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3 months ago

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Summoner Spells


4.png Flash is a great summoner spell and should be taken every time you play Garen. Flash provides Garen with an instant escape that can be used if and when needed. Garen doesn't have an escape ability so you should take Flash to get out of sticky situations such as avoiding ganks and escaping crowd control. Flash can be used offensively and defensively.179.png

12.png Teleport is another good summoner and i recommend using this in conjunction with Flash when you play Garen. Teleport is a very strong spell because it opens the map to you, you can use the teleport in many different ways, such as getting back to lane quicker, escaping, and ganking. In the early game you should use your first teleport to get back to lane, and then you should hold on to it for the chance to get a counter gank or a TP gank to another lane. Teleport is a very versatile spell as it can be used in many different circumstances.179.png

3.png Exhaust is a summoner spell that is viable on Garen if you're playing first a hard matchup or a full AD team. Exhaust is a good spell because it can completely take somebody out of a fight. Exhaust is a greedy summoner spell and is risky to take for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can back fire by not allowing you to have the global map pressure compared to having TP. Secondly if you the enemy laner takes teleport then you would not be able to follow there TP's.179.png

14.png Ignite is an offensive summoner spell that can be used in easy matchups, or when you're feeling comfortable about winning lane. Ignite is a high risk high reward summoner spell because it relies on you doing well in lane. Ignite is viable because Garen does insane damage in the early game and can easily pick up kills, especially with some items. So ignite is rather good on him because you can push your advantage in lane. However it also suffers from the same issues as taking Exhaust (no global map pressure).179.png6.png Ghost is summoner spell that helps speed up Garen. Recently it was nerfed so it doesn't give him as much speed so quickly, but over time. Ghost can be used to chase or escape from enemies, Used with his Q the speed boost is amazing for Garen and makes him super-fast. Ghost is more used on midlaners, but it can be used on Garen in some games.

New Runes Back to Top

For this champion I recommend going for the Precision Tree.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Press the attack is good on him because you can auto the enemy often.

Triumph.png?width=32 Triumph restores your health when you get kills or assists. This will also allow you to sustain and survive longer in the lane.

Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32 You need tenacity as you are rather immobile.

Cut%20Down.png?width=32 Cut Down is good because you will not be tanky early and may be against enemies with more health. This is a theory craft page.

In the second tree we will be Taking Resolve and taking Iron%20Skin.png?width=32 Iron Skin which will protect us against enemy autos and damage. Revitalize.png?width=32 Revitalize is good too on you because of your passive and the items you will buy.

Abilities Back to Top


Garens Passive is PERSEVERANCE

If Garen has not been hit by enemy Auto attacks or abilities, then he will regenerate a pencentage of his health back each second. The items that we buy on Garen make this Passive Super strong, increasing our health regen is a sure fire way to improve our laning phase even in bad matchups.


Garens Q Ability is DECISIVE STRIKE

Garen loses all slows affecting him, and gains 30% movement speed, the next autoattack within 4.5 Seconds deals damage and silences his target for 1.5 Seconds. Garens Q should be used when the enemy is coming to trade with you, it can also be used as an engage or disengage, and to be used to retreat if possible.


Garens W Abiltiy is COURAGE

Passive: Killing a unit (minion,champion or jungle creep) grants 0.25 perminant armor and magic resist- stacking up to 30 (120 CS)
Active: Garen gains a shield that reduced incoming damage by 30%
Garens W should be used when you're going into trades, it only lasts for a few seconds so should be used as soon as the enemy is about to auto attack you.


Garens E Ability is JUDGEMENT

Garen spins in a circle doing damage to minions and enemy champions. Q can be cast while E is active, and you can also deactivate judgement. Judgement can do critical damage, and makes enemies hit 4 times with it lose 25% of their armor. Garens E is slow at the start of the game but gets quicker later on, when the ability is higher ranked you will be able to one shot the enemy minions.


Garens Ultimate is DEMACIAN JUSTICE

Passive: the enemy with the most recent kill is the villan, if Garen attacks them he does an extra 1% of their maximum health as true damage.
Active: garen executes an enemy champion dealing damage based on level and targets missing health. The Enemy villian (passive) is dealth true damage.


Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    I would recommend taking this in every matchup.
    If you are confident on winning lane, take a Dorans Blade.

Core Items

    Your first major item is going to be The Black Cleaver.
    Your Second item is going to be Boots- I recommend either Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads.
    Your third Major item is going to be Sterak’s Gage followed by Dead Mans Plate.
    Your fifth item is going to be Spirit Visage.
    Your Final item should be Gargoyle Stoneplate.

Situational Items

    If you’re in a tough matchup lane matchup, pick up an early Bramble Vest.

Your first major item is going to be The Black Cleaver on Garen. This item is good for him because it gives him Attack Damage, Health and Cooldown Reduction. Garen will benefit from this item a lot in the early game as it will allow him to deal damage to enemies and also stay healthier during the laning phase. The next item should be Boots. I recommend getting either Ninja Tabi or Mercury Treads depending on what you need in that current game. Ninja Tabi is good for getting on the back line because of the damage reduction and armor but Mecury Treads are good against high CC and AP teams. Your third item is going to be Sterak’s Gage which is another good item for him because it gives him AD and health. Also the LifeLine passive is good for Garen. After that get Dead Mans Plate followed by Spirit Visage and Gargoyle Stoneplate. These three defensive items are good on Garen as they provide him the tanky-ness that he needs to survive and sustain during late game team fights.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Fizz
  • Galio
  • Gangplank
  • Gragas
  • Illaoi
  • Jax
  • Jayce
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Nautilus
  • Renekton
  • Riven
  • Teemo
  • Yasuo




This is a Medium matchup because you both counter eachother, and should go even if you play the lane correctly. You should not let Darius harrass you for free, and you should Q silence his abilties, such as his R and Q. If he E's you then you should Q silence and run away. This lane is frustrating to play because it's Darius.




You both counter each other. Usually fiora will win because of her burst damage and her item path. To win this lane you should bait her W and then use your abilties. Your W will protect you from 30% of fioras damages. If she engaging you should try and escape. This matchup is more skill based and is it your job to get ahead and not let her out farm you. Try and freeze the wave




Early game this is an easy match up because you can completely  silence his abilties and not let him use them. Fizz depends on his E to get out of sticky situations, if he is going to try and escape use your Q . Fizz recently got nerfed so it is a little bit easier to lane vs Fizz. Once he is 6 it's a little harder because of his ultimate you should use your W as soon as you see fizz going for a trade.




This is a Medium matchup because this lane can be very difficult under some circumstances, but in others it is very easy. This is a farm lane until the enemy makes a mistake or you get a gank. Galio can counter your ultimate with his Shield, so make sure its down before you ult him. You should Q stops his Taunt but will still taunt you.




 Skill matchup, you can't kill each other. Play aggressive early, don't let him poke you.




You counter him, this is an easy matchup pre-6. When he has ultimate it's slightly trickier so you should Silence him whenever he gets close with his body slam. I suggest using Q to either silence him or to run away, make sure to use W when he engages.




You can counter her ultimate and her abilities by using your Q. In this match up you should fight level 2 and try to burst her with your damage. You should dodge her E and if it hits you, then run away from it.




Skill matchup. Jax is not very good in current patch, so make sure to abuse your silence early game. His E will counter your autos.




Build armor and HP early, this lane is very hard because a good jayce will Auto you whenever you go for a minion. Make sure you stay in XP range and sacrifice CS for XP.




You win this lane. You can out trade him very easily with your Q and E




When nasus uses his W, you should use your Q because it reduces the slow. You counter him so hard because you can stop him getting stacks, stop his W and his ultimate.




This champion has lots of CC and makes you a easy target to be ganked, Garen has no CC and not a real escape- you can get away from his slows with your Q but you cannot counter his CC. I would play safe and don't push to hard because you will get ganked. Just focus on farming and getting strong for late game.




This is a hard matchup because Renekton deals tons of damage early game. When he comes to trade with you, Silence him and use your W. In this matchup you want to play safe but don't let him bully you hard. Fall back after silencing him.




You completly counter Riven, however she can out damage you because of her abilties and passive. In this matchup you want to Q and silence her whenever she is going in for a trade. This is the only way to prevent some of her damage. Once silenced- back off.




