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Summoner Spells Back to Top

SLU (section last updated) March 1 2017

These are standard midlane assassin summoner spells. They work on our fishy friend excellently. Extra damage from ignite works with fizzseastonepassive.png DoT to finish off kills early game with a surprising amount of damage. I cannot count the number of first bloods I have gotten or seen gotten just from the enemy mid flashing away and then dying to the massive DoT before level 4. Flash obviously works very well, it will never fail you and a lot of people are not comfortable without this summoner. If you don't know what to pick, just take the standards.


4.png12.png if you are toplane and want to plan teleport ganks, this works nicely and is familiar for most people.
4.png11.png if you are jungle and want to have flash.
3.png14.png is great for all-ins. The timing on exhaust means that you can use your ulti or fizzpiercingstrike.png in, pop 3.png, and by the time it wears off your fizzseastonepassive.pngwill be ready to proc for massive damage. Gives you a window of preparation and planning while you are waiting to press W. Take this vs 157.png
7.png14.png is great for difficult top-lane matchups, especially if you are afraid of being dove (58.png64.png107.png). Get your jungler to wait in the tribush, then once the enemy dives you can pop heal and fizzmarinerdoom.pngfizzjump.png for a ton of slow, damage avoidance, and healing. The turn potential is crazy. For 1v1s, remember that this gives better dueling than flash+ignite but worse dueling than exhaust+ignite.
3.png11.png is what I choose whenever my team lacks significant hard cc if I am jungling. Great for securing ganks and giving extra time for your laner to do damage, plus the dueling and delay I mentioned further up (especially combined with 1419.png).
14.png11.png we Shaco now bois. If your laners have some CC, this is great for the same reasons lane ignite is great. Fizz can get by without flash in the jungle because there is just less opportunity to use it combined with the existence of fizzjump.png. Combined with 1402.png, this lets you dish out a surprising amount of damage quickly and unexpectedly.
12.png14.png is my throwback to season 4, back when you could buy homeguards like 8 minutes in and the delay on teleport was lower. It still works for ganking botlane by teleporting to the far bush if they are pushed up, but is not a 90% pick like it used to be. I would recommend this summoner if the botlane is something like 22.png37.png, a combination that both will likely push up lane and is extremely easy to fizzjump.png juke out of cc and kill due to squishiness and reliance on 1 ability each for crowd control.
32.png is the only hard and fast requirement for ARAM, in case you get Fizz there in the future. You still don't really need flash, but it always works.

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Masteries Back to Top

SLU 3/1/2017

Above is a blind pick page for midlane, but for Draft/Ranked or Jungle/Toplane, I would read on ahead.


t1: Wanderer vs. Savagery

Go for last-hitting unless you are using racecar build with MS Quints.

t2: TLDR Blue Buff vs. Better Potions vs. Damage

You are a solo laner, so the Assassin mastery will always give you damage especially when you dive the enemy. More powerful than better potions once you are out of early game, but you'll have less sustain in the early laning phase.

t3: TLDR Damage vs. Mana Sustain

You'll want damage. Early game all-ins theme keeps going.

t4: Greenfather vs. Dangerous Game

Dangerous Game to survive caster minions after getting early first blood. I know that sounds super specific, but it will happen a lot. Greenfather's gift is so niche in midlane, you'll only proc it while ganking. Pick up dangerous game.

t5: Precision vs. Intelligence (big)

fizzpiercingstrike.png: 0.5 - 0.3 seconds off
fizzseastonepassive.png: 0.5-0.8 seconds off
fizzjump.png: 0.8 - 0.5 seconds off
fizzmarinerdoom.png: 5 - 3.5 seconds off

The math for penetration is complicated, but let's do it anyway, because this guide has comprehensive in the title. Say you are level 12, your target has flat MR glyphs, and you have 3158.png and MPen Marks.

Penetration Math

With Mastery
Penetration: 7.8 (Marks) + 6.6 (Mastery)
Magic Resist: 30 (Base) + 12 (Glyphs)
42 Magic Resist - 14.4 = 27.6 Effective MR
Damage Taken = 78.4%

No Mastery
Penetration: 7.8
42 Magic Resist - 7.8 = 34.2 Effective MR
Damage Taken = 74.5%

So it ends up being a trade of 5% CDR for 5% damage. Remember that the more CDR you build, the better each point of CDR becomes. BUT remember that you benefit from both Armor and Magic Penetration early game, so don't ignore it as a choice. 

My recommendation: CDR. But your choice.

Keystone: Stormraider's vs. Thunderlord's

Definitely damage here. You aren't Katarina, Talon, or Rengar. Go damage for the early game trades, unless you are confident in your ability to burst people without the extra boost. If you're going to go stormaiders, you'll need to max out your damage over utility in the rest of the masteries to make up for the loss, but it can be really good for making picks and getting out even without fizzpiercingstrike.png/fizzjump.png/3157.png up.


t1: Fury vs. Sorcery

In Jungle or Hybrid Toplane, take bonus attack speed. In Midlane or AP Toplane take bonus damage.

t2: Fresh Blood

Make no mistake, this mastery is only good in the early game. However, more on-hit effects for your Q on top of 3057.png3145.pngfizzw.png, and potentially 3715.png11.png is even better. And in the early game, like level 3, it can make or break an all-in trade. I don't really see an alternative here unless you are jungling, in which case take Feast only if you are really worried about jungle clear health (read: generic runes, so no attack speed quints or armor glyphs+seals).

t3: Double Edged Sword

Bounty Hunter will do more lategame, but DES helps too much in those early level fights (seeing a theme here?) to not take it, and your burst window is more like 2-3 seconds than 5+ seconds, so Oppressor won't be used to its fullest extent.

t4: Battering Blows vs. Piercing Thoughts

In situations where you would take magic pen marks (midlane, runic echoes, AP toplane), go piercing thoughts all the way. In situations where you would take hybrid penetration marks (toplane hybrid, bloodrazor), take a 2 / 3 split. If you are unsure, take a 1 / 4 split.

Keystone: Fervor vs. DFT

If you are taking a ferocity keystone, you had better be going attack speed build. If you are going attack speed build, take fervor. If you are thinking of DFT (toplane), instead go 12/0/18 and run Grasp of the Undying. It's pretty good. Take masteries for early dueling power. That means Recovery > Tough Skin > Veteran's Scars > Fearless > Swiftness (the one exception, because it is so bad against one person and stickiness is key).


The movement speed mastery in Cunning is hilarious with a full damage build if you are taking 3041.png and 3285.png. You will have insane movespeed, and won't even need boots. 335 + 10% 3285.png + 10% 3041.png + 7% 3100.png = 425 with no boots, 435 with mastery, 460/485/510 with 1/2/3 stacks of cloud drake and mastery. THIS IS WITH NO BOOTS. GO HAM AND BUILD FULL DAMAGE AND STILL BE A RACECAR :D

Abilities Back to Top

SLU Dec 6 2016

Skill Order

The first three levels don't matter. Just stick to these two guidelines:

---Do not start with your fizzpiercingstrike.png
---Get your fizzseastonepassive.png before level 3

I personally always start fizzseastonepassive.png out of habit because it feels weird to me to not have my fizzseastonepassive.png at any point in the game, and in case there is a cs close to missing I can just press W and not lose anything (happens quite a lot against mages, because against them you have little defense at level 1 and their auto attacks will hurt, so time management is essential). Then I go for fizzjump.png because it's just better than fizzpiercingstrike.png in most situations. After that, always max fizzjump.png, then fizzseastonepassive.png, then fizzpiercingstrike.png.

With the changes from the assassin update, Q and W have the same flat CDR per level of 0.5 seconds. However, Q is a secondary damaging ability (like a worse E) whereas W is primary damage with the update, packing a whopping 90% AP ratio if you wait the duration, so the CDR is very useful. Remember that it used to be a flat 10 seconds, so that has changed. Maxing W also gives a lot more damage per level, so it'll be the one to get second. Q max second is niche but viable as it gives extra mobility, but leaving W to max last is a shaky idea, and there is no reason to max Q over E; it's basically just worse.

Ability Explanations

Here are some useless videos that only do anything if you literally don't know what Fizz's kit does (scroll down, and ignore the champion spotlight because it does more harm than good. Phreak ily but RoA -> Rylai's on Fizz isn't great).

Passive - Nimble Fighter fizzpassive.png: Fizz ignores unit collision and takes 4 / 6 / 8 / 10 / 12 / 14 less physical damage from basic attacks, calculated before armor.

Fizz has a passive that you will never notice while playing Fizz, but that you definitely will notice after playing some other midlaner like Talon, who struggles to walk past minions for last-hitting. This passive means easier cs and better trades in lane when both minion waves are huge. Use this to your advantage, and fight inside the minion wave if you can. Note that you still get wrecked early by minions, so don't ignore them, just remember that they hurt your enemy more.

Q - Urchin Strike fizzpiercingstrike.png: Fizz dashes a fixed distance towards the target enemy unit, dealing 100% AD physical damage plus bonus magic damage. The physical damage applies on-hit effects and the magic damage applies spell effects.

This ability is just your basic dash damager, with several nuances that are important to understand.

-----It is a fixed distance

This ability is a fixed distance, meaning if you use it in melee range you will go through your target, like a 157.png dash. You can go over walls with this, but if you use it on something that it on the same side of a wall you never have to worry about going through the wall.

-----It procs on-hit effects AND spell effects

It procs 3100.png, your fizzseastonepassive.png, Red Buff, and also deals an auto attack's worth of physical damage. The base damage is essentially negligible, and the AP scaling is meh, but it does sizable damage combined with Thunderlord's, your fizzseastonepassive.png, and 3100.png.

-----It applies your W bleed to everything in the path

It won't deal full damage or apply on-hit effects to everything, but you can use this to your advantage by Q'ing through all 3 melee/caster minions and then lasthitting each of them with your W, as it will do the bonus damage and have a reduced cooldown to 1 second if it gets the lasthit.

-----It is dodgable

What I mean by this is that if someone takes a Thresh Lantern between cast and arrival, they will take no damage. If someone flashes out of its range, they aren't hit. If Kalista hops out of your range first, nope. You'll go to wherever the fixed range set it to, you'll still have your 3100.png, and the ability will go on cooldown doing no damage.

This is extremely important to playing Fizz. Learn to use it as an escape, learn to use when you don't need the damage it will give you, learn to not get baited into having it dodged, and you will go on to do great things. Max this ability second because while the damage does not increase, the base damage is already useless anyway and that one second of cooldown reduction will make your mobility bonkers. The only ability harder to master is fizzjump.png.
If you are clearing a wave with fizzjump.png but it puts you in a vulnerable position, just use this ability to go back through a minion at the front of the wave and you'll be safe again.

W - Seastone Trident fizzseastonepassive.png:

PASSIVE: Fizz's basic attacks rend his target, dealing magic damage over 3 seconds.
ACTIVE: Fizz's auto attack timer is reset, and his next attack deals X bonus magic damage, tripled to 3X if you have been in combat with them for 2 seconds. Last-hitting a minion with the active will refund some mana and reduce the cooldown to 1 second.

 This ability is now what you have to play around in fights. It's all about getting those 2-second procs. Remember you can use your E to buy some extra time. Also, note that if you get a wave of minions under your tower there are specific tricks for last-hitting (other than use your W if you need to).

----For caster minions: Q through the wave, making the last minion your target. Then, auto-attack that minion and reset with W to kill it. The other two will be killable with W active after one tower shot.
----For melee minions: tower hits twice, then last-hit as per usual. Don't waste your W active. If a melee minion is at half health rather than 2/3 when the second shot hits, you might need to use W active.
----For siege minions: save your QW for when it has the mark and is low enough, and you'll always get the siege.

E - Playful / Trickster fizzjump.png:

FIRST CAST: Fizz hops onto his trident towards the target location, becoming untargetable for 0.75 seconds, before splashing onto the ground below him, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies and Slow icon slowing them for 2 seconds.
SECOND CAST: Fizz immediately hops off his trident towards the target location, dealing magic damage to nearby enemies.

Fizz's iconic ability, the troll pole. There is so much to talk about with this ability so I will break it down into multiple sections.

-----Ranks and Cooldown

This scales the best with damage of any of Fizz's abilities except his ultimate by an absolutely massive amount, and its cooldown goes down by a whopping two seconds per rank. From level 1's 16 second cooldown to a max CDR 4.8 second cooldown, it is important to make sure the uptime is there as much as possible.

-----One Hop, Two Hops, Blood Fish, Blue Fish

Unless you really need the extra range or distance, DO NOT USE THE SECOND HOP. It is amazing for plays which I will get into later, but 80% of the time 1 hop is better. The number one mistake I see on Fizz players is that they always use the second hop. In an all-in, it is incredibly easy to miss the second hop because you cannot hop in place. You will always move. Add to that the fact that the AoE is about one tenth the size, and you know that the first hop is easier to land for sure. **The range from the first looks smaller, but the ranges are not so different. 400 + 250 AoE for one hop, 400 + 400 + 125 AoE from the second. The AoE difference is massive.** The slow will also allow you to kite more easily, or thread in more auto attacks early game in laning. Two hops allows you to make some really neat plays, like jumping over dragon wall, smiting, and jumping back out with one cast. Here is a link to a video from a season 3 guide by Atrioc, who is part of the TeamLiquid organization. Most of the guide is very outdated, but these jumps are still oh so useful to know. 
One other key time to use the second hop is if an enemy champion tries to engage on you with a linear skill shot. Let's use 99.png as an example. I will put this in 3 phases. This combo is covered as 4) Mage-boinker in the Essential Combos section.
Phase 1: She initiates with her luxlightbinding.png
Phase 2: You press E, with the cursor on top of her, to dodge it.
Phase 3: You immediately use the second hop to land on her, or 4.png if you are not in range of a double hop.

