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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.png - Pretty obvious, it's your only escape or chase spell.
12.png - if you want to split-push alot (like you should be doing with Illaoi), you should take tp. 
3.png - if you're against a hard match, or a very mobile champ or high-damage one (like Rengar), you should take exhaust in order to surely win him in trades.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

If you're against a team with alot of slows and you don't want to get kited - this mastery  page is for you. 

if you're against a lane that you need to be aggressive and deal constant damage (like yasuo to proc his shield), this mastery page is for you:
If you need extra sustain against a hard lane, this will be good for you:
If you noticed, the insight mastery is ALWAYS picked for illaoi, and it is very important for her. Her Ult + Flash combo is a game changer if done correctly, and you'll always want your flash to be available.

Abilities Back to Top

For your first skill- you can choose between w and q. If you place tentacles beforehand in your lane, you should go for w - as you can control them at level 1 and deal alot of damage. Illaoi's w deals alot of damage by itself, and it's cooldown is really low so does its mana, if you can spam it on your enemy at level 1 it will deal alot of unexpected damage, don't go overboard though.

Important Note: This is just my playstyle, if you see that you can't hit your e (if the opponent is slippery, or you're just not really good with skillshots), you can max Q first for the extra tentacle damage.

I like to max  illaoiE.pngE - Test Of Spirit first, as the cooldown is reduced and you can easily spawn tentacles and deal alot of damage to the enemy if you max it.  illaoiE.png Test Of Spirit is the key skill of Illaoi, and if you miss it you'll have much higher risk of dying or failing ur ult, as the ult deals tons more damage if you successfully land your e (Unless you're ulting 4-5 people and then you're fine, but it's better to E anyway in order to get a free tentacles hit and an extra tentacle).

Maxing e is important for its cooldown, you can poke more with it and ult more often if you have it available, and the damage transfered to the target is really high if you max it (45% BASE damage transfer! that's alot!). 
The second maxing is undoubtfully illaoiQ.pngQ - Tentacle Smash. According to path 6.11, Q's passive now increases the tentacles damage by 10%, 15%, 20% and so on. It's really meaningful. You can max it FIRST if you're not hitting with ur e, or if the enemy is slippery like fizz and you can't hit it much. But I think that you should max E most of the times to do double kills on ganks ;)

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Against AD you're afraid off
    If you're confident in your lane you can buy it first and then buy Black Cleaver or Death's Dance, whatever you like. You can also complete it to Exectuioner's Calling against healers like vladimir.
    Against Heavy pokes like vladimir

Core Items

    Can be first item if you're ahead your AD lane. I prefer AD item though.
    If you're behind against an ap lane.
    Choose one - if the enemy has alot of cc, mercury is your choice. If their team is reliant on ad and basic attacks - Tabi is for you.
    Currently My 1st item most of the times. Can be switched by death's dance if you don't need to movement speed and the Armor Reduction from this item (against squishy lanes for example)
    2nd item if you're ahead, or at least not behind.
    My Usual full build(not by order), you can switch spirit visage to another defensive item if you'd like, but the heal increase from this item is really good.
    If you're against someone with alot of slows (like a gnar with frozen mallet)

Situational Items

    Against fed adcs thornmail can prove effective. Death's Dance is a good item in order to sustain better, especially on Illaoi. Titanic Hydra might be nice to some people, I usually don't buy it as I like more defensive items. Guardian Angel is especially good as Illaoi. You're hard to kill as you are, so even if they kill you with GA, you can revive and heal back with your tentacles.
    Against Healers (Vlad/Mundo). If you want to keep this item to the late game - you can buy Mortal Reminder combining this, and give up on Black Cleaver. You can buy both Black Cleaver and Last Whisper, but that's not really smart and will leave you with too many offensive items.
    A very very very strong item, gives nice stats. I didn't test it yet but can be really good as a second item on Illaoi because the shield is just insane.

As for the recent changes, I really like going more AD and less defensive as Illaoi, as I feel more viable at late game, and carry harder at early game.

My Usual build is: 3071.png->3053.png->3111.png->3065.png->3812.png->3026.png. You can build tanky items such as frozen heart or omen if they have a fed ad champion, but this build usually covers all the cases.

With this build and masteries you need to manage your mana well, so be careful and do not waste your skills.
You can still buy Iceborn Gauntlet if you can't control your mana, it also gives a nice slow and stats, but you'll have less damage ofc.

Matchups Back to Top

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Pretty Easy, Buy 3123.png as a first item, take Exhaust 3.png if you want to make sure you'll win. Poke as much as you can with your e, and if he engages you - just e and ult.




