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Summoner Spells Back to Top


Standard summoner spell for all top laners. Teleport is known for map pressure, but it should first be used to create pressure in lane. Because of the distance from top lane to base, having teleport often is the strongest summoner for laning. If you go against someone without teleport, if you can shove them in, and take trades while avoid dying. Then get a recall/tp off where you wont miss too much CS. You can often snowball the laning phase immediately. 

During levels 7 - 11 are the best time to watch for teleports bot lane. during this powerspike range you annihilate squishies, and if they are a squishy/immobile bot lane, it will be even tastier. 

4.png Flash

Standard summoner spell on Jayce, never take anything else. It's too valuable being a very immobile champion who is susceptible to ganks for the entire laning phase. Having flash up means you will be able to play a lot more aggressively, and having it down, may mean you need to play a lot more passively. So use your flash wisely. 

~ You can buffer both of Jayces Q's with flash. (Q > Flash). This can be useful for speeding up combos, and getting kills you may have otherwise not have gotten without it.

14.png Ignite

Jayce already does an absurd amount of damage, drop ignite on top of that and you will have insanely high kill threat. It's overall a worse summoner than teleport, but if you are comfortable with ignite it's okay to run. Just note that you are a bigger target to gank, as if you get ganked and get chunked or die, not being able to teleport back to lane can hurt you a lot. So smarter junglers will abuse this, so be careful.

New Runes Back to Top

Summon%20Aerie.png?width=64 Aery

Aery is by far the best keystone on Jayce. Even though Jayce has an amazing all in, he is a very poke-centric champion, who can abuse Aery with his constant AA's and Q spam. Aery's cooldown is based on her travel time back to you after she is used, So you can get multiple aery procs in trades when you jump on targets. During the mid-game, the little extra damage on your Q is very nice when you are constantly looking for E-Q combos.

Manaflow%20Band.png?width=64 Manaflow Band

Jayce's laning relies a lot on mana. Since Jayce top doesn't build tear, you will often run into mana problems, and need to use your spells effectively, as once you are OOM or close to OOM, you are very abusable. This mastery can give you an extra 200-400 mana per back, and is extremely valuable on Jayce.

Celerity.png?width=64 Celerity

Little bit of extra movespeed and AD. Even more AD with your Acceleration gate, can give you a little bit more damage in all ins. Overall great Rune.

Scorch.png?width=64 Scorch

Good for the same reason as Aery. Every bit of poke damage adds up, and scorch adds up fast, can get a proc almost whenever it's off cooldown. Helps that it is magic damage, as your laner will probably have some armor, magic damage is more effective. Is also useful in the mid-game when you are using E-Q to zone enemies off objectives.

Abilities Back to Top


Note: Jayce does not have to put levels into his ult, instead he can level up each skill 6 times.

jaycetotheskies.png To the Skies! / Shock Blast

Max this ability first, with 2 points on it at level 3 always. Every rank you put into it you will notice an absurd amount of damage increase, your whole combo with acceleration gate will deal 125 more damage per extra point in Q. It's nutty. Your powerspike from levels 7 ramping up to level 11 has a lot to do with the potency of your points in Q. The base damage of this skill will lethality will half health squishies. 


Hammer Form
1. When running away from a melee, Q them for the slow
2. Your most reliable wave clear, combo with W to farm easily
3. Melee combo should be Q, AA, E, or Q AA+AA+AA, E with Hyper Charge
Cannon Form
1. Hide from enemy vision, then E-Q them at max range for unsuspecting poke
2. Q before you E, for a faster shot
3. Your max range E-Q explodes, if you can aim at someone from the max of E-Q range, you can have a higher chance to hit them. This is especially important during mid game siegeing.

jaycestaticfield.png  Lighting Field / Hyper Charge

Max this ability 2nd for the most damage. The bonus damage on your triple AA is huge, and the base damage of Lightning field being that it is magic damage, can contribute a lot to your whole combo. This skill is underestimated, but it does a lot of damage. The extra mana gain 6 - 16 per AA based on skill level, is very useful being a mana reliant champion. Look to AA minions in melee form whenever you can get away with it. But don't get greedy for mana, if AAing minions for extra mana means losing poke pressure, just stay in ranged and zone for the most part.