-----Mana Cost

This ability has a tremendous mana cost (90-130), especially because you are maxing it first. With the removal of mana potions, you will have to budget this ability even more. Thank god 3057.png/3100.png give sizeable mana and that the Dark Seal gives mana regeneration. Always ask for blue buff, and never use this to just dodge any old poke ability. Exceptions include an 1.png Stun, any champion's ultimate, a killing blow, or for them baits.

The reason for this is that it simply isn't mana efficient. What I mean by this is that your mana bar will drain faster than the health bar difference between you and your opponent. Say you use your E for 110 mana at level 5. At this point in the game, that's more than 1/4 of your mana bar. To make it efficient, you'd better be using it to change the health difference between you and your opponent by more than 1/4. If you would take 100 damage, but end up in auto attack range of them having dealt 100 damage instead, that's mana efficient. If you would have taken 100 damage, but instead use 110 mana and take no damage, that isn't mana efficient because you have more than twice as much health as mana. If at the end of the day, you prevented 400 damage and used 400 mana dodging, now you are at 400 HP with 0 mana and you're pretty damn useless. It's better to be at 200 HP with 200 mana, because in that situation you can at least help your jungler with an fizzjump.pngfizzpiercingstrike.png if he comes to gank or something. This doesn't apply 100% because it's easier to gain mana back than health back, and health is more important than mana (if you run out of mana, you are oom and useless. If you run out of health, you are dead. That's a lot worse), so use your best judgement, but remember that it might not be mana efficient when you are thinking of using your fizzjump.png.

-----The Juke Slam

One trick I almost never see other people use is that if you hold down your right click right before/as you fall from the pole, you will be guided down in that direction. So early (levels 3-4) once you have pushed under tower you can fizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzseastonepassive.png, auto, immediately fizzjump.png away so that they think they are safe, then guide yourself onto them for some insane free damage early on. I'll link a video when I can. This trick is actually extremely easy to do. It has allowed me to do so many level 3-4 tower dives it's insane. This combo will get the enemy laner in your kill range.

If you aren't tower diving, then guide yourself towards where you think they will go and save your fizzseastonepassive.png, using the slow from fizzjump.png to stick to them while getting as many auto attacks off as possible.

On a similar note, you can flash while falling from your pole (only if you used just the first hop) to get a big AoE, a slow, and crazy distance. Most of the use of this is following the enemy's flash, like Westdoor did to Faker at worlds to get a 1v1 kill and it looks really neat. This was in the quarterfinals, too.

R - Chum the Waters fizzmarinerdoom.png

Fizz throws a fish in a line that binds itself onto the first enemy champion it hits, slowing them for 1.5 seconds. For the next 6 seconds, Fizz's magic damage against them is increased by 20% for 6 seconds, excluding Chum the Waters's damage. After 1.5 seconds, a shark comes out from the earth to eat the fish. Enemies hit are dealt magic damage and are slowed for 1.5 seconds afterwards. If a champion has the fish attached to them, the shark  knocks them up for 1 second. Other nearby enemies are knocked away instead. The fish provides True Sight of its area of effect, and stays at the location it was thrown to until it binds to an enemy champion or is eaten.

A very fun ability to use. Massive Slow -> Knockup/Knockback + Massive AoE Damage -> AoE Slow to all affected targets. (I'll link a funny video of a way to pick up free kills when I figure out how to link from my replays). For all you players who think you can land a max range shark, there are two things that will get in your way.
1) The FISH needs to lock onto them, not just the radius of the AoE
2) Riot hates you and if you get it onto them at max range, it just doesn't lock on 90% of the time.
With that being said, always aim this at max range to avoid looking like a massive idiot when it falls a tiny bit short. If you have ever missed because you didn't max range ult as Fizz, you will know and it will haunt you for the rest of the game. Plus, max range can give a ton of zoning potential anyway just from the size and threat of the big shark.

Here is how it works in terms of range and effect:
GUPPY (<455): 40% slow, 200 eruption radius and 150 unit knockback distance. 60% of normal damage
CHOMPER (455-910): 60% slow, 320 eruption radius and 250 unit knockback distance. 80% of normal damage
GIGALODON (910-1275): 80% slow, 450 eruption radius and 350 unit knockback distance. 120% of normal damage

This ability has a range of 1275 and a speed of 1300, meaning its travel time takes approximately 1 second. Additionally, at max range now it is so big that it has a radius of around 75 units extra. This means that if you ult a target with 375 movespeed, they need to be at most 1000 units away. If you don't know what 1000 units looks like, think about Zed's Q, Lee Sin's Q, or Brand's Q, and then add a teemo at the end. This is the actual range of your ult, because anything farther and they can literally just walk out of the AoE. It makes you look like a complete scrub, and is called the "tinyshark". Don't pull a tinyshark.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    On Fizz, Dark Seal is really good because you may want to play aggressive to take advantage of your level 3 power spike (which leads to a lot of level 3-4 first bloods), and the snowball potential is amazing. The lack of sustain is made up for by the snowballiness of this item. It's so freaking amazing, it's like it was designed for Fizz. The movespeed from Mejai's stacked passive is also hilarious with Luden's (20% MS), and 15 stacks is only a few kills with the new Mejai's. Take Doran's Ring if you don't want to worry about dying. TLDR; start this when you don't have to worry about the enemy's kill pressure and are looking to snowball
    This gives you the best stats in lane. Bang for your buck, this outright crushes the other two. If you need to simply dominate your opponent with stats, take this item. For example, in a mirror matchup this just gives enough stats to brute force a victory vs. a Fizz with Dark Seal/Corrupting Flask. TLDR; get this if you are worried about the enemy's kill pressure and aren't sure you will snowball

Core Items

    With green wards and the Vision Totem being removed, the only purchasable way to contribute to team vision is this. Being that one guy on your team with a pink when it comes time to do baron/dragon will save your team such a hassle. Refillable Potion is a great 150g buy if you didn't start Corrupting Flask (I'll probably start Dark Seal in 75% of situations). Refillable potion got buffed in 5.23, too. 250 HP instead of 200 now. Hoorah
    This used to be a toss-up between Sorcerer's Shoes and Ionian Boots, but now that Abyssal and Zhonya's both give CDR you really don't need Lucidity. Just go Sorcs for more damage unless you are opting for a more tanky build path. In that case, you can pick up Mercs.
    If you are going toplane Fizz, there are soooo many options for you. These are my favorite items, but it overcaps you on CDR so make sure not to get them all in the same build. Remember that Hextech items are your friends.
    HEXTECH IS AMAAAAAZING. No, seriously. Hextech Revolver is so great for Fizz no matter what role you are in, I recommend picking it up. It's like Sheen that gives more AP. BUY THIS ITEM. The decision to upgrade into gunblade or rocket belt honestly depends on the situation. If you want burst, go belt. If you want sustain, go gunblade. Simple as that. If you are going gunblade, I also recommend picking up a Nashor's Tooth because they have great synergy.
    Here is an example of a really good fighter Fizz build. It gives you everything you need, and the new Trinity Force is really great on Fizz. Situational items to sub out if you want include zz'rot, merc treads, banshee's veil, iceborn gauntlet, and berserker's greaves.
    This is the classic fizz core. The situational items below are for this build. Note that Sheen and Hextech Revolver are equally viable for your first back, it depends what you want: all-in or sustain. Don't upgrade Revolver until you want the omnivamp or AD, or have no other item slots though.

Situational Items

    Defensive items to look to once your core is done. If you are versus AP, or there is a fed AP, get Abyssal. The maths show that its damage spike is completely bananas compared to a higher AP buy (in a 1v1 with another AP). After that, head for a Zhonyas, or go straight to Zhonyas if they have little AP. Sunfire Cape is stupid good in tandem with Abyssal, and you can buy both of them it if they have a heavy AD comp (I think Maulface came up with the Abyssalfire). New Fizz is so strong with AP, though, so I would recommend only getting one or maybe two of these a lot of the time, instead of getting all 3 which is what I used to do. Note that Sunfire Cape is much more of a situational item than the other two. Zhonyas will be built in 85% of your games, and Abyssal in probably around 50%.
    Once you have your core, you'll likely be picking an Offensive item to do more damage. Rule of thumb is get Luden's because it gives your 100-0 extra burst and the movespeed is definitely noticeable. Then, pick between Nashor's and Void Staff. If the enemy has built a decent amount of MR, get a Void Staff, otherwise get Nashors. If the enemy team hasn't built MR and you have Scaling CDR Runes like a good Fizz main, just go for Rabadons. No matter what, you'll want void staff/nashor's depending on your build before the end of the game.
    A solidly viable upgrade from The Dark Seal with the preseason changes. 51% efficiency at 0 stacks, gold efficient at 7 stacks (2 kills gives 8 stacks, for reference), and 253% Efficiency at max stacks. One kill is worth 435 gold of stats once you have this item, and one death loses 1088 gold of stats. So if you get it, remember that for a death to be worth, you have to trade two kills and an assist for it. If you go back with 7-8 stacks on your Dark Seal, upgrade it so that this item starts off gold efficient right off the bat. It puts a big target over your head though :/
    These are some situational items that most of the time I would not recommend, but they are all viable options.
    Triforce is great on an on-hit type of Fizz build. Everything works fantastically with him. Also remember that 20% CDR goes a long way to giving fighter Fizz more procs of W, the phage passive gives stickiness for more W procs, and the Sheen gives more powerful sheen procs. For fighter fizz, phage when ahead, sheen when even, and stinger when behind for first rush. If sheen first, phage second. If phage first, sheen second. If stinger first, phage second.
    I'm giving this item its own section because it is so important. This is one of those items that can singlehandedly win you a game, and Fizz is one of the few champions with a versatile enough build path to fit this in. Try it out on fighter fizz.
    I've seen this built and I think it's alright, to be honest. Refunding 15% of E's 130 mana cost is actually pretty noticeable. Still, Tear is a big investment with not a lot of payoff. Don't even consider either of these two items though, they just aren't what Fizz needs at all.
    Example AP Mid Build
    Example Triforce Fighter Build
    Example Squishy Bloodrazor Build
    Example Tank Build vs. 3 AD/1 AP + Support
    Maximum Damage + Movespeed Mid Build
SLU Dec 6 2016


Quick Build Order (AP Mid)

Step 1 - Starting: 1056.png/1082.png/2033.png
Step 2 - First Back: 1056.png/3145.png/3057.png
Step 3 - First Core:3057.png/3145.png-->1026.png --> 3100.png/1001.png
Step 4 - Boots: 
-3020.png with Precision in masteries + AP Runes
-3158.png if vs. heavy AD/AP with little mixed damage
Step 4a - Upgrade: If you have 7+ stacks on 1082.png, upgrade it now
Step 5 - Second Core: 3285.png if behind, skip to Step 6 if ahead.
Step 6 - Third Core:
-3157.png vs. heavy AD, or for the active (ex. 134.png)
3001.png vs. heavy AP
Take both items vs. mixed damage in conjunction with 3020.png
Step 7 - Situational Purchase
-3135.png vs. heavy MR (top laner has 3065.png/3102.png AND midlaner has 3001.png AND supp/jungle has 3105.png or 3174.png. Also 
-3089.png for tons of damage if you have Luden's already
Step 8: Round out your build
-3135.png vs. heavy MR (top laner has 3065.png AND midlaner has 3001.png AND 3105.png, or multiple of these items appear 3156.png3814.png3139.png3111.png)
-3089.png for tons of damage if you don't have it yet.
-3115.png if you are following the fighter build or want the DPS, keep in mind it gives 20% CDR so you may be overcapping
-3026.png if they have a 90.png that is focusing you with  alzaharnethergrasp.png

First Back Gold Purchases and Explanation

400-500 1056.png2003.png
500-700 1056.png2031.png
700-9001056.png1001.png2003.png or 2031.png or 2033.png2043.png
900-10751026.png,2003.png or 2031.png2043.png
1100-13003145.png or 3057.png1001.png or 1056.png2003.png or 2031.png2043.png

Sheen doesn't actually give more damage than Blasting Wand, in fact it gives a bit less, but the mana and CDR are nice. Still, try to wait for 1100 gold before your first back, so you can get Sheen + HP pot. You can also go Hextech if you have the gold, although it doesn't give as good sustain or other stats as a Sheen does.

Basically you just want to get whatever will give you
Power > Build Order > Vision

You want to prioritize something that will make you more powerful when you go back to lane. If you have 450 gold, you could get 1052.png and sure, you would do more damage than 1056.png2003.png and you would be closer to your lich bane but you would be so much weaker that it isn't worth it. You are trading 5 AP and getting a bit closer to your Lich Bane for 60 HP, a lot of mana sustain, and ~185HP and 10 mana sustain (because you have biscuits). On the other hand, you can't go overkill with it because getting 1056.png1056.png2031.png2043.png with a 1082.png starting item will not only fill up 5 item slots, it will put 1025 gold off of your build. Sure, someone with just a 1026.png2031.png will have less mana sustain and HP and not contribute to team vision as much, but they will hit a power spike much sooner.

Item Explanations + Math

Topics of Discussion: 3057.png vs 1026.png3158.pngvs. 3020.png3135.png vs. 3001.png1056.png/1082.png vs. 2033.png 3165.png. Burst rotations are QW->AA->E->AA->AA , and R->QW->AA->E->AA->F


This item was, for a good four years, a staple of Fizz. Sadly, it no longer gives Ability Power and so if you are building it it should be for CDR/mana purposes. At least it is still a very good buy if you can grab it on your first back. To compare it with 1026.png, which also builds into 3100.png:
QW->AA->E->AA (2 seconds): 
1026.png grants 56 damage immediately, 25 from AA, and another 30 DoT
3057.png grants 62 damage at level 3, 70 at level 6, 78 at level 9

R->QWF->AA->AA->E->AA (3 seconds):
1026.png grants 167 damage immediately, 30 from AA, and another 44 DoT
3057.png grants 124 damage at level 3, 140 at level 6, 156 at level 9 (2 procs)

By taking 3057.png over 1026.png, you gain mana and CDR, at the cost of a relatively small amount of gold and a little damage. Basically, it just depends how much gold you have when you go B.

