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Summoner Spells Back to Top



Deals 70-410 (based on level) in true damage over 5 second and applies Grievous Wounds 

Ignite enables you to have kill potential in certain lanes, or can be used as a filler for damage, and as simple healing reduction. In a lot of lanes simply having the threat of Ignite’s damage will force your opponents to respect it and fear getting CC’d / Combo’d even more, and those that don’t actively respect it will get punished flat out by it’s damage anyways.



Single target Slow for 30% and reduce their damage by 40% for 2.5 seconds.

Don’t think of Exhaust as “Safe” think of it as “Control”. Exhaust enables Gallo to basically have another CC ability. Putting Exhaust on an enemy carry right as they are using their key damaging abilities and reducing it all by 40% can have a HUGE impact on fights and skirmishes.



Teleport a short distance on 5 minute cool down

Flash is pretty standard on every champion, it enables Galio to do things such as 4.png dot-pattern.png galiow.png And get onto the back line quickly get a multi man taunt.

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Masteries Back to Top


Wanderer 5/5 - More movement speed out of lane when hovering between lanes look for good ULTs galior.png mid game, also can be used to give you a slight amount of movement speed while in lane but haven’t taken any damage to get in a better position to land a skill shot, and you get no value out of the only other option in Savagery.

Secret Stash 1/1 - You start with 3 Health pots every single game this gives them even more value and extra Mana which helps Galio a lot since you can easily run out of mana early into the landing phase.

Merciless 3/5 - Once you land a full combo a lot of times the enemies will be limping away with very little HP splitting 3 points into Merciless lets you do more damage to targets at low health to finilaze kills, it’s not a huge game changer but it helps
Meditation 2/5 - Small amount of bonus mana regen is nice, splitting the points with Merciless is optional but I would recommend trying it for at least 100 games and see how it feels.
Bandit 1/1 - Free gold, and +10 if you auto attack the enemy champions, rewards you monetarily for using Galio’s Auto Attack Passive galiopassive.png


Recovery 5/5 - Small amount of health regen is nice, adds up to more effective health over the duration of a laneing phase, not a huge impact though, still more valuable than the extra bonus stats from Unyielding.
Though Skin 1/1 - You take auto attacks from 2 champions in lane, and potentially 3 ADC + Support + Jungler, the -2 damage adds up.
Runic Armor 5/5 - Bonus Healing, Shields value is easily gained from this by Galio’s Kit
Unyielding 1/1 - Helps against damage / trades in lane, and later into the game when you have more Armor & Magic Resist, and have to take damage from multiple enemies you have galiow.png taunted / are fighting 
Legendary Guardian 5/5 - Galio Support doesn’t get to buy Armor & Magic Resist until much later into the game, and even then you can only get a finite amount of it as Support, so by running this you get extra Stats you that you wouldn’t have other wise, you lose out on the slow resist and tenacity from Swiftness, this doesn’t matter to Galio as much since you can tank more with galiow.png
Bond of Stone 1/1 - Enables your team to heal off your CC, since you offer no shields and heals outside of ULT you lack in a “peeling” abilitiy compared to other supports this helps compensate for that, also lets your ADC heal in early trades since most the time you will be ignored and the enemy will go for your ADC.

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Skill Order

galior.png > galiow.png > galioq.png > galioe.png

Put 3 Points in Q galioq.png then max W galiow.png

galiopassive.png Passive
  • Galio’s basic attack periodically deals bonus magic damage in an small AOE, damage is based off AD,AP,level, and bonus Magic Resist
  • Cooldown is reduced every time you damage an enemy with another ability
galioq.png  Winds of Wars
  • Galio shoots 2 burst of wind from each side deal damage to all enemies it passes through, and both colliade into one creating a tornado that does a LOT of damage that ticks ever second.
galiow.png Shield of Durand
  • PASSIVE - gain a Magic Damage shield based on Max Health, when shield is spent it regenerates after 12 seconds
  • Hold down W key to charge, while charging Galio is slowed
galior.png Hero’s Entrance 
  • Target a single ally, giving them a huge amount of Damage Reduction
  • Can be cast from a HUGE range away, Galio leaps into the air, and knocks up all targets in a large AOE around target ally
  • Can be used as an escape