Hammer Form
1. Activate before you land your Hammer Q for earlier procs of damage.
2. Use Hyper Charge, then switch to melee for more mana back when pushing.
Cannon Form
1. Activate right after you AA to reset your auto attack.
2. During full combos, save the triple AA for your hammer form for a cleaner combo and extra mana.

jaycethunderingblow.png Thundering Blow / Acceleration Field

Max this ability last, as it provides the least per skill point. Acceleration field gives 30 - 55% bonus movespeed by rank, so the later game, the more powerful this skills utility gets, something a lot of Jayce players fail to utilize.
55% decaying movespeed for your team can mean faster rotations, stronger engages, good disengage.
Thundering blow gives 8 - 20 % Max HP Magic damage based on level + 100% bonus AD, Magic damage max HP skills will always do a relevant amount of damage, even at rank 1. At later ranks, this ability can shred tanks as they will have a lot more armor than magic resist, and will do around 600 damage to squishies, jayce's max level E is very threatening in all ins. Just note Hammer form E costs 55 mana after the nerf, so don't spam it too much in lane, you need your mana.


Hammer Form
1. Use at the end of your combo for good disengage
2. Hammer Q > E the target backwards to setup ganks, or insec when needed.
3. Flash behind your target and E them backwards to setup a kill, or hit them into turret.
Cannon Form
1. E on top of yourself right after you Cannon Q for a clean combo
2. Best to smartcast/quickcast for best results

jaycestancehtg.png Transform - Mercury Cannon / Mercury Hammer

You cannot put points in this ability, but knowing how to use it and how not to use it is important. It is on a 6 second base cooldown, so if you switch, you cannot switch back for a bit. You are weak to getting all in-ed during the cooldown of your switch, because you will lack half your abilities, so be aware of the cooldown, if you just switch to mercury cannon, you will not be able to hit someone away if you get jumped on. 

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    90% of Games
    Vs Pantheon / Optional start
    Hexdrinker is OP early rush vs hard AP matchups. or if both the jungle and top laner are AP. Ex rumble and zac. Will make you a lot harder to gank, and make your trades much cleaner.

Core Items

    Always first item
    2nd Items, usually Cleaver vs tankier targets, Draktharr vs squishier
    Ninja vs AD matchups. Mercs vs Heavy CC. Lucidity when you don't need either tanky boots.
    4th Item
    Last Item. if you don't need one of these, but a situational item.

Situational Items

    Hard CC, ex: TF, Varus, Malzahar
    need the active/ better vs low armor targets
    Splitpushing first item

Generic Core Build:(in order)


Destroy Squishies Build:


1055.png Doran's Blade

The stats are extremely valuable on Jayce, more damage, and more HP is great for all ins. The lifesteal is also very strong because not only Jayce will control the wave, meaning you will be always getting off autos on minions, and the enemy champion, but Jayce also has no inherent sustain, nor does he build lifesteal items like an early vamp scepter, so the lifesteal in the early-mid game will mean you're always walking into a fight with a little extra HP.

2033.pngCorrupting Potion

Not a bad item, you can try it yourself in matchups you will be poked or trade a lot. The only matchup I use it in is Pantheon, where you trade poke for poke, and push in the wave/ aa the wave, so you can get a free tp and refill the flask. This method can be applied to any matchup, if you decide to buy corrupting, try and trade a lot while pushing in if you can, looking for a teleport to renew your flask.

3155.png Hexdrinker

Very strong item vs AP matchups. Will slow down your power spike in the mid game, but can help you bully lane hard or just survive if you're behind. Extra value if you are playing against AP top and jungler, will make you much harder to kill, the stats are insane. Note that if you are very ahead, it might be better to just ignore this, unless you are playing against a lot of AP, the powerspike on youmuu's feels really great, buying this will delay it 1300g.
Example matchups I'd buy this on: vs Rumble, Kennen, Vladimir, not so much needed vs AP tanks, but still good.

