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Summoner Spells Back to Top

12.png4.png Teleport/Flash is standard on Fiora. You are already very strong and generally do not need kill pressure. Teleport gives you the ability to splitpush much more confidently, join teamfights with ease, and make clutch backdoors if necessary. If your enemy laner takes an offensive spell to cheese you, just cheese them first by backing early and teleporting in with items and full health.

3.png4.png This is good if you aren't totally confident in the 1v1 or if you really need to win the early phase. It's getting nerfed on PBE, but the movement and damage reductions are still insane. If you're new to Fiora and not ready to fight a Riven or Irelia, Exhaust can help you win lane or save your ass if you're getting outplayed.

14.png4.png Ignite just isn't worth it. Exhaust is so much better for Fiora, especially for proccing vitals and finishing the ultimate.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Ferocity (18)


No question here. Get the attack speed.

Fresh Blood / Feast

Preference, but I think that Fresh Blood is stronger since you should be poking often for Vitals.


Never pass up on free life steal.

Battle Trance

Fiora likes prolonged duels anyways, so why bother receiving extra damage? And Bounty Hunter takes way too long to meet and surpass the other two. Whatever, this is essentially preference anyways because all three masteries got nerfed into the ground.

Battering Blows

No question here.


Fiora used to go Grasp of the Undying for a little while in Season 6, but there is no doubt anymore that Fervor is better. It's way too good on strong melee autoattackers, and it's receiving a buff on the 7.5 PBE anyways!

Cunning (0)

The utility from Cunning just doesn't compare to Resolve, in my opinion. However, if you really want to try it out, here is what I recommend.


Movement speed complements you as a splitpusher.


You're going to be alone a lot if you splitpush. Get the extra damage.


Merciless got nerfed. Free mana is always good on Fiora.

Bandit / Dangerous Game

Up to preference. Dangerous Game is good if you are outnumbered -- proccing Victory Zone and killing someone will allow you to defeat remaining opponents handily. Bandit is good if you are poking like you should be -- it's a lot of free gold in laning phase and could give you a more convenient back timing early on.

Resolve (12)


The health regen will feel a lot better than negligible resistances on a glass cannon like Fiora.

Tough Skin

I don't like any of the masteries in this set, but hey, a little bit of damage reduction never hurt.

Runic Armor

As always, free life steal.


This thing is too damn good. Having Teleport on a shorter cooldown allows you to back early if you have to. By the time you may want to back again, you'll have another free Teleport! It lets you cheese lane by recovering health whenever you get really low. It's also good for rapid map rotations, as you can flank teamfights and finish off turrets more often.

Abilities Back to Top

Level 1: Start Q (Lunge) for the mobility and vitals poke.

Level 2: Almost always start W (Riposte). It negates any burst from the enemy laner (typically neutralizing their level 2 spell), potentially allows for stun counterplay (eg. Jax, Maokai), and slows their movement speed and attack speed.

Here is the argument for E (Bladework) level 2: It gives you an AA reset, a guaranteed Crit, and a slow. However, Riposte is just plain better. Sure, E (Bladework) lets you get an extra Crit AA, but that's nothing compared to getting a second Vital. If you take W (Riposte), you get a stronger slow (compare 50% to 30%), more effectively allowing you to move to their next Vital. Besides, a rank 1 E (Bladework) is a reduced Crit anyways.

Level 3: Yeah, now you want your E (Bladework).

From here on out, just follow R > Q > E > W. Max R (Grand Challenge) because it's your ultimate, duh. Then Q (Lunge) for the shorter CD, giving you more mobility. You then max E (Bladework) because this will increase the critical strike damage. W (Riposte) comes last because it's a utility spell and maxing it won't affect the CD enough to save you.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Need to sustain and back early.

Core Items

    red build

Situational Items



1055.png2003.png Doran's Blade is the standard start. The damage and lifesteal are always good for Fiora, but you really want the 80 health for early all-ins.

1036.png2003.png Long Sword is good for harder lanes where you need to sustain against some early poke and back early. This will let you get an early Phage and help you all-in at 6 against more annoying matchups.

1029.png2003.png Cloth Armor is great for sustaining against Pantheon, since you desperately need the defense and sustenance, and you'll naturally beat him at 6 even without a lot of offensive stats.


2003.png2055.png Please do not forget these! You need sustain in the top lane, especially if you're teleporting back early. It will help you freeze waves and heal if a trade goes wrong. And if you want to be aggressive, there is no excuse not to have some vision.

