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Summoner Spells Back to Top

Teleport is pretty much the better option if  u are comfortable with it, however i don't consider ignite all that bad.

I'd say try them both and use whichever helps you out the most.The higher the elo, the better tp will be though.

You can take ignite to get the upper hand in losing matchups, and bring more pressure when you are on a sidelane for the enemy that tries to match you.You still have to keep an eye and be ready to roam if needed though.
If you get ignite your lvl 2 is really cheesy, especially if u get it first.

There are matchups like 80.png and 240.png  that i'd never go ignite and ill explain those in the matchup section.
Also no iginite to easier matchups and stuff that you quickly outscale, as you wont be able to snowball and influence the rest of the map as much, and ignite wont really change anything since u can kill them easily without it.

I would tell you to try and get used to teleport 99% of the time.

Flash is pretty much mandatory, allows for escapes, making picks and enabling more mobility as well more Q reset chains.

New Runes Back to Top

It's a pretty standard rune page.You will pretty much always go Precision Primary.

13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 Has great synergy with irelia's passive.You pretty much want to have your passive stacked or almost stacked up before you go in for a kill or a trade,and the same goes for conqueror.Irelia's trade patterns are the same as conqueror's trading patterns.Other than that, conqueror helps against tankier targets and you pretty much decimate anything not tanky even without a keystone after ~1-2 items.

Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32Can also be used against a full squishy team, or if you plan only targeting squishy backline.Marksmen are may lose some base armor and get some scaling hp to compensate, making them weaker to Press Press%20the%20Attack.png?width=32.You can't go wrong with 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 either way though.

You can swap around Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32/Legend%20Tenacity.png?width=32/Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32,   Overheal.png?width=32Triumph.png?width=32 and  Coup%20De%20Grace.png?width=32/Last%20Stand.png?width=32.
Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32+Revitalize.png?width=32+Overheal.png?width=32 can be a fun combination,as you get a 10% max hp shield when lifestealing or getting healed and you are at max health, and you get to lifesteal for all the extra damage your ireliaq.png deals to minions.You can heal something like 300 hp by bladesurging 3 caster minions by midgame.The downside is that untill u fully stack Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 the lifesteal is not that noticeable and the Overheal.png?width=32 shield is not either, unstill you get some health items.I personally like Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 and Triumph.png?width=32, as they come online earlier, give a bit more dps and are more consistent overall.I would swap Legend%20Alacrity.png?width=32 for Legend%20Bloodline.png?width=32 easier than i would Triumph.png?width=32 for Overheal.png?width=32.

You usually want to go Resolve secondary.
5abd57da0f30230001f3edd9?width=32 Makes up for the tree's weak early stat bonus, gives flat HP, which irelia lacks, and scales into a more agressive stat bonus later on, when Resolve tre's HP bonus scales as well.
Bone%20Plating.png?width=32 Makes you harder to burst in teamfights and potential all ins in general.
Second%20Wind.png?width=32 Is good against poke lanes, and Revitalize.png?width=32 amps your Q healing and any lifesteal you build a bit.
You will swap those around depending on the matchup.

You can also go domination secondary.
8 flat ad, along with a dorans blade make Irelia's early game quite deadly.You could potentially also cheese with ignite if you go this route.
Sudden%20Impact.png?width=32 also has synergy with irelia's kit as you will pretty much have it up at all times, and you deal hybrid damage.
For the rest of the tree you can pick what suits you best.One thing is, if you this tree + dorans blade, u cannot afford to take any free damage or any bad trade.Also you will have to manage your mana pretty well and not rely on ireliaq.png every minion under turret.

Sorcery is pretty similar to domination secondary.
It can solve some mana problems with Manaflow%20Band.png?width=32, give some tankiness against magic damage withNullifying%20Orb.png?width=32, and choose the rest according to what suits you.Movement speed, CDR etc.Basically a little different domination secondary tree.

I would not go for inspiration secondary though.

Abilities Back to Top

You always want to have ireliapassive.png stacked before you  go in, unless u can hit multiple champions with your abilities.
You get 1 stack for each skill you hit something with, and 1 stack for everychampion that gets hit by an ability.
The duration refreshes when auto attacking champions, monsters and epic monsters.

