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Summoner Spells Back to Top

  4.png3.png or 4.png12.png 

4.png Flash: You have no real escape outside of removescurvy.png Remove Scurvy (W), and a bunch of Movement Speed boosts, so taking this is a must.

3.png Exhaust: Will keep you alive during laning phase and help to fight people later on. Use this if you're scared of the person you're fighting in lane or another champion on the other team (normally an assassin) Or, just want better brawling potential throughout the game.

12.png Teleport:  Will allow you to farm more and assist your team.  Use this if you aren't scared of the person you're  fighting in lane.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Above is the CURRENT Mastery page I am using for Gangplank:

It combines great damage, sustain, and utility to give you everything you need to be successful on
 41.png Gangplank

 mastery build guide Sorcery Sorcery:  Gives your E and R increased damage although it doesn't work for Q.  Still some more damage, always needed.

 mastery build guide Fury Fury: Actually isn't bad as Gangplank can use AS quite well, but, out of the two Sorcery is better.

mastery build guide Double Edged Sword Double Edged Sword: Quite good on Gangplank as he's considered a melee champion, yet, 90% of what he does is at a distance.  You can gain a lot from using this whereas other champions might not.

mastery build guide Feast Feast: Not a bad mastery if you're looking for in-lane sustain against a heavy poke champion.  You can also gain Feast health from killing Powder Kegs.

[X] Expose Weakness: This is good if you're interested in boosting your team's damage whenever you assist them with the ultimate. Or, in team fights.

 mastery build guide Natural Talent Natural Talent: Amazing mastery that gives you scaling AD and AP throughout the game.  As Gangplank can use both of these greatly, this is typically always taken.

mastery build guide Vampirism Vampirism: Not at all worth it.  Champions that do a lot of basic attack are generally the only ones to be using this, and Gangplank is not that champion.

mastery build guide Oppressor Oppressor: Decent on Gangplank as your E and R slow people, so you gain the increased damage when the target's impaired.  This is really only good for the early/mid game though, and falls off once you get some kills as Bounty Hunter gives you more damage.

mastery build guide Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter: Excellent on Gangplank as this champion does stupid amounts of damage and getting kills is something that isn't very hard for him.  I'd always take this over Oppressor as you're a mid/late game champion, and picking up kills throughout the game increases your overall damage.

mastery build guide Savagery Savagery: Decent on Gangplank as he lacks early game waveclear. Other than that, it's quite useless.

mastery build guide Wanderer Wanderer: If you're looking to float around the map, this is what you want.  Of course, Savagery is better for lane, Wanderer is better for out-of-lane stuff.

mastery build guide Secret Stash Secret Stash: Amazing mastery that increases potions and elixers, but also turns your HP pots into Biscuits, giving you more sustain.  GP's early game is all about sustain, and these are the best for that.

[X] Assassin: Decent in lane as you get some more damage, but, this mastery doesn't really do anything else for the rest of the game as you have to be isolated to gain it's benefits. (Gangplank is a teamfigher and doesn't do this type of stuff)

mastery build guide Runic Affinity Ruinic Affinity: Trash. Never take it.

mastery build guide Merciless Merciless: This one is okay.  Of course, more damage is great and you could easily take this over Meditation if you so wish.

mastery build guide Meditation Meditation: Some free mana sustain.  As you won't be getting ER if you follow my guide, this is actually quite nice paired with Doran's Ring and helps to make you never run OOM for the entirety of the game.

mastery build guide Dangerous Game Dangerous Game: Gives HP and Mana back per kill or assist.  Great with GP as everything he does is AoE, meaning getting either of those is a breeze.

mastery build guide Bandit Bandit: One of the best masteries you could ever have on GP.  Q's on an opponent reward you with 10 gold and missing minions gives you 1.  The only time I don't see you using this is if you're against someone who heavily outranges you.

mastery build guide Intelligence Intelligence: My favourite mastery in the entire tree. Free CDR at level 1, and also boosts your cap to 45% to keep spamming abilites. Awesome mastery, always take it.

mastery build guide Precision Precision: Decent, just not my cup of tea.  Gangplank is a resourceless champion at a point in the game, meaning he's only run on cooldowns.  With the recent nerfs to GP's E, having more CDR is far more beneficial than going Precision.  This is still a decent pickup, I just don't like it as much as intelligence. 

mastery build guide Thunderlord's Decree Thunderlord's Decree: Taking this gives your ult more of a punch and also works to give you some decent burst throughout the game.  I always see myself taking this over any other keystone, as it's the only one that gives damage.

mastery build guide Stormraider's Surge Stormraider's Surge: Decent, but, you already run really fast with everything else you do and build, so this isn't really what I'd be after.

mastery build guide Windspeaker's Blessing No: No.

Abilities Back to Top


Why max parley.png > raisemorale.png > removescurvy.png ?

parley.png Parrrley (Q) First: This is the most abused ability on 41.png Gangplank.  The more you level it, the more damage it deals and the more  Gold Gold and  Silver Serpents.png Silver Serpents you get for last hitting things.  You are always using this ability.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) Second: It's your only other damaging ability. The more you level it, the more damage it deals, the longer it slows, and the faster it recharges. raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) is 41.pngGangplanks life-line throughout the game for play making, without these, you don't do anything.

removescurvy.png Remove Scurvy (W) Third: It offers nothing compared to your other two abilities.  It doesn't exactly do much per level, and offers no damage to one of the best damage dealers, in the game. Always max this last because of this.

cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R): Of course whenever your Ultimate is available to upgrade, get it.  This happens at level 6, 11 and 16.

gangplankpassive.png Trial by Fire (Passive)

This passive is tacked onto your auto-attacks and burns the target over time. Once used, it speeds you up for a short duration while also dealing true-damage to champions, almost like a mini-ignite (it can also be applied to towers)

This passive gets refreshed every 15 seconds but can also be refreshed by destroying a Powder Keg, which readies it again instantly to be used.

This is mainly used to trade in-lane or escape sticky situations by hitting something for the movement speed boost and then dipping out.

When against melee champions, using this passive on them is what you should be doing.
When against ranged champions, last hitting a minion or hitting a minion to avoid skillshots with the movement speed.

parley.png Parrrley (Q)

A ranged poke ability that functions like a melee attack and applies on-hits.  You're going to want to farm with this as much as possible as it's passive nets you gold and ultimate upgrade currency for last hitting stuff with it.  