2033.png1056.png1082.pngStarting Items and Damage2033.png1056.png1082.png

With your 3 starting items, two of the options give 15 AP and one of them gives a passive that increases your damage in trades. In your full, extended level 3 combo, the full equation of QW->AA->E->AA->AA is as follows:

62 + 10 + 0.35x + 10 + 0.3x + 3 (62 + 10 + 0.3x) + 70 + 0.75x + 40 + 0.9x + 30 + 0.1x

The AP ratio on this is 3.3, meaning that the 15 AP you buy will give a total damage of 50 over this combo. Let's compare that with the damage you'll get from a Potion start.

TOUCH OF CORRUPTION: Spells and attacks burn enemy champions for 15-30 magic damage over 3 seconds (based on level). Bonus damage is halved on AoE and DoT effects.

When you QW, the fizzpiercingstrike.png is single target non-DoT, so it will apply the full 16 damage over 3 seconds. After that, your fizzseastonepassive.png will apply the damage you get, which will end up being another 16 over the fizzseastonepassive.png DoT duration. That's 32 damage from one of these trades

Conclusion: The damage they give in early trades is pretty much the same, it all depends on whether you are looking to snowball, play safe, or go for many trades.

3020.pngSorcerer's Shoes3020.png

A lot of people like to take 3158.png nowadays for the CDR. Here, I will test Sorcerer's Shoes against different MR values, assuming level 11 (maybe you'll have 1056.png3020.png3100.png)
This is not definitive proof, it is simply a way to test and see how much damage you will lose by building 3158.png.
Assuming you have magic penetration marks, which reduces enemy MR by 8.

If you run Ionian Boots, you should be taking Intelligence for 5% extra free CDR, and if you run Sorcerer's Shoes you should be taking Precision for more flat penetration.
At this point, Precision gives 6 Penetration, bringing the total difference to 21 MPen in exchange for 15% CDR, with Shoes granting 29 Penetration and Ionian Boots granting 8 Penetration.

Versus 30 MR (Base):

3020.png: 1.00% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 18.10% Damage Reduction...........-17.1% Damage

Versus 40 MR (Scaling Champion):

3020.png: 9.99% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 24.24% Damage Reduction...........-14.25% Damage

Versus 42 MR (Flat Glyphs):

3020.png: 11.51% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 25.40% Damage Reduction...........-13.89% Damage

Versus 44 MR (Scaling Glyphs):

3020.png: 13.04% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 26.47% Damage Reduction...........-13.43% Damage

Versus 52 MR (Scaling Champion, Flat Glyphs):

3020.png: 18.70% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 30.56% Damage Reduction...........-11.86% Damage

Versus 54 MR (Scaling Champion, Scaling Glyphs):

3020.png: 20.00% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 31.51% Damage Reduction...........-11.51% Damage

Versus 100 MR (Because MR Items):

3020.png: 41.52% Damage Reduction
3158.png: 47.92% Damage Reduction...........-6.4% Damage

[note: before you go on, remember that I am using very rough estimates to try and accurately determine damage dealt. I do not claim that this reflects actual numbers you will get in, I am just trying to compare the two items accurately]

As you can see, against a target who has not built MR (aka a squishy) you will likely do around 13.5% more damage with Sorcerer's Shoes than with Ionian Boots. However, you will be losing 15% CDR. Using my level 6 damage calculations (even though some of it is physical damage and some of it is true damage, and these calculations are based on level 9 so it will be off by a decent amount), we can determine that your damage will change from 1154 with Sorcerer's Shoes to 962 with Ionian Boots. At that level somewhere between 6 and 9, you are trading about 200 damage for 15% CDR. Let's see how impactful that 200 damage is. Most people run Scaling Health seals, so against, let's say a level 8 90.png with a 1056.png and a 1026.png we will see how meaningful the damage difference is.

Base Health of level 8 Malzahar: 976
Greater Seal of Scaling Health x9: 96
Doran's Ring: 60

Total HP = 1132

So in this situation, the 200 damage changes your burst from leaving him at 200 HP to killing him. That seems like quite a big deal, but you have to contrast it with how much you want that 15% CDR. Remember, your cooldowns are affected by that CDR as follows:

fizzpiercingstrike.png: 1.5 - 0.9, rank-based. 10 -> 8.5 at r1, 6 -> 5.1 at r5
fizzseastonepassive.png: 1.5
fizzjump.png: 2.4 - 1.2, rank-based. 16 -> 13.6 at r1, 8 -> 6.8 at r5
fizzmarinerdoom.png: 15 - 10.5, rank-based. 100 -> 85 at r1, 70 -> 59.5 at r3

I would rather have the extra damage because Fizz's all-in really needs to be able to oneshot a squishy (especially someone like Malzahar), but you can decide for yourself.

3135.pngVoid Staff3135.png (outdated as of 6.9)

Post 6.9: These items really fill different slots now, Abyssal is defensive whereas Void Staff is offensive. It is no longer a question of which to buy against moderate MR, now it's about whether or not YOU need MR.

While we are talking about penetration and percent damage, why not cover Void Staff? A lot of people like to build this item situationally when the enemy has a decent amount of MR, so let's take a look at what it actually does compared to 3001.png, one of my personal favorite items. Note that Abyssal scepter has a few advantages over Void Staff before we compare stats:
a) Team Aura
b) Grants 50 Magic Resist (we saw how big a difference 50 MR to 100 MR is in the Sorcs/Ionian comparison)
c) costs 300 less gold

Let's say that their support has 3105.png, the midlaner has 3174.png, and the enemy toplaner has a 3065.png.
They also are all level 12, with Scaling MR Glyphs. The toplaner is a champion with built-in MR.
Enemy Midlaner: 30 Base + 10 Aegis + 25 Athene + 18 Runes............83 MR
Enemy Toplaner: 44 Base + 10 Aegis + 70 Spirit Visage + 18 Runes.....142 MR
Enemy ADC: 30 Base + 10 Aegis + 18 Runes..................................58 MR

So you, having read my guide, decide that you prefer 3020.png over 3158.png, and are getting a good amount of penetration.

3001.png Penetration: Flat 20 Reduction, then (15 Shoes + 8 Runes + 7 Masteries) 30 Penetration. You will reduce enemy Magic Resist by a flat 50.

Versus Enemy Midlaner: 83 MR -> 33 MR....24.81% DR
Versus Enemy Toplaner: 142 MR -> 92 MR..47.91% DR
Versus Enemy ADC: 58 MR -> 8 MR...........7.41% DR

3135.png Penetration: 35% Penetration, then 30 Penetration. You will reduce enemy Magic Resist by 30|35%.

Versus Enemy Midlaner: 83 MR -> 54 MR -> 24 MR..........19.35% DR // 5.46% Total Damage Increase
Versus Enemy Toplaner: 142 MR -> 92.3 MR -> 62.3 MR...38.39% DR // 9.52% Total Damage Increase
Versus Enemy ADC: 58 MR -> 37.7 MR -> 7.7 MR............7.15% DR // 0.26% Total Damage Increase

Remember, Void Staff also gives 10 AP, which translates to around 25 damage before resists on your full combo. So the math proves what was already assumed. Flat Penetration is more effective against low MR enemies, while Percent Penetration is more effective against high MR enemies. But wait.

The enemy midlaner is probably AP, too. And if you bought an 3001.png, you have more MR. Let's compare the damage you take with and without the Scepter, to see what you are paying for that juicy 5.5% damage increase.

44 Base MR
Enemy Mid Penetration: 8 Runes + 15 Boots | 7% Masteries = 23|7% Penetration, which reduces your MR to 18, making you take 15.25% reduced damage with Void Staff.

44 Base MR + 50 Scepter = 94 MR
Enemy Mid Penetration reduces your MR to 64, making you take 39.02% reduced damage with Abyssal Scepter.

That's a whopping difference of 23.77% less damage with Abyssal. And don't forget that your Abyssal passive turns the enemy's +10 MR Aegis into a -10 MR net aura. This also helps any allies you have that do magic damage.

Conclusion: Against a team stacking MR, Abyssal Scepter makes you lose 10% damage to tanks, 5% damage to mages, and does not have any damage difference to ADCs when compared with a Void Staff. Unless the enemy team is seriously heavily stacking MR (2 MR items on the tank, Athenes and Abyssal on the mage, Mercurial Scepter on the Squishy, Locket on the Support)...

Abyssal Scepter is better than Void Staff. (pre-6.9, outdated buy I am keeping it in because this took a lot of work).


Morellonomicon gives 100 AP and 400 Mana. It used to actually be an alright item to rush on Fizz for early CDR capping without scaling runes, but now there is really no reason to get it. It similar in price to a lot of other good items, but the passive is highly situational at best. 3089.png gives more damage,3285.png gives mobility and more damage, 3100.png gives more damage, 3115.png gives DPS, etc. etc. If you want the CDR cap that badly you can just go 3100.png3001.png3157.png3158.png and that is 40% right there.

Note that it has a really really nice build path so you will always have enough gold for a component. If you are struggling in lane, this can save your butt.

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You are both close-range APs, so 3001.png is a nice pickup.

As with many other champions (Yasuo and Lux, for example) she will try to engage on you with her ahriseduce.png. When she does this, you can hop over it with your first cast fizzjump.png, then hop onto her with the second cast. After that, fizzpiercingstrike.png through her to dodge the inevitable ahriorbofdeception.png she will panic cast unless it places you in tower range. Note that you can fizzpiercingstrike.png through a minion to dodge her Q to avoid taking the true damage on the return.

Tip: If she uses ahrifoxfire.png, use your single-cast fizzjump.png while they are in the air going towards you to negate the ability. Then, let yourself fall and enjoy your free trade.



This used to be horrifying, but I'm having a much easier time lately. It seems that Akali is just in a really bad spot right now. You can actually trade with her early, but remember that the akalimota.png mark duration is longer than the cooldown, so it's really hard to find a good opportunity to go in early unless she uses it on a minion.

Also remember that she gets free spellvamp, so don't think she is out of sustain if you win a trade. Unless you zone her, she'll just heal up and wreck you.

Start 1056.png. If you want to dive at 6, do the unspeakable and trade with her. When your set is up again, ult her so that when she goes invisible you can still see her, then immediately ignite and qw auto. After that, you won't be able to see her anymore so that is when you fizzjump.png. If you did it right, you should have taken 0-1 tower shots and gotten a free kill. Try to use fizzjump.png ASAP after your combo, though, because it is easy for her to move around in her akalismokebomb.png and dodge it if you don't immediately follow up. This is another one of those situations where you never want to double hop. If you can get an advantage, you will snowball hard. But don't give any kills because if you do, it will be a nightmare. So if you are going to dive at 6, which is the easiest way to get an advantage, be sure your lane is warded before you do.

Rush Lich Bane -> Abyssal

She gets much stronger lategame with her insane mobility.




The combination of her long range and egg passive means killing her takes more effort than it is worth. You'd be better off roaming botlane.

With that being said, if she ever gets in your range exploit it and kill her. GsygEOkLbgwAaWiQ6bQYECKE8WsmR9GV5rhh9asO for Egg is a worth trade, because Egg has a much, much longer cooldown.

You can dodge NFb5FkJ50l1CqmL7A2JtfjWpmFi0OiQb84Q6cwZg and 9q0fNSbktjN7aQ74TnDGwn07sx9nDaVcT4pa0pL5 with hr7OGgszSBOnM39iqFmNIZqlAWe31Ew0nkdPSZi5, or go over fyvu7psaVdUpY4KA4_sN2YXOQh8OIhy53ORpGoTE, but note that dodging any one leaves you susceptible to the others. The most important one to dodge is definitely hF1fs96CF_rUmzIv-zAEbn0b1zvK4wvIhMn6jUiP because the stun can kill you, but it's fairly easy to dodge especially with my movespeedy build. Use your wq5CC1_qnpqTisVBYx7We7gJj3Dto0jdvbdWzjmM to dodge zdhX5rrHZglaP1PzoT5fQGNKmy9AP_Bte81RRx05 when it is empowered, because it hurts a lot.

Her auto attack range makes csing fairly safe for her, and you will get harassed a lot with not much room for retaliation. Again, kill her if she makes the mistake of getting in your range.

Refer to No. 4) Mage Boinker under my Essential Combos section




Be very careful. Going aggressive in this matchup is playing with fire. Her moltenshield.png will reduce a relatively small amount of the damage you deal, and it is all a mindgame of dodging the stun. Skill matchup, in her favor somewhat.

If you dodge the disintegrate.png, the stun is not consumed. So don't be a dumdum and think that you'll be safe, it just buys you some extra time
If you dodge the incinerate.png or infernalguardian.png, the stun is consumed. This is because of some weird coding with AoE targeting, and also obviously if they hit minions it will stun them.

Post-6 whoever gets the jump on the over auto-wins.

Get a 3001.png right after your 3100.png or even right after 3057.png, because while you are stunned (which is when she'll do damage to you), damage/zhonya/fizzjump.png are all useless.




I have no experience against high elo Azir mains, but I know that if you are versus an Azir who is plat 5 or below they will simply not have the skills necessary to play the bird man at a competent level.

He does no damage unless you really egregiously stand in his soldiers, and your xqh0rPYva7_QKNJpt6mplXFProaCohzNHU-FqEMm goes over his nhlhYtIpY-aGfCBuo-m87VyuZVFqr1vjyCOk4oKS. Don't BH3WYm7XIP6UzpbzD3e2K02jzYVofeBLL_9F1phI if he is on the other side of vJr_8Mm-FlofXblszfPkTV7u2px1-YWfwSAPIyn0, because it will mess you up.

Other than that, not a lot to worry about. You should stomp him in lane if you are low-mid elo. Can't say about low-mid platinum or higher, but I would assume the fact that Fizz's kit directly counters Azir would still make it an easy match.




Start GVE4Dkjecew6pBv1ezYofVXtAxEj8eoQ6RqZmo_7 to sustain his burst and keep trading.

Deathfire Touch means that this is no longer an easy matchup. He really, really hurts. Be very careful while csing because you really don't want to get hit by his eCllgs57RWM7KIWsqqcbOqF54GI8r6qCNE6BGj9Z.

