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Jinx Statistics for Premium Porn

Author's performance with Jinx compared to the ranked average.

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Summoner Spells Back to Top

4.pngThe standard summoner spells for any AD Carry in this meta is ALWAYS have flash. Flash is a necessary SS as you're one of the primary focus throughout the game and it'll help you escape getting caught out in many situations.

7.pngAnother standard would have to be heal. Before it was barrier was the standard over heal as it shielded more dmg and it still does. However, heal was buffed to where it healed you and another ally + movement speed boost, making it a better escape option and giving more utility to your team.

1.pngAs for cleanse, Jinx is a rather immobile AD Carry where if she gets stunned or CC locked, she'll die almost instantly. Take cleanse if you're against a very heavy cc/initiate team and have no peel on yours. Example: going vs. Malph, Yasuo, Thresh, Sejuani, and Vayne.

New Runes Back to Top

Masteries Back to Top

Masteries are pretty standard; Most people take Butcher and Feast to farm easier and sustain a bit in lane.

Lolking hasn't updated masteries, but for defense I like to put 2 points in swiftness (shown as enchanted armor) for the reduced effectiveness of slows. This is because Jinx has no escapes and needs to position well in order to maintain her dmg in teamfights. If she gets slowed, it becomes hard to position well and can lead to getting caught out in teamfights.

You can put swap out Spell/Blade weaving for 2 points in Warlord for bonus dmg. I personally keep Spell/Blade weaving for the bonus dmg on W or R after AA for an execute and bonus AA dmg for those slowed/trapped in flamechompers

Abilities Back to Top


Maxing Q first maximizes your dmg as it gives you more Attk speed and higher range on your Auto Attks. You'll be building dmg so naturally more AS => more AA => more Dmg. With higher range, you have the advantage of out-ranging your opponent and dealing dmg to him before he can do any to you.

You want to max W second as your main dmg source should be your Auto Attacks as an AD carry. This skill should be used mainly to either poke or to slow your opponent and to execute when they are no longer in AA range. Reason behind this is because when you cast your W, you're standing still, leaving you vulnerable to CC and you're no longer using your AA for crits.

Max E last as it is used for utility. Mastering your E placements can be extremely rewarding as it'll lock up your opponent to allow you to either get free Auto attacks from max range or to escape in times of trouble.

Jinx's ultimate is a global execute that does more dmg to lower health enemies. The lower health they are, the more dmg it does. As a rule of thumb, this skill should be used when your opponent is at 10% health or have less than 300hp remaining.

Items Back to Top

Starting Items

    Starting dorans gives you lifesteal for lane sustain and the bonus health allows you to survive longer. This is a must start item
    It would be ideal to go back and get a BF sword, but pickaxe is fine if you can't afford one
    I always try to pick up 2 health pots everytime I back to stay out longer and to farm more for stronger items

Core Items

    This should be your ideal build as jinx. IE + PD mixed with your Q passive allows for tons of crits and tons of dmg if you're allowed to freely AA. BT gives insane lifesteal for trading and LW to deal more dmg to tanks stacking Armor
    I like this double PD build to maximize on DPS if the enemy team can never reach me or I have amazing peel. Going this build gives you almost 100% crit on your AA, more Attk speed, and higher movement speed. It's not ideal if you're susceptible to dying early in teamfights
    Look to upgrade your trinket for longer vision if you're farming by yourself without wards or splitpushing. The upgrade leaves behind a small ward for extended vision time and gives you more breathing room to farm/split and escape

Situational Items

    If you're being pushed it or poked out of lane, you can go vamp sceptre for lifesteal and rush BT first to be able to stay in lane and farm
    Take banshees over GA if you're going against enemies looking to burst you instantly or enemies that can lock you down with a hard to dodge skill. Ex: Malphite, LeBlanc, Sejuani
    If you can't avoid getting stunned, take QSS to quickly cleanse the stun and avoid being jumped on by the enemy team

Matchups Back to Top

Click on a champion below to see the author's notes on that particular matchup.