As I said, it can apply on-hits, meaning Sheen, Statik Shiv, Red Buff, ect, can all be applied every time you use it.  

This ability also goes hand-in-hand with your Powder Keg to deal some ridiculous damage. Using Q to destroy a Keg applies the damage to the AoE that Keg does, meaning, you'll be dealing more damage using Q to destory them rather than auto-attacks.

And finally, destroying a Keg with Q gives you all the passive gold and upgrade currency for every minion killed.

As an example:  You shoot your Keg with Q and the AoE kills 10 minions.  For every one of those 10 minions, the bonus gold is gained and so is the upgrade currency.

removescurvy.png Remove Scurvy (W)

An instant cast that heals you, and removes CC and suppresses. This ability is scaled off of your AP, so any AP that you manage to scrape up during the game is transferred into some free HP.  

This ability is also amplified the lower your HP, meaning the more missing health you have, the more it heals.

A good thing to remember once laning with this is that you should never extend or get to close to anyone with this on cooldown, as it can lead to unfortunate ganks or all-ins without the use of your W.

In addition, trying to save W for the end of  chained CC can save you if timed correctly, or, if used incorrectly, lead to your demise.

And finally, a good tip to remember:  If you have some good damage and are trying to fight people, baiting them out long enough with low HP and then using W at the last second can turn a lot of fights into winning ones.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) 

You throw Kegs around the map and they kill everything. This is easily the most important ability in your kit when it comes to dealing with farm and champions. Not to mention, team fights and objective taking.

These can be chained together to extend the range and can literally 1 shot everything mid/late game with the right build.

Getting used to using these correctly can take some time, but practicing combos and placements are key to mastering Gangplank and this ability. 

I highly suggest taking a look at my "Barrels!" section of the guide for the just of things, as well.

cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R)

Global ability that slows and deals damage overtime in a huge radius.  Great way to pick up some free exp and gold while afk farming in your own lane, which also furthers your team's advantage.

You always need to be watching the map when you've got it up, as it can net you a lot for your team: killsteals, assists, ect.

When placing it, try to position it behind enemies but still on-top of them to get the most out of the damage over time and slow.

Of course, this ultimate can also be upgraded with different things to make it even more obnoxious and deadly.

Silver Serpents.png Silver Serpent purchases

3902.png Deaths Daughter: An initial, large cannonball lands in the center of the barrage, dealing a cluster's worth of true damage to all enemies it hits and slowing them by 60% for 1.5 seconds. 

I normally get this first as it deals stupid damage to anyone hit in the center.  When placing it, always be sure to try and land it in the center as opposed to behind people for the longer slow.

3901.pngFire at Will: cannonbarrage.pngCannon Barrage (R) fires 6 additional waves over it's duration. 

I sometimes get this first, but in most situations it's second.  This upgrade is the exact same as your regular one, except it has an increased fire rate with of course more frequent slows and damage.   

3903.pngRaise Morale: Allies within the area gain 30% bonus movement speed, persisting for 2 seconds after leaving it. 

Eh, not great.  I get this last, always, as it doesn't do much in the way of killing people, and that's what Gangplank's all about. Killing people.

Note: You can get all 3 upgrades, not just one.  You need 500 Silver Serpents.png  Silver Serpents per upgrade, meaning 1500 for all 3.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I always start this.
    First back in lane (1575 gold)
    Super easy lanes that you think you'll gain stacks from. Otherwise, you can get this with your first back for more in-lane sustain once it's stacked.

Core Items

    Both of these are bought together, I normally do Sheen > Ionian > Tri

Situational Items

    If they enemy team has little tanks but lots of burst, this is a good option.
    Good if you're fighting a lot of AP, otherwise, it's useless.
    You can get your boots upgraded whenever after Tri, and get red pot Mid/Late game if you have extra gold. Farsight ward at level 9.
    Great vs heavy armor and health stacking teams
    If the enemy team has a lot of healing, this is the only option (Graves, Raka, Swain, ect)

Starting Items

Amazing item if you're looking for sustain.  I normally start this because it gives you some mana sustain and good base stats to survive the early stages of laning. It's mana return passive per minion kill also acts like GP's older Q passive that rewarded GP for last hitting with Q, with a mana refund.

I always start Doran's Ring as the early game is all about sustain, and this is your best long-term sustain item.


An interesting start that isn't at all bad.  If the lane itself seems easy, or you think something might go down in the early game like invades or skirmishes, having Dark Seal is amazing as you can start to stack it.   Although it gives less sustain than a Doran's Ring as a first item, the fact you can stack this easily with your ultimate is why it's so good on GP, but also, since you have decent AP ratios on W and R, you can gain so much from having one of these.

First back (1575 gold)

Your best early game item.  Applies to Q for more damage and can also be applied to E if you use Q to destroy it.  Easier last hitting, more mana, and cooldown reduction. I'd always be looking for a Sheen no matter what on your first back.

Really? Cull? Yeah, it's pretty good.  Gives some AD, in lane on-hit sustain, and you are rewarded gold for farming.
Gangplank is a farm champion, one of the best in the game, and this item is excatly for that. Farming. 

Ward up one complete side of the lane and sit safely farming.  Always, always needed. If you're looking to get better at this game, warding is something you have to do.

Core Items

Everything Tri-Force gives you, Gangplank can use.  Completing this item gives you 200% on-hit which tacks onto your Q and can also be used to destroy E for more damage as well.   This will always be your first item, no exceptions.   You're going to want: Sheen > Phage > Zeal

Cooldown boots are needed as they cap you at max cooldown once paired with your Sheen, since you take 20% in runes.  These are the only boots I ever run, as they are the best for my overall setup.

Gangplank's second best item as it amplifies your damage immensely.  Since everything you do can Crit on GP, picking up IE as soon as possible is essential to a winning build and dealing damage.   You're going to want: BF > Pickaxe > Cloak of Agility

Another good on-hit that stacks with your Tri-Force for some insane Q damage.  I typically get this third, as it can Crit, and already having 40% to now 70%, almost everything you do is going to deal double damage.  Another benefit of having Shiv is that you don't need to use E to waveclear, as you can hit a minion wave once with an auto or Q and have the wave cleared instantly, saving your E for team fights. You're going to want: Zeal > Kircheis Shard

A lot like Shiv, this is instead going to give you a little bit more survivability, but also, cap you at 100% Crit chance, meaning everything you do, is dealing double damage, plus, the IE's 50% increase, making you even more of a threat, and a potential 1v5 carry.   You're going to want: Zeal > Daggers

Situational Items

You pick one according to the enemy team:


This item gives % Physical damage against champions with more health than you, and % Armor Penetration for taking out HP / Armor stacking champions (Tanks). 