That depends on your and his skill level. If you let him hit the outer-cycle of his q (dariuscleave.png) every time - you're doomed, he can easily shut you down with his ult and 5 stacks, so beware. if you see that he starts to activate his q, GET CLOSER with ur W (or just stay away if you can, but if you can't press w and jump on him) and grab him with e (illaoiE.png - Test Of Spirit), he won't heal and you won't be stacked - easy for you ;)


Dr. Mundo


You can win easily if you buy Executioner's calling - though most Mundos depends on their junglers, so beware.




A good Fiora will easily shut you down, as she can dodge every tentacle with her q (fioraq.png - Lunge), and even block your e completly with her w (fiorariposte.png - Riposte). Wait for her to waste her w and then grab her with e, poke as much as you can with ur q and DON'T enter trades with her, as she does better in long battles.




Can be alittle tough, as he can poke and run, or throw you away with his jayceE.png E if you engages, you just need to poke with your e and q, and wait for ganks.




She will poke you alot with her Q (lissandraQ.png - Ice Shard), and she has an easy escape which you cannot stop (Her E - lissandraE.png - Glacial Path). But if you buy quicksilver sash you could kill her on a full fight when she ults you, just stack mr.




You can win him with a successfull E + ult, just don't dive him. you should poke him with your q when you can, you out-sustain him.




He stacks your tentacles, that's pretty harsh. You could win him if you take ignite and executioner's calling, but laning phase will be hard for you, if he's good of course.




1 vs 1 he's really easy. He doesn't deal much damage, and you can easily out-sustain him, you deal more damage. Late game though, he'll be a beast.




She'll be quite hard to play against, as she's really tanky and strong. Her shields will be tough for you, you'll need to poke with ur q and avoid trading with her, as she has a long stun and can deal ALOT of damage while you're stunned. Buy BC as a first item.




Pretty easy for you, he doesn't have any sustain, you can easily kill him with ur e and ult, and poke him with ur q. Just be careful of ganks.




Quite easy for you, just don't miss e's and poke with ur q as much as you can.




A hard matchup for you. A good Rengar will always jump on you when he has his special bar full - and will deal ALOT of damage. You should grab him with e when you can, but don't go overboard and try to get help from your jungle. Better Take Exhaust 3.png.




Very mobile and can easily dodge your tentacles, but if you catch her with e and ult - she's done.




Most of the singed players doesn't want to 1 v 1 you, because 1 v 1 you could easily kill them. Singed usually starts proxying, so you should put wards around your second turret and wait for them with your jungler. If your team doesn't have enough CC to lock him down I really recommend you to dodge/ban singed, as he can carry REALLY hard if you can't lock him down.

Your lane against him will be really annoying, he will proxy you and leave you at your turret, do not chase him and try to farm normally until your jungler comes. Your jungler need to stand-by top lane to help you against him and prevent singed from proxying and hurting other lanes.

I usually ban singed when I play Illaoi as this match up is too risky and easy for singed to win the game. You should max Q against singed, because even if you grab him with ur e, the ghost will just disappear really fast with his poison.




Can be easy, but if he'll be aggressive and punish you if you miss your e - you'll be dead. Save your e when you're sure you can grab him, you should take exhaust against him.

Pick DFT mastery against him to disable his shield.

Introduction Back to Top

My IGN is Mumsno, I play in the Eune server and currently ranking as Illaoi #410 in the world (According to LoLSkill).
Update: As I'm not playing ranks as often as before, I'm no longer in the leaderboard with Illaoi.
I play LoL for almost 2 years (Currently I am Platinum IV), and I played a lot of games with Illaoi, and decided to help others to know how to play her, as she's really fun and can carry hard if played correctly.

I know what most of the people think - "Illaoi is an easy champ, just ult and you win", well, no. If you're against low-elo or against people who don't know how to play against her that would be true, but in the high-elo you'll need to control every tentacle and movement, or else you'll get poked and killed. Illaoi is very easy to understand, but hard to master, you'll need to know how to play against ranged champions, and how to ult correctly - a fail ult means death in teamfights.

Pros / Cons Back to Top

  • Easy To Learn
  • Most of the ganks by the enemy's jungler will end in a double kill if played right by you.
  • Lane bully, can farm easily and zone the other laner.
  • Carry HARD if played well, even if you're not fed.
  • Easily Kited by most adcs.
  • Missing your ult means death to you or to your teammates.
  • Hard to Master.
  • Hard to play in high elo.
  • You will be ganked alot by the enemy's jungler, as Illaoi's someone to be afraid of.
  • If you miss your e you're REALLY vulnerable, and a good jungler/enemy laner could use it to kill you pretty easily.