You pretty much always will max ireliaq.png first.It is good for most matchups, but the main reason is the easier resets.The damage increase to champions is okay, but to minions is huge.
You can put a couple of points to ireliaw.png early on in some matchups though.But you will want your Bladesurge maxed first.

ireliaw.png Is the ability that makes Irelia strong in teamfights,it makes you really hard to focus.You can use it before you get stunned/knocked up and keep it up as the channel does not get interrupted.It's also the reason why tenacity is good on irelia, as getting a window to use it after you get hit by a cc can mean life or death, or giving your team time to win a fight.It also deals a good amount of AoE damage when charged for at least 1 second.You will want to max this second.

ireliae.pngIs the ability you will max last, the damage scales okay but the duration does not scale at all.All you get is some damage and a lower cooldown, and its also a skillshot.You can max ireliae.png before ireliaw.png in something like a Fiora where your defiant dance wont help you as much, and a lower cooldown on your E is appreciated.

You skill up your  ireliar.png whenever possible.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Health and Mana sustain, also refills when going back.Very gold efficient.
    If you are confident, more agressive start.Very unforgiving if you mess up a trade.You can punish enemies hard for making a misplay though.Combine this with Domination or Sorcery secondary for extra all in power.
    I find this item as a much inferior corrupting pot start, i personally dislike and never buy this.

Core Items

    I try to be able to afford it on 1 back, its a great power spike in lane as you can proc it multiple times with your Q resets.Helps a ton with mana, which in turn helps you with sustaining in lane( Q heal), enables you to kill casters with a Q sheen proc making it easier to stack your passive and amps your mobility.
    Same as sheen, but with more damage, the phage passive,and more everything.If you are ahead and have trinity, you can look for all ins with your stun and ult.The page passive(rage) makes it easier to kite 125/150 ranged champs around and getting free trades in when you Q a minion.
    Another huge spike, that also scales as the game goes on, and spikes off other defensive items you buy.It gives %base ad, powering up trinity force.Your base ad/lvl is huge.Steraks' shield also scales off any other hp item you buy, and goes well with any defensive ones in general.This is where you start to be a problem for the enemy team, as they cant really focus you down with Sterak's and Defiant Dance.
    Generally speaking, these are the best boots for Irelia imo.Getting the time to press W between CC chains, can mean life and death and winning or losing a teamfight, especially before getting tanky.Of course you should not buy them if the enemy has say, a lot of aa and AD champions or little to none CC.Knock ups do not get reduced by tenacity as well.People also cant escape your range as easily after you get cc'd.
    What a full build could look like.
    Another example, mix it up with situational defensive items.

Situational Items

    Okay, this is the most broken item for any bruiser on top lane imo.This item will make you have the upper hand in a lane, getting better recalls, easier to push and roam, more mobility, etc.BUT, it will also make you unable to deny enemy laners hard in case you are winning, because you will be autopushing.You should get this against stuff you cant snowball hard and deny, or are not that much gold reliant(tanks) as it will get you ahead via better pushing/recalling/roaming.I would also not get it against stuff that can burst you down off a single mistakes( stuff like riven).If u struggle in lane this item will neutralize it or give you an edge, on top of giving you more time to roam.
    Enemy team full of autoattackers?Trynd,graves, yasuo etc.
    Want to amp yours and your teams magic damage, while also getting tanky with MR?Also helps with mana.
    Enemy team has DoTs or onhits like teemo/singed/cassi/kog?Get this for an MR item.
    Gives MR, HP, CDR, and more sustain with your Q.You cant go wrong with visage.
    Too many crit. based champs?Also has an active slow and cripples attack speed.
    Reduces healings and cripples attack speed.Great if they have stuff like Soraka, Sona or have good lifesteal etc.
    More offensive armor items.Deadmans helps with picking,GA makes you an even bigger nuance and hard to focus on a teamfight especially if ahead.
    A great upgrade for tiamat and probably the best 3rd offensive item you can get.AoE damage with your Qs on teamfights, works well with your passive and tri/steraks.You will mostly take this item 3rd after trinity and steraks, if you built tiamat earlier.Its great, but expensive af and delays your defensive itemization.
    Not that good, but makes your dueling only second to jax and fiora as a last item late game.You should only get it if you plan on splitpushing though, and titanic is honestly an overall better and safer option either way.
    These can be fun as a last item, healing for 300++ health with a Q on a caster and getting the BT shield on top of being tanky.But they are honestly inferior to the other choices you have.
Tiamat when you cant get ahead easily otherwise to punish and deny your enemy laner.Or when against stuff like riven that can burst you down off a single mistake even when a bit behind, rushing steraks after tri will help you win even if you mess up slightly( if you are a bit ahead).