Every game I normally do this as my last item, unless the enemy team calls for something more specific.


Much like Lord Dominik's Regards, this instead applies Grevious Wounds to reduce healing to champions instead of the % Physical Damage for champions with greater health than you.  

I would get this in situations where they have a few over-the-top healing champions, such as: Swain, Soraka, Volibear, Mundo, maybe even Nami.  Or the rare case of lots of Lifesteal champions, which isn't as common, but can still happen. 


This item gives you a lot of health, and base % AD which works amazingly with your Tri-Force on-hit Sheen (Sheen is based on Base AD, and this item increases it.)  In addition, if you lose a certain amount of health quickly, you proc the passive, which makes you even stronger.  Shield, base AD increase, and a champion size increase.

I feel like this is easily the best item on Gangplank if you're looking for something situational.  It makes you tanky, gives you good damage, and you're somewhat immune to all-ins against champions.  Hybrid Tank/Damage items I would gravitate towards, and this is it.  I would build this the majority of my games over anything else, unless killing tanks was needed.


Great item if the enemy team has a lot of AP damage.  And I mean, a lot.  Maybe 1-2 AP carries or so is enough for me to get this, although I don't do it too often as I don't believe in defensive stuff on Gangplank, this can still come in handy if you're looking to survive throughout some AP heavy games.

Flasks, Wards and Enchants


I never see myself buying this until full build, as Gangplank's overall build is very expensive, and all of your gold has to be going into items as opposed to consumables.  This is the only flask of choice.

Great pickup to ward without putting yourself in danger.  I always swap for this at level 9 when it becomes available. Also, remember to use it the second it's up to get the most out of it, as it does last forever and can be spammed.


Great boost of movement speed that stacks well with everything else you build. Triple Zeal? High base movementspeed? These are great, and I usually get them after Tri.

Silver Serpents.png Silver Serpent purchases (R upgrades)


Your cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R) now fires an additional giant cannon ball in the middle of the ultimate, dealing 300% True Damage and slowing people hit by 60% for 1.5 seconds

3902.png Death's Daughter is used to deal lots of damage to a single target, preferably a squisher champion such as an ADC or APC.  This is because you can get them out of the way a lot quicker with the true-damage followed by a raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) combo, or vice-versa.

I always get this upgrade first as it does the most damage between the two (3902.png Death's Daughter and 3901.png Fire at Will as long as you can land it), making killing people a lot easier during the Early-Mid game.


Your cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrrage (R) now fires faster, and has 6 more waves of cannonballs tacked onto it for more damage and slows

3901.png Fire at Will is your basic ultimate, with a faster fire-rate and more rounds (it does more damage and now slows more frequently) 
I get this second as it's the only other upgrade that deals damage, but also because once you've snowballed enough with 3902.png Death's Daughter's True Damage nuke, your team fighting becomes a lot better with the added slow and over-time damage.


Your cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R) now speeds up allies inside the radius gain 30% Movement Speed for 2 seconds

All this ultimate upgrade does it speed up your allies, which is why it is always bought last as it offers no extra damage for the early-mid game

The final Form GP

3158.png3078.png3031.png3087.png3046.png > Choose one: 3036.png3033.png3053.png3156.png

This build, once paired with Runes and Masteries, gives you:

Max Cooldown

Max Crit Chance

Roughly 300 AD

And a situational item to round your build out for any game.

You 1 shot everything but can die very quickly, meaning positioning is key to crushing late game.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Ahri
  • Anivia
  • Annie
  • Azir
  • Heimerdinger
  • LeBlanc
  • Twisted Fate
  • Viktor
  • Zed



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

103.png Ahri is like any other mid champion when playing 41.png Gangplank.   Avoid skillshots, farm safely, and just completely outscale her.  The only thing she really has is high mobility, making fights at level 6+ somewhat annoying, as she can escape raisemorale.png (E) combos quite easily.  Other than that, the matchup is easy.

Things to note:

Your removescurvy.png (W) can cleanse her ahriseduce.png (E)  making dealing damage to you a lot harder, as she can't land a free ahriorbofdeception.png (Q) afterwards.

Laning Notes:

Level 1 - She gets ahriorbofdeception.png (Q) which can really ruin your levels 1-5 if you get hit by too many, be sure to play back and max range farm.

Level 2 - She gets ahriseduce.png (E) which can make things even worse if you're caught by any of her spells.  This'll eat up a lot of mana, stunting your first back.  Sit behind minions, and do what you've been doing.

Level 3 to 5 - Nothing to really note, same skillshots, just don't go near her for the ahrifoxfire.png (W) and you're fine.

Level 6 - This is where things can get pretty bad, but only if you give her the opportunity. 103.png Ahri can't 100/0 you unless you've already been previously chunked by her abilities, so maintaining your health bar around her level 6 is what you should be doing, as she won't be able to all-in you.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

34.png Anivia is another easy matchup. Instead this time, she's very slow and has 1 skillshot you're looking to dodge.  All it is, is a farm game until mid-late where you outscale.

Things to note:

Your removescurvy.png (W) can cleanse her flashfrost.png (Q) stun, meaning if you're fast enough, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary damage afterwards. 

Laning Notes:

Level 1 - She gets flashfrost.png (Q) which can really ruin your early levels if you get hit by too many.   This projectile alone is quite weak, and very slow, but levels 2+ is when  it really picks up, as the passive that's tacked onto it does a lot when other abilities hit you.

Level 2 - She gets frostbite.png (E) which can make things even worse if you're caught by flashfrost.png (Q) as the damage is doubled.  This'll eat up a lot of mana, stunting your first back. Sit a fair distance away from 34.png Anivia, as you can avoid lots of damage since the abilities are slow.

Level 3 to 5 - Same stuff as before, although she now has crystallize.png (W) which can be bad for you if you're overextended and get caught in a gank.   Just sit back and farm, you can easily avoid this.

