real fast since he also has an attack speed buff, but sustain warwickpassive.png is attached to his.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Jungle. Every game, every time. AP/AD/Tank
    An option for jungling but not needed with Eve's ability to pull camps.

Core Items

    My preferred items in an optimal AP scenario.
    An ideal goal to shoot for on AD Eve.
    An option for a tankier build, but rarely would I ever build this. I like Eve the assassin, not Eve the wall.

Situational Items

    Other great boot choices. Tabi for more than two auto attackers. Mercs for high CC compositions. Lucidity if you're not snowballing to help affect the map more often.
    A high risk, high reward option. Definitely good if you can keep the stacks, but with Eve being a melee assassin it can be risky.
    Price, health, and CDR are nice. Damage sucks. Big difference of opinion from the hivemind. Further detailed in the itemization section below.
    Eve doesn't need attack speed, don't build it.
    Used to be a lot better. Not as good any more. Some compositions it could be seen as needed. Use your best judgement.
    I typically swap out Liandry's for this later in the game if needed. Otherwise I'll build it earlier instead of Liandry's if they start stacking it more quickly.
    Great item. Very expensive. If you're snowballing as AD Eve, go for it.
    Lethality sucks on her quit building it.
    Great for high magic damage but low CC compositions.
    Great for high magic damage and high CC compositions.
    Would overcap you on CDR in the jungle, but not bad in lane against super tanks.

I’ll cover my AP build and opinion on other item options and then move on into AD. It’s hard to say which is better, it goes back and forth. With Riot nerfing the AP amounts on near all her AP items over the course of Season 6, I heavily leaned towards AD Eve for months, but with them buffing a lot of armor items and reworking 3 tanks so they’re more popular and items like Guardian Angel 3026.png being built so much earlier on carries it’s hard to say AD Eve is still better so here I’ll write my opinions on both item sets and you can choose for yourself.



I start Hunter’s Talisman 1039.png and Refillable Potion 2031.png every game. You could run three potions 2003.png instead for a healthier clear, but with the Wraith and Wolves pulling trick it’s not needed. I used to upgrade the refillable into the Hunter’s Potion 2032.png but she doesn’t really have mana problems and after her first clear it’s not so bad so I don’t think it’s needed.

Skirmisher’s 3715.png, Stalker’s 3706.png, or Tracker’s 3711.png are your options on your first back. I go with Skirmisher’s Sabre 100% of the time. (see Hecarim 120.png matchup) What it offers compared to the others is just a hands down better option in my opinion. The amount of times I’ve lived because of the damage reduction on it, or the amount of kills I’ve gotten from the damage over time, or all the “pros” or streamers I’ve seen building it further validate that this is the only option to go. You could maybe see reasons to go Stalker’s Blade such as Hecarim, or Rammus 33.png, and a few others, but in every scenario I’d rather just lower their damage towards me, and give me extra damage on them than sap their movement speed. Tracker’s Knife.. lol. I’ve seen some Evelynn mains talk about going this in their solo queue games and they plateau really early on in the solo queue climb and I can’t imagine why. Skirmisher’s Sabre only.

The next four options after you’ve chosen Skirmisher’s Sabre is Runic Echoes 1414.png, Warrior 1412.png, Cinderhulk 1413.png, or Bloodrazor 1419.png. Only two of these are really useful on Evelynn and that’d be Runic Echoes and Warrior, depending on which way you’re leaning, AP or AD.

My ideal full build AP build would be Talisman>Skirmisher’s Sabre>Runic Echoes>Sorcerer’s Shoes>Sheen>Haunting Guise>Blasting Wand>Lich Bane/Liandry’s Tormet>Gunblade>Rabadon’s Deathcap. Swapping out Liandry’s Torment later on for Void Staff 3135.png if needed. (1039.png>3715.png>1414.png>3020.png>3057.png>3136.png>1026.png>3100.png/3151.png>3146.png>3089.png)

I’ll only go Sorc’s if I feel I’m snowballing and we’re fighting 5 squishies. Otherwise it’ll be Ninja Tabi3047.png /Mercury Treads 3111.png/Boots of Lucidity 3158.png.

If I’m fighting an ADC mid, or Kindred 203.png jungle, or 3 or more auto attackers it’s going to be Ninja Tabi.

High crowd control or nothing but magic damage and it’s going to be Merc treads. If I even see a Veigar 45.png, I usually almost always go Mercs. Others to consider would be Elise 60.png, Sejuani 113.png, Morgana 25.png, just easy to apply high CC champions basically.

After my jungle item and boots, I rush a sheen 3057.png, the early damage, mana, and CDR from it helps her early game out. You’re not too impactful around the map without your ultimate evelynnr.png so the CDR is important.

I sit on sheen, and complete Haunting Guise 3136.png and then build a Blasting Wand 1026.png because it gives me the choice of completing either next back. Depending on what I need to do, or who is ahead, or if I need more survivability. If I just need to instantly kill a carry, I’m going to go with Lich Bane 3100.png. But if a carry if super far ahead, or if they have a lot of tanks that need to be managed Liandry’s 3151.pngwill help out more. Liandry’s also helps out your clear slightly, and isn’t bad with objective control. The extra movement speed on Lich Bane helps you get behind and maneuver around the map more though, so it’s just up to which I feel I need.

Afterwards I complete my Gunblade 3146.png. The +40AD/+80AP and active is a good slot item/stat stick, albeit expensive but just continues my snowball, and helps with bigger objectives later in the game with the added sustain it gives me.

My final item is Rabadon’s Deathcap 3089.png just because Evelynn hits a wall later on in the game and you just need a lot of damage/stat sticks to keep you in there.

I don’t like defensive items that I see a lot of people going like Rylai’s 3116.png, Protobelt 3152.png, Banshees 3102.png, or Zhonyas 3157.png. I just want to get in there and get the carry and DPS as much as possible. Another reason I don’t like these items, and I see a lot of people doing this, is because they’re just not great snowballing items. I’m 6/0/1 early game? Let me just pick up any of those items and notice a very small incremental boost to my damage, wow thanks!

Rylai’s used to be a good item on Eve when it gave 25 more AP than it does now and with a 20% stronger slow. This item was so good against champions like Warwick 19.png, Hecarim 120.png, Udyr 77.png, Rammus 33.png, and Garen 86.png. They could literally just never hit you. They were in prison until you decided to end it. But over the course of Season 6 Riot nerfed nearly all AP values on the items slightly resulting in super low AP amounts on Eve with her old core.