3142.png Youmuu's Ghostblade

By far Jayce's favorite item. CDR, AD, Lethality are all the best stats for Jayce, along with an active that will help you with your immobility, you can get out of sticky spots, or catch someone out of position. This should always be your first item on Jayce unless you are building Blade of the Ruined King and planning to splitpush a lot.

3071.png Black Cleaver

For the same reason as Youmuu's, Jayce makes great use of the stats of black cleaver, and with his triple AA, can use the passive quite nicely. The extra HP will make you a lot less burstable, and HP synergizes quite nicely with the extra resistances from your hammer form.

3147.png Duskblade of Draktharr

Sitatuional item, can be good if you're splitting and denying vision in enemy brushes/jungle, will allow you to pick off targets much easier. The stats alone from the item though are cream for Jayce.

3026.png Guardian Angel

Jayce doesn't have too many options for items after his core items, Guardian Angel is consistent item that will make you more of a nuisance in teamfights, since your whole combo is under a second, right as you come up from GA you can attempt to obliterate someone, or just chunk someone. The armor is very useful aswell vs heavy AD teams, since Jayce doesn't really have another alternative besides Tabi's. 

3033.png3036.png Mortal Reminder / Lord Dominiks

Should be your 3rd or 4th big item depending on how badly you need it. You can just replace this with a lethality item if you have no intention of dealing with tanks if they have become to big. Sometimes it's better to just ignore it and build to destroy squishies. 

3814.png Edge of Night

The stats are incredible for Jayce, you can add this to your build if you really want to ruin a squishy's day, or if you want to make use of the active if you are looking to dive or pick off targets a lot. 

3139.png Mercurial Scimitar 

Generally your last item, should never finish this item too early. Having a 50% movespeed boost on QSS for just one second can be incredible. Very good vs teams with a malzahar, twisted fate, ashe, varus, or something that can catch you off, or pick you off in a fight. Can also be used to pick off targets that can CC you to get away. Just know in fights you only have 1 QSS, so don't waste it if you don't need to.

3153.png Blade of the Ruined King

Splitpush jayce, faster push, faster jungle clear, more sustain, good dueling, that's the concept of BOTRK Jayce. It used to be meta, but has fallen out of flavour. The item can still be used, just know it's for splitpushing, you should not buy BOTRK if you are not looking to split into the mid-late game. Take advantage of BOTRK by clearing every jungle camp you have time for, the lifesteal/ mana back from your Q means you can sustain very nicely.

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Darius
  • Gangplank
  • Jarvan IV
  • Jax
  • Malphite
  • Nasus
  • Pantheon
  • Riven
  • Teemo
  • Yasuo



  • Similar to Jax matchup, once he completes an item he will be hard to kill. If he doesn't build 3047.png you can almost always 1v1 him.
  • Your AA range is 550, his dariusaxegrabcone.png range is 535, but the cast time means it's a bit lower range, you should be able to aa him on the edge of your range, and avoid pulls, or try and bait a pull.
  • If he doesn't have pull, pull cooldown is 24 seconds level 1, you can abuse him a lot by poking him down.
  • If you are having troubles in the matchup invest in 3047.png will make you harder to pull and will allow you to get AA's off easier.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below. Don't get in his AA range unless you are going to kill him.



  • Very easy matchup, if he is running exhaust focus more on trades before you all in him, and respects his all in once he has gangplankr.png3078.png
  • You should almost always be able to destroy him in the 1v1
  • If he goes to Q you, make sure you poke in return
  • Can hide in bush after pushing the wave and look to assassinate him after the wave resets.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below.


Jarvan IV

  • Early 3047.png after 3134.png is good if you have a rough time in this matchup. Will help you avoid Q's and help you from getting all in-d.
  • You can whittle down Jarvan with poke and all in him like any other matchup. Once he has some points in jarvanivdragonstrike.png the matchup will get harder, he will have kill threat on you if he can poke you down.
  • Look to shove in the wave at level 3 and keep harassing him/ aa-ing him under tower. Keep good wards and watch out for early jungle ganks, Jarvan sets up ganks well, but if you draw the enemy jungler top and catch vision of him, and not die, it will set him behind.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below.