3044.png I like to build Black Cleaver first. It was nerfed in 7.4 so that the buildpath includes Kindlegem instead of Warhammer. That kind of sucks because you can't stack Long Swords anymore, but BC is too good to pass up on. Phage's movement speed passive is perfect for dueling and getting Vitals. Furthermore, the alternative would be Tiamat, which will ruin your ability to control the wave early. Getting Phage is ideal as the health, damage, and passive are so strong in lane. This is why, if you're not sure about a matchup, you may want to start Long Sword to grab Phage slightly earlier.

1083.png1036.png1001.png These are all good items to buy if you can't afford Phage.


3071.png As I said before, rush your Black Cleaver. The armor shredding is good against everyone and will improve your dueling potential while also giving you health and damage. It will make you feel a lot safer in lane.

3074.png Ravenous Hydra is the signature item for Fiora. The lifesteal and raw damage are incredible for her, and of course, Tiamat allows you to start ramping up your splitpushing without having to consume all your mana spamming Q (Lunge) and E (Bladework) resets.

3072.png Bloodthirster synergizes very well with Fiora. The lifesteal and damage complement Ravenous Hydra, while the shield gives you more effective health during duels. Between just RH and BT, you can lifesteal very efficiently just off of a minion wave.


3047.png These are generally good boots against strong autoattackers and against fed melee carries. The armor and AA reduction feel really good.

3111.png The MR is nice, but the real value of this item is its passive. Buy against CC-heavy teams, especially if you plan to teamfight and don't want to get blown up.

3009.png The utility from Tabis and Mercs outshines Swifties. If you're really ahead and you want to move fast and style on the enemy team, go for it.

A note on boots: You should have your 1001.png before finishing BC. Then, you should usually finish your boots after Tiamat. The utility from extra movement speed is really good (especially for Vitals), so hold off on that Vampiric Scepter (for Ravenous Hydra) and finish your boots!



3156.png Sometimes you may want to rush Hexdrinker (justifiable against say, Kennen and Rumble). Even if you don't have to rush the Hex, Maw of Malmortius is a solid 5/6 item. It has everything: AD, MR, CDR, and a great lifesaver passive. Don't hesitate to buy this against a strong mage.

3812.png A good item to get that triple lifesteal build. Another solid choice that grants 10% CDR.

3139.png QSS. A lifesaver against dick-move CC, e.g. Malzahar ulti.


Generally speaking, you build full AD for splitpushing and dominating duels, whereas you build some defensive items if you want to teamfight. However, I also recommend buying these items if you're super ahead.

3025.png I really like this item when I'm ahead. The slow is nice utility, even though Fiora doesn't totally need it. I really like having the defensive stats and the extra mana, because Fiora eats quite a bit of mana if she needs to splitpush fast.

3026.png As usual, this item is only good for its passive. Very solid 6th item. I rarely rush it, but if you're super ahead, you can always choose to build it early and style on your opponents.

3065.png A very standard defensive item for Fiora. The MR, health, and CDR is always appreciated, but most importantly, the healing buff amplifies your Vital healing, lifesteal, and Victory Zone (from Grand Challenge) healing. If you're against any formidable AP threats, don't hesitate to build this item after Bloodthirster.




The most important thing is that you finish your 40% CDR. Full CDR is incredibly strong on Fiora since it buffs her mobility by a ton and gives her increased damage (being able to spam her resets more often will increase your effective DPS during duels).

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Annie
  • Darius
  • Irelia
  • Jax
  • Lux
  • Malphite
  • Trundle
  • Yasuo




Dammit Jared! Annie isn't a hard lane. You can all-in her at level 2, especially if she somehow stacked her stun already. After that, try to freeze the lane so you can all-in her and chase her down. If you're having trouble for some reason, rush Maw to block her 100-0 potential.

If you're fighting an Annie after laning phase, you have to be savvy with your Riposte. A good Annie will play mindgames on you to bait it out. If you have some MR though, you can probably survive the 100-0 anyways (unless she's fed), and then finish her off.




Fiora technically counters Darius, but a new Fiora will no doubt have trouble with this matchup. Here are some tips:

1. Don't Riposte his spin. Dash in or out. If you stay within the radius, Darius stacks fewer Bleeds and will not heal.

2. Try to Riposte his slow. His blade will glow and it makes a sound. Darius likes to use the slow as an autoattack reset. Try playing against the matchup a few times and you will get used to typical Darius patterns. Don't bother trying to Riposte his hook unless it's really obvious (e.g. you're running away after you got slowed).