Never understood Protobelt 3152.png, maybe on release it was alright, the damage was fine. Now I just don’t get it. Never seen burst that I couldn’t get, or more, with any other item. Gap closer sucks, CDR is nice, damage is whatever. I get this item strictly for the active if I know I’m going to fight 3-5 Banshee’s Veils 3102.png solely to pop them.

Banshee’s Veil 3102.png is a great item, especially against super magic damage stacking teams. But like earlier, if I’m ahead, why would I want a big shield bubble instead of damage. That’s why I rarely pick this item up.

Zhonya’s Hourglass 3157.png is a great item also, but I like Eve for her mobility in fights, getting in and getting out. I’m not trying to go hard and then stop and turn golden for 2.5 seconds. That being said, I get it when I’m against all AD compositions or against champions like Zed 238.png or Vi 254.png, to cancel their ultimates.


Like AP Eve, I still start Hunter’s Talisman and Refillable Potion. I still run Skirmisher’s Sabre, but this time I run Warrior 1412.png instead of Runic Echoes.

I’ve seen some Eve players argue about Bloodrazor 1419.png being an option, but what do you want, burst or 4% of your target’s max health on auto. Decisions, decisions.

My ideal AD Eve build is Talisman>Tiamat>Skirmisher’s Sabre>Warrior>Boots>Sheen>Tabi/Mercs>Trinity>Blade of the Ruined King/ /Titanic Hydra>Maw of Malmortius/Guardian Angel. (1039.png>3077.png>3715.png>1412.png>1001.png>3057.png>3047.png/3111.png>3078.png>3153.png/3748.png>3156.png/3026.png)

With this particular build, after you’ve completed Trinity 3078.png (usually around 15-20 minutes), you’re getting 40% CDR when you have Blue buff so you’re able to affect the map more often.

I pick up a Tiamat 3077.png as soon as possible to help your clear with camps like the Krugs and the Wraiths and get an early 6. The early Sheen 3057.png gives you extra dueling power, along with negating any Mana problems you would encounter.

Tank boots 3047.png/3111.png are great on Eve because shields evelynnr.png are affected by a champion’s resistance so any little bit helps.

I get Trinity Force for obvious reasons on Eve; any Sheen item is core on her. With this item spike you can outduel so many people with ease. The extra HP/CDR helps you stay out on the map longer aswell.

After your first three slots you’re at a decision to start building your Blade of the Ruined King 3153.png or complete your Titanic Hydra 3748.png. If you’re fighting several tanks, Galio 3.png mid, Gragas 79.png Jungle, and Maokai 57.png top for example, Blade of the Ruined King is going to be a better pick up because of the attack speed, lifesteal, and %Max HP on the item. The active slow isn’t bad either, but the damage on the active is meaningless. BotRK will also help your objective control with Dragons, Rift, and Baron. If you’re fighting several squishy champions, or just prefer focusing the bottom side of the map the Titanic Hydra 3748.png is going to give you more success with the added HP you can continuously dive, and the active will do much more damage.

The final item is just dependent on the game. Maw of Malmortius 3156.png is great against AP stacking teams with low CC. The extra sustain it gives you with all the extra HP and resistances you have keep you in the fight a lot longer than you’d expect. But, if they’re all AD Guardian Angel 3026.png would be the way to go with the newly added armor on the item.

The last three items on AD Eve are very game dependent. You don’t want a Maw to be built last because the build up is ass. A Hexdrinker 3155.png later on in the game isn’t going to help you out as much as it would earlier on. So just using your best judgement to see what you need between Maw/Titanic/BotRK/Guardian Angel will help you out a lot.

Another item to consider on AD Eve would be Mercurial Scimitar 3139.png. This is a good substitute for Maw if you’re fighting heavy magic damage with strong CC or any High CC compositions.

Death’s Dance 3812.pngis another good item on AD Eve with the burst reduction the item gives you. But with the price on the item it makes it more a luxury than a necessity.


In solo lanes, the only difference Rune wise is I'll swap in 9x Magic Resist blues instead of the 9x AP blues in magic damage matchups.

I also use a different Mastery page for solo lane Evelynn. I swap out the Fresh Blood 6121.png for Feast 6122.png and I also swap Double Edged Sword 6142.png for Bounty Hunter 6141.png in Ranged matchups to negate poke taken.

In the Cunning Tree I take Savagery 6312.png over Wanderer 6311.png to help farm under turret and I also take the Secret Stash 6322.png mastery to increase the healing from my Corrupting Potion 2033.png.

masteries - solo lane - lolking.jpg

When I solo lane I typically go AD top, and AP mid. I actually really enjoyed laning, maybe just a change of scenery but it was very enjoyable, and definitely viable.

I enjoyed top lane a lot more than mid lane because you get to fight a lot more melee champions and Eve definitely has the ability to destroy near all melee matchups.


In top lane I started Corrupting Potion 2033.png except in matchups that required a Doran’s Shield 1054.png like Pantheon 80.png for example. I fought a lot of meta slave tanks and my core was usually BotRK 3153.png and Black Cleaver 3071.png. This helps you shred any tank, as well as sustain and extra beefiness from the HP. The only problem with this is mana, without a sheen 3057.png you find yourself running out of mana against these tanks but an early Sheen can be greedy since you need the sustain to live in lane. After those two items against tanks it’s just up to you to decide what you need but I tended to lean towards more of a bruiser than an AD assassin.

Similar to Mid, an advantage to playing Solo Lane Eve is being able to invade the enemy junglers buffs when they spawn. Coordinating with your jungler is preferred, but she can definitely brawl with most, and worst case scenario you can just scout them out and get wards for your team.


In mid I typically build Lich Bane 3100.png or Gunblade 3146.png first and get an early pair of tier 2 boots to help with roaming options. Haunting Guise 3136.png and Banshee's 3102.png are both good items to get to help survive the lane.

            Mid lane can be pretty lame compared to Top as there are a lot more ranged matchups. Eve doesn’t do too hot in those matchups, but there are a couple tricks you can utilize to come away with the win in lane.

            In a lot of matchups I just gank my own lane because my jungler won’t. A lot of people see Eve mid and figure you’re trolling and just ignore you for the entire game, and that’s fine, it’s just up to you. In a ranged matchup like Xerath 101.png, for example, I’d do this. Just back up and get your passive and leave the lane, and come flank him from the side since just running at him isn’t going to work. Be sure to use your W evelynnw.png to either cleanse his own W xeratharcanebarrage2.png, or dodge his E xerathmagespear.png and you’re going to win the trade.