How To Play Against Illaoi Back to Top

Playing against Illaoi can be easy if the Illaoi is not a skilled one.

You must do the following things:
- If you can, dodge Illaoi's illaoiQ.png Q, as it heals her and deals mediocore damage early game.
- Try to focus her tentacles, she's alot weaker with out them, BUT NOT USELESS.
- If Illaoi catches you with her illaoiE.png E - Test Of Spirit, attack her if you can. It will make the ghost disappear. 
- If Illaoi caught you with her E, and you can't attack her - It's better for you to go out of range and receive the Vessel debuff. This way you'll not receive the damage transferred from her E.
- You can try bait Illaoi's ult by being close to her and then flashing ult, but it will not work against a skilled Illaoi.
- Try to poke her as much as you can. Dodge her tentacles if you can.

Abilities Tutorial Back to Top

  • illaoipassive.png Prophet Of An Elder God: Illaoi's Passive and the origin of all of her skills - every few seconds she spawns a tentacle nearby her (it will be attached to the closest wall to her, if there are no tentacles on the wall in a close area). The tentacles can be controlled with Illaoi's w (Harsh Lesson - illaoiW.png) and will be swinged automatically at any spirits she caught with her e (illaoiE.png Test Of Spirit). Unless Illaoi uses her ultimate, the tentacles can be destroyed, enemys will often focus on destryong these, as it cuts Illaoi's damage massively.
  •  illaoiQ.png Tentacle Smash: Illaoi's q. It's passive is the most important thing on Illaoi - every tentacle that hits an enemy champion will heal Illaoi for 5% of her missing health, Including her passive tentacles and her Q ability. I like to max this ability as it gives you a good sustain, lower cooldown and a really strong poke in-lane, which will also help you push your lane.
  • illaoiW.png Harsh Lesson: Illaoi's w. Illaoi's w resets her auto attack timer, and provides a short dash to her basic attack. When Illaoi hits her w, any nearby and in-range tentacles will hit the targets she leaps into. This ability is critical to controlling her tentacles.
Why should I max it second, and when should I max it last? well, your ideal first skill to max, as I said, is illaoiE.png E - Test Of Spirit, as it will help you poke and will deal alot of damage when used correctly with your ult. If you see that your lane tentacles aren't destroyed, you should max illaoiW.pngW after E, as you can control your tentacles better and deal alot of damage, and also have good sustain. If you see that you often stay without tentacles in-lane (say, the enemy is focusing them), you should max illaoiQ.pngq second, as it's your only source of sustain and long-range poke without tentacles.

  • illaoiE.png Test Of Spirit: Illaoi's e. Using this ability, she can grab an enemy champion soul and hit it, transfering % of the damage to the real champion. Important Note: every champion-related abilities, such as Soraka's q (healing from champions) will work on the spirit Illaoi caught with her e, this could be really viable for her team and for herself if she has Grasp Of The Undying mastery. I max this ability first, as it the most important skill of Illaoi after her q, in my opinion. This is Illaoi's tentacle spawner, and main poke ability. It can deal huge damage to enemy champs if maxed, and if she grab someone and then ults, the damage of her ult will be much higher than just ulting.                                                                                               Illaoi's e synergies with her ult - If you grab a champion with e, her ult will count it as a champ and will spawn another tentacle. 
Every spirit which Illaoi catch with her e will be hit automatically by her tentacles, meaning that if you ult after you caught a spirit, the ult will hit it once with all the tentacles.

Try to avoid ulting without catching someone with ur e, as the ult will be much weaker without ur e. Although there are times when you need to ult without ur e, but you'll need to learn those as you play Illaoi :)

  • illaoiR.png Leap Of Faith: Illaoi ult, max it when you can. Illaoi jumps into the air and then slams the ground, dealing decent damage, but this damage isn't her ult main idea. For each enemy champion (And Spirits Caught With Her E!) caught in Illaoi's ult range, Illaoi will summon a tentacle. the more champion in ur ult => the stronger it is. Again, try to always ult when you caught someone's spirit, or else you'll lose one free hit with your tentacles, and an extra tentacle for your ult. This is the reason I max e first - in order to have the ability to perform a strong ultimate with a low cooldown. And if you max your e and you grab someone with it, the damage transfered is higher, meaning that the ult will deal more damage.
While ulting, your tentacles become untargetable (meaning they cannot be killed) and your w's cooldown will become 2 seconds.

Illaoi's Kit Tutorial Back to Top

Illaoi's kit is pretty unique, you need to always be sure that there are tentacles around you, and spawn them when you can. 