Dont buy 3072.png or 3074.png unless you want to experiment a bit, they are not bad imo, but havent really played them more than a couple of games.Only as a last item where u want to splitpush and #outplay weaker duelists that come to stop you by healing back to full by mashing Q to a wave.They are probably inferior to the rest of the offensive choices.
3091.png makes you spike very hard, especially against ap damage, but you dont really auto a whole lot especially after the lanephase.This makes this item fall extra flat after the lane.
3146.png Can make you snowball extremely hard but as with Wits end, delays you getting tanky.Offers 1v2 potential if you are ahead and makes your E and R somewhat easier to land with its point and click slow, but thats pretty much it.Again its not utter garbage but there are far better options i think.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Illaoi
  • Jax
  • Nasus
  • Riven




I would honestly start dorans blade with domination secondary.

I find corrupting and/or resolve to be a slow death.

Its a hard lane, but if he doesnt respect irelia at all, you can win it.
Dont do extended trades with him,unless u can kill him before he makes use of his stacked passive.
You can auto him level 1 when u can for free.
I usually let him push though.Try to farm near your turret with the 200 aa range and Qs while avoiding harass.With passive stacked, and especially when a counterpush is about to start, if you land a stun you can pretty much all in him.

In general if you are not in a wave disadvantage, if u have your passive  stacked and land your stuff you will win( atl east with dorans + domination secondary).

Your W is not that good here as it gives him time to get his passive up and his R deals true damage.Weave it between autoattacks or to stack up your passive.

Always avoid his outer Q with your Q if needed, to deny him healing, damage and an extra bleed stack.

You can dodge his E with your Q, same way as with illaoi's E, because your Q puts you behind him.Its risky though and better to jump on him while its on cooldown.

If he jumps on you, or you overextend without your passive or if you miss your stun, you die.

Avoid fighting him if you die or after he gets tanky as its hard, not worth the risk or the time you will spend doing it.

If you stay healthy and play by your win conditions you win untill fairly later on.You can snowball on him if you keep landing your spells after you get a lead.




I think i've only played this with corrupting potion.

You can fight level one with your passive stacked, and u can also push faster and pressure for a first level 2.Always deny her vitals, dont get hit by them, you have the range and AS to do so.

After level 3, try to bait out her W(riposte).Take any free auto you can get on her, answer her Qs with an auto.Your E has a lower CD than her riposte so try to bait it out and stun her when its on cooldown with your passive stacked.

In general as long as you land everything, deny some vitals and her W is down you should be winning.Always wittle her down with free autos and your ranged spells when possible.You can also snowball on her, as long as you keep playing correctly.

If you misplay , she can stick on you and kill you.Your W is not that great here, because she can proc her vitals which are also true damage while you are rooted in place.
Dont start a fight with her W up or before you land your stun as you cant really get out.

She outscales you in a duel after 2-3 items, avoid fighting her in general and try to farm up and look for skirmishes or fights after that point.




Either doran's blade or corrupting potion.

With your range and AS from passive its easy to AA her and avoid her Qs and W tentacle procs.You have the mobility to punish her if she misses her E.

When she misses her E , Q on a low health minion, use your W without channel to get 2 stacked if u miss a couple, and auto her while avoiding Q and Wtentacle, should be easy to stun while pressuring with autos as she either dies by your autos while trying to dodge or gets hit by it and cant escape.

Your Q puts you behind the enemy and this can mess up her E sometimes.If you land your E you pretty much have 2 Qs to predict-dodge her E.If she has no tentacles nearly you can prob fight her even if she lands E given you avoid her Qs, have passive stacked and land your E.If she lands it and u are not i na very good spot, simply walk out.

