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2 years ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Assuming you are top lane (although I will also mention mid GP), I will discuss which summoner spells are the best and why.  Most of the time if I’m top, I take teleport / flash and rely on my jungler to help against the harder matchups.  If I’m mid, exhaust or ignite is preferred over teleport.

4.png:  This is a must, you are a bruiser or melee ad champion that does not have a gap closer.  This means in a tight situation where you need to escape quickly or gap close, flash is often mandatory. 

12.png: This is one of the best options you can use in top lane, as most top laners will run teleport now and if you don’t have it, you will not be able to properly match their split pushes and teleport to help your team. Teleport also allows GP to play more like a split pusher, since he has fast run speed, built-in cleanse, and a global aoe ult.

Something to consider, GP Scales very hard with farm since he farms much faster, tp let's you abuse this to get your items faster and in a more timely fashion.

3.png / 14.png:  These are options you can take instead of teleport against hard lanes, or lanes where you want to go for the kill but wouldn’t have the damage otherwise.  I personally never run ignite, but sometimes it can help you kill that pesky Malphite or Tahm in lane.  Take exhaust vs burst lanes, for example zed, who can do huge amounts of damage to you that you can't avoid without flashing (Usually in middle vs assassins). 

6.png:  I feel like ghost doesn’t add much to GP’s kit as he is already a high move speed champion who slows enemies.

7.png / 1.png: You already have oranges.

Others: Nope

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Right now I am using 0-12-18 and using Grasp of the Undying to abuse players in lane.

This gives you more sustain, stronger poke on your Parley, and let's you duel back against range champions easier.  I usually start Corrupting potion which goes will with grasp of the undying for poking and sustaining.

I run 12 in Ferocity over Cunning as you gain significantly more damage output.

Alternative Rune page (Against champions that you farm against, or all in only)

Grasp of the Undying Mastery Page is ideal for champions that trade often, mainly melee champions.  When facing range champions or tanks, you often prefer to do more damage for an all in, or when your team ganks for you.

Looking at Grasp, it really has very little use out of laning phase as well so in certain conditions I am back to running Thunderlord's Decree, with the main focus on using it in combination with Gangplank's Ultimate.


Under Cunning: Savagery, Assassin, Merciless, Bandit, Precision, Thunderlord's

Abilities Back to Top


Typically go: R->Q->E->W

With mana cost remaining flat on Q, no mana cost on E, as well as minimal benefit in levelling W (thanks to the new patch), skill ordering is much more straight forward now on GP.

Maxing Q lets you farm your serpents faster, as E only adds damage vs champions as well as the slow.  You may consider maxing E before Q if you want to have easier ganks for your jungler due to the larger slow (you don’t really lose much damage vs champions provided you can hit the kegs, otherwise maxing Q will give you more overall damage as you can guarantee landing it).

Some people prefer to take W 2nd, I prefer to have the aggressive pressure of kegs at level 2.  You can make that decision for yourself based on your matchup.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    When you want to all in early, or are looking to trade and force all-ins.
    Alternative method of sustaining mana, your W heals more early.
    My standard starting build.
    Sapphire Crystal starts I have seen and tried that work. Either 3 potions or refillable potion works as well.

Core Items

    Your sheen proc item. Trinity force is KING.
    Boots of Swiftness for cheap early boots 3, scales well with your move speed buffs. Tabi for high ad teams or lane matchups. 10% cooldown for other situations, perhaps tank build.
    I build these when I want big damage.
    Get whatever your team needs.
    First buy, buy sheen if you can't afford phage, or if you are planning to poke more with Q. I prefer phage vs melee champions.
    Get whichever you need, 90% of games you get Lord Dominik's, vs Mundo and some other healing tanks, get the other.

Situational Items

    Defensive items so you can live
    You need this vs high ap poke lane
    Move faster, split better, stronger Parley's to the face. Statikk Shiv for when you have IE as it hits a little harder. Rapidfire otherwise.
    Fun item for split pushing (best when tanky) Try it!
    If you plan to go tanky, get one of these as it still lets you do a lot of damage.
    Sometimes when I need an extra 10% cdr and damage.
    Interesting item, hard to apply on the target you need though often.

General Build Path (this is ideal but don’t count on it being easy to do, Focuses on being a melee ad carry):

Start3340.png2033.png - > 3057.png/3044.png (phage for harder lanes, gives you move speed when you cs) +  2043.png ->  3078.png1001.png -> 3142.png-> 3031.png (Boots of your choice with extra gold) -> 3087.png+3036.png  Defensive Item best suited to face enemy team to replace your boots (see above)

Secret gold bonus item (1083.png)  If you back earlier on and only have 450-550 gold, and already have your sheen/phage, try getting this.  GP farms REALLY fast, especially after triforce, and you can use up the stacks really well.