Level 6 - Anivia gains a lot of waveclear with glacialstorm.png (R), which is fine.   All you want is farm yourself, and having the wave shoved into you even faster means more farm.  Still watch out for this ability though, as she can quickly combo it into frostbite.png (E) for some stupid damage.  Just zone yourself away from her and you're fine, I wouldn't advise fighting her.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

Since there are no skillshots with 1.png Annie, this matchup can get somewhat annoying due to her constant click-on harass.

Fortunately for you, you're outscaling in time, meaning all you have to do is make it through the early game and you're good to go.

Things to note: 

Your removescurvy.png (W) can cleanse her anniepassive.png (Passive) which is huge, as a lot of 1.png Annie's damage comes from you not being able to react. This is especially helpful at level 6 when she has her infernalguardian.png(R) 

Laning Notes:

Level 1 - She gets disintegrate.png (Q) which is either spent farming, or harassing you. Normally, she'll start to spam you down if you get too close, or if she has her anniepassive.png (Passive) up, so just sit back and farm. Try to avoid going near her.

Level 2 - She gets incinerate.png (W) which isn't so bad, same thing as level 1 except it's a lot shorter range. She'll only be able to use this if you're close enough, but you shouldn't really worry, it doesn't do much. 

Level 3 to 5 - She'll get her moltenshield.png (E) which actually does damage to you if you parley.png (Q) her, so avoid any sort of harass out of (E) combos. 

Level 6 - Annie gets her infernalguardian.png (R) which actually isn't so bad. It's a lot like 103.png Ahri's level 6, where she can't 100/0 you unless you've been previously chunked down by abilities, but also, you can cleanse the stun with your removescurvy.png (W) and then run away.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

268.png Azir is a champion that can't actually kill you, but harass you down extensively throughout most of the early game.  

You outscale him, so just making it to mid-late is what you should be looking to do.

Things to note: 

Save your removescurvy.png (W) for when he uses azirQ.png (Q) as it's the only thing in his kit that hinders movement, meaning once cleansed of the slow, you shouldn't take anymore damage if you can move out of range.

268.png Azir can destroy your raisemorale.png (E)  from a distance will his clones, making it almost impossible to get combos off.  Try to avoid using raisemorale.png (E) in  this lane, and if so, place them a far ways away from him so he can't get them for free.

Laning Notes:

Level 1 - He gets azirW.png (W) and starts to place soldiers on the wave.   Just stay away from the minions, and farm to avoid any damage.

Level 2 - He gets azirQ.png (Q) which will now start to work with his azirW.png (W) to harass you down.  I find level 2 to be quite annoying, as whenever you get hit with his azirQ.png (Q) you're slowed, which typically ends up with some more damage being dealt.  I try my best to just run out as soon as possible if hit, and just re-position somewhere else to farm.

Level 3 to 5 - He'll get his (E) azirE.png which really only does anything if you're overextended, especially at level 6 with azirR.png(R)

Level 6 - Of course, he gets his ultimate.   Don't go near him, it's not worth getting thrown into the tower and dying, but 268.png Azir's level 6 is one of the worst compared to others, and is really only good when team fighting.  This level 6 is a lot easier to avoid, but still, like most level 6 Mid matchups, don't get too low or they'll take advantage of you with it.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

74.png Heimer is quite easy, in that he always pushes the wave, meaning farming is a lot safer (you always want this) but also, you can farm off of his h28gevolutionturret.png (Q) making snowballing a lot easier.  He's slow, squishy, and very easy to take care of once you hit Mid-Late.

Things to note: 

The only thing he really has that's going to kill you, is his ch1concussiongrenade.png (E) as it stuns you.  Use (W) to break out and run free before he can do anything else.

Laning Notes:

Level 1 - He normally gets h28gevolutionturret.png (Q) and starts to shove the wave, stay at a distance to avoid the damage, but be sure to farm as best as possible with either the towers, or the minions.   You can net a lot of free gold in this matchup.

Level 2 - He now has either hextechmicrorockets.png (W) or ch1concussiongrenade.png (E) which will now start to hurt if you're caught with them.  You can easily avoid either of these if you're constantly moving, so just continue to farm and do your best to ignore them if possible. 

Level 3 to 5 - Heimer now has access to his entire kit, outside of upgrade!!!.png (R), but it's the same as before.  He'll shove the wave, and try to harass you with skillshots when you go to farm. Nothing to really note here.

Level 6 - His level 6 is okay, not amazing, as you can avoid all of the damage by just using removescurvy.png (W) if caught with an ch1concussiongrenade.png (E), making his chances of killing you very low.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

7.png Leblanc is a lot like 268.png Azir, except she actually has kill potential due to the amount of damage she does per burst.  She can avoid your raisemorale.png (E) with her leblancslide.png (W) and potentially delete you throughout the game if out of position.  Still, you outscale her, meaning in time you will win.

Things to note:

If hit by her leblancsoulshackle.png (E), it slows on contact but then roots once finished.  Using removescurvy.png (W) after the chain is done is what you're looking to do.

Laning notes:  

Level 1 - Most Leblancs will start leblancslide.png (W) dashing in for early harass.  If she does this, and you're close enough to get hit by it, be sure to tag her with an auto to apply your gangplankpassive.png (Passive) and then hit her with a parley.png (Q) to win early trades.

Level 2 -  This is when she becomes pretty strong, being able to leblancchaosorb.png (Q) you first and then leblancslide.png (W) for extra damage, almost always losing trades.  I advise just sitting back and farming.

Level 3 to 5 - She'll grab her leblancsoulshackle.png (E) which can now root you, but also with her leblancchaosorb.png (Q) and leblancslide.png (W) she can deal a lot of damage very quickly.  Still continue to sit back and farm, don't go near the wave or you'll have a rough time trying to stay alive.

Level 6 - She now has the ability to use anything, twice.  This can be very problematic if caught out or overextended, as you can only removescurvy.png (W) 1 of the 2 leblancsoulshackle.png (E's), meaning you'll either be rooted, or just straight bursted down by other abilities.  Of course she won't always ult the leblancsoulshackle.png (E), but it's the most problematic of all things she could use twice.


Twisted Fate

(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)

Having 1.7m Mastery on this champion, I should know a thing or two about the matchup.