Early Game:
At the start of the game, you should spawn tentacles around your lane. Start with your turret (incase your lane will be pushed), and then at the walls near your turret and to the bushes. Spawning tentacles is really important as it will help you to farm and poke with ur w and e.
Poke with ur q when you can, but don't do so carelessly as you'll lose alot of mana. Hit with ur e as much as you can as it's the main ability to spawn tentacles and poke.

If you grab someone with E, the tentacles will hit him automatically, so if you e + ult, you'll get an automatic first hit by your tentacles, which deals alot more damage then just ulting. Additionaly, your e will count as a champ, and will spawn an extra tentacle when you ult.

Mid-Late Game:
You should split-push if your quite fed, or if you think that you can go against more then one enemy at a time. If your lane is already pushed and you can't push further - just go help your teammates, one good e will surely help some teammates in need. 

In teamfights, Illaoi cannot engage. She doesn't have any cc ability and she gets easily kited without a slowing item or landing her e, so she needs to rely on others with engaging. BUT, she can grab people with her e - Grab anyone you can with your e (it's preferred that you'll grab the other team's carry, but if you can't reach them - grabbing another teammate is good than nothing). The damage transfered to the target is huge mid-late game, it will heal you and it will help you spawn tentacles around their team. 

Whenever you can pull a spirit in a teamfight, do that. If you see that the enemy team is near you spirit, you can always ult + flash inside the teamfight to deal massive damage.

Of course if someone in your team engage or if the enemy's team engaged - you should E and ult as much people as you can in order to deal the most damage you can. Focus the adc if possible, if not - peel for your team.

Tricks With The Spirit Back to Top

illaoiE.png Illaoi's E - Test Of Spirit Tricks

Illaoi's e is her main ability which I max first, as it's her main tentacle spawn ability around enmies, her ideal poke and the source of her ult's damage.

Controling your e means controling your tentacles and your ult, and it can also give you a huge advantage over your enemy laner.

  1. Vision: Grabbing someone with your e gives you vision of them, even if they're stealthed! Which means if you grab Vayne, Rengar, Teemo and such during or before they got into stealth, you'll earn a long vision on them.
  2. Free Hits With Your Tentacles: Nearby tentacles will automatically hit the ghost you grab with your e, meaning one free hit from the tentacles, so you should do the following combo: illaoiE.png E - illaoipassive.png (let the passive tentacle hit) - illaoiW.pngW, which will triger the tentacles to hit twice
  3. Double Damage: If you grab someone with your e, and then illaoiQ.pngQ their spirit AND their actual champ - the damage from the q will be doubled (not exactly doubled, but it will deal more than just q'ing) as the Q will hit the actual champ, and also their spirit - transfering some percent of the Q's damage to the champ.
  4. Grasp Of The Undying: Your spirit counts as a champ for everything, so you can proc Grasp Of The Undying key mastery on it and steal health. 
  5. An Extra Tentacle For Free: As I said, the spirit counts as a champion, which means your ult will spawn an extra tentacle if you catch the spirit and the champ itself in your ult's range.
Your e is a very strong ability, but if you miss it, or if it's on cooldown, you'll be left vulnerable. If you miss it you should step back unless the other enemy is really low, or if you think you can kill him without it. That's why you are maxing E - to lower it's cooldown and make you less vulnerable.

Here's a short gif showing a nice trick with Illaoi's e:

If your E Spirit's health is higher than the real champion's health, you can kill with it!

My Honest Opinion About Illaoi in Season 7 Back to Top

Illaoi is still a viable pick, but she can only be good if you know how to play her, because nowadays everyone picks assassins and constant adcs (ezreal, vayne and such), And Jayce, Camille and Fiora are pretty common top-laners, these champions makes illaoi really easy to kill, especially if you're not very good with her. 

Illaoi has alot of difficulty against champions with true-damage or high kiting ability, therefore you should choose Illaoi only in certain match ups where she can really be viable and not just kited to death.

She can still carry hard if played well, Especially with the new items like 3107.pngRedemtpion and 3190.pngLocket Of The Iron Solaris, it sounds really trolly but if you're ahead these items can give you alot of possibilities with the Redemption's HUGE heal and the very nice Locket's shield and stats.

Videos Back to Top

Early Start - Place Tentacles:
Don't underestimate your ult! even though you're low, you can kill ;)
If you killed the ghost of your opponents, you don't need to wait to pull someone in order to ult, as it will attack automatically the cursed target. Here's an example (And also a nice ult flash <: )

just some 1 vs 5s (ult + flash is very useful):


A Nice Penta:
More To come :)

The End Back to Top

I hope you liked my tutorial, let me know what you think! I'll continue to work on this guide and improve it by your advices.

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