Keep in mind you should be flexible, there are often times where you might need to be tankier if you are the only melee champion, if there are a lot of burst assassins that can sneak up on you, or if your team has low cc.  Gangplank has great burst, and great slow, but it is only useful if you can get your skills in without getting vaporized.

Prioritize COOLDOWN in safe farm lanes, lucidity boots, 3133.png, etc, you can ultimate more and farm faster!

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

Role Back to Top

My Gangplank guide focuses on playing GP as a top laner, but can also be applied to mid lane.  Some people want to jungle him, but since his rework he has a high demand for gold (silver serpents).  After some trying it out, his jungle clear is abysmally slow and weak .  It is also now harder to gank as you need to set up Powder Kegs to have a slow other than your ult, which is difficult to do ganking before level 7 (Need to have a keg set up ahead of time, or bait enemy into getting hit by one).  

So what is GP now? 

  • I would say he is like a melee ad carry that only really goes in during his ult or if he lands a good barrel.  Most GP players will do a hit and run playstyle.
  • You use your barrels to slow and poke, having the bonus move speed to move in for autos and set up more barrels. Then you have to run back out until next detonation. 
  • Because of the move speed bonus on triforce or just your passive/keg detonations, GP can quickly avoid damage while dealing a lot. 
  • There are some occasions where you can stand still and autoattack—usually when you are not the focused target or during skirmishes (smaller fights where you can’t get focused by 3 or more opponents which would kill you too quickly).
  • Never forget you can Parley enemies directly.
  • If running Thunderlord's, surprise your enemies with massive damage on your ultimate as it procs Thunderlord's instantly.

Laning Phase Back to Top

  1. With GP, you should just use your powder kegs to cs or protect yourself unless your goal is to kill your opponent, or simply scaring them back to fountain.
  2. You can also poke to set up an easy gank.  Ideally you would want to have a keg to slow your opponent when your jungler does arrive. 

  3. You can use Parley to poke instead of powder kegs if you plan to use your kegs soon as the cooldown is longer early on and you don’t get many charges.  Keep in mind GP poke is super strong with the current mastery set up I have recommended.

  4. I highly recommend while using the Corrupting potion and Grasp of the Undying, Use parley to poke and use auto attacks to detonate kegs when you chain them.  This let's you maximize your poke harass, and is more efficient on your mana use early game.

  5. An important part of any lane in league is to realize your power spikes.  This means after reaching a certain level, or getting a certain item, you suddenly have a huge advantage and can potentially generate a kill. 
    • For example when you complete sheen, you can suddenly do 80+ (scales with levels) damage per Parley, or slightly more on barrels as they ignore armor.  This means you can change your playstyle to poke more as your poke will do significantly more damage.

    • Other notable power spikes are completion of phage (larger move speed bursts for engage or escapes), after you finish hex drinker, hitting level 3 first (having three abilities vs having two), and hitting level 6 first (having four abilities vs having three).  Most item power spikes come when you have finished an item before the opponent so you get an additional effect before they have any. 

    • You should consider how much impact the item will have vs your opponent, for example a ravenous hydra’s cleave may not be that useful for an all in fight compared to using it to sustain or clear.

Hard Lane Matchups Back to Top

Tough bruisers: 114.png92.png24.png266.png  These champions and other similar ones are made to bruise.  They have more damage spells than you and in an all in situation usually win.  Ideally you should avoid an all-in without poking them low enough first.  Alternatively farm safe, and use kegs to set up ganks.  Using grasp and corrupting potion, you can actually abuse these champions from levels 1-3 and make them back early or miss cs.  BE AWARE that 90% of the time this will drive the enemy jungler to your lane.

Manaless / Poke casters: 117.png8.png68.pngChampions like these have the ability to poke or harass you repeatedly.  They have shields or sustain to stay in lane and drain your mana when you try to fight back.  Best to deal with these champions when you feel you are strong enough to all-in, or try to play safe until ganks.  Grasp acutally let's you parley these targets and out sustain them when combo'd with your Corrupting Potion.  Just carefully balance your mana use so you don't find yourself getting out-sustained.

Powder Keg Mechanics Back to Top

Protect yourself:  Keeping a keg behind you or hidden in a bush lets you have an option for setting up an escape.  You can use it to slow opponents if they run over it, use them for a 30% speed boost when you destroy them, and you can use them to chain kegs onto your opponents as you escape.

Poking / Setting up ganks (EEQ / EQE): The most effective way to poke as GP (lower mana use, more damage than parley) is to chain powder kegs onto opponents.  The easiest way to do this is to hide a powder keg in a bush, or out of line of sight, and use it to chain detonate a keg you place on your opponent.  This is the simplest way to poke in lane, it is much harder to hit enemies by chaining one keg when in a siege or engage situation.  Which brings us to the triple keg.

On an added note, you can shoot your keg at max range, and place a second keg before the first one explodes for a quick usually undodgeable chain.