If she ults simply walk out and engage when its down.

All in all you should probably wait for her to miss her E, to be sure you win the fight, or simply try to dodge it and get out if she lands it.You can bully her around if u get a lead, and even if u want a farm lane its ok for you.Just dont get too ballsy and respect her E and R when needed.




I think 2033.png is better here, as he will prbbaly have it, and u will try to take better trades and outsustain him a bit.

Matchup can be hard, depending on how good the jax player is.

If he lets you push level 1, and you want to go for it, you can stack your passive and get some free autos on him with your extra range and AS from ionian fervor, as he wont be able to really retaliate without his passive stacked up as well.
I do find it better to let him push and wait for level 3.Becareful of his 700 range leap + counterstrike/stun if he gets lvl 2 first, especially if he has his passive stacked.

Its a bit of a tempo matchup.
Whenever you are pushing look for missteps by jax and punish him with an AA with your 200 range  and passive AS whenever you Q close to him.When he is the one pushing you should keep your  distance, unless you can immediately stack your passive up before he starts attacking you.

With your passive stacked up,  W his counterstrike, land your stun and you should win.
Its extremely important to W during his E.Always kite him backwards when trading, as he will have to either commit or take an additional 1 or 2 aa's more as he tries to walk off.When he uses E use your W, or if he starts E and u got some distance, you can stun him and avoid it, qing on him after it stops.

You can put 2-3 points on your W early on here if you are having trouble, as well as harass him down and outsustain him with it, your E and any free auto.The only sustain he has are his consumables.

After ~3 items you have no chance on a duel if u are even,so look to either teamfigh, get a lead earlier or try to outplay him with your mobility and range.
Outplaying him will get much harder as the game goes on, to a point u wont be able to fight him late game.




Either corrupting or Dorans blade.I like domination secondary but resolve and sorc are fine too.

Patience, dont try too hard to deny him or kill him.
LET HIM PUSH EARLY ON, even if you cheese him you will probably mess up your wave and risk a lot.He will probably play like a pussy and get whatever he can near his turret.His W, wither makes it really hard to pressure him under turret since its really good for setting up ganks.Dont die to him or his jungler.
He has no escape, is squishy early on and u can pressure and zone him when he pushes and he will also be vulnerable to ganks.

Farm up, you are better than him early,mid and late game unless he gets fed/ahead.You just wont be able to duel him after some point.He wont be able to step on you either though if you are careful and he isnt ahead.Farm and look for him overextending early on to punish him.Just dont die to him, you will have a bad time.

He wins duels after ~100 stacks + sheen, if he has everything up.If he uses his W randomly you can actually fight him even at lvl 6-7.If you can somehow bait out his R and disengage, u can fuck him up afterwards.

*Note, he may int for a cannon.



1055.png or 2033.png are both fine.Resolve or domination are also both fine.

You can win a trade level 1 if u manage to stack up your passive and she comes in your casters to combo you.Just Q her afterwards and smack her with autos.You have to have atl east 3/4 of your passive stacked up before you Q her tho.Trade backwards in your wave and if she extends with her Q you then Q her and aa to win the trade.You can even get a kill on her.
In general if u have 4 stacks and land your E after she uses something, you win the trade/all in.Use your ireliaw.png to avoid some damage, using it during her W or 3rd Q is a won trade if u land a stun as well.

Note that if u get a kill or two on her, and she doesnt get fucked by a bad wave position, u STILL have to land everything to win.If she jumps on you and u miss either E on R you are most likely dead, as you wont get away from riven.

If she gets a kill or two on you, dont try stuff unless she really messes up( like wasting everything on minions and getting hit by a stun).Farm safely and ping to your teammates because she will probably try to roam a lot.Like, everytime you are in your turret.
The lane will probably attract a lot of jungle attention, try to not die.You can even try to take a farm lane as you scale a lot better.Or look to get a lead via roaming/tping.

If u land everything and W some burst and u are even, you wn.If she has no 13003d6fa9393a112.png?width=32 it becomes a lot easier, just wait for Aftershock.png?width=32 buff to wear off in case she has that.If she has somethting like electrocute its even easier, just W the electrocute proc and some of her damage.