4.png Twisted Fate in-lane isn't a threat, but the fact that he can easily control the game, making your scaling a lot harder, is pretty big.  Fortunate for you, most people can't really play Twisted Fate well, meaning scaling should go as planned, and you heavily outscale this immobile mage.

Things to note:

When he goes for another lane with his destiny.png (R) you can follow up with yours, hopefully turning the fight.

You can cleanse the 1 thing he has that'll kill you, his pickacard.png (W), making dying to 4.pngTwisted Fate something that should never happen.

Laning notes:

Level 1 - He'll get pickacard.png (W) and typically spam Red Cards onto the wave to start shoving.  Try to stay away from the minions and just farm.  If he doesn't, and he's last hitting, just last hit as usual.

Level 2 - He'll get either wildcards.png (Q) to continue to shove, or cardmasterstack.png (E) for better last hitting and harass.  Same as level 1, farm.

Level 3 to 5 - He will now have his entire kit, although it'll only really be good at pushing constantly.  You don't have to worry about getting too low as you can avoid a lot of his damage by just not being around him, since his only skill-shot is very, very slow.

Level 6 - This is when things can get bad for you and your team.  A good  4.png Twisted Fate will take control of the game, and the one thing 41.png Gangplank wants, is a long game.  At this point, I'd try to harass him down quite a bit to make sure he can't leave lane for free.



(Please read "How to lane against Ranged Champions" as well)
I feel 112.png Viktor only really succeeds in this matchup if he can land enough  viktordeathray.png (E) harass.  Otherwise, you should be good to safely go through laning into outscaling him Mid-Late.

Things to note:

His viktorpowertransfer.png (Q) has two parts to it.  The disk he throws, and then THE INSTANT ATTACK that follows, which can be used to destroy your raisemorale.png(E) very quickly before you can react.  Remember this when placing raisemorale.png(E) or deciding when to detonate them.

Laning notes:  

Level 1 - Normally he'll start viktordeathray.png (E) for some early harass, or even sometimes viktorpowertransfer.png(Q) for better trading.  Do your best to keep moving and avoid unnecessary damage.

Level 2 -  He now gets the other ability which can be even more annoying if hit with both.  Just continue to do what you've been doing, and farm.

Level 3 to 5 - He grabs his viktorgravitonfield.png (W) which is actually quite useless unless you advance onto him, but even then, if stunned you can removescurvy.png (W) out quickly.

Level 6 - He now has his ultimate.  Once used, it does a good chunk of damage, but, I wouldn't worry about this too much as like all other matchups, he can only kill you if previously chunked down. Be sure to be healthy before hitting 6, or don't go near him



(Please read "How to lane against Melee Champions" as well)

238.png Zed is a character who I feel can take advantage of you quite easily, as you lack hard CC.  But also, you can take advantage of him easily due to his damage only coming from skill-shots.  It's all about winning early levels against this guy, or playing very well once level 6 with your positioning and raisemorale.png (E).

Things to note:

You have no hard CC, so positioning and dodging skill-shots is crucial in this matchup, or you'll straight up lose.  

Laning notes:  

Level 1 - He gets zedQ.png(Q) which can chunk you down if hit.  Stand behind minions to avoid it's full damage, and harass him if he gets too close with your gangplankpassive.png (Passive) and parley.png(Q)

Level 2 - He now has zedQ.png (Q) and zedW.png (W) which can be horrible for you if hit by too many of these.  You need to do your best to always be moving in different directions to avoid as much damage as possible. In turn, if you can avoid these, you can zone him off the wave with your zedE.png (E)

Level 3 to 5 - He's got everything. The zedE.png (E) doesn't really do much unless you stand around his (W) shadow, so don't go near them.  But this is still all about avoiding his zedQ.png(Q) and zedW.png(W) + zedQ.png(Q) combos.

Level 6 - This is where you need to play as safe as possible.  If you're chunked down pre-6, you're going to die.  Place raisemorale.png (E) around you, and under you, work with your raisemorale.png (E) as if you get hit by zedR.png (R), you need to detonate one and get out of there ASAP. You are not winning a fight against 238.png Zed at 6.

6.4 GP Changes? Back to Top

For patch 6.4, 41.png Gangplank has been toned down. He is still JUST AS GOOD, but only a little bit harder to play because of his limited barrel count and reduced gold generation with parley.png Parrrley (Q).

So, what happened to 41.png GANGPLANK?

parley.png Parrrley (Q) - Gold generation down

 2/3/4/5/6 per level (Instead of 4/5/6/7/8)

For a champion who already farms crazily because of his spammable one-shot raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) on minion waves, and parley.png Parrrley (Q) pretty much executing minions, I feel like this nerf was needed.  Not to mention, free gold for hitting other lanes with cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R).   You can literally snowball without doing anything but farming and ulting.  Hence, the nerf. I am okay with this.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) - Lower barrel count /  Faster barrel recharge rate

Ammo count now 3 at all levels. (Instead of 2/3/4/5 inc. Cannon Barrage ranks)
Recharge time reduced to 18/16/14/12/10 (Instead of 18/17/16/15/14)

So, there's two parts to this change.  The count, and the recharge rate of the barrels.

Ammo Count:

You can now only hold 3 barrels at all ranks.  This, in my opinion, is a buff, and a nerf. 


You can now do 3-part combos as early as level 2, which is huge!  Instead of placing 2, and then waiting for a 3rd previously, you can now dump your entire ammunition count into leading ganks, or harassing your lane opponent immediately. I love this. 


The downside to this change, is that you no longer can hold up to 5 barrels as the game progresses, but instead only 3 throughout the entire game.  This is a problem when it comes to Mid-Late game fighting as missing any combos means you're pretty much boned, especially the 3-part combo that eats up all of your ammunition at once.  Precision is key at this point, practice those combos!        

The Recharge Rate:

You now have faster recharging barrels (to make up for the loss of the other 2 barrels you could hold)
At rank 2 raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E), you now have a faster recharge rate than you did before at all ranks, and because of this, you should be looking to abuse this as much as possible by setting up barrels before any action happens, and comboing off of those instead of using up your ammunition in one-go.  

Working with the new raisemorale.pngPowder Keg (E)

The main problem with this "change" is that you hold less barrels. Although, the upside is that they now recharge faster. So, how can we make this work?