  • Alistar
  • Annie
  • Ashe
  • Blitzcrank
  • Braum
  • Caitlyn
  • Corki
  • Draven
  • Ezreal
  • Janna
  • Kalista
  • Kog'Maw
  • Leona
  • Lulu
  • Nami
  • Sivir
  • Tahm Kench
  • Thresh
  • Twitch
  • Varus
  • Vayne




Alistar is a hard combo against Jinx because its a hard engage that allows his team to freely catch up to you and kill you before you can respond.

How to lane against him? Always be cautious of a flash knockup then knockback into turret. If possible, freeze lane closer to your turret and if you see him start to walk up to you, switch to rockets and maintain your distance




Annie stuns are deadly and so are flash tibbers. Try to keep your range whenever you see her stun is up and when she's walking you towards.

Try to stay on the opposite side of annie at all times to avoid her poke and initiation. A banshee's veil pickup would be a good buy for your 3rd item if you're constantly being killed from annie




Ashe is an easy matchup as she has no form of initiate nor does she have an escape until lvl6. You can simply outrange her with Switcheroo! and poke her down.

With her kit being more focused towards chasing rather than kiting, look to have some support how has an hard initiation like leona and simply lock her down with chain CC.




This depends on you being able to dodge hooks or not. If you're being chased by blitzcrank, throw down your flamechompers then do a side step to trap him and avoid his hook. Afterwards, his new passive will slow him down and you can use Zap! to slow him even further.

Be cautious of blitzcrank walking up to melee range and knocking you up before hooking. It'll be very hard to escape afterwards




Braum can block your ultimate with his shield and weaken your AA while his shield is still up. On top of that, he can stun, slow, and knock you up.

The best way to play against braum is to try to bait out his shield before fighting and keep your distance to avoid his passive stacks onto you.




Caitlyn's range will be superior in the earlier stages of the game but that's about all she has on you. Look to play passive and just farm up and sustain until mid game where you'll start to outdamage her and outrange her.




One of the tougher matchups for Jinx in my experience. Corki will outdamage you early-mid game and can easily kill you with an aggressive support. His triforce build offers minor powerspikes and are cheaper to build. Once he gets triforce, he will greatly outdamage you and can poke with his missles.

Look to farm and scale into late game as you'll outrange him and can deal damage without him being able to go anywhere near you.




You have superior range to draven and can easily stop his advance. When draven starts to go onto you, trap him in flamechompers to make him drop his axes then go back in with the range advantage and damage advantage.

Avoid letting draven get his stacks up and getting a kill. Try to get an early kill onto him or try your best not to die and have a jungler come gank. If he gets a lot of gold off his passive, he can really snowball




Ezreal can poke you from afar so always try to stay behind minions and trade using your superior range. Paired with an aggressive support, look to play safe as they can go onto you and deal a lot of damage quickly with Ez spamming Q as you try to escape







Kalista has no form of CC and you can duel her with your passive attack speed. You can also lock her down with flamechompers and stay in minigun to quickly melt her down and stop her from being able to kite around.

If she tries to trade with you then kite out, switch to rockets to get an extra 1-2 autos in to win the trade.




While Jinx cannot win extended duels, she can burst Kog down with spells and escape with her passive. In teamfights they have similar AA range and damage though Kog's is target agnostic.




Stuns, stuns, and more stuns




Avoid glitterlance as it is a massive slow that will allow the enemy team to catch up and kill you. Keep your distance to avoid Lulu from being in range to put Pix onto you then hitting a double glitterlance.

This also means you should be careful with all-in engages because of her ultimate.







Your skills are predictable and her spellshield can easily cut your damage potential and utility. Her boomerang and auto reset on W + attkspeed passive will out DPS you if she gets into range so try to bait her spellshield then trap her in your Flamechoppers


Tahm Kench


Avoid his Q slow and don't let him walk up to you otherwise he'll consume you and bring you to his team for a free kill.