Some tips. Back to Top

General tips.

DONT DIE FOR FREE.Have patience.Dont try too hard to get kills.
Again dont die for free, especially to the jungler.You will fuck you AND your team over.

Your level 1 is very strong when you have your passive up, you can throw in autoattacks on your enemies if the misstep as you stack it up with Qs.

Your level 2 is some lucian level bullshit, especially if u went with an agressive start.You can even pick up kills if the enemies are not carefull.Always check your lane matchup before you try it tho.You can look to get level 2 with a Q and a stacked passive to immediately skill your E, land it a get a huge trade on your enemy.Always care for ganks.

Your ireliaq.png is a good way to stack your passive up.You can q spam on some low minions and stack it up or level up unexpectedly to start a good trade.

ireliae.png stuff.
You can throw your first ireliae.png into a bush or in the fog of war when you are not seen, and use E2 for a surpsise and fast stun.
A good way to land E s by throwing E behind your enemy and immediately E2 towards you.Mix the angles up if they dodge it a lot.

If you can predict your enemy's next step in lane, you can Q to a minion to get a reset, and at the same time throw E1 on that minion, then proceed to E2 behind your enemy before/as you land on that minion.
Your Q animation kind of covers up the E1 projectile making it hard to see and anticipate.

You can surprise enemies that are not familiar with your E this way.

You most of the time want to secure a stun before you extend to a trade, if you extend and miss your stun you will die a lot.Be patient, even a farm lane is a good lane, kills are a bonus.
If the enemy poses no immediate threat, you can start autoattacking him with your passive stacked, and pressure him for an easierireliae.png.You can even Q on them without getting a reset after 20% cdr and rank 4-5 Q and land a stun in the trade, as the mark lasts for 6 seconds and your Q has like 6-7 seconds cd after max rank and 20% cdr and it will be up again before the mark expires.

ireliar.png You can stun and then R and Q.This will consume the E mark first even though your R hits the enemy before your Q lands, and the R mark will remain, leaving you with at least 2 more Qs available.I dont know why this is, but anyway you can basically E, R, Q and the neemy will still have the R mark on them.

Your 2v2 is really strong, you can make it work in almost any matchup.


In teamfights and skirmishes, you dont want to engage going in.You can engage with your R, but dont immediately follow up with Qs and go to deep, wait for someone better at doing this job to soak up damage and CC so that u dont get messed up out of your resets.
If something goes wrong, you have your W to buy time and plan out your next move/resets, or for your team to do work.
If you can get a flank with your R, it does not leave much room for the enemies.Again, never dive deep too soon, if u dont have a tank or something to soak up CC and damage look for picks.

Irelia is good at making picks, especially wandering marksmen.You can also ambush really well from bushes.


I am in general trying to be farming and pushing on a side lane.Personally i find success by keeping my farm up and only follow up  or teleport to fights and skirmishes that are bound to get me ahead.I will never try to group up and make fights work as there are 4 other people in your team that can drag you down by making mistakes.

All in all i try to only be part of surely successful skirmishes and almost never do i "try to make this work" or "try to save this guy that fucked up", unless im safe to get out and i dont lose too much gold or EXP.
As long as i dont fuck myself over and keep my gold and EXP up, i end up having influence in the game.

Dont fuck yourself over following people that try too hard to force plays, keep your gold and EXP up, actually follow plays that u are positive will be beneficial first for you and then for your team.

The exceptions to the above are if i am against something like a tryndamere/jax/fiora( where i would look for opportunities to group), or my team is actually doing super good / i've seen how they play and i actually trust them.

Ending the guide Back to Top

So i created this guide because i didnt find any up to date, at least when i started making it.

All in all i think Irelia is an extremely strong, fun and well designed champion and rewards good play.
If you are better than your enemy you will most likely win the lane, and hopefully the game, making her a great champion to play if you want to rank up.

There are really good irelia players to watch on twitch and youtube, like Irelia Carries U, Wickd and TFblade.
The former 2 being the more informative ones, and will help you improve even more.

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