When you all-in him, remember that you will still get hit by 1 or 2 stacks of XubXBQddWn6Mo0It9GySlC4LVw16H_f6fI5Hi1WF even if you dodge it because it no longer fizzles.

If you ever get caught by M0Gn_ISUs_22CStKz-n7UILVeuV0pQoyIcg1ZzWd, he'll kill you during the 2-second stun.

Post-6, if he wastes rRVMwvcqtPMxKq1BYDvDVRCLL6OW6zgXfCpSDgPG and is in your range, feel free to go in. He won't be able to duel you.

Careful, the new Deathfire Touch mastery is even stronger on him than on you. It hurts a lot, especially once he has 3151.png

Refer to 4) Mage Boinker, under essential combos

Ideally, you'll want to dodge his brandblaze.png with your fizzjump.png, which means you'll have to dodge the brandfissure.png by fizzpiercingstrike.pnging through him. This has one glaring problem, which is that it leaves you vulnerable to his brandwildfire.png. This won't be such a problem once you get 3157.png, but it still kinda sucks. That's the only reason this is Medium and not Easy.




Just fizzjump.png her cassiopeiapetrifyinggaze.png. She has no way of escaping you fizzmarinerdoom.png as well, so if she ever gets in your range post-6 kill her. Laning she has a lot of poke though.

One interaction I can't remember is with cassiopeiatwinfang.pngfizzjump.png. It used to be that if you dodged it, it went on full cooldown even if you had been poisoned, but I think they fixed it. If it still works, you can bait her out and then win trades even levels 3-5. Otherwise, you'll have to just focus on dodging because her sustained close range trades are too strong. Luckily, you'll still have pretty full control of the lane because she can't do a whole lot to you unless you really mess up.




You don't have grievous wounds any more, so his healing is stupidly obnoxious. His  tankiness makes killing him a pain. Don't try to 1v1 him once he gets solidly tanky, he'll just ignore you and eat sushi.

Remember you can't dodge his feralscream.png and his rupture.png hitbox is much, much smaller than the indicator makes it seem (if you are standing on the edge, it won't hit you)




Very difficult. His bleed does more damage than yours, he is tankier than you, he has a heal for % missing HP which directly counters your % missing HP damage, and his ult doesn't go on cooldown if you dodge it with your e. Your only hope here is to either not fight him or get fed enough to oneshot him. You can also dodge his dariusaxegrabcone.png easily.




You absolutely need to dodge her dianaQ.png or it will be a big pain. Don't waste your fizzjump.png on dodging it, though. Note that if you can ever get her to burn her dianaW.png, wait for it to wear off and then you can easily outtrade her.

Rush Abyssal, then proceed as normal.




Muaahahahahaaha. So, you are laning against your CertainlyT equivalent (dubbed thusly because he fills the same niche, but just has an overloaded and too-complicated kit with not enough power. You both have untargetability, a double dash, bonus damage to low-health targets, a mix of auto attacks and spells as AP melee assassins, and AoE hard cc. He has poke and a heal, you have more damage).

Start a Dark Seal and snowball it. Remember that this is all a mind game about how well you can play around his ultimate, ekkoR.png. If you play it right it will be just like the Kayle matchup and he will cry from not having a good opportunity to ult. Never commit unless he is low enough that you can kill him without blowing your fizzjump.png or fizzmarinerdoom.png. You need one of these two abilities after he ults to get away from your immense damage, or he'll just get away. They are equally good to save because your E lets you dodge damage but your R does more damage.

Build an Abyssal because you are both Melee AP.

Tip: Don't try to fight him with just auto attacks if you are both low. His ekkoW.png passive plus normal passive wins against your fizzseastonepassive.png




Blind pick, eh?

All right, so basically the more passive one wins. Bait him out and it's a free lane. Start Doran's Ring, and get another one on your first buy even if you have enough for a Sheen. 2 Dorans = 30 AP, 120 HP. Sheen = 60 damage per proc. Your stats win, which will allow you to zone him and snowball the advantage.

1) If you engage on him, because you are melee you will be on the wrong side of the minion wave early and will take more damage (remember, you both have fizzpassive.png)
2) Your fizzjump.png dodges his fizzjump.png and his fizzmarinerdoom.png and his fizzpiercingstrike.png
3) His fizzjump.png dodges your fizzjump.png and your fizzmarinerdoom.png and your fizzpiercingstrike.png

Important note: If the fizzmarinerdoom.png fish is attached to one of you, using your fizzjump.png will not dodge the damage (I think this is been the case since 5.2, when they made the coding think of it as a debuff rather than a bomb)

So if he engages with fizzmarinerdoom.png, you'll have to fizzjump.png before it attaches. Then, he will dodge your fizzjump.png with his and you can fizzmarinerdoom.png him and win.

OR he will let your fizzjump.png hit him, and then you will have fizzmarinerdoom.png available and he will have fizzjump.png available. Keep fighting, but remember that as soon as your fizzjump.png is available you can keep using it, because he doesn't have his fizzmarinerdoom.png and you can just fizzmarinerdoom.png him if he ever uses his fizzjump.png.

At least this isn't as much of a headache as an 245.png mirror.




This comes from BigLouNdaBoyz.

Irelia is known as probably the best Triforce user and spikes insanely hard off of that item, however before triforce she's kinda weak. How you win this matchup is assert your dominance early and try to kill her levels 1 and 2 by using your W, Q, and Ignite to get her. She's rather weak pre 6 and pre sheen/triforce so try to play around her weaknesses to your advantage. Fighting her when her W is down is also a good thing to do. After laning phase unless you're really ahead, you most likely won' beat her in a 1v1 without ignite. I recommend going randuins second after triforce to help against her as well as getting tabis. Hope this all helped




Start 1082.png. This will be a fun game.

Remember, whenever he uses fallenone.png in the debuff bar (above summoner spells on the HUD) there is a countdown timer which shows you how much time is left. Once there is only 1/4 of it left, use your fizzjump.png and take no damage.
Levels 1-2 are dodgeball. Get as much cs as you can, but prioritize not getting rekt by his laywaste.png. Your passive allows you to ignore unit collision, which should make dodging easier, but if you get hit too much you can't fight him at level 3. So play like a spineless jellyfish if you have to to sustain your health.

Never bother fizzjump.pnging over his wallofpain.png, it just isn't worth it unless he has multiple people there. No matter how fed he is, past level 3 there is really no point in the game when he can fight you.




You win early game by virtue of just having better damage and the luxury of not having to wait on a RoA to stack. Start with a Dark Seal because you should be able to snowball and roam, and get an Abyssal because you are both melee AP.

Do NOT use your fizzjump.png to dodge his nulllance.png, ever. It is so not worth. Also remember his nulllance.png gives a shield on cast rather than on damage, so it's just bad use of your fizzjump.png unless you were going in anyway. Make sure to get the slow off as pre-6 he has no mobility or CC.


Other than that, piece of cake.




Definitely get 3001.png at some point. It will reduce the damage she deals to you by more than 25%, even more if she also gets an Abyssal.

You will get harassed by her bouncingblades.png a lot early. Trade with her as soon as the mark wears off, because early game her only other abilities are shadowstep.pngkillerinstinct.png. Neither of them deal any damage at all early game. They both have base damages of 40 until she hits level 8, and 25% AP ratios.

If she ever tries to pop deathlotus.png, just throw fizzmarinerdoom.png on her and hop up into the air with fizzjump.png. You'll end up taking about half a second of her ult's damage, and she will get interrupted with no way to dodge your ultimate. Her ulti's cooldown is lower than yours, though, especially if she can get kills. But if you pick up an early Sheen, the rank one cooldowns will be exactly the same. Problem solved.

Don't fizzjump.png to dodge bouncingblades.png, it just isn't mana efficient. Even if she does a close-range throw at you in early game and you want to dodge it while fizzjump.pnging onto her for an easy trade and a ton of damage, don't do it because she'll just shadowstep.png to a minion farther back and you'll waste 100 mana.




This matchup is perceived as very difficult because of her R, kayleR.png. In reality, it is very easy. Simply take her poke up the butt early with your corrupting flask, then go ham at level 3. QW, then, wait for her to use kayleQ.png and dodge it, use the single hop for a slow, and auto attack until she flashes away or dies. Post-6, don't combo her or use your ult unless she does not have it, as if you do an R -> E -> QW the damage will arrive at the same time and all be blocked. Instead, poke her down with multiple rotations.

Dodging the kayleQ.png puts you in a position somewhat similar to the mage boinker, but she will not be as helpless as other champions




Assuming AP Puppy here, I don't know how to lane against AD.

In laning phase, he is still extremely squishy and has little damage, his only cc being a slow on MlgUdQsM81BsE41J163v9Wz6ByIiE6G43IOdD0ee. If he gets in your range, have no mercy.

Try to dodge zp-6V0_g_FP0uiY59uDi3UJRivqQRvfTDYXQOHRq with your BE3xkrGbH4ZrdcQwMilQwz7Mv7psBrgA1NN6j4P4, even if you have to use the second hop to also get the damage off on him. The slow is more important for him than you, as you can easily dive him.

Tip: If you are in a minion wave when you kill him, just wait till he is on top of you and then K0OM_Fj1wlYtCRwE7CDOO74OUvTJrRuWvCGkHdLo away. No need to use 0xg0i7gmucRQdZRwR7fzfJsmM4gb786gQWdr9O3w

If you build full damage, 3syfF42LACWfgEwfnSErUIMx3pWwruroMIrRUsGNd85a06Pygfzkev5NpsHt_R3XiUYobpV-OLQEoWgo9T4ygSXW5Smeprsh9r3KeFU6U5sSxCeKUEp3DYgKauto attack will kill him.

His new 1t88GPWq3wEGyv1pBRAJ0r01MfHPsX_Y_rnTAgwu does low damage unless you are low HP, and he needs to stand still to get his full nhfKOCms4mRKmD_pJGfRHGNFd559PlqunZscV-2p damage off. So if he starts standing still, kill him, and if he tries to execute you with NvyeQpZT2Ntvf_hyQmlMFER7sva2K5JkcjRZ5Y8Q either back off or all-in him. He can't 1v1 you at any point except pre-level 2.

Start xJ1e9PLmPg6P1KQBmVwxfoexQzhlBN9A8kitMCUV then HENxmG9GPF_mVIOvAlAzsiQH5nKxYxIRnAAKGGn9 so you can go in at level 2. Obviously 1082.png




Her mobility combined with the fact that every one of your skills is dodgeable makes this a very difficult lane. If she knows what she is doing, it will be hard to retaliate at all.

Start with a 2033.png and trade as much as you can so that the poke she gets off on you isn't for free and you can keep up frequent trades. Pre-6, you'll be able to dodge one of her abilities or more if you time it right, which will allow you to keep up as long as you don't play like a little bitch.

Post-6, however, it will be very difficult to land your fizzmarinerdoom.png so you'll have to wait for her to use her mobility. If you tag her return spot with a fish right as she is diving a squishy, she'll either have to stay in the middle of your team or get hit by your shark. The problem with this is that it uses your fizzmarinerdoom.png, so if your team doesn't take advantage of the vulnerability that gives her you'll have wasted your ultimate.

Rush Negatron Cloak -> Abyssal, then proceed as normal.




This is another mind-game matchup. It's all about you playing around her oUBSvJl2-UX_oxCRw6nqse4DooTLZif31baClozp and M-v8NxUZbNsu87TPapd4mXuvWqiOVJqlE0QtGzM-. Heavily leans in her favor, but you have a lot of room to outplay, so it isn't as bad as Pantheon or Darius. More like 8/10 difficulty. If she starts up her uTRO5YEDnJXo_7B3vdN4i1hniz06LafmqovTUZTQ, just tag her with your ult and she won't be able to swap at max range.

RxM0iJNw24gonUtH5c_d1q3PcC8vYErY9_M9oeJb will shut you down if you do not predict and dodge it with cwd-8PL36eZTY8p--e_MvI3N2sDkutaBcNyTRD6D

5vvLHpixwKaPzgfyYIKcB7ptQayH3fY36ooUdBbB has a tiny little cast time. If she is about to use it on you, you will see a little ring of icicles under your feet. rRk9esJpW47-zJMx7GEPzxqBqoDztYwtxoaVnUIY immediately to dodge it. This will not place it on cooldown, but gives you some breathing room to get out of range or go in.

If she waits until she gets low and uses St79Uw66eSBkzEbk7AUaoVWJx-OnNnT10yxojd_v on herself, there is really nothing you can do, sadly. She'll heal everything up and do a ton of damage to you.

Come teamfights, don't bother focusing her because her entire kit is designed to shut down mobility. Thankfully, she doesn't do a ton of damage, and if she uses bJau-jcnOALjYLGQRgBUQgGfYL1DinQlkkPjHTg0 on you it leaves her vulnerable and means your adc won't get ulted. But don't get caught out or she'll demolish you.

Lots of things to watch out for, but not an impossible matchup, especially pre-6 where if you dodge her c7JZx1DpQCYv3k5XWlrZaXN4oLAatrqm5bUq0jTq well you can come out ahead. Post-6, try to get kills with roams because your roaming is stronger.




She doesn't do so much damage. The main issue here is the fact that she has so many ways to peel you off of herself and make your job as an assassin difficult. Don't ever dive her unless she is completely out of mana.

Build normally in this matchup, but bank on getting most of your kills out of roaming.

Be careful of where her luluq.png cast is going to come from, because she can get some funky angles here. The slow is also absolutely ridiculous.

The luluw.png Polymorph is also really annoying. It will just shut you down...

The lulue.png and lulur.png are both just anti-burst, with the ultimate also very mildly cc'ing you.




She is all skillshots, you have fizzjump.png, I don't see the problem here.

Actually though, her passive hurts like hell even with your passive. If she ever, ever, ever engages with luxlightbinding.png then it is probably a gank. If she is just being dumb, though, take this opportunity to dodge it with your first e-hop and then jump onto her for damage with the second (you probably need to use both because she won't likely be in close range).