Use your flamechompers to stop his advance and prevent him from consuming you then use your W for some poke and slow




Thresh has 3 skills that can make it very difficult for you to escape. Try to avoid being in range for his Flay as it'll slow you enough for him to easily land his hook and trap you in his ult




Twitch will trade Auto Attacks with you, but you have superior range and can fit 1-3 autos in before he can even trade 1. Look to abuse your range and poke him with 1-2 Autos then backing out




Varus has a more reliable poke and can lock you down with his ultimate. Avoid being harassed by his Q as it does a lot of damage and can force you out of lane quickly. Combined with his ultimate and slow, it'll be very hard to win any duels and escape alive.

Let him push to your turret and place safe until teamfights. Then you can start to outrange him and keep your distance




This is a skill matchup. Vayne will deal more damage than you and can go invis with her ultimate to position herself to condemn you against a wall. She can also tumble to avoid your W and R. 

The key to winning this is to always have a pink ward or upgraded red trinket and trapping her in your Flamechoppers. If vayne is already in range of you, switch to minigun and DO NOT use your W. You will lose damage potential and most likely miss your W while she's dancing around killing you

Mindset Back to Top

When you're playing jinx, you're in the driver seat of the game and the rest of your team is in the car. If you die, the car spins out of control and everyone dies, so your goal is to stay alive at all times.

You're going to be the main consistent damage dealer that your team is depending on to win teamfights and you can't do damage if you're dead. What does this mean? Know that you're an important asset to your team's success, but don't get cocky and play like a bitch if you see a threatening enemy.

Something you should ask yourself every fight:
  • Am I in a teamfight? Yes?
  • Priority #1 - Don't die.
  •             If your team wins the teamfight, they want you alive afterwards to push any towers or to take any objectives
  • Priority # 1.5 - Always do damage
  •             This is not lower priority than 'don't die', it's just that 'don't die' is extremely important. If you live through the teamfight and do no damage, well, your team probably just lost and it's you vs the enemy team.
  • Priority # 10 - Everything else

Pros and Cons of Jinx Back to Top

Jinx has an amazing fun and versatile kit that allows her to stay relevant throughout the game and continually do damage. However, her weaknesses aren't very forgiving and can be punished severely with poor positioning.

- Very high damage
- Excellent wave clear
- Global execute ultimate
- High damage poke with 'W' zap!
- Can melt turrets really quickly

- Low mobility
- No escapes unless you just got a kill/turret
- Low range in minigun mode
- A little mana dependent

Situational builds/What to buy first Back to Top

Here I'll be covering different items you can build given certain circumstances.

When you go back with less than 800 gold

-2nd dorans blade - buy this if you are forced to go back early and have less than 800 gold. The reason why this is good is because it adds some more lifesteal and survivability for you to farm out items longer. This also means you won't be forced out of lane as easily
-NEVER buy boots on your early backs. Movement speed has little impact on laning phase and transitions into you buying damage items later than your opponent will. You'll also be missing more lane CS and trading potential because of this buy.

When you go back with less than 1500 gold

-Vamp sceptre - build this if you need some sustain in lane and can't afford pickaxe + pots.

-Avarice blade - If you're being zoned out and can only farm under turret, opt to buy an early avarice for the passive gold gain and bonus gold on minion kills. It'll help you buy bigger damage items like BF sword or pickaxe earlier and put you back into the game

What attack speed/crit item should you buy?

-Statik Shiv or Phantom Dancer - You generally want to go PD as it gives more attack speed and more crit %. If you're a bit behind however, opt for avarice blade and build into statik shiv for a cheaper option and a little more burst damage

-Double Phantom Dancer - The standard adc build is IE, zerker boots, BT or BoTRK, LW, SS or PD, defensive item. However, if you have a strong frontline and amazing peel to the point where you don't even get hurt in teamfights, opt out the defensive item and go for double PD for an insane amount of crits.