            Another advantage to playing Eve mid is not many people play against it. So not a lot of people know what you can do, which is to your advantage. Understanding your damage output compared to theirs, and utilizing Corrupting Potion 2033.png and Thunderlord 6362.png timings will also help.

            Because of Eve’s lack of advantage is most ranged matchups you’ll spend a lot of time at your turret, giving your jungler (if they want to) plenty of opportunities to gank you. And if it’s just going so poorly you can’t do anything, well, you’re Eve and you can just go somewhere else. You might lose the turret, but you can start your own snowball on another part of the map.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Amumu
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Camille
  • Cassiopeia
  • Cho'Gath
  • Darius
  • Dr. Mundo
  • Elise
  • Fiddlesticks
  • Fizz
  • Gragas
  • Graves
  • Hecarim
  • Ivern
  • Kha'Zix
  • Kindred
  • Kog'Maw
  • Lee Sin
  • Lux
  • Master Yi
  • Nasus
  • Nidalee
  • Nocturne
  • Nunu
  • Olaf
  • Rammus
  • Rek'Sai
  • Rengar
  • Riven
  • Shaco
  • Shen
  • Trundle
  • Udyr
  • Vi
  • Volibear
  • Warwick
  • Yorick
  • Zac
  • Zed




Not seen very often, but he has his niche. I would advise AP over AD for this matchup since his ultimate curseofthesadmummy.png cancels auto attacking, and after he misses his Q bandagetoss.png you can easily just kite him out with no threat to you. His clear is alright, so he’s not going to get that low. However, if you’re determined on invading him, try waiting for him to Q to a camp over a wall, or position yourself to cut off his retreat so it goes in your favor. Be aware of where your lanes are as he can keep you locked up for quite a bit if you mess up with his Q/ultimate combo.

Otherwise, in most cases they’re going to farm till 6 so that gives you plenty of free ganks around the map without him interacting too much.




Lame matchup because she has a targeted stun disintegrate.png, so even if you do the “gank your own lane” strategy it doesn’t matter. Be sure to stay near full HP after 6 to avoid her all-in infernalguardian.png, and pray your jungler ganks you sitting at your turret since you aren’t going to be doing much else in lane. Early boots and ganking other lanes is highly preferable. AD for the Hexdrinker shield is nice, but Banshee’s isn’t bad either.




You can win early on, that’s about it. Otherwise he has built in cucking abilities azirewrapper.png/azirr.png to put a stop to your snowball. Pre 6 is your chance to get something going. If he ever uses his Q azirqwrapper.png to move his soldiers azirw.png to you, that’s a good chance for you to move in since his damage won’t be around him it’ll be where you were. Just be aware of the creeps that will be attacking when that happens and make your decision to fight or not off that.




Nothing too much to note on in this matchup. I tend to go AD for the extra survivability since she has great gank setup camiller.png. That being said you just treat it like any other melee, outrange with your Q. Her W camillew.png is kind of lame, damned if you do, damned if you don’t, so just walk into her to negate the healing from it. Her E is a pretty wide skillshot camillee.png and can be difficult to dodge so just try to stay towards the center of the lane and move opposite her when she goes for it. Trinity Force into Tabi.




You don’t win at any point. Teleport 12.png is your best option if you’re not going to dodge the game since you’re definitely not going to be winning the lane. It’s just awful no matter what you build, AD might be slightly better just with the easily accessible MR from Hexdrinker but even still she’s going to outtrade you. Get tier 2 boots and become a secondary Top laner.




Cho’Gath has mana problems early on, so pressuring him off the wave early and forcing him to farm with his abilities will help out. Later on, he’s definitely a tank that you can OOM yourself fighting so try to get an early Sheen. However, because of his ultimate feast.png doing so much true damage, and because you’re a melee champion, and probably going to be silenced feralscream.png, try starting the fight when you go in for the kill with your ultimate to guarantee it goes off. Also try going for the all-in after he’s used his Q rupture.png to make sure it’s one less thing to dodge.

I recommend AD over AP for the extra beefiness and because you can’t silence an auto attack. Blade of the Ruined King, Trinity, and Titanic are all good options in this matchup.




I talk a lot about being some stupid melee champion without a gap closer in this guide, but it’s finally got it’s advantage. Because you’re a stupid melee champion with no gap closer, there shouldn’t be an excuse for you to ever get hit by the blade on his Q dariuscleave.png. Dodging that will help with all fights with him since he’ll be missing the heal leaving you more opportunities to snowball the lane.

Typical melee matchup, poke with Q. Dodge his own Q by either staying out of range, or sitting inside of it during all-ins. His pull range dariusaxegrabcone.png is roughly the same as your Q targeting range, meaning if you can Q him, he can pull you. So try to keep up wards so you aren’t easily ganked.


Dr. Mundo


Champion kind of sucks but he did recently get a real meaningful buff of +5 damage on his W burningagony.png. (inside joke) Anyways, he gets super low during his first clear, so invading his second buff will often result in a kill.

Cutting off his retreat when you invade, or using your W evelynnw.png to cleanse his slow infectedcleavermissilecast.png will help a lot in the matchup. Later on he’s just too tanky to solo so just stick to ganking lanes and getting a lead through those means.




A certain American coach living in Korea might have stated that Elise was Evelynn’s hardest counter. I’ve personally never felt this way, but I’m also not a Korean Masters player so what do I know.

Anyways, I don’t think there’s much to say about this particular matchup, you dodge the cocoon elisehumane.png you win, you don’t you maybe lose. You can go Banshee’s 3102.png if you’re having a problem dodging the cocoon, and the MR/CDR also helps. Her clear is very healthy in most cases but watching her around the map and seeing how her ganks go and her HP afterwards gives you invade opportunities. I usually just wait in a bush to get the jump on her to win the fight.

Don’t drop wards 3340.png in fights, she can rappel to them.




You can invade him at his second buff, and be able to outdamage his drain drain.png at that point if you have Red, but it will be close. He’s always going to be full in the jungle so don’t go in expecting to catch him low, and even if by some miracle he is, he still has his Fear terrify.png and Silence fiddlesticksdarkwind.png to deal with you.

Just ward ultimate positions for your team, and affect the map more often since his ultimate crowstorm.png is on a huge cooldown.




Watch out for his early burst at 3. So be sure to stay near full HP, and get him as low as possible prior to then so he’s less cocky about doing it when he reaches that point.