Triple Keg (EEQE): GP’s keg placement range is actually really far (1000 yards).  This means you can technically poke at a distance of 1000 yards + radius of the detonation range.  The easiest to do this in a situation where the enemy can see you is as follows.  Set up one barrel where you are standing, making sure this one is hidden or if visible, out of range of the enemies such that they would have to risk their lives to kill it.  Move towards your opponent and place a barrel in range of your first one but as close to the enemy as possible.  Now shoot the first keg with parley, as the detonation chains from the first one to the second, you can place a third keg in range of the second one mid detonation, allowing a triple chain.  This triple keg technique can allow you to siege under tower, or catch enemies unaware of your engage.  If done properly, it is usually too quick for your opponents to react properly. (this is harder now that there is a .25 second delay on keg placement, so factor that in)

Zoning: If you are against a melee opponent, you can often zone them off of csing by placing the keg on top of your wave.  This way they will be forced to take massive damage and a slow if they want to cs.

Silver Serpent Farming: More enemies dying from a parley’d keg means more gold and more Silver Serpents.  Set up your keg ahead of time and get all the minions within its range low enough to die from one parley.  If you miss some minions, you can also chain a second one from the first (for example if the minions move up and your keg no longer covers the melee ones).  Keep in mind that parley prioritizes 1 hp powder kegs over minions, so you may often early detonate by mistake.

Citrus and You! What can you Remove Scurvy! Back to Top

Here are some maybe non obvious spells you can break out of, let me know if you think of any more.  The best Gangplank players will use W as soon as the CC hits, breaking it close to immediately and allowing you to move basically unhindered.

157.png - Once Yasuo begins his ultimate, you can W out of it as it is technically holding you in place.

223.png - When he eats you, you can remove it immediately.

6.png - If Urgot begins swapping you, just W and walk away.

34.png - W removes the chilled effect, this means using it immediately before her E hits you prevents a critical.

31.png - The slow on his Rupture doesn't begin until after you land, wait to use W!

105.png - As of patch 6.10, Fizz Ult is now reprogrammed as a slow, the shark will stick on you but the slow will go away.

Leveling Cannon Barrage Back to Top

Cannon Barrage Upgrades: (when to upgrade each, as there really isn’t a definite better one, I will rank them in order of preference).

3902.png: The true damage is only the first giant cannon ball which only hits in the middle area of his whole ult.  So it has a smaller area, as well there is a slight delay before it lands after the graphic appears, which gives people time to react to it.  So this means you have to aim it or lead it to where you expect people will be when it hits.  It makes it great for 1v1 kills on already slowed targets, or trying to burst targets who are already in combat on the map with your teammates to give them an unexpected edge.  Ideally you will be aiming at targets who are unable to avoid it, having used their flashes already or other escape mechanisms.  This ult is also good for when you just don’t have the damage to burst someone down, for example aiming it at Vlad as he is about to come out of his pool since he has strong sustain.

3901.png:  This helps keep the slow from your ult up longer as the slow only lasts 0.5 seconds.  The additional waves will reapply it more often.  This is good for having more overall damage in an area during low movement team fights (where you expect people to be forced to sit in the ult over a long period of time, for example dragon fights or under turret), or vs low mobility champions.  Other uses include clearing big waves easily, and doing more aoe damage over time.

3903.png:  Everyone on your team runs faster, it is like an immobile Sivir ult.  This can help your team quickly move out of the way of assassins (Rengar / Talon ultimates), Aoe cc (Nami wave, Gnar jumping in to ultimate), lets your team kite easily during team fights, as well as helps you gap close faster (if you use Cannon Barrage on the enemy team and they retreat, your team can quickly catch up to them by chasing through the barrage).  This also gives you a lot of solo kill potential if you are using it for yourself, as it makes your hit and run playstyle even stronger, as well as letting you chase down opponents easily when you can no longer hit them with powder kegs.

TLDR Take what you need:

3902.png  for 1v1, or last hit sniping

3901.png  for more overall damage in teamfights, better at keeping the slow up

3903.png  better team mobility, kiting, or chasing down targets

Who am I? Back to Top

Hello, my IGN is QuantumAE and I have played league since Season 1.  I have been plat, plat, diamond 4, diamond 1, and diamond 1, from seasons 1-5.  Currently I am Diamond 1 in Season 6.

Season 5 - #3 GP NA, #19 World

Season 6- #16 World and climbing

Gangplank has always been a fun, off-meta champion I enjoyed playing who had no real place in League of Legends, and as of 6 months ago I decided to main GP to see how I could do.  My guide will be based on my hundreds of gangplank games I have accumulated over time, with almost 700 games played last season and having a focus on GP as of Patch 5.14.

Note that I use powder keg and barrel interchangeably in this guide.

Check out my stream for Diamond level GP play.

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