  • One of Jax's worst matchups
  • Very similar to Yasuo matchup
  • If he Jumps on you with jaxcounterstrike.png, E him away until it ends, then jaycetotheskies.png him, AA, change to Cannon form, and annihilate him.
  • Know your all in damage well, most the time if he trys to fight you, you can just kill him.
  • If he ults, and you cannot all in him, often just E him away
  • Do not let him walk up and aa you unless you will win the trade while doing so. Make him use his Q if he wants to AA you.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below. Don't walk in his AA range unless you are going to all in.



  • Very easy matchup, the reason I put as medium is because at level 6 it can be near impossible to avoid a well timed gank if you get ulted. Keep good vision, especially if you are going to shove him to tower. Look to get deep pink wards if you shove in early game.
  • Abuse him best you can before he gets his first item, after that just try and keep the lane pushed, keep poking, and keep good vision.
  • Be ready to flash his ult if you see a jungler coming, if you can flash the ult, you will often avoid death.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below.



  • Terrible matchup for Nasus
  • Longer the matchup goes on the harder it will be, make sure you create a snowball
  • If he gets ontop of you with ult and you do not have jaycethunderingblow.png you will get destroyed
  • If he max's E he will do much better in laning, if you see him starting Doran's ring, and or maxing E, try and push the wave back as much as you can. Be careful as his harass with E is actually quite strong, but you should still be able to kill him easily.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below.



  • Generally this matchup can go either way, but if you know how to play the matchup, it is extremely easy
  • Start 2033.png and constantly AA him and look for Shock Blasts, it's fine to take return spears, just chug your pots and keep trading
  • After you are done chugging your pots, you should have pushed the wave to his turret, look for a teleport. If you have not shoved in, it's ok, just look for a teleport where you wont lose too much experience. The goal of this matchup early on, since Pantheons will almost always take 14.png you can abuse 12.png Healing with free potion refills
  • Make sure you are always auto-ing either him, or the wave, versus pantheon it is important to shove him under turret to keep him occupied while you harass him.
  • If you are getting shoved in, you are constantly hitting minions to catch up the push, giving you less room to zone and harass him, hence why you should look to shove the wave.
  • Can't really zone him off level one, but you should look to auto him where the enemy caster minions wont aggro you, and if you are not autoing him, auto the wave.




One of your easiest matchups. You poke her, you out all in her with your full combo, look to be very aggressive in this matchup. Even if you fall behind a kill to a gank, unless you are very behind, you destroy Riven.

Look to zone her off the wave level one, if she doesn't start rivenfeint.png she will be fucked. This is further explained in the Level one section of the guide.



  • Can start 2033.png and spam trades early on while pushing in the wave. Then look for early recall and tp back to lane.
  • Look to use fast combos to minimize damage he can return to you
  • Watch his shroom placements during the laning phase to avoid walking into them
  • Keep a vision ward in the river brush if you have control of the lane, so your jungler can find a gank, Teemo is fresh meat to junglers.
  • Cannot zone Teemo off the wave level 1



  • Similar to Riven matchup, you poke him easily, and out all in him. 
  • Look for early 3047.png after 2 longswords or after 3134.png If you do not respect him, you can just rush Youmuus
  • Look to proc his windwall and passive with AAs, then E-Q him. 
  • If you are standing right ontop of yasuo, he cannot windwall your E-Q.
  • This is an easy matchup, and snowballs fast. Yasuo can kill you easily, your best defence is your offence, if he looks to kill you, just kill him, and make sure he doesn't windwall your Q.
  • Zone him off level 1, read level one section below.

Pros / Cons Back to Top


  • Dominates almost every matchup, huge lane bully
  • Great ability to Siege, Excellent Poke
  • High Burst/ Assassination Potential 
  • Great wave clear / Great Splitpusher
  • High Snowball / Carry Potential
  • Amazing Early - Mid Game
  • Has one of the strongest level 9 - 11 power spikes


  • Very susceptible to ganks, Immobile
  • Easy to shut down, becomes useless if behind
  • Falls off later game
  • Runs OOM easily

Level One Zone Back to Top

Level One Zone: 

The objective of zoning off level one, should be to harass, and deny EXP/Gold. Melee minions are worth 62 exp, while casters are only worth 31 exp. Even if you deny a single melee minion exp, it is huge. If you give up minion gold to zone off exp, it is always worth it. 