-Youmuu's Ghostblade - This item is a really poor choice for Jinx's build. The active MS boost is great for a mobility boost on Jinx, but once it's on cooldown, the item becomes extremely lackluster. If you in place of PD/SS, you're losing out on base MS, base AS, and have lower %crit chance. If you're building it in place of LW, the armor pen just doesn't compare to ignoring 35% armor in the late game. Overall, don't build this item on Jinx.

Standard build path should be: IE->zeal->zerker boots->PD->BT/LW depending on armor on enemy team -> defensive item

If you're behind: 2nd dorans -> avarice blade -> Pickaxe/BF -> IE -> zerker boots -> SS -> LW -> Defensive -> BT

When should you go back and buy? Back to Top

This should be a bit of common sense, but you should always look to stay out as long as possible until you can afford a big item like BF sword or finishing IE/BT. However, there are times when you're close and its just not worth it because it means you'll be dying and giving the enemy team an advantage. If you're low without pots and the enemy can just go on you for a kill, just back up and go buy rather than risking them calling someone down bot for an easy tower dive. You may end up being able to afford a BF sword, but with killing you, they gain dragon pressure, turret pressure, and +300gold advantage

If you're low and you just killed your enemy bot lane, look to shove out the wave quickly then recall. Reason for doing this is because the only threat to killing you at that point would be a solo lane roaming bot or jungler. With vision on the enemy team, look to push the wave so that the turret kills your minions and denies your enemy bot lane xp and gold.

Early game Back to Top

Early game

Jinx has a strong lane presence and can scale into late game pretty easily without taking many risks. If your support is reliable, you can look to trade often to bully your opponent out of lane and not take that much harass yourself. Other than that, look to farm as much as you can for your first BF sword.

Jinx can also melt turrets pretty quickly and can surprise her opponent by taking an early turret when you force them to back early. Look to waveclear and push the lane into the enemy's turret, but maintain good ward coverage to avoid ganks.

If you're behind, look to farm under turret and use your W/Q for longer range minion execution. One strategy to stay safe and avoid feeding if you're against an aggressive match up is to use Rocket's splash damage to quickly wave clear then back up safely for the next wave.

Mid game Back to Top

Mid game

Depending on how the game is going, you can either continue farming or group with your team to push down objectives. You can use your passive to re-position yourself in fights and use your Q range to seige turrets. 

Around this time, you should have IE, zerker boots, and zeal finished to deal insane amounts of damage to turrets and your enemies. If you have already taken all the outer turrets, look to take dragon or seige an inner turret with your team.

If your lane opponent had a huge early game lead over you, have your team safely defend as you freeze lane at your inner turret to catch up on gold. If your team decides to contest dragon however, you should either group with them or tell them to back off as it'll result in an unfavorable fight for your team and you guys will fall super behind.

Late game/Team fighting Back to Top

Late game/Team fighting

POSITION. POSITION. POSITION. Positioning is the most important thing an AD Carry should work on and is everything to jinx. Poor positioning means you will die almost instantly whereas good positioning means you will become a monster with chain passive procs. 

In late game, always try to be with your team and avoid going into unwarded areas. Getting caught late game as the ADC means your team has to give up a lot and may even lose the game from this. Before grouping up for teamfights though, try to safely push out the lanes so you don't have to worry about enemy minions destroying a side turret. If your team is able to hold off a 4v5 or even caught someone out though, keep vision on the enemy team and you can quickly split push with your minigun and escape with Get Excited!

In teamfights, you should be looking to stay in the back behind your frontline and next to someone who can peel off enemy assassins/tanks. You should be focusing what is in front of you instead of diving their backline and stay in Rockets for maximum range and positioning in teamfights. When you're dueling someone within close range, you can switch back to minigum for very quick DPS and kiting potential then use your passive MS boost to reposition.

ALWAYS IGNORE PEOPLE WHO SAY NEVER FOCUS THE TANKS!! These people have no idea what they're talking about. Tanks are the ones that will be in your face, stunning you or flipping you into their team for a kill. Always try to keep your distance from the tanks with good positioning and look to take them down first.