3. After 6, you can choose to Riposte either his slow or his ulti. The slow is harder but will allow you to hit Vitals much more easily. The ulti is easier and will cancel out his execute damage.




Irelia naturally powerspikes at levels 4 and 9, when she gets inordinate true damage on Hiten Style. You can beat her early, especially if you manage to stun her. Good Irelias will mindgame you on their stun, so try to get a reading on how they play their stun. Be wary because they will try to trick you by pretending to auto a minion and then turning on you for a stun. Her blades glow when she's activated it. Overall a skill matchup, but if you're not feeling confident, you can play safe and farm it out.




Be wary level 1 and watch to see which spell he takes. Try to match his level 2 and get your Riposte up. Here is how his stun works: He spins his blade for 1 second and then has a 1 second window to reactivate and stun. So when you see Jax spinning his blade, count to 1 and Riposte. 75% chance that you will stun him.

Once you are both post 6, push out the wave and hit your Vitals. Don't let Jax get free poke on you using his jumps.

In mid-late game, do not fight Jax if he's stacked his passive on minions. Be wary because his stun cooldown becomes much shorter than your Riposte, so he may try to bait out Riposte and then stun you later. If you didn't crush him in lane, you should try to teamfight. He scales very well and can potentially outplay you in a 1v1 for the splitpush, and if you lose, he will try to take your inhibitor.




As with many mage matchups, go hard early and then let her push afterwards. Ward for jungle ganks, since you're probably going to get camped.

After laning phase, be wary because Lux likes to throw her circle before her snare. Have your Riposte ready to cast because her snare is definitely a reaction-based Riposte. However, if you miss and get snared, you will always have time to Riposte the ulti. You just won't have any kill pressure anymore so back off.




A very annoying matchup. Laning phase itself is not absolutely terrible. He has a frustrating Q spam like many champions (e.g. Pantheon, Gangplank), but it costs a lot of mana so just be patient. Try to bait him into fighting and then just disengage. Malphite players get excited when you try to 1v1 them, especially in a disadvantageous minion wave. They will pop their W and E almost immediately, so just back off. He's naturally designed to fuck over melee fighters, so wait for him to consume all of his mana instead of actually fighting him.

The real problem with Malphite in this specific matchup is that his shield blocks your Vitals. A lot of Fiora's power comes from Vitals -- as mentioned before, each Vital is as effective as 2-3 autoattacks. Try to weave in as many Vitals as possible in between shields.

The real problem with Malphite is that even if you crush him in lane, he only needs 1 good ulti to turn a teamfight around while you're splitpushing. Consider teamfighting to help deal with him. Otherwise splitpush HARD and tell your team to be especially wary of a Malphite engage. Keep track of his Flash.




This matchup depends on the Trundle.

Firstly, watch how he bites. If he is constantly using his bite to CS, he is going to eat mana really fast. Furthermore, you can poke Vitals whenever he bites a minion, and he will not be able to trade on you. Poke out a few Vitals this way and you can win a level 3 all-in, just fight within minions so that you can reset your Q if his pillar knocks you back.

During trades, Riposte his first bite. It's on a 4 second CD, which is short, but in an all-in, that gives you enough time to proc the Victory Zone. Otherwise, the slow is just terrible.

Be wary of Trundle. Even if you kill him early, he is an incredibly strong duelist with massive base stats and an overloaded kit for 1v1. He can still fight you, especially if you haven't backed to buy items yet. Respect his damage and cc.

Trundle is really big and kind of annoying. I like to reset my Vitals by walking out of his vision, because it's frustrating trying to hit back Vitals on him. By doing so, you can poke him out a lot more easily whenever he goes in to cs, so you'll scare him away from cs and get free damage.

Of course, if Trundle throws away his icy zone and pillar, go all-in on him right away. Those spells are on very long CDs. All he will have is his bite, which you can Riposte, reducing him to only autoattacks.

Be wary of trying to dive a Trundle. He will eventually get a bite and pillar slow on you, and he runs really fast on his icy zone. Furthermore, his ultimate makes him really big, so it's easy for him to rush to a wall and prevent you from finishing your last Grand Challenge Vital.




Take Doran's Shield to negate his damage. Later on, buy Tabis to ensure that you can defeat him in duels.

Unless your Yasuo is a potato, he wins early. Play back and farm until 6, then you can beat him. Riposte his tornado or try to dodge it, but note that his Windwall cancels out your Riposte. Overall a stressful duel if he has minions to dash around in. Otherwise you should be fine, just be patient and wait to outscale because Yasuo has a ridiculous early game. You can probably try asking for ganks since he is 100% going to push up.

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