Heres an example of the level one zone:

 From this example, he barely gets off any poke, but he denys 2 melee minion exp, that's 126 experience. Even if you don't get any harass off, the denial of experience is better, so they choose between getting poked, or losing experience.

Bush Hoping:

This applies to the whole early game, while zoning off the wave, caster minions may aggro you, sometimes it is okay if you will still win the trade, but most the time you want to utilize the bush by AAing the enemy, then if the caster minions aggro you, hop in a bush, then exit the bush and look for more harass. 
Note that if you AA the enemy while you are in the bush, caster minions can aggro you.
The enemy will probably ward the bush to avoid you from doing this, let your jungler know if he wastes his ward.


With all this in mind, the objective of the level 1 zone is to harass and deny gold and experience. Often the zone turns into an all in though. If you all in too early in certain matchups, like darius, yasuo, riven, you can just die. All in-ing level one has a natural disadvantage, that you will take minion aggro most the time, but if you take favourable trades, get free poke off, example being if they try to fight you with 200 less health than you, you can just all in them and kill them.

Advanced Mechanics Back to Top

Fast Shock Blast:

This is what a good shock blast should look like, note that smart-cast is quite necessary
Most Noob Jayce's will Q, into an E far away from them. Let me stress the importance of this.
The speed of the combo done right is nearly double of the slow combo, the only thing stopping you from hitting the target is your ability to aim when done right, they have no room to dodge without dashes or good anticipation.
If you are finishing off a combo and go to fast shock blast, most the time they will not flash it. If you are sieging in the mid game and fast shock blast right, they have little room to dodge.
Learn the right way to shock blast, it will be awkward at first, but it's very important to learn.

Sneaky Shock Blast:

Even with a fast combo, you cannot account for natural human reaction time, so if they anticipate your Q, they can dodge it. The Sneaky Shock Blast is a way to always guarantee your ability if they do not have a dash, or cannot react in time to dash, which most the time, they will not.

The concept is you stand at the edge of the range of your Empowered Shock Blast, Shock blast while 
travelling is very thin, but at the end or when it reaches a target, it explodes in a huge radius.
Using this, you can snipe them, or look to hide outside of their vision, then snipe them.

Basic Combos:

The only difference between the fast, and slower combos, is how many autos you add, and when you auto attack. Don't focus too hard on which combo to use, just know all this different ways you can combo, and you'll get the hang of it eventually.
All the combos are nearly the same, but combo'ing differently can decide whether you get a kill, or not. If your fast combo already kills them, why do a slow one? At the end of the combo is when you knock them back, not being able to add any more damage until your abilities are off cooldown, so unless you are going to hunt them down, the end of the combo means the end of the trade, or calculate that's how much damage you need to kill them.

Fast Combo:

The idea behind the fast combo is to combo the enemy before they can return any damage, or to kill them before they can flash/react. This is good vs someone like pantheon, where if you start your E animation before he stuns you, you still knock him back. This is also good when you are waiting in a brush to assassinate someone.
The fast combo should take around 0.4 seconds. It's pretty quick

Q > E > R > Q > W > AA > E


High Damage Combo/ Slow Combo:

Probably the more common combo, during the laning phase if the enemy walks too close, you can often just kill them with this, or just trade them with this. If they don't give you room to auto attack, you can save the Triple AA Hypercharge for your melee form, they will be slowed.

AA > W > AA > AA > AA > Q > E > R > Q > W > AA > E


Alternatively, you can start the combo in Hammer form, the only difference is that you won't
AA before you Hyper charge in ranged form.

Q > W > AA > E > R > W > AA > AA > AA > Q > E


Early Game Back to Top

What is Jayce? 

Jayce is an early game bully, whos great at harassing, and bursting down targets in the Early - Mid Game. With this in mind, you should not be playing Jayce passively. He is built to be played aggressively. Your main weakness, is being shut down to ganks, so you should keep excellent vision.