Advanced tip: Jinx's Q in minigun form gives her amazing Attack speed, allowing for more kiting and dmg potential. How kiting works is you attk -> move -> attk -> move and there's a slight delay in-between Auto Attacks. With faster attack speed, you can cover more ground with more AA to stay safe and still deal tons of damage.

Pros and Cons of pushing lane Back to Top

-Pushing is when you quickly kill the enemy minion wave so that your minion wave can walk up to the enemy turret and start doing damage to it.
-If you're ahead in lane or even at a stalemate, you can switch to rockets to quickly push the lane into the enemy turret. 

-Pressure. Your lane opponent will be focused on trying to last hit the minions, allowing you to freely harass with no retaliation
-Gaining an advantage. While it may be small at first, constantly shoving someone under turret means there will be some CS that they're going to miss from turret and from human error
-Turret. You can start to poke down the turret then transition into mid game easier, forcing your lane opponent to decide to either farm and take your turret while you take drag and win uneven teamfights OR you can freeze lane, making your opponent vulnerable to ganks

-You will be very susceptible to ganks due to lack of escapes. If you're pushing, always maintain good ward coverage to see the jungler before your lane opponent can engage onto you.
-You are very vulnerable to 2v2s as your opponent can engage you with the safety of their turret. This could mean you getting turret aggro, or losing a few AA due to dodging turret range, etc.
-What you can do is quickly outshove the lane then back up to safety or roam while your lane opponent has to stay under turret for that wave

When to push lane Back to Top

There are many situations throughout the game that call for pushing lane. Here are some key points to lookout for during your games to make an effective push.

You should push lane when:

  • You have just killed your lane opponent so that the tower kills the your minions and cause your enemy to lose out on the xp and gold
  • You see the enemy taking an objective up top or mid lane and you know you cannot help to stop them. This usually means that the enemy team is grouped up with extra members, leaving you free to push bottom safely against a 2v2 or even a 2v1. Think of the term "cross-map objectives"
  • Its late game and you need to group with your team. Push out the lane so the enemy minions won't stack up and kill your turrets or forces someone to go clear the wave while the enemy team is grouped.
  • If you have the enemy down a champion in the very late game, have your team hold off the 4v4 while you quickly split push as Jinx for free turret/inhib. If the enemy reacts to you, your team can fight the 4v3 or simply push while you escape.

When not to push lane Back to Top

Playing as Jinx, you have to respect the enemy jungler's presence or the aggression of the enemy's support.

When you should not push lane:

  • No wards - lack of wards and being pushed will almost always result in you being ganked and being killed. With no escapes, once you see the enemy jungler behind you in lane, it's already too late. 
  • No kill pressure - if you are not threatening to the enemy bot lane or are weaker than them, look to farm closer to your turret in case they decide to engage onto you.
  • Going against aggressive supports or those with a lot of CC - Some examples would be blitz or thresh. If you  get hooked under turret, you will automatically lose the fight and have to run a large distance back to safety.
  • Enemy mid laner is missing or Jungler hasn't been seen in awhile - ALWAYS THINK ABOUT THIS!! Why is the enemy mid laner missing? 1. They are either going back to buy or 2. They're roaming top/bot for kills 3. They're taking blue buff and could potentially come gank with the jungler if you're on the blue side of the map
If you're going to push, ALWAYS keep a ward out. You may be the ADC, but you should also buy your own wards every now and then. This is solo q, don't expect the support to know what you want or for them to do what you want.

Freezing and Zoning Back to Top

What is freezing lane?

-Freezing lane is an advanced method people use to effectively hold the minion wave at a certain point in lane. When done right, you can deny your lane opponent numerous waves while you farm without threat.

What is zoning?

Zoning is something done when you are ahead and have massive kill pressure on your opponent. What you're doing is essentially making them too scared to walk up to their own minion wave, thus being able to even farm and gain exp

What are the benefits of freezing and zoning?