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

Core Items

Situational Items

Matchups Back to Top

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  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Janna
  • Karma
  • Morgana



  • When he rocketgrab.png block it for your carries, and galiow.png Enemies you have been pulled closer towards
  • If an ally gets rocketgrab.png immediately galior.png them
  • Don't be afraid to get pulled in lane, damage blitz crank with galioq.png galiopassive.png




Braum blocks a lot of your damage, and can also turn and CC you easily with braumq.png and his passive proc before your ADC can get in position to help, so don’t commit to far into the enemy unless you have a for sure position.




Janna makes her ADC and lane much safer, but she can’t protect her jungler or mid lane as quickly as you can roam, so try to set a control ward 2055.png in the river bush, and push the wave into the enemy then look to make a play mid in the river, or in the enemy jungle with your Jungler.

Also if you can CC the Janna early it is better than CC’ing an ADC she is standing behind with a shield.




Karma won’t lose lane, don’t try to win it against her, look to avoid a slow landing phase in which waves are constantly push into you as Karma and her ADC poke wave after after, instead get Multiple galioq.png s on the minion wave, and keep it in the middle of the lane.




Playing against Morgana is really simple, don’t get hit by darkbindingmissile.png stand behind minions, and galiow.png taunt the targets that are not Black Shielded blackshield.png, you may have to quickly reposition your taunt with Flash 4.png during these fights as well.

Early Game Back to Top

At the start of the game you don’t want to automatically level Q galioq.png if your team invades you should look to get a good charged galiow.png dot-pattern.png 4.png Onto anyone you see

If that does happen, or if your team doesn’t invade should probably start Q galioq.png helps with leashing your jungler or getting level 1 damage or push on wave.

If you are against very punishing lanes such as 51.png117.png then you should skip leashing your jungler and start in lane and push the first wave so that they can’t zone you / out poke your lane level 1.

Level 3 consider putting 2 points in Q galioq.png rather than getting galioe.png, so you can get 1 stronger trade.

During the landing phase try not to spam galiow.png & galioe.png or else you will run low on mana, and not be of any use. That being said still look for good Taunts and opportunistic E’s galioe.png ( if you want to get better at landing galioe.png & galiow.png spend time in Practice Mode.

Try to get as much XP as possible until level 6, any roams out of lane while minions are still in lane needs to result in something for you or your team, or else you delay getting level 6.

Mid Game Back to Top

Mid game is when you make or break it. Galio isn’t a super start at starting fights but that doesn’t mean you can’t, but it’s better to start a small skirmish on one side of the map, and respond to another fight with your ULT galior.png and if any other champions on your team have engage abilities try to save your galiow.pnggalioe.png for peel.

For map movement in the mid game, you’re not to threatening if you are simply afking in a lane behind your ADC, try to move in the fog of war with your Jungler / Top / Mid and catch out enemies walking past / in the river, make sure to have 3341.png by this time and buy 2055.png control wards so you can camp bushes and easily engage on uexpecting victims. Any time your carries get engaged on you need to be quick with using ULT galior.png without heistation or delay. Don’t worry about having a bad ULT lots of Galio ULTs will look stupid but are worth casting.

Rather you use Galio’s abilities offensively or defensively will make or break fights.

Late Game Back to Top

Late game Galio becomes a lot less effective as normal supports, but you make up for this by having multiple completed items in 3190.png3109.png3050.png etc the same things that Galio should be doing during fights is the same during the late game, except you probably want to peel more than trying to engage.

During the late game it’s important to have control over vision in important parts of the map that the enemy is likely to walk through. Do this by Sweeping 3341.png where you are walking to ward and placing Control Wards 2055.png in areas that your team could easily ambush the enemy from.

If nothing is happening and you can’t walk into the fog of war with your team don’t go alone just stand behind your towers / team and wait for the enemy to push in or make a move, if you are caught out alone there is nothing for your team to do to help you most likely, so don’t do that.