I almost always go AD against him just for the early Maw passive to be able to outduel him when he goes for all-ins fizzr.png. Other than that, if he misses the shark you just win after 6 if you have any MR. Take advantage of your Q, but be wary where the enemy jungler is since he alone can near solo you, any help at all will secure the job.




His clearly is slightly faster than yours, or he just gets a better pull than I do every game, but I always meet him in the river during the buff>camp>buff>invade. He’s got a very healthy clear and can definitely put you in your place real quick. The longer the game goes on, the less he does to you and the more you do to him. I prefer AP over AD since he has so many ways to disengage from a fight I don’t get the chance to auto too much.

He can win out if he builds glass cannon since he has hard CC and you don’t. But if he builds tank his damage is negligent and you only have to worry about his displacement ultimate gragasr.png.




I don’t know if there’s some guide out there that every single Graves player reads, but they all seem to play like apes. The exact scenario happens in every single game. Every game I buff>camp>buff and invade him at his second buff and he’s right there and dies instantly and it snowballs from there. If he starts Red buff he’s out of mana at Blue, and if the opposite is the case, you have Red and he doesn’t.

They seem to just AFK farm which is in your favor, and if they gank early you’re stronger in the gank in most scenarios so you should win out. Ninja Tabi 3047.png are a good pickup against him, and they’re often going to also have the ADC for the extra passive usefulness of the boots. If you two are even he can win out in 3-4 items depending on itemization, he’s super lame with crit 3046.png and HP 3071.png, he’ll definitely out skill you really quick with a crit or two. If he doesn’t have a Maw 3156.pngyou’ll be alright.




Hecarim is a matchup I use when talking to up-and-coming Evelynn mains. I use this matchup to discuss my thoughts on the Red/Blue Smite controversy and which one is better. Hecarim is a great champion to sap movement speed from as that’s a source of his damage. However, with Red Smite you can just duel him, and outdamage him. So which do you want, some movement speed? Or a kill? It’s up to you.

Otherwise, you can try catching him at his second buff since they typically run Ghost and 6.png because of that won’t have a decent escape. Trinity 3078.png is a big spike for him, and definitely demands some respect, but with Red Smite and your ultimate you can definitely fight him, just try to get the vibe if he’s going to use his ultimate hecarimult.png to get away, or try to kill you. Your ultimate has a cast time so you’ll need to cast it before he casts his own or yours won’t go off.




Ivern goes up and down in the meta so sometimes you’ll always see him, sometimes you’ll never see him. Because of his clear he’s more often than not going to try and cheese one of your buffs. Get your side laner to ward the buff you’re not doing first so you know after your first if you’re going to need to invade the buff he isn’t doing.

If I know he’s going to be taking my second buff, I try to take as many camps of his as I can on the opposite side of the map since it’ll be a moment before that, and I don’t find invading worthwhile if I only get one camp.

If you want to invade him, just focus on dodging his Q ivernq.png without using your W as you will need your W to cleanse his shield slow iverne.png later. Invading and just getting Daisy ivernr.png is a good use of your time as that means his ganks are pretty meaningless. I wouldn’t advise trying to fight through his shield, root, and Daisy alone.




The matchup used to be a lot more one-sided for Evelynn in Season 6 with Strength of the Ages. You just turned into a wall and would negate 1-2 Q’s khazixq.png which was huge in a 1v1.

Now the matchup can be pretty lame or pretty easy depending on how the game goes. If he gets ahead, he’ll just kill you instantly, and if you get ahead you can maybe instantly kill him before he jumps away khazixe.png. His early clear isn’t too good so I usually invade him at level 3 after I get both buffs or try to figure where his first gank will be and meet him there. Ninja Tabi 3047.png if you’re behind, or if they’re warranted. Sorcerer’s or Lucidity otherwise. 




A few interesting tricks in this matchup, or at least before the rework. I haven’t had much experience jungling against her since her passive was changed to extended range instead of extra damage but Tabi’s seem like a good pickup against her still.

With this particular matchup, I feel like Evelynn can win and snowball relatively easily, especially if you get the jump on her from a bush before she can react to your burst. When she hits 6 it gets a lot less fun if she has any reaction time at all but the trick is to hold your ultimate till her ultimate kindredr.png is about to expire so you exit the invulnerability with a small heal and your ultimate shield.

Her mobility inside her W kindredw.png is pretty lame for a no gap closer melee but just use your W to cancel her E kindredewrapper.png and it will be a lot easier.

Her passive marks appearing on the camps can be a big noob trap for some, the few new Kindred players I’ve jungled against have just gone straight for them like drones allowing me to pick them off.




Kog’Maw is just who I pick when my team bans my Eve from me, or the enemy team picks her. A lot of the Evelynn players I jungle against just try to continuously invade, which is kind of correct, but they fall behind if I don’t let them kill me.

I would just try to meet him at his second buff since his clear is much worse than yours. If he starts Red he’ll be a lot more healthy than if he started Blue since he can use the Red buff passive to kite the camps. However, if you know he’s on his Red buff side of the map he’s going to lose a lot of HP since he has near 0 area of effect for camps so try invading him strictly on that side of the map.


Lee Sin


I ban Lee every game. When I heard about the 5 ban system it was a Godsend. I don’t think he’s OP or anything, but I know my teammates are going to get run into the ground by his strong early game regardless of the information I give them.

The actual matchup definitely isn’t Eve favored. If he’s ahead, and he runs into you you can’t escape with his multiple gap closers blindmonkqone.png/blindmonkwone.png, and he’ll just one shot you when he lands a Q. If you’re ahead, he’ll just hop over a wall or just kick blindmonkrkick.png you away. So it’s pretty lame either way.

That being said, getting the jump on him and forcing him onto the defensive will help. Ninja Tabi 3047.png are a good pickup into him since he’s mostly physical and going to have at least one more auto attack reliant position and the early armor also helps with camps.




Position away from the wave and she has to make a choice to hit you or the wave. If she throws her E luxlightstrikekugel.png at you just walk towards her and it’s more often than not going to miss. But you still have to dodge her Q luxlightbinding.png so learning when to juke will help. If you’re still having problems, her Q is a 2 second root so Merc Treads are decent against her. She’s very brittle so setting up picks in bushes for her is a good way to kill her. The “ganking your own lane” strategy works well against her.