-If you freeze lane right, you can begin to gain a large CS difference as your minions will be dying to the enemy's minions while you LAST HIT the enemy wave. 
-If you're zoning your opponent, they are not getting any farm or EXP, thus giving you a major advantage in terms of level and gold.
-When both are done together, this can really snowball into you gaining a huge gold lead for items or hitting powerspikes from leveling up ultimates. It can also make your lane opponent tilt and make a bad decision, opening up room for an easy kill/gank.

How do you freeze lane?

  1. First and foremost, you have to be sure that your minion wave will lose to the opponent's wave
  2. Next, you should resist the urge to keep attacking the minions and only last hit in order to maintain a successful freeze
  3. Now the key here is to make sure when your wave dies, the enemy still has 3-4 caster minions alive
  4. Why is that important? When you last hit, you'll be killing the minions a bit faster than the enemy minions are killing yours. This is to balance the scale properly.
  5. This means your 6 minions (3 casters, 3 melee) will be against 9-10 enemy minions (6-7 casters, 3 melee) at all times
Tip: The best place to freeze is not on your turret, but rather right in front of it. It puts your lane opponent in a good position to be ganked and you have the safety of your turret to run to.
-You don't want it in turret range as the turret will push the wave and ruin your freeze.

Skills analysis Back to Top

Passive-Get excited!

Jinx passive gives an amazing movement speed boost after killing a turret. If your team allows you to, you can split push and win a game fairly quickly or take a turret and escape very fast before the enemy can respond. Keep in mind you don't have an escape and maintain wards on the side you're splitpushing.


-Your Q allows you to outrange many other AD Carries. Look to switch to rockets and attack your lane opponent when he goes in for CS and he won't be able to trade due to the superior range.
-Rockets also deal splash damage so you can use it to to attack a minion standing next to your lane opponent for some harass. 


-Jinx's w has a huge range and can be used to check for enemies sitting in a bush
-It also has a long delay before firing, thus making it predicable to dodge. Try firing from fog of war to be more unpredicable
-Can be a useful tool against stealthed champions like twitch, vayne, or evelynn if you land as it gives true vision.

E-Flame Chompers!

-If you are getting jumped on or chased, place flame chompers either directly on yourself or a bit ahead of you to instantly root your enemies. It also has a slight delay that you should take into account


-This is your global execute. Meaning it should be the last skill you use to deliver maximum damage.
-Jinx's ultimate has a slight delay and gains maximum damage after 1 second so try to back up into fog of war to avoid it being predicted and maximize damage potential.


-Flash is a long 5minute CD summoner spell that is your one escape throughout the game. Try to use this to quickly escape being caught out or to avoid being CC to death.

Ex: flash Ahri charm, varus ultimate, malph ultimate, etc.

How to use your skills effectively Back to Top

Passive-Get excited!

-After getting a kill on an enemy or turret, use the bonus movement speed to either speed up and catch someone by slowing them with your W then trapping them with your E
-Defensively, use this to re-position yourself safely and continue doing damage from a safe distance. You can then work on chaining your passive to pick up multiple kills and stop enemies from escaping
  • The bonus attack speed allows for faster kiting potential. The delay in-between auto attack is less, allowing you to constantly move and attack at the same time
  • In a straight up 1v1, you will have higher damage output than your opponent as you build up your attack speed. You will be putting out more Auto attacks than they can, increasing your likelihood to crit and deal bonus damage
  • When in rockets mode, you gain an insanely large range with splash bonus damage. Use this to outrange and deal tons of damage to enemy opponents before they even get the chance to touch you
  • Once you're in range for them to attack, they'll already be at a health disadvantage. Now just switch to minigun to quickly finish the job and kite backwards to resume attacking in rockets


-Zap! stops you from moving and has a short delay before activating. Try saving it for an execute or to slow an enemy
-It can also be used to poke given it's high range and high damage

E-Flame Chompers!