Later on in the game, just don't ever get snared and before you try to dive her include the double shield on luxprismaticwave.png in your calculations.

Your choice as to what to start, I would take Dark Seal though. 3001.png is not recommended. 3157.png is recommended.

Refer to the Mage Boinker, under the Essential Combos section




There are two things you will need to play around in this matchup.

1) alzaharmaleficvisions.png will hurt if you stand near diseased minions. So don't.
2) alzaharnethergrasp.png will wreck you if he hits you with it. At level 6, it's a race of who can unload their immense burstiness first. Tag him with a long-range (but not max range) fizzmarinerdoom.png, then go in on him as fast as you can. fizzjump.png him as soon as he is in double-hop range, and then just burst his face. You have until the knock-up wears off to kill him, because if he uses alzaharnethergrasp.png before that then it will be interrupted.

Your combo here is fizzmarinerdoom.png -> double fizzjump.png -> fizzseastonepassive.png with autos (get him to 200 with auto attacks if you can), then get behind him, 14.png, and fizzpiercingstrike.png through him. Then start running away. Now you will be a solid distance from him, and he will be massively slowed with no retaliation. This is your fastest burst combo, and it can eliminate a single out-of-position target very quickly before putting you back at a safe range.

Remember that his alzaharcallofthevoid.png is a 3-second silence. That is so damn long. Ugh.




Medium, on the hard side.

Your passives cancel each other out. lel

Her shield is annoying for your burst combo, but you can dodge her xw-nj84saASiYsLhD8JIPrGOZ5LJ6YixMvAvDbuY so whatever.

You'll get poked a lot early, but as the game goes farther 100-0ing her gets easier.

Start C8pILk9kBOFEOG7QcTTT3scZ5qe5zg0B4ymnoFqt to survive the pokes.

Don't fight her at level 3, she will shield herself and win because she actually has strong auto attacks. You can win at 6, but not 100-0. Try to do one trade with her and get her down to 50% or so, then you can burst.

Don't underestimate her. It's easy to do, but she is quite powerful.




If you see an enemy pantheon mid in ranked, dodge. I'm not joking for exaggeration. His only purpose in life is to make you rage super hard. At level 1 the poke will be so intense you will have to go b.pantheon_throw.pngpantheon_throw.pngpantheon_throw.pngpantheon_throw.pngpantheon_throw.png

Whenever I see the enemy pick Fizz first, I go Pantheon mid because of how absolutely disgusting this matchup is. He will rush 3155.png and it will be hell. You outscale him super hard, and can come back with roams though. So if it's your promos or something and you can't dodge, just play like a little bitch early and go out of laning with an entire cs if you are lucky.



Medium, on the easy side because there is a ton of counterplay (she has all skillshots and your + passive + fizzjump.png+fizzpiercingstrike.png make dodging easier. Nonetheless, she does a lot of damage. Let's get into it now.

syndraQ.pngsyndraQ.png Those are what your eyes will look like after laning phase, full of tears and despair and hopelessness. It is impossible to dodge. Start corrupting flask and hold onto your butthole tight as you can. Your only hope here is for her to get cocky. If she goes for a stun or ult, you can easily dodge with fizzjump.png and turn the fight, using the second hop to get the damage off onto her. You can also 4.png mid-fall because the slow is great on the mobility-less Syndra, espeically if she just used her syndraW.png and/or syndraE.png and you dodged them. Rush Lich Bane -> Abyssal -> Zhonyas




Ever since his silence was removed this has been an easier matchup. There are a few things to remember here.

1) His talonrake.png and talonshadowassault.png are skillshots that your fizzjump.png or a well-timed 3157.png can dodge. If you see him going all in and trying to blow everything, just zhonyas it and try again later. If he is just going for a small trade with his talonrake.png, then dodge that with Playful, fall on him and trade.
2) His talonnoxiandiplomacy.png means that you will not win an auto attack trade with him with just fizzseastonepassive.png. Sadly, yours is not an auto attack reset.
3) fizzmarinerdoom.png gives true sight, so if goes into stealth with talonshadowassault.png, then you will still see him as long as fizzmarinerdoom.png is on him. Ult him as soon as he goes in on you if he is going for an extended trade and you don't have zhonyas.

You can start playing this aggressive at level 3, but he is too strong to fight at levels 1-2. He gets a strong power spike at level 5, as well.

1056.png or 2033.png -> 3100.png -> 3157.png

This matchup will get really really really really out of control if he gets any lead at all, which is why it's listed as hard and not medium.




When he tries to varusq.png you (pre-6) or varusr.png you (post-6), just use the mage boinker on him. He can't do anything but die if you land a fish on him and dodge his ult. In lane, just be careful of his poke. If you use fizzpiercingstrike.png to dodge varusq.png he will oom first, but if you use fizzjump.png to dodge it you'll get rekt. If he ever gets in your range at any point in the game (other than level 1) you can kill him. Get a Zhonyas after 3100.png and maybe 3041.png because if he lands his ult on one of your allies in a teamfight, you can zhonyas the snare and not get killed (if you are snared, you only have 1 useable ability and it's on a long cooldown).




Medium? Veigar?? What???

Hush, let me explain this to you.

He will stand at long range all day and if you go up to him he'll try to stun you. Use your fizzjump.png to get over it, and let yourself drop if you can because his lack of mobility means that being slowed by your one-cast playful will allow you to get puns of damage in on him.

This is medium because you have to be careful after 6. His ult will do bonkers damage to you, so make sure to get Abyssal and Zhonyas after your Lich Bane. If you use fizzjump.png to dodge his veigareventhorizon.png, you will get hit by his veigarprimordialburst.png and vice versa. Either one will result in you instantly dying in a teamfight. That is where your Abyssal and Zhonyas come into play. With those two items, you no longer have to worry about being oneshotted, and you can still zhonyas to prevent being hit by his veigardarkmatter.png as dodging it while maneuvering inside of veigareventhorizon.png gets very annoying/difficult.

By the way, start Dark Seal because it should be fairly easy to snowball this matchup.




He is all skillshots, you ignore unit collision and have ZatErDlyON9QvrP_K26KRKyRyAR2GEe8aGQI9STC and ah6PM_YzdODG2ZJ5z6p24UTvHsXisMclwPruU_o_

If you ever see him start to use SMVmRZ5g5dqO6_08xbhR2zG7EHHgDCRr7ptRG53J in a teamfight or something, tag him with OyXyd9GLxxxhk1fNXVmvzQ7Mh2-ArKMKxa7LTyal because he can't dodge it and it will interrupt him, making him a sitting duck for your team. Try to focus him because he is extremely easy to take down, having no escapes and his only cc being comically easy to dodge with Eg97KTugDCwzGtTf2Rp_qVxDmRHnrboHKAs1jf9h, and he does tremendous AoE damage if left untouched.

If you use M1kcnNSiCovCgi81pBQefRV2MzSnSRoZJC9Eutbs before he uses rELEXynUVs9FzDhcrHFkuhEBk9swWNbNynF0HVHa, try to dodge it with LcAY0hft0UDr7ITBDiIXkEHv185m7_LhoZv3THkL. Note that your ThBM6kGIcOH6uzimXtgsAcLfRknD3umMyrMCPq3f does get interrupted if you are mid-dash. If you get caught by _DVgbvVDAbAbU-nfuFG2UPzCVAeTuqIsYtek7Glx with no gapclosers off cool down, your engage is made worthless.

If he ults you at close range, 4YeCVM0bD5a-211nsY3S5aB_EmO17xdZ1L31oOkB him and it will put you behind him. rekt




You can counter him really hard, or you can get rekt.

If dodging his viktordeathray.png means losing some cs early game, that's fine. His viktorpowertransfer.png will make his trades more powerful, his viktorgravitonfield.png will make it harder to kill him, his viktorchaosstorm.png does respectable damage, but his viktordeathray.png will make or break the lane. Here are some ways to deal with him:

viktorpowertransfer.png: The main damage source here is the laser beam. As soon as he uses it, he'll try to auto attack you. But, if you're quick enough, you can take a gamble. If you hop into the air immediately, there is a decent chance that he'll just click where you were and waste part 1 of the damage on your untargetability and part 2 on a minion. If this fails and he waits on his auto attack, it'll be realy bad though so this risk is usually not worth taking.

viktorgravitonfield.png: when you all in him, he'll put this on himself and you won't be able to keep auto attacking him. Here is what you do to counteract that: When you are trying to all-in him, do this combo:
1) fizzmarinerdoom.png at long-range (not max range) like always, so it's harder for him to dodge it
2) He'll be slowed, so walk up to him and fizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzseastonepassive.png. You are now on top of him and have 1.5 seconds exactly from the moment he places his viktorgravitonfield.png. Judge whether or not you can auto attack. 
3) At the last split-second, fizzjump.png into the air. Definitely, 100% for sure save the playful for this next trick. When you come down, aim yourself riiiight to the edge of the stun field while still hitting him, if you can.
You can 14.png whenever you want. If you do this combo, and either you get stunned because you messed up or your burst doesn't kill him, it's quite likely that you will die.

viktordeathray.png: Just dodge it. Once he has his augment, there will be two waves of damage. The farther you are from him, the more simultaneous the two waves will be (the main laser is slow and comes first, the secondary one is fast but comes after a delay so they reach the end at the same time).

This thing hurrrrts, so you really need to dodge it as much as you possibly can. During laning, just make your movement patterns irregular and hard to predict (.3 second moving North, .6 moving South South East, then .3 moving West and 1 second moving North or something like that)

Note that you can use the Mage Boinker detailed in the Essential Combos section on him, because his laser is so important to his kit (It deals 350 + 98% AP at max ranks)

viktorchaosstorm.png: Luckily, you don't have any channeled abilities and your mobility means you can fizzpiercingstrike.png away and then fizzjump.png away or something like that. This moves slower the farther away from him you are, so if you aren't looking to fight him always move away relative to him when he uses this. Just, don't move towards him. Think of this like it is leashed to him. Or, if it's in a teamfight and he is for some weird reason standing next to the ADC, you can't move away, so just burst them both down.




Sort of like Syndra, he is all skillshots but don't underestimate his damage. Still a very easy matchup past early levels, and a medium matchup in the early levels.

Use your n4rUyaOFQIy9Fc8qBZ8KH8f3-JVT-4YT7NXiRo_A to dodge jUwshUP5Z_yFw-e0n0kiuBcxBFKoPmaBd93mZO5Y but your DI94KjvPosW1R34Gj-KTMYCZtQzk0U60DrqlKhY1 isn't worth the mana.

When going all in, save your JOJkBFzL9KyR_2-xgTDM66TQOsxPugc-ZgrPNG9h for mNmagx3bVN9rJrUOpNEu1hLrbVKZvcMeKVsuWZus and use the double hop to get over it.

If he ever ults in a teamfight, just tag him with klTC2Y2MZVop9-K0n_ZuPKDAsDqMebv_67rSwG7g because he cannot dodge it.

Remember that he is incredibly squishy, but don't underestimate his damage if you don't dodge his spells. Definitely get a YYtJ4szNiY-641IYygBLJ33V9AKayrQ1B5an7DFu, even if only to help you dodge.

The lane will depend on

---a) how well you can dodge his Y4mS5E__RIDmdnGAe2o9scMsgd_VlV4kD9caSRix, and how well he can hit it

---b) how often he gets in your range

because if he gets in your range, you can kill him.




This is very much a skill matchup, with Fizz and Yasuo each having the advantage at various points in the game.

Recommended Starting Items: 3041.png (The Dark Seal)
Recommended Summoner Spells: 4.png OR 3.png (Always take 14.png)

Level 1: Yasuo has the advantage here because he has two abilities, his shield and either his E or Q.

Level 2: The lane is now even. Yasuo will have his E and Q, and you will have 2 of your abilities.

Level 3: Fizz has an advantage now. Yasuo's W is useless before 6 in this lane, so he had to put another point in an existing ability (both of which your E can dodge) whereas you now have three abilities! All-in him.

Levels 4-5: The matchup evens out here, and it is very easy to give up a kill if you are too aggressive. Play smart and you can get first blood.

Level 6+: You have the advantage as long as you cast your ult point blank. Make sure he cannot yasuoE.pngdodge it or yasuoW.pngwindwall it and things will go well.

---If he tries to go too aggressive with his tornado, dodge it and use the second hop to do damage to him, then all-in him
---If you auto attack him just before his shield comes up, then he will run away and the DoT on your fizzseastonepassive.png will pop the shield for free




This used to be my favorite matchup, but at some point along the way it just got really easy. It isn't a skill matchup if you follow this advice:

Do not try to outtrade him early as it will oom you and you will lose.
To dodge his zedR.png, you have to fizzjump.png when the red X is on you, otherwise it will be too late. Just sit on the first hop. They both last .75 seconds though, so if you dodge it successfully you automatically negate his ult and land your fizzjump.png slow.
Feel free to max range fizzmarinerdoom.png him because he will have no way to dodge other than frantically getting in your face for an ult. AND THAT DOESN'T EVEN WORK. Zed players have it in their heads that because you can dodge their ult, they can dodge yours. This is wrong. If the fish locks on, the fish freaking locks on. He will take damage and the mark if it has locked on, even while untargetable. So ult him first, and you'll get him to waste his.
When doing this, note that he can zedR.png you as the fish is traveling to just prevent it from locking on in the first place. Then you just look dumb.
You can take 3.png14.png in this matchup and really screw him over, too.

NOTE 6.3: You can dodge ult but not duskblade, so definitely get zhonyas even if you are stomping

Matchups Explained Back to Top

SLU 3/1/2017

Note that for some champions, like Syndra, I put them in as medium because perception is that Fizz counters her very hard, but she is very easy to underestimate.

Matchup detail ranges anywhere from the short 31.png matchup to the long 112.png matchup. This is because the Cho matchup doesn't really have a lot worth explaining, whereas Viktor's abilities all have complex components with various levels of counterplay.