Master Yi


            I personally hate this matchup, he could be considered a counter after a certain point, I guess, maybe. But eh. Most of them are just going to afk farm until a certain threshold giving you plenty of time to rampage around the map which is great. But if he builds correctly at all, regardless of your lead, you just can’t fight him. And if he’s ahead, you just don’t escape. Anyways, if he builds a Maw 3156.png you can’t kill him anymore, if he doesn’t, you can win. Go Tabi 3047.png.

            I try to keep his jungle warded so I can tell everyone where he is and shut down his gank potential, while I’m warding early, if I run into him I can outduel him, but just know where your own lanes are so he doesn’t meditate meditate.png bait you while his team catches up. 




You can win this matchup, like most melees, because you shit on melees. However, Nasus wants you to shove the wave to him, and that’s definitely part of your trading pattern which is unlucky. You get to cleanse his Wither nasusw.png for free so that’s always good, but with a Doran’s Shield start it’s definitely difficult to start chunking him since your Q will be healing him early on.

Just keep harassing every time he goes for a creep and remember to keep your flank warded if you’re going to be shoving.

Nasus will reach a point where you can’t fight him anymore. Don’t waste time just sitting under tower watching him farm. Become the secondary jungle and affect the map.




Relatively easy matchup early game because she stays very brittle for so long. Another upside to this matchup is the hyper mobility Nidalee has bushwhack.png. Evelynn deals with that super well. But nah, because of her mobility any time I assume where she is I try to come from a brush and wait for her to pounce on a camp before I make the jump giving me that extra amount of time before she just jumps over a wall.

            I usually meet her at her second buff after my buff>camp>buff, and can hopefully start the snowball there. If not, just dodging the Q javelintoss.png usually keeps the matchup in your favor. Otherwise, having as much mobility on your side or slows (tier 2 boots earlier, Lich Bane 3100.png, Red buff) gives you an advantage. If she builds bruiser you can near face tank her with Challenging Smite.  If she builds glass cannon, the person with the surprise usually wins.




            Nocturne is a pretty difficult matchup as you can’t really outplay his fear nocturneunspeakablehorror.png and can’t really escape it if he lands his Qnocturneduskbringer.png. Another downside is you’re almost always going to proc his spellshield nocturneshroudofdarkness.png giving him twice the attack speed.

            His first ultimate nocturneparanoia.png level is relatively low range so just try to be around your lane that is pushing the hardest, or the lane nearest his second rotation of buffs to countergank his first ultimate and start the snowball there.




Pretty easy matchup, just cleanse his slow iceblast.png with your W and there’s almost no kill pressure on you ever. Most Nunu players watch the LCS and listen to the casters talk about his early invade potential, so they have to invade constantly. So I  just live in his jungle and that doesn’t really matter. A lot of them do cheese Dragons or Rift Heralds so just keep wards in the river, or around jungle entrances and you’ll be just fine.




Pretty straightforward matchup, super boring. Either dodge his Q olafaxethrowcast.png or cleanse it and you never die, if that’s your thing. If he doesn’t build damage you’re just going to win, if he does, you win if you’re ahead. Liandry’s 3151.png is a decent pick up because of the 300 HP it gives.

Otherwise his first clear he stays around half HP so it’s a good chance to invade after your buffs and scout him out. He attacks faster the lower he is so just kite around with Q and he can’t sustain off you.




Can be a pretty boring matchup compared to what it used to be with old Rylai’s and just putting him in prison with the 40% slow. Haven’t tried new Rylai’s against him but with his recent buffs/rework I don’t think that’s going to matter as much.

Getting wards in his jungle and pinging your lanes when he shows will help out since he’ll typically get around faster than you with his Q powerball.png. I highly prefer AP against him over AD, for the obvious reason that the less you auto attack him, the better. I almost always build Mercury Treads against him to reduce the taunt puncturingtaunt.png duration but in a lot of later on fights it won’t be making the difference so decide which boots you need for the rest of the team and hope for a more optimal situation where you aren’t taunted.




She’s considered a hard counter because she can see you while you’re invisible, and that’s fine just know the length of her circle and stay out of it and it’s not that big a deal. If she goes warrior into cleaver you’re not going to be able to manfight her if you’re on the same gold values, even with Tabi, and since the rework and her added gap closer reksairwrapper.png it can cost you a life or two. Just keep farming and ganking other lanes if that’s the case until your third or fourth item and you’ll be fine in the matchup. If she goes Cinderhulk into tank you just win.

You can try and bait her tunnel reksaie.png and just juke the opposite direction to create space between you and her.  Can be difficult to snowball off of since you can’t do much about her escape.




Rengar is considered a hard counter because he can detect you while you’re invisible, and since he’s an assassin will often win out in the 1v1 since he will have the jump on you.

He’s experienced a lot of nerfs since his 19th rework so he’s not the powerhouse that he used to be. He has great AoE rengarq.png in his clear so he’ll typically be healthy in the jungle. However, because of him being an assassin he’ll be relatively squishy for you to invade on. Try waiting for him to use an ability (preferably an empowered one) before making your move, and remember to cleanse his slow rengare.png with your W.




You could call it a skill matchup but I’d give it to her overall. You can win with poke trades pre-6 and have the control in lane but afterwards she’ll just outskill you since her damage is going be much higher even with your ultimate shield.

If you get a lead on her she can still be pretty lame to fight with two stuns rivenmartyr.png and 4 gap closers riventricleave.png (5 with flash) so just try chilling in a bush top and seeing if she blows anything on the wave.

If you’re behind you’ll just get dove off cooldown so it’s better to just roam and try to get a turret in another lane with your team after you gank that lane than just watching her farm and doing nothing. You’re Eve, that’s your advantage.




Shaco has the potential to be a great champion for Eve to snowball off of as he’s going to be very squishy near the entire game. However, because he doesn’t need to use his Q deceive.png to farm, he’ll pretty much stealth away the moment you show your face so try to come from a brush to get the jump on him.

A lot of Shaco players used to cheese your buffs, so just asking your team to ward the buff you aren’t doing will help with that.

Warding his camps around your immobile or pushing lanes will help know where he’s going and what he’s doing. If you’re able to countergank him just rush him as he won’t be able to deceive back out.

If you’re behind just keep your jungle entrances warded so you have plenty of time to know if he’s coming for you or not.




You win early like most melee matchups, this one is nice because unlike newer champions he has to walk forward to get CS. When he uses his Q shenq.png he’ll win auto for auto so just use your Q to bypass that. Dodging his taunt shene.png is pretty much his only way to trade on you so being aware of that will help tremendously or just building a Banshee’s. Unfortunately, he’ll reach a point relatively quickly where any damage you do is going to be pretty much negated with Spectre’s/Doran’s Shield. Both AP and AD aren’t the best but with his immunity to auto attacks I’d recommend AP with an early pick up of Liandries  if you’re against more than one tank or just need the HP or Gunblade for sustain.