-Think of this as your utility skill and your only chance for escape
-Offensively, place in front of your enemy to block off their escape. Never put it directly on them as there's a short delay before they activate
-Defensively, if you're getting jumped on by an enemy like rengar/xin zhao, place the traps directly onto yourself then walk backwards as they get locked into the trap


-This is your execute with a delay. If you can still AA from a safe range, don't waste your damage potential by ulting.
-Instead, use it when there's a grouped up enemy team with low health to increase the chances of it hitting.
-Also use it as your last source of damage. When the enemy is low and is out of range, this is when you use your ultimate to secure the kill

Support synergy Back to Top

143_64.png Zyra has amazing peels with her snares, slows, and ultimate. She can also go aggressive to secure Jinx some easy kills early on.

267_64.png Nami has good peels with her ultimate and passive MS boost. She also has a heal, knock up, and bonus dmg/slow.

37_64.png Sona has great poke potential and heals that allows for a poke lane. With Sona, Jinx can easily bully her opponent out of lane and gain an advantage.

Other supports that are good with Jinx are those that give her mobility. Jinx's main weakness throughout the game is her lack of mobility so those that can help boost her MS or help escape are perfect. Examples would be 412_64.png 40_64.png117_64.png

Item analysis Back to Top

3031_32.pngInfinity Edge is a great item for jinx. It gives a massive boost in AD, crit chance, and increases the damage on crits. Combined with Jinx's minigun passive, she'll be able to AA more, increasing her chances for a crit and out dueling her opponents.

3006_32.png Berserker Boots are standard on every AD Carries as it gives you move AS. There shouldn't be a point in building defensive boots on jinx as you're pretty much glass cannon. Opt for GA/Banshees/QSS if you're having trouble surviving

3072_32.png Bloodthirster is another massive damage boost for Jinx and gives great survivability with its enormous lifesteal. More damage => more lifesteal => survive longer => more dmg overtime

3087_32.png 3046_32.png Both, Statik Shiv and Phantom Dancer, are built to give you more attack speed and higher crit chances. The more you attk/sec you have, the more damage you're doing and higher crit chances allows for more bonus damage from crits.

3035_32.png Last whisper should be built when you start to see enemy tanks stacking armor. Your main targets in teamfights will be the tanks who stacked armor as they'll be in your face making LW an essential item in most games.

3026_32.png Guardian angel should be built if you're being focused and you're the only one doing damage. With you dead, your team loses so build this item to come back after your enemies have used everything to kill you then position and clean up with your team. This will also get the focus off you as the enemy team can't afford to exhaust all their skills onto you.

3102_32.pngBanshee's Veil is a good buy when you need to avoid instantaneous burst damage or major CC. If the enemy team has a skill that does major damage then goes on CD (think LeBlanc's W) or a long range initiate that can lock you down instantly (Malphite ult), build this item to render those skills useless and take the the opportunity to fight when the skills are on CD.

3140_32.png If you can't dodge stuns or CC for your life, build Quicksilver Sash to cleanse out of the stuns and avoid being caught out. This should also be built against zed to negate his ultimate dmg

Team Composition - When to play Jinx Back to Top

For your team comp, look to have at least one tanky frontline that you can hide behind and deal damage and one support that can offer you amazing peels/escape. Reason for this is because Jinx lack mobility. 

Without a frontline, the entire enemy team can happily skip straight to you and delete you from the teamfight immediately.
Good to have on your team: 79_64.png113_64.png57_64.png31_64.png

Without a support with disengage/peels, you're left at the mercy of the enemy's front line, trying to escape rather than deal damage or even dying.

Good peel supports: 117_64.png40_64.png267_64.png412_64.png
You will need peels against: 79_64.png12_64.png254_64.png59_64.png

Fountain Execution map Back to Top

If you're looking to ult someone who just went back to base, take a look at these 2 maps to see how long it would take for your ult to travel from your location to the enemy's fountain. Take into account that it takes 8 seconds to recall then take a look at the map to see how long it would take for your ultimate to reach their fountain. If it takes your rocket 5 secs, count to 3 then shoot your ultimate to land right on time and minimize how much they heal.

From blue side:

From red side:

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