Team Fighting Back to Top

Teamfighting with Support Galio is about peeling for your carries at the right time with galior.png, locking down the enemy carries with 4.pnggaliow.png making good use of the damage from galioq.png, and using active items correctly 3190.png3800.png

Your 2 potential binded items 3050.png3109.png lets you bind to a specific ally, before or during fights you can change who this binded target is make sure to be thinking about this during the fight so that you can have the right ally binded or switch after they die.

For the active items 3190.png3800.png the first step to using them correctly is to use them at all, if you are in the bad habit of just not using active items during the first, while casting all your abilities try smashing the number keys above them so that atleast you use them. After you get the hang of using the active items in the first place you can to use 3190.png when you can see big damage abilities coming towards your allies the shield falls off quickly and the cooldown is too long to use multiple times during a fight. As for 3800.png any time your team is trying to get onto the enemy is a good time to use it.

Galio's goal in teamfights is to control them, you aren't a standard support that CC's targets then hopes your allies kill them, you have a mix of damage, CC, and tankyness that you have to get value out of all aspects so it's not as black and whit as other supports and supports play style. That being said you won't approach fights perfect the first time just go into them with the intent to play them slowly, and again damage, CC, Tank, and Control.

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • A lot tankier than normal supports because of galiow.png Damage reduction
  • Mix of Damage and Tankiness early game
  • Huge team fight impact with ULT galior.png and single target Damage reduction is no brained peel for ADC


  • Falls off later 
  • Hard to make proactive plays on
  • No shield’s / Sustain for ADC in lane

Warding Back to Top

Warding with the 3340.png Warding Trinket

At the start of every game, your only options for warding before you get 2049.png Sightstone, is to use the 3340.png Warding Trinket.

The 3340.png Warding Trinket only gives you a 60 Second ward, that gives you a very small range of vision compared to a 2049.pngSightstone's Vison Ward.

The best way to make use of the Warding Trinket during the early laning phase, is to place it before the enemy jungler shows up, this will change every game depending on the enemy jungler, generally here are some good spots to trinket

Trinkets Outlined in Blue are for when you are on Blue Side
Trinkets Outlined in Red, hey you guessed it, are for when you are on Red Side.
Trinkets Outlined with both, work well on either side.

If you have full control over a lane, placing a trinket in the bot lane bushes isn't terrible as long as you play around the possibility of Gank timing windows properly.


3340.png / 3341.png
Once you get Sightstone, you generally want to switch to Sweeper, but you can make use of the trinket wards in a very extended laning phase, but after say 20 minutes, you will most likely NEED to switch to sweeper or you will be walking through enemy wards the entire game.

So when you get Sightstone the ENTIRE game changes. There are ways you SHOULD use, and ways you CAN use it.


Where to place a Sightstone Ward, has a LOT of  factors that go into why or when you should place a ward, hopefully this makes it simpler:

When To place a Ward

  • If you know the enemy is likely to come from an area in 1-2 minutes.
  • If the enemy has the ability to jump over walls, ward over the wall they would come from ex (9.png64.png)
  • So you can spot enemy champions moving from one lane to another in the fog of war.

When not to place a ward

  • You are near a bush and there isn't a ward in it
  • When you are in a lane and afraid that someone is in that bush you are going to ward
  • When you already have vision of the target you are try to ward against

Mid - Late Game Warding

  1. Do you have advantage and 2-3 champions with you > get a ward in their jungle
  2. Is the game even / you have no ally champions to assist with deep warding > Ward river / enterences to your jungle
  3. Are you behind / multiple towers have fallen > Ward your Jungle.

Here are all easy Warding spots.



Mid - Late game, you shouldn't be going on solo missions into the enemies side of the jungle to get a useless deep ward, only to find 5 champions and a grey screen. Any time you want to get a ward on the enemies side of the map, ping your laners / jungler to assist you with walking into the enemy jungle, who knows you might find a solo member of the enemy team instead and be able to pick up an easy kill.

SawyerGG Back to Top


Hi, my name is Sawyer I am 22, I have peaked Challenger 549LP [1] I've been playing League of Legends since the end of Season 3.

 Here are some places you can find me! 

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