Like most melee matchups, you’re going to destroy early. However, because of his double slows on Q trundletrollsmash.png and E trundlecircle.png he’s great for setting up ganks against your immobility. Keep wards up and maximizing Q range on him will keep the lane in your favor. Save W for after you get off of the pillar, not to kite around the pillar faster. Once that’s in the past you’re free to escape him if need be.

He has great sustain in lane so finishing him off early on before you pick up some mana can be annoying. Just don’t kill yourself with a dive and you’ll be alright. Near all of his damage is physical auto attacking so Tabi are great for laning and a sustain item to keep you in lane with him is also a good pick up. Gunblade or Blade of the Ruined King.




Uh, not really sure what to write here since this guy is just awful. I’d have to have my keyboard unplugged to lose to him. If you’re behind for some reason just walk away, if you’re ahead you just kill him instantly.

His clear is healthy, and his ganks are pretty ass so warding the entrances to his jungle to know where he’s going will help shut down any gank opportunities he has. He can solo dragon early on, but he gets relatively low doing it, just watch him do that and kill him when he gets low enough.




A relatively difficult matchup since she has an outskill ability that is her ultimate vir.png. Her clear is relatively healthy with her passive shield so don’t expect her to be too low during that. If you can juke out her Q viq.png you can outduel her early on, but just because that’s down doesn’t mean you can just go auto for auto with her since she has %HP viw.png and a quickly refreshing auto attack reset vie.png. Kite her out with Q to keep the health pool in your favor.

She can solo Dragon and Rift Herald relatively easily, and early on, so try to keep them warded, or do something on the other side of the map if you know she’s doing that. You’ll have a huge experience and gold lead if you take her entire top side while she does that.

Later on, try to stay invisible in the fights till she uses her ultimate on someone else before you go in. It’s definitely not going to help if you’re flanking their back line and she just immediately locks onto you and you die instantly.




Another stupid melee hero with no gap closer, just like you. He has a better dueling kit than you do, so be sure to keep spamming your Q from range and W’ing to either get away from his charge volibearq.png, or cleanse his slow volibeare.png. I don’t run Ignite on Eve so I can’t speak for the matchup there, but I’m sure he’ll just Flash/Ghost on you and you sit there wishing you could get away instead of dealing a few hundred True Damage. Going in and just getting his passive can definitely be considered a win since you can just go back into your passive and follow him to the next camp where he won’t have it there.

Otherwise, he’s pretty useless. Rylai’s isn’t as strong as it was, but it’ll still help your team out an extreme amount since he’s just some melee champion that has to run at you.




Pretty boring matchup, but at least he’s a little more interactive since the rework with his Blood Hunt warwickw.png but still not much going on. He has pretty much nothing but sustain in the jungle so it’s difficult to just walk in and kill him, and later on he can just jump away warwickr.png if it doesn’t go his way.

I think the matchup strongly favors Evelynn since he just can’t actually touch you without his ultimate which can be easily dodged. He can only activate his Blood Hunt when out of combat, and the movement speed attached to it is only out of combat also so you can safely stay out of his range until you’re brave enough to go in for the kill.

Kite with Q. Also stay out of range of his Primal Howl warwicke.png until it drops so you aren’t feared. Literally just stay in Q range and you’re not going to lose.




I talk a lot about beating melees, but you don’t beat this one. Or it’s a skill matchup. He has sustain yorickq.png on you in lane which is huge, and he can trap you in his W yorickw.png which you can’t escape till you kill it. I don’t have much advise on this matchup since I rarely experience it, but your Q doesn’t one shot his minions, but auto attacks do. Try E’ing one, and then using your passive attack speed on the rest to get them down quickly.




Zac is real lame to deal with in the game since his rework. The matchup can be very easy to snowball, but because of how easy it is to pick up successful ganks as him even after missing E zace.png it can be difficult.

I kill him at his Blue near every game. I just buff>camp>buff>enemy blue and he’s always there and around half HP. Watch your lanes to see if anyone is responding as you finish off his passive.

A good side to him jumping in and destroying your team is there’s one less tank to deal with when you’re flanking his own back line.

Just try to dodge his Q zacq.png after his E and you won’t get that messed up. I prefer AP since he can just pick you up zacr.png and move you across the map now and I don’t want to get in to auto attack all too often against him. Liandry’s and Merc Treads.




You win early if he ever walks forward but unfortunately with the cooldown of his Q zedq.png and W/E zedw.png/zede.png combo he pretty much never has to walk forward to farm which is against you. On even items he can’t kill you at 6, and one of your first purchases should be some armor. Tabi or Seekers. You need a lot of gold to just flat out beat him and since getting it off him isn’t too viable just roam to side lanes when you’re invisible.

Lanes to Think About Before Ganking/Wariness Back to Top

Top Wariness


Fiora 114.png is stupidly mobile and can be a big waste of time for you try to gank her. Other than that, if she riposte’s fioraw.png your E evelynne.png that’s a big percentage of your damage gone. Other than that she’s the “grand duelist” and can definitely outskill you real quick if she gets the right passive procs fiorapassive.png on you. If she uses her ultimate fiorar.png on you, you can just take it as a win and walk away.


He’s been changed a bit recently but he can still do absurd damage if you let him. Having Smite 11.png to smite a turret heimerdingerr.png, or avoiding his skillshots heimerdingerw.png/heimerdingere.png will help tremendously since that’s how he now charges the lasers on his turrets.


Illaoi isn’t so bad if you just dodge her tentacles illaoipassive.png, but knowing you’re a great player, and that’s not a problem for you, doesn’t mean your laner is feeling the same. Try W’ing evelynnw.png away the moment she uses her ultimate illaoir.png to avoid a big portion of her burst, then walking back in to use your own ultimate evelynnr.png while dodging tentacles makes it easier to gank.


If it’s a glass cannon Renekton, or one with Ignite 14.png, he’ll definitely put you in your place real quick if you’re not prepared. Try waiting for him to make his own engage on your laner, or using his fury (mainly the stun renektonpreexecute.pngbefore you go in. You’re very brittle, so watch out.


He’s not so bad, but I approach the lane with the creeps typically to avoid his Shrooms teemorcast.png and detection that way. Other than that just try not to use your E evelynne.png during his blind blindingdart.png and you’ll be alright.