The game should start off with you creating pressure with AAs, Qs, creating small advantages.
The goal of the early game is to set the opponent behind generally, only a few matchups should you go even early game like Kennen, or Teemo.

One of your main concerns with Jayce is that you are easy to gank and kill. This doesn't mean you need you beg your jungler to come top, you should be just fine without him. Often drawing the enemy jungler top and avoiding death, even if you have to flash, sets the jungler significantly behind, especially since you have 12.png to get back to lane with if you get chunked.

Watch where the enemies leash, you should assume the jungler location then. If you are unsure where the jungler started, just assume he started on the opposite side.
At 2:35 game time, you should have a ward in the river brush, this is the most common jungler gank 

If you push in your lane fast, and you are unafraid of a gank, if they are amumu, shyvana, someone who will most likely full clear, you can look to drop a ward on their red/blue buff depending on which side you are. Having vision in the enemy jungle is amazing, but if you need the ward, it might be best to save it for your own safety.

At level 3 you will have 2 points in Q, and have a LOT more all in potential, this is a little powerspike in the laning, level 2 empowered shock blast hurts. Keep looking to harass and all in the enemy top laner.

On your first back look to buy a 3134.png2031.png2055.png  if you cannot afford a refillable, just buy a potion. You shouldn't walk to lane without some form of potion if you can avoid it. If you only have 150g left over, buy a single health potion, and a control ward. Control wards are cheap, and very valuable, make use of them, especially if you are playing vs a strong early game jungler.

After completing your first back, you will be noticeably stronger, if you are playing vs a squishy, you will be able to nearly one shot them with your full combo. Start looking for more all ins.

Sneaky Shock Blasts:

For the entire duration of the laning phase, you should be looking to Snipe them where they cannot see you with your empowered shock blast.
The most common windows to Sneaky Shock Blast:
  • Pushed in the wave, you walk down to ward, enemy farming at tower
  • Pushed in the wave, enemy farming at tower, you hide in top lane bush, can look for snipe, or all in, they might assume you have based, and try to shove in the wave.
  • Enemy is pushing your tower, free snipe. 

Mid - Late Game Back to Top

Jayce has one of the strongest mid games in LoL. His ability to out-duel nearly anyone, assassinate people, splitpush and siege is incredible. The first 2 items you build you will notice an absurd shift of power, your empowered shock blasts will half health targets, you can 1 combo any squishy in less than a second. 

Although knowing what you are supposed to do, and where you are supposed to be is important. You may not be able to splitpush the later the game gets if the enemy has twisted fate. You might have to group and contest objectives, and use your poke to zone out enemies from objectives.
This begs the question, which is the right one to do? There are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding where to go, and what to do.

Sieging, Contesting Objectives, Splitpushing, Vision:

  • Does the enemy have good wave clear? 
  • Do I need to respond to an enemies splitpush? If so you can shove you wave, and look to go mid for a while to try and poke, force someones recall. Sometimes the best way to deal with a splitpusher, is to splitpush yourself. Since you outduel most splitpushing champions.
  • How strong am I? If you are snowballed a lot, you can abuse your strength, force recalls by poking, then take objectives.
  • Does the enemy have sustain? Which enemies can sustain? The less sustain, the more value poke damage is on a target.
  • If you shove in a wave to the inner turret, you should look to create and deny vision in the enemys jungle, look to setup pink wards, steal buffs and monster camps. This is a key part to split-pushing. It just takes time, knowing when you are safe to create vision.

Late Game:

Late game in solo-queue can be one the most disorganized and chaotic phases. No one knows what they are doing, running around like apes. 
During late game, you will start to fall off, your damage doesn't get much stronger, ADC's start to get insane depending on how late it is in the game.
Almost any point in the game you can burst squishies. Even a 6 item ADC unless he has a tanky item, you should be able to 1 combo. If you can create a pick in the late game, you will have a huge advantage.
Your poke is still relevant, when contesting objectives or sieging / defending a siege, look to find weird angles to hit a squishy. Note that the more sustain a target has, the less valuable landing poke is.
During late game, it may be much better to land Shock Blasts on mid laners with no sustain, than an adc with 20% lifesteal.

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