I try to make most of them the size of this section or longer.

If you can think of any other champions where some tips/tricks would be useful, tell me in the comments section. Most likely, I didn't put them in because I don't have much recent experience going against them.

This section needs updating.

Who is Fizz and why should I play him? Back to Top

There is one answer to both of those questions.


Fizz can be played top, jungle, mid, adc (?). He can be played tank, fighter, assassin, mage. You can build almost any item on him. You can use almost any masteries on him.

His kit has mobility, disruption, pick power, disengage, engage, magic damage, physical damage, all-in.

He is such a good go-to champion for anyone who wants to play him. Honestly, if you want you can disregard this guide and try out whatever seems like a good idea. To be honest, it probably is (look at the runes), as long as you aren't playing him support, building crit, or maxing your fizzpiercingstrike.png. With that being said, this is what I have found to be best. If you want to know why you should trust me, you can look up my account (thlef / THlEF) or read the author section. Good luck.

Patch Discussions Back to Top

SLU Dec 6 2016

Preseason 7 Changes 

This will be the section for my thoughts on the Assassin rework. I still have to do some research and play him some more on the PBE before I come to a definite conclusion.

If you haven't seen the preseason changes to Fizz, make sure to check them out before reading this section. Use this handy link Surrender@20, all credit to the FF20 team


So far, everything on there is pretty nerfish (hehe fish). I am going to assume for this discussion that it gets balanced out by the time these changes go live.

Q Changes

Alright so this buff seems to me like it's just waveclear compensation because you won't be able to use W's active for extra waveclear speed anymore. Not really feasible to hit more than one, mayyybe two champions with this but you can probably get all 3 of a given type of minion in a wave if you time this right.


This is the big one. No more % Missing HP damage, so he isn't really a tankbuster anymore, and of course no more synergy with 3153.png. I do think the lack of an active that basically just buffs your autos (100% uptime with 40% CDR on live) is going to mean that he will have zero potential for Bloodrazor jungle builds. Runeglaive jungling is probably going to be alright, but by no means good and I do not recommend it. His jungle clear is going to be absolutely awful, but there is a new strategy. Because the DoT no longer does missing HP damage, the best jungle clear strategy is now to alternate hitting all the camps to try and make it so they are all bleeding (ex. hit wolf 1, then wolf 2, then big wolf, rinse, repeat) so you aren't losing damage from the missing HP anymore.

As for midlane, it seems like it will be a nerf to his level 2-4 combo and kill potential because you can't just whack away at the enemy for ages and win an auto attack war anymore. At level 6-13 or so (early mid game), this will be a buff to his kill potential because it gives you the extra burst you need to close out kills while being in exactly the right timeframe. If you can do it right, it will be really nice. Lategame is going to trash though, because 2 seconds is a very very long time to wait. Remember, Fizz's E provides untargetability for .75 seconds, and his R's knockup lasts for 1 second. So if you chain the two correctly, you will still have to wait until after the knockup wears off to press it. Basically, there is going to be a lot of counterplay but if they mess up you will get some big damage. Still not enough to rely on.

R Changes:

Well, no more of the Q > Undodgable ult combos. This is a pretty simple change. Basically you really want to shoot from that sweetspot that I have mentioned in that guide, which is about 800-900 range. I'll put up a picture to clarify, because shooting from that sweetspot range is going to be very, very important to maximize damage. Another thing to make sure to remember is that the timeless trap of shooting only to have the range just barely not be enough will be so much more tempting now, don't even try to pull off those sick plays with max range unless your target is CC'd. 2/3 range is enough for decent damage without being incredibly risky (again, sweetspot). To help you visualize it, imagine a Brand Q, Lee Sin Q, Syndra Q, Twitch R-empowered auto attack, Ahri Q, Blitz Q, Malzahar Q, Yasuo Tornado Q, Zed Q, Karthus Q, Heimerdinger E, and so on.

Patch 6.12 Discussion

Fizz's damage nerfs and e cooldown nerfs aren't that massive. No real changes to playstyle there. The hitbox is going to take a lot of people off guard though, it changes his area (pi*r^2) from 2800 to 9500, with his radius being nearly doubled. Gross.

Patch 6.9 Discussion

A bunch of items got changed here. 3157.png and 3001.png got CDR added, and 3152.png the new item has CDR, so you automatically get 40% every game you build 3100.png. You can get both 3157.png and 3001.png or just one of them and 3158.png, either way works. No need to run scaling CDR glyphs anymore because it is so easy to get capped.

Also, 3152.png is really great on the new Fizz. Extra burst, extra mobility, CDR, cheap item. Yes please. Problem is, it isn't slot efficient so you may want to sell it post-6 items and it gives Health, which is a really unnecessary stat on Fizz. It would be better if this thing gave an extra 30 AP and build out of a 3108.png instead, but then it would be super OP. Whatever, build this thing if you want to be more bursty.

Next up is the changes to 3101.png. This is relevant for 3078.png and 3115.png builds because it means that a) 3078.png is better because you don't need the crit anyway and it just gives more attack speed + CDR (but you have to be careful not to overcap yourself, or just be aware that you will probably go over 40%). Stinger's price efficiency decrease is pretty irrelevant though because stinger was always the worse item in both 3078.png and 3115.png.

Preseason 6 Discussion

Preseason item changes were amazing for Fizz! Passive gold gain and increased cs gold made Riot increase the gold cost on nearly every item, but Fizz's items are still amazing:

---3100.png trades 200 gold for 10% CDR. So worth
---3115.png has no cost change, but 10% increased attack speed.
---3001.png costs less gold with no stat changes! Thanks Riot!
---1082.png is now an item. Check it out. It also builds into the new 3041.png, which is viable now.
---2033.png, which has good synergy with your damage over time, replaces 2041.png. Check it out.
---Mage itemization has been nerfed, so his lane opponents are weaker.

There is one change which hits Fizz hard, and that is the removal of Ability Power on 3057.png. This ushers in the rise of 3145.png which has a longer cooldown but does as much damage and gives as much AP as a blasting wand. Sheen hasn't amplified fizzmarinerdoom.png damage for a few patches, and now that it gives no AP it gives damage comparable to a 1026.png. You can still buy it, but don't expect a good power spike like it used to be. All it means is that you need to rush a 3100.png, because the end result will just be more CDR for a little bit more gold. It delays your early game power spike but your mid game is stronger.

I don't like 3165.png on Fizz because a lot of gold is used on the Grievous Wounds and mana regeneration. I can see liking the mana regen, but I personally think of it as a worse version of 3115.png in a lot of ways. Although if their team has any of 2.png8.png9.png36.png266.png50.png, go ahead and buy it. (not16.png, remember Grievous Wounds is only self-healing)

About Me Back to Top

Hi, I'm THlEF. Here are some stats about me and why you should trust me.
Screenshot (38).png
Winstreak Final.png
(This is from the 5.2-5.7 dominion of tanky Fizz. That was a dark time in Fhiszzstory)

Hello to everyone, and thank you for reading the guide so far. If you've read everything to this point, thank you for taking the time. I am an axolotl. This is my first guide on Lolking even though I've been reading guides here for over 3 and a half years, and I wanted to contribute but also make sure that my content is actually good and useful. I'm not just going to list runes/masteries/items/skill orders/matchups with no explanations, I want you to know why I say what I do so that if you disagree with something or have a question, you have a basis on which to either challenge me or figure out your own path.

My only ranked account, THlEF, ended season 6 in Platinum IV on NA. I was placed in Silver I at the beginning of season 7 (feelsbadman). If you see me in-game, say hi! :D I have played League of Legends since December 2012 (aka Preseason 3), but was pretty bad until the middle of last season, when I climbed from Silver 3 to Gold 3 between August and October (more like a month of ranked, because I didn't play much ranked once I hit Gold until I realized that Riot was adding Division Markers).

I have mained Fizz since mid-season 4, accumulating about 150 Fizz ranked games in season 4 and 250 last season. He makes up most of all my ranked games. I have more normal games with Fizz than ranked with him, too. I wanted to make this guide to share with you everything I know about Fizz. I started maining Zed as well in preseason 6, but Fizz still has a special place in my heart as well as over 240 thousand mastery points.

If you read my guide and disagree with something, please tell me in the comments before you downvote. I want to hear from people who disagree with me. I made a section called reader tips. If you have an opinion of Fizz but don't want to make an entire guide, comment and I will put it in.

If you have any questions, or just want to talk about Fizz, feel free to add me on NA (THlEF with a lowercase L), or message me on reddit (/u/zed_ate_my_sled) or comment below. If you enjoyed this guide, make sure to like it. Thank you for reading this, and I just hope you get something out of it, because I really love playing Fizz and wish you will too.

Toplane Fizz Back to Top

Toplane Fizz, like jungle Fizz, can really be played in two different ways: Tank/AP Fizz, and On-Hit Fizz. Either way, you aren't playing it like a burst assassin because you'll get eaten up by the likes of 122.png58.png80.png420.png who will tank your burst and then kill you. Runes for Toplane Fizz are essentially the same, with a few differences which I'll detail later. For masteries, take 18/0/12. In Ferocity, you'll want to stay all the way on the right side of the tree and take Fervor as your keystone because you aren't building enough AP or AD to make Deathfire Touch's terrible base damage bearable, and you auto attack enough that you'll get full gold value out of Fervor, which is a lot of gold value.

Your starting items will depend on the matchup. Against an AD bully like  122.png58.png80.png420.png1029.png and 4x 2003.png will give you an easier time surviving. You can also situationally start 2033.png, but when in doubt I go for a 1055.png because it is never bad and you'll be auto attacking plenty.

[Matchups are pending, I'm going to be playing Toplane Fizz over the next few days in various styles so that I can get up-to-date preseason matchups in. I haven't done a lot of toplane Fizz since 5.2 so while my builds can be fresh for the new season, a lot of the matchups wouldn't be so rather than put in outdated information I'm just going to play some Toplane Fizz]

Tank Fizz

Tank Fizz will do mostly magic damage. A bit more physical than burst midlane just because of its more sustained nature, but still mostly magic damage. For runes, same as normal but you can swap out AP Quintessences for Armor Quintessences to give yourself some extra tankiness.

For your build, it will depend on the matchup. I'll just list some good items, the build order depends on the game largely, as with most tanks. You don't have a particular synergy with one item you have to rush, and you aren't a juggernaut so for the most part you can take your pick.

Versus AD Heavy Team: 3025.png3068.png3110.png3047.png are all good pickups.
Versus AP Heavy Team: 3001.png3068.png3078.png are nice options.
Versus Balanced Team (Mixed Top/AD Jungle/AP Mid/ADC/AP Support): Your build will generally be 3068.png and3001.png, with the specific order depending on lane matchup, followed by either 3025.png or 3078.png. When in doubt, 3111.png are always a good option to make you even more slippery. For your last two items, you can pick among some of these items: 3146.png3124.png3102.png3115.png3512.png

On-Hit Fizz

This is a lot like Jungle Devourer On-Hit Fizz but without the jungle item. Your goal is just to stack up as many on-hit effects as possible. Compared to jungling, it has the advantage of being able to get your core hybrid items a lot faster so you can hit power spikes and get tanky sooner without having to drop a lot of gold on a jungle item. However, you aren't getting the sated and with so many on-hits it can be a big drawback. Also, there are a lot of more difficult matchups as On-Hit Fizz, and so you might get behind early.

Runes: The same as midlane Fizz, but take Hybrid Penetration marks because a lot of your damage (40% or so) will be physical.

You are going to always rush your 3078.png into 3146.png. After that, options include everything featured in the Items section for Fighter Fizz.

Remember that your fizzjump.png is not your main damage tool, but you are still maxing it first because if you don't, and you don't have CDR in runes/masteries, this thing is going to be on a massive 16 second cooldown and every time you try to fight you'll get completely wrecked. With it maxed, you can hop around in teamfights and juke the enemy while keeping up more 3057.png procs and unleashing your formidable sustained damage.

AP Toplane Fizz

After trying this out a few times, I have decided that this version of Fizz is incredibly strong and really fun to play. It's like Cho'Gath, but way better.

For runes, run everything the same except you'll want to swap Magic Penetration out for Hybrid Penetration in Marks.

Your summoner spells will be:12.png14.png or 4.png12.png
For masteries, you can decide between Fervor with 18/0/12 and Grasp of the Undying with 12/0/18. One is more aggressive, the other is tankier. Decide based on your preference and the situation. Sadly, Distortion enchantment is no longer in existence but you can still run the Resolve Tree CDR on summoner spells and get Ionian Boots immediately after your first core item for a low cooldown teleport (and possibly flash).

The Build

Starting Items: 1055.png2003.png 100% of the time. This will give you the best all-around stats, and combined with your flat health seals you'll be ridiculously tanky early game. On your first back, try to get 1055.png1026.png if you can. This will make you even tankier, and help build into 3027.png.

Abilities: Max E -> W -> Q

Core: 1026.png -> 3027.png -> 1333.png -> 3001.png -> 3146.png -> 3115.png -> 3068.png/3512.png/3060.png/3078.png/3100.png

This build gives a ridiculous amount of actives, passives, stats, and is all around hilariously gold efficient. It's insane.

The goal of this build is to become a Fighter. You won't have a 3100.png, you won't have 3020.png, you won't have Thunderlord's Decree. You are going to be less bursty, yes. But you have a ton of tank stats, and Zhonya's combined with 40% CDR makes you really slippery. You'll also be able to output a ton of sustained damage because you can now survive in the thick of a fight with your Nashor's Tooth.

This build scales extremely ridiculously hard. Every single item you buy will be a tremendous powerspike. The problem, then, is that it is very item reliant. Early game, you are extremely susceptible to being bullied out of lane before level 6. To compensate for this, we run Flat HP Seals, take 18/0/12 masteries for maximum sustain, and start with a double Doran's Blade for more tankiness, sustain, and damage. These would normally make a champion's early game absolutely insane at the cost of being pretty bad late game, but on Fizz it allows you to survive the early game against popular toplaners, letting you scale into the monster you were always meant to be.