Mid Wariness


Ahri isn’t so bad if you can dodge at all. The charm ahriseduce.png is about the only skillshot you have to worry about. If you dodge that you’re typically fine. But besides that, she can be a pretty big waste of time (for you) to gank since you’re mostly just going to be getting her ultimate ahritumble.png that’s on a very short cooldown, or her Flash 4.png.


Brand can also be a pain if you can’t dodge. If you get stunned brandq.png he’s going to get his passive brandpassive.png on you for insane damage, and with Ignite 14.png? Depending on itemization, and time in the game he might just kill you. Try waiting for him to use an ability before engaging.


The good news about jungling as Eve versus laning as Eve in this matchup is that you can very easily dodge her W cassiopeiaw.png since it has a minimum range it needs to be thrown. The bad news is you still have to dodge the ultimate cassiopeiar.png. There’s no real advice on how to dodge it, you just kind of have to get a feel for it. If you’re in melee range, there’s a pretty big chance she’s going to be casting it.


They nerfed the hitbox on his shark fizzr.png tremendously so the lane isn’t as hard to gank as it used to be. However, if that lands, it’s a pretty big chance he’s going to instagib you so just know what you’re walking into. Other than that it can be a pretty big waste of time since his E fizze.png is on a relatively low cooldown and getting it isn't that helpful for you, only your laner since it's a pretty decent chunk of mana.


She’s not all too bad herself, even though she can be extremely safe with her abilities lissandraw.png/lissandrae.png since you’re some stupid melee champion. However, she can be great if the enemy jungler is counterganking with just locking you in place lissandrar.png so they can kill you. Try knowing where the enemy jungler is before you engage.


Syndra is just an outskill hero. Too many balls on the ground from her abilities syndraq.png/syndrae.png and she'll one click you syndrar.png and you’re dead. If she’s fed, just avoid the lane. Otherwise, Challenging Smite 1414.png and your ultimate evelynnr.png will help tremendously.


Another outskill hero, but it takes a while for him to ramp up veigarpassive.png.  He’s going to drop gate veigareventhorizon.png the moment he sees you, so dodge accordingly. But at some point, even that won’t matter veigarr.png. Banshees Veil 3102.png and Merc Treads 3111.png are great pickups.

Bot Lane Wariness


Draven, like most ADCs is just fodder for you. However, if he has any lead at all, or has his Death’s Dance 3812.pngor any MR items 3155.png/3111.png/3140.png he can survive quite a while compared to others. Try to have more options available than him before engaging solo.

Early Game Back to Top

Early game I’m praying I’m on Blue team to get a bigger pull from my bot lane on Red Buff since it’s an ass beater. Other than that I’m almost always doing a buff>camp>buff clear with a wolf or wraith pull to keep my HP up.

After both buffs I’m checking out both lanes on that side of the map, top/mid or bot/mid and seeing if there are any gank opportunities as I’m pathing towards the enemies second buff. There’s a very high percentile chance the enemy jungler is also going to start with their bot lane for a better leash giving you a good shot at catching them there unawares, or as they’re leaving the buff allowing you to follow them for their next move.

I like to find a lane early on that I would prefer to camp to get them ahead, or a very easy lane to gank to get my own snowball rolling. (high preference on me) For example, Riven 92.png and Leblanc 7.png are both good lanes to camp because of their snowball and CC for gank assistance. Other things to look for here are the enemy laners, and understanding my chances at getting a kill. Renekton 58.png and Yasuo 157.png can both dash through you if you’re coming from behind and can significantly lower your chances at getting a kill so just understanding that potential before you make the move there can save you a lot of time.

I try to back around 1600+ gold giving me my Skirmisher’s 3715.png, two Amplifying Tomes 1052.png, and a Pink Ward 2055.png. I always use my Pink on the buff nearest my bot lane to give me as much control over the Dragon area as possible. That being said I almost never go for Dragon because they’re usually Air or Water which to me are both huge attractions to idiots. “Phreak told me it was valuable and that SKT has huge prioritization on it,” so I must prioritize it is the typical mindset I would assume. The amount of kills I’ve gotten because some enemy jungler suicidally jumps over the wall to go for the Smite steal is astounding. I will 100% of the time take 300 gold over 25 gold and a little bit of a movement speed or regeneration out of combat.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game I’m hoping to get Rift Herald and start knocking down turrets so later on the carries are more vulnerable for me to pick off. Eve isn’t the tankiest champion when it comes to diving, so the less turrets around the better.

I also make it a huge priority to start invading near every buff of the enemies. A lot of junglers I run into are choosing to gank as a buff is spawning, or just not there on time so it’s easy for me to pick them up. Continually doing this will definitely have the enemy jungler begging for assistance and you’ll start to encounter more people at each buff. Watching the map and understanding when people are moving will help with this.

If you can’t fight them, just standing outside of vision and smiting the buff as they’re passing it over to a Mid laner and W’ing out is another option.

Late Game Back to Top

In the later portions of the game you start to fall off, and that’s fine. You still have invisibility to your advantage. In the late game I’m looking to get behind the enemy team in near every fight, and if I’m not sure my team can win you can always catch the wave so they can’t siege and disappear before they close the gap.

Noticing jungle timings, even in the late game, is hugely important information. Almost always, the ADC is going to go for that Red buff spawning, and then grouping with his team. Catching him alone at the Red, or before he catches up to his team are good ways to pick him off.

With turrets down from Mid game, people have to overextend for farm leaving you more chances to look for solo catches.

Clearing the Jungle Back to Top

Evelynn’s clear is pretty garbage early on but there are a few tricks you can utilize to help stay on the healthier side. Always move in between auto attacking and Q’ing to minimize damage taken and maximize map mobility.

The big trick is the Raptor pull. There are plenty of videos of it all over /r/evelynnmains but the trick is basically just pressing Q as you’re walking by the Raptors and utilizing the Talisman 1039.png passive to heal up on each hit. This can be helpful in clearing Red as you can pull the Raptors over to the Red with Q and keep releashing them so you never take damage from them, but keep healing off of them.

Another big thing I see a lot of people I spectate doing is just standing still while clearing camps. On AP Evelynn you have the Runic Echoes 1414.png passive, so why not utilize it? Learning the leash range on each camp, and then maximizing your distance to it without the camp releashing can help you move around the map that much quicker. Just get familiar with Q>Walk in>Q>Auto>E>Walk out>Q>Repeat.  Pulling camps really works with the Raptors as that camp is also an ass beater early on so doing this trick minimizes damage taken. Just keep pulling the Raptors, cycling autos between different mini raptors until they’re all dead and you lose very little HP.