Pre-place barrels.  

Setup your barrels before any action happens, and lead your current ammo count off of them. This allows you to combo off of barrels lying around while still being at the cap of 3, to really make use of your current counter. This is going to be key when it comes to using your raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) effciently, as dumping your entire ammo count into 1 combo, and then MISSING, means you're useless until you have more.  

cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R) - Can no longer store Keg charges per level

Basically explained in the previous section regarding your (E).  Per rank of your Cannon Barrage, you now don't get any extra barrels.

In consclusion...

41.png Gangplank is still strong.  He is exactly the same as he was before, except is now harder to play with his limited resources. I firmly believe in still playing the same way as you did before, you just have to be a lot better at doing so.  I will still also continue to play 41.png Gangplank, as he is one of my favourite champions, and I could care less if he was nerfed/buffed even more.

Introduction! Back to Top

I'm a Master tier player who has been playing 41.png Gangplank since his rework (he became way too cool not to play) and since then, he's become my  favourite champion.

I put a lot of time into the one champion I play, so hopefully you can learn a thing or two from me and my guide!

Why Mid over Top? Back to Top

I've been a Mid main since S3, and ever since GP's rework I've really only enjoyed playing him Mid lane. I've played him Top at the higher brackets of play as well, and I can say Mid is far superior than Top for him.


The lane itself is shorter, opting for more farm and experience.
The lane is safer as it has more options when it comes to escaping.
Everyone you fight is squishy, meaning getting kills should be a lot easier.
You have access to Jungle camps (specifically Raptors which can be 1 shotted by a single Q+E for Gold)
You have access to Bot lane through roams.

The only problem in this lane is that every outranges you, for the most part.  A lot of the people you fight are casters, which can be annoying, but once you learn how to work around them, you'll enjoy it more than Top lane.


Gangplank Top isn't exactly bad, but it's a huge gamble.  

In this meta, Tanks are typically thrown Top, especially ones with decent TP pressure.  Being GP, you aren't tanky, and your teleport pressure is bad.  Like, really bad.  You have no reliable CC making it almost impossible to pull off something amazing unless the enemies are seriously overextended. 

In addition, Top is the one lane that gets bullied the most through Jungle pressure and can easily get set behind, never to recover.  A huge problem with this, is that Gangplank needs a lot of time to get going, and falling behind in the slightest can kill picking the champion completely.

The only time I can see GP Top being fine, is if the people you're fighting aren't very good at camping you or the lane opponent is super passive.  That's it.  You want levels, you want time, and if you're getting bullied 24/7 by 2 people, you don't get either.

In my opinion, Mid is just a better lane overall for GP as it's safer, and has more options for GP to get ahead in. But also, allows for a better team comp to work with if you get some beefy champion Top with initiation. 

Mindset and Game Plan Back to Top


In time, I will win.

41.png Gangplank scales insanely hard, and because of this, you should always be looking for that Mid-Late game, where you truly shine.  Of course, this doesn't mean do absolutely nothing for the entirety of early game, but this champion is among one of the best given time, possibly THEE best.

You need Gold and Experience, your champion HIMSELF scales with both, as his kit is amplified with items, and through levels.

Play safely and farm up

Assist your team with your global ultimate

Scale into that classic perma-ban champion and crush

As long as you can remember to take things slow and allow yourself to put up with the boredom of scaling, you will always find success with 41.png Gangplank.

Pros and Cons Back to Top

Of course, no champion is perfect, although I'd like to think 41.png Gangplank is.


  • Gets increasingly strong as the game progresses, turning into a monster once level 13+
  • Can snowball insanely hard due to the parley.png (Q) Gold Generation and Global presence with your cannonbarrage.png (R)
  • You scale better than 90% of the game, making it almost a free win if you can hit Mid-Late game without being too far behind
  • Easily one of the best AoE damage dealers and team fighters,  IN THE GAME
  • You are a pirate


  • Weak early game that can easily be taken advantage of
  • Takes awhile to scale, meaning teams that control the game early generally beat you
  • You have no hard CC, making all-ins by other champions something you can't really stop
  • You're always banned, making this champion sometimes un-playble 

Barrels! Back to Top

In this section, I will be going over how to use your  raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E).

A lot of people struggle to get Kegs off throughout the game, and the best thing I can tell you that'll help, is LEAD YOUR COMBOS.
Position them around you, in reach of your Q, but out of reach of your enemies, and lead them into people with extended strings. The 3 part combo is easily the best to learn as it offers the most of the 3, but the 2 part combo is just as fine in close range encounters.

raisemorale.png Combos 

With41.png Gangplank, there are only 3 real combos that you can do throughout each game.  They are:

raisemorale.png The 1 Part

This is the least common 41.png Gangplank combo, as it is the hardest to pull off, and is a lot like the 2 Part.

This involves placing a single barrel down, and then using parley.png (Q) out of it's max range to detonate it.  At the same time the parley.png (Q) comes out, you place another barrel, and both explode. 

1. E
2. Q
3.    >E

raisemorale.pngraisemorale.png The 2 Part

This is the most common Gangplank combo, as it is the simplest to pull off and can be used a lot throughout the game for various things.

You place 1 Barrel down.  You then add the 2nd and parley.png (Q) the first immediately (You can also detonate this combo with a basic attack, but it will do less damage).

1. E > E
2. Q

raisemorale.pngraisemorale.pngraisemorale.png The 3 Part

This is a lot like the 2 Part combo, but adds a little bit more range.

You place 2 Barrels down.  You then stand between the first and second barrel, parley.png (Q) the first barrel, and then throw a third out at the end of the chain, having all 3 connect.

1. E > E
2. Q > > >E

Here's a short video I did showing you how to do these combos.  I will make future in-depth videos (when I learn how  to edit them) on the Powder Keg (Mechanics and usage) but for now, this should teach you the basics.

The Importance of Crit Chance Back to Top

Everyone knows 41.png Gangplank for his ridiculous Crits, and for good reason... THEY HURT.

But how important is Crit Chance on 41.png Gangplank?

Autos can Crit (obviously)

parley.png Parrrley (Q) can Crit.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) can Crit.

3087.png Statikk Shiv's Passive can Crit.

3031.png Infinity Edge increases all Crit damage by 50%.