This is a hard matchup because a good Teemo will auto attack you and poke you down whenever you come close to last hitting minions. This is a unfun lane and to win this matchup you should ask for ganks. You're level 2 power spike is really good and you can burst him down or chunk his health. In this lane you want to just play safe, lose CS but stay in XP range so you don't get behind.

In this matchup you want to rush Magic resist early.




This is a easy matchup because you completly counter Him. You can silence him with your Q, which can stop him from using his abiltiies. Pre 6 he will poke you but whenever he comes near you to do a combo, you can Q and silence him!

Pros and Cons Back to Top


  • His Q is a silence and is on a short cooldown, and can be used to take somebody out of the fight.
  • His W is very strong as it reduces his damage taken
  • Garens Passive is very strong and regenerates his health quickly.
  • Garen is easy to play
  • Garen is easy to understand
  • Garen's Q is slow resistant, and stops you from being CC'd
  • Can clear waves early game
  • E damage Buffed


  • Useless* ultimate passive
  • Easy to kite
  • Much stronger champions compared to him
  • Low mobility when Q is on CD
  • No hard CC
  • Isn't as useful compared to other toplaners (Gragas, Nautilus, Fiora, Renekton)

Like every champion, Garen has his strengths and weaknesses. Garen should be played as a Juggernaut.

Tips and Tricks Back to Top

After playing games as Garen, here are some tips i can give you:

  1. Your Q can stop Slows, use it to escape.
  2. You can activate Q while you're in E animation to speed boost.
  3. When you're going in for a trade, make sure to activate your W when the enemy is about to hurt you.
  4. If low HP play safe and out of enemy damage range, and use your passive.
  5. Your passive doesn't stop by minion damage.
  6. At level 2 you can burst enemies with your Q and E combo

Once you play more Garen, you learn his strengths and weaknesses and when he is good and bad.


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Why is garen not played often? Back to Top

 There are a few main reasons why I believe that Garen is not played much, and why you don’t really see him often in ranked games in any elo. Stats are not everything, but let’s give it a go and here are some ideas on why I think he is so low played, and not a positive win rate.

  • No CC. Unlike many more viable toplaners, Garen has no hard CC. Why is this a problem when other champions don’t have hard CC either? Compared to other champions without CC, garen has a harder time in the laning phase. If we compare him to Fioraa who also doesn’t have hard CC (her W is technically hard CC but it is only possible under certain circumstances) she benefits more from her item choices and deals more damage in the laning phase. Her abilities also give her 4 damaging while Garen only has 3. 
  • Garens’ abilities are not strong enough to carry him through the game. He needs to be a juggernaut and build damage and defensive stats so other champions that build full damage out scale him. Again this adds detail to the no major CC abilities. He only has 3 viable damaging abilities which are his Q E and R. His W is a damage reduction ability but isn’t useful unless you’re being targeted.
  • No high skill cap. Garen is an easy champion to play with basic mechanics, Comparing him to other champions that are more frequently seen such as Riven or Renekton, these champions have high skill caps where you can perform amazing looking and high damaging combos- with Garen, its nothing special.
  • Not fun to play. After playing Garen for some time, I have found myself getting bored of his kit and him in general. He is not fun because of his basic mechanics and limited outplay potential leading to a sour experience in the game.
  • Low damage. A lot of people enjoy doing high amounts of damage in the game especially toplane where you see the likes of Fiora, Renekton, Darius, Kled and Riven. These champions all bully Garen and it is a hard time for him in lane. Nobody likes playing unfair or uneven matchups and Garen has a lot of them. 
  • More useful champions. There are more useful champions out there in the game that can be played toplane. For example Renekton can hard CC champions and deal damage throughout the game.
  • Limited carry potential. Because of his basic mechanics and low skill cap and overall champion design, he doesn’t deal much damage. To carry games you need to win your lane most of the time. Garen has a hard time in lane so it is harder for him to solo carry games. He relies on team to do damage while he tanks things.
Everybody should try Garen out to understand his strengths and weaknesses and how to counter him. For me though I believe my time with Garen is finished.



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