I try to avoid doing Krugs until level 4 as your level 1 Q isn’t enough damage to one shot the smallest Krugs.

Killing the Rift Scuttler is ass without a Red buff so just hold off on that unless you’ve got a couple minutes to commit.

If the jungler ever shows on the opposite side of the map, and depending on your lanes you can solo Rift Herald. Sheen, Blue buff, and boots are recommended since it can take a while without help but it’s definitely doable. I’d highly recommend having boots just because it makes circling around it to proc the Eye in the back much, much easier.

Invading Back to Top

For those that don’t it’s a very advisable habit to start picking up. Just always, always, always look at the map. See where your lanes are standing, see where the waves are, any time someone reappears on the map, see what they bought (pinks are big here 2055.png). Any information is always useful.

I love invading and being stupidly aggressive but there’s some information I need before I’m going to cross that river and start taking his camps. Can I fight him? Is definitely a big one. Are my lanes sitting under their turret? Real low, dead? Do they have globals 98.png/4.png/41.png /12.png? There’s a lot of questions to ask yourself before you invade, just understand what both teams can offer and which team can offer more quickly and make invading decisions off that.

Warding Back to Top


I always sit on the Yellow trinket 3340.png over the Scanner 3341.png or Blue trinket 3462.png just because for a while I was playing support and just value my opinion over where wards should be compared to my support. Too many times I’ve switched to a Scanner to help the team and then been left with having to face check Baron for example because my support is watching a carry farm the lane (40.png).


These are warding spots I use when I'm invading to get vision for my team depending on what's going on around the map.

Both buff wards that I have marked on both sides, red and blue cover most camp entrances/exits and are highly prioritized for me.

The Red buff ward covers their entry to Red or Krugs and movement towards mid or side lines.

The Blue buff ward covers all camps on that side, Wolves, Blue and Gromp and also tracks their movement to mid or side lanes.

         I always ward Raptors when I'm stealing that camp.


I covered earlier how I always use my Pink 2055.png on the buff around Dragon even though I rarely care about it. But they’re also both anti-invading wards, and any vision you get in general can always be helpful.



Enemy Wards

The below image marks where I most often find enemy Pink wards 2055.png in their respective colors. Watching enemy movements and routinely pressing Tab when someone reappears in lane or from river can tell you not only if they have a Pink, but where they’ll be putting it.

Top laners are on average going to ward the closest bush towards them.

Mid laners will typically ward the side of the river they have more control on. Or occasionally venture further with the pixel brush.

Bot laners (supports) will typically also pink the closest brush to them, and then trinket the opposite but that doesn’t bother Eve too much.

Junglers usually Pink their buffs, especially against me since I make it a habit of getting near every buff.

Lane ganking is a good way to bypass most Pinks on the map.


Tips and Tricks Back to Top

The below image shows a hiding spot I’ve not seen a lot of other people use, and the few I’ve told about come back with stories about how it’s saved them.

The scenario is you running away from someone and you’re between their two turrets, the enemy is going to suspect you to go any of those three directions indicated with Red arrows, while your actual pathing is the Blue arrows.


Please stop using your W evelynnw.png to start a fight. I spectate a lot of people upon request and almost all of them start a fight with W, run into one of the billion slows in the game, and are rendered near useless. It’s a cleanse for slows. Cleanse something.

You don’t offer a lot in terms of ganks if you’re missing your ultimate evelynnr.png, Red buff, or Challenging Smite 1414.png. So try to wait till one of those is up before you gank.

Watch out for sneaking up on people when you Baron as it will still affect creeps. People can also see the Elixir of Iron 2138.png trail when you’re invisible.

Try walking past bushes while you’re invisible as you spot Pink Wards in bushes while invisible.

Use your E evelynne.png on creeps while sieging as it’s an attack speed steroid up to 120%.

Use your passive evelynnpassive.png to give the enemies false information about where you’re going. Only get a summoner in a gank? Walk away, the moment you turn invisible, stealth right back in. Or just path one way while visible and quickly change direction when your passive kicks in.

Another thing to consider thinking about is not pinging "on my way" till you're in positon. Too many times I'll see someone walk up, showing that I'm coming and ruining the gank. This is especially useful the lower you are, as they actually have no idea you're there.

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My name on league is two and I’ve been playing Evelynn since Season 2. I got into competitive gaming with GunZ: the Duel, which is a high APM Korean third person shooter and that’s why I like Eve, the APM. Mostly a normals player, but I do get in about a weeks worth of ranked games each season and peaked in Diamond with a 70-80% win rate.

I’ve played her in near every role, and played her in every style possible, AP, AD, Tank, whatever else I see on /r/evelynnmains that people think might be good. I try it all.

Hopefully in this guide you can find some information that might help you see the game differently through my eyes. I’ll be covering the jungle role primarily, but also covering mid and top matchups.

I occasionally stream my Eve games at

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Sailor Venus


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Patch Changes Back to Top


Kayn 141.png. Currenty undefeated against him in the three days he's been out.

Duskblade 3147.png got changed. It's very good on AD Eve now. I've tried it first item, and it does roughly the same damage as Trinity 3078.png. Most situations I'm going to want the HP/Mana/Sheen passive/MS/CDR on Trinity before I get it so second/third item won't be bad.

Ghostblade/Edge of Night 3142.png/3814.png still passable on her.


Not much change, some junglers got slightly changed but nothing too impactful: Cho'Gath 31.png, Elise 60.png, Gragas 79.png, Shyvana 102.png and Zac 154.png.

Duskblade 3147.png got touched, early game damage nerfed by 50 and late game damage by 20. Still worth buying, just probably not first item. It was a great first item, but now I think Trinity 3078.png will take over as your first purchase for sure.


Not much change in this patch. Vi 254.png ultimate is on a lower cooldown now which kind of blows and that's pretty much it.


Hecarim 120.png changes are mostly good for Eve since you won't often find yourself sitting with your team to get charged at max range hecarimult.png, and in most cases when he's charging you he's going to be on top of you already so the fear duration from it will be less.


Elise 60.png, Gragas 79.png, Jarvan 59.png all slightly nerfed. Not a lot will change til Worlds is over and we can move past this very boring min-maxing patching phase, but by then Evelynn 28.png will have been reworked so who knows where we go from there.

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