Jungle Fizz Back to Top

The way I see it, there are two ways to build Jungle Fizz, now that Cinderhulk isn't stupidly broken anymore. 1414.png with AP makes Fizz his normally bursty, assassinating self just in the jungle, and 1419.png gives you some cool options for an on-hit build.
No matter what build you are doing, I recommend these runes for maximum jungle effectiveness (so that you don't die on your second buff)

Marks: Attack Damage or Magic Penetration (for Devourer and Runic Echoes, respectively)
Seals: Flat Health/Scaling Health
Glyphs: Flat Armor
Quintessences: Attack Speed

I understand that this looks really weird and is very unorthodox, but after trying a lot of different combinations (especially from 5.2 to 5.7 when AP Fizz was bad and AD Fizz was OP), this is my preferred rune setup.

A few tips: 
- Remember that you can take 3.png or 14.png because your fizzjump.png can substitute for 4.png. If you do this, gank top at level 3 with your summoner if you can.
- You have 3 small gapclosers (fizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzjump.png) or 2 small gapclosers and a slow. One thing you can do if you are not that close to the enemy at the time of the gank is to fizzpiercingstrike.png to a minion at soon as you are in range, then single fizzjump.png for the slow, turn on fizzseastonepassive.png, and start attacking. 
- If you have 14.png, use it to finish off the kill or once they begin using a heal ability. If you have 3.png, use it for CC one the enemy has to resort to just walking away, or to turn a fight if your top laner gets low.
- Early ganks botlane are very powerful with 3.png or 14.png because with the support, you can get 5 seconds of Exhaustion or you can reduce the effectiveness of 7.png. Either way, good stuff to bring to a gank.
- Max your fizzseastonepassive.png second for more sustained damage. fizzjump.png is still better first, even on devourer, just because it scales so much better. It's really really unintuitive, but if you actually compare the efficiency of the two, fizzseastonepassive.png just doesn't give enough to justify it.
- Don't spam your fizzjump.png in the jungle or you will oom.

Runic Echoes Fizz

Start with 1039.png2031.png for DoT synergy and mana sustain. If you are still having sustain problems despite the super runes, go for 2003.pngs and skip the Refillable.
Get a 2032.png and 3715.png on your first back if you can, with the upgraded jungle item being more important. Red Smite has good synergy with your fizzseastonepassive.png.
After upgrading your jungle item, just build like normal Fizz. Not much to say there. Back to Fizzin.

Devourer Fizz

First of all, as a general rule you have to use Tundra Fizz if you are jungling. Don't ask why.
I'm honestly not sure what starting items are better on Devourer Fizz, but I suspect 1039.png is still the way to go. Whatever, do your early clear, blah blah, then we get to the fun stuff: The build.

Currently, ignore all the AD Fizz guides that say you need to rush 3153.png for the synergy with fizzseastonepassive.png. It's really not a good item. The fighter build is wayy too amazing. It is detailed in the items section, but basically it is some combination of (in whatever order works for your game)

Diamond Toplane Fizz Mini-Guide Back to Top

This is a section of the guide guest-starring season 5 diamond NA player BigLouNdaBoyz, who has some very insightful thoughts on toplane Fizz and definitely more experience than me. This is a bit oddly formatted because I am just copying in various replies and posts he has made rather than an entire guide, but it is well worth the read. All credit goes to him, and he has approved my use of this information.


The Build

My runes are AS reds, HP/Level Yellows, 10% scaling cdr blues and scaling mr blues, and AP quints. Masteries are 18-0-12 taking fervor. Max R>W>E>Q. I take 12.png14.png but you can go 4.png if you want. 

Most of the time you should rush 3078.png unless you're vs someone like 92.png or 122.png, then it's better to rush 3068.png an get 3078.png second. Rushing 3047.png vs auto attackers like 24.png and 39.png can shut them down in lane phase really hard as well. 

The normal 3 item core is 3078.png3068.png3065.png. After this you can opt for more tankiness with stuff like 3143.png vs ad or 3102.png vs ap. Most of the time it's better to just get a bunch of armor and dive adc's. A lot of times 3026.png after the core items is really really good because it's super annoying. 

The reason most people go 3065.png over something like 3001.png is because it's the best way to cap CDR and get a good chunk of HP and MR. It's arguably the best MR item right now and the regen isn't wasted as you have your base hp regen as well as outside source regen such as ocean drakes, red buff, and healers. 

If you're really far ahead after your 3 item core then you can opt into a damage item such as 3116.png3748.png, or 3053.png3116.png gives you a perma slow with your fizzseastonepassive.png and replaces the slow you're missing from getting 3078.png instead of 3025.png as well as hp and ap. 3748.png gives you good waveclear, more on hit damage, and burst as well as ad, hp, and more hp regen. 3053.png helps you not get bursted as well as buffing your sheen procs and ad and hp. 

As for boots, 3020.png are good because you increase your damage, but 90% of the time it's better to survive. 99% of my games I get 3047.png. They recently got buffed and most of the time you're trying to annoy Adc's and split pushing auto attackers and these are the best boots you can get.

On tanky fizz usually no [to Hextech Gunblade or Protobelt]. They're good on AP tho. Those items aren't very good standing alone so that's why I don't on tanky fizz. 3078.png3146.png is a good combo but it's very expensive and you'll be really squishy come mid game with those 2 items. You can opt for that if you know you can split push until you get a 3rd or 4th item. 3152.png is better on an ap build or if you go a hybrid sort of tank build. Overall I just wouldn't get them on tank fizz.

14.png vs 4.png is a matter of preference. I prefer ignite because it allows you to have insane kill pressure in lane with your base damage burst, and with your DOT from your fizzseastonepassive.png2033.png, and 14.png. There are many times where I get first blood at level 1 or 2 just from ignite and my W. Also you don't need flash necessarily because your fizzpiercingstrike.png or fizzjump.png are usually good enough to escape early ganks and with 40% cdr late game you'll be able to stick onto carries easily without flash. 4.png is very good as well and I recommend it if you're new to top fizz. The fizzjump.png4.png combo is very good to catch out people and it's just a very strong summoner in general. As for maxing W over E, the strength of Tank fizz is his annoying dps with the damage from his W active and passive. You rely on autos for most of your damage with the attack speed from runes masteries and triforce. Your E has good base damage but it's not your main source of damage as well as you don't need the lower cd early as you only really use it for escaping to chasing. Hope that all makes sense :)

[Hextech Gunblade is] a very strong one item spike and adds a lot of burst and pick potential with the active. The healing is surprisingly strong as it applies fully with your fizzseastonepassive.png. The only problem I find is it's hard to fit into his build because he needs a lot of core items like 3157.png3100.png, and 3001.png most of the time. However you can forgo items like 3100.png and 3001.png in some cases. It's an item I've tried a lot and I really like it as a first item.


On Mana Usage and Playstyle

There are very few times where I found myself running out of mana in fights. At level 18 your total mana pool would be 1196 and assuming you do a full combo on a carry you'll be using 340 mana assuming you use ult. After that a combo would be 240. However you also have to take into account that you're not going so spam out our E for damage like you do on AP fizz, you want to use your fizzjump.png to dodge skills or to gapclose most of the time, not for the damage. So in reality it's more about having enough mana to use your fizzseastonepassive.png and your fizzpiercingstrike.png which is only 110 mana to use which is plenty for an extended fight, you're not going to be W'ing and Q'ing up to 10 times in one fight, only 3-4 seems reasonable. That's just my imput on it. I agree with you that 3110.png and 3025.png are very good and effective items on fizz, I just prefer to have the hp from things like 3065.png and 3068.png than opt into 3110.pngand 3102.png.

Fizz can 100-0 almost any champion at level 6 regardless if they're squishy or not. The % damage amp on his ult makes it very easy to kill people early even if they get early resists. I find myself getting a lot of solo kills just from hitting 6 and going all in against my opponent. 

3027.png also isn't a bad item on Fizz it's just that it's not optimal. If you want to solve mana problems on Fizz there a much better options. 3027.png takes a long time to scale which you don't want on an early mid game champ. Also there are much better first item's to rush. If you want to opt into 3027.png I would assume you would want to go a bruiser AP build and you could go other things to fill that gap for both tankiness and for damage. 

Also as someone else said about Fizz's mana problems, you also have to take into account things like 2033.png,1082.png,  or dorans rings you may want to pick up early that can satisfy your mana more than enough.

Diamond Jungle Fizz Mini-Guide Back to Top

This is a section of the guide guest-starring season 5 diamond NA player BigLouNdaBoyz, who has some very insightful thoughts on jungle Fizz. This is a bit oddly formatted because I am just copying in various replies and posts he has made rather than an entire guide, but it is well worth the read. All credit goes to him, and he has approved my use of this information.



Jungle fizz can go either an on hit build with bloodrazor or an ap build with runic echos. I feel like cinder wouldn't be too bad but I would prefer one of the other 2. 

The bloodrazor build is rather versatile. You take things like 18-0-12 masteries with fervor (but sota can work as well), ad armor ap and attack speed runes, max R>W>E>Q. You can go for a heavy split push build or a bruiser build with bloodrazor with the attack speed and on hit damage synergies. 

Good damage items in this category would be things like 3078.png3153.png3146.png3124.png3046.png3091.png3748.png, things like that, stuff that adds to your split pushing and 1v1 power as well as better on hit synergies. 

Good Defensive items on this build would be 3068.png3143.png3110.png, or 3075.png vs AD and 3065.png3102.png3001.png, or  3156.pngeven vs AP. 

Runic Echoes

The other build you can do is with Echoes and go AP. This is a good build as a full on assassin if you like the AP style. 12-18-0 masteries taking TLD (or sota if you prefer), as armor ap and ap runes, max R>E>W>Q. 

I recommend going full damage if you go ap so items like 3100.png3146.png3152.png3165.png3157.png3001.png3135.png3089.png, stuff like. 



Just play around with the builds to see what you like. Adapt to comps and situations and don't just cookie cutter builds. The only really core item ap fizz needs is 3157.png

As for which match ups I favor one build, I don't really have a preference vs certain champs, I feel I can play any style vs anyone and find a way to win. I mean things like vs 45.png or 110.png mid then ya AP will be better. Vs fighters like 122.png or 92.png you may wanna go tankier. But like I said I don't really have a preference.

Essential Combos Back to Top

1) The Lane Trade: Use this once you hit level 3 in lane.
First, get in range of a fizzpiercingstrike.png, then QW onto their face and start auto attacking. You are now in their melee range, and they will likely panic and use an ability (like a brandblaze.png). Wait for this, and dodge it with fizzjump.png, then just fall on them with the single hop. If they don't panic and use an ability, wait until they start running away and then Playful them. Once they are slowed, you can keep auto attacking and finish off with 14.png. Remember that you have DoT from your fizzseastonepassive.png and 14.png. If they still have <40 health after your last auto attack, don't flash into tower range to finish them. They will die anyway.

If this combo fails, or you lose the trade, your only escape will be to walk away. So if you don't dodge the CC or important ability, whatever it is, with your fizzjump.png in time, then judge the situation and either keep going or use fizzjump.png to hop out before you get killed.

2) The Level 3-4 Noncommittal Dive: Use this after you have done a lane trade, but not gotten the kill. 

At this point in the game, your dive range is 350ish health. They should be low enough that they won't turn and kill you for fear of death, but high enough that they will think they can outplay you (dummies).
First QW them under their tower, making sure you are within ~250 units of max tower range, or you will likely die or have to burn 4.png. Then, auto attack them. Now, you will have barely enough time to dodge with fizzjump.png before the first tower shot lands. Use this ability away from the tower, so you are no longer in tower range and they are not in range of the AoE. Then, as you begin to land from Playful, move your cursor towards them and you will fall in their direction. Once it lands, run away. If you pull this off, they will take a ton of damage and get slowed as you walk away having disrespected them in front of their tower, taking no tower shots and relatively little retaliation damage. You can dive them afterwards with a variation of this combo in which you use your fizzjump.png to go farther in, auto again and 14.png, and then 4.png out. ez first blood.

3) The Pick: Use this post-6 against out of position targets, or against someone like 90.png (no mobility and a very powerful kit if he can pull it off) in lane.

Your combo here is fizzmarinerdoom.png at long-range (not max range) -> double fizzjump.png as soon as you are in range to hit him with two hops-> fizzseastonepassive.png with autos (get them to 200 with auto attacks if you can), then get behind him, 14.png, and fizzpiercingstrike.png through him. Then start running away. Now you will be a solid distance from him, and he will be massively slowed with no retaliation. This is your fastest burst combo, and it can eliminate a single out-of-position target very quickly before putting you back at a safe range. Note that 4.png, whether before the combo to get into range or after it to get back to safety, will make this much safer or surprising. If you are fed, try to make your fizzjump.png get you behind the target, and you will not even need to auto attack. The enemy team will just be like "WTF" having lost their carry.

4) The Mage-Boinker: Use this to kill mages who try to use their cc on you

Bait the CC (whatever it is, note that they are all long range skillshots), then either double fizzjump.png or fizzjump.png4.png onto them (you are going into the ability, I know it is counter intuitive) to dodge the cc and get the damage off. Now, these champions will have no cc or escapes so you can just kill them. GG EZ

Applicable Champions

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119.pngdravendoubleshot.png 107.pngrengarE.png          67.pngvaynecondemn.png          34.pngflashfrost.png          53.pngrocketgrab.png          

5) The Classic 100-0

Start out by going about 900 units away (your fish's actual max range, see the abilities section).
Then, tag the enemy with your fish. If they 4.png out, mission success. Flash has a much higher cooldown than fizzmarinerdoom.png
If it hits, walk up and fizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzseastonepassive.png. Now, it's time to make a decision. Ask yourself: Do you want a fast burst combo, or do you just need to make sure that they will die?
If you are going for a fast burst and know you have enough, immediately fizzjump.png, hold the second jump, and fall away as you 14.png them and walk away.
If you are trying to make sure they die (ex. this is level 6 and you don't have enough damage to just mash your face over the keyboard), hold your fizzjump.png to dodge an ability. In the meantime, keep auto attacking. If you have 3057.png or 3100.png, try to auto attack until the spellblade passive is off cooldown. This will also make sure Deathfire Touch is off cooldown, if you took that over Thunderlord's Decree.
When they use a CC abilty, or as soon as the fish knockup ends, fizzjump.png, hold the playful, fall on them, and finish with some more auto attacks and 14.png. If they flash to dodge your fizzjump.png, flash after them as you are following as I showed in the Faker vs. Westdoor 1v1 in the abilities section.