Literally everything you do can Crit, outside of your gangplankpassive.png Trial By Fire (Passive)removescurvy.png Remove Scurvy (W) and  cannonbarrage.png Cannon Barrage (R). Having said this, you're going to want A LOT OF CRIT CHANCE.

50%? 90%? 100%?!

When it comes to how much Crit Chance you need, I would advise aiming for the full 100%.

This is because a single raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E) combo onto a backline can decide an entire teamfight, and if it doesn't Crit because you aren't at 100%, is actually a big deal.  

How many combos do you think you'll get onto the backline of a team?  2? 3?  No, probably just 1. One chance to nuke the carries, so you have to make it hurt.

The importance of Cooldowns Back to Top

Cooldowns and GP go hand in hand, which is why I run 20% CDR in my runes and rush Ionian + Sheen and have the Intelligence Mastery.  

This champion, once out of the early levels of laning, is completely run on Cooldowns.  He barely uses Mana as a resource as most of your damage comes from Powder Kegs which are free, but also Q's that cost absolutely nothing to use.

Mentioned also in STOP BUILDING ESSENCE REAVER, you can max out your cooldown at about level 7, which also helps with farming up your Silver Serpents, W heal spamming, Keg spamming, but most importantly, dropping your Ultimate bot every minute.  I feel like this is probably this biggest thing with GP as you don't really assist your team outside of using the Ultimate, and having that much cooldown at such an early level helps to get your team ahead even more while you sit afk farming minions for the next 20 minutes.

Having said all of this, I do feel CDR is GP's most crucial stat for Mid/Early outside of AD and Crit, as without it, he doesn't function so well.

Power Spikes? Back to Top

This section is currently being worked on:

When playing as 41.png Gangplank, you become increasingly strong as the game progresses. In this section, I will be going over your Power Spikes throughout the game.

3902.png Death's Daughter (Ultimate Upgrade)

Huge boost to your cannonbarrage.png (R) damage.  This can easily turn a lot of fights if you can manage to land it. Once you have your 3902.png Death's Daughter, picking up kills should be a lot easier.

raisemorale.png Powder Keg (E)

As the game progresses, your raisemorale.png (E) become increasingly strong.  There are two notable levels where things get a lot better for you, these are:

Level 7 - Your Powder Keg now ticks down 2x as fast, and can be combo'd a lot easier.

Level 13 - Your Powder Keg is now a given, and comboing with it is much, much easier.

3078.png Tri-Force

This item, once completed, gives you an on-hit of 200%.  This is always applied to your parley.png (Q), and can also be used to detonate your raisemorale.png (E) which will apply the damage as well, making 3078.png Tri-Force a huge Power Spike.

Bandit Mastery and Laning Back to Top

Before we get into how to lane with 41.png Gangplank Mid, I have to mention an amazing Mastery that is certainly a little too strong when it comes to your kit:

mastery build guide Bandit Bandit

mastery build guide BanditBandit gives you 1 Gold per missed minion, and 10 Gold if hitting an enemy champion with a melee basic attack (3 Gold for a ranged attack) and has a cooldown of 5 seconds.

Since 41.png Gangplank's parley.png Parrrley (Q) is coded as a melee basic attack, for every parley.png Parrrley (Q) you hit an enemy champion with, you are granted the full 10 Gold and have the 5 second cooldown.

I highly suggest trying to parley.png Parrrley (Q) your lane opponent if you can for the Gold, regardless of who you're fighting, and then back off for some more farming until it's available again.  I wouldn't advise trying to force Q's onto your lane opponent if they aren't in an optimal position though.

Plunder or Bandit with parley.png?

Plunder is the other half of your parley.png Parrrley (Q).  You are granted different amounts of Gold per rank of your parley.png Parrrley (Q), for last hitting minions with it.  But, which one grants you more Gold?

                                         mastery build guide BanditBandit nets you more Gold than parley.png Parrrley (Q) Plunder!

Bandit = 10 Gold Per parley.png Parrrley (Q)
Plunder = 2/3/4/5/6 Gold per level, per parley.png Parrrley (Q)

Using parley.png Parrrley (Q) to harass your lane opponent for mastery build guide BanditBandit gives you more Gold than Plundering minions, the only downside to this is you don't get as many Silver Serpents early on, but you do let a little more lane dominance with the damage it deals, allowing for safer farming.


So, in conclusion...

This Mastery, paired with the Gold you get from farming with parley.png Parrrley (Q), can get you very, very ahead.  If you can manage to proc this each and every time it's off of cooldown on a champion, but also, successfully farm with it as well, you can become much, much stronger before the late-game even hits.

And of course, the last thing to note with  mastery build guide BanditBandit is that it can be used ALL THROUGHOUT THE GAME.

As you read the rest of the 41.png Gangplank laning section, please remember to keep this in mind, as you can net a lot of free gold throughout the various stages of the game!

Grasp or Thunderlords? Back to Top

As I know everyone loves their Grasp of the Undying on Gangplank as it works with his Q, it's sometimes not even worth it.

So, which is better? 

Grasp Picture.png  

Against Melee - Grasp is better in that it gives you better brawling potential and sustain.  In most melee matchups, you're almost always fighting your lane opponent, whether it's them fighting you, or you them, having Grasp of the undying helps to duel with your laner.

This Mastery is heavily suited for Top as opposed to Mid, but can still be used if against any melee Mid matchups.


Against Ranged - Thunderlord's decree is better in that you have to be in combat to use Grasp, which means against any ranged matchups, you'd be taking too much harass as you're a melee champion with poke spells, no real sustained ranged damage.

A big thing with TLD as well, is it's 5% Cooldown Mastery that allows for more Q and E spam at early levels to help you deal with people from a far. An even better reason to take this against Ranged.

This Mastery is heavily suited for Mid as opposed to Top, but same thing as before, if it's a ranged champion, it can be used.


3508.png Isn't worth it on Gangplank 3508.png

This item holds a lot of players back from experiencing what it truly is to crush as GP.

Costing a total of 3600 gold, you only build it to max out your cooldown. 

Now don't get me wrong, the stats are quite good (the passives are just a waste though once you have Sheen/Tri as you'll never run oom, especially if you have a Doran's Ring), but what if I told you that you could avoid this item completely...gain maximum cooldown even faster, and spike harder with an insanely good on-hit that's also cheaper? 