Combo Math Section [Outdated, WIP] Back to Top

SLU midseason 6, pending updates

This section deals with all the tedious calculations of Fizz's full burst damage. They are definitely not how an actual game's damage numbers would work because of factors like minion damage and HP regen, but it's the best estimate I can make given the numbers.

Level 6, No Sheen Combo: R->QWF->AA->AA->E->AA - 3 seconds

1.015(1.025 (1.2 (10 + 0.35x + 10 + 0.3x + 170 + 0.75x + 2(10 + 0.3x) + 20 + 0.9x + 60 + 0.1x) + 3(70) + 200 + x + 170))

From left to right, we have
1.015: Assassin mastery gives 1.5% increased damage unless you are in a teamfight.
1.025: Oppression gives 2.5% increased damage, and since your entire combo takes place during either the fizzmarinerdoom.png or fizzjump.png CC this is included in the entire thing
1.2: Your ultimate amplifies all magic damage you deal for 6 seconds
10 + 0.35x: fizzpiercingstrike.png
10 + 0.3x: fizzseastonepassive.png active bonus damage, applied when you fizzpiercingstrike.png
170 + 0.75x: fizzjump.png
2(10 + 0.3x): fizzseastonepassive.png bonus active damage from your two auto attacks
20 + 0.9x: 6 seconds of fizzseastonepassive.png passive DoT. Remember, I'm assuming the combo lasts 3 seconds
60 + 0.1x: Thunderlord's Decree
3 (70): 3 AA (1 from fizzpiercingstrike.png, 2 threaded into combo) base damage. Not amplified by fizzmarinerdoom.png
200 + x: fizzmarinerdoom.png damage
170: 14.png damage
I'm not factoring your fizzseastonepassive.png passive % Missing HP because that updates while it ticks, so calculating it would be impossible, or at least extremely tedious. I'm going to ignore it because I don't want to put in a really bad number, and instead just add 80 to the final number after everything else is calculated because that seems reasonable to me after playing as much Fizz as I have.

If you are using the same runes and masteries I do, you can plug in 45 for AP. Enemy MR will likely be 30, and you penetrate 12 of that, bringing their MR down to 18. So they ignore 15% of the damage you deal.

This brings your level 6 combo damage, with everything calculated, to...



Level 3 Combo, QW->AA->E->AA->AA - 3-4 seconds

1.015 (62 + 10 + 0.35x + 10 + 0.3x + 3 (62 + 10 + 0.3x) + 70 + 0.75x + 40 + 0.9x + 30 + 0.1x)

From left to right, we have

1.015: Assassin mastery gives 1.5% increased damage unless you are in a teamfight.
62 + 10 + 0.35x: fizzpiercingstrike.png
10 + 0.3x: fizzseastonepassive.png
3 (62 + 10 + 0.3x): fizzseastonepassive.png empowered auto attacks
70 + 0.75x: fizzjump.png
40 + 0.9x: 6 seconds of fizzseastonepassive.png DoT
30 + 0.1x: Thunderlord's Decree Keystone

With 35 AP, you'll get 567 damage before resists, which at 35 MR (maybe they have scaling MR glyphs or their champion scales with MR, this is just a general estimate) - 11 penetration from runes/masteries puts them at 24 effective MR, making the actual damage of this combo 457 damage.

The problem with this estimate is that creep aggro and HP regen are such big factors at such an early level that this will probably be very inaccurate. It is just to give you a general idea of the amount of damage your full combo will do.

Early Game/Laning Back to Top

The game starts. 

You size up the lane matchup, and decide between the three starting items. 1056.png1082.png2033.png
Now, don't level an ability. If they invade, you'll want to be able to jump out with fizzjump.png so that you can still have flash in case you want to dive early. Otherwise, generally take fizzseastonepassive.png for last-hitting and ability to go in at level 2 unless they have something like a mid 53.png (it's a thing, and it's horrifying).

Minions clash, and laning begins.

Only go in to last-hit when minions are within one auto attack of HP, then back off again to a bit behind your caster wave so that
a) you don't push the lane
b) you don't take unnecessary harass without the enemy laner being severely, severely punished by winions
c) the enemy thinks you are a little wimp that doesn't want to fight, and gets cocky

Then, level 2 happens.

If it's someone like a 110.png mid, you can take fizzpiercingstrike.png next and start looking for an opening to Q and start trading with him to get a W proc. If it's a mage who the mage-boinker combo applies to, or they have a 35.png/5.png jungle, you can take fizzjump.png, and if the enemy mid ever tries to CC you with their level 2 ability you can dodge it and simultaneously go in (although if you are being ganked this will get you rekt easily, so always ward).

Then, level 3 happens.

Take your final ability, and look for an opportunity to do your level 3 lane trade as detailed in the combos section.

At later levels (4-5), keep looking to do a trade. It's usually good to have gotten at least 1 trade in by level 6 so you can go for the kill at 6, but if they have a 4.png expect nothing but the enemy laner playing like a little bitch early. If this is happening, just push up and roam at 6.

Teamfights and Lategame Back to Top

At this point in the game, the adc is probably the biggest damage source, with the enemy midlaner being the greatest burst source. Don't focus the top laner, because they are likely too tanky or have too much CC. When deciding between the APC and the ADC, ask yourself

1) How easy is killing them?

2) How important is killing them?

For example, if you stomped lane against a 74.png and he is now useless, but their team has a fed 96.png with a 161.png support, it's obvious who to focus. Some things that influence ease of killing are

-Peel (412.png223.png98.png40.png) ----------The ADC has this
-Itemization (3157.png3026.png3140.png3102.png)--The APC has this, and the ADC has this lategame
-Abilities (lissandraR.pngundyingrage.pngtahmkenchE.pngpoppydiplomaticimmunity.png)-------The APC usually has this, and the ADC usually has this but a much inferior version ("oh, you have a dash? GOOD JOB I HAVE MORE" versus "Welp, you just went into stasis and now your team is coming in and I have no more fizzmarinerdoom.png. Bye, I guess")
-Bananas (kill 16.png)

Most of the time, the ADC will be very well peeled for, but not have any decent itemization other than a GA very lategame. The APC will have little to no peel, but often has a Zhonya and good defensive abilities.

Generally, peel is a much more important factor than defensive abilities or itemization, because if you can force Lissandra to burn her ult, or someone else to use Zhonyas then next time you can kill them, and so can your team. But if Tahm Kench just eats them and carries them away, your attempt is wasted and you are now inside their team.

The only way to actually kill the carry through the enemy frontline without dying is to fizzmarinerdoom.pngfizzpiercingstrike.pngfizzseastonepassive.png14.png and then fizzjump.png back to the rest of your team, or just use playful and then fall down if it is a good time to keep going. The problem with this, of course, is landing your relatively slow ult skillshot. Late in the game, mobility has usually scaled up enough that they can 4.png, use an ability, get peeled, or just walk away. Try to use your ult when they can't dodge, like during the cast time of Caitlyn's caitlynpiltoverpeacemaker.png. If you aren't worried about what happens after because you have a 3157.png, you can fizzpiercingstrike.png through a tank, land the fish, then fizzjump.pngfizzseastonepassive.png, auto attack, and zhonyas.

Sometimes, the enemy comp will be something like 117.pngtop 203.pngjungle 127.pngmid 223.pngsupport and diving the backline 222.png simply will not be an option. In these cases, just focus with your team or make picks with your fizzmarinerdoom.png.

Also, remember that you getting killed during a stupid, cocky dive can lose your team the game, but that you can often make surprisingly stupid, cocky dives that won't get you caught and that win games. It's all about finding that balance between stupid and really stupid.

Side note: FUCK THIS CHAMP ------->90.png

WIP Updates Section and News Back to Top

SLU Dec 6 2016

First off, to everyone who read this guide, thank you. This handbook contains the culmination of all my Fizz knowledge. It took me a lot of work, and I'm glad that so many people are using it, or at least seeing it. I just copy+pasted the entire thing into a document and it is, start to finish, is 100 pages. and the culmination of all my Fizz knowledge.

News Section

12/6 Update: Season 7 starts tomorrow. Good luck to all of you in your placements, and happy fishing! This guide is officially over a year old now, and it is one of my proudest accomplishments. I'll be updating again on my birthday in 4 days.

10/20 Update: Assassin rework revealed. I am going to be going onto the PBE and seeing the feel of the new Fizz, then I'll update with my thoughts on preseason. Definitely some playstyle changes incoming.

10/13 Update: No real changes to Fizz recently, he is still as viable as ever. Haven't been updating the guide because nothing has really touched him, although I am going to add to the matchups section over the next week or so.

PATCH 6.12 UPDATE: Fizz's damage nerfs and e cooldown nerfs aren't that massive. No real changes to playstyle there. The hitbox is going to take a lot of people off guard though, it changes his area (pi*r^2) from 2800 to 9500, with his radius being nearly doubled. Gross.

6/14 Update: Added in section to reader tips by guest Fizz player (dia 3 and top 600 on lolskill) and put in some more changes. 
When I hit ctrl+A and pasted it into a google doc it was 473 pages 0_0. Hitting clear formatting makes it 64 pages, and making it look actully right without extra spaces brings it to about 50 pages.

6/9 Update: Added in sections by guest Fizz player BigLouNdaBoyz and made modifications to several sections.

6/6 Update: Been a while once again. Made a bunch of changes to the guide for the new patch and it's looking really good. Still a bit of polish in regards to Jungle Fizz masteries which I might get to work on, although it's in decent shape that I think readers will be able to get this done. I hit Plat 3 last night, so I officially have a full tier of growth from last season's peak of Gold 3, and 2 tiers from August 2015 when I was silver 3.

5/7 Update: Been a long time since I have changed this guide, but now that 6.9 is out there are some major things that need work. I am going to be making a lot of changes on 5/8, the guide should be in pristine condition.

3/9 Update: Guide is featured now that I hit platinum, going to be continuing revisions for the new patch, 6.5 was pretty big even though nothing was directly relevant to Fizz. :)

2/25 Update: Riot is making my job easier by not changing anything relevant to Fizz. Keep on playing this champion, he's in a really good spot right now with a fairly low pick rate, low ban rate, and strong power level. Happy times for Fizz players. I also got into platinum, so I'll take a break from ranked and do a sweep through this guide to revise anything I feel may no longer be relevant, it should be better than ever next week :)

1/28 Update: Once again, a patch where Fizz is left alone entirely. He's actually in a pretty good spot right now, so I really don't mind. Don't expect to see any buffs OR nerfs at any time in the future, all the OP picks are too focused on TK/Graves JG/Raka/Rengar and such that nobody complains about Fizz anymore. Happy fishing!

1/26 Update: I haven't updated the guide in a while because Riot is really leaving Fizz and his crew alone. Only change that affected him is Runic Echoes, and it doesn't affect your playstyle at all.

1/3 Update: 100k views!! hooray

12/18 Update: My guide is having a bug where it only actually saves about 30% of the time even if I waited for the "your guide has been saved successfully" message. :C

12/3 Update: Somebody gave my guide its first downvote, so now it's 45-1. If you're reading this and thinking, "this guy is an idiot, -1" tell me why in the comments section instead of going straight to the red button. You obviously disagree with something, and maybe I can change it to make the guide better. I wouldn't bother with writing the guide if I didn't want to put out the best information, so if you disagree with something, just tell me!

12/1 Update: Got the guide Approved on Lolking! Wooooooo! I'm so happy right now :D

Reader Tips Back to Top

Please comment with your thoughts on Fizz, and as long as it is not insulting or offensive I will include it here.

/u/PigzWithBullets said:

Interesting to see/read. I'm a diamond 3 Fizz main, also in the top 600 on LoLSkill (For what it's worth :p), and I find it fun to see I disagree on a lot of stuff, still whatever you type isn't wrong, and can work just as well :) 

First of all I always try to play agressive, and the 2033.png helps a lot with dueling, besides, on your first back you can pick up a 1082.png, which synergises great with 2033.png and gives you a lot of snowballing potential. 
Then, 3165.png is by far my favorite item. It gives less stats than bigger items like 3089.png or 3135.png, but in return it gives 20(!)% CDR, and in my opinion the mana refund passive is highly underrated. Last but not least, the build path is simply amazing. You'll be able to buy a component off of it on every back, so you'll never have to go back into lane with 'Spare gold'. Just a comparison with 3100.png first, yes, the passive makes it so that 3100.png gives more damage, but it also gives less AP, which means that Fizz's fizzmarinerdoom.pngfizzjump.png and fizzseastonepassive.png will be more powerful with 3165.png, especially when the passive of 3100.png just got used. Last but not least you don't have to worry about getting the 3089.png, and you can simply buy 3020.png

Honestly, I don't agree on a variety of things, but Fizz is very versitile when it comes to building/playing him! A well written well thought-out guide, well done! :)

xxno7ideaxx said: 
Personally i always rush 3057.png instantly, its good boost in early game while simply increasing AP with say a 1026.png wont do much to increase your damage. if i can get 3057.png first back i will but if you cant i would recommend a 1027.png and a start to a 2033.png. with 3057.png you gain mana so you can use fizzseastonepassive.png to fizzpiercingstrike.png combo and still have enough mana to get out with a fizzjump.png. personally i like to go top fizz, still ap because you will face a melee 80% of the time and fizz accels[sic] in a melee match up and can force enemy's[sic] out of lane because of the execute on his fizzseastonepassive.png.

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