Cooldown runes.  Taking cooldown runes (20% total) is basically this item and allows for a more optimal, yet cheaper build path that deals good damage but also comes with a good on-hit to be applied to your Q.

Pairing 20% Runes with Ionian Boots and a Sheen + Intelligence Mastery and you have 40% CDR as early as level 7.

I don't ever build this, as I feel it's just a huge waste of gold.

Laning with Gangplank (Backing, ect) Back to Top

Laning with Gangplank is quite simple, especially Mid.

You go to lane with your starting items, and ONLY LOOK TO LAST HIT.  Last hitting means in most situations, the lane won't be pushing towards the enemy laner, but instead, towards you.  Gangplank needs farm, and lots of it. Having access to CS is what you're looking for, and it's all about getting as much as possible for your first back.

Play passively and farm.   You can poke your lane opponent if they get too close for some Bandit Gold but you aren't looking to pick fights with anyone.

When using your E, Powder Keg, use it to relieve pressure if your opponent is getting a little too ballsy, but try not to detonate combos onto the wave itself, or it'll push back towards the enemy.

If you can't reach CS without taking stupid amounts of damage, don't do it.  You staying alive and getting as much farm as you can is key, as one misstep in lane means you lose.

When to back?

1st back - 1575 Gold

I like backing with enough for a Sheen and Cull, even a Pink Ward. This means, staying as safe as possible and farming up until you have that number exactly is what you need to be doing.

Costing only 1575 total for everything, I feel this is the perfect for Gangplank.

3057.png Sheen gives you easier last hitting with a mana pool and CDR to spam abilities, but also, some more damage to combat your lane opponent.

1083.png Cull gives you a little bit of sustain and damage, but also compliments Gangplanks playstyle of just AFK farming, which is easier with the Sheen of course.

And finally, the 2043.png Pink Ward is great to keep yourself alive through the early stages without getting ganked.

2nd back? Ect

These backs happen once you have enough gold for full component items, such as 3044.png or even a 3086.png.
A good time though, is when you've got both the first ultimate upgrade or the full tri-force completed, as both of them are huge powerspikes.

Laning against Ranged or Melee? Back to Top

Starting Items


Abilites (Levels 1-3)

Q > E > W - Continue to max as usual, Q > E > W

Things to remember against Ranged

  • A lot of the ranged matchups are decided upon how many skill-shots you can dodge.  Being able to avoid  most = a winning lane.   Getting hit by a lot stunts your first back, and ultimately means you lose lane
  • Since you can't use your gangplankpassive.png (Passive) to harass your opponent in a ranged matchup, I suggest just using it to farm or avoid skill-shots by proccing the on-hit movement speed boost on minions.  You can also make use of this by proccing the movement speed on a minion, then chasing down your lane opponent for a parley.png (Q)
  • Use parley.png (Q) to last hit as best as possible for more Gold income, but also, when your Mastery Bandit isn't on Cooldown, poke your lane opponent once with parley.png (Q) to get even more Gold (Keep doing this whenever it's available) 
  • Use raisemorale.png (E) defensively, to relieve pressure.  Always have them around or behind you, to lead into pushing or over-extended targets.  You can play more aggressively later on with these once you have some more damage.

Things to remember against Melee

  • Using your passive on the enemy champion is an easy way to win trades, especially when followed up by some other source of damage, like an Q or E
  • You're a melee champion with a lot of ranged damage, meaning in most situations, you should be coming out with the win in a lot of melee matchups during the early phases of laning.
  • Using your Kegs offensively instead of defensively is advised, as you can deny the enemy opponent a lot in lane by placing them a long the wave after having them poked out from a distance with Q.

Early / Mid / Late game + Split Back to Top

Early-Game as 41.png

Early-Game, 41.png Gangplank is all about sticking to yourself.  Do not stray from lane, just Farm.

(Read: "Laning with Gangplank Mid" to get the just of  how Early-Game / Laning Phase is played out) 

Mid-Game as 41.png

When Mid-game hits, you should be relatively strong (assuming the early game goes well) to start winning team fights and fighting over objectives.

41.png Gangplank excels at just about everything, but what he really wants most, is an enemy team to be grouped up.  With  the amount of AoE damage that 41.png Gangplank has, he can single-handedly make work of any entire team with a couple of well placed raisemorale.png (E), followed by cannonbarrage.png (R).

Mid-game should be spent trying to group up for objectives and forcing fights into choke points to make short work of the enemy team.

Late-Game as 41.png

Late game for 41.png Gangplank is much like Mid-game, only everything you do is much, much stronger.

Still continue to group and fight over critical points around the map.  41.png Gangplank IS...The king of team fights, and late-game. He scales insanely well meaning at this point, the win is almost guaranteed unless you die before setting down a single barrel.

Should I split push as 41.png?

You certainly can, due to 41.png Gangplank's high movement speed throughout the game, and AoE wave clearing raisemorale.png (E), it's definitely possible to split.   Although, as someone like 41.png Gangplank who excels at fighting multiple people, it's sometimes not worth doing unless your team is very, very weak and can't work with you in team fights. 

Team Fighting Back to Top

Team fighting as 41.png

Team fighting with 41.png Gangplank is one of the most rewarding things.   A single raisemorale.png (E) can turn entire fights or setup your team for an engage.  When team fighting with 41.png Gangplank, there's a few things to note..

1. Barrels are everything

Team fights are really decided upon how many raisemorale.png (E) you can land.  If you aren't finding success with 41.pngGangplank in team fights, it's probably because of this.  Always be sure to lead barrels into people, never just throw them recklessly towards the enemy, as chances are it'll be defused before you can detonate it yourself.

2.  Position accordingly to the enemies team composition

This is based on two things:

Heavy engage?  Play with your backline, allowing for much safer play. 

No engage?  Play with your frontline, allowing for more devastating barrel combos.

41.png Gangplank lacks any real escapes, and getting engaged on is the last thing you want to have happen.

3. Never engage melee-form without chunking opponents down first with raisemorale.png (E) from a distance

41.png Gangplank with my staple build, is far too squishy to run at anyone without first chunking them down from afar.  You should always be looking to engage on opponents only if they've been hit by previous abilities, such as raisemorale.png (E) or cannonbarrage.png (R) depending on how